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Musings From The Hoodwood 12-16
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Run for your life Johnny Football! Manziel bombs against the Bengals

Greetings from the Hoodwood where the locals are hoping for another Fantasy Football title.

NFL: Manziels Big Flop

The hype was palpable. Johnny Football was going to get his first start in the NFL, the much ballyhooed 2012 Heisman winner and first round draft pick of the Cleveland Browns was going to get take the stage and possibly shine against a vunerable Cincy squad that had suffered a painful 4th quarter collapse against the Steelers. But the Bengals came out running and the Browns came out…flat. Far from being inspired by their crazy crowd, Manziel looked scared. He looked tentative. The Bengals seemed to be everywhere on defense and Manziel was getting beat on like a rag doll. Manziel finished a pathetic 10-18 for only 80 yards. 80! Manziel and the Browns only had the ball 38 plays and barely 20 minutes as the Browns were hammered 30-0 to be formally eliminated from the divisional and for all intents and purposes the AFC playoff race. Manziel said he was “humbled” by his performance. You think about it, Manziel had been chirping to get the start and when Brian Hoyer finally played his way out of the starting position, the natives figured Manziel was going to be ready to step in. Instead, Manziel looked confused, unprepared. He threw two interceptions and was sacked three times and his QBR? 1.0 That’s it…it wasn’t like his counterpart Andy Dalton was that much better but he didn’t really need to be. He had the redoubtable running of Jeremy Hill who ran for 148 yards which was more yards by himself than the Browns had in the entire game. Manziel may look back at this inauspicious start of his career and laugh. I doubt that though.

NFL: Reseed the playoffs?

Here we go again, the whining commences because the NFC South is the bastard child of the NFL this year. Remember when the NFC West champ won the division with a 7-9 record? That team was the Seattle Seahawks they won the division and hosted a playoff game while the NFC South had three teams win 10 games or better and the Tampa Bay Bucs with the New York Giants both won 10 games and were on the outside looking in. This year it’s the reverse. The NFC South is the weak team and there is a chance that a team with a worse than .500 ledger will win the division. Commence the whining, reseed the playoffs. Now this has quieted some as the chances that the Cowboys might win the NFC East, but there will likely be a team that will win at least 10 games and miss the playoffs. Now who will it be? Detroit? Green Bay? Philly? Seattle? Dallas? Keep in mind that Arizona has already taken one playoff spot off the table. There are five teams but only four spots left. Someone is going to be left out in the cold and the crying will commence. Lets be clear the playoffs don’t need to be reseeded, you don’t need to add an extra team. The playoffs are fine the way it is. This isn’t every one gets a trophy. Some teams  are going to get left out, you have to have a division winner and that winner hosts a playoff game as reward. Yeah the NFC South is weak but the game is cyclical.

Quick Hits

Six Divisional Titles in a Row for the Pats

Is Peyton getting the noodle arm?

The end of the Jets-Titans game was a madhouse

The Pacers were up on the Lake Show at one time 53-19

Kobe passes MJ and his sycophants go nuts, I say big deal

Damn, Jay Cutler is that bad…

The Bandits win in the GMFL Playoffs and are going to the title game.

Im going to add more to this I promise.

Sunday Musings #177
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While chuckling at the pretty accurate description of me in the pic below...


The game may have lacked offensive explosiveness but after Tom Brady and the Patriots spent the first three quarters of the game suffering under the pressure of the San Diego Chargers defense, it was nice to see them get things going in the fourth quarter. The resiliency of the offense in that fourth quarter helped the Patriots come back and beat San Diego 23-14.

Brady (pictured below 1st) ended up with 317 passing yards for the game. He had 2 TD passes. While he was sacked one time, you can generally overlook that. What you can't overlook is how the one interception he threw (picked off by Manti T'eo, pictured below 2nd) was another one of those gawdawful-what-the-hell-was-he-thinking variety picks. He had nothing on the throw and if any Patriot player had caught that ball it would've been an early Christmas miracle.

Stephen Gostkowski kicked three field goals in the game while Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski supplied the touchdown scores. Edelman caught 8 passes for 141 yards including the career long 69 yard catch and run for the score (see below 1st). Gronkowski also caught 8 passes for 87 yards and his TD (see below 2nd).


