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Dog Days but Summer is not over yet
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it's mid August, the dog days...Oh what to write about this week…

Pre season NFL games are underway and the battle for those coveted 53 roster spots is heating up. Bad and needy teams are waiting for good teams to cut guys so the bad teams can replace guys that are injured or need replacing with upgrades. Position battles within teams for start and backup spots is in full fight.

the Tebows are fighting with the Mallets for the backup role that should never see the field in anger...

But that might be a better fit for the week after pre season game 3.

Or I could talk about…

August and MLB. We are seeing a separation in some divisions and races heating for the fall scramble in others.

As it stands now in the National,

In the West the Dodgers have opened up a 7.5 game lead over Arizona

In the East the Braves are now like a sail boat race and are beyond the visible horizon on the Nats


In the Central Pittsburgh has a 2 game lead over St Louis and a 3.5 on Cincinnati in the only real NL race and the two that don’t win the division are probably going to battle in the hokey 1 game play in wildcard.

The American league still has three races,

The East has Boston with 4 on Tampa and 6 on Baltimore

The Central has Detroit with 6.5 on Kansas City and 6 on Cleveland

The West has the Rangers with a 1 game lead on Oakland

The AL wildcard is a five team battle, six if you think the Yankees are viable.


Or I might

 write about the camping trip with four other couples this past weekend.

Lots of laughs

Lots of food and drink

Lots of sunshine

Lots of exercise

Lots of kayaking       

Lots of fishing

Lots of fire wood consumed

The things you may see in the woods when bird watching, like

maybe this nesting Falcon perched in a tree,

Lots of plans for next year

Lots of ribbing the “day campers” (those that are campers by day but go home at night)

Lots of ribbing the “taj campers” (those that think air conditioning and TV are part of camping)


Or I could talk about my being actively recruited to join a local militia and what tasks would be expected of me for the common good…


I could tell you the story of the good looking young female Marine Corporal selected by her Gunny to represent her unit when the President made his photo op visit a couple of weeks back. Upon being asked she said “Gunny, that wouldn’t be a good idea.”

Gunny replied “tell me corporal, why not?”

“Because Gunny, I didn’t vote for him, I think my absentee vote was one of the lost and never counted and I feel strongly that he should be impeached … frankly I’d rather be working.

“Ok Corporal, I guess that would be best for all of us, I’ll get someone else, go back to work”


I could tell you about one of my sons out on a logging road in his

Jeep Y J with the 35” tires getting mudded and wrecked but coming out with just a few scratches and some now necessary rocker panel work

I may even be willing to share a heart warming story abo………no not that story, never mind.


I could go on and tell you story of aging, Mo had a good one on Monday, I’m probably a decade and a half older than Mo so that means that in my golf bag the woods are wood and my irons are iron...

I do know where he’s coming from.

There will be a day my friends, when you will look back and realize that “middle age” has already happened… a while ago!

My next class reunion will be number 40 something…I sit and watch

As tears go by……….

two faces of rock

Or I could talk about another of the harry boys now men rock climbing into the danger zone…surely an unnecessary risk for a man my age…

I would never stand on or above THAT step any more.


But all that probably wouldn’t interest you.

So thanks for stopping by and reading and leave a comment and then go and check out Lanz ( He may even be back from vacation)as he talks sports

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Then this happened
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Shorty is on hiatus this week in Costa Rica I think, Harry had a honey do list to talk about…

And then the Boston Marathon bombings happened!


I had a post ready to go and then this tragedy changed my mindset.

So here are just a few of my thoughts

I like to live by the motto that you can laugh at anything at anytime so you might as well lighten up and laugh.


I’m not laughing…not today. Not about the terrorist attack on Boston.


Wednesday featured a series of miss information about an arrest and several bomb scares in public buildings around the city. The idiot terrorist making these calls if caught should be brought up on conspiracy charges and tried as if they were the bombing terrorists.


The person, persons or group of terrorists responsible for Monday’s horrific bombing In Boston will pay for this act. It may not be until they face the Creator at the end of this age but they will pay.

