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The Beeze's College Football Wrap Up 10-21-12
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Saturday afternoon brought a match up between two Heisman hopefuls...Two Big-12 QB's...(#13...all rankings used this week reflect the BCS rankings) West Virginia's Geno Smith, was looking to lead his team to bounce back win after last week's loss to Texas Tech...Standing in his way was my Heisman sleeper, (#4) Kansas State QB, Collin Klein and the undefeated Wildcats...

I was expecting this game to be a real battle...K-State has played excellent defense all season, but I thought this game may push them a bit more, especially with WV coming off last weeeek's loss...But instead, it was a blow-out...K-State's defense, and ball control offense dominated...And the domination was lead by Klein...Klein passed for 323 yards and 3 TD's, while also rushing for 41 yards and 4 more TD's...The Wildcats romped, 55-14...

Not to toot my own horn, (okay maybe a little) but I called for RG3 as the Heisman winner last year in my pre-season predictions...And this year, I had Klein as one of my dark-horses...It's time to start paying attention to the Beeze kids...I've got this shit covered! I also called for K-State to shock the Big-12 this year, and they're doing that people...

Sticking in the Big-12, we may have this week's No Defense Bowl...(#17) Texas Tech was back at racking up points...This week against (#23) TCU...Tech QB Seth Doege was looking to pick up where he left off last week...This week he threw for 318 yards and 7 TD's in a triple overtime thriller...With his Red Raiders squeaking out a 56-53 victory...

Those two teams just beat out Texas and Baylor in points, as Texas held on to beat the Bears 56-50...They love scoring in the Big-12!

In the SEC, (#7) South Carolina went to (#2) Florida, looking to save their season after last week's loss to LSU...Instead, Florida killed off the Gamecocks hopes of an SEC title, rolling to a 44-11 win...Actually South Carolina helped the Gators quite a bit, turning the ball over 4 times, and giving the Gators great field position...You can't win on the road doing that...Shit, Spurrier and the 'Cocks, never seem to be able to win on the road...

Then there was the (#6) LSU at (#18) Texas A&M...Everyone was excited to see A&M QB, Johnny Manziel take on LSU's highly-touted defense, after his un-Godly stats last week...And LSU knew stopping Manziel was the key to them winning...Now, when you look at the numbers from this game, you may find yourself scratching your head, and thinking, 'How did LSU win 24-19?' There's only one stat you have to look at...Turnovers: LSU-0...A&M-5...You can gain all the yards you want...You can have less penalties...You can convert 3rd downs all you want...But if you keep coughing up the ball, you're screwed! Fucking Aggies...Way to keep LSU's hopes alive...Dicks!


In the Big-Ten, Michigan may have won a 12-10 snooze fest against Michigan State, but Sparty here looks like the real winner!

Ohio State had a scare Saturday...Well, two actually...First they spent Saturday struggling against Purdue...Then QB Braxton Miller was knocked out of the game, and taken to the hospital...Kenny Guiton helped lead the Buckeyes from behind...Tie the game...And then win it 29-22 in OT...Reports are saying Miller is fine, and was taken to the hospital to be checked out for a concussion...

Now, to the (#5) Notre Dame Fighting Irish, at home taking on BYU...

Lots of people were talking about this game, possibly being a problem for the Irish...1. Coming off the big OT win last week against Stanford, and 2. Looking ahead to next week against Oklahoma...Me, I wasn't concerned about that...Brian Kelly doesn't let his teams look ahead...My concerns were about Everrett Golson not starting/playing after leaving last week's game with a concussion...Kelly started Tommy Rees, and said Golson wouldn't play...They're being careful with the kid, and I can respect that...But with Rees you lose a big chunk of your playbook...He doesn't have the mobility...You also lose Golson's escape-ability, and improv skills...Also with Rees there is the fear of him having his eyes glued to his primary receiver, and throwing picks...

So how did the Irish handle it...They played tough defense and ball-control offense...Even after being down 14-7 at halftime, Kelly stayed patient with the offense, and kept pounding away at BYU...They didn't put it all on Rees to win it...Afterwards, people called the 17-14 Notre Dame win, "ugly"...You know what, if my team rushes the ball for 270 yards, and wins...Fuck you...Call it ugly if you want, but my guys just pounded your ass for 270 on the ground and won...I'd call that an ugly loss for BYU!

Cierre Wood here, gained 114 yards on 18 carries...While Theo Riddick (at the top of this section) rushed for 143 yards on 15 carries...

