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Monday Moaning 6-10-13
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WHY? WHY!?! WHY is she never on my flight!?!

Okay, to be honest, it's not like I really travel much...To let you people behind the mask a bit, I haven't been on a plane since I was 20 years old, and then I was in an alcohol induced coma...Both ways....Shit, I don't remember much of the trip because of all the drinking I did...And if you were to get me on a plane now, you'd either need lots of alcohol, or her!

So, I'm not gonna lie to ya, I don't have much sports to give ya...The week was crazy with running practices for Little Beeze's baseball team, and on the opposite days, my oldest daughter had softball games...Not easy to watch, and give her pointers, with 2 year old Molly wanting to go back to the playground...All week was a constant rush...

Wednesday was the kids last day of school for the year...The boy who was about a half a year behind his class when starting school this year, caught up, and exceeded the goals set for him by his teacher...Wednesday he received the President's Achievement Award...He did awesome! We're very proud...Our oldest slowly declined in her school work, getting more of a social life, and being a bit boy crazy...She did well, but she can do better...We're proud of her, but she got a talk about needing to do better...Now paying for Catholic School, I have become my Father...I always said I wouldn't get upset about my kids grades, or a bad progress report, the way my parents did...Now I do, and I understand why...I wasn't as harsh about it, but I made my point clear...

She did get a Music Award, Band Award, Accelerated Reader Award, Citizenship Award, and Day Dreamer Award...Still not sure how good that one is? The boy also got a Top Mass Participant Award, Good Friend Award, and Clean Desk Award, which got him in trouble since his room and little man cave are a fucking mess!

They had a good year, and they already have assignments that they have to have done for the first day next year...

Friday, the wife went out with a couple friends after work...Not bad, except besides staying home with my kids, her one friend dropped her 4 and 1 year olds off here...The kids are great with the 4 year old, which is good, because she tried testing me a couple times, and didn't like me saying no...So she went off with them in the playroom...The little guy hung with me and Molls...Which got interesting as she got a bit territorial...

The gals came back, had another glass of wine, or two and bs'ed...Which just made things crazier, because all the kids wanted to be around them, make noise, and spill shit...And I just wanted to watch the Bruins beat the Penguins....Which they did, and they'll be facing Chicago in the Stanley Cup Finals...I'll take the Bruins in 6...The Blackhawks are really good, but the Bruins have been playing flawless hockey, especially their goalie Tuuka Rask...They just look too strong right now...

Finally, people left, kids got to sleep, and a boozy Mrs. Beeze was feeling frisky...Ahhhh, it was all worth it!

Saturday morning Little Beeze and I went to the field for a two hour practice with our team...It stretched into almost 3 hours as I worked a little more with kids on their hitting, so they all wanted a turn...Then we had to clean up, and rush to a birthday party foe one of his classmates...We got home, and I just wanted to sleep...I took a nap for an hour, until Molly woke me up...We played a bit, then I started dinner...Totally forgetting the Belmont Stakes was about to take off...My oldest daughter reminded me...We rushed to the TV just in time to see the start...We did bet on this one, but I would have put my money on Revolutionary...I would have lost, as he came in 5th...It was 15-1 Palace Malice who won...Preakness winner, Oxbow finished second, and Derby winner, Orb came from the back of the pack to finish third...

Sunday was all about the kids...My wife took our oldest to see Raiders of the Lost Ark on the big screen...There is a local theater doing big time 80's movies every weekend, and that was one of the wife's favorites...I took Molls, and the boy to one of our favorite parks...They had a blast, as usual...

Loves her swings....

She also loves digging in the sand, that was a little damp...

Later on at home she found an ant hill in a crack in the sidewalk...Her brother dumped water on them, wanting to prevent them from getting in our house...After he went inside, she kept taking little cups of sand from her sand table, and was "Feeding them"...Here she is running back from "feeding them"...



And running....I need to find a way to bottle up that energy and store it...For myself, so I can keep up with these kids...This week will be crazy again...Both kids have 2 games and one practice...My oldest is also at Honor Band for a few hours Monday through Saturday mornings, with a concert Saturday night...The wife and I are going to see Bill Burr Friday night...And I'll be working Sunday, besides my Mon-Fri...So if anyone wants to cover for me next Monday, just let me know, I may be feeling lazy...

I know this is light on sports, but I'm kind of, totally wrapped up in my kids...Here's a couple quick local stories...Indians closer, Chris Perez and his wife got busted for having weed mailed to their home, in their dogs name...Are you surprised...I'm not...The guy looks like he'd be up for a party...And his now deleted Twitter account showed he was often a dope! You are what you smoke?

