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It’s another Fantastic Friday and one wonders what dirt/charges/lawsuit/arrest/smashed phone/police activity will be visited upon New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez today.  When a 1st round talent gets drafted in the 4th round, it is buyer beware.  The Patriots got a few controversy-free seasons from the young tight end, but now the smoke coming out of coach Bill Belichick’s ears are visible from miles away.  For the Patriots head coach/uber-executive, it must be particularly galling, as Hernandez has been productive and lauded as another example of the “Patriots Way” trumping a young kid with a bad attitude. Now...well, at least the NFL off-season is remaining interesting in New England.



I think its time for the Boston/New England area to embrace the Bad Boys Patriots.  Everyone else in the country hates the Patriots, are sick of the Red Sox, think the Celtics are an arrogant franchise, and thinks the Bruins are dirty (probably not on any of these other than the Patriots, but I’m running with it trying to make a point). I can finally understand the Oakland Raiders fan, whose team would “Just Win, Baby!” and embraced the outsider, the badness, the loner.  I embrace it now.  Don’t like the Patriots, so what? One of our tight end with shoot you if you mess with him. The other tight end will body-slam you. Our coach thinks he’s smarter than yours and wants you to know it. Our quarterback sleeps with the world’s greatest supermodel then goes out on Sunday and kicks your ass. Our defense coaching is so good that we just import all the players from Rutgers, not even a great college team. Our defensive tackle Vince Wilfork is 375 lbs of underhanded tricks in the trenches. Our All-Pro guard Logan Mankins is the meanest offensive lineman since Conrad Dobler and loves to maul defensive linemen.   Hate us? That’s fine. I finally embrace it.  We’ll be the heavy, the villain. It’s better than the alternative, which was an irrelevant franchise and laughingstock. Bring it on!



A frustrating experience watching the Bruins against the Blackhawks this Wednesday night as Chicago ran the Bruins off the ice.  More aggressive, more desire, more speed, and dictating the tempo of the game.  After the Bruins imposed their will on the Blackhawks Monday night with a 2-0 victory that had the fans ready to wrap up the series; however, the Blackhawks played their best game of the series on the road in game four and sent the series back to Chicago with a chance to grab control of the series.


The Bruins seemed to lose their defensive intensity and let Chicago turn the Boston Garden ice into a track meet as the teams flew up and down toward each other’s goals with reckless abandon. Chicago came ready to keep themselves out of a 3-1 hole and succeeded with an impressive offensive display.  While the Bruins kept fighting back to get back in the game, the Blackhawks just kept coming like the Energizer Bunny crashing the net and finally taking the game in overtime.  Now with the series deadlocked at two, it becomes a best of three for the Cup and it’s officially everyone’s game.



The Boston Red Sox have found themselves in a strange situation as the Bruins (Stanley Cup Championship), Celtics (Doc Rivers doing the Clash--”Shall I Stay or Should I go?”), and Patriots (Aaron Hernandez, Gronk surgery, mini-camp) have dominated the sports pages.  Here they are in first place in June and no one has noticed.  This is a team that many pundits picked to finish in last place again (I recall Frags shocking the world by picking them to finish 3rd this season making his predictions on the Gab earlier) and yet they keep chugging along in first place with a solid bullpen, two good starters, and some likeable grinders and dirt dogs at the plate.


Amazingly, Boston has seemingly abandoned their Red Sox, once the biggest draw in town and unquestioned leader of the sports landscape.  On one hand, the Sox need to win back the fans they alienated last year by dumping manager Terry Francona, replacing him with the horrible Bobby Valentine, and finishing in last place with a horrible and hated team that had to be blown up. As the rest of the teams (other than the Yankees) have learned, its easy to lose a fan base and so much harder to bring them back.  Boston has the disadvantage of being so popular for so long that its easy for fans to give up the dream of sitting in traffic, paying astronomical sums to park, cram into a seat made for people half your size, and be surrounded by college kids and posers talking on their phones the entire game. As Yogi Berra famously said (about Toots Shor’s restaurant in the 1950s): “Nobody goes there anymore: it’s too crowded”.


I’d love to see the Sox stay in contention, and am kind of enjoying the underground, retro feel of rooting for a Red Sox squad that has no one at the water cooler at work shouting “Nomahhhh!” or “Mannnnny!”.  That said, it sure seems odd not having all-Red Sox all the time this season, but I cannot complain, because its so much better than last year (which could not get much worse!”).