The Irish are now 7-0 and head to Oklahoma next week, to face the Sooners in prime-time...This, with out a doubt will be the toughest game yet for Notre Dame...Oklahoma has been out to make a statement since their loss to Kansas State...Notre Dame and K-State both play tough D, and ball control offense...This should really be a good game...And I'll bet the TV ratings are going to be huge for ABC...

The Big East was feeling good about having 3 teams in the BCS standings...Well, they lost one for sure this week as (#21) Cincinnati went to the Glass Bowl to face Toledo, and was stunned with a 29-23 loss...The Rockets jumped out to an early 10-0 lead...They were still up at halftime, 16-13...after 3 quarters it Toledo was up 26-20, and held on for the upset victory...

(#16) Louisville also had a bit of a scare as BJ Daniels and the USF Bulls surged late to try and steal one in Louisville...With under 4 minutes left USF went ahead 25-21...But Cardinals QB Teddy Bridgewater brought his team right back and went back on top 27-25 with a minute and a half left...

PAC-12 surprise team (#8) Oregon State remained undefeated after grinding out a 21-7 win over Utah...

The Surprise in the ACC...Besides Virginia Tech sucking...It has to be the fact that Duke...Fucking basketball playing Duke, is 3-1 in conference, and 6-2 overall, and leading the Coastal Division...That said, their next two games at Florida State, and home against Clemson...So their season may come crashing down around them, but still, they're playing football at Duke finally!

That's it for this week...Feel free to give your two cents about the games you were following...

The Beeze.


Monday Moaning 9-17-12
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Well, yesterday I covered some of the college football highlights, but I have to start Monday Moaning off with the news that broke last week about Notre Dame...I wanted to write about it then, but I had my hands full with the kids, and the wife out of town...

For those who didn't hear, Notre Dame will be joining the ACC in 2014, for all sports, except Football...Now, while they aren't joining for Football, there are stipulations regarding Football...The Irish must schedule 5 ACC opponents each season, and must play each ACC team withing a 3 year period...It's as close as anyone was going to get ND Football to commit, right now...I feel this is just a stepping stone for the Irish to join fully...I'll get to that in a minute...

This is huge for the ACC...ND fans travel, so those ACC schools that aren't really Football schools will have packed houses when the Irish come to town...Also teams like Maryland for example, will face ND at a larger stadium like M&T Bank Stadium (home of the Ravens)...Which means more ticket sales...

Also in the deal, if ND doesn't qualify or get selected for a major BCS bowl, the ACC can use them for one of their automatic tie-ins with certain bowls...Which is good for the bowls, and the ACC, because the Irish travel well...

This deal also makes the ACC the elite Soccer and Lacrosse conference, already having a number of schools that are strong in those sports...Two sports the Irish have been doing very well in...Plus, with Pitt and Syracuse joining the ACC in 2013, and the Irish in 2014, it becomes an even bigger monster in College Basketball...Which will bring in more money from ESPN and their contract with the ACC...

The Big Ten went hard after Notre Dame, but made it clear, it was all or nothing...If the Irish didn't get in with football, then they weren't welcome...Great stand by the Big Ten, which can afford to make enemies since their conference makes the most money...Yes, SEC guy, you may kick them all over the field, but they manage to make more money then you...

The Big 12, also went after ND hard, and most likely would have given them a similar deal as the ACC, but Notre Dame wanted to stay East-ish...

Before I mentioned this being a stepping stone for Notre Dame eventually going all in, with the ACC...It's my opinion that within 5 years or so, we will see 4 "SUPER CONFERENCES"...We'll see Louisville, USF, Rutgers, and Cincinnati taken from the Big East...I would guess mainly by the ACC...Louisville possibly by the SEC...

The Big-12 will get chopped up and spread among the Big Ten, SEC, and Pac-12...Oklahoma, Texas, TCU, West Virginia, Kansas State, Kansas, (because of basketball) Oklahoma State, Baylor, Texas Tech...Maybe even Iowa State (built in rivalry with Iowa in the Big Ten)...And then a few others will find their way in, like Boise State, Fresno State, and BYU...Possibly a few others...

I know Big-12 people don't like what I just said, but I think that is where we are heading...I think we were on our way when Nebraska, Texas A&M, Colorado, and Missouri all split, but the conference came out swinging, and managed to keep itself alive...But I think the men hold the power will convince the conferences that there is too much money to be made with 4 "SUPER CONFERENCES" and a sexy playoff system, that many fans have been clamoring for...

