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NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 7-13-14
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HO HEY HO - HO HEY HO - What's the use of worrying? That's what Paul McCartney just asked me. Very hard to concentrate with my iTunes on. BUT...Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. Had the last 2 days off because of physical inventory and I really needed the down time to recoup from all the OT I've been doing. Got messages in my email and answering machine telling me the building is back up and functional and that there is plenty more OT available. I'm ignoring that. 

Played on You Tube all day watching concerts. Found a great Alice Cooper one from recent times. He sang a song called Brutal Planet. Never heard it before but DAMN he was awesome. Maybe I should try and get tickets for the Motley Crue / Alice Cooper show in August. Then I found some old footage of Little Feat that must've just been posted. Love that song Fat Man in a Bath Tub.

Funny how things change. Record companies used to send cease and desist orders to You Tubers that posted music videos. Now they love it. I'm seeing stuff I knew there had to be more of. Saw a sound check for Stevie Ray Vaughn in 1986. He had just rolled out of bed and looked like it too. Man I wish I'd gotten to see him. How do your fingers move that fast & well that early in the morning?


So what is the RTA? It's short for Race Team Alliance. They swear it's not a union and they aren't going to pick on NASCAR (but me thinks this will happen eventually). The 9 teams are Chip Gnassi Racing - Team Penske - Hendrick Motor Sports - Roush Fenway Racing - Michael Waltrip Racing - Joe Gibbs Racing - Richard Childress Racing - Richard Petty Motor Sports - Stewart Haas Racing

Rob Kauffman co-owner of MWR was voted chairman of the RTA.

Mission? To create an open forum for the teams to explore areas of common interest and collaborate on initiatives to help preserve, promote & grow the sport of stock car racing. They will work as a positive force to sustain business. Looking for ways to engage NASCAR to cut expenses on travel, parts & testing.

It will consist of full time teams that will pay dues to offset costs incurred by the not for profits initiatives. Part time teams would not have the same issues as a full time team. It is estimated that the Sprint Cup teams combined spent an estimated $50 Million on travel last year. 

NASCAR says it will be business as usual and they hold no animosity towards the newly formed group. Bruton Smith has said he will stand shoulder to shoulder with NASCAR against this group. He's not happy with them. Bruton is an owner of 3 tracks and business man who in Kauffman's opinion is quite colorful. That in my opinion is a nice way of putting it.

What could possibly be worrying Bruton Smith? Well, Roger Penske, the Captian as he is also know is a member of another group too. It's called CART - Championship Auto Racing Teams which is for Indy Car teams. They formed and wrestled control of Indy Car from the USAC. Cue the Jaws theme.

NASCAR has increacingly pushed the stars forward in their advertising. Back in 1969 the drivers formed the Professional Drivers Association when they feared the conditions of the new Talladega track. The track was chewing up the tires. The race went on without them and the association fell by the wayside. I'm not so sure that NASCAR could pull that off again.

With social media in it's glory at this moment it would be tough to carry on without the stars of the day on the track. Or...maybe not. There was a meeting on Bill France Sr's yacht with Rick Hendrick and Dale Earnhardt Sr many years ago which ended in Bill pointing his finger in Rick's face telling him that NASCAR doesn't need you. Bill is gone now and his son Brian now runs the sand box. 

Have the tables turned? NASCAR has been saying for the past 10 years or so that they wanted to cut costs but I haven't seen it. They made them switch to the new Gen 6 car and then to fuel injection with all it's computer soft ware. I haven't seen any cost savings. Jimmie Johnson has said he'd love a 25 race schedule. Will the races be cut down? What tracks do you eliminate? There's going to be some very upset track owners if the schedule gets cut.

Racing is an extremely expensive sport. I guess the owners feel it's time to get proactive with the purse strings. Sponsorship dollars only stretch so far. Another worry seems to be that the teams will go after the $8.2 Billion tv money for the 2015 season. They recieve 25% right now. This is definitely a wait and see cat & mouse game about to start here. Stay tuned.......


Still no word on where Edwards will go next year. No word on if he stays in the #99 at RFR either. It was reported that he did talk to Richard Childress Racing in March. They were very interested saying he is a franchise driver and worth courting. But Carl said no. So we are left to wonder. Is it off to JGR in 2015 or does he stay at RFR? 


Dale Jr and The Danica are up for votes on Nick.com for Best Male Athlete and Best Female Athlete. So I guess you should get your kids and grandkids to vote. Maybe Josh Wise's fan on Reddit will commandeer that award for him too. 


