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Correcting the NHL Divisional Alignment
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Iíll start out with a disclaimer that Iím not exactly an avid hockey fan, although I do enjoy the playoffs and I start following more intently around April. Itís just not a sport I grew up around or have attended much.

I was inspired to write this just because I happened to grab a sports page yesterday and look at the standings. I just never saw the point of getting excited about a sport 6 months before it crowned a champion. I mostly write the most about college football, and you might have noticed I donít have all that much to say about even that in July.

I talked about some different possibilities before the realignment in 2011.

In the first two of these possibilities, I was considering the current format of two divisions per conference. What Iím about to suggest is very similar to the second of those. The only difference is I was anticipating the Eastern and Western Conferences would have equal numbers of teams, and that is not what happened. Iím just going to assume the conferences will keep the same respective numbers of teams they have now. Itís not really fair to those seeking wild cards, but on the other hand, itís good that teams are on a somewhat level playing field (playing surface?) as the other division in a given conference.

When I discussed realignment possibilities for the NFL, a lot of people didnít like the idea of the Dallas Cowboys being anywhere but the NFC East, even though Washington, Philadelphia, and New York are of course nowhere near Dallas. I find it really strange that so many people are perfectly fine with moving the Detroit Red Wings to the Eastern Conference even though they were always in the West and have a much longer tradition than the Cowboys, who are about 50 years old as a franchise. Also, Detroit is in the middle of two logical groups of teams geographically, so the more traditional alignment does not completely fly in the face of any geographic logic.

So one thing I would do is move them back. This would be my Central Division (or Midwest could be another name):
St. Louis

Iíll talk more about this below, but I think itís good for Chicago to have another top franchise in their division. This isnít the 1990s anymore, when Dallas and Colorado were among the top franchises. I understand Detroit would probably rather play more games in the Eastern Time Zone, but Iím not sure itís necessary to play that many more games against other divisions within the conference as other divisions outside of the conference.

I think fans on the West Coast, for instance, are more excited to see teams like New York and Boston than Colorado and Dallas even though obviously Colorado and Dallas are a lot closer, so there really isnít a good reason (other than reducing travel of course) to play non-divisional in-conference opponents more than non-conference opponents. I donít think playing teams in the Central Time Zone is a big deal for Detroit (like itís not a big deal for the Cowboys of the NFL to play against the Eastern Time Zone), but I am definitely sympathetic to the idea of avoiding a high number of games against the Mountain and Pacific Time Zones. So if the scheduling followed this logic, it shouldnít bother Detroit as much not to be in the Eastern Conference.

So moving Detroit back to the West creates an opening in the Atlantic Division. What strikes me is that along with the likes of Buffalo and Montreal, we have two teams from Florida. Letís move those out as well. So now we have three spots. What collection of three teams makes the most sense together? How about the Rangers, the Islanders, and the Devils? The New York area also shares a state with Buffalo, and I get the impression from other sports you can establish some good rivalries between New York and Boston-area teams.

Whatís left is essentially a revival of the Southeast Division except itís going to go a little farther North and West. Philadelphia is fairly close to DC, and Pittsburgh makes a lot of sense as an in-state rival. Columbus is not too far from Pennsylvania either. Itís also not all that far from Nashville, which would have a natural rivalry with Carolina (another team that had been in the Southeast Division).

I wouldnít do anything to alter the Pacific Division as currently constituted, so here are the two divisions of the Eastern Conference under my proposal:

New York Is.
New York Ran.
New Jersey
(I would also note that if a team were to move to Eastern Canada, you could then move New Jersey, so keep that in mind with the teams below as well. Also see the map below.)

Tampa Bay

Iím putting this all on the map below. The Southeast Division is in Yellow, mostly corresponding to the current Metropolitan Division. The Northeast, which mostly corresponds to the current Atlantic Division, is in blue. The Central/Midwest is in green, and the Pacific is in red.

Each proposed division is a different color.  Uninhabited states/provinces are gray.  No state or province has teams of multiple divisions.

Each proposed division is a different color. Uninhabited states/provinces are gray. No state or province has teams of multiple divisions.

This is the map of the current divisions. New York State is sort of a teal color since it has teams in both the Atlantic and Metropolitan Divisions.

Map of the current divisions

Map of the current divisions

I looked up the Stanley Cup Finalists since the lockout season, and I think Iíve done a reasonable job with competitive balance even though that wasnít my primary objective. The four divisions have all either had 4 or 5 finalists in that time. The only division clearly more successful than the rest by this measure is the Pacific, which has won three Stanley Cups in that time and also had two runners-up.

My proposed Northeast Division also has had 5 finalists, but it has the fewest Stanley Cup Champions. Boston won in 2011, but the last team in that group to win before that was New Jersey in 2003.

The Southeast had 2 champions (Carolina and Pittsburgh) and 2 runners-up (Philadelphia and Pittsburgh) in that time and also won the last Stanley Cup (Tampa Bay) before the lockout season.

The Central/Midwest had three champions in that time (Chicago twice and Detroit) and one runner-up (Detroit).

Iím open to additional information I might be overlooking, but this seems a lot more sensible than having Florida teams in the same division as Canadian teams and having another division that goes from Nashville to Denver.

Chris Drury: Good Bye and Good Luck
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After having his contract bought out a few weeks ago, Chris Drury officially retired today...As a Hockey fan, I always loved the guy...Of course I love to see American born players do well...But it was his Awesome play in the playoffs that really got me fired up...

After putting together strong runs in Colorado, he landed in Buffalo, where his leadership skills shined...Then he signed the monster contract with my New york Rangers...While he was still a great leader, and one of the best defensive players around, he never lived up to the contract...Especially once injuries started taking a toll on his body the last couple of seasons...

I hope he won't be just remembered as a bust with the Rangers...I hope he isn't just remembered for his little league world series performance, oh so many years ago...I hope people will remember the drive...The leadership...The clutch play...The face-offs won...The shot blocking, penalty killing, do whatever it takes kind of guy he was...

Best of luck to Chris Drury!

Later, The Beeze.

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