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Monday Moaning 7-14-14
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Okay Cleveland...You had your fun...You had your excitement...Now it's time for your friendly wake up call...It's time to relax Cleveland...




Hey...Listen up...I said relax!


What part of relax don't you understand...Well maybe you two can have a few more minutes....


So why am I telling Cleveland to relax...Because this city went bat-shit crazy over LeBron James deciding to sign with the Cavaliers...And him and his sweet, well thought-out essay he co-wrote with a Sports Illustrated hack...Yeah, it was well written...It was good...But these dopes in the media act like he woke up Friday morning and did that shit...He had been working with this SI guy, Lee Jenkins for a couple weeks...Seriously, dude said so in an interview on Mad Dag Radio...All last week, the sports media world was talking about 2 things...Johnny Manziel possibly doing blow...and "Where will LeBron sign?"  James played the media last week as well as he plays basketball...

And Cleveland...This is my hometown...As much as I rag on it, I love this bitch...But this city disappointed me with their begging for James to come back...Just 4 years earlier so many of them were mother-fucking him...Me, I had been trashing him for a good 3 years before that...But it was nice to not be alone anymore...But last week, they were swinging on his nuts again...And those dopes on WKNR....Go find that audio...These two clowns, when the news broke, you could hear them cumming and crying while they squealed like little school girls...I wanted to puke in my cheerios...

So Cleveland was thrilled with the news...People who burned jerseys 4 years ago were heading to the store to get a new one...Whatever tool-bag...But I finally was completely sickened, and embarrassed by my city, when multiple people in the local media, besides the average joe idiots said, "This is one of the greatest days, possibly the greatest in Cleveland Sports History!"

Are you for fucking real? Seriously, you cover sports in this city and you said that Jim Donavan? Oh he wasn't alone...A fuck-ton of his fellow media members said this shit...How about you idiots read a fucking book!  Shit, Google something other then LeBron James!

I know the Browns have sucked balls for ages, but they were the shit many years ago...8 League Championships...AAFC Championships (4)  1946, 1947, 1948, and 1949...NFL Championships (4)  1950, 1954, 1955, and 1964...Jesus Christ, one of your "Journalism" brothers that this area loves so much, Terry Pluto wrote a book titled "When All the World was Browns Town"

What the hell is the matter with you assholes?

Yeah, the Indians have only won two Worlds Series, but shit that 1948 team was stellar...And I think Larry Doby being the first black player in the AL, just a couple months after Jackie Robinson broke in, would rank higher then James signing with the Cavs...What about Frank Robinson being the first black manager in baseball...With the Indians...Oh, and in his first at-bat as player manager, he just hit a HR...Thats' not fucking sweet at all right...

If you really think a player signing to your local team is the greatest sports moment ever, then you need to walk away from sports...

Cleveland fans for years have patted themselves on the back for being such loyal and devoted fans...(I would consider the 455 straight sellouts at Jacobs Field to be a bigger deal)...The national media also from time to time talk about the great fans in Cleveland...What made Clevelanders so tough and loyal?

It was all the downs...Not the few and far between ups...Not the highs, but the lows...The fucking Drive...The fumble, that made me cry...Jordan's jumper over Ehlo...Red-Right-88...The '95 Indians losing to the Braves...The Braves who couldn't even sellout for their playoff games...The '97 Indians, a cock-strong team, one out away...Beaten by a Marlins team that was rented, and sold off weeks later...Yeah, that one hurt like a bitch...How about my Dad seeing the '54 Indians, one of Baseball's best teams ever, lose it to the Giants...

It's those painful moments, that made Clevelanders tough...After those defeats, Cleveland came back to the respective stadiums, and rooted for their teams...Clevelanders didn't take off Chief Wahoo cap...They didn't say fuck it, and throw away there Browns gear and sell their season tickets...They were right back there next year with that stupid dag mask on, throwing dog biscuits at opposing players...

