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Baseball, perhaps like no other sport, manages to enshrine its players in the national collective memory of its fans so deeply that even when you never have seen a particular baseball legend play, you feel as if you did.

That's how I feel about Ernie Banks. And that is why today I felt saddened to wake up and learn of his passing. I'll let news articles and other bloggers fill you in on his stats in the game and all that other stuff.

What I enjoyed most about Banks came from his youthful enthusiasm for the game. He was a great ambassador not just for the Cubs but for the entire game of baseball.

If you have followed the game's history at all, you are undoubtedly familiar with his famous quote:

In a day when players have to be bribed to play a double header or go on a tirade about having to play too many day or night games in a row, Banks joy for playing the game despite being on gut wrenchingly bad teams should put those modern day players to shame.

As expected, the Cubs paid tribute to Banks on their marquee last night:

It isn't that there aren't players of the caliber of Banks these days, they just seem fewer and farther between. And a little piece of the heart of the game goes away whenever a man like Mr. Cub leaves us.

I said that I never got to see him play, but through numerous articles, books, and of course archival footage, I have a decent understanding of just how magnificent Ernie Banks was as a player and as a representative of this game of baseball and life. He was a Hall of Famer in more ways than one.

The man was beloved by pretty much anyone who knew him it seems. It wasn't just baseball awards he got in his lifetime either. Ernie Banks was a receipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom for goodness sake.

Banks may have left us but he also leaves us with an example of how to have that sparkle and enthusiasm for what you are doing, whether it be sports or any field of endeavor. He never seemed to have lost that exuberance.

Good night and RIP to you, Ernie Banks. You'll always be Mr. Cub to more than just Chicago fans. And here's to you getting to "Play Two" as much as you want now.




O H Thursday
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Here we are back to Thursday already.

It’s been a busy week for a guy that’s supposed to be retired.

Last weekend the bride and I celebrated our 28th anniversary with a weekend getaway.

It rained most of the time but that didn’t dampen our time.

The town of Plymouth Ma is famous around the globe for being the landing and settling place of the Pilgrims.

When you see the entering Plymouth sign it reads

Plymouth Massachusetts, established 1620

In the USA, that’s old.

We stayed in a quant B&B right on the harbor with a great view of the white caps swirling around the docked fishing boats.

We ate lunch of fried clams at Woods Seafood on the dock. We would typically walk out the rock jetty 

and talk to the fishermen and watch the boats going in and out


With the temps in the 40’s, the rain pelting down and the winds on shore at about 35 knots it was a day to look out the windows at the seagulls soaring, just trying not to blow too far inland. That’s where the dumpster diving gulls and the shellfish eating gulls try not to mix.

After this we went to the Plymouth Bay winery, they have taste testing Saturdays year round.

We were walking around the shop looking at the wine selection and gifts, the Sommelier called us over and told us the price for tasting 11 of their best wines, $5 per person including a complimentary wine glass…how can you beat that.

The wine Sommelier named Mike, had us and another couple sit at the bar and explained the types of wines they make from a fruity sweet white to some dry reds and began with the whites…

Three wines in, the shop began to fill with others and Mike asked them to join us.

He asked if we minded them catching up before we moved on.

The other guy we were sitting with, Fred from Belmont, said, “Dave here and I were thinking we didn’t get the first three straight and need a remedial course.

Mike laughed and said sure… why not.

We were their for better than an hour and drank way more than they would normally allow on a typical Saturday afternoon but the benefit for the winery was that everyone in the place bought wine and gifts…I think I dropped $70 bucks.

We had dinner at the East Bay Grill later on for some more fresh seafood and toasted our 28 years of marriage and vowed to keep our vows until death do us part.


My Patriots rebounded from the loss in Green Bay to maintain the catbird seat in the AFC playoff standings by putting up a great defensive effort on the road in San Diego holding SD to 7 offensive points. Middle linebacker Donta Hightower who has filled in for pro bowl linebacker Jerod Mayo (lost for the season 5 weeks ago) was out with a shoulder injury.

Second year man and second round pick Jamie Collins        moved inside to handle green dot responsibilities came up big with 9 tackles and 2 sacks in the 23-14 win

 Rob Gronkowski set a new NFL record by becoming the first TE to have four 10 TD seasons.  Congrats Gronk.

The Patriots won their 10th game of the season and the feat marked the 12th consecutive season with 10 or more wins

Peyton Manning’s streak of 51 consecutive games with at least one TD pass ended at the hands of the Buffalo Bills.

The list of the best consecutive games with a TD streaks all time

1. Drew Brees still holds the mark of 54 games.

2. Tom Brady  52

3. Peyton Manning 51

4. Johnny Unitas  47

5.Tony Romo 38.

The current longest active streaks are:

Drew Brees 33

Tom Brady 23

MLB from a Boston view…

The Red Sox ownership continues to squirm in the Jon Lester fiasco as Jon peddled his wares around the Majors and signed with the Chicago Cubs.

