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Monday Moaning 2-16-15
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I hope all had a good week...The first two days I was at work for about 26 hours...Then I was on vacation the rest of the week...Not for anything exciting...The Mrs. had to have some minor surgery, so I had to be around for that and to be Mr. Mom...Something I didn't mind too much...I haven't had a lot of time with the kids lately...Too bad it's in the negative degrees category....But we don't have 8 feet of snow like they do in Boston, so fuck it!

I've spent too much time hearing this fucking 50 Shades of Grey movie/book...From everything I've read it's a story that if it was happening in real life, women would be telling their friend to stay away from this asshole, abusive creep...But it was book that got women moist, so they (generally speaking...Not all of you) are all drooling over it, and calling it a sexy love story...Mind you, if you tried to get your wife/girlfriend to do some of the shit this guy does with his chick, she'd tell you to go to hell...For fuck's sake, how many of these skirts that are all moist over this movie/book, won't watch hardcore porn with you...Most of them right...My wife liked the book...Wants to see the movie...Won't watch hardcore porn with me...Shit, she won't let me tie her up, and whip the shit out of her either....WHAT THE FUCK!

Fuck that movie...You can lick the 50 shades out of my ass!

-Saturday night I was watching the Notre Dame vs. Providence hockey game...And jumping to the Bluejackets vs. Islanders game...You know, 'cause I'm a man!  Then while looking at my phone, I saw something on Twitter about there being a fashion show at the NBA "All-star" weekend...Now I already had no respect for basketball and the NBA, but when I saw that, I knew there was no hope for that silly game...Yeah, I get it...All these guys want to be music and fashion moguls like their idiot hero, Jay-Z...You know they guy that built himself up from being a drug dealer...Fucking dolts!

-And while I'm dogging basketball...Sunday I was given another reason to never support the Cavaliers...Hell, really all pro-sports in this town probably....I have often ripped on this city, and reading THIS article, the whole damn county is full of and run by fucking idiots!

Taxpayers have paid out $154,852,113 for cost overruns for the Quicken Loans Arena and other bullshit in the Gateway area...(Progressive Field and shit)...$88,701,131 came from the "general fund"....I don't know, I would think we would want to use that "general fund" money on important stuff, like our shitty schools, police and fire departments who are always the first to take cuts when their is a budget crunch....Maybe fix a couple of these bridges...Or rehab a shit neighborhood that we've ignored forever...Nope...And Cavs owner Dan Gilbert and city officials think we should continue to do so for another 17 years...17 more years of paying for their cost overruns...NBA teams will share $2.66 billion in TV revenue this year, but aren't expected to pay for any of their buildings costs....And While I'm dumping of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County, this shit goes on all over this country...

Dan Gilbert, you won't see me in your Casinos, or at you basketball teams games, or doing anything to put my money in your pockets...That is except for the money you and the county officials are stealing from me...Fucking whores!

-Lastly, I joked about a month ago, that I was going to get out my old art supplies and start working on my career as an offensive cartoonist...Well, Friday the kids and I went to the one art store and loaded up on stuff so we could do some projects and keep them out of  Mom's hair...A kit for making necklaces for the girls...Clay and paper and glue sticks for Molly and Tomas...this and that...And I got a sketch pad, pencils, and a set of drawing pens...I knocked a few things...It was fun to be drawing again...I even did my first stereotypical, Islamic terrorist...Then Saturday another cartoonist had an attempt on his life in Denmark...Then another shooting in Denmark...

So, Sunday I was inspired...I did a quick sketch that would not be liked by certain Islamic assholes...I planned on posting it...But my wife would prefer I didn't...Now me writing this probably doesn't help...I'm sure is some nut-jobs that hate me and want me dead just for typing that I drew some bullshit...Hell, they'd probably want me dead for half the blogs I've written....But out of respect for my wife, for now I won't post it...For now...Maybe I'll work on it...Get it just right!

That said, fuck these assholes...And these ISIS fuck stains...These twats need to all be wiped out...I actually sat and watched the video of the Jordanian pilot being burned alive...Just to be clear, the guy doing their videos could have had a career in Hollywood...that's' how well it was done...You actually forgot what you were watching was real life...That's how well it was shot, and edited...But then I slapped myself, and reminded myself that this shit was real...So I am all for these fuck-sticks being wiped off the face of the Earth...And Initially I was the guy saying, fuck it...They're over there....Let all those bitch-ass countries in the Middle-East handle it...Handle their own mess...Clean up their own damn neighborhood...But the fact of the matter is, is that these assholes have passports...they're from countries all over the world, and they're running around Europe shooting cartoonists...

So, can the dipshits in the Middle-East, and fuckers in Europe, and us, and everyone else with a slight bit of sanity get together and end these pricks, so my wife won't fear for my family's lives because I wrote a blog, or drew a picture that might upset some fucking twat!

Have a week...

The Beeze.