The diference between 2 parts on the right rear sub frame mounting bracket was more than 3 inches after the rain shortened Daytona race on Ku Bu's car. It's located in the back where they stick the crooked wrench during the race.....track bar adjustment. That means minus 10 point for Ku Bu, minus 10 owners points for Gene Haas and a $10,000 fine for crew chief Daniel Knost. So Ku Bu is still mired back in 26th in points with 1 win. He'd still be in the Chase in 10th with that win if the Chase were to begin today but it ain't so he needs to get his horse up there into another win.


What a freaking nightmare for fantasy owners. Except the 1st place guy I play with in my salary cap league. Dude has a crystal ball or he's damn lucky. 

20 laps in was supposed to be a competition caution but Stenhouse loses control of his car, saves it and Gordon hits him in the rear starting a 14 car wreck. There goes 5 of my drivers in my leagues.

Lap 30 - The Danica makes it back out there in the 20's. Amazing. right? Dale Jr is 1 lap down in 35th. Your top 5 is Sorenson - Cassill - Ragan - McMurray - Biffle. Cars in the garage? Stewart - Harvick - Johnson - Bayne - Edwards - Larson - Allmendinger - Stenhouse.

By lap 50 Biffle takes the lead. 

Lap 60 Ku Bu leads. Edwards returns his fixed car to the track followed by Larson and Stewart.

Pit stops on lap 87 and The Danica is in the top 10 but over shoots her pit box and now she's watching the lead pack driving away. Is that cursing on the radio I hear?

Lap 98 Almirola takes the lead and HOLY CRAP IT'S A 27 CAR WRECK!!!!!! Ky Bu is upside down. Harvicks wife tweets - "Rock paper scissors for the win"

So now there are about 17 cars on the track. It's blocked. Red flag comes out. A huge black cloud is in the distance and before it's all said and done the sprinkles begin to fall and the new track drying Air Titans can't keep up. They try to get more racing in but by lap 109 the caution flag comes out for good and the race is called when it begins to pour. Biffle's 89 Did Not Finish streak ends with 50 laps to go being stuck in the garage for repairs and Almirola driving the iconic #43 wins on the 30th anniversary of Richard Petty's 200th win. 

Top 15 Finishers - Almirola - Vickers - Ku Bu - Mears - Dillon - McDowell - Danica - Bowyer - Ambrose - Terry Labonte - Gordon - Bowman - Dale Jr - Truex Jr


This week we're in New Hampshire. A very flat track with very little banking that you need to be able to keep the car flat on the track. No hopping. It slows you down. Tire management and track position are key here. 

Ky Bu has the pole with a lap of 138.130 mph. Mark Martin got the first pole here back in 1993 with a lap of 126.871 mph. Ky Bu fought hard for the win in the Nationwide Series on Saturday but Keselowski just had it going on and took it. If bad luck don't strike it should be a top 10 IF HE DON"T SELF DESTRUCT.

Stewart needs to get hot. No W's yet. Wonder if the leg of his is giving him issues. He'll never admit it. He has 17 top 10's here. Was leading in the end last year but it turned into a fuel mileage affair and with 5 laps to go he had to get fuel. He starts 4th today. Top 10

Gordon is 1st in the points, has 5 - 2nd places here and 22 top 10's Gotta give him a top 10

Johnson starts 2nd here today. Mr Threat to Win it is a top 10 in my book.

Hamlin is awesome at this track with an average finish of 9.0. He starts 3rd today but his season so far leaves me guessing on whether I should trust him. Out of 18 races not including the All Star he has 6 top 10's and 1 of them was his W to get into the Chase. Consult your favorite tarot card reader on him.

Dale Jr has been Mr Consistancy. Only 4 bad races. Everything else is top 10's.

Bowyer 11th here last year. He has 10 top 10's this season so far. Top 15

Harvick starts 12th today and was 5th fastest in Happy Hour practice Saturday. Top 10.

Edwards had a 3rd place here last year. Top 10

Keselowski has been on fire. He dominated and won Kentucky. He dominated the Nationwide race Saturday with 152 laps. Definitely a threat to win.

Logano wrecked his car in practice. Went to the back up and had his left wrist wrapped. He says it won't bother him and he has a fast car. Top 10

Vickers won here last year. He's on and off again all season so far. Top 15

Kahne is another hit or miss. Only 8 top 10's so far this year. Top 15

Kenseth starts 15th but not to worry. Only 4 bad races. Top 10

Ku Bu led the most laps last year with 102 but a late run in with Newman on a restart put him out. Top 10 IF HE DON"T SELF DESTRUCT.

Newman had a top 3 here last year. Top 15

McMurray starts 5th today. Top 15

Larson is definitely your rookie to watch. Top 15 or better.