The run game was once again relatively ineffective. That is, when the Patriots bothered to use it at all. They totaled just 87 yards on the ground for the game. Thankfully the Patriots defense stepped up big time. They held the Chargers to just 53 total rushing yards.

Akeem Ayers picked off Chargers QB Phillip Rivers. The "D" also sacked Rivers 4 times. Jamie Collins picked up 2 of those sacks while Rob Ninkovich (see below) had one.

The Patriots play the Dolphins today and with a win can wrap up the AFC East division. Despite their struggles with the Chargers, I think the win demonstrated that they can play a tough, tight game and come out on top when everyone is working together.

In other NFL news, Greg Bedard had a piece on TheMMQB.com about the New Orleans Saints and their lack of leadership and professionalism. You can check out the piece via this link.


For anyone worried about the career prospects for now ex-Florida coach Will Muschamp, I think you can hold off on the charity telethon for a bit. According to an article on SI.com, he's been hired as the new defensive coordinator at Auburn. He's the fourth guy to hold the job in the last five years.

Army-Navy Game - Despite a rather game effort from Army, the Navy came out on top in the Army-Navy game for the 13th straight year. Led by quarterback Keenan Reynolds (see below far right) the Midshipmen won 17-10. He had 1 passing TD and ran for another score with his 100 yards rushing.

Congratulations to the Midshipmen!

Bowl Games - The full list of this year's bowl matchups can be viewed HERE.

While I will be interested in the semi-final bowl games that lead to the matchup, particularly the Alabama-Ohio State game, there really isn't a whole heck of a lot of games that scream out for me to watch them. Sure, I'll probably watch a game here and there as I happen to come across them. But besides the title playoff games, the only game that instantly draws me in is the Boston College-Penn State matchup in the Pinstripe Bowl on December 27th (ESPN, 4:30 pm).

There are some games featuring teams that have a storyline that might interest some people though.

In the Las Vegas Bowl, will Colorado State rebound after being jilted by coach Jim McElwain for the Florida job?

The Independence Bowl has Miami and South Carolina. Both teams are a disappointing 6-6 going into the game and will be looking for any little kind of bright light to point to for this season, particularly South Carolina who started off the season with some very high hopes.

The Holiday Bowl features Nebraska, and you have to wonder how they'll play after firing Bo Pelini.

The Outback Bowl has Wisconsin which is a topic I'll address below.

Wisconsin - The coaching situation at Wisconsin took a weird turn this week. After just two years in charge, Gary Andersen stepped down as head coach in order to take the job at Oregon State. That's like going from the penthouse to the outhouse in terms of support and facilities. The move surprised everyone.

Rumors of Andersen's disatisfaction with pay packages for his assistants and unhappiness with the admissions policies in place at Wisconsin have popped up but there's been nothing confirmed.

The Badgers still have the Outback Bowl to play, so I think it is another example of a coach not finishing the job before leaving for the next one. As always that irks the hell out of me.

Stranger still is that Wisconsin AD (and former football coach) Barry Alvarez is going to coach the team during the bowl game. this is the second time in 3 years he's done this. The looming shadow of Alvarez was another rumor that popped up this week as well. My question about this move is why does Alvarez need to coach the team. You mean to tell me one of the coordinators, coaches who've actually been with the team all season long can't step up to coach the team on the 1 game interim basis? Alvarez was quoted saying that the seniors on the team asked him to coach the game. If that's true, is it an indictment of how the players feel about the leftover coaches or are they really that fond of Alvarez?

Meanwhile, on Friday came reports that the school will hire Pitt coach Paul Chryst (shown below) as their new coach sometime after December 17th. You can read more details about that HERE. He was the Badgers offensive coordinator from 2005-2011 so he does have good ties to the school. It would also seem that he understands how things work there too.

Whatever happens, after losing to coaches in the space of three years, the Badgers had better hope they get this hire right. Otherwise, people are really going to start asking questions if coaches keep leaving what is considered a high profile job for new posts that are clearly a step down.


A lot of the teams I root for played during the course of the week and don't have another game scheduled until later this afternoon. You can read what I had to say about those games that were played in my latest Mid Week College Basketball Update. Five of the six teams I've been writing about so far this season will play their next game this afternoon.