In my opinion, those losses are great Cleveland Sports moments, because we didn't burn the city down and riot like Vancouver...We took it on the chin, and came back for more...The Cleveland that I love would have never begged a guy to come back, and wouldn't have acted so insane if he did...The Cleveland I love would not be going crazy for an egotistical rookie QB who parties constantly and acts like an ass...I understand...Clevelanders are thirsty for a winner...Thirsty for positive coverage in this town...I hope we see it...But we're better than this...


I'll leave you with this...



Have a week....


The Beeze.

Sunday Musings #155
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While trying to comprehend how the Emmy Awards failed to nominate Tatiana Maslany for her performance as the lead in multiple roles on Orphan Black...
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A bit of sad news to report this week as a former player I helped coach back in the 97-98 season was killed in a motorcycle crash on Wednesday. RIP, Ryan.
Ryan was a great kid to coach from what I remember even though that season wasn't great in terms of overall success.
My buddy Brian coached Ryan a few times and has always said that Ryan was the best kid he ever coached because he was talented AND coachable.
The Red Sox haven't raised the white flag on the season officially, but this past week did bring about one move that showed they are on their way to acknowledging they likely won't be defending their World Series championship.
Boston designated catcher A.J. Pierzynski for assignment. This move was made instead of the expected trade of pitcher Jake Peavy. Since Pierzynski was found wanting in a number of statistical categories, the Red Sox let him go and promoted Christian Vazquez from the minors. Reportedly, they fast tracked him by only 6 months since the club had planned/hoped to bring him up next season.
But then you had the an article released on Thursday that had anonymous players going to management and making it known they didn't want Pierzynski (pictured below) in the locker room anymore. He was, according to what is said in the article, a dark cloud that didn't really fit in.
This couldn't have been surprising to management or the players though, could it? Pierzynski has a kind of SOB reputation around the majors. But I guess if you combine that and lack of production, they decided half a season was enough. You can check out the article HERE.
By the way, though this ripping of a player comes from other teammates this time, one has to wonder if anyone leaves the Red Sox these days without being victimized by bad press put out by the team.
Cleveland Cavaliers - Now that LeBron James has returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers, the rest of the free agent dominos should fall into place pretty quickly. This makes me rather happy as it was nearly as annoying trying to watch any sports broadcast on ESPN this time around as it was for "The Decision."
The brother of a friend of mine works for the Cavs organization, so I'm sure he'll be pretty excited about his return. As for my friend Chad (born in Ohio, lives in Massachusetts but retains a die-hard Cleveland sports fandom), he's got to be ecstatic that LeBron is back in town.
The Cleveland fans are likely ecstatic that King James is coming back, but acceptance of their happiness has to be tempered by what they did when he left.
Probably the most excited has to be new Cavs coach David Blatt. Talk about walking into a great situation. Before the announcement, getting an NBA job was a great thing for Blatt but you kind of knew he was getting a job that was going to come with a lot of challenges. But with LeBron back in the fold, his job may not be easy, but it sure got EASIER.
Boston Celtics - The Celtics closed out the Orlando Summer League with a 3-2 record to finish in fourth place. While you always want to win when you lace up the sneakers, winning these summer leagues is usually a bit of a secondary consideration because you are trying to get a look at your new draftees and those players looking for a training camp invite or to stick with the team.
Mike Moser did well enough to earn a training camp invite from the Celtics. But the two players I was most interested in seeing how they did were Phil Pressey and Chris Johnson. Both played for Boston last season but are in the precarious position of having to fight for limited roster spots after draft picks and free agent signings have occured.
Pressey's fate will be known pretty soon as his contract for this upcoming season will be guaranteed by July 15th. Johnson has a longer wait before finding out if he still has a home with the Celtics. I really hope both stick around. I know the team was bad last year, but both players displayed good hustle and earned their spots.
I know it is a business and both might actually have to seek employment elsewhere but it doesn't mean I necessarily have to like that notion.
The New York Liberty continued their mini win streak to start off the week with a surprise 87-80 victory over the Minnesota Lynx. A photo of assistant coach Katie Smith from the game is below (taken from Getty Images). 
But the Liberty came back down to earth when the San Antonio Stars beat them 80-66 and the LA Sparks knocked them off 68-54. The two losses dropped New York to 7-13 on the season.
The Liberty were also involved in a trade this week. For my money it has to be one of the more surprising trades given two of the parties involved. For those that follow the WNBA, you know that Liberty coach Bill Laimbeer is also the team's GM.
He traded Delisha Milton-Jones to the Atlanta Dream and in return got Swin Cash. So why is that surprising? Well, Cash played for Laimbeer during the Detroit Shock Bad Girls glory days, but the success was marred when Cash left the team after a falling out with Laimbeer. There was no love lost on either side. So while Cash's playing skills have eroded over the time they've been apart, seeing her and Laimbeer back together is a rather stunning development.
One more thing. You can check out a video story on how Katie Smith is transitioning from a player to a coach HERE.
I attended my first high school girls summer basketball league game of the season on Thursday night. The Wareham girls were playing against New Bedford. It seemed kind of a mismatch from the tip as Wareham (a Division 3 school) raced out to an early lead against New Bedford (a Division 1 school).
The lead just seemed to keep growing as only 5 girls showed up for New Bedford. Wareham had 9 girls and they played well for most of the game. They ended up winning 53-29 to raise their record to 2-3 on the season. Of the 9 girls that showed up for Wareham, I had a hand in coaching 6 of them so it was nice to see them play a decent game.