Did anything happen in the NFL other than this bizarre, ongoing Aaron Hernandez saga in New England?  At this point, I want him behind bars just so I get a break from the news. Lock him up and throw away the keys already.




Free-agent veteran center Dan Koppen re-signed with Denver after starting 12 games for the Peyton Manning led ponies.  Koppen again replaces young J.D. Walton who had surgery on his ankle last week.  Koppen is 34, but having played his entire career with Tom Brady and Peyton Manning (Yes, Sully and OldHarry, I know he snapped one year to Matt Cassell, but all good Patriots fans block that season without Tom Brady out of their collective consciousness), he gets another year with a future Hall of Famer.  His career seemed over when New England released him after training camp last season after he missed most of 2011 due to injury; however, Walton’s injury opened up an opportunity.  Unsigned this off-season, Walton again opened the door for Koppen.




I saw that the Philadelphia Eagles moved their training camp from Lehigh University to their stadium at the Linc (Lincoln Financial Field). It’s sad when teams move away from a local university and one last link to tradition is lost.  That said, the Philadelphia Daily News said the Eagles have distributed 130,000 free tickets to those practices.  How much do you want to bet that they sell a lot of concessions?  25,000 fans for practice? That’s amazing.  Add in the cost of a hot dog or two, a couple bottles of water, and the Eagles are looking smart.  Free parking, free tickets (no beer? BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!) and marked-up water should be enough for the Eagles to get some good, positive publicity and make some new, young fans.




No area of the country supports and loves their team like Green Bay (I would say the Redskins are pretty close 2nd, and Kansas City keeps loving their losers), but the Packers have been trying to get a consistent running game going since 2009.  With two rookies onboard via the draft, the Packers are hoping to get some pressure off of star quarterback Aaron Rodgers and exploit the teams playing nickel defense on first and second down.  


The Packers have invested...well, nothing...in their running backs the past few seasons.  With their fantastic passing game, they have been still able to move the ball, but were lacking with any kind of balance, and that has eventually hurt them, as good defenses will eventually shut down a one-dimensional offense.  


Eddie Lacy was a second round pick out of Alabama who was very productive in his college career.  Green Bay also doubled-up at running back by grabbing Johnathan (stop it auto-correct, that’s how he spells his name) Franklin out of UCLA.  Lacey is big, low to the ground back built like Maurice Jones-Drew.  He has power, yes, but he perfected the spin move in college, and is also very quick for a heavy back.  Franklin is under six feet tall like Lacy, but about 40 lbs lighter than him.  He is speedy and elusive and has experience as a receiving back in college.  As a one-two punch, the Packers may have hit the jackpot this off-season. With a strong running game to support their aerial attack, the Pack could be back in a big way.




News came out about Penn State and former New England Patriots Offensive Coordinator Bill O’Brien’s new contract.  Well, the news came out because they posted the contract online. In addition to a raise and a percentage of the school’s Nike endorsement money, there was information on the buyout clause on the deal that is restrictive to jump to another University job.  What made news was that there was a different, more cost friendly buyout to move to the NFL.  The news is good if an NFL team finds themselves looking for a creative, offensive mind who has already weathered a colossal storm (following legend Joe P. in Penn State in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal), it’s hard not to look at O’Brien this off-season.


* * *


OK, it’s Friday, which means the weekend is coming.  Today is the summer solstice, so get out and enjoy the first day of Summer!  The day is also the 16th Anniversary of the day my lovely wife put aside her common sense and said “she does”.  Not sure why she did, but she’s stuck with me now. All these years and she still puts up with me...what a woman.


Have a great weekend, all!

Harry goes toe to toe or 181.4 lbs
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Harry goes toe to toe on the health insurance provider

Or 181.4 lbs.

Beeze and Mo started this week with true feelings and not much sports.....I'm inspired by the real people here at the Gab and it led to this kind of touchy feely true life encounter


Thank God I’m married to my super model wife

who keeps me in check and loves me in spite of my

…..Let’s call them weaknesses.

I had to go to my primary care Dr. this week to update my skin allergy meds.

My primary recently left one group practice and joined another. The former practice was not at all happy with his leaving and tried to get the Harry’s to stay.

We’ve had the same doctor for 22 years and short of rambling cross country we were not changing.