The Sox offer of 135mil for six years was not nearly enough to mend the fences knocked over when they insulted Jon with a four year 70 mil offer last season.

At least 3 other teams were in the hunt for Jonny October including the Dodgers, Giants and Braves.

In the end Lester went to the Cubs for 6 years 155million with an option seventh year for 25 million more. Lester is 116-67 life time with a 3.58 era in the AL East. His NL numbers should be higher. He has averaged over 210 innings per season in his career and has a no no. At age 31 he should be a solid signing for Theo Epstine and the Cubs for years to come.

The Sox reportedly offered former Sox starter Justin Masterson a deal in trying to appease the fandom just in case they couldn't deliver on Lester.

If they manage to land Justin that would give them a rotation of #3’s and 4’s and a bunch of unproven AAA pitchers to try to get to a 40+ year old closer. With the addition of a couple of hitters, Sandoval and Ramirez the LAST place Red Sox will need to score 10 runs a game to compete.

LARRY…LARRY...LARRY... where are you and what have you done to my baseball team?

is this Larry



or is this Larry


First place Ditkahs are in a real battle, 3 weeks to go in the first half and a 5 point lead on 2nd &3rd and 7 point lead on 4th & 5th…down to the wire with this one.

Here is a pic of my oldest son Jon and one of his Costa Rica catches from last weekend


Have a great day and check out Lanz right over there to the right, he has hired these guys to help                       pump you up

Talking Sports
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The Iowa Cubs , the triple A affiliate of the Chicago Cubs have a new player manager. That's right a player manager when was the last time you heard iof that maybe Pete Rose. This new manager was very well known in baseball circles. Yes, part of Boston's 2004 and 2007 Championship team. I guy that loved his PEDs so much he was caught three times. Any guesses yet?

One more hint. He sold his Barbecue Grill on ebay. Anybody, anybody, Bueller, Bueller. With out further a do I present to you Manny drum roll please Ramirez. Yes, the same Manny who would basically drive people crazy you know the guy who would take a day off and wouldn't play when the Sox needed him. The guy that took a piss in the scoreboard at fenway. The guy that would play the outfield with his earbuds on. yes that Manny.

Not sure what Theo and his minnions in Cubbie Land were thinking with this move. Is it a fan draw thing I'm sure that the Iowa Cubbies draw ok like there is all that much today there. By all accounts Manny found god but isn't remorseful he said last night on the Red Sox radio broadcast because he woundn't have found Jesus , if he didn't do things he did.

How does a Manager take the day off hey bench coach you manage the team while I go play with my RC cars in the parking lot. Hey bench coach my Hammy hurts you make the pitching change but I'll get my at bat.

Not sure if Manny changed but it is a surprise move set the PEDs aside and the guy has enough baggage to fill the minor league ballpark. Put the PEDs in the mix and he has enough baggage fill Wrigley. The Airlanes would be charging him thousands for the Extra baggage.

I can here it now hey 15 man drink the coffee with the extra octane it will help you get to the show like me man. Hey man you number 2 man why you make that error i know this guy that can help you in Florida man only way you make the show.

Maybe manny is truly reformed who knows but a leopard usually doesn't chnge his spots. What if he gets in a mood or doesn't like something than what? In the end it may just be Manny being Manny for better or worse.


The Rangers couldn't close the door in Montreal the other night so they have two chances to finish of the Canadiens.

The Blackhawks took double OT to stay alive with the Kings.

That's all I have sorry for the late post.

I'm Just Saying...Scott having a brain drain with this blog
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Scott can’t shut up today…I got a lot to say so lets get started with

I’m Just saying…..


Mark Skiba came within 13 seconds of winning $50,000, as Florida State beat Auburn, in an exciting game, 34-31. Last January Mark’s dad was on vacation in Las Vegas when he placed a $100 bet for his son on Auburn to win the National Title at 500-to-1 odds.

Congratulations to Florida State. Thanks goodness the SEC streak is over!!

Not again. DeSean Jackson is seeking another pay raise. He has three years remaining on his contract which pays him $50 million over the duration of the contract. This is the same guy who came out, a couple of years ago, and said he wasn’t giving it all he had because he wanted a new contract. I hope the Eagles don’t renegotiate.

As a Yankee fan, I hope New York eats the contract of A-Roid and release him. Let another team sign him and have all the headaches that follow him around.

Seven-year, $126 million dollar contract. Wow, what great quarterback got that contract? Jay Cutler!! What the %&(@#%*. If he is worth that much, how much is Russell Wilson or Andrew Luck worth???? Stand buy for huge pay for elite, or above average quarterbacks.

Does Dion Sanders have to play in the pro bowl??? Please say it ain’t so.


This is Clark and he is the new mascot of the Chicago Cubs. Oh boy, like this is going to help them win.


Christian Laettner’s famous shirt was sold at auction for $119,500. Believe-it-or-not, this is the second-highest price for a game-worn basketball jersey. In 2011, a DR. J Virginia Squires game-used jersey sold for $190,414.