As for the Upper Cape girls basketball team, apparently they are content to rest on their laurels. After playing in a summer league the past two years, it paid off for the team as they finished this past season with a 21-3 record (best in team history) and a state vocational school title.
So naturally you'd expect that they'd be back at it this summer to keep their game sharp during the offseason and hopefully developing their skills to try and get even better for the winter. And you'd be wrong.
Apparently no one bothered to organize a team until it was too late and they couldn't get into a league. And I didn't see any of the girls that would be returning to the team talking about playing either. A couple of them are playing on a travel softball team, so they could be excused for not playing basketball. But what about the other girls, most of whom will provide the bulk of the offense next year?
While I know my opinion doesn't matter to any one at UCT, I think not playing in a summer league this year is a huge wasted opportunity to build upon last year's success.
Men's Team - The non-conference schedule for the men's team was released this week and I had to let my buddy Brian know that his team, Providence College, would be playing AT Boston College on December 5th. His response to me was that it was great news because he likes to go to Conte Forum and watch it resemble a game at the Dunkin Donuts Center (where PC plays their home games).
And while there wasn't a date given yet, the ACC home schedule for BC will include a visit from Louisville. Depending on when that game is supposed to take place, it might be a game I want to go see. 
Women's Team - The Twitter feed for the women's team has been pretty active during the offseason as they've been posting photos and tweets about the team working out in preparation for the season. They also had pics from the BC basketball camp as well.
Oh and you can check out an interview with Karima Gabriel HERE.  
A couple weeks back I wrote a brief little rant about how badly the new website design/layout for SI.com was. Two weeks into the redesign, nothing has changed and Sports Illustrated has issued zero response to readers complaints. And now they've taken that deafening silence to a new and utterly cowardly low.
Their Facebook page had been inundated with people complaining about the new site. Post after post complained about things not working, being unable to easily navigate the site and calling for the return of the old site. And yet nothing was done or responded to by the company.
And now I discovered yesterday that the SI Facebook page has been redone so that users can't post anything on their own to the page. They can only respond to articles posted by the magazine. That little box that says "Write something"....GONE. As are the posts that had been there under the "Posts to Page".
I can't definitively say it was because of the ceasless complaints but the circumstantial proof is in the pudding, don't you think? Utter cowards is what they are, they can't stand to see that their new design for the site is akin to New Coke and so they ignore people who tell them so.
The local clothing outlet store is having their big yearly Pro Sports tent sale over these next two weekends. I made my trip yesterday and came home with 5 new T-shirts. And managed to represent all four MAJOR sports teams with my purchases.
I picked up logo shirts for the Bruins, Red Sox, and Celtics. I also grabbed a Tom Brady #12 and Vince Wilfork #75 Patriot T shirts as well. Not a bad haul for less than 35 bucks.
Food - My buddy J.D. takes a taste of some summer seasonal beers and tells you his thoughts in this article
Movies - This week I watched the movie 300: Rise of an Empire. I was rather unimpressed by it. It felt like more of the same as the original 300 movie. It has the same "been there done that" feel as The Hobbit movies do in relation to the Lord of the Rings movies.
Oh, and if you haven't checked out the new Transformers movie yet, you can read the Pop-topia.com review of it HERE
TV - My recap of the next to last episode of 24: Live Another Day can be read HERE. The season finale is tomorrow night and it will need to cover a heck of a lot of ground.
At the beginning of the season, Kiefer Sutherland said that this would be his last go-round as Jack Bauer. But fans of the show got a tad bit excited when news broke that the show would be holding a panel at San Diego Comic Con on July 24th. That news led rise to the rumors that they'd announce they were doing another event series.
But I think the chances of another series being announced is 50-50 at best. Depending on what happens in the finale, the panel could simply be a wrap up and thank you to the fans.
On August 1st, Netflix will premiere the six episode final season of the crime series The Killing. The first three seasons aired on AMC. I'm bummed that I'll have to wait for this to come out on DVD to see it since I don't have or plan to get Netflix but going by the trailer for the season (which you can see below), this looks like it could be one hell of a conclusion to the series.
Books - I finished the Robert K. Tanenbaum legal thriller Tragic this week. While a lot of the books in the series feature out of the court room action, this book stayed focused mainly on criminal trials. It meant for less blood and bullets overall, but it was still a really good read. 
Music -  My KNAC.com review of the new Ronny Munroe solo album Electric Wake can be seen HERE. I posted the link on his Facebook page and the page for his record label. Both hit the like button and Munroe shared the link himself.
The video for the song "United" is below.
I also picked up the deluxe edition of the new Judas Priest album Redeemer of Souls this week. This particular version of the album comes with 5 bonus tracks so I spent the extra few bucks to pick it up. A review will be forthcoming.
I've got one final music note. Classic Rock Magazine gave away the debut album of a band in a recent issue. As near as I can tell, the CD hasn't been officially released in the U.S. yet. The self-titled CD from the Australia-based band The Dead Daisies turned out to be a heck of a straight ahead rock and roll record. I'm planning to do a review of it at some point but I really enjoyed it. I'm a bit bummed out because I found out the band was playing last night as the opening act on the Lynyrd Skynyrd/Bad Company tour that was in my area. I was trying to go but couldn't swing the finances. But you can check out the band via their video for the song "Lock and Load" below. Oh, and this particular track features a guest appearance by Slash.
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Yeah...this is pretty sad!


