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This and That for 01-17-13
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The Ray Lewis I would like you to remember, because he isn’t a saint?? No one worthy for MLB Hall of Fame?? NBA European Style?? All this and more, like the hogettes, in this weeks edition of

Please say a prayer for Stuart Scott. The ESPN anchor tweeted, before he anchored SportsCenter that his cancer has returned. He will undergo chemotherapy every two weeks but would also continue to work.

I’m not going to say much about Notre Dame LB Manti Te’o. But if it is a hoax how come it wasn’t mentioned earlier, like in December when he found out about it instead of Deadspin finding out and then Manti says something to the media. There has to be more to it than a scam or a hoax.

I am disappointed that Bonds, Clemens, Sosa, Piazza, and Biggio were not elected to the Baseball Hall Of Fame. The commissioner of baseball never banned any player from that era, permanently, for taking steroids. Know why? Because everyone knew. From all the players, managers, owners all the way to the commissioner, even baseball writers. Baseball was down from the strike of 94-95. Ripken started the turnaround with his breaking of Leo Gehrig’s “Iron Man” record in 1995. McGwire and Sosa completed baseballs comeback as they were hitting tons of homers while chasing after Roger Maris‘ record of 61. It was broken in 1998, when McGwire hit 70 and Sosa added another 66 dingers. Because of the tons of homeruns being generated, everyone turned the other cheek. Anyone remember Brady Anderson, all 170lbs, hitting 50 hrs in 1996? Players in the HOF have no reason to be complaining. They did amphetamines in there day. There are racists, wife beaters and alcoholics in, so why not steroid users.

David Stern stated that he think the NBA will have multiple teams in Europe in about 20 years. In other areas in the world you might see the NBA name on leagues but not be part of the NBA league. Because within that time frame, someone is probably going to build an NBA arena with luxury boxes and concessions and 20,000 seats. Once that happens, an expansion team in London or Barcelona is probably an inevitability.

For those that aren’t aware, the NBA is the second-most globalized game in the world behind soccer.

Brent Musburger called it right on Katherine Webb, A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend. She is gorgeous. Brent said something on the air that we would have said if we were watching the game with our buddies at the local pub. Quarterbacks do get the good looking women.

The Hogettes, a Washington Redskin institution, is retiring from the football scene after 30 years. They were a fixture at Redskin games, and more importantly at children’s hospitals.

I want to thank you gabbers for calling out Ray Lewis. As you know I have been smacking down on Lewis for a long time. But this is going too far……

This is the Ray Lewis that the media would like you to know.

I can’t understand sports stations like ESPN, Fox, and radio sports shows who are giving Ray Lewis a free ride. Granted Lewis is one of the best football players of our time, but how about mentioning his run in with the law in Atlanta. They go out of their way whenever they mention how great Bonds, Sosa, Clemens, etc were and then they throw in the steroids.

This is the picture the families of the 2 murdered people would like you to know.

The last I look murder, was a more serious crime than steroids.

Oh, by-the-way, if Lewis was innocent, how come he paid the family of the victim $1 million dollars, in a settlement. Maybe a little guilt????

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BREAKING NEWS - David Stern to retire
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David Stern has announced he will retire on February 1, 2014

WTF David Stern? 4-30-12
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Not that I think it matters much to most of us around here at the Gab, but now the NBA is without 3 marquee players for the entire season. Bet David Stern never seen that coming when he forced this season upon them after the lockout ended. Duncan, Howard and now last years MVP Derrick Rose are all out due to injuries probably or least most likely to have been caused by the wear and tear of this season. I do not fault the Bull's coach for playing him despite the lead, because he has done it all season. I fault the commissioner for probably costing the Bulls their best chance at winning an NBA championship since Michael Jordan was there. Way to hand it to the Heat, they should waltz through the Eastern Conference now the Bulls were there only true competition that would have kept them from winning that conference again......

WTF Rondo, you must really want out of Boston after the season is over. I could see if you were 20 points down, and you pulled that crap. But you were only down 4 and your team never scored  another basket after you were tossed. Come on man get your head out of your ass, and think!!!!

So this is what happens during the 7th inning stretch at Oriole games, a head-first slide after a drunken run around the bases being chased by the cops. Hope it was worth his evening in the drunk tank......

I know that this is dated material, but it supports my argument that they should allow fighting back in the sport. Plus this was kind of fun to watch. Makes you wonder after the Flyers-Pens series if the new millennium version of the Broad Street Bullies have returned to Philadelphia?

And this is what a good fight does for me when I attend hockey games, gets me all pumped up and is one of the reasons I love the sport......


And not to rain on anyone's parade, but this might be the only highlight during their series. It is going to be a rough road for the Rangers if they want to win the Cup, all the series including the finals are going to be very physical. I wish them well now that the Wings are eliminated.

Thanks for reading  my post.....





