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NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 8-23-14
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Good morning. Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. So you got to wonder. If that picture isn't photo shopped, what the hell is that bear thinking?

So this is what it's like to be human....When is the waitress gonna take my order?....I've been stood up once again....All I did was sit down and everybody runs away. 

I'm sure some of you could think of some cool captions for this picture.


So Dale Jr says his Dale Call will be available during the Chase. People actually were asking for them. I do love that commercial but I want the one that works just like in the commercial. Fire out the tailpipes, shaking air cleaner and race motor rev sound. He showed this on Twitter but didn't say if it actually works or even makes a sound. Cute though. Wonder if it comes with a 6 pack of Mountain Dew?


Ok, so they finally announced that Edwards is going to be in the Joe Gibbs Racing stable next year driving car #19. He promises to be a much better team mate too. I'm wondering if Matt Kenseth is buying that line. He just came from RFR. Everybody was smiling in the pictures though. Ky Bu and Hamlin have had nothing but issue after issue. I wonder if it's these 2 guys or if there's something deeper going on at JGR. For Edwards sake I hope it isn't catching. He may be leaving one sinking ship for another.



This guy here would be the winner of the Michigan race. Logano led the most laps but some how Gordon beat him on the last restart for the win. Ky Bu was in the garage early after smacking the wall on lap 4. Dale Jr had contact with Larson on pit road but managed a 5th place finish after lots of damage control. The Danica took out 2 of my drivers during a spin but managed to get an 18th place finish on the lead lap. Fantasy owners that took her were rewarded.

The guys were hitting their marks. Johnson was clocked at 214 mph at one point. Fast. Then his shifter handle broke off. During pit stops they hand him a pair of vise grips which were a no go. Finally about 50 laps later Larson wrecks, brings out the caution and now he gets his shifter fixed.

Burton was subbing for Stewart. The bad luck keeps piling on. On lap 82 Burton goes to the garage for electrical issues that turn out to be a broken tail pipe. The heat shield started smoking so he thought there was an electrical fire.

Top 15 finishers : Gordon - Harvick - Logano - Menard - Dale Jr - Bowyer - Hamlin - Keselowski - Johnson - Biffle - Newman - Ambrose - Allmendinger - McMurray - Stenhouse


So Bristol was Saturday night. Atlanta is next Saturday night and Richmond the Saturday after. 

Bristol is known as that last great colosseum. It didn't disappoint either. Hamlin got bumped from behind by Harvick and as he spun he peeled off Dale Jr's drivers door. Messy. 

Ky Bu got nailed for speeding on pit road and had to start near the back of the field. Which makes him in harms way when the next wreck happens. He never really recovers.

Johnson got 2 speeding penalties on pit road but some how manages to finish with a top 10. Last weeks winner Mr Gordon didn't fair so well. Contact with Ku Bu ruined his day.

Top 15 finishers : Logano - Keselowski - Kenseth - Johnson - Ku Bu - Stenhouse - Edwards - McMurray - Menard - Biffle - Harvick - Newman - Allmendinger - Burton

So we're getting down to the wire. If Kenseth can keep showing up in the top 10 for the next 2 races, he'll be in the Chase without a win. He will however be seeded near the bottom so chances of being booted out in the first round of cuts is high. I still maintain that Gordon or Dale Jr are the 2 main guys for the title. They've been the most consistant.

So that ALS challenge is off the hook. At work there are 3 people with challenge areas set up in their yards. I've let everyone know I'm not interested and don't bug me. It's become a gimmick. Right up there with Pink-tober.

I don't know who the actor is but he did a Bullet Bucket challenge. His message is one of trying to be a better person, to love more and not judge. He's hoping to strike up a change in gun violence. I saw this on CNN at lunch time. We'll see how far it gets but I guess it has to start some where. 

I hope all our Gab travelers are safe and everyone has their NFL draft list set. I'll have mine set after I read the arrest records around the country one more time. SERIOUSLY!!!!! GET A MAN CAVE!!!!! You can roll dollar bills or fat ones to your hearts content and nobody will see you. Have a bucket by the door for cell phones. That way nobody can photograph you. DUH!!!!!!!! Ok then...

I'm outta here.....

NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 3-23-14
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Yo hey and good morning. Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. So the temps have risen a tad. I'm not so frozen this week. A good thing for sure. Hope my Gab family up northernerer is thawing out too. By the looks of things when I did a quick walk around outside I have lots of repairs and clean up to do. Not looking forward to that.

I know that I shouldn't be but I am. I am amazed at just how much the media can talk about and talk about and talk about and still find more to talk about a subject when nothing is happening. Every time I walked into the cafeteria at work there they were. Blah blah blabbing about that lost air plane. I'm so sorry for the families who have lost loved ones and have no closure. I'm still thinking they know more than they say.

Am trying to change my dietary ways. I bought a big bag of grapes and celery hearts this week. Even drank lots of water. Almost thought I could hear it slosh around when I walked..... I feel bloated. Really want to try and get back to my better eating ways of the past. I have 3 grandkids to chase now. Actually 2 till the wee one gets up and running. Trying to keep up when you're out of breath just don't cut it. I've found incentive. I want to be there to see them grow up. Tall order but I'm gonna try. Besides that I need to eat right if I want them to eat right. 


​Brooke Werner announced via here Facebook page this week that she has resigned and hung up her firesuit due to personal reasons. She says all good. 

Ms Werner was Miss Vermont USA before coming to be a Sprint Cup girl. She worked with Kim Coon and Madison Martin. These 3 girls serve as representatives of Sprint at the track events. 

I wish Ms Werner luck in whatever she's going into next.


On Tuesday March 20th Remi Menard came into the world. What a good little girl she is. Race car drivers like when babies come on a Monday or Tuesday. 

Menard will have to start in the back of the race because he stayed with his wife and daughter a few extra days and missed qualifying. But it's all good. 

Congrats to the Menards.


Who is Big Hoss? Actually What is Big Hoss? It's a huge LED video screen. It measures 218 ft wide by 94.6 ft high and weighs 108 tons. Supposedly it can with stand winds of up to 130 mph. Does it need to? 

So I guess if your TV is broke you can buy a ticket to the race, bring your couch, bring your snacks and watch on the big screen while you text your friends. 

On Wednesday they broke in the big screen by showing Duck Dynasty. Quack Quack. Okay.


​Last year Hamlin and Logano got into a last lap paint trading door slapping fight over first place. They wrecked each other, Ky Bu won the race and Hamlin went to the hospital with a broken back. 

So after the investigation it was determined that they would add 1000 ft of safer barrier to the inside turn #4 wall where Hamlin hit nose first at a high speed. 

No, no track is 100% safer barrier. There are spots that don't get any. Jeff Gordon was making a habit of finding those spots there for a while. They only put the safer barriers where they feel the most accidents will occur. 

So far these barriers along with the other safety changes have saved lives. I'm sure of it. Most drivers get out and tell you how much better that impact was with the safer barrier than with the regular concrete wall.

I'm glad they put up the barrier. 


I'm getting tired of the rain delays in my racing as much as the nasty winter I went through. But a rain delay we did have. Hamlin had the pole and Keselowski took the lead from him almost immediately. Hamlin made contact with somebody and fell backwards. 

At lap 45 Logano takes away the lead from Keselowski. And our first caution comes out at lap 50. It was planned. Due to rain the night before a competition caution was brought out. All change tires except for Jimmie. 

Jimmie has the lead. Then somebody loses a battery and it's determined it belongs to Bowman. 

Lap 98 Logano complaining about no power steering. That's a bad thing at a track like Bristol.

Lap 114 see Jimmie get an unraveled shredded tire. Caution comes out for rain a couple laps later and the blame game begins. Jimmie shows the cameras that his tire just unraveled but didn't deflate. Goodyear says to the camera it's the #48 crews fault because they didn't change tires on the competition caution. What are you going to do?

So now we wait for the rain.Kenseth now leads for hours....on pit road. Back to racing and not long back Danica hits the wall and Whitt. Timmy Hill doesn't see the caution lights and runs into the back of Kenseth. WHAM!!!!! 

We go through another competition caution. The adjustment...crunched up rear that Hill gave Kenseth must've helped his car. By lap 285 he's in the lead again.

On lap 394 Ky Bu hits the wall and brother Ku Bu can't miss him. 

