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Where did this weather come from?? Do you know your friends?? Really?? Two legends retire?? New Jersey Nets?? What, the Nets?? Yep. Even a Military Fly-by. All this in this weeks edition of……..

I got up Monday, went outside and came back into the house wondering who the hell turned up the air-conditioning outside?? It was cold. But, as a transplant New Yorker, I went back outside in my shorts and t-shirt and went about doing my errands for the day.

It was in the 40’s in Jacksonville, Florida, well below the temperatures it has been during the months of February and March. We have had an unusually warm winter, with no threat of hurricanes this season. Wow, remarkable.

If your up North, sorry about the snow storms, especially in Ithaca, New York. They got hit bad.

Do you really know your friends???

He’s not a sports personality, nor is he an athlete. None of you know this individual. His name is Sean, and he is a mail handler where I work at. I have talked to him while on a break or at lunch, from time-to-time. He seemed liked a nice guy until last Monday. On April 16th Sean robbed the Sun Trust bank on Beach Blvd in Jacksonville, Fl. He walked up to a teller, gave her a note that said “I am armed.” The teller gave him money and he left the bank. Sean, on a tip from an individual who seen his picture in the Florida-Times Union, was arrested on Tuesday. Everyone at work was shocked, as this individual seemed to be a nice person. One of our co-workers lived across the street from him and he seemed okay outside of work. That is a picture of him robbing the bank.

What I am leading to is that regardless of whether a person is a athlete, coach or your own neighbor or friend for a long time, you can possibly never really know the individual as well as you think.

Major League Baseball and the players’ association have informed teams and agents that there will no longer approve personal-service deals and special “milestone” bonus clauses in future contracts with players and teams. A-Rod, Albert Pujols and Ryan Zimmerman have contracts with either milestone clauses and/or personal-service clause.

Congratulations go out to the Cincinnati Reds who won their 10,000 game in franchise history. The Reds join the Cubs, Giants, Dodgers, Braves and Cardinals.

I didn’t do anything!! Yeah right.

Thug Metta World Peace better get a big suspension for his flagrant foul on Hayden. I don’t give a flying pig, what Kobe says or anyone of the so-called NBA analysts say about how Metta World Peace is such a nice guy. The guy is a thug and should be dealt with. Take a look at the clip.

His new name should be Metta Thug You!!

In case we forget, how about Ron Arrest, oops Artest going into the stands.

David Stern issued a 7 game suspension for Metta World Peace. Not a big enough statement. Suspend him for the rest of the season, that would have said something to him and the players in the league.

He is considered one of the greatest to ever play his position. Denver Bronco Safety, Brian Dawkins, announced his retirement after playing 16 years in the NFL. No one played longer at safety than Brian. The “Wolverine” played for the Eagles and Broncos and finished his career with 17 fumble recoveries, 26 sacks, 37 interceptions, 42 forced fumbles (most ever by a defensive back), and 98 pass breakups. Dawkins was named to the NFL’s All-Decade team of the 2000’s and had nine Pro Bowls.

Our hats off to Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez who retires after a 21-year career with the Texas Rangers, Florida Marlins, Detroit Tigers, Toronto Blue Jays, New York Yankees, Houston Astro and Washington Nationals. He had 2,844 hits, 311 homeruns and 1,332 RBI’s. An MVP winner in 1999, Pudge also won 10 straight Gold Gloves and went to 10 consecutive all-star games.

New Jersey Nets played their last game in New Jersey this past Monday. As a Net fan from their days in the ABA, I am glad they are leaving the State. The Nets should have never left Long Island, but at least they are coming home. Okay, maybe not on Long Island where they played their first season in the NBA, but to Brooklyn New York, which will only be a LIRR away.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie wished the Nets "good riddance" on their way to Brooklyn. To that I say kiss my ass. You and your sorry ass State could have supported the team for all these years. Even though the Nets suck, when they had the two great teams that went to the Finals they didn’t draw until the Finals. So keep inhaling the foul smelling shit that comes out of Elizabeth, New Jersey.

During my time in the military, I have seen many air-shows and fly-bys. But never have I seen anything quite like this. Check out this fly-by..