The Stepford fans in Cleveland are rejoicing, they’re soaking up this public relations barrage being rammed down their throat and buying every word of it. What’s the saying, screw me once shame on you, screw me twice shame on me? Well, don’t say you weren’t warned Cavs fans because Sully is here to tell you that you’ve all been duped. When James made his “Decision” in 2010 the folks in Cleveland went ballistic, and rightfully so, but then again, they also had fallen for this con artist who has spent every day since that televised debacle trying to say and do the right thing because for LeDouche it’s ALL ABOUT HIS IMAGE…if you think it’s not you’ve spent way too much time drinking the Kool-Aid.


All these talking heads creaming their shorts over how James went about announcing his return to Ohio made it sound like he’s matured or his a new man…really? There’s no difference between his televised announcement and his announcement in Sports Illustrated…ZERO! Honestly, he only chose another media outlet to monopolize the universe with his face splattered all over it. And let’s talk about the wording of that article. Does anyone really believe he wrote that? Does that even sound like the way he has ever spoken in a press conference? That carefully written article was scripted to say all the right things at the right time to pave his return and open the arms of the city that couldn’t burn him effigy fast enough in 2010, and it worked, and now, all is suddenly forgiven.  They love this tool all over again…the remarriage of a player who took off to South Beach seeking the championships that eluded him with the city he abandoned.