Boston College Men - The Eagles played Maine on Thursday night and ended up coming away with an 85-74 victory to improve to 5-3 on the season. Aaron Brown (shown below) led the team in scoring with 21 points.

The surprising contributions from Dennis Clifford (pic below) were a huge factor in powering Boston College to the win. While he's been working hard, his offense has been a work in progress. But against Maine, his struggles seemed to clear up as he poured in a career high 19 points and grabbed 7 rebounds. He also blocked 3 shots. If he can become a consistent offensive threat, it gives BC yet another scoring option and they become that much more dangerous.

Patrick Heckmann (shown below 1st) scored 13 points and had 4 steals, while Dimitri Batten finished with 12 points. Olivier Hanlan (shown below 2nd) had 10 points and 6 assists.

Looking at the box score, another component of the win was the Eagles outscoring Maine 30-8 in the points off turnovers category. 


(all pics from BC game photo galleries)

Here's the video highlights:


You can read my latest Celtics Report blog post HERE.


For my take on the moves the Red Sox made to shore up their pitching rotation, you can checkout my blog post HERE.

When Bret Lawrie was traded from the Toronto Blue Jays, the reaction of one of his young fans set Youtube ablaze. It appears there was a somewhat happy ending to the story though. Read it HERE.

Former Chicago White Sox outfielder Mark Gilbert became the first ex-player to be named an ambassador for the United State. You can learn more about him HERE.


Check out this story on the Sports Illustrated High School Athlete of the Month for December, New Hampshire soccer player Kate Marshall.

Bristol-Plymouth Girls Varsity - B-P ended up losing to Diman Voke by 10 points (48-38) in their season opener. I was told they were ahead for much of the first half but had poor shooting and picked up lots of fouls.

Wareham Girls Varsity -  I went to the third and final scrimmage for Wareham this past Wednesday. They were up against Upper Cape and while Wareham didn't look particularly good, they were a lot better than Upper Cape. They played four quarters and Wareham won two of them while tying the other two. When I first got to the gym, I dropped off some Boston College women's basketball tickets I picked up for one of my ex-players to her father. I also gave the father of another player the letter of recommendation his daughter asked me to write for her National Honor Society application thing.

In the scrimmage, Gabby drained a couple more three pointers. There's six girls on the varsity that I coached in the past. Gabby, Erica, Kali, Tieyanna, Brianna and Kiara.

The Vikings went on the road to play Bishop Stang in their season opener but fell flat, losing 56-29. Tieyanna led the Vikings with 12 points. But the team's poor shooting and 27 turnovers were key factors cited in their big loss. The starting five for Wareham featured 4 players that I had a hand in coaching at some point during their youth league days. Gabby had 3 points in the game, while Brianna had 2 points and Kali added 6.

You can read about the game in this Wareham Courier article.

By the way, here's a team candid photo I totally stole from Gabby's FB page.

Upper Cape Girls JV - It was a rough and tumble kind of game against South Shore Voke Tech. The game was full of uncalled physical play that should've resulted in lots of fouls (on both sides). But Upper Cape came away with a 27-8 victory to start their season off right. I've got two players on the team. Laurina started and served as captain. She was the point guard when she was in the game. She was 1-2 from the floor for 2 points. She forced a jump ball call, had an assist, an offensive rebound and a steal to go with 2 turnovers. Ann Marie started as well. She was 2-7 from the floor for 4 points. She missed two foul shots as well. She had an assist, 4 steals and a defensive rebound. She also committed 4 turnovers and a foul.

Upper Cape Girls Varsity - After watching Upper Cape scrimmage on Wednesday and look absolutely awful against Wareham, I had no idea what to expect. But since South Shore Voke Tech is not a good team, I guess the final score of 68-12 in favor of Upper Cape shouldn't have been much of a surprise. The game was a blowout from the start as the Rams were up 19-3 after the first quarter and just kept rolling.

It's actually hard to decipher how the team looked on a technical basis given they were playing a team so clearly inferior. But all the defensive lapses they had in the Wareham scrimmage were held to a minimum and the team worked together in passing the ball and getting it to the open player.