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The Barry Larkin Experiment
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I know I haven't been terribly active over here at YouGabSports, but that doesn't mean I haven't been plenty busy writing!  In fact, as some of you may know, I run my own blog over at Blogger (Nachos Grande).  Although I've branched into a lot of baseball card stuff over there (rather than the "old me" which was mostly writing current articles about MLB), I still do a few posts dedicated to baseball in particular.  One such venture actually combines the two - my Barry Larkin Experiment.

Basically, I'm a huge fan of Barry Larkin and with his Hall of Fame induction coming up this summer I figured it would be a fun idea to host a competition on my blog designed to figure out which Larkin card (from my collection) was the best.  Right now, I'm working my way through the first 100 cards - four at a time.  Each poll has four cards featured and two of the four cards move on to the next round (the two highest vote getters).  The interactive part in the process is that all voting is done by my blog readers!

Right now, I have two polls going on (including this one) for two different rounds.  If you'd like to get in on the fun, plus perhaps learn a little something about myself, Barry Larkin, and/or baseball cards in the process - I invite you to keep checking back as more polls are added! 

Rants and Raves
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I had to put this Dennis the Menace comic strip in because in 8 years I might be a Mister Wilson when I retire from the Post Office. Alrighty then, let's get started with this weeks version of......

Congrats go out to Roy Halladay who threw the second no-hitter in post season history in his first start ever in the playoffs. It also is his second no-hitter this season.

Baseball doesn’t need more instant replay. What they do need is for the umpires to discuss amongst themselves any close calls. If there are no runners on base, the 2nd base umpire should be looking at first, third base umpire looking at 2nd, home plate umpire looking at third, and the 1st and 3rd base umpires should look at home. In the other major sports leagues the referees confer with each other during the game.

Just when I thought baseball doesn’t need more instant replay, 6 umpires got the call wrong on a catch made by Greg Golson to what would have been a game ending catch in the bottom of the 9th. Now what??? Are Baseball umpire’s that blind, or is the game too fast for them??

Bobby Cox had a Hall of Fame Career as a Manager with 2,504 - 2,001. He also put together a string of Division winners unparallel in baseball history. 11 straight NL East champions, 4 National League Champs and the 1995 World Series Champs. Congrats to a great career.

I am also surprised that over 52,000 fans showed up for the last two games of Bobby Cox’s regular season games. Sure they were in the hunt for the wild card (which they ended up winning), but I remember them having less than 40,000 for playoff games.

Glad to see that Philly fans had class by giving McNabb a standing ovation. It was even better that Donovan got the better of the Eagles.

Instead of showing the Boston-Philadelphia, Oklahoma-Chicago, or Indiana-Memphis game, NBA-TV, on Oct 5th, is replaying the Detroit-Miami game. It looks like its going to be a long NBA season if TBS/ESPN/NBA-TV show only Miami basketball.

According to reports by the Orlando Sentinel and wftv.com, an Orlando-area coach was suspended for allowing a homeless player to move in with him. Apparently your not allowed to have a player, regardless of the players economic status, reside with a coach of a High School team.

It seems that the Cincinnati Reds violated the State’s smoking ban law during the teams National League Central clinching celebration. The owner of the team, Bob Castellini, passed out cigars to all the players and coaches inside the clubhouse at the teams facility, The Great American Ballpark. People watching the celebration on TV called the statewide smoking ban complaint hotline. The complaints were sent to the health department. A pending investigation is underway.

Here Cincinnati Bengals Wide Receiver Chad Ochocinco was trying to help the Feed The Children charity by putting the phone number of the charity on his new cereal called OchocinO’s so people can make donations. Only one problem. Someone put the wrong area code on the box. Instead of calling the charity the number was to a sex hot-line.

Congrats to Dusty Baker for deserving a 2 year contract extension.

Josh Scobee 59 yard field goal put life back into Jack Del Rio’s coaching status. The buzz going around Jacksonville was, if he lost against the Colt’s he was gone. I’m thinking Josh just pro-longed the agony of Jacksonville fans who want to see Del Rio gone.



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