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Shorty and the Rambler
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Welcome to this edition of the world according to… oldharry here with my faithful talented and opinionated sidekick. Some of you know shorty, who uses parody, sarcasm, innuendo, insult and pain to nail the heads of his adversaries to the floor.


Let’s get one thing straight, the rumors circulating that say oldharry was holed up at the Tavern for the better part of two years pacing and ranting that it was Josephine’s fault or it was France’s fault are somewhat exaggerated…just happened to be checking in and looking for my car keys…to the Rambler Classic, she just won’t start without the keys, when Mo ventured in…a total coincidence I’ve been assured…and as for the

 hors d’oevres ?… perhaps another time


I’m excited to be filling in at the Gab from one of the catbird seats at the end of the bar at Mo’s.          

 No, it’s not the Bandits ergonomically correct high back leather stool.


Anyway, it’s a real honor…I don’t need an actual seat, as many of you know, ole shorty serves the purpose quite well.

 where are the snacks? chex mix is not a snack!   

It’s been a while since shorty has been seen at the Gab but he’s kept himself busy pursuing his own interests…

He worked as a diet guru after being asked to leave the Tavern with some nice gentlemen dressed in blue a couple of years back. His Atty, Jackie Chiles Esquire was able to work out a plea agreement and keep shorty on the street with just a few hours of community service. Terms of the agreement forbid shorty from telling Irish or blond jokes in public.


This past weekend saw the NCAA get down to the final four…shorty finally got around to doing his brackets on Tuesday and has been remarkably accurate…picked the final four! Shorty’s predictions for the rest of the tournament : Michigan will play Syracuse and Wichita State will take on Louisville on Saturday in Atlanta


 Louisville and Michigan will square off in the finals and Michigan will take it by a score of 74-67

Prayers for Kevin Ware for a speedy and full recovery.


Major League Baseball season opened this week and fantasy baseball here at the Gab is in full swing as well,

Them Astros won the seasons first game with that AAA payroll. They looked like a triple A team vs Darvish in the second game.


Right now every team has at least an outside shot of winning it all

my Red Sox are two and oh.

Their are a few teams that are still trying the old George Steinbrenner method of buying a championship.

The most “brennerized” teams are:


#1 New York Yankees    $ 228,835,000.00

#2 L A Dodgers              $ 216,597,000.00

#3 Phila Phillies              $ 165,385,000.00

#4 Bostahn Red Sox        $ 150,655,000.00

#5 Detroit Tigers             $ 148,414,000.00

And last and least, Houston Astros  $ 23,000.000

I guess now is when I throw out my MLB predictions,

Atlanta will beat Detroit 4 games to 3 in the World Series  some time in early November


Shorty is all about being = and doesn’t want the ankle bracelet back on so

This is:

A Brunette joke.


A young and beautiful brunette walks into her doctors office,

and says, “ doctor you have to help me, my body hurts wherever I touch it”

“That’s strange and highly unlikely, show me” . he says

At that she poked herself on the elbow and screams in agony, pokes her knee and doubles over in pain, touches her forehead and screams out again…

The doctor looks her in the eye and says, “you’re not really a brunette are you?

Between tears she says,” no I’m really a blond”.

The doctor says, “I thought so…and… your finger is broken”



NHL, the Boston Bruins traded prospects and a conditional 2nd round pick for Jaromir Jagr to beef up their struggling power play, how much the 41year old Jagr has left in the tank remains to be seen but it can’t hurt the Bruins with the small price they paid.

Jagr has been in the NHL longer than teammates Dougie Hamilton age 19 and Tyler Seguin age 21 have been alive.


The question most of us Boston guys have though is, what will Mumbles Menino, our out going Mayor, call Jaromir if the B’s win the cup.

One of my sons says Mumbles will refer to him as Mick Jagger.


With Crosby out the Penguins aren’t as strong but as we know, read NJ Devils, anything can happen in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. If you’re in you can win. The Blackhawks and Montreal will both be in the mix.


In the

NFL, the SF 49ers have signed  corner Nnamdi Asomugha for about 3 million to help or hope to shore up the secondary, also sent a late round draft pick to Cleveland for perennial back up QB Colt McCoy


And speaking of Irishmen…


There was this Irishman named O’Brien, he walked into a Boston Tavern.
The Bartender say’s to O’Brien, “what can I get you” O’Brien says,” get me three shots of your finest Irish whiskey my friend” and the bartender does.

Every day O’Brien does the same thing and after about a week the bartender says, “O’Brien, wouldn’t it be easier if I put all three shots in one glass?”

O’Brien replies, “not really, you see I have two dear brothers back in Ireland, Kevin and Timmy and whenever I’m in a bar or tavern, to remember the times when we were together, I order a shot for each of us.

A couple of weeks later O’Brien comes to the bar and orders just two shots of whiskey, the bartender, concerned that something has happened to one of O’Brien’s brothers says, “ O’Brien my friend, is everything alright back home with your brothers?” O’Brien says, “their is no problem at all, my brothers are just fine, it’s that I’ve decided it’s time I stop drinking”

I just got the Rambler back from the body shop,

You gotta admit…she’s a real lady!