But now that he has some jewelry there’s still some unfinished business James needs to continue his quest to be Like Mike…and that’s to do what the rest of the greats like Jordan and other’s before him, such as Bird and Magic, West and Havlicek and any other player before the era of taking the money and running by selfish NBA players, and that’s to build a team from scratch and win or die trying. James has taken much heat over the past four seasons for running to and helping create his own personal Dream Team. This is where James is NOT Jordan…he’s not even Larry or Magic, hell by that measuring stick he’s no Tiny Archibald or Danny Ainge either…James does not carry a team on his shoulders, he doesn’t take over games. Does everyone remember the last game against the Spurs where James went to the bench while the Heat were down by 19 with over 6 minutes left in the game? Six minutes is a lifetime in hoops, but that didn’t matter to James, for him it was “no mas”…he gave up and with him so did his team. Did we ever see Jordan or any of the other’s mentioned above quit in a series? I never saw it, and I’d be willing to bet if any of those Hall of Famers were watching they made a point to say “look how he gave up”…they all should feel very comfortable with their legacy for James will never eclipse them when it comes to heart and guts….NEVER!


As the saying goes, image is everything, and for James it’s the only thing aside from his paydays, it’s all he cares about. Now he’s a “nice guy” because he’s had this epiphany and realizes what he did to his hometown was of all things, low, underhanded and selfish? C’mon man. This whole debacle has money written all over it. It’s no secret how the Cavs were before he played there, during and after…and now his return is going to be some sort of championship run because he’s learned how to win? IS Wade and Bosh going there too? Nope…is Kevin Love locked up? Nope. Even if he is, what makes anyone think that he’s the other cog that lifts the Cavs over that hump?

I’m just having a lot of trouble wrapping my head around this whole thing while trying to see it from a Cavs fan perspective. If this was my team…let’s say the Bruins and Patrice Bergeron pulled this kind of crap would I be welcoming him back after screwing us all over? I hardly think so, and would have a hard time believing Boston fans would swoon all over him and forgive and just forget. What’s taking place in Cleveland in a lot of ways is embarrassing, have they no shame? Are they really that desperate to win that they’d let this tool bag just waltz right back in on a written apology and think, hey, LBJ gets it, he’s a different guy?


Then there’ the Browns and Manziel…the connection between these two is already well known, and I’m of the opinion that in here somewhere is a deal the two will make to open up a chain of restaurants or some shit like that, anything to make a buck off the fans…and you know what…Cleveland fans will be all in! Sit back and watch…you’ll see. Just remember I told you so. 