My first visit since the move, the nice lady at the desk took my info and then made a call and then put me in a phone confrontation with a condescending individual at the insurance provider

We debated over who was my listed Primary care Doc. They had some schmuck named Dr Vinny Boombarts from the old practice listed. I tell ya I get no respect.

I let them know that I HAVE NOT CHANGED DOCTORS IN 22 YEARS. And I don’t know who this guy is and I certainly DID NOT sign up with him.

I guess I made the room, occupied by about a dozen nice calm people waiting their turn for medical attention, a little uneasy to say the least…

 I started to wind up for another verbal swing on the person at the insurance provider...  when...

The beautiful and always in control of her emotions in any situation, Mrs Harry walked to me and put her hand on my shoulder and said

 “Jail really sucks this time of year babe, your scaring these nice people, please calm down and give me the phone please, I’ll get it straight”


With my blood pressure thru the roof and the oldharry Irish rage lurking dangerously just below the surface,

I complied. I tried to say, “I’m stepping outside for a minute” but was told later it sounded more like

“ IMSTeppinout--------sighairlingus ut”

After a five minute power walk around the parking lot, I stepped back in. My dear wife said, “all set! Just sit down and the Doc will see you in a minute”.

I don’t know how she stays so calm and in control in the face of stupidity but she does…she even passes on road rage…makes up excuses for the idiots that should have stayed off the road today...that must be why we were a match made in heaven.


Here is the lovely Mrs harry and I with son's number 3 and 4 at a wedding a couple of weeks back


and no gabbers, she’s not my daughter!

Although my daughter does resemble the mrs. All the kids favor mom with brains and looks and of course have been gifted with my…let’s call them my intensity and temperament.


Now the other part of the Dr. visit that was a little troubling was when the nice nurse inside said,

Mr H, can you step on the scales for me please?

Oh no I thought, not the scales.    (

I said "no need to waste the time miss, I’m 5’8” 165."


She said,” but I have to, please?”

So I did, stepped right up bravely as can be and looked at the digital readout on the

60" Office jumbo tron…181.4 lbs

“I think that’s a little high” I said.

“The Dr can recommend a little diet” she smartly said in reply

Mrs Harry laughed...

“Thanks” under my breath wiseass…” I said, no need.”


Ok, 181 to a lot of you gabbers probably doesn’t seem like much of a problem…

The last time I weighed 181 was 27 years ago on my and Mrs Harry’s wedding day.

You all remember 1986 right, the year the Red Sox lost the World Series…Buckner… the year the Bruins lost in the Stanley Cup finals, the year the Bears smoked the Patriots in the Super Bowl 460-10 and the year Larry Bird led the Celtics NBA championship banner #16

yeah then...I weighed 181 or so


When me and the misses met a couple years earlier I was a stealth 160 lbs of framers muscles, hard and tight.

By the time we got married I had bulked up from living the good life, no more framing, just running the crews from my phone, office or truck.

Eating her cooking along with lobster and drinking cognac was a regular thing…it was the eighty’s and I had plenty of money and free time and 181.4 pounds of bulk covering those rock hard abs.

Today it’s different, 27 years later and a weight that has mainly hovered around 170 throughout the Patriots Dynasty with a decent physique for a man my age. sorry no pic!

My wife came out with this on the way home” Hmm, 181.4 it says here…but don’t worry about it harry, it’s not as bad as you think, it’s partly the prednisone and partly your age!”

“Besides you weighed that when I married you remember?”

“I remember” Said I.

She added, “ but it was a lot more fun eating and drinking your way to 181.4 back then wasn't it?

My age!…I humbly responded, “I guess I need to clean up the weight bench and elliptical and get to work…or, or maybe I could just get some bigger shirts!”

thanks for reading and thanks for your comments

and go Bruins!

Hal B's Fantastic Friday Sports Spectacular
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Happy Friday everyone! (unless you work weekends, then it’s a Monday or something for you and you hate these “Happy Friday” jerks like me and you have good reason to be grumpy). Wait, I have to work on Saturday? Anyway, there was another fun week of sports with lots of topics to touch on today.  Yes, this is a Sports Spectacular, not an extravaganza anymore.: I realized I was flunking alliteration and needed to get it straightened out.  OK, enough blather about nonsensical and onto the sports:


The NHL Stanley Cup Championship Finals kicked off in style with a triple-overtime thriller in Chicago where the Blackhawks gutted out  a 4-3 victory over the Boston Bruins.  Both teams showed their grit and determination in game one Wednesday night and Thursday morning.  The Bruins looked like they would continue their domination of their opponents by jumping out to 2-0 and 3-1 leads; however, unlike against Pittsburgh and New York where the imposing black and gold defense locked down the opposition, Chicago stormed back on their home ice.