Lap 450 Harvick hits the wall as his motor goes poof. McMurray slows down but Keselowski rams into his rear. Danica only has 4th gear and when she tries to leave pit road she runs into the back of Bowyer's car which is up on the jack. Bizaar.

So Edwards has point and keeps it till 3 laps to go a caution comes out. Why? Who knows? Supposedly the flagman accidently hit the caution lights button but it didn't matter because the rain started and that was that. Edwards wins and does his back flip.

Top 15 Finishers - Edwards - Stenhouse - Almirola - Stewart - Ambrose - Hamlin - Gordon - Kahne - Vickers - Larson - Dillon - Biffle - Kenseth - Keselowski - Bowyer


We're in California. I hear it hasn't rained in so long that there are waters drying up that have gold shining through. Now would be the new gold rush, maybe? Yo B.O.B., how about checking that out.

So last year we saw Hamlin and Logano duke it out on the last lap with disastrous results for Hamlin. He says he's not looking for revenge. He just wants a win. Pretty much this was a Ky Bu, Hamlin and Logano race trading that #1 spot all race long. There were some tire issues and I think we'll see more of the same unless Goodyear changes to a better tire.

On the final practice on Saturday Keselowski kept going through tires and he broke an axle. Logano cut down a tire and hit the wall. He's in a back up. Patrick and Ku Bu also cut tires. 

On the first practice Saturday Stewart hit the wall but team fixed it. Truex Jr cut a tire and hit the wall. He's in a back up. So tire issues are bad or these crew chief types are using aggressive set ups. Something to watch for.

Kenseth has the pole. He's good here too. Top 10

Keselowski has the outside. Can he over come the tire issues? Mmmmm top 15

TEAM HMS That would be Jimmie, Jeffy, Dale and Kasey. Always a threat for a top 10 here. I'm expecting Dale Jr & Jimmie to bounce back from last week.

SHR Danica is a 25th place finish. Stewart and Harvick are top 10's. Ku Bu is having too many issues. I can't even predict.

Ky Bu & Hamlin are top 10's

Edwards was a huge surprise last week. He was horrible in practice and the front runners had issues so he stole the win. He's a top 10.

Team mates Biffle & Stenhouse are top 15's

Newman is a top 15

Bowyer & Vickers top 15's

Logano top 10

Rookie alert. Kyle Larson won the Nationwide race Saturday. He took it from a hard charging Harvick and Ky Bu. Really thought Harvick was going to take it from him but he held his line and won. He starts 11th and I'm giving this kid a top 10. Bold prediction.

Mears, Dillon, Ragan and Guilliland are good C list picks. 

Well, there you have it. Hope everybody is having fun with their March Madness brackets. I am. My final 2 are still alive so I don't care about the rest. I'm off to breakfast of course and a news paper. Love my paper. I'm hoping it's warm enough to send all the grandkids and nieces and nephews outside today. Last week was a bit much. They were down right obnoxiously annoying loud. 

This program is giving me fits so I gotta say it. Be safe and

I'm outta here.....





NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 3-16-14
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Good morning. Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. It's Sunday. A fast day. Been doing lots of OT so I'm sort of dragging or I'm a dragon. Not sure which.  

So they can zoom a satellite camera lens in so close they can see your belly button lint but they can't find a plane that disappeared. I find that interesting. Me thinks they know more than they tell.

Comedian David Brenner passed away at the age of 78 from cancer. He was a clever comedian. Not one of those that has to use four letter words or something crude every other sentence to get a laugh. Different kind of humor. He was a class act. RIP Mr Brenner.

There's a vote going on right now for a new nickname for Kurt Busch. Yahoo Sports From The Marbles collected nicknames from Twitter and put the top 10 they liked up for a vote.

Choices like Kurtastrophe - Vegas Volcano - Kurtlander or Grenade. You have till March 20th at 11:59 pm to place your vote.

Packers Pick Up Peppers to Perk Up Pass Pressure. This is an actual sports headline from Yahoo sports. Pondering if the Packers can pick a peck of peppers or if Peppers will be picking the peck of peppers? 


So who likes Hellmanns mayo? I do. They happen to be one of Jrs many sponsors and he tweeted about being with Hellmanns people and that he loved banana and mayo sandwiches. Deadspin tweeted that they didn't believe Jr tweeted that or ate anything like that. Jr tweeted back that he does handle his own Twitter account and he does eat that #dontknockit.