Random Thoughts
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Is David Stern sly?? Albert an Angel?? A fight at a college basketball game?? Braun doing drugs?? Syracuse!!!! All this, Coaches dropping, and more, in one of the biggest ScottJax bogs ever, in this weeks edition of


ScottJax has been released, by his surgeon, to go back to work. I started work, this past Tuesday, boo-hoo, and already can’t wait until I go on vacation in March. It felt good relaxing, and spending time with my family during the day and evening. I work at night, so it was really different being up all day.

When are attendance figures, at least in the NFL, correct? I go to Jacksonville Jaguar games, and for the last 3 games, the attendance was reported at over 62,000. While that figure would be accurate for the Jaguar game on Monday Night Football two weeks ago, it was not correct for yesterday‘s game. The two bridges leading to Everbank Field, were empty a half hour before game time. The weather was miserable, it was windy and cold. Their weren’t a lot of fans in the stands, maybe 40,000 if that. When you have been a season ticket holder for a long time, who can get an idea of what the attendance is.

How sly is David Stern?? First his cronies who are running the New Orleans Hornets trade Chris Paul to the Lakers in a three-team trade. Then, because some NBA owners cried foul, he canceled the trade.

Now its okay for a team to trade any of its players, as long as they don’t have a no-trade clause, but, it isn’t alright for a team run by the NBA to trade its star player, especially to a team who already has a mega-star on it.

You are going to tell me the Hornets get Lamar Odom, from the Lakers, and from Houston they would get a 2012 first round pick from Houston that they got from the Knicks, Luis Scola, Kevin Martin and Goran Dragic. Do any of these players strike fear in your heart? Nah, not a chance. In the meantime, Houston gets Pau Gasol.

So the Lakers give up an injury prone Lamar Odom and a player who will never be a mega-star in Gasol. No wonder the Lakers wanted to make the trade.

Then the Hornets turned down a trade that would have sent Chris Paul to the Clippers, because Los Angles Clippers weren’t giving the Hornets enough in return. Originally, the Clippers were to send center Chris Kaman and prospects Al-Farouq Aminu and Eric Bledsoe, but New Orleans wanted Los Angeles to add Eric Gordon and Minnesota’s unprotected 2012 first-round draft pick, which the Clippers thought was too much to give, even for the chance to get Paul. Another move by the NBA to keep Paul in New Orleans.

But the essences of the owners lock-out had been to stop big-market teams from leveraging small-market teams for star players pending free agency.




It has now been reported that CP3 will be going to the Clippers

 In what was a dominate game by Xavier, turned out to be remembered as a game that was called with 9.4 seconds left when the teams fought on the court. This game was marred with trash talking throughout the game, then words escalated into shoving and then swings were seen in the pile, as coaches pulled their players away.

The cheap shot has to go to Cincinnati’s Yancy Gates as he sucker punched Xavier’s Kenny Frease in the face.

Cincinnati suspended senior Yancy Gates, junior Cheikh Mbodj and freshman Octavius Ellis six games each and freshmen Ge’Lawn Guyn one game.

Xavier suspended freshman Dez Wells and walk-on Landen Amos for four games, junior Mark Lyons for two and senior Tu Holloway for one game.

I feel that Yancy Gates should have been suspended for the season for his actions. He was the player who was throwing multiple punches during the melee.

Cincinnati coach Mick Cronin said the four suspended Bearcats players will still have to earn their way back onto the team, even with their fixed game suspensions handed out by the school and endorsed by the Big East on Sunday afternoon.

Before any of them put a uniform back on they will apologize and that's just the first step before putting the uniform back on," Cronin told ESPN.com Sunday. "Just because the press release says what it says that doesn't mean they're all back. They're going to sit in front of a camera and say how sorry they are and how grateful they are for getting a second chance.

"If I don't believe it then they won't be on the team -- and if they don't demonstrate that they won't ever put on a jersey again -- period," Cronin said. "They're going to sit in front of a camera and say it. I can tell the difference as to how genuine they are. The university issued the suspensions and I supported it. But for me it's different. I have the autonomy to not let anybody back on the team."

Officials and coaches, from both teams, have offered apologies and expressed embarrassment.

On top of the suspensions of Xavier and Cincinnati players, comes word that a southwest Ohio prosecutor will consider criminal charges in the aftermath of the brawl. Hamilton County prosecutor Joe Deters said in a statement Monday that his office will review the fight to determine whether any charges are appropriate.


What’s up with Ryan Braun? Come-on man!!! Just when we thought baseball was getting back to normal, you go and screw things up. Braun found out about the results before he received his MVP award. He is appealing the ruling. Now Ryan’s spokesperson is telling all who will listen, "There are highly unusual circumstances surrounding this case which will support Ryan's complete innocence and demonstrate that there was absolutely no intentional violation of the program. While Ryan has impeccable character and no previous history, unfortunately, because of the process we have to maintain confidentiality and are not able to discuss it any further, but we are confident that he will ultimately be exonerated."