Morgan Shepherd makes another appearance in the #33 at 72 years, 9 months & 1 day. VVVVRRRRRRRRR-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM-MMM-MMM-MMM

Jeff Burton will be in the #66 for MWR. Worth a pick up in your salary cap league as he will be cheap. 

Another cheapie would be a guy named Eddie MacDonald from the K&N Series. Has 3 W's there at this track in that Series.

Well it's 10:30 Saturday night and I'm needing to go to bed. So to all you Gabbers and others I say safe travels, enjoy your Sunday, try to avoid LeBron Mania best you can and take care.

And I'm outta here....








NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 7-6-14
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WOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Hey there and welcome all you Gabbers & others to my NASCAR updates & other fast stuff. It was awesome to find out we had some others checking in on us here in our Gabtopia. Check out the Thank you blog on the front page for a big thanks to all the hard work we Gabbers put into our writing. I just want to say thank you to any one who peeks in on us and reads or comments. It makes it all worth while. Great to know you're there and of course welcome to The Gab.

I was supposed to watch the Daytona Coke Zero 400 but it got water logged. Rain spoiled a lot of the Daytona weekend. Lots of crazy occurances went on too. Full Buck Moon isn't due till Saturday the 12th of this month. What is a Full Buck Moon any way? And shouldn't that be in the Fall? 

Listening to my iPod with my new ear buds. Bought some for a $1 at the Dollar Tree. Then I spent $19 for Sony ear buds and guess what? No difference. Wish I had my ear buds with the volume control back. They sounded way better and I really liked that volume control on the wire. Gardening accidents suck. Best be using a safety mind set when snipping away at herbs from now on.


The Daytona race will be Barney's last play by play race he'll be calling for MRN Radio. For 50 years we heard him calling the race. He could paint a picture with words like no other. I often said he could make a dozen snails sliming their way around Daytona sound exciting. He has that certain something I think all broadcast journalists should have or cultivate. Don't just take the lazy mans way out and show a picture. Describe what you're seeing. For many years I would turn the sound down on the tv and listen to Barney call the race. He was way better then the tv booth guys. Now at 82 years old I guess it's time to move on and enjoy life a bit. Good luck Barney in the next phase of your life.


Time to cast your vote for the most popular NASCAR Cup driver. You have till 8pm on Nov 17th to cast your vote. Rules?

----> 1 vote per person per email address per day

----> Candidate to vote for is a Sprint Cup driver entered in every points race from Jan 1 2014 to July 5, 2014. 

Those crazy cats at Reddit.com are at it again. They're planning on making Josh Wise the most popular driver and unseating Dale Jr. They got him sponsorship for a few races and they got him voted into the All Star race beating out The Danica. So it will be interesting to see if they can do it again. I'd like to see it. This has been interesting to watch. Good luck Josh.


If you've been to a NASCAR race you've walked past the souvenir haulers. Some times drivers actually hang out in them helping to sell stuff or sign autographs. Business has dropped off though. Track attendance is down. Revenue went from $2 Billion to $1 Billion. 

NASCAR is taking suggestions on how to set up for souvenir sales. Their thinking of a tent store. The NHRA teams do that. I like that better. Easier to see stuff that way. Right now it's 20 plus trucks going to 36 races. That's a lot of diesel fuel and truck driver salary. I think a lot of fans are getting their stuff on line too. I know I do. Much easier. 


More safer barriers were installed along with crossover gates just in time for the race this weekend. Due to some freak accidents where drivers hit interior walls , almost all the interior walls have safer barriers on them. They also added the barrier starting at turn #3 to the exit of turn #2. Thats 2400 feet of safer barrier. Now we'll send out Jeff Gordon and see if he can find another spot that needs some. 

They also added 6 crossover gates for fans to get from the grandstands to the football field (tri-oval grass) faster.They used to have removeable staircases. 

So it sounds like the upgrades are moving right along at Daytona.


No it's not a Neil Diamond album. It's a car event in Reno, Nevada. The Barrett Jackson Cup is up for grabs once again. How do you get it? Well you fix up a car and enter it. So if you have a custome car you've been itching to show off to the world then this is your chance to win $30,000. AND you'll be on an episode of the Barrett Jackson Auction. There will be 4 runners up winning various prizes including money. 


I had this last week but I'll talk about it again. Pretty much it's a high speed rolling chess match more like crap shoot. Doesn't even matter where you qualify. Drivers drop to the back and then make their way to the front all race long. Till the end. You know when they start doing stupid stuff that creates wrecks. 