Sunday Musings #147
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While trying to keep my fingers attached as I've written a ton of articles this week...
And thus dies the hope for another Stanley Cup. The Bruins lost Game 7 this week to end their season. I have to wonder what the people who were raving about the Bruins winning the President's Cup think of that "honor" now that the IMPORTANT Cup will go to another team this year.
Former BC men's basketball player Ryan Anderson completed the process of transferring away from the Eagles this past week as he committed to Arizona. I'm not happy that he left the team, but I wish him well.
The interesting part of the draft for me was when I learned that former BC running back Andre Williams ended up going in the fourth round to the New York Giants. A lot was made about how Tom Coughlin loving former BC players, but I think Williams can be a plus to the team. I sent a tweet to Williams congratulation him and wishing him luck (except against the Patriots, of course).
Also, Williams has already signed with the team and you can check out an early look at what his Giants Jersey will look like below.
On the opposite end of the draft spectrum was San Diego State running back Adam Muema who let his cheese slip off the cracker by totally wigging out leading up to the draft. You can check out the details on the sad and rather pathetic story here: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/college-football/news/20140515/adam-muema-san-diego-state-nfl-draft/
And then there was Michael Sam. After finally getting drafted in round seven, the video of him kissing his boyfriend was played ad nauseum. It got covered on Sportscenter like it was a championship moment or something.
And of course, the haters came out of the woodwork when players started sending out negative tweets about the video. Seriously, he kissed his boyfriend. Unlike the players attending the draft who seem to kiss a couple dozen people before they ever make it up onto the stage and slowing down the whole process. People need to grow up.
He was judged as a football player and found wanting in several areas, but the Rams took a flyer on him.
It would seem to be a good fit for him, staying in the same state where he'd already built up a support system while at the University of Missouri.
But the support is already eroding after it came out that Sam had a deal in place with Oprah Winfrey's OWN network for a reality show BEFORE THE DRAFT and didn't tell the NFL or the Rams. For someone who wanted to be judged solely as a football player, he now doesn't seem to understand the realities of life as a seventh round pick.
And when his agent claimed the NFL knew about the deal and approved it, he got smacked down when an NFL spokesperson refuted the claims and said that neither they or the Rams would be allowing logos or football footage to be used on the show.
The whole thing smacks of a great big bill of goods that was sold to the public and any sense of genuine joy or what have you was all part of the prepackaged events orchestrated by Sam and his cohorts. It may not actually be that way, but if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck...
You can read more about the story here: http://nfl.si.com/2014/05/15/michael-network/
But smarter thinking prevailed after all when it was announced on Friday night that the show had been postponed. The press statement played it up as if they were postponing the filming to let Sam focus on establishing himself as a football player, but reading between the lines you could tell that it was more about any chance of Sam making the team would evaporate if he had cameras around him.
It was a busy week in the NBA offseason. The rumors about the Boston Celtics trading Rajon Rondo got stronger AGAIN. But there were a number of other stories revolving around the coaches that took center stage.
Cleveland Cavaliers - The Cavs fired coach Mike Brown after just 1 season. Brown's second tenure with the team seems to have ended because he and the new GM of the team have different basketball philosophies. Brown's a defensive oriented coach while the GM wants the team running up and down the floor like their shoes are on fire. Another factor working against Brown is that he and star player Kyrie Irving were a mismatch as well. And if Cleveland wants to have any chance to keep Irving after his initial contract ends, they figured they had to make a change.
But that change seems to come at the expense of Brown's reputation. The Cavs were a bad team last year, but you can't lay it all at the feet of Brown. There were years of being bad management from the front office to overcome and you have an owner who is an idiot. I think firing Brown after just 1 year when you were so eager to get him back as the team's coach besmirches his reputation in a way that hurts his chances to get another job.
You can say what you want about Brown's coaching acumen (particularly on the offensive side of the ball), but the fact remains he made it to the NBA and was hired THREE times as a head coach. There has to be some quality to his ideas about the game.
The NBA may be a player's league but firing a coach because the player doesn't like playing for him is akin to letting the inmates run the asylum. So many of these star players come into the game with a reputation far beyond their actual skill set that they should focus on become complete basketball players and let the team be run by a COACH! As for the schism between game philosophies, yes it is important to have the GM and coach on the same page. However, if Brown HAD to go, there had to be a better way of going about things than this. All this has done is further the notion that the Cavaliers are a floundering joke of a franchise.
Golden State Warriors - After signing a 5 year deal for 25 million dollars, Steve Kerr is the new head coach of the team. 25 million dollars to a guy who has never coached before...hmmm...I coached for 25 years, how much would I be worth. Plus I coached children, which is essentially the same thing on an NBA roster these days.
Bitter sarcasm aside, the Warriors front office had better hope that Kerr quickly figures things out or there will likely be a player revolt. For Kerr, he stays on the West Coast and spurns the Knicks job that was his for the taking. I'm wondering how Phil Jackson's feeling of Zen is right now given how he had seemingly put all his eggs in the "Hire Steve Kerr" basket.
Detroit Pistons - Stan Van Gundy is back in the league and this time he covered his butt by not only agreeing to be the coach of the gawdawful Pistons but he's also the director of basketball operations. After being undermined by Dwight Howard in Orlando (despite being responsible for making Howard into a league power player), Van Gundy (pictured below on the right) will be the guy players would normally go to complain about the coach.
I don't know if he can make the Pistons relevant again but given the job he did in Orlando, he has a track record of coaching good teams. And boy it will be interesting when the Pistons play the Houston Rockets next season. Houston is the current resting spot for Howard. Here's hoping on those nights, that Detroit rises up and teaches Howard a lesson.