The Blackhawks scored quickly to cut the deficit to 3-2 after Bruins rookie defenseman Torey Krug made a terrible pass out of his own end and right onto the stick of the Blackhawks at the blue line and Dave Bolland netted it to cut it to one.  Boom. The light was lit and Chicago had a skip in their stride as they attacked Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask with a bombardment of shots.


They finally broke through to tie the game with Chicago’s Johnny Oduya converting on a strange bouncer, as this time the puck deflected past Rask off the skate of defenseman Andrew Ference who was defending against the attacker behind the net with his back to the shooter. Suddenly in less than 5 minutes the match was tied and soon into overtime.


The Bruins brought the energy to the first overtime, generating some great scoring chances but not getting the puck past goalie Corey Crawford who was strong in goal in the extra period.  By the second overtime, the Bruins had lost their mojo and looked like a team of “Jaromir Jagr”’s, slow and plodding as the Blackhawks skated circles around them.  With first line playoff star Nathan Horton (upper body injury) in the training room, the Bruins constant offensive pressure of the first overtime was gone, and they hung on as goalie Tuukka Rask tried to keep them in the game.


Chicago finally broke through after almost completing an entire extra game as Michal Rozsival’s shot was deflected twice as it worked its way past Rask and ended the marathon game one.  


The Blackhawks are a strong team, with some really creative and explosive players who can move the puck and put pressure on the defense.  For the Bruins, it has to take some wind out of their sails after having been on a great roll since their game seven comeback in the first round of the playoffs against Toronto. Playing over 110 minutes and still losing has to hurt, and it will be interesting to see how the Black and Gold respond to this adversity.


The Bruins had this game in the bag, as a two goal lead should be an automatic win at this juncture of the season.  Much credit goes to Chicago, as the Blackhawks ramped up the pressure and goalie Corey Crawford made a number of great saves to give his team a chance to to win.  I may not want to stay up to 1:00 AM every game, but if game one is a preview of the series to be, it is gonna be a heck of a ride!



Word association time as the NBA season grinds to its end with the Heat and Spurs locked in combat for the NBA Championship:


  • The Heat: annoying


  • LeBron James: flip-flop flippity flop flop


  • Ray Allen: Traitor!


  • Tim Duncan and the Spurs: class act


and one for the Boston locals:


  • Doc Rivers: say it ain’t so! Baby, come home. Don’t hurt the ones you love.



Chad Johnson amazingly found the spotlight yet again outside of the gridiron. In court for a plea deal to get out of jail time for a violation of his probation after his domestic violence case involving his headline loving ex-wife (and reality television “star”).  The player formerly known as Ocho-Cinco slapped his lawyer on the rear end playfully and got smacked down by the judge as she put him in jail for 30 days. So now the failure that was an overpaid wash out in New England, Ocho-stinko, is now Ocho-Clinko.  The worst part of being in jail 30 days for Johnson is that if someone tosses him the soap in the shower, based on his play in New England, he’s gonna drop it.  



OK, now that two years of pent-up frustration (due to overpaying and dealing with a bozo, overpaid, self-promoting wide receiver who could not get on the right page in the offense with one of the greatest quarterbacks of the modern NFL) is out,  we’re focusing on keeping it classy the rest of the way with the NFL Notes:



Tim Tebow, Tim Tebow, Tim Tebow.  There. That’s more than enough Tebow talk for me.  The battle for the 53rd spot on the roster and right to be one of the seven inactives each Sunday has never been so thrilling.  


In my opinion, Tebow is at his best a back-up quarterback who should be kept in glass with a “Break in Case of Emergency Only”.  No team can afford to develop him at another position without an NFL Europe to send him out to for learning and seasoning. Also, any situation with a shaky starter in place can fracture the team.  New England is a fit for him this camp, because he has no chance of starting (Tom Brady) and equally has no chance to be the number two quarterback (Ryan Mallett).  After thinking about it, and the fact he has a two year contract, Tebow is likely to spend the season on the Patriots “veteran practice squad”, which is injured reserve.  A tweaked hamstring or “concussion” is often enough to shut a player down for the year and another look after a season of working out, learning the playbook, and being coached up.