Thanks for the visit and the comments.


Hey…that’s my buddy Lanz over there…and he’s talking sports ----------->

Talking Sports
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Another week has gone by but what a bust sports week. MLB has started and we have a final 4 as well, of course the NHL trade deadline has came and gone.


Tuesday night I was watching the dodgers play the Giants and heard for the first time in a very long time the tones of Vin Scully doing the game. Vin doing the game alone as he has done for many years but he is still a great artist when he calls a baseball game , you can see what’s happening but he still paints an eloquent picture as he describes the action in a sort of cadence that many of today’s play by play guys lack. Yeah his voice seems a bit older and a bit more tired but he still is as sharp as a tack and does a great job.

Yu Davirish almost gets a perfect game right out of the gate against the Houston Astro’s. It was spoiled in the 9th with 2 away. The Rangers combined for 43 strikeouts in the three game set with Houston to set a new major league mark for most strikeouts in the first three games. That is with a big Astro in on Sunday.

Meanwhile Jackie Bradley JR. made his MLB debut on Monday with three walks and a stolen base. Last night Bradley got his first major league hit knocking in a run andscoring a pair as. The Red Sox start the season 2-0 in the Bronx. Don’t worry all you Red Sox and  Yankee haters they will finish out of the mix.


NHL Update

trades found on NHL.com but the opinions are mine.

The trading deadline has come and gone and a few guys were on the move.

Jaromir Jagr will wear Black and Gold again but this time not as a Penguin as a Bruins maybe the 41 year old will give the bruins the scoring punch they need. The Bruins also got Wade Redden from the players for a 7th rounder. The Blues getting Jay Bouweester from Calgary who I thought the Bruins would go after to help out  Zdeno Chara. The Blues also got Jordan Leopold from the Sabres.

The biggest deal of the day was Gaborik to Columbus as the Rangers dealt him with a pair of defenseman  Steve Deleslie and Blake Parlet for John Moore and a couple of Dereks. Derek Dorsett and Derick Brassard. This was probably the biggest deal of the day. Trading a consistent 40 game scorer.

Minnesota got  Jason Pommeville from Buffalo and in return the Sabres got John Larsson and Goalie Matt Hackett and a draft pick a 4th rounder.

There were a bunch of moves beside Minnesota involving goalies as well. Philly and Columbus traded Netminders as Mike Leighton will be a Blue jacket and George Mason becomes a Flyer. Meanwhile the Senators traded Goalie Ben Bishop to the Bolts for Cory Conacher. There were abunch of other moves as e=verybody is trying to fill a need andf ramp up for the playoffs as always a pretty active past couple days for deals.

Final Four

You know who they are. Michigan(Go Blue) Syracuse, Louisville and Marquette.

LIL Warrior Update

The boys finished the regular season with a win of Nashua Friday Night finishing 18-6-3. It was a chippy game the boys had a 5-0 lead and Nashua battled back to 6-3. lil Lanz got beat playing defense for one of the Nashua goals. The boys played the first round of the playoffs last night had a 3-0 lead and let  their opponents back into the game hey tied it at 3 and the boys got a pair of goals late and took the first round 5-3. They will play Saturday a win there they will play for a league Championship on Sunday.


That’s all folks ==

Ouch! That'll Hurt the Ole Pride!
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If losing a shootout to rival Montreal wasn't bad enough...Then Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask a bit of a tantrum, that got embarrassing quick...

I hope the only thing he hurt was his pride!


Anybody here wanna buy my nuts?
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This year’s playoffs have been an eye opener for some teams.  Torts said it best, “the first round is often the hardest.”  With the first round of the 2011-12 playoffs in the books, we have seen the last 4 Stanley Cup winners eliminated.  Boston, Chicago, Detroit and Pittsburgh have all been eliminated.  Boston and Washington played the lowest scoring series in playoff history, and the Chicago/Phoenix series had 5 consecutive OT games.  Pittsburgh and Philadelphia had one of the highest scoring series in recent history, and there were times when I thought that the teams should just hang a frying pan with a team logo on it off of the cross bar; it might have stopped more shots than Fleury or Bryzgalov.  New Jersey needed 2 overtimes in a game 7 to get past Florida, and Vancouver surprised me and actually won a game against Los Angeles.  I was confident when I told Sully that LA would sweep Vancouver.  Los Angeles has some key pieces in place for a strong few years, including Quick, Brown, Richards and Doughty.  They are going to be a threat for a few more years yet.

As a Boston fan, I could sit here and complain that the OT winner could have been called off for goalie interference, but that isn’t the point.  Boston did not play their best hockey against the Capitals.  Dale Hunter and the Capitals played well enough to a earn a first round win over the Boston Bruins.  Did I hear correctly when he told his players to skate away and not get involved in the skirmishes after the whistle?  Dale Hunter said that?  This Dale Hunter?