Wareham Boys Track - The boys lost to Apponequet 74-62.
Wareham Girls Track - The girls closed out their regular season at 6-1-1 after winning twice this week. The record is their best in years and it was good enough for 2nd in the conference.
The first win was over Apponequet 88-42. Paige won the long jump with a leap of 14 feet 3 1/2 inches. She also won the mile in 5:48.1.
They followed that up with a 72-60 win over Dighton-Rehoboth. It was their first win in 6 years over D-R. Paige won the 800 meters in 2:36.9
ORR Girls Track - In a dual meet to close out their season at 8-0 (and claim the SCC title for the fifth straight year), the Bulldogs beat Seekonk 94-41 and GNB Voc-Tech 115-23. Rachel won the mile in 6:00 flat during the meet.
Wareham Girls Softball - The losing continued this week as the Vikings dropped 2 more games to fall to 0-15 on the season. They lost to Bourne 15-9 and to Pope John Paul II 6-2. Gina dropped to 0-4 on the mound.
Upper Cape Girls Softball 5 to raise their record to 135. I was supposed to go see the girls play yesterday but ended up not being able to make it the game.
The New York Liberty opened their season on Friday night visiting the Connecticut Sun. The Liberty took the game 75-54. There hasn't been much talk about the team worth mentioning, but here's hoping adding Katie Smith (pictured below from Media Day, photo from Getty Images) to the coaching staff can help pay dividends for them.
TV - You can check out my recap of the 3rd episode of 24: Live Another Day here: http://www.pop-topia.com/24-live-another-day-episode-3-recap/
The Fall 2014-2015 TV schedules were announced this past week and I've been writing up my reports on each network. Two of the articles have been posted so far. You can check them out below. I've also included a trailer for one new show on each of the networks that I'll be checking out.
Movies - If you haven't yet seen the trailer for the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes movie, you can check it out below.
Music- You can check out my review of the Adrenaline Mob CD Men of Honor here: http://www.pop-topia.com/cd-review-adrenaline-mob-men-honor/
You can check out the first song from the new solo album from Metal Church singer Ronny Munroe below. The song is called "Ghosts" and it is on the album Electric Wake. The CD is due out June 24th via Rat Pak Records. The song features ex-Dokken guitar maestro George Lynch.
Oh and I picked up the CD and DVD editions of the new Dio live release Live In London - Hammersmith Apollo 1993.
Sunday Musings #127
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While recovering from an unusually tiring holiday season...
The Celtics headed into their extended Christmas break on a down note as the Indiana Pacers handed them a 106-79 loss. Avery Bradley had 13 points to lead the Celtics in scoring while both Courtney Lee and Jeff Green added 11 points.

But the early afternoon start on Saturday showed that not all is on the downside in Celtics land.

Despite giving up 32 points to the Cleveland's Kyrie Irving (the first player to score 30 or more points against Boston this season), Boston handed the Cavaliers a 103-100 loss.

The Celtics had 6 players in double figures led by 19 points from both Jeff Green (8 rebounds) and Jordan Crawford. Avery Bradley had 18 points and 8 boards. Brandon Bass scored 15. Courtney Lee (11) and Kris Humphries (10) were the others in double figures for Boston.

The team is now 13-17 on the season.