I used to eat mayo sandwiches as a kid. Sometimes I added cheese or chips. So what condiment excites Gab members and how do you enjoy it?


Partly owned by NASCAR and sporting a motto : My Series, My Track, My Choice is a new sports watching venue on the web. It will live stream events not on broadcast tv like the K&N Pro Series racing and AMA Pro Motorcycle racing as well as other racing type events around the USA.

It's free right now supported by sponsorship dollars but if it takes off you know it will go to a tv cable package near you. As you've come to learn that all good things are meant to be paid for. Please put dollars in this slot.


Since NASCAR instituted the group qualifying thingy the drivers have been driving around the track at top speed or around the apron at cruise speed trying to cool their motors or popping in and out of pit road. Dangerous situations have occurred. With Bristol being a .533 mile track with very little room, something had to be done about the drivers on the apron cooling their motors.

So it was decided that teams could have cooling boxes hooked up to the cars on pit road but they still can't open the hood of the car.

All drivers seemed really pleased with this move. All had praise for NASCAR moving toward safety.


Well, I'm wondering what up with my Knight of the Mobile 1. Finally had to drop his butt in my fantasy leagues on line. Not so with my money league. Can't. Should've known when Haas made that move to get Ku Bu on board and they didn't even build the garage yet that misfortune was about to shine on SHR. You can not just up and got to a 4 car team in NASCAR and expect success. Hendrick did it Johnny Cash Style...One piece at a time. Haas is trying to get that right to have an F1 team too. Dude is spreading himself and the resources too thin. Any way, The Danica beat all her team mates last week with a 21st place finish. Sad....sigh.

So where was I? Logano had the pole and the lead till lap 45. All drivers were complaining about the new higher back spoiler. It made the cars very unruly. Stewart said his was broke. Kenseth said he couldn't drive with this new spoiler. This was the theme all race long.

So Johnson took over for a bit and then Ky Bu. But no wait, here comes Harvick. 

By lap 129 Harvick took the lead, Ku Bu is now down a lap and there are only 22 carson the lead lap.

After a caution for debris Ky Bu takes over and Harvick remains 2nd till with 73 laps to go and he's on pit road with no brakes. Turns out it's his right front hub. Locked up and burned up. He comes back from the garage around 47 laps to go.

So Dale Jr makes his way to the front and the win? He's told to save fuel because he's probably 3/4 of a lap short according to the math. He runs out of fuel in sight of the finish line but has a big enough lead to get 2nd place. His crew chief tells him to look on the bright side. His math is good. And that darn Kes takes the win.

Top 15 Finishers - Keselowski - Dale Jr - Menard - Logano - Edwards - Johnson - Newman - Kahne - Gordon - Kenseth - Ky Bu - Hamlin - Vickers - Truex Jr - McMurray


So we're moving on to Bristol. This track is exciting whether it's night or day. Last year Gordon melted the bead on his tire and took himself and Kenseth out of the race. Hamlin melted his bead too and drove up against the wall for the last laps to keep on the track and finish the race. Even Johnson melted the bead on his tire with 46 to go. Kahne managed to hold on for the win.

This time promises to be just as exciting. Cars were wrecked in the first minutes of practice. Danica drove into Kligerman. She had to get her back up out. Biffle crunched his nose. Back up. Ky Bu, Kenseth and Stenhouse scraped the wall. Cassill broke the rear end housing causing his wheel to fall off and him to slam the wall. He's ok but he'll be in a back up.

Hamlin got the pole wit. h a new track record of 129.991 mph. Kes is right beside him. If it doesn't rain and it certainly sounds like it will, we'll be racing says NASCAR. The concrete survice dries fast. We can do this.

Hamlin, Kenseth & Ky BU are all in the top 10 in qualifying and most likely will finish there too.

Gordon, Johnson, Kahne and Dale Jr are all threats. Dale Jr is on a roll and he's like a shark of of a sudden. 

Newman may be a bull in a china closet but he's been quietly moving up. He has 2 7th place finishes in a row and I bet he gets one more.

Kes and Logano have been tearing it up in qualifying and the track. Kes top 10 - Logano top 15

Ku Bu has not been so lucky with his equipment this year. This is his kind of track. Barring said issues he should be a top 10.