As a hockey fan, we shouldn’t really be too surprised.  After all, since Dale and Mark Hunter purchased the OHL London Knights in 2000, Dale Hunter has coached them to division titles in 03-04, 04-05, 05-06, 06-07, 08-09, and 09-10.  In the 2003-04 season, Dale Hunter coached the Knights to an OHL record 31 consecutive wins, going 29-0-2.  In London, Dale Hunter has coached John Taveres, Michael Del Zotto, Rick Nash and Corey Perry to name a few.  Dale Hunter can coach, that has been proven at the OHL level.  Now, George McPhee needs to give Hunter a full season as coach to really put his fingerprints on this team.

Joel Ward, who scored the OT winner in game 7 for the Capitals, has been the subject of numerous racial taunts and slurs over the past couple of days from disgruntled and ignorant Bruins fans.  As a Bruins fan, I am embarrassed by the actions of the few.  Shortly after the Capitals victory, a pathetic group of Bruins fans had taken to the social media platforms that are available, and began lobbing racial slurs towards Joel Ward.  Fans that take to social media or other public platforms just to display their ignorance are a disgrace.  Boston, as an original 6 team, has had its share of history and milestones.

Willie O’Ree broke the colour barrier in the NHL, and was the first black player in the NHL.  O’Ree has a display in the Sports Museum of New England, which is located in the TD Garden.  O’Ree is also a member of the New Brunswick Hall of Fame, and has been honoured with the Order of New Brunswick and the Order of Canada.  Boston fans that are making their dislike of Ward public are basically pissing on some of the Boston Bruins history.  

Little tidbit of info for everyone…if you are reading this and are thinking to yourself that words like colour, honoured, and neighbour are spelled incorrectly, just try to remember that some words are spelled differently in Canada.  I’m getting pissed with these red squiggly lines.

Hotchnuts had a chance to go and see one of my favourite (fuck you red squiggly line…) bands, Nashville Pussy.  Wow.  It was a great show, except for too many tequila shots.

Hell yeah, alright, keep on fucking, we’ll be too tired to fight.

Time for your Jordan Carver yoga pose of the week.

Thanks for stopping by.


Monday Moaning 4-23-12
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Here we are, another Monday...And this Monday, that Rangers fan above, and I will be rooting hard for our Rangers to reach down, grab themselves by their balls, and start scoring some goals...Otherwise, this great season they have had, will be a big fucking waste...

This week I've got plenty of Hockey talk...The big topic that has been buzzing around hockey, has been the violence...It seems every hack out there has something to say about the violence/physical play, since the playoffs have started...

Columnists like USA Today's Christine Brennan, and some douche from Sports Illustrated have decided to take on the physical play, and condemn the NHL for it...Why? Because these assholes haven't watched Hockey all year, but now that the playoffs have gotten some big TV ratings, so these dopes tine in, and get all upset when they see the gloves dropped a few times a game...

Listen you dolts, Hockey is a physical game, and sometimes the physical gets cranked up even more during the playoffs, when everything is on the line...But these hacks don't know that because all too often, they're writing little columns about golf, or tennis, or women's college basketball...Nothing against those sports...But they aren't hockey...And you don't pay attention to hockey...So don't jump in during the playoffs,and start pontificating...You're an asshole!

Now yes, not all the physical play is good...There are some guys who have shown a complete lack of respect on the ice...Number one right now is Raffi Torres, who took out Chicago's Marian Hossa this past week with an illegal hit to the head...And the NHL came down hard on him...

Some agree with this punishment, but there are many who feel it wasn't enough, considering Torees' long history of being an asshole...The worst part is at one time, Torres was a talented player with some real skill...Now, he's just an asshole!

One last bit of playoff hockey...Boston Bruins fans can't be happy with how their team has struggled with the Capitals...Well, I'll tell you who to blame...Tim Thomas...Call me superstitious, but any goalie who changes his pads right before the playoffs start, is asking for trouble...Yep, Tim Thomas switched his pads, and clearly signed a deal with Warrior to strap on their new goalie gear...It sounds crazy, but believe me, the B's are done.

Now for a bit of baseball...Indians closer Chris Perez was fined $750 and is the first victim of MLB's new social media policy, after he blasted off this tweet...

"Huge team win tonight, time for a sweep of the Royals. It's not 'Our Time,' it's TribeTime. P.S. You hit us, we hit you. Period."

This was after a heated exchange between the Indians and Royals...Sparked by Shin Soo Choo getting drilled for the 5th time of the short season...Choo already sensitive to the bean ball after it ended his season abruptly last year...

I'm annoyed that MLB is jumping on players tweets, and fining them chump change for it...I'm also annoyed that baseball has a problem with a player saying something, that we all know is true...It's just stupid...

I want to go on, but I need to sleep before my first day at the new gig, so that's it for now...Have a week...

Later, The Beeze.

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