Michaela had an off game to start her season. She was 1-12 from the floor for 2 points. She had 4 steals and 2 rebounds to go with a turnover and a foul.


While all my ex-players still in high school are making a good showing for themselves by staying involved in athletics and not being arrested, there's news on a couple of my former players who have been IN court instead of ON one.

One of the four ex-players charged in connection with a murder here in town saw his charges reduced and got out on personal recognizance. I'm sure one can guess that he's making a deal and that's why he's suddenly out of prison. You can read more HERE.

Another of my ex-players, Eric, got arrested in connection with a robbery of a local restaurant. This is a new charge for him but he's no stranger to run-ins with the law. That story is HERE.

As always, I'm left shaking my head at the inherent stupidity these former players of mine continue to show in their decision making.


TV - The fall finales of The Flash and Arrow were rather good. You can check out the Pop-topia.com recaps of each episode via the following links: The Flash - "The Man in the Yellow Suit" / Arrow - "The Climb"


It's been 15 years since the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Hush" was broadcast. TVGuide.com ran an oral history article on the episode this week. You can check it out HERE.

Movies - I picked up Guardians of the Galaxy on DVD this week. I loved the movie in the theater and watching it again was a thrill ride. It will be featured on my Best of 2014 movie list that I will be writing up soon.

In the meantime, you can check out the Honest Trailer for the movie below, it is rather funny.

Grantland.com had an oral history article on the making of the film Boogie Nights. It is an entertaining and extremely long piece. You can check it out HERE.

Books - I finished reading the Janet Evanovich / Lee Goldberg novel The Chase this week. It's the second book in the Kate O'Hare / Nick Fox series that teams up an FBI agent with thief to take down other bad guys. While the premise is clearly something akin to the TV show White Collar, this has a bit more of an international thriller vibe (although retaining the more lighthearted feel of Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series).

I really enjoyed the book a lot this time around and can't wait for the third book The Job to make its way to paperback.

Comics - Free Comic Book Day is almost six months away, but the Gold Sponsor level books that will be available on the first Saturday in May 2015 have been announced. You can see the list HERE.

Music - The new U.D.O. album Decadent is due out in the US on February 3rd. The official video for the song has been released and you can see it below.

The new group Revolution Saints features Night Ranger bassist Jack Blades, ex-Whitesnake guitarist Doug Aldrich and Journey drummer Deen Castronovo. Their self-titled debut album is due out February 24th. But you can see the video for the song "Turn Back Time" below.

My 2015 Calendar - I know it is a bit old fashioned given how most people use the calendar feature on their phones nowadays, but I always use REAL calendars. Usually I grab one up from the local pizza place, or from Dunkin Donuts. Or I take one of the few that we get from my job. But this year, I picked up one for the TV show Firefly so I'll "Keep Flyin'" with them all year long.


Mid-Week College Basketball Update 12/11/14
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Before I start attending games for the high school basketball season that kicks off tomorrow night, I thought I'd recap a few of the college games that have been played recently.

The first thing I wanted to mention revolves around the Providence College men's basketball team. Earlier in the season, they knocked off the ranked Nebraska team. It was a nice big win for the Friars to put on their resume. But my buddy Brian can't be all that happy now that the Cornhuskers got upset last night by Incarnate Word, a team that's only in their 2nd or 3rd year in D1 basketball. The Nebraska loss downgrades the Providence win just a bit and that little bit of luster on their resume has gotten a bit tarnished.

As for Mount Saint Joseph's Lauren Hill, the latest update on her is the news that the V Foundation for Cancer Research donated $100,000 in her name for pediatric brain cancer research. You can read an article and see a video message from Hill via this link.

Missouri State - The Bears played Arkansas close last night but fell away during the latter part of the game, losing 59-50. The loss drops them to 1-7 on the season. Kenzie Williams (shown below) scored 15 points, grabbed 6 rebounds and dished out 4 assists. Hillary Chvatal added 11 points and 7 rebounds.

With injuries to Tyonna Snow (she hasn't played all season), Liza Fruendt and Lee Ann Polowy, point guard Riley Israel (seen below) has seen her playing time increase dramatically. Not a bad turn of events for a freshman who had "retired" from basketball after her last high school basketball. You can read here story HERE.