I for one hope that the resources working on this with the evidence collected will identify and apprehend the scum. I further hope they don’t stand trial in Massachusetts.

Why, you ask?

In Massachusetts we don’t have the death penalty... period 

The politicians learned long ago if you leave deciding something to the voters you may not get the agenda you want, hence, the referendum vote on re instituting the death penalty in MA will never get to ballot.

It was last voted on in the State House in I think 1992 and with a 60-60 deadlock it was tabled...or swept under the rug, I guess forever.

My hope is that if the terrorist is a foreign national he would be tried as an enemy combatant by a military tribunal and given the death penalty.

If the terrorists are domestic then they should be tried for treason by a military tribunal and given the death penalty.


 We send along a big thank you to the first responders at the scene and at the hospitals for your selfless actions. By first responders I mean anyone who helped. Many spectators risked the unknown by jumping right in to work with the trained professionals in saving lives.

The count as of this writing is 3 dead and 175+ injured. Without the fast acting people on scene the death toll would have been much higher.

There are 8 hospitals within 2 miles of the attack.

Our Boston is a small neighborhood kind of city, About 650,000 people live in the city itself and the metro area is about 4,000,000 and most of those consider themselves Bostonians.

We are falsely regarded as a cold and unfriendly lot.

It’s true we mind our own business most of the time, we don’t get involved where we don’t belong but mess with us or be in need and we are right there…every time.

The metro area covers basically from Providence RI to the coast of NH, covered by crazy roads and highways and just as crazy drivers,

like this guy

Boston proper is small in area, just 48 square miles

By comparison, here are a few random US Cities and their official city limit size to give you the picture:

Plano TX               70 sq mi

Cleveland OH        78 sq mi

Tulsa OK              198 sq mi

Dallas TX              340 sq mi

Jacksonville FL     747 Sq mi


 I’m sure they are great places too, I was just putting the size and close nit feeling of being in our home town into perspective.


Marathon Monday which falls on the uniquely Massachusetts holiday of *Patriots Day will live on. Changed by this event for sure, it will never be the same but it will survive this and we will survive this.


The race will be run next year with security changes, The Red Sox will play at 11:05 AM that day with security changes but with the memory of the lost and maimed fresh on our minds we will go on.


Just in case you thought you missed something,* Patriots Day is not for the New England Patriots football team. True that most of us are unapologetic homers but we wouldn’t name a day for a sports team. Patriots Day is for the brave and selfless founding Patriots that fought for freedom from the tyranny of the oppressive and controlling government of England.

A thank you to New York for be a class city and lending your support and condolences,

You know what it’s like to be shaken by terrorists.

take a moment now and pray for the families and victims of this attack




Now a little sports

MLB update, The Atlanta Braves are off to an unbelievable start overshadowing the surprising starts of  upstarts Oakland, Boston, and Colorado


As Mo would say, now for a little shameless huckstering…

For my NFL update I’m sending you to a guy with a solid New England bias,

 please check out my son Jon’s sports blog




Now I guess it's time to get onto that 

 honey do list .

Fix the picnic table that got crushed by the tree...I have my work cut out for me

Thanks and have a great day


Shorty in a Pickle
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Shorty’s first owner, Dinsdale Piranha, was an abusive man...cruel but fair

put a lot of pressure on ole shorty as you can see

Old Dinsey is demanding custody. 

I called Atty Jackie Chiles. I’m not worried,

I’m not just some innocent bystander!



After the first week or so of MLB, the surprise teams are The Boston Red Sox , Kansas City Royals and Oakland Athletics in the AL and the Atlanta Braves, Arizona Diamondbacks

And Colorado Rockies in the senior circuit.


It’s amazing how a few wins by Thee Olde Towne Team can change your perspective of the new season. Weather it lasts or it doesn’t, doesn’t matter. You ride the wave and hope for the best. I went into the season with a ho hum outlook on this season, often joking on who would finish last, the Yankees or the Red Sox. After one week I’m saying, this team has some good young players and the potential for the veterans, Ellsbury and Pedroia to carry the load of a long season is there.