Truex to has had some equipment issues. This is a good track for him also. 

Of the rookies, Larson starts 20th and he came in 2nd in the Saturday Nationwide Bristol race. Top 15 for him. Dillon too. 

Mears, McMurray, Vickers, Allmendiger and Stenhouse make solid B list picks.

So I'm off to breakfast and then gasp....work. They talked me into a half day. I told my boss that it's race day you know. Church of the Divine Lap. He said he understood but try to think about staying all day. That's an easy one. Nope. 

Hope the spring weather bombards your houses in the northeast......SOON. Until then, It's full moon, St Patricks Day weekend and I hope every one that partakes does so safely and comes home in one piece. Take Care all

And I'm outta here.......





NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 9-1-13
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Hey there Gabbers and others. Welcome to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. I got lots of fast stuff too. Just got done watching the Nationwide race at Atlanta on Race Buddy. You get 2 views to choose from with 4 split screens or you can choose one driver to ride with. I jumped on board with Kyle Busch because he had the pole. When his camera had issues I went to Harvick. Awesome to watch him move up through the field. Was in Dillon and Logano's cars too. No audio or broadcast chatter. Just the sound of the motor and you see what the driver sees. 


When Danica started at Bristol she became the first female to start 34 races in NASCAR's Cup Series. Only 16 women have started a Cup race and half of them were in the first 7 years (1949-1955). So Danica will have a full season under her belt and set another record if all goes well.


That's right folks, Kurt will be driving for Stewart Haas Racing next year. We'll have 3 hot heads in the same garage. I so want to be a fly on the wall for Monday morning debriefings. Especially if any of them get into it on the track. How does Stewart handle that boss but I'm racing you as a driver thing? Will be interesting to find out. 

Supposedly Gene Haas decided on his own to court and go after Kurt to drive with his cnc shop, Haas Automation on the car as the sponsor.  He's never won with that on the car and feels that Kurt would be the one to get him in victory lane. He also said he's not worried about Kurt's bad temper. He just wants to win. 

When Kurt was asked about how he'd handle finishing out the season with the #78 Furniture Row car and if the Chase was on his mind he replied that come Wednesday that's all he'd be thinking about.

On Tuesday Tony Stewart will be holding a press conference at the shop. I plan on watching it. He wasn't too happy about Kurt coming on board especially after he had told the media there was no room for a 4th car. Gene Haas said he took full advantage of Stewart in the hospital. Something tells me Stewart doesn't have as much say so as most people think.

Things can't be all bad between them. Kurt says he's still looking to be in the last Indy Car race at Fontana this season as well as the double next season and Stewart says he's coming along. This made Zipadelli wince a bit. He's trying to keep Stewart reined in and there goes Kurt. When Danica had expressed interest in doing the double (Indy 500 in a Indy Car & Coca Cola 600 in NASCAR on the same day) he promptly told her he didn't approve. So now Zipidelli has 3 racers that want to play in Indy Car or winged Sprint cars. 


It was announced last week that Rodney would be going to SHR to be Harvick's crew chief in 2014. MWR wasted no time in letting him go and announcing that Scott Miller would take over to be Brian Vickers crew chief. No word on what Childers is doing till 2014 now.


Earnhardt Gnassi Racing announced that Kyle Larson would be taking over the #42 ride in 2014 and Juan Montoya would be out. Montoya has been looking at different rides. Andretti Racing in Indy Car is one option. 

Chip Gnassi said that his friendship with Montoya is still there and that in the future they may race together again. Jamie McMurray left for Roush Racing but came back and Gnassi said he isn't ruling out Montoya's return.


This past week Bobby Labonte broke 3 ribs while riding his bicycle near his home. Allmendinger was to be in the #47 this weekend any way but he was offered a 3 year deal and took it. Bobby will be offered a position within the company. So now Allmendinger has gotten a full time ride again in Cup. He has said he's grateful to be back. 


It was reported that Truex broke his right wrist in the last wreck at Bristol. He will be wearing a special cast for the rest of the season so that he can grip the steering wheel better. I'm wondering about shifting gears with that thing on. He has Scott Speed on standby just in case he can't drive. Although he says he feels fine. He wasn't sure how things would go because he's never been hurt before so he never drove hurt before.