Hartford - The Hawks snapped their losing streak with a 62-57 victory over Penn State. However, the win didn't come easy with the Hawks nearly blowing a 24 point lead in the second half. But Hartford led for the entire game for the 2nd time this season as Deanna Mayza (pictured below) hit for a career high 25 points (6-10 3pt shooting, 7-8 FT shooting). Mayza had 5 turnovers in the game as well.

(photo from game pic gallery)

Cherelle Moore scored 14 points and grabbed 8 rebounds but had a team high 7 turnovers. Morgan Lumb added 9 points.

You can see highlights from the game below.

Post game interviews with Deanna Mayza and coach Jennifer Rizzotti can be viewed in the video below.

Tennessee LADY VOLS - Tennessee got back on the winning side of things this past Sunday with a relatively easy 85-51. The win improves the team to 6-2 on the season. The blowout was keyed by a 26-0 run early in the first half to give the Lady Vols control of the game.

Cierra Burdick led Tennessee with 16 oints and 10 boards. Isabelle Harrison added another 16 points while grabbing 6 boards. Alexa Middleton scored 12 points.

You can see highlights of the game below.

Boston College Women - The team's Monday press conference with coach Erik Johnson can be seen below.

Last night, the Eagles played Holy Cross and had what can only be termed as a dramatically disappointing game. The final score of 80-64 in favor of Holy Cross doesn't do justice to just how well the Crusaders played and how unbelievably bad BC was.

In dropping to 5-4 on the season, the Eagles found themselves down 32-8 at one point in the first half of the game (leading their own Twitter account to tweet out "Eagles sleeping tonight"). They ended up shooting just 32.8% for the entire game. This was BC's first loss to Holy Cross since 1997, a streak extending 16 games. What helped to make this game even more disappointing was that Holy Cross was just 1-7 coming into the game. I don't know if BC was looking past Holy Cross, but if they were they need to realize they are not good enough to do that.

Nicole Boudreau was the only player in double figures with 24 points. She was 9-14 from the floor including a 6-8 performance from behind the arc.

Meanwhile, Holy Cross turned 15 BC turnovers into 23 points.

This pic from The Heights student newspaper editor Emily Fahey pretty much sums up the game:

You can see Coach Johnson's brief post game video commentary below.

Musings From The Hoodwood 12-9
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How much longer will Johnny Football be on the sidelines?


Greetings from the Hoodwood where the locals are gearing up for the playoffs

College football: The chosen four

You now have the four teams that will compete in the the playoff for the initial college football championship all four teams have flaws in their own way yet have the tools and talent to be the last team standing in Jerry World next month

You have Alabama, SEC heavyweight, Nick Saban and his crew aren’t near the dominating team that they have been in years past but they still have the ruthlessly effiecent offense and the punishing defense. You wonder sometimes though if they mentally wander. But they made it through the rugged SEC with a few bumps but only 1 loss.

You have those wacky quackers from west with the myriad of unis. Led by Heisman finalist Marcus Mariota, Oregon is a high speed high scoring juggernaut who dominated the Pac 12 and avenged their only loss to Arizona with a devastating revenge beating in Santa Clara in the Pac-12 title game. This is a team that plays fast scores fast and never wears the same unis twice.

You have the defending champs, Florida State who is the only unbeaten team who dodged bullet after bullet in seemingly every game but got out every time with a win. Jameis Winston may be the most hated and polarizing college player in the game but he seems to get the win every time. The Noles have the nations longest win streak and will have gone better than 2 calendar years without a loss when they line up in Pasadena against the Ducks on New Years Day

Finally you have the school that makes sure you know it start with THE. Bullies of the Big Ten, Ohio State took a puzzling loss to a weak Virginia Tech and was seemingly written out of the national championship picture before the season turned to fall but grinding away he Bucks climbed back in behind the sterling play of JT Barrett who was thrown into action when senior QB an incumbent starter Braxton Miller was injured before the season started, but the Bucks jelled behind Barnett and rolled to another perfect Big Ten regular season, their 3rd straight but the in the season finale against hated rival Michigan Barrett suffered a gruesome ankle injury he was also lost for the year. The Bucks seemed to be the heavy underdog to the Badgers of Wisconsin behind their rugged run game. But the Bucks started fast and never let the Badgers up for air much less off the proverbial canvas and laid a frightening woodshed beating to the tune of 59-0, you can clown on my beloved Bearcats giving up 50 back in September, but they lead some in the game and were competitive in the game. Wisconsin was never close to being in the same area code much less competitive. The Bucks impressed the selection committee to bypass TCU and Baylor to get the final dance invite.