Browns WR, Josh Gordon got suspended for breaking the NFL drug policy...It should be interesting to see how this plays out, since Gordon is saying he failed the test because of a Codeine cough syrup he was prescribed when he had Strep...If his story is true, the NFL is going way too far...If his story is bullshit, I won't be surprised...Honestly, pro athletes being dopes, never surprises me anymore...

Have a week....

The Beeze.

It's Yesterday Once More?
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We know who's playing for the Stanley Cup. What do we know about them? Well, they're Original Six stock. They haven't played each other in the playoffs for decades on end. They hardly see one another during the regular season anymore. The last time the two teams met for what was clearly the Cup (back in the days when the Western Division was AHL material) Boston won 4-0 and held Bobby Hull without a shot on goal. But these are different teams.

How good are they?

The mystery team that started hot and slid into mediocrity during the short regular season, then fell asleep at the switch after building a 3-1 series lead on Toronto and didn't wake up until they trailed game seven by three goals with ten minutes to go has now won not only that game but eight out of the next nine. And that's against the New York Rangers, who bested the Bruins during the regular season and featured the goalie who couldn't be beaten, and the Pittsburgh Penguins, who won the East going away and had the team that couldn't be beaten. Plus home ice.

It has cost the Rangers' coach his job. No one will be surprised if the same thing happens in Pittsburgh. What these two Queen of De Nile organizations, Pittsburgh in particular, can't seem to fathom is that they were clearly beaten by a better hockey T-E-A-M, just one season removed from its last Stanley Cup. All the talk is about how they beat themselves, how this star or that star didn't bail them out. That should be red flag #1 for why they lost.

Boston, meanwhile, has not only swept Pittsburgh out of the Cup race but held them to two (2) goals in four (4) games. It's thought an impossible accomplishment for anybody --- not, apparently, for these guys.

What a run so far. They overcame a 3-goal deficit with their backs to the wall in ten minutes. They poured goals past New York's brick wall. Their 4th-line center played a full minute of a successful penalty kill with a broken leg. Their rookie defenseman had his face split open and was right back in, looking like Frankenstein, making Orr-like rushes at the net. Patrice Bergeron's nose sports a scar that never goes away. They turned Crosby into a points no-show and did the same to Malkin. Just like they did to Bobby Hull when they shocked the hockey world 43 years ago by sweeping the Black Hawks out of the playoffs en route to the Cup.

Then there's Chicago. They had a bit of a slowdown toward the end of the regular season, but it was a slowdown from a record-setting pace. The President's Trophy winners won the West by a wide margin and have earned home ice. Their last cup is just one year older than Boston's, and despite a widely publicized team teardown after the season, they have rebuilt successfully around their core and are back again, strong as ever.

The Hawks' big test came against old rival Detroit, who pulled ahead 3-1 and looked to be the class of the conference. Somehow Chicago fought back. It was a brilliant effort, and propelled them into the conference finals like a slingshot. LA, the defending champ, was tested by the Sharks but came back to win. It should have given them a lift going into Chicago.

Instead they were caught in a buzz saw. Quick wasn't. Neither were his teammates, who seemed to have the best seats in the house. By the time they left for LA down 0-2, the moment seemed to have passed them by. A game 3 victory and a lead in game 4 seemed to ensure that they were back on track for the finals. But Chicago dominated the third period of that game, and in the fifth contest at Chicago, Quick melted down early. The Kings still came back to force overtime, but lost the slugging match between two exhausted teams in OT #2. The end result? A 4-1 ousting at the hands of the Black Hawks.

The Bruins will probably be underdogs again, and why not? Many thought the Rangers, despite their lower seed, would prevail. Everyone thought Pittsburgh would. To have a chance versus Chicago, the Bruins will again have to be at the top of their game. They weren't that way for two-and-five-sixths games straight against Toronto, when Claude Julien was reduced to conjuring Robert Louis Stevenson characters.

But chances are they will be. As the conference trophy was presented to them, the Bruins, led by Chara, stood around it for a team photo but nobody touched it. The crowd chanted 'we want the Cup!' It seems the Bruins want it too, and nothing less. And Chicago gives no indication that they want it less than that. Their tireless skating wore down every western foe.

It has been a quarterfinal series featuring the last four Cup winners. That doesn't happen often. Sweeps were not anticipated, but we got one and nearly got another.

So there's not much question about who belongs in the finals. Both teams got there. There are questions galore about who gets out with the Cup.

ST Saturday Extravaganza - Boston Really Strong
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I just finished watching the Penguins being swept away by the Bruins - in many ways a remarkable result considering the Pens were heavy favorites going into the playoffs and really gave no hint of a collapse going into this series with Boston.  Consider that the Penguins scored exact TWO goals in 4 games.  Sydney Crosby and Evgeny Malkin combined for 0 goals & 0 assists.   You could sense that as the game went on tonight that the Penguins had given it their best shot and had zilch to show for it that they were in trouble.  The Bruins executed on their game plan to perfection.  A tremendous team effort - the better team won.   