Can the starting pitchers, especially Lester and Buchholz ( Sully wouldn’t mind) keep going like they started the season? Both of these guys have shown flashes in their careers as top of the rotation hurlers, both pitched no hitters a couple years back.

Can Dempster win 10-12 games, can Felix Dubront repeat his 12 win season of last year as the number four and can John Lackey be an adequate fifth starter. Lackey hurt his right bicep in the fifth inning against Toronto the other day and will spend time on the DL.

Sox Manager, John Farrell believes that Psycho Alfredo Aseves will fill Lackeys spot in the rotation 

Will David Ortiz ever finish his rehab…on April 1st he was said to have run wind sprints in the outfield…wind sprints…on April 1st


Yikes, hope springs eternal…    but wait...

Joel Hanrahan pulled his best Mitchell Boggs impersonation last night giving up 5 runs to the Baltimore O's in the 9th to tighten up the AL East.


My fantasy team oldmansgame took it on the chin in the first week to Miggy’s

Shorty told me not to draft aging pitchers that relied on velocity to win,

I should have listened.



I do have one or two bright spots, Justin Upton, Lance Berkman

so I lift a glass of Fred Light (now on tap at Moz) to these guys.

gold fish and a Fred Lite

These would make a good bar snack at the Tavern





FUTURE SHOCK 1.1 This section is where shorty takes a look into the crystal ball he took from Bill Parcells. As you remember Tuna used to say,” I don’t have a crystal ball”

That’s because shorty has it.


-NFL news May 2015

    Rumor has it that Sir Roger has appointed an NFL “expansion czar” whose assignment was to identified 3 places out side of the contiguous forty eight to target for expansion…the list of three hasn’t been released yet but there is a rumor floating about places like the Tavern that names the following sites: Hamilton Bermuda, Alajuela Costa Rica and Toronto Canada and one inside the lower forty eight and that would be Los Angeles….shorty says his sources are reliable.

The 2 year is to plan is to add eight teams in total, one to each division. Four in 2015 and four more in 2017. The AFC and NFC East and the AFC and NFC West will get the first four.


The NFL expansion czar hasn’t been identified yet but again, shorty has his sources…reliable sources.

The most frequently named possibility is….


A guy by the name of Billy Shakespeare. Billy hails from jolly Olde London Towne and has been seen having tea recently with Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones..


Shakespeare is not a stranger to the game and actually has NFL experience. Billy was a Cleveland Browns 4th  rounder in the 1993 draft out of…you guessed it, William and Mary, a Classics and Literature major, he was a four year starter at W&M, he played defensive back at 5’11” -195.

He was ceremonially cut by the head coach William S. Belichick during training camp allegedly for attempting to re write the play book into proper English.

The coach was heard ranting around the locker room, Just do your job Billy just do your

#%&*#@*& job. 

After that unfortunate turn of events, he worked out with both the Philadelphia Eagles and the St Louis Cardinals before traveling to Barcelona where he was a special teams standout for two seasons. A wrist injury, diagnosed as carpel tunnel syndrome or chronic writers cramp ended an otherwise promising career.


He’s been involved in the attempt to get a team to London but it’s said he would settle for Bermuda for an expansion


The nick name of the Bermuda team would be the

And would be added to the AFC East


Stay tuned for the next segment of Future Shock and learn the latest from ole shorty himself



And now its time for:

Grilling corner:

Venison Burgers Sweet red bell peppers

Summer squash and Roasted potatoes

Serve with a fine Chianti.


What? you want actual sports?  

NCAA. Basketball, congratulations to new Basketball Hall of Fame selectee Ricky Petino and the hard working Louisville kids.


NCAA Hockey,The Frozen four square off tonite 4/11

U Mass-Lowell vs Yale and

Quinnipiac vs St. Cloud State


The championship game is 4/13


 I bought a “Mo Hate Me” game jersey for shorty,

he handed me $20 for a $2.50 shirt and said…Harry keep the change.