A couple of notes on the status of players still recovering from injury:
Rajon Rondo is in practice but he and coach Brad Stevens have been pretty upfront that his conditioning is not where they want it to be yet. It is going to be a while (January at least) before he gets back on the playing court.
Of course that is all dependent on whether or not he stays with the team at all. Rumors about going to the Knicks have continued to filter across the Internet all week. They've been kind of debunked based on the Knicks not having anything to part with that the Celtics really want.
Rookie Kelly Olynyk is back to playing after losing 10 games to injury but he's trying to work his way back into the playing rotation now. His minutes have been limited upon his return because those ahead of him now showed what they could do while Olynyk was out.
The holiday break coming as the Celtics were visiting Indiana allowed for Coach Stevens to stay in the state and visit with family and friends, which is a pretty sweet coincidence of scheduling.
And if the loss wasn't bad enough for the Cavaliers, there was the news of the team suspending Andrew Bynum for conduct detrimental to the team. According to the following article, it seems he just doesn't want to play basketball. You know despite signing a 2 year 24 million dollar deal to do that very thing. Here's the article link: http://nba.si.com/2013/12/28/andrew-bynum-suspended-cleveland-cavaliers/
Is anyone else having trouble getting excited for the bowl games? I've tried to watch a couple of the bowls and found myself relatively uninterested in what was going on. I saw some of the Pitt-Bowling Green game but it played more as background noise for me.
On Friday night, I had a different game on but for the life of me, I couldn't tell you what teams were playing.
I'm off from work on New Year's Eve and will tune in to watch the Boston College bowl game so I'm hoping that I'll be more interested in a game that I have a fandom/emotional interest in.
But while I did get into one of those Bowl Pick 'Em leagues on Yahoo Fantasy Sports, I just haven't been able to work up much enthusiasm otherwise.
I was reading an article on SI.com about star rookie receiver Keenan Allen and I just had to snicker at his diva-ish BS about how he felt like quitting early in the season because he wasn't getting the ball thrown his way. Injuries helped get him more looks and become the star he is right now, but it is embarrassing to see the sense of entitlement he had that it was all about him being a star instead of filling a role on the team. You can read the article here: http://tracking.si.com/2013/12/26/chargers-keenan-allen-considered-quitting-football/
The women's basketball teams I follow have all been on a holiday break this past week. But the Boston College men's basketball team did get in a game against Auburn before they too went on a break. They ended up losing 77-67 despite a 28 point performance from Olivier Hanlan. Ryan Anderson had 11 points and 6 rebounds in support but it was just another disappointment for the Eagles.
On Saturday night, the men were back in action but ran into that vaunted full court press of VCU and got hammered 69-50 to fall to 4-9 on the season.
It was the Hanlan and Anderson show in the statline again. Hanlan had 17 points but also had 6 of the team's 23 turnovers (VCU had just 10 turnovers for the game). Anderson scored 13 points and grabbed a team high 7 boards.
Besides the bevy of turnovers, the 3-18 three point shooting percentage doomed the Eagles as well.
Just a brief note to say that the Wareham High girls track team won the small school title at the South Coast Conference holiday relays today. Besides Paige, I also learned another of my players, Brianna, is also on the team. Congratulations girls!
It's not a great picture but here's a look at the winning team:
TV - I watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special on Xmas Day. It featured the latest regeneration of the main character. But in all honesty, I was rather underwhelmed by the whole show. This is something I find very disappointing since I was looking forward to the episode so much coming off the pretty damn good 50th Anniversary special.
The third season of the BBC series Sherlock is coming soon and the show has put up a prequel minisode online. You can check it out below.
XMas - With the holiday now over, it was a decent time overall. The big family gathering went well with good food and this year's themed "Come Dressed as your favorite Xmas character". I went as Rudolph.
When my immediate family was over on Xmas Day, things went well too. I received a couple of sports related gifts. The first was a Patriots sweatshirt and the other was a Patriots T-shirt. The T-shirt has to be returned because it is the wrong size but it was a nice shirt otherwise.
I also received the Archer Mayor novel Three Can Keep A Secret while cashing in a Barnes and Noble gift card for the Hank Phillippi Ryan novel The Wrong Girl.
And I got the new Julie Roberts CD Good Wine and Bad Decisions. It's a country CD so I don't know if I'll be doing a review of it or not.
Books - I managed to finish reading the Ellen Hart novel Taken By The Wind this past week. It is the latest in the author's Jane Lawless series. It was a decent read but I didn't feel the resolution was all that intense.
Other writing -  This isn't something I wrote but on the off chance there are some readers who like beer, why not check out this article by a friend of mine on the winter seasonal beers he treated (or mistreated) his taste buds to: http://www.pop-topia.com/variety-pack-winter-seasonal-roundup/
It's a short read this week. Keep in mind that I'm talking about the high school sports I follow in separate postings so you can look those up on the site itself.
As for the upcoming new year, here's hoping everything goes well for everyone. But when in doubt:
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