I'd love to hear what you think about this...

The other big story on my mind this week, is the NHL owners have locked out the players after the two sides couldn't agree on a new CBA...The clock ran out at 11:59PM Saturday...What I find even more ridiculous about this, is all day Friday, and Saturday teams were signing, and re-signing players to multi-million dollar contracts...The same type of contracts these owners have been bitching about...

The last lockout, the players swallowed a good deal of pride, and left a good deal of money on the table, thinking they were doing the best thing for the game...After a few years of struggling to get the media attention Hockey deserves, things started getting better for the NHL...The sport seemed to be on the rise the last couple years...

And now this happens...The mainstream media will be turning it's back on Hockey again...Fans like me will be pissed...I already canceled my Center Ice package...I was really excited to see Rick Nash playing for my New York Rangers...Now, I'm pissed...I plan on spending my money on some College Hockey and some AHL Hockey...It's going to be awhile until the NHL sees a dime from me...I don't think the players should get screwed...And I think the owners need to look in the mirror...Because they and that douchebag Bettman are the biggest problems with their business of Hockey.

Lastly, the Cleveland Browns lost Sunday to the Bengals...I'm not surprised, are you? And while the defense didn't play nearly as well as they did last week, the offense showed some real improvement...Trent Richardson rushed for 109 yards and a TD...He looked like a different guy out there this week...And speaking of looking like a different guy...Brandon Weeden passed for 322 yards, and 2 TD's...And he threw no Interceptions...He actually didn't look like a high school kid, shitting his pants...Does that mean there is hope for this team? I don't know...I stopped getting my hopes up years ago...I'll just watch and see what happens...

That's it for now...Have a week...

The Beeze.


The Beeze's NCAA Conference Predictions
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Yeah, that's the best thing you're going to see at a Arizona State game this year!

So this is my predictions for how the conferences will shake out this season in college football...This is based entirely on my own opinions, from my years of sitting on my ass and watching football, as well as sitting on the toilet and reading up on as much college football news as I can...

Let's start with the Big-Ten...

No, it won't be Ohio State and Michigan...Ohio State isn't even eligible for the Big-Ten Championship...Penn State is also ineligible...First we'll start with the "Leaders" division...Yes, the Big-Ten named their divisions, "Leaders" and "Legends"...I had no idea Twats and Douchebags was already taken...

1. Wisconsin
2. Ohio State
3. Illinois
4. Penn State
5. Purdue
6. Indiana

Wisconsin has the most talent, right now and their division is weak...Ohio State will do okay, but will still be adjusting to Urban Meyer football, which is a lot different from Jim Tressel ball...Well, except for the criminals, and cheating parts!

I have to say this...I can't wait for Saturday, to watch the Ohio University Bobcats beat up Penn State in not-so-"Happy Valley!"

1. Nebraska
2. Michigan
3. Michigan State
4. Northwestern
5. Iowa
6. Minnesota

Seriously, why are they still playing football at Minnesota? That program is a joke...The most important game on the schedule is Michigan at Nebraska on October 27th...The winner of that game will take the division, and I'm putting my money on the 'Huskers...And I'll take Nebraska over Wisconsin in the conference Championship game...

Now lets look at the Big East...

1. South Florida
2. Rutgers
3. Louisville
4. Cincinnati
5. Syracuse
6. Pitt
7. UConn
8. Temple

Okay, this conference is in a sad state...This is the year B.J. Daniels and USF put it all together...Louisville heads to Rutgers the last week of the season...That will decide 2nd place, and I'm taking Rutgers D over Louisville's QB Teddy Bridgewater, who is getting a bit of hype...Syracuse will be up slightly, while Pitt slides...Temple, UConn, stick to Basketball.

Moving from the Big lEast, will go next to the slightly better, ACC...

1. Clemson
2. Florida State
3. Wake Forest
4. NC State
5. Maryland
6. Boston College

Yep, I'm taking Clemson over the over-hyped FSU...Clemson is loaded at the skill positions, and has a solid defense...Wake Forest will be up this year...Boston College is clearly focusing solely on Hockey...

1. Virginia Tech
2. Georgia Tech
3. North Carolina
4. Miami
5. Virginia
6. Duke

No surprise here...VT is always in it...UNC has some good talent, but they're still learning about football there...Duke, still hasn't figured it out! Tech will take the conference Championship game, well, since Clemson never seems to win a big game.

Well, now we should get to the most loved, and hated conference out there...

The SEC...