Now we are looking at a Blackhawk - Bruin Stanley Cup Final...wow, that should be fun!

Other notes...for all the grief Pen fans (and xenophobic Canadians) like to heap on Ovechkin, he has never been shutout in a playoff series.  I think qualifies as a Pyrrhic Victory for Caps fans....That was the first sweep of the Penguins in 35 years - that's a nice run.  Where do the Penguins go from here?  Seems like they went all in with trades to win the Cup this year...do they make major changes or ride the same horses?

In the NBA, San Antonio jumps out to an early lead

Tony Parker's amazing shot clock buzzer - beater sealed a victory over the Heat in Game 1 of the NBA Finals.  As you should know, I am not a big NBA fan, but I thought this was one of the best played games I have ever watched.  It had flow, it had tempo, the officials did not ruin it and in the end, you had drama.  It was a great game and I was thoroughly entertained.  It was even more entertaining to have the Spurs win.  I find it hard to believe that the Spurs will be able to sustain this over a 7 game series, but I can hope that we get more games of that quality.  

Notes:  I was flipping between the hockey and basketball - there was a TV timeout in both games near the end.  There was 8:30 left in the hockey and 3:33 left in the basketball.  Any doubt about which ended first?  It wasn't even close...I really think the powers that be need to find a way to move along the end of basketball games.  This is true on all levels - the last 2 minutes of basketball game go on forever.  They really need to eliminate the TV break of several minutes and reduce the timeout to 30 seconds.  If a coach can't say what he needs to say in 30 seconds, he must not be much of a coach.


It is time for Tiger Fever Again...

The U.S. Open at Merion starts this coming week and we can expect to hear the drums beating for Tiger Woods again.  After Tiger's disasterous performance at the Memorial, it will really be fascinating to see how he does in the most demanding golf tournament of them all.  The U.S. Open isn't a golf tournament - it is a war of attrition.  Brutal conditions and kitchen floor fast greens make for unusual scoring - and champions.  I don't really have a feel for anyone special this year.  It may be too tedious to watch if Tiger is not on the Leader board.

 I did not really have too much to say about the PED situation in baseball...I'm glad they are trying to keep the cheaters out of the game.   As the Big Hurt, Frank Thomas, said today, they do not belong in the Hall of Fame - ever.  They can hang out with Joe Jackson and Pete Rose  (both have better claims to the Hall than the 'Roid Boys).

Here's to drying out this weekend and enjoying some early summer sun.  Me & Mrs. Sun celebrate 34 years of marriage on Sunday - she must be a saint!....everyone have a great weekend!




Lobsters and a Dogfishhead
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Lobsters and a Dogfishhead

This week I’d like to start with a short tribute to David Deacon Jones 1938-2013.

Jones passed away at his home in So Cal on Monday night at the age of 74

Deacon was a 14th round pick in 1961 from Mississippi Valley State, he played for three teams over his 14 year career. The Rams from 1961-1971, San Diego ’72 & ’73 and the Redskins in 1974.

He made the pro bowl 8 times including seven consecutive from 1964-1970.

At a time when defensive stats were kept loosely if at all Deacon dominated from the defensive end position recording 100 solo tackles by the age of 27 in his 6th season.

Deacon is unofficially credited with 173.5 sacks, a term he coined.

In his 14 pro seasons he missed on five games

Deacon was a member of the famed Rams Fearsome Foursome along with greats Merlin Olsen, Rosey Grier and Lamar Lundy

Deacon was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 1980 and was selected to the NFL’s 75th anniversary team.


He was loved and respected by all he knew and many former offensive linemen still remember that Deacon head slap as he rushed by them with power and ease.


Jones stayed in touch with his many friends and his last few years were spent as CEO of the Deacon Jones foundation which he began in 1997. He spent a lot of his time visiting the US armed forces serving all around the world.

Rest peacefully Deacon, you will be missed


Watching the coverage of the destruction in Oklahoma from the deadly tornadoes has been sobering. The Earth we live on can be a dangerous place and there really is no safe place. Living in New England my entire life has sheltered me from tornadoes and earth quakes, We get fast moving tropical storms and occasionally the are still hurricanes usually traveling quickly up the coast on the warm gulf stream. We are famous for our Nor’easters in the winter that dump 12”-48” of windblown snow that take down trees and power lines and flood the coastal sections with storm surges and high tides. We embrace and enjoy these weather related disruptions and run to the store for our signature survival kit consisting of:






Tornadoes scare the crap out of us, an F-1, 80 mph hit the Springfield MA area and parts of central MA a couple of years back and it received 3 weeks of daily breaking news coverage, even noted it’s anniversary the next year. Earthquakes also scare us, we hear about a tremor that was 3.4 in Southern Maine and we think, OH NO now what?