In that same wreck Hamlin got his thumb stuck in the spokes of the steering wheel and it's purple now. Nothing torn or broken. Hamlin Says.... "It's fine ya'll". I'm wondering when the piano is going to fall on him. No coyote in sight. Maybe that's a good thing.



So this Sunday is Atlanta. It's a night race so you have all day and up to like 7:25 to make your selections in the fantasy leagues. Ricky Stenhouse Jr has his first pole in Cup racing.

Last year Johnson took himself out as well as Newman with 57 laps to go. A top 10 lost for both. Bowyer had battery issues as well as starting from the back due to an engine change. He was 4 laps down but finished 27th and minus 4 laps. Edwards motor went pooooooof. Montoya scraped the wall and ruined a possible good finish by getting caught speeding in 3 zones on pit road. Penalties kill W's and top 10's. McMurray had a tire go boom near the end. Logano was sick with the flu but managed a 18th place finish. 

Top 15 finishers - Hamlin - Gordon - Keselowski - Truex - Harvick - Kyle B - Dale Jr - Menard - Kenseth - Martin - Hornish - Burton - Kurt B - Smith - Biffle

Ok it's fantasy run down time......

Johnson - He's good at this track. Should be bouncing back for a top 10

Gordon - This is a good track for him too but his performance has been up & down. He NEEDS a W. He's 13th in points & no W's. Not seeing him make it into the Chase. 

Kahne - Had handling issues last year. Never recovered and ended up 23rd minus 3 laps. Not seeing a good finish this year. He has 2 W's though. I see a Chace in his future

Dale Jr - Has 11 top 10's here. No W's this year but he's 7th in points. Better step it up.

Bowyer - He's 2nd in points but no W's. He NEEDS a W tonight or next weekend. When the points reset for the Chase he won't have any bonus points for wins so he'll be 9th.

Truex - Broken wrist but he's got wild card #1 and 1 W. Don't know about his chances for a top 10 but if you're a betting person.....

 Edwards and Biffle are both in the top 10 in points and both have a W. Edwards has the 2nd starting position for Sundays race.  Biffle will come from 24th. Should see top 10's.

Team mate Stenhouse (& The Danica's honey bunny) has the pole. He'll make a nice B level pick or low salary pick for the salary cap leagues.

Harvick won the Nationwide race and he starts 30th but I'm not worried. He does that a lot. He'll be up there duking it out for the win.

Team mates Menard & Burton make good B level picks in Yahoo or in those salary cap leagues. They'll be in or around that top 10.

Logano got extra seat time in the Nationwide race and came in 6th. He's good for in or around a top 10. Team mate Keselowski seems to be floundering. He NEEDS a W. He's 11th in the points. 

Kyle B came in 2nd in the Nationwide race. Said he could've drove through Harvick but chose not to. Top 10. Team mate Hamlin is just having a bad bad bad bad season. First a broken back which hasn't healed and now the twisted thumb. Can't say either way if he gets a top 10. Other team mate Kenseth? You can bet on a top 10.

Newman is a lame duck with no ride announced yet for next year. Says he'll be telling everyone in about a week or 2 what his new ride is. He's got wild card #2 and better hope Keselowski, Gordon or Kurt B don't get a win before him. Top 15 for Newman.

Kurt B - Needs a W. The bad pit stops and equipment failures that come with lower tier teams have taken their toll on his Chase spot. Should have had at least 2 W's this year. This shouldn't be an issue next year at SHR. Top 15 tonight.

Montoya - He's starting 3rd and since his dismissal announcement has some how become calmer behind the wheel. No bull in a China closet driving. A 3rd at Bristol, an 11th at Michigan and a 5th at Watkins Glen. A new Montoya? He's a scary good pick and it's not even Halloween yet.

Ambrose....top 15.

The Danica starts 21st. Will she or won't she get that top 15?

Other cheap picks or C listers....Casey Mears, David Ragan and Austin Dillon

So there you have it Gabbers and others. Your news and you picks. Hope this helps. Remamber the race is an evening race so you have time to get your picks done. This is a high speed track with long green flag runs and lots of fuel mileage strategy going on. Also a new tire. Worked well for the Nationwide cars but they're lighter than the Cup cars. Just more crap to factor in your decision. 

But any way, you all have a great weekend. Get that grill going, pop a cold one and toast the men & women that make it all possible for us to do that. Happy Labor Day. AND.......