Oh, were looking for some Southern Fried Hottie...Sorry about that...I just thought in this world of hyped QB's, people should get use to seeing AJ McCarron...McCarron will be leading Alabama to the SEC Championship game...There's no doubt the West will be a battle between 'Bama and LSU...The Tide have the better all-around team, and the better QB...It's theirs to lose...

1. Alabama
2. LSU
3. Arkansas
4. Auburn
5. Miss State
6. Texas A&M
7. Ole Miss

1. Georgia
2. South Carolina
3. Missouri
4. Florida
5. Tennessee
6. Vanderbilt
7. Kentucky

Georgia is loaded, and there toughest competition is South Carolina, which they'll take care of, because Spurrier seems to find ways to lose...Mizzou, Florida, Tenn, and Vandy are in a log jam...Kentucky...Another Basketball school still trying to figure out this pesky Football...I'll take Alabama over Georgia in the Conference Championship game.

Now it's time for the Big-12...

1. Oklahoma
2. Kansas State
3. Texas
4. TCU
5. West Virginia
6. Oklahoma State
7. Baylor
8. Texas Tech
9. Kansas
10. Iowa State

To me, Oklahoma is a no-brainer...Just a loaded team...2nd and 3rd will be decided December 1st when Texas visits K-State...Texas' defense will keep them in the hunt this year, but I'm gambling on Collin Klein and Kansas State to shake things up...West Virginia will realize they're not in the Big East anymore...

Now, we'll end with the Pac-12...

1. Oregon
2. Washington
3. Stanford
4. Washington State
5. California
6. Oregon State

You can't go against Oregon and their high-octane attack...They're loaded with talent on both sides of the ball...Washington is going to compete, and scare some people...Washington State is going to surprise people, and if they get a bit of luck, they could pull out an upset or two...


1. USC
2. Utah
3. Arizona
5. Arizona State
6. Colorado

Yeah, I hate USC, but you gotta except that they're a powerhouse...The rest of the division, flip a coin...It's just a bunch of average, with the exception the steaming pile of crap known as Colorado...Sad what has happened to that program...

The Pac-12 is a two team race, and it looks to be the same two teams for awhile...Oregon and USC just keep reloading, and the rest of the conference can't keep up...As good as I know USC is, I'm going to put my money on Oregon, in the conference championship game...Hopefully Notre Dame LB, Manti Te'o will take Matt Barkley out on November 24th, to help out the Ducks...

I know the smaller conference fans will give me shit if I don't give them love, so real quick here...Boise State takes the Mountain West...Fresno State, and Wyoming will push them, and we'll see major improvement from Colorado State...

Ohio will take the MAC East, while Bowling Green gives them a good push...Toledo will take the MAC West in a tight battle with Western Michigan...The OU Bobcats will beat the Rockets in the Championship game...

Houston will take the Conference USA Championship after beating UCF...Tulsa is the only other team with a shot, except they have to deal with Houston's non-stop offense...And we'll give the Sunbelt to Arkansas State...Does anyone follow the Sunbelt?

Later, the Beeze.


Buzz from the Bleachers
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Ok, I'm gonna pick up the slack for BOB here. Question to keep in mind while filling out brackets and watching this weekend: how many Big East teams survive? In case you don't know, nine teams made it in from this conference: Syracuse, Marquette, Notre Dame, Georgetown, Cincy, South Florida, West Virginia, Louisville, and UConn. The lowest seed they have is a 12 (USF). I have confidence in about three teams here, 33%, to move on: Syracuse, Marquette, and West Virginia. Not to mention Syracuse lost their talented big Fab Melo to academic ineligibility. After hearing about what these schools do to make sure players pass, you have to wonder how Melo could not make the grade.

Here's an interesting chart for Melo and others to read. I'd be more than happy to show a few players I have coached this as well.

At the risk of being accused of "anti Big Least bias", I have to wonder why they have so many teams get in each season. It has to be reputation, how else can you explain UConn making it? It sucks because the tourney would be so much better if it wasn't dominated by one conference or another. I hate to say it, but a football playoff would probably just gives us similar fits. Still, I'll watch and I'll watch a bunch of Big East times bite it this weekend.

NFL free agency opened today and it got crazy quick. Vincent Jackson is off the board. He signed a five year, 455 million deal with the Bucs. Josh Freeman has a primary weapon. You have to wonder if it'll be enough to take them over the edge or even rebound from a disappointing season last year.