Around capecodgerville we are more concerned with Wright Whales beaching themselves, sharks off the outer Cape Cod beaches and whacky naturalists telling me Herron Gulls (seagulls) are endangered…look at any dumpster buddy…they are white rats with wings.

Our prayers go out to the people whose lives were disrupted and some changed forever

by these horrific storms. I’d probably move if I lived there but I’m sure some of you sunbelt gabbers would move out of New England after one typical winter.




The Bruins have made believers out of the Penguins,

The Heat were to hot for the Pacers

The Spurs should win the NBA title


Oldharry had a better round than Tiger on Saturday by a stroke…that damn windmill

did me in once again.

but after a tough round on the local 18

my super model wife treated me to...and


Thanks again for visiting and reading, your comments are always welcome

Monday Moaning 6-3-13
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Ain't that the truth! Might be what the Chicago Blackhawks are saying to the LA Kings...The 'Hawks have taken a 2-0 lead on the Kings and will now head to LA to play games 3 and 4...Chicago's speed and skill has shown some weaknesses in the Kings game...And Goalie Johnathan Quick who has been so impressive through the playoffs, suddenly looks very human...I expect the Kings to take one game at home, but the way this series looks, I think it may be over in 5...That would be good for me since months ago I was saying Chicago would be in the Finals...

In the East, Boston went up 1-0 after shutting out the Penguins...Pittsburgh seem unsure of their goalies, and they got out of their own game, and tried to get physical with the Bruins...That's not a battle they're going to win...

And of course, where there is Penguins forward Matt Cooke, there is contraversy...Cooke who was a decent, player with some skill, at some point decided to be a shithead and make his career all about trying to injure people...Cooke started with knee shots...Then moved up to head shots...So when he called for this penalty Saturday, no one should have been surprised...

Yet, Penguins fans were unhappy...Odd...Later, the Bruins Brad Marchand made a similar hit on James Neal, and Boston fan didn't seem to get up in arms about the call...But it was the reaction from a Pittsburgh fan...A Pittsburgh citizen, that really caught people's attention on the internet...Meet Jordan Kuruc...


I have said some awful shit to people online...Hell, I've said awful shit to their face...But this douchebag didn't seem to get why people were so mad about this tweet...And then when he apologized, and deleted it, he expressed the reason he felt bad was because "a kid died" in the bombing...This douche just couldn't get why people turned and attacked him on Twitter...Then, come Sunday he began to enjoy the role...Saying how he "Always wanted to be a heel in the WWE."

Jordan Kuruc felt bad that "a kid died" in the Boston bombing...Imagine this Jordan...You're a little girl...Ha! he does look like a bitch...Anyways...You're there, the bomb goes off...Your brother dies...Your mother suffers severe head trauma...Oh, and you lose your leg...Just imagine that...That's just one little girl's story...Now can you get why people are pissed...You got your 15 minutes for being a total fucking asshole...

I'm a dickhead, and I wouldn't have said that about a hockey game...Especially defending a piece of shit like Cooke...I want to wish pain and suffering on Kuruc....You know, like some awful shit...Like him and everyone he loves, get AIDS....But screw it...I'll rise above...You're fucking asshole, and everyone knows it....Oh, and thanks for giving me another reason to hate you're asshole city!

In other Hockey news, The New York Rangers fired their coach, John Tortorella...His abrasive style wasn't going to last much longer, even if the Rangers did beat the Bruins...Torts had his guys, and they bought into his system, and style he wanted them to play...Those that didn't, were bounced...Yet, he still found ways to shit all over the guys he had...The only people that got more shit were the media...So, this is why you hear no one arguing against his firing...He's a good coach...But shitting all over grown men is going to get old quick...I'm surprised it took as long as did before the players had enough...

But I have another question...Why is GM, Glen Sather not on the hot-seat...He's been with the Rangers for 13 years...He's had 6 coaches...The best the team has done is getting to one conference final...Now there is talk that he is looking at two of his old boys to be the next coach...Wayne Gretzky, who's first stint as a head coach wasn't a very good one...And Mark Messier...Messier's only coaching experience is coaching his son's pee-wee team...Yes, the fans would love it...Sure, some players might get a thrill out of it...But I don't think it's a good move...This team needs a proven coach...Not a couple of old super stars who are missing the spotlight...

-As for my weekend...It was pretty uneventful...Friday I was suppose to meet some old friends out for drinks...Sadly, I fell asleep with Molls while I was trying to get her down...

Saturday we had a baseball practice...The team is coming along well...Then we relaxed at home...Pizza, hockey, and a jam session...

Little Beeze finding the Groove...

Molls was a heck of a band leader...

That's it for now...Oh, and say hello to our NEWEST member...

Have a week...

The Beeze.

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