So did the committee get it right? I think given they could only take four, yes. You have the playoff winners of the four power conferences with title games. The co-champs of the Big 12 were left on the outside looking in. Baylor might have had more of a beef, they beat TCU in a wild shootout in October but shared the title with the Horned Frogs. Both teams were shunned. I think personally that it should be 8 teams, take the power 5 conference winners. Add three wild cards either the teams that get upset or the little conference champ that goes unbeaten. Play the tourney over three weekends, the first after the conference title games the semis on New Years day and the championship either on a Monday or the Saturday between the pro conference championships and the Super Bowl that would be a real lead into the Super Bowl fesitivities and use the big six bowls Cotton (at Jerry World) Fiesta, Rose, Orange, Peach/Chik Fil-A (in Atlanta) and Sugar and rotate the quarters semis and championship. Keep the other bowls as rewards for the other schools. You still have your fill of football and the major ones have their proper stage…Problem solved.

Phat Dap

To John Wall who played his usual beast self (26 points, 17 dimes) in a thrilling double overtime against the Celtics but revealed side many don’t get to see, getting very emotional revealing that he was playing this game with an especially heavy heart after losing a young friend to cancer. Wall played this game in her memory and broke down during the post game interview talking about losing his friend. Dap to Wall who showed a tender side.

Dap also to Southern Methodist Football who is arguably the worst team in college football and the only team in FBS yet to taste victory. The Mustangs played more often than not played like glue factory nags, getting beat by ridiculous scores. My beloved Bearcats toyed with them beating them 41-3, but they got beat by more lopsided scores. They were shutout twice, where they didn’t score more than 6 points in any of their first four and aside from a painful 14-13 loss to South Florida were never in any game. Until their last game against UConn, which looked like the same old same old when they fell behind 20-6 but the Mustangs rallied to score 21 unanswered to upend the Huskies and win 27-20 to avoid a winless season. The Mustangs not only avoid an ofer but they get out of the American conference basement since their 1-7 conference record matches UConn and they won their head to head matchup. The win wasn’t without its laughable difficulties, The Mustangs took three penalties late in the game trying to run out the clock in a victory formation. Ironically when the Mustangs came off their death penalty in 1989 their first win was a 31-30 decision over then Division II… UConn.

Head Slap

To the Cincinnati Bengals who melted down royally in the 4th quarter against the Steelers. I was a personal witness to the carnage, entering the 4th quarter of a tight 21-17 game with their hated divisional bullies cum rivals, the Bengals were riding high having just scored a touchdown on a long bomb from Andy Dalton to AJ Green, but after a field goal cut the Bengals lead to one, Andy Dalton fumbled on the ensuing possession and the Steelers cashed in four plays later on a run by LeVeon Bell and also converted a two point conversion. After a short possession by the Bengals the Steelers looked backed up after Kevin Huber landed a punt at the 6 yard line. A defensive hold might flip the field and make a tense game tenser. The Steelers had other ideas and Ben Roethlisberger threw a bomb to a streaking Martavis Bryant who had badly burned Bengals CB Leon Hall, Bryant caught the ball in stride and barreled down the sideline in front of a stunned Bengals bench into the end zone and the sound you hear was the Bengals back breaking from the Steelers kill shot. Bell finished the job with his 3rd touchdown score of the day and the Steelers rolled to a 42-21 win. The Steelers scored 25 points in the 4th. The Bengals never got close to the end zone and now the AFC North is once again in chaos. The Bengals are in trouble and their defense once a proud gem of the team, may have fueled their collapse.

Quick Hits

Scoring a game winning goal after losing a chunk of your ear? That’s why hockey players are inherently tougher. Kevin Cline of the Rangers lost a chunk of his ear on a high stick but had it reattached and game back later in their game Monday against the Pens and scored the game winner in OT…that’s stones brudda!