As my bro and BOB mentioned, the Dolphins traded Brandon Marshall to the Bears for.....a thrid round pick in 2012 and 2013. So, I take it Manning said no? Still, the best you can get for Marshall are two third round picks and not even in the same year? The guy would have commanded more in the open market, even with the bumper crop of WR in free agency.

Pierre Garcon has gone to play with RGIII in Washington. That leaves the Colts with two free agent wide outs. Since they lost Dallas Clark, I imagine they'll go after Wayne full bear to have someone for Luck to throw to. 

We have 21 days and counting til Opening Day in the MLB. In the mean time, ESPN and other networks have started showing a few spring games. ESPN will be showing the Tigers and the Mets today at 1 eastern. The remaining air schedule can be found here: http://espn.go.com/mlb/spring2012/story/_/id/7575978/espn-air-10-spring-training-games.

A sad sign in the NBA, the Magic have reportedly offered Dwight Howard the chance to decide the fate of both the GM and the coach at the end of the year if he re-signs. It's just further proof that the inmates are running that asylum.

I just finished reading Friday Night Lights. I should have been done some time ago, but I had a huge project due in my young adult lit class. Wow. I was kinda expecting a novel, but found instead a chilling look inside high school athletics and a town of different extremes. I could see what I saw of the movie play out as I read, but realized that as usual the movie didn't do the book justice. There were so many parts I could identify with and a lot of parts that'll make anyone want to lace them up and get on the field again. I would have to say Jeff and BOB's boys should read this if they haven't yet. I'd recommend it for any high school juniors and any high school juniors at heart.

Well that's it for me this week. I'm looking forward to a weekend of madness and enjoying what's left of my spring break. It hit 70 here today. That makes it short weather in MI. Thanks as always for stopping in and reading. I leave you with your word of the week.

brown carded, verb

When a person does not wash their hands after taking a dump they receive a brown card. Similar to a warning in sports.
Brent got brown carded because he is a disgusting douche bag and didn't wash after laying an offering to the porcelain god.



Random Thoughts
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Talent at YouGabSports, are you kidding me?? Concussion are going to everyone’s head?? Florida Gator’s to the Big East?? What’s up with Holmes?? All this, and more, in the first 2012 edition of….

Here’s looking at a bright and prosperous New Year for all the Gabbers. 2011 was fun. I hope we can top it in 2012. One thing I will say is there are a lot of talented individuals at YouGabSports. You guys and gals make it fun to blog here!!

Now on to bigger and better things in 2012!


In the future, concussions are going to make things harder for coaches. I think the NFL, and college football, should increase the roster by 1 additional player for each position, except for kicker and punter. This way if a player goes down with a shot to the head, they don’t have to worry about putting him back in, or in most cases, the players aren’t forced to say he is okay.

Rough schedule for the Florida Gator’s basketball program. First they lose to Syracuse and now they lose to Rutgers. Moral of the story for the Gator’s? Don’t join the Big East.


In case you haven’t heard about it, by now, Santonio Holmes was benched late in the game for fighting in the huddle. According to Tomlinson “There were some guys in the huddle that were unhappy with Tone’s demeanor and when you have a group of guys fighting their butts off and one guy’s demeanor, for whatever reason, is not with them you’re going to get guys to try and say something to him and tell him how they feel. It was Holmes demeanor, the body language that tells players everything. It‘s tough for guys to follow a captain that behaves in that manner.”

This is how the fight broke out. As the game neared the two minute warning, the Jets were trying to mount a come-back. That’s when a Jets player, believed to be right guard Brandon Moore, got into it with Holmes. The two were separated by tight end Dustin Keller, who walked Holmes away with his arm around him,

In the Monday edition of the New York Daily News, one anonymous Jet says “Holmes quit a long time ago. He’s a cancer.”


On the heels of the firing of coaches Todd Haley (Chiefs), Tony Sporano (Dolphins) and Jack Del Rio (Jaguars) during the regular season, the NFL house cleaning continues, as the Colts fired Bill Polian and his son Chris. Then Tampa Bay fires their head coach, Raheem Morris. St. Louis cut ties with their coach Steve Spagnuolo and their GM Billy Devaney. The Bears dumped GM Jerry Angelo and offensive coordinator Mike Martz and quarterbacks coach Shane Day will not return. Jacksonville will be looking at a new coach, as interim coach, Mel Tucker, finished at 2-3.

After the Angels spent all that money on Pujols and Wilson, will they win the World Series?


Green Bay backup quarterback picked a great time to have a career game. He becomes an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season.

Til next time



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