I'm outta here......

NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 8-25-13
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Hey Ho. Lets Go. Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. Lots of silly season stuff happening. It started as a trickle right before Stewart broke his leg and has become a non stop stream of ever changing updates ever since. That picture up there is of Joey Logano. He won the Michigan race last week. It was a motor eating tire popping gas mileage affair as usual but we'll get to that after the updates and fast stuff.


Jimmie says baby girl #2 will be arriving some time around Sept 13-15. That makes it the Chicagoland race weekend. Drivers James Buescher and Regan Smith will be on standby if she decides to arrive during race activities. Jimmie is hoping that she's not afraid of Mondays or Tuesdays. Good luck with that Jimmie and congrats on the new addition.



I spoke of a site called Bargaineering.com where 2 guys were going head to head to see who would get the most from their game pieces. One guy bought 200 hash browns and the other sent in 500 envelopes requesting game pieces. The 4th blog with their findings is now up. Interesting note. The guy who sent in for game pieces made out better than the one who bought food. Neither won a big prize. According to the rules you had to buy a big mac to get the game piece for the car. Very interesting risk vs reward experiment.


Ok now. Stewart was asked this week if he was going to race the winged sprint cars any more. He said that this reporter was to tell the winged nation that he'd be back as son as he was able to. Wondering what his business partner and sponsors think. Probably cringing right now.

Martin says he's humbled and honored to be asked to drive the #14 for Stewart. Says he'll do his best. 

Newman says he's not bitter about being served his walking papers. Still no contract for next year though.

Kurt Busch has been offered a contract extension from Furniture Row and Stewart Haas racing has offered to come up with a contract. Who'd have thought after Kurt's huge melt down that he'd actually have choices? But he does. No word on the sponsor for SHR or if the contract has been finalized yet.

SHR was said to be making a play for Rodney Childers at MWR. They want him as Harvick's crew chief for next year and they've won. Rodney gave MWR his notice that he'll be done at the end of the season. He said it was a tough choice. He's been there 5 years and says the guys he worked with are a great bunch. He said he doesn't know if he'll be allowed to stay till the end of the season but will do whatever he's asked and that he wants to leave the team in championship form. He also said that working with Harvick is a huge opportunity that doesn't come around often and he'd regret it if he didn't take it. Vickers will be upset. He really wanted to work with Rodney.

So that leaves Montoya still up in the air. Mario Andretti has said "HELL YEAH" when Montoya asked about an open wheel ride. Mario is looking for sponsors. Montoya said he's open to any ride as long as it's a winning ride.

And then there's Austin Dillon. He just may be coming to Cup next year and dusting off the #3 for his RCR car driving for grandpa Richard. Which leaves room in his Nationwide car for brother Ty. Nobody knows if it will be 3 or 4 cars for RCR next year. Sponsorship is a tough sell these days.

So to wrap this all up....all in all Zipadelli said that the deal to have Martin in the #14 car went extremely smooth. That level of cooperation between teams (or manufacturers for that matter) is something that just doesn't happen. He chalks it up to the respect for Stewart in the garage being very high. 



Logano won and he's old enough to drink the bubbly coming out of the bottle. Our winner had the pole for the race and led the most laps too. Bonus points day with 48 going to his Chase hopes. He's now 13th with 1 W.

It was hoped that Jimmie would come from the back in his back up car and he did and he led 3 laps. AND he blew his motor up around lap 55. Pooooooooooooooof.

Dale Jr sccccccccccccccrapes the wall on lap 135. Crew can't get the jack under the car. He spends time in the garage. Comes back but ends his day 36th and minus 29 laps

With about 45 laps to go Kyle spins and messes up his rear. Got to have your body in as aerodynamic & cosmetically pleasing as possible for Michigan.....31st and minus 3 laps. Ouch.

Bowyer spun out on lap 1 but managed to not hit anything which is key to digging your way out. Reward? A 5th place finish.

Gordon was quiet all day and never cracked the top 10. I guess no news is good news. He came home with 17th and all his fenders as well as the motor. 

With 33 to go Keselowski assumed the lead but was told he wouldn't make it to the end on fuel. He didn't want to come in but his CC Wolfe said we're points racing. You can come in for a splash or end up 28th. Then Mr Penske came on the radio and told him he needed to make his way down pit road. He ended up in 12th. Those points are better than 28th place points.