One story that was lost in the Tim Tebow news cycle was former New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker sounding off in Denver about “finally being able to be himself” now that he’s out of the Foxboro Gulag. It seems almost silly that a 32 year old man has to go out of his way to complain about the repression of the multi-millionaire Proletariat by the repressive Bourgeois in New England. Sorry, Wes, but I get paid a whole heck of a lot less (see: a pinch higher than zero) than Welker earned in his worst year, and you should be subjected to the restrictive privacy policy and non-disclosure junk I have to wade through each year as a government employee.  Shut up and play football. Just because the coach say you can talk, don’t waste anyone’s time by whining.




St Louis Rams fans have to be in a tough spot.  They must wonder what in the world their management staff had to be thinking when they kept quarterback Sam Bradford and traded Washington the pick that turned out to be Robert Griffin III.  Bradford is back for year three in St Louis without a lot of progression towards becoming a star, and having watched RGIII lead his team to the playoffs as a rookie and revitalize an entire franchise in just one year, panic must be setting in. This is a big year for Bradford and the Rams, as they do not want to find themselves in the position of the franchises who passed on Dan Marino in the 1983 NFL Draft and suffer a decade plus of regret.




San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh, spent part of this week smack talking like he was the illegitimate son of Buddy Ryan, making news by noting division rival, the Pete “pumped and jacked” Carroll led Seattle Seahawks, are currently leading the league...

in PED suspensions.

Coaches commenting on other teams is usually not something going on in the NFL, but the Harbaugh’s are part of the young, brash coaches who talk big and then back it up.  There’s n problem with anyone talking trash, but backing it up is important. When the Jets beat the Patriots in the playoffs, the Patriots had no choice but to take the heat.  Seattle fans may not like to hear about it, but this has the makings of a heck of a rivalry this fall.  Both teams have creative coaches, fantastic young quarterbacks, strong and aggressive defenses, and loads of big play talent on offense. The teams meet in week two, and this could be a rivalry for the NFL to spotlight for years to come.




Some running backs are on the move, as former New York Giants bruiser Ahmad Bradshaw landed in Indianapolis on a one-year deal.  One of the “old breed” running backs, Bradshaw chews up yards and linebackers while trying to play through the foot injuries he has had and the bumps and bruises of his pad-lowering power running style. An underrated performer in New York, some dings and bruises last year hurt his value this off-season and the Colts got a true feature back who, when able to play, will make young Andrew Luck better just by keeping linebackers close to the line of scrimmage and safeties up in the box.




The Denver Broncos decided to release feature back Willis McGahee and give the ball to 2nd round pick Montee Ball, from Wisconsin. Ball the Bruising Badger must have put on a heck of a show in OTAs as McGahee, who missed the voluntary workouts for personal reasons, never got on the field to show he was healed from last season’s knee injury that left the Broncos vulnerable in the post-season with only third-down back Ronnie Hillman and the completely useless Knowshon Moreno to try and keep defenses honest.  The pressure is on Ball to step up and contribute immediately, as Denver is not going to scare any linebackers with Hillman or Moreno in the backfield.




Interesting tidbit (I found it at Mike Florio’s NBC site ProFootballTalk) about the Buffalo Bills and high price free agent defensive lineman Mario Williams.  Williams mentioned to Buffalo News writer Tim Graham that Mike Pettine, the defensive coordinator in the great white north of New York, usually says “Kill ‘em or hurt ‘em”.  Florio mentions it as part of the post-BountyGate NFL frowning upon these statements, but not really dishing any discipline.  So the defense is trying to “kill the quarterback”?  Shocking. Of course, from what I saw of Williams in his in initial season in Buffalo, he’d best concentrate on getting near the quarterback on the field, and not talking about it on the sidelines.


* * *


OK, that’s all for now. Thanks as always for checking-in, and let’s kick-off a great weekend!

Monday Moaning 6-10-13
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WHY? WHY!?! WHY is she never on my flight!?!

Okay, to be honest, it's not like I really travel much...To let you people behind the mask a bit, I haven't been on a plane since I was 20 years old, and then I was in an alcohol induced coma...Both ways....Shit, I don't remember much of the trip because of all the drinking I did...And if you were to get me on a plane now, you'd either need lots of alcohol, or her!

