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Monday Moaning (The Beeze's Top 10 Christmas Songs)
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This week the normal Monday Moaning is taking a break...It's just before Christmas and I've been all wrapped up in getting things ready for Christmas...We have our annual Christmas Eve party...Plus I have to pick up the Christmas dinner duties because my Mom was slowed down by some health issues...Don't worry, she's fine...Minor thing, but it threw my folks a wrinkle...My brothers aren't in any position to pick up the slack, so it's on us...

Anyways I've spent no time on sports between work, and the Christmas prep...So, I'm going with music...Music as always been big in my life...Ever since I was a kid...My Mom teaching me about the Beatles and Stones...My dad teaching me about Blues and Jazz...Then my older brothers brought in their influences...I've been hooked on music forever...So this week, since I've been sharing different Christmas song each week, we'll get into the full list...Well, at least the top 10....

1. The Kinks- Father Christmas....The poor kids anthem, and a classic Kinks riff...

2. Billy Squier- Christmas is a Time to Say I Love You...Showing my age...The days when MTV played music...Totally underrated Christmas song...

3. Dead Sara- Snow in Los Angeles...This is a new one...Released last year just after I had done a list of Christmas songs...This one shot up right away on my list...

4. Pearl Jam- Let Me Sleep (It's Christmas Time) Back in the early '90s none of us expected  these guys to do a Christmas song, but they did, and it's excellent...

5.  "Blue Christmas"  This one is an old standard...It always makes me think of those I wish were still with us...I'm sure there are plenty of people feeling this year...I don't like Elvis...And since my favorite band did it a couple years ago, I'll go with them...Our Lady Peace...

6. The Pretenders- 2000 Miles...I just flat-out love this song...My favorite song from the Pretenders...

7. Daniel Mustard- Since Santa Ain't Coming...I shared this a couple weeks ago...An anti-Christmas song, from a guy who just months before recoding it was homeless...

8. Let it Snow...Another old standard...You gotta love how Dean could lay it down...And I have to say, the Rat Pack Christmas album is awesome...

9. Silent Night....I'm going with the Sarah McLachlan version...But there are so many great versions, it's hard to screw up...If you really want to get depressed check out the Lisa Hannigan version...Uhgg

10. Chris Cornell- Ave Maria...Everyone knew the Soundgarden front man could sing, but when he did this for 1997's  "A Very Special Christmas Volume 3" everyone was blown away to hear just how amazing of a singer he is...

That's it...What do you think?  What are your favorite Christmas songs?

If you're interested, here's my LIST of the 15 top Christmas Movies...

Have a week...And a Merry Christmas!

The Beeze.

Postgame notes on LSU/Tennessee Series
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I’m updating a couple of sections to reflect today’s outcome. This was only LSU’s third win in Knoxville and the scoring and margin of victory by LSU were also historic. Changes are italicized below.


Overall records

Tennessee now leads the overall series, 20-9-3.

Tennessee leads in Knoxville, 11-3-1.

Tennessee leads in Baton Rouge, 8-4-2.

LSU leads 2-0 in Atlanta (SEC Championships in 2001 and 2007).

Tennessee leads 1-0 in Houston (the 1972 Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl).


Longest winning. unbeaten streaks

Tennessee: winning streak, 10 (from 1934 to 1959); unbeaten streak, 13 (from 1934 to 1972).

LSU: winning streak, 4 (2006 to present).


Home/away streaks

UT @ LSU: 5, 1939-1952; unbeaten, 6, 1939-1964

LSU @ UT: 2, 2006 & 2011

UT at home: 9, 1934-1975; unbeaten, 10, 1925-1983

LSU at home: None


Biggest wins

Tennessee’s biggest win in the series was 28-0 in 1940.

LSU’s biggest win in the series was 38-7 in 2011, and that was the most points LSU scored in regulation in a win. LSU’s previous best win (and previous most points scored in regulation) was a 34-9 win, also in Knoxville, in 1988, the Tigers’ first win there.

(LSU’s only shutout win over Tennessee was 7-0 in 1933.)

Two of the three highest winning point totals overall were both in very close games. The 2000 overtime game (38) was LSU’s highest point total in a win, and Tennessee’s highest point total was in a 45-39 win in 1989. LSU tied the total of 38 in regulation in 2011.

In the 24 games between 1925 and 1993, LSU had only 3 wins and 3 ties against Tennessee. The teams did not play for the following 6 seasons, but since there has been more consistent play between the two (2000-2011), LSU has won 6 times in 8 games.


Results from 2000 to present:

2000–Baton Rouge–LSU, 38-31 (OT)

2001–Knoxville–Tennessee, 26-18

2001–Atlanta–LSU, 31-20

2005–Baton Rouge–Tennessee, 30-27 (OT)

2006–Knoxville–LSU, 28-24

2007–Atlanta–LSU, 21-14

2010—Baton Rouge–LSU, 16-14

2011-Knoxville-LSU, 38-7


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WSU, WTF? College Football Recap
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 Before I get into the misery that is my fandom, I want to thank the owners of You Gab Sports for reaching out to me, and offering me the chance to sub in for one of the featured bloggers. The welcome I've received has been great, and everyone here seems really cool. Onto the misery.

 It was a long day for the Washington State Cougars in Stillwater, Oklahoma. It's hard to win football games when you give up 544 total yards. Giving up 65 points hurts too! That's right folks, my Cougars lost 65-17 to the Cowboys from Oklahoma State.

 Quarterback Jeff Tuel played well, passing for 212 yards and a touchdown. The Cougars running back by commitee only gained 112 yards, and the team coughed up the ball twice.  Turnovers will kill you, but a defense that can't stop anyone will do you in even faster. The Cougars gave up 291 yards on the ground, and 253 through the air. That's not going to be a fun film session!

It sure wasn't fun for us fans to watch. I felt awful for my son. He and his mother came over to watch it with me. Us being a couple of WSU alumni, we thought it was time to expose him to this curse. Kathy tapped out early and went shopping. At half time Adam was beat down, and we went to the park. I had been so excited to share football with him, and now I fear I made him Huskies fan. I hope when I take him to his first Seahawks game he will be more excited about football.


The first weekend of College Football has been exciting. There were plenty of blowouts, besides the WSU game. Then there was the shocker. Jacksonville State upsetting Ole Miss 49-48 in overtime. Two fumbles and an interception came back to haunt the Rebels. It's games like this that make college football so exciting.

 This past week, I noticed there are a few Notre Dame fans here. They should be happy with a 23-12 victory over Purdue.

 The worst game of the week may have Oregon's 72-0 thrashing of New Mexico. I didn't really know what to expect from the Ducks this year, but I guess we all should expect a lot of offense. It just wasn't fear at all. The Lobos turned it over 5 times, but does that even matter when they give up 720 yards of total offense?  that's just brutal.

 This week's big game is Monday night. Boise State vs Virginia Tech. Two good teams, and proud programs. I expect it to be a shootout.

 For those who have followed my personal trials and tribulations, I'll tell you that  Adam and I have been having a blast together, except when I make him watch the Cougars! The few days I don't see him, we talk on the phone, but the way things are progressing between Kathy and me, I may be seeing him every day.  I've tried to take it slow with her, but it's hard at times. We just click. I have to remind myself sometimes what she did, but is that really going to help either of us if I keep doing that?


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