Im in two playoffs in my fantasy and won one of the first round games by .5 of a point…YEAH!

Johnny Football will likely get the start for the Browns and implode that team

13 in a row for the Warriors as they beat the Timberwolves…but they need to call up former Bearcat stud Sean Kilpatrick from the D-League Santa Cruz Warriors…just sayin…

Cordarelle Patterson…what happened to that guy?

I spot light the Sixers losing 17 in a row and they beat…the Timberwolves…sigh

My beloved Bearcats won their 5th conference title in 7 years but nearly gave me heart failure holding off Houston

Landon Donovan gets to ride off into the sunset with an MLS title, a fitting end for a classy player.

Until next post fellow sports fans!

Monday Moaning 12-8-14
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Are you ready for the Holiday season!?!

I spent Saturday getting the Christmas tree up, decorated, then the outside lights...Yep, I'm already over it...Oh wait...We haven't bought a single gift for anyone...Where the hell is Santa when you need his fat ass!?!

Santa....What the hell...The Santa question was finally asked in our house...Our oldest turned 13 last week, and Friday asked my wife about the fat man...My wife, be a softy, and not wanting to admit to our children growing up, continued to try to push the myth...Our oldest is smart, and kinda knew the truth, but she's a very sweet, innocent  soul, and wanted to believe...So when I got home from work, I had to have the talk with her...Including, the part where she isn't allowed to blow our cover to the other two....I put a positive spin on it, and how the idea of Santa brings so much happieness, and can bring the best out in people, and so on...She took it well...I could tell she was upset, but she's okay...It was tougher on my wife, who was making smart ass comments in front of her the next day about what a jerk I was for not believing...

So, college football set the 4 team playoff...Not shocking that Alabama is in...FSU ran the table, can't screw them, even if they a bunch of criminal fucking assholes...Oregon got in...They're bad-ass and never afraid to play anyone...and then Ohio State, with a 3rd string QB destroyed Wisconsin in the Big-10 Championship game, saving this whole system from what was going to be a major controversy...TCU and Baylor...The polls kept ranking TCU ahead of Baylor, even though Baylor had beaten them straight up...Suddenly it was easy to just jump Ohio State ahead...It also helps that Luckeye fans have proven that they travel well, 'cause we all know money is always going to be a factor...Since I hate Alabama, and FSU, and Ohio State, I'll bee pulling for the Ducks...But the 'Bama OSU matchup should be a good game...We'll see...

Now, I touched on this shit last week, or the week before, or both...All you protesters, while many are being peaceful, and I respect your right to assemble, and all that happy horse shit, IT'S ILLEGAL TO BLOCK TRAFFIC...Yes, it's against the law for you fuck-tards to shut down highways, and bridges and tunnels...Nothing will make me more happy when a mayor finally gets tired of this shit, and gives the order to turn the fire hoses on you fuckheads...Just wait until and ambulance can't get through and some one dies...Manslaughter charges for all you dickheads...

And another tip...If you don't want to get physically taken down by the police, listen to them...Don't resist arrest...You'll actually stand a better chance in court if you don't resist...If you listen, and don't act like an ass, they're more likely to listen to your side as well...want to act like ass, resist, well maybe you get choked out...

Sadly, the hands up shit hasn't stopped yet, but then again, neither did it's martyr, Mike Brown!  But now we have people laying down and saying they can't breathe...You know what would make things better...If you dolts went to work and contributed to the economy...

I find it humorous how we are getting bombarded with stories of white police shooting, hurting or killing black people...But nothing is being said about the constant black on black crime that goes on everyday in this country...Go to Chicago for a week...It's fucking constant black on black carnage...Checkout Detroit...And I haven't mentioned the hate crimes that take place everywhere that are black on white...Those get hushed up, but they happen everyday...

I'm not trying to make this about race...I'm just pointing out the fact that awful shit happens everyday to everyone, not just you...I don't think we should be looking at just police, or black people, or white people...We should be looking at all of ourselves, because we have become a very violent, uncaring society, and I fear for my children's future...

That's enough of my sermon...

Have a week...

The Beeze.


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