The Hall of Fame has three new outstanding players entering the shrine in Frank Thomas, Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine.

Thomas had a .301 average, 2,468 hits, 521 homeruns, 1,494 runs and 1,704 Rbi’s, 1,667 walks and 1,397 strikeouts. 1993, 1994 AL MVP, 1993 MLB Player of the Year.

Glavine won 60% of his games he started with a record of 305-203. He had a era of 3.54 with 25 shutouts, 2,607 strikeouts and 1,500 walks. Glavine won 2 Cy Young awards and was 1995 World Series MVP.

In his 23 years, Maddux won 61% of his games started with a record of 355-227 and a ERA of 3.16. He pitched 35 shoutouts, walked 999 batters and 3,371 strikeouts. Maddux won 4 consecutive CY Young awards, 4 time Sporting News Pitcher of the Year.

It is ashamed that Craig Biggio missed it by 2 votes.

Speaking of Hall of Fame, I agree with TheBeezer (did I just say that). Read his rant on the HOF selection here


He is right. There is no reason why a player who has a outstanding career can’t receive 100% of the votes. Aaron, Mays, Ruth, Maddux…etc, etc. all deserved to be admitted with 100% of the votes. There has got to be a better way to select players.

Wow, did I say a mouth full. Have a great week.

Monday Moaning 7-22-13
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      Now that's how a Cubs fan should say happy Monday!

Yes, once you get past all that ass, you can see she's rocking a Cubs jersey...So why am I starting this week talking Cubs? I'm not...Just look at that ass! There was some excitement at Wrigley Field this past weekend...Pearl Jam played the old ballpark...A few friends of mine went...It would have been cool to be there, especially when Mr. Cub Ernie Banks walked out onstage!

If you were there and are a baseball fan, let alone a Cubs fan, that had to be pretty damn sweet...Hearing Ernie say lets play two was great....Sadly, it's rare that playing two happens these days....I often wish I could have lived to see so many of baseball's greats...I think of Baseball in the 40's-50's-60's, I'll even give ya the 70's, and in my head, that's really Baseball...That's what it's all about...Then I read THIS_POST from our guy Radatz....He nailed it...It wasn't just Baseball that was Special, the character of our country was special...

I wrote THIS Wednesday, and I think it shows my frustration with where our country seems to be, especially from a media standpoint...Don't get me started on our government, that hasn't done any governing for couple years now, because all those DC dolts do is yell and whine at each other and say no to whatever the other guy says....There have been a couple movies about our Nation's Capitol/power structure being attacked, which lead to multiple news stories, and blogs about "What's our fascination with blowing up DC?"

Do you really need to ask that question? People are sick of the knob gobblers screwing things up, and screwing us over...The best we've got in reality is elections, which more and more people feel are rigged...Plus the two years of media covering the election shit, which mean politicians aren't doing their jobs, because they are busy campaigning...So we turn to fantasy...Movies, where that whole damn corrupt town get torched...Not hard to figure out....

Speaking of politics, douchebags, shitty media, and sports....Did you see ESPN signed Nate Silver...Silver, a statistician, who was the top guy at Baseball Prospectus, before starting his Five Thirty Eight column at the New York Times, predicting election bullshit...By the way, he of every election result nation wide 2012, he only got 1 wrong...ESPN plans to make him their Uber-stat man, and he'll do election shit for ABC...He will also be a major contributor to Keith Olbermann's new ESPN talk show that will launch in late August....

Ahhh, another reason not to watch the so-called World Wide Leader!

-Okay, random sports shit that you never thought I would cover...The U.S. beat El Salvador 2-1 in Soccer...Now you know and I know, that I don't give a shit about Soccer...I didn't even know this game was happening...But when I saw the score on my phone, I smiled...The U.S. beat El Salvador in Soccer....My old Fish House friends know why this makes me smile! Our old boss was a Soccer nut from El Salavador, who loved to talk shit...Eat it Chalupa!

-Phil Mickelson won the British Open...I don't care about golf, but when they play the British Open I watch here and there, just because the courses and weather can be so tough...Sunday morning I only watched a bit before I had to start getting on with my day, so I missed what happened...Again, just heard about it via my iphone while Molly and I were kicking it at the park....

-Dolphins Center Mike Pouncey says he won't apologize for pictures he and his brother took with some douchebag, wearing "Free Hernandez" hats in support of their former teammate, Aaron Hernandez...

Okay, anyone who takes a picture with that douche should apologize...As for the hats...They're stupid...But if they want to support their boy, that's up to them...Dude plays for the Dolphins...It's not the first or last time he's gonna be on the losing side!

That's all I have for now...

Oh, except this week's musical selection...I found these guys last week...They're from Canada...Vancouver I believe...They're called Dead Ghosts...Their style...Old school, 60's Surf rock...It's like listening to a flashback...


Have a week!

The Beeze.

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