Tool of the Week - The Holier Than Thou Edition
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When LeBron James announced his decision to leave Cleveland and and head off to Miami it prompted a lot of noise, noise from the fans who were shocked this was happening, even more noise from an owner who felt his team and the city they played in were shafted by James. Dan Gilbert, Cavs principal owner, wrote what is now the infamous letter to the fans bashing the so-called King up one side and down the other. It got a lot of hype, a lot of people supported Gilbert's passion to come out and call James on the carpet for what he felt was a virtual cheap shot at the city that James not only grew up in but spent up to now his entire professional career. 
Following that letter, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, a man who has had a history of inserting his opinion into places where it would have been better left out of, claimed that Gilbert treated James like a "runaway slave". I know, pretty ridiculous huh? Unless of course you know slaves who pulled in 7-8 digit salaries not including endorsement deals. Instead of Jackson looking at this for what it was like everyone else, he chose to do what he does best, insert the race card to get himself and the NAACP some additional PR. The only thing that shocked me here was that Al Sharpton didn't come out and second the motion leveled by Jackson, usually where you see one, you see the other, the virtual tag-team of racial innuendo and self-promotion.
I've come to the conclusion that the Rev. Jackson seems much more concerned with maintaining division between races than he is seeing that we all live happily as one. I can't see how any of these comments do any good for the African-American community, the only thing they do is enrage and inflame a situation that in essence needs no stoking. Another thing I'd like to say about Jackson, have you ever noticed he doesn't apologize for anything...accept of course his "himeytown" comment but he was running for President then, big difference, he had damage control to do, and how well did that work out for him?
For Jackson to come out and use Gilbert's words against him like this was irresponsible, but that's never stopped him before. I almost hit the floor when David Stern, the lame-ass Commish of the NBA said following Gilbert's fine of $100K, quote; "Equally imprudent, I believe, are the remarks by my good friend, Jesse Jackson, which purport to make this into a racial matter,” Stern said during a press conference. “And I find that to be however well meaning Jesse may be in the premises, on this one, as he rarely is, mistaken".
I had no idea the two were so close, but if Jackson wants to compare anyone to a slave owner he should go after his good friend Stern, he's pulling down 10 million a year to sit in the NBA offices and watch a league dominated by blacks and profits off their sweat but I haven't heard a peep out of him about that. Maybe there's a kickback we don't know about or a charitable donation. As for Jackson being rarely mistaken, well I don't know where David Stern's been but it's obvious he doesn't read the newspaper's or watch the news, Jackson has been mistaken numerous times. By the way, isn't Stern Jewish?
At any rate, these comments about slavery and Gilbert being a slave owner have garnered the good Reverend another honor for his collection, the honor of this week's YGS Tool of the Week! I see no reason to let Rev. Jackson's efforts go unrewarded, it takes a lot of work being irresponsible and keeping the flames of racism burning the eternal flame. My congratulations to this outstanding role model and public...err, servant.
The Beeze"s Hump Day Hits
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It's that time again...yes, I'm posting a bit before Wednesday, I'm tired...The kids at Tee-Ball wiped me out tonight...In my book we are undefeated in this silly little, everyone wins league...We won again tonight...Recording 2 outs, our opponents recorded 1...The Little Beeze made the out...They got him out at second...He was first talking to the first baseman, then he jogged to second...When they called him out and sent him back to me at the dugout, he ran full speed...I said, "you know how you just ran to me...Run like that all the time." The kids are swinging the bats great...I've got some hitters...Now we gotta work on their arms...But enough of that...

The first hit...

Is Freedom of Speech Still Alive?

Not if you own a NBA franchise apparently...Douche-bag, David Stern has fined Cleveland Cavaliers owner, Dan Gilbert $100,000 dollars for his "open letter to Cavaliers fans." Seriously, for as much bullshit I heard people giving Gilbert for the letter, he had every right to put it out there...Just as I have the right to post this blog...You may not like what he said...It may cost him signing any free agents in the years to come, but that's on him...Stern has no fucking right! These league Commissioners are getting too much power...

I want to know where is the press? Where is the media? If the NBA can fine an owner for writing his opinions and feeling, and then sharing with fans, how far away are we from the NBA banning certain reporters...If you say something Stern doesn't like...You're gone...It's coming! Gilbert never attacked Stern or the league in his letter...Many people think he should have...They're talking collusion on Cleveland sports talk Radio...Is Stern going to try and stop the talking...David Stern is a Cunt!

Next on the hit list...Lawrence Taylor pleaded not guilty to the to third-degree rape...Patronizing a prostitute...Sexual abuse and endangering a child...Good luck with that LT...Yes, he was the original LT...Not that little bitch running back, with the stupid Darth Vadar mask...I hope he breaks his leg in the first pre-season game...Anyways, the real LT looks guilty...He looks like he got setup, but nonetheless, guilty...

It's been a tough week for Yankees fans...First, longtime Public Address Announcer Bob Sheppard passed away...Then Tuesday morning George Steinbrenner died at age 80, of a "Massive Heart Attack" I never liked the guy, but I have to respect how he went about his business...He did what he wanted, how he wanted, and he was successful...

The last hit this week..."The Mel Gibson Tapes are coming out...Oh this chick got him...Holy shit does this bastard sound nuts...Really fucking nuts...Dude threatens to bury her in the rose bushes...But his best line comes at 1 minute 47 seconds when he says, "YOU SHOULD JUST FUCKING SMILE AND BLOW ME!" Dude has totally lost it...Good luck making another movie psycho!

Now to the Important stuff...This week we're gonna go with one fine lady in 3 different sports...Keeley Hazell...A hot little British model, who also has a nice porn out there...

A. Keeley Hazell, soccer...

B. Keeley Hazell, boxing...

C. Keeley Hazell, tennis...

Read and Respond!

Later, The Beeze.

Whitlock Calls Out The Reverend Tags: Jason Whitlock Jesse Jackson LeBron Dan Gilbert

As most of you know by now Jesse Jackson has once again tossed the race card into a situation where it had no place being. Well you'll be glad to know that there's at least one African-American sports writer who isn't blinded by color nor does he go off half-cocked whenever there's conflict between a white and black in the media. Jason Whitlock has hit the nail on the head, and then some! Check it out.  http://www.comcast.net/articles/sports-nba/20100712/Whitlock-Jackson-OffBase/

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