Thanks for the visit, now back to the present and some real sports talk >>

Top 10 MLB pre-playoff chokes
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“7-20 in September. We go 9-18, we’re where we want to be. 9-18 is what, winning a third of your games? The worst teams in baseball win a third of their games.”

–Theo Epstein

First of all, I recommend checking out the timelines of what went on Wednesday. Having three games like that happen at once doesn’t happen in the playoffs, that might be more memorable than anything I have to say about how historic the “collapses” (euphemism for choke) were.

Here are three good timelines:




Obviously the Rays have returned to the playoffs with a vengeance, but the main topic is I still want to talk about how they and the Cardinals got there and to give some historical perspective on those collapses. That’s why I don’t blog about baseball much. By the time you sit down to think about it and research and so forth, something else important is going on. The Yankees/Tigers game was postponed as I was writing this, so that helped me finish without too much distraction.

I mentioned in a couple of places after the Red Sox had the 3-13 stretch (or some approximation thereof) that I couldn’t find another team that had ever done that in September, not even the 1964 Phillies, who had a 10-game losing streak in September. Those Phillies went 4-13 for one stretch, but that was followed by two wins (in the last two games of the season) and preceded by a 3-game winning streak. The Phillies were 2 ½ behind in the second-to-last game but technically were not eliminated until the next day. So that was also less dramatic.

Looking at the full month though, it’s not even closer. The Phillies won 13 games in September ’64, the same number the Angels (a team I follow a good bit) won this September. The Angels gained 6 ½ games against the Red Sox in the month. After the 3-13 stretch by the Red Sox and before the Angels finished with four consecutive losses, the Angels had gained 8 games on the Red Sox for the month.

So if you compare the Septembers of the 2011 Red Sox and 1964 Cardinals, the Red Sox would have lost 13 games against the Cardinals. So that’s about twice as many games as the Phillies lost (the Phillies actually lost 7 games from the beginning of the month to the end, but that regular season actually ended on October 4; the Phillies lost 6 ½ in the last 28 days of their season, so by that calculation, it is twice as many games).

I did notice the coincidence of the Phillies playing the Braves on Wednesday and helping to send the Cardinals to the post-season yet gain. It’s also a coincidence in that by causing the Braves to lose, that’s arguably another team that passes up their 1964 team in choking.

Continue reading...

Rants and Raves
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I am now home and starting in-house rehab. It feels good to be home. My experience at the Rehab center was very pleasant. They treated all the patients well. Most of us had hip or knee operations. But is is still good to be home with the family.

Its almost 11:30 pm, on the last day of baseball and Major League Baseball still hasn't decided its wild card baseball teams. This is exactly what baseball wanted when it created the playoff format.

The Yankees had a 7 run lead against the Rays, but the Rays scored 6 in the 8th and 1 in the 9th to tie the score. Now the game is going into extra innings. You have to love it.

Its 11:42 and the Atlanta Braves just lost to the Phillies allowing the St. Louis Cardinals to win the Wild Card. The Braves had a nice lead in the wild card race heading into September but injuries to their starting pitching and their young relief corps just got tired from overload, allowed the Cardinals to win the Wild Card.

The Boston Red Sox had a big lead in the Wild Card race over the Tampa Bay Rays.

Its now mid-night and Baltimore has just tied the Red Sox in the bottom of the ninth. Baltimore has just beaten the Red Sox in the bottom of the ninth. Ya gotta love it.

Rays and Yankees are still playing Its in the 12th.

Oops its now 12:05 at the Rays just took the AL Wild Card Race with a line drive home run by Evan Longoria


It is refreshing to see that the Buffalo Bills might be the real deal after beating the New England Patriots, this past Sunday. Hopefully they will continue to play well the rest of the season.

Detroit Lions are playing well. They have a great defense, and the team is hungry. Could they be the best in the NFC??

I can't wait until the Jaguars get rid of Coach Del Rio. Why he is still the coach is all about the $$$.

The Raiders and Jets always play great games against each other.



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