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I'm Just Saying.....
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I’m Just Saying…..

How do NASCAR officials know who the actual winner of a race is. Let’s face it, with accidents, and cars going into pit road for gas, tires and car problems, it can’t be easy. Is it accurate? It seems to me we are relying on what individuals want, until someone actually explains how it works. Is it in the rules and regulations? I must not be looking in the wrong place.


You’re an American, going to North Korea, which is holding an American against his will, and your not going to saying anything about it. What’s inside the head of Dennis Rodman?


Pittsburgh Panther’s football team has a kicker by the name of Chris Blewitt. If he misses a field goal, or point after how do describe the call? Blewitt Blew it?? Hopefully he has a successful career with Pitt except when he plays against Syracuse.


Congratulations to David Ortiz in collecting his 2,000 career hit.


Things are getting so deep between the Nets and the Knicks that the NBA commissioner had to sit the owners of the two teams down for a chat. He basically told the owners to cool it. It all started back in 2010 when the Nets put up a billboard on a side of a building near Madison Square Garden titled “Blueprint for Greatness.” Dolan went nuts and ask the NBA to have the Nets take it down. Then, Prokhorov called the Knicks owner “that little man” in a New York Magazine article. Since then it has spilled to the players of each team jabbing at each other via twitter. Reggie Evans thinks the Nets aren’t that good, and he went so far as saying the Knicks would win the NBA Championship. Fun times are brewing in New York. Let the NBA season begin.


Brian Urlacher said when is commonly known throughout the NFL, even though coaches will deny it, and that its players fake injury to slow down the offense of the opposing team.


No team had a worse game than the Jacksonville Jaguars. They lost to the Kansas City Chiefs 28-2. They made the Chiefs look like the clear favorite to win the Super Bowl, of course that’s not going to happen. Stat wise the Jags only gave up 293 yards (173 passing and 120 rushing). Their offense, well Gabbert was sacked 6 times and hit 10 times, and intercepted 2 times. All the receivers dropped balls, ran wrong routes. But, it was the offensive line that look like they never played professional football at all. It looks like its going to be a painful season.









Random Thoughts
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No bad calls here?? Happy Anniversary ScottJax, NFL, Nets and more in this edition of Random Thoughts.

This week marks the second anniversary of my blog. It all started on September 20, 2010,

Look at the well wish I have received:

Richy Klepal a four-star Florida State commitment suffered the fifth concussion of his career during a high school game against Tampa Jesuit High School earlier this month. Doctors have told him to end his football career and Richy will abide by what the doctors have recommended. But in a classy move, FSU has decided to honor the scholarship offered to Klepal. Nice move FSU.

Here is something that went unnoticed. Former Army Sergeant Daniel Rodriguez, a wide receiver from Clemson, caught a 4-yard pass from Morgan Roberts midway through the fourth quarter and received a loud ovation. Daniel served three years in the service, in both Iraq and Afganistan, and received the Bronze Star Medal of Valor and the Purple Heart for serving in the battle of Kamdesh in October 2009.


Brooklyn Nets new home is officially open. The new $1 billion Barclays Center is an 18,200 modern arena. It is a 675,000 square foot building that has a rust-colored façade, consisting of 12,000 unique panels fabricated from 600 tons of weathered steel. A subway entrance covered in grass, tree-lined seating areas outside the building and a pedestrian view of the Barclays Center scoreboard. The flag pole near the main entrance came from Ebbets Field. The “Oculus” is an extension of the Center that extends out 117 feet and hovers 30 feet above the public plaza. It has a video screen that displays everything from game highlights to news. The arena has 101 luxury suites, including 11 Jay-Z-designed special suites called “The Vault” that cost $550,000 a year and are stocked with high-end champagne. The Barclays Center food experience will offer the best of Brooklyn. It’ll include brisket hot dogs by Brooklyn Bangers, pizza by L & B Spumoni Gardens, barbecue brisket and pork sandwiches by Fatty ‘Cue, franks and fries by Nathan’s Famous and – of course — cheesecake by Junior’s.

The NFL has blown it on its biggest stage, Monday Night Football. On what I considered the worst call in NFL history, the referees decided the game in Seattle Seahawks 14-12 win over the Green Bay Packers.

With replacement referees still working the games, on the last play of the game, the refs awarded a 24 yard touchdown catch to Golden Tate that was clearly in the possession of Green Bay defensive back M.D. Jennings. Even the replay officials got the play wrong. Yuk.