Kasey Kahne won the Nationwide race this weekend. Been a long time for Kasey. Nice picture of him with his trophy and car owner Dale Jr up top there. During practice one of the turns on the 2.5 mile track got a pop up shower. Before any one could warn the drivers they were in it and a lot of them wrecked. The race was just as crazy.

The rain played havoc on practice as well as qualifying for the Cup guys too. The race was post poned till today at 11am and that's maybe they can get it in before more rain comes. David Guilliland is on the pole. Only the 3rd pole in the guys career. So that should tell you just what a crap shoot it is. I picked 3 Hendrick boys (Jimmie, Jeffy & Dale Jr), Terry Labomte and Landon Cassill for my salary cap league. Picked Dale Jr for my Streak. A wreck could take out 1 or all my guys. Most likely will too. Good luck to you and your fantasy picks.


That Keselowski dominated & won the race last week. He even ended up with 4 stitches in his hand from a champagne bottle when the celebration in victory lane got too wild. He got his stitches out on Friday and doesn't expect any complications from it. He's ready to race. 

Keselowski got most laps led with 199, Logano got 37 & Ky Bu got 31 laps led. They're the only drivers to lead laps. THAT'S how dominant Keselowski was. I still can't believe his car passed inspection after the race.

So this leads me to points as of now. We're 18 races gone and after Daytona is in the books, it's 8 races till the Chase. Some boys need to gitty up or shut up. Time is about to stomp on a few of them.

Top 10 in points : Gordon 1W - Johnson 3W's - Dale Jr 2W's - Keselowski 2W's - Kenseth - Edwards 2W's - Logano 2W's - Newman - Harvick 2W's - Ky Bu 1W

Menard - Larson - Biffle - Bowyer - Kahne - Stewart are 11th thru 15th. 

Hamlin is 16th with 1W.......Ku Bu is 25th with 1W. These 2 would be in because of their win. Kahne & Stewart would be knocked out. 

Larson is the highest placing rookie at 12th. Dillon is next at 17th. Congrats to these 2 guys. Great showing in your rookie year.

Where's The Danica? 27th. Lets go girl. Time to gitty up.

So I hope everyone had a nice safe holiday. I'll be celebrating today....right after the race....if there is a race.

And I'm outta here..... 




NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 6-28-14
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It's midnight as I write this Gabbers & others. Welcome to my NASCAR updates & other fast stuff. Was watching the Kentucky race this evening. No, not horses. It was cars. Keep seeing this McDonalds commercial and I don't get it. Actually I think I do but it's stupid. I'm sure you've seen it. There's a lady sitting at a bus stop and 4 guys make like a shield so a truck driving through the puddles doesn't splash her. That damn soccer stuff is every where. No motors. Not interested.


This week Jimmie, owner Rick Hendrick & The #48 team were at the White House. Obama honored Jimmie for his 6 championships and charitable contributions. His foundation has donated nearlt $7 million to schools and other charities.

Obama made a crack about Jimmie winning so much that he should have his own parking space but not his and don't be doing burn outs. He compared Jimmie to Michael Jordon. Because of his 6 championships in 8 years it made him the Michael Jordan of NASCAR.


Home Depot has announced that they'll be leaving NASCAR & will not be Kenseth's paint scheme at the end of the season. Not to worry, Dollar General has stepped up to 30 races next year. So JGR has to find sponsorship for 6 regular races and the All Star race.

Still no word on M&M's renewing with Ky Bu. After the Sonoma race last weekend Ky Bu was heard on the radio asking if M&M had signed the contract yet. The answer was no but you ran a good race.

So I'm sure he'll be Kenseth's team mate next season but sponsorship stuff is hard to nail down. I just can't see Carl Edwards becoming the face of M&M's if he were to join JGR next year. 


Speaking of Kenseth, this was his tire at Kentucky this evening. He said he felt it going on the track. Gave up 6th place but fought back from 26th to finish 4th.


Last Sunday was the road rage road course. It was definitely that. Cars bouncing off each other and tires and jumping over the curbing into each other. Allmendinger led the most laps with 35 but no W for him. Harvick's pit crew screwed up again and got Harvick mired in traffic on a restart. Result? Bowyer's tire was going down so McMurray booted him out of the way and right into Harvick. Vickers spun out Stenhouse. Stewart got a speeding penalty. What a rookie mistake. Despite a hard charging Gordon, Edwards took the lead with 20 to go and that was it.

Top 15 Finishers : Edwards - Gordon - Dale Jr - McMurray - Menard - Kahne - Johnson - Ambrose - Biffle - Bowyer - Newman - Ku Bu - Mears - Vickers - Truex Jr



Mr Keselowski had the pole and led a race high 199