So, I'm not gonna lie to ya, I don't have much sports to give ya...The week was crazy with running practices for Little Beeze's baseball team, and on the opposite days, my oldest daughter had softball games...Not easy to watch, and give her pointers, with 2 year old Molly wanting to go back to the playground...All week was a constant rush...

Wednesday was the kids last day of school for the year...The boy who was about a half a year behind his class when starting school this year, caught up, and exceeded the goals set for him by his teacher...Wednesday he received the President's Achievement Award...He did awesome! We're very proud...Our oldest slowly declined in her school work, getting more of a social life, and being a bit boy crazy...She did well, but she can do better...We're proud of her, but she got a talk about needing to do better...Now paying for Catholic School, I have become my Father...I always said I wouldn't get upset about my kids grades, or a bad progress report, the way my parents did...Now I do, and I understand why...I wasn't as harsh about it, but I made my point clear...

She did get a Music Award, Band Award, Accelerated Reader Award, Citizenship Award, and Day Dreamer Award...Still not sure how good that one is? The boy also got a Top Mass Participant Award, Good Friend Award, and Clean Desk Award, which got him in trouble since his room and little man cave are a fucking mess!

They had a good year, and they already have assignments that they have to have done for the first day next year...

Friday, the wife went out with a couple friends after work...Not bad, except besides staying home with my kids, her one friend dropped her 4 and 1 year olds off here...The kids are great with the 4 year old, which is good, because she tried testing me a couple times, and didn't like me saying no...So she went off with them in the playroom...The little guy hung with me and Molls...Which got interesting as she got a bit territorial...

The gals came back, had another glass of wine, or two and bs'ed...Which just made things crazier, because all the kids wanted to be around them, make noise, and spill shit...And I just wanted to watch the Bruins beat the Penguins....Which they did, and they'll be facing Chicago in the Stanley Cup Finals...I'll take the Bruins in 6...The Blackhawks are really good, but the Bruins have been playing flawless hockey, especially their goalie Tuuka Rask...They just look too strong right now...

Finally, people left, kids got to sleep, and a boozy Mrs. Beeze was feeling frisky...Ahhhh, it was all worth it!

Saturday morning Little Beeze and I went to the field for a two hour practice with our team...It stretched into almost 3 hours as I worked a little more with kids on their hitting, so they all wanted a turn...Then we had to clean up, and rush to a birthday party foe one of his classmates...We got home, and I just wanted to sleep...I took a nap for an hour, until Molly woke me up...We played a bit, then I started dinner...Totally forgetting the Belmont Stakes was about to take off...My oldest daughter reminded me...We rushed to the TV just in time to see the start...We did bet on this one, but I would have put my money on Revolutionary...I would have lost, as he came in 5th...It was 15-1 Palace Malice who won...Preakness winner, Oxbow finished second, and Derby winner, Orb came from the back of the pack to finish third...

Sunday was all about the kids...My wife took our oldest to see Raiders of the Lost Ark on the big screen...There is a local theater doing big time 80's movies every weekend, and that was one of the wife's favorites...I took Molls, and the boy to one of our favorite parks...They had a blast, as usual...

Loves her swings....

She also loves digging in the sand, that was a little damp...

Later on at home she found an ant hill in a crack in the sidewalk...Her brother dumped water on them, wanting to prevent them from getting in our house...After he went inside, she kept taking little cups of sand from her sand table, and was "Feeding them"...Here she is running back from "feeding them"...



And running....I need to find a way to bottle up that energy and store it...For myself, so I can keep up with these kids...This week will be crazy again...Both kids have 2 games and one practice...My oldest is also at Honor Band for a few hours Monday through Saturday mornings, with a concert Saturday night...The wife and I are going to see Bill Burr Friday night...And I'll be working Sunday, besides my Mon-Fri...So if anyone wants to cover for me next Monday, just let me know, I may be feeling lazy...

I know this is light on sports, but I'm kind of, totally wrapped up in my kids...Here's a couple quick local stories...Indians closer, Chris Perez and his wife got busted for having weed mailed to their home, in their dogs name...Are you surprised...I'm not...The guy looks like he'd be up for a party...And his now deleted Twitter account showed he was often a dope! You are what you smoke?