Ryan should have made a statement, on his own, if he had nothing to hide.

Congratulations go out to the Houston Texans who finally have made it to the playoffs. Got give props to T.J. Yates who was throw into the job after quarterbacks Schaub and Leinart went down with injuries. Yates is 2-0 as a started.


St. Louis screwed up!! They have a loyal fan base who fill the stadium and what do they do, they let Albert walk. If he was with Yankees, they would have given him what he wanted. This is like saying todays Cardinals would have let Stan "the Man" Musial walk.


James Harrison has to be one of the dirtiest players in the NFL. Here is the hit on McCoy the other day. Notice how Harrison brings his arms up. He does that on most of his hits. Tell me there’s not something wrong with that.

He has to get an suspension or a heavy fine placed on him.

The NFL gave James a one game suspension. Was that enough??


I know its early in the season, and number one really doesn’t mean as much as it does at the end of the college basketball season, but I have to give props to MY College basketball team Syracuse Orange. With all the adversity with the Bernie Fine incident the team has stood tall. It does help that this is the deepest team that I can remember. Ten players play consistently while the team has had fifteen players play in a game. I can never remember when that many played in a game for Cuse.

Go Orange!!!

What do these three coaches have in common? They are no longer the head football coach of their teams.

Jack was fired two weeks ago, 2 years too late, by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Del Rio was the coach for 9 years, with a record of 68-71. His last three years were suppose to be years Jacksonville was to make it to the playoffs, but just the opposite happened. The team finished 7-9, 8-8 and was 3-8 when fired.

Todd Haley, 19-27, just couldn’t get the chief untracked after quarterback Matt Cassel, and three starting offensive lineman, went down with a season ending injuries. The future looked bright after Kansas City made it to the playoffs with a 10-6 record. I think the Chiefs were looking for a reason to fire Haley.

Tony Sparano, was 11-5 in his first year as the Dolphins head coach, leading people to believe that the future was bright. Ah how records of 79, 7-9 and 4-9, finishing with a 29-32, spoiled it all.

Here is another video of a military person surprising a family member



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Five Minute Frags - Orally Rectifying Tags: NBA Strike Lock-out David Stern Players Union Occupy Protests


There are many things in this life that I am unsure of.  At 34, I’m still not secure yet in what I want to be when I grow up. I also haven’t figured out how to make my 8-year-old twin sons to do my bidding without questioning my authority or immediately ratting me out to my wife. Nor have I figured out how to best choose my numbers for the PowerBall.

That said there are at least two things I am sure of in this life:

1.)    There are more differences between an oral and a rectal thermometer than just the taste.


2.)    In war, the side that fights on a second front against dissension is the side that loses.


While I cannot apply item one to sports, I certainly can point to item two as a lesson that the leadership of the NBA Players’ Association has yet to learn. If they had, they would realize that while they bicker amongst themselves, they are essentially handing the owners exactly what they want; a broken union without strong leadership which will eventually bow underneath the overwhelming weight of straw on their backs.

At this stage of the NBA lock-out, we are no longer in a stalemate. We are at the stage where Billy Hunter and Derek Fisher no longer know who to trust between them, nor if they themselves can be trusted. Instead of working to present their case, they are backpedaling to the media like Herman Cain at a restaurant convention. All of this while Paul Allen wrings his hands in triumph.

The war is over and now the union just needs to accept its loss. They’ll have to pack up and go back to the players with a mere 50% split of revenue instead of the desired 52.5% and they’ll have to like it. And the players won’t like it, so they’ll call for decertification of the union because they won’t feel that they are being fairly represented, costing the league the entire season over 2%.

So it comes as no surprise that the owners are now giving the players just four days to accept the current offer on the table or the offer drops from 50% to 47% and a harsher cap. The owners know that they have the players backed into a corner and that the mass majority of them won’t run the route of playing in Europe this winter.

The players are misreading their position in this matter. They is the point that the owners have to spread their half of the revenues into operating costs with the arenas, up to and including the thousands of staff involved in making everything go as planned for the 48 minutes that the self-righteous players step onto the court. They have absolutely no understanding of how this looks to you and me, struggling to get by on the pittance of a salary we can scrounge out of our employers, if we’re lucky to have one.

So while all the hippies in the world are inventing reason after reason in order to get free camping in the city parks around the world, I say they move their love fests indoors. Why not Occupy Boston Garden or Occupy LA Forum? Why not set up stake on the front lawn of LeBron James? I hear South Beach is quite a bit warmer than Central Park this time of year.

It’s time for these one-and-done college drop-outs to suck it up and find a way to live off of $8 million instead of $10 million. It’s time for them to realize a good thing when they see it and accept the career path they chose and are lucky enough to have.

Or better yet, it’s time for them to learn how to say “I was fouled” in Serbian so that they can continue to realize the dream of playing ball for a living.

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