Bookies are estimating that $150-250 million in bets were shifted on that play.

In a photograph that will live in infamy, one official ruled the play a touchdown and the other a touchback and neither looked like he wanted to make the call.

I guess the mess-up with the Seattle - Green bay game help seal the deal on a contract between the NFL and the NFLRA.


Glad to see Dusty Baker is doing well. Beside having an irregular heart beat, Dusty also had a mini-stroke.

I don’t know about you, but 10 years ago I use to watch the NHL all the time, and then the lockout occurred and I stopped watching all the time. After the lockout I would occasionally watch a game. Now if there is a strike or lockout, I probably might not watch it at all. Its greed versus greed, and the only people who will suffer are the fans.

Eric Gagne reveals in his new biography that 80% of his LA Dodger teammates were using performance-enhancing drug. The former CY Young closer who converted 84 consecutive save changes also admits that he used human growth hormone in a three year period towards the end of his career.

With the start of next weeks blog, I will have a new name for it. I’m not telling. Is the suspense killing ya???


Til Next Time








Random Thoughts
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There’s no fighting here at Random Sports?? Brooklyn has best backcourt in NBA?? Beezer is happy about Wild?? All this and more in this weeks edition of…

Wow, I finally endorse my own blog. That’s me relaxing at the pool. I don’t know which was worse. The 100 degree temperature or the warm water in the swimming pool. Still had a great time.

Richard Roundtree turned 70 this week. Wow, with that here is the theme to SHAFT.



Wow the Nets have started to make things interesting.

First they announced that they traded for Joe Johnson, the six-time all-star from Atlanta. Brooklyn traded Anthony Morrow, Jordan Farmar, Jordan Williams, Johan Petro, DeShawn Stevenson and the Rockets 2013 lottery protected first round pick to get Johnson. Johnson averaged 17.8 points per game in his 11-year NBA career.

Then the Nets resigned Gerald Wallace on a 4-year deal worth 40 million.

But, the best news was Deron Williams saying he will be signing with the Brooklyn Nets. The three-time All-Star and two-time All-NBA point guard will become the face of the franchise as the Nets move to Brooklyn and into their new palace, the Barclay Center. Williams deal is expected to be $108 million for 5-years.

The Clippers sent Reggie Evans to the Nets, in a sign-and-trade. The rebounding machine will get $5 million over three years.

I am glad the Nets stopped going after D12, and resigned Brook Lopez. Now they can keep their 3 number one picks. A line-up of Joe Johnson, Deron Williams, Gerald Wallace, Brook Lopez and Kris Humphries (hopefully the Nets resign him) would be pretty good.

Do the Nets have the best backcourt in the NBA? There aren’t too many that can match the point output that Johnson and Williams can provide.

There is plenty of player movement in the NBA. When the dust settles on July 11th teams will look a lot different then they did at the end of the 2011-2012 season.

Nash to Lakers. Ray Allen to Heat. Kidd and Cambry to the Knick. Novak resigns with Knicks. Lin-sanity to sign with Houston and Knicks to match.

In the Beezer’s “State of Hockey Wants to Live Up to It’s Name” he toots the horn about the Wild’s signing of the biggest free agents in the NHL Zach Parise and Ryan Suter. The Beeze states “I love this move for Minnesota...I love it for Hockey...The western Conference just got more competitive…”

To see his blog go to this link:


True they needed to do something to “take them over the top.” But to “buy players” to do it. If the Wild win the Stanley Cup will the analysts say they bought the Stanley Cup?

Don’t rush to say no. If the Yankees would have signed “Prince Albert” and Prince Fielder everyone would have said the Yankees bought the World Series. So what’s the difference between what the Wild did or what the Yankees could have done?

I think the NFL came up with the greatest idea this week. They will allow those at NFL games see what the ref is looking at when they go to the replay booth. That’s right, you will be able to see what the lead official is viewing on the sideline monitor. Fans will see the exact same angles at the exact time the ref is viewing it.

Sunday, during the Rangers-Twins game the scariest thing happened. Here is the clip:

You can hear it on the TV. Can you imagine what it sounded like at the Stadium.

You have to see this video of a brawl between two men at a Little League baseball game near Columbus, Georgia. It started when one man asked another man to turn down his music he was playing after the game. First it was words exchanged than it was punches exchanged. The fight was taken from a person at the game.


Sorry for the advertisement. You can skip it after 5 seconds.

Attendance for the 2011 NFL season was the lowest since 2002.

Til next time






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Thanks B.O.B and Average fan Det?? Delmon Young meltdown?? Brooklyn Nets?? The Nets again?? MLB messing around with its scheduling?? All this, and more, in this weeks edition of….

The young girl is Mackenzie Brown she threw a perfect game against a team of boys in 2009. Do you think the Yankees can use her now??

Today we will start off with a proper opening credits brought to you by Gary Shandling.

This has got to be the most ingenious opening credits in the history of television. Simple and to the point.

Now off with the show.

Thanks go out to B.O.B and Average fan Det for calling me out on the Jaguars selection of punter Bryan Anger in the 3rd round. You guys are right. What was our GM thinking??

I do enjoy your blogs!!


Congrats go out to Jered Weaver who pitched a no-hitter against the Minnesota Twins.

Now to a sad note.

Junior Seau, former star of the San Diego Chargers died at the age of 43 from self inflicted gun shot to the chest.

He played 20 years for three teams, San Diego Chargers (1990-2002), Miami Dolphins (2003-2005) and New England Patriots (2006-2009). Junior was a 12-time Pro Bowl section and a 6-time First team All-Pro, with 18 interceptions and 56 sacks during his playing career.

Seau, is the eighth member of San Diego's lone Super Bowl team who has died, all before the age of 45. Lew Bush, Shawn Lee, David Griggs, Rodney Culver, Doug Miller, Curtis Whitley and Chris Mims are the others. Causes of death ranged from heart attacks to a plane crash to a lightning strike.

My deepest sympathy goes out to his family.

The NFL handed down their player suspension for bounty-gate and Saints Johnathan Vilma was hit the hardest suspended for one year without pay. Green Bay Packers defensive lineman Anthony Hargrove was for the first half of the 16-game season, Saints defensive end Will Smith was barred for the first 4 games and Cleveland Browns linebacker Scott Fujita will miss the first three games. All were suspended without pay.

Why couldn’t the suspensions be handed out before the draft so the Green Bay Packers and Cleveland Browns could draft accordingly if they wanted to. Then again why punish those teams when it was the Saints who had the bounty-gate. Suspend 10 Saints players for the season.

Major League baseball suspended Detroit Tigers outfielder Delmon Young seven games without pay following his arrest on a hate crime harassment charge last week in New York City. Young was arrested after a late-night tussle at his hotel during which police say he yelled anti-Semitic epithets. Young is eligible to resume play on May 4th. He suspension will cost him $257,240. Around 2:30 am last Friday, Young was standing outside the team hotel in New York. Close by, a group of Chicago tourists staying at the hotel were approached by a panhandler wearing a yarmulke and a Star of David around neck, according to the police. Afterward, as the group walked up to the hotel doors, Young started yelling anti-Semitic epithets, police said. It was not clear whom Young was yelling at, but he got into a scuffle with the Chicago group, and a 32-year-old man was tackled and sustained scratches to his elbows, according to police and the criminal complaint. Young was arrested, police said. Young was first taken to a hospital because he was believed to be intoxicated, police said.

Athletes have got to realize that they are in the spotlight and anything they do or say will be scrutinized.

The moment all of Brooklyn has been waiting for since 1957 when the Brooklyn Dodgers bolted to Los Angeles…..

The Brooklyn Nets are now officially a team. It became official April 30th. They will be moving into a state-of-the-art Barclay Center when the season begins. They new colors of the team are black and white a far cry from their original red, white and blue colors of their ABA days. The logo on the left will be used at center court and the logo on the right will be used on the teams shorts. There is talk that the word Brooklyn will be on the shirts. Jay-Z helped design the logos.

Going into the 2012-2013, the Nets only have four players signed, MarShon Brooks, Anthony Morrow, Johan Petro and Jordan Williams.

Gerald Wallace has indicated he want’s to stay but is opting out so he can get a multi-year contract for more money.

Deron Williams had indicated he wants to be part of the first team in Brooklyn, but he also wants to play on a winner. He too is opting out and it looks like the Dallas Mavericks are going to go hard after him.

Brad Lopez has indicated he wants to stay, he is a restricted free agent.

Kris Humphries is an unrestricted free agent. The Nets might want to resign him as he has two years in a row that he has average a double-double.

The Net players had over 200 games missed due to injuries. They started over 22 different lineups and had to call up several players from the D-League. Some are saying if the team was healthy they would have been a playoff team and I tend to agree with that.

The Nets are reporting that they gave New Jersey season-ticket holder first dib to renew their tickets for Brooklyn, and out of over 7,000 ticket packages at Prudential Center nearly 1,700 renewed for the Barclay Center.

So now after altering the playoff system, the powers of the baseball world are going to be tinkering with the regular season schedule.

The League is working on eliminating “natural rivals” playing home-and-home, six-game series annually.

This has to do with the Houston Astros moving to the American League next year to balance the leagues to 15 teams.

Nothing has been finalized yet. But there will be changes to the scheduling system.


This is a class act that Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s coach Greg Schiano did Wednesday.

2012 would have been Rutgers University defensive tackle Eric LeGrand graduating year. Eric can not play due to a spinal cord injury that has ended his career. But it did not stop Schiano from signing his former player on May 2nd to symbolize LeGrand’s college number 52.

The Tampa Bay Coach said "Leading up to the draft, I couldn't help but think that this should've been Eric's draft class. This small gesture is the least we could do to recognize his character, spirit and perseverance. The way Eric lives his life epitomizes what we are looking for in Buccaneer Men."



Til Next Time




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ScottJax asks the question no one in the media has asked, or said about Tim Tebow. Will his words cause controversy?? Old Players in the NBA?? WrestleMania hits Random Thoughts?? Brooklyn Nets?? All this and more in this weeks edition of….

Wow, I never thought I get Jacksonville’s own, Tim Tebow, “Tebowing” for me. Thanks Tim. By the way, my son goes to the same Church as Tim and has talked to him on many occasions. He is a nice fellow and when it comes to his “faith” he is the real deal.

The provocative question is later on in the blog



Okay Gabbers. ScottJax has posted his annual WrestleMania predications. They can viewed here:


Please feel free to give me who you think will win each match.


How would you like to be left out of a game because your old? Well it happen to Tim Duncan. The Spurs were playing their third game in three nights and they gave him the night off. So the official scorer listed Duncan as DND (Did Not Dress) - Old.


A column by Peter Veceey, who says its from multiple sources, is saying that the Nets are targeting Kevin Garnett (restricted free agent), Ryan Anderson (restricted free agent and a player the Nets drafted and then traded away) and Ersan Ilyasova (unrestricted free agent), while renouncing the rights to Kris Humphries. The Nets are saying they want a stronger rebounded to play alongside Brook Lopez.

While Kris Humphries (27 years old) has never been a scoring machine, nor rebounded, since he has been a Net he is averaging a double-double. How many NBA players can say that? He averages 11.9 points a game and 11 rebounds a game. Garnett is on the downside of his career, this year is averaging 15.3 points and 8.3 rebounds. He turns 36 in May. Anderson is 23 years old and is averaging 10.1 points per game and 5.1 rebounds per game and Ilyasova is 24 years old and is averaging 9.4 points per game and 5.8 rebounds per game.

Any of these players better rebounders than Kris Humphries???

Got to get rid of Billy King, he is going to kill the Nets.

Oh no the trading for Tim Tebow was not a publicity stunt. Then how come the team is had a press conference to introduce a back-up quarterback. There was no coach, owner or players at the conference. Yep they really, really want him.

Jet’s are just starved for attention.


Here is the question that no one, that I have heard or read has mentioned:

An honest question deserves an honest answer

If Tim Tebow was any religion other than a Christian, would he have still gotten this same coverage. NOT!!

Frank McCourt buys the Dodgers, the stadium and surrounding area for $430 million in 2004 and yesterday he sells it for $2.15 billion dollars to a group that includes Magic Johnson and Stan Kasten. Mark Walter, Guggenheim Capital (the main source behind the $$$$) chief executive, will be the controlling owner. Kasten will run the team, while magic will also be involved in some of the day-to-day activities and will be looking to woo free agents.

The Johnson group, largely funded by Guggenheim Capital chief executive officer Mark Walter, agreed to purchase the Dodgers, Dodger Stadium and a 50 percent stake in the parking lots surrounding the ballpark from McCourt for $2.15 billion.

After Frank pays off his ex-wife $131 million and some $579 million in debt, he will taken in over $1.5 billion dollars. On top of that he gets to buy the half the parking area of Dodger Stadium and surrounding area for $150 million dollars.

I got to buy me a team!!

Til Next Time


PS. Tebow didn't actually Tebow for me

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