Browns WR, Josh Gordon got suspended for breaking the NFL drug policy...It should be interesting to see how this plays out, since Gordon is saying he failed the test because of a Codeine cough syrup he was prescribed when he had Strep...If his story is true, the NFL is going way too far...If his story is bullshit, I won't be surprised...Honestly, pro athletes being dopes, never surprises me anymore...

Have a week....

The Beeze.

It's Yesterday Once More?
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We know who's playing for the Stanley Cup. What do we know about them? Well, they're Original Six stock. They haven't played each other in the playoffs for decades on end. They hardly see one another during the regular season anymore. The last time the two teams met for what was clearly the Cup (back in the days when the Western Division was AHL material) Boston won 4-0 and held Bobby Hull without a shot on goal. But these are different teams.

How good are they?

The mystery team that started hot and slid into mediocrity during the short regular season, then fell asleep at the switch after building a 3-1 series lead on Toronto and didn't wake up until they trailed game seven by three goals with ten minutes to go has now won not only that game but eight out of the next nine. And that's against the New York Rangers, who bested the Bruins during the regular season and featured the goalie who couldn't be beaten, and the Pittsburgh Penguins, who won the East going away and had the team that couldn't be beaten. Plus home ice.

It has cost the Rangers' coach his job. No one will be surprised if the same thing happens in Pittsburgh. What these two Queen of De Nile organizations, Pittsburgh in particular, can't seem to fathom is that they were clearly beaten by a better hockey T-E-A-M, just one season removed from its last Stanley Cup. All the talk is about how they beat themselves, how this star or that star didn't bail them out. That should be red flag #1 for why they lost.

Boston, meanwhile, has not only swept Pittsburgh out of the Cup race but held them to two (2) goals in four (4) games. It's thought an impossible accomplishment for anybody --- not, apparently, for these guys.

What a run so far. They overcame a 3-goal deficit with their backs to the wall in ten minutes. They poured goals past New York's brick wall. Their 4th-line center played a full minute of a successful penalty kill with a broken leg. Their rookie defenseman had his face split open and was right back in, looking like Frankenstein, making Orr-like rushes at the net. Patrice Bergeron's nose sports a scar that never goes away. They turned Crosby into a points no-show and did the same to Malkin. Just like they did to Bobby Hull when they shocked the hockey world 43 years ago by sweeping the Black Hawks out of the playoffs en route to the Cup.

Then there's Chicago. They had a bit of a slowdown toward the end of the regular season, but it was a slowdown from a record-setting pace. The President's Trophy winners won the West by a wide margin and have earned home ice. Their last cup is just one year older than Boston's, and despite a widely publicized team teardown after the season, they have rebuilt successfully around their core and are back again, strong as ever.

The Hawks' big test came against old rival Detroit, who pulled ahead 3-1 and looked to be the class of the conference. Somehow Chicago fought back. It was a brilliant effort, and propelled them into the conference finals like a slingshot. LA, the defending champ, was tested by the Sharks but came back to win. It should have given them a lift going into Chicago.

Instead they were caught in a buzz saw. Quick wasn't. Neither were his teammates, who seemed to have the best seats in the house. By the time they left for LA down 0-2, the moment seemed to have passed them by. A game 3 victory and a lead in game 4 seemed to ensure that they were back on track for the finals. But Chicago dominated the third period of that game, and in the fifth contest at Chicago, Quick melted down early. The Kings still came back to force overtime, but lost the slugging match between two exhausted teams in OT #2. The end result? A 4-1 ousting at the hands of the Black Hawks.

The Bruins will probably be underdogs again, and why not? Many thought the Rangers, despite their lower seed, would prevail. Everyone thought Pittsburgh would. To have a chance versus Chicago, the Bruins will again have to be at the top of their game. They weren't that way for two-and-five-sixths games straight against Toronto, when Claude Julien was reduced to conjuring Robert Louis Stevenson characters.

But chances are they will be. As the conference trophy was presented to them, the Bruins, led by Chara, stood around it for a team photo but nobody touched it. The crowd chanted 'we want the Cup!' It seems the Bruins want it too, and nothing less. And Chicago gives no indication that they want it less than that. Their tireless skating wore down every western foe.

It has been a quarterfinal series featuring the last four Cup winners. That doesn't happen often. Sweeps were not anticipated, but we got one and nearly got another.

So there's not much question about who belongs in the finals. Both teams got there. There are questions galore about who gets out with the Cup.

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