I thought my other man Mark Martin was coming home with the win but fuel mileage bit him. He was 2 laps short. Gave up the lead with 2 to go for a splash. 27th and minus 1 lap. Bummer. He said the team was going for it. 

Austin Dillon's subbing day for Stewart's #14 car went great. He spun trying to avoid a spinning Yeley on lap 14 but gathered himself up and ralleyed for a 14th place finish. Good job.

Top 15 finishers - Logano - Harvick - Kurt B - Menard - Bowyer - Ambrose - Kahne - Burton - Biffle - Edwards - Montoya - Keselowski - Newman - Dillon - Kenseth



Hamlin on the pole. Must be feeling better. After watching the race tonight I raced back here to finish my blog. I tanked in 4 of my fantasy leagues but Kahne finished 2nd so in the Streak I got 2nd place finish. Must be the powers that be punishing me for my psychic comment. Yeah. Psychics are people too.

This was one action packed race as per the usual. The 2 Bristol races on the schedule are night and day. Literally as well as for real man. I think the night race with all those cameras going off must create a strobe light atmosphere that brings out the animal in the drivers. The pack at the front changed often. It ain't over till every car is dented and the fat lady sings Sweet Home Alabama.

So Hamlin had the pole and the lead for about 27 laps. Then Kurt took it till about lap 77 when he started dropping back. His crew didn't get the lugnuts tight so the tire was loose and ruined his hub. Back to the garage for a new one and he would finish his day in 31st minus 24 laps.

Edwards now leads. Then Dale Jr leads.

Lap 101 sees Kyle & Logano make contact. Kyle has rear damage. Logano needs a new right front. Dale Jr keeps leading till lap 134. Bowyer on point.

Until lap 176 when Bowyer gets stuck behind Kyle who is about to go a lap down but Kvapil drifts up and there goes Boyer for a spin. Caution.

Edwards takes lead. A few laps later Johnson hits #33 Tony Raines but keeps going. Gordon is complaining of high water & oil temps.

Edwards leads till Vickers hits the wall. Kenseth gets pit road speeding penalty and to the back he goes. Menard & Kyle don't pit. They're now 1 & 2. On lap 272 it's Menard - Kyle - Edwards - Dale Jr - Montoya.

Lap 323 sees Edwards catch and pass Menard.

Caution for Johnson, Reutimann, Vickers & Almirola all getting together. Vickers is racking up friendship points this evening. A bad night for Jimmie just got worse. Off to the garage he goes.

At this point it's Edwards - Kenseth - Truex - Gordon - Bowyer as your top 5. At lap 381 Kenseth takes the lead and Edwards starts dropping back saying he thinks his motor is going. And it does.

So a couple cautions later Mr Vickers causes a wreck that pretty much does in my fantasy hopes. On the restart he moves up on Hamlin and it cuts his tire. Hamlin's tire goes and he then shoots up the track into Harvick and it's on. Truex, Hamlin, Harvick, Keselowski, Mears, Schrader, & Newman are now in pieces. 

Harvick is parked in Hamlin's pit box so he moves his car out of the way to the crowd roaring it's approval. Harvick gets out of his car for a chat with Hamlin. 4 NASCAR officials block him and he assures them he won't hit Hamlin. They talked and that was that. I'm sure when he sees the replay he'll be Vickers best buddy.

So now with 40 to go it's Kenseth - Montoya - Kahne - Bowyer - Ambrose.

With 14 to go Kenseth & Kahne are banging door numbers. This went on till the end of the race off & on. Scared me because these 2 were the last in 2 of my fantasy leagues still in it for some good points. Great finish.

Top 15 finishers - Kenseth - Kahne - Montoya - Vickers - Logano - Menard - Gordon - Ambrose - Biffle - Dale Jr - Kyle B - Ragan - Burton - Bowyer - Almirola

So what did your fantasy league look like after all that sheet metal damage? There's no race next week but I'm sure silly season is still going strong and there'll be plenty to write home about. Untill then all you Gabbers and others have safe happy travels, get a couple more grilling opportunities in, and take a moment to stop and enjoy the last of the summer. AND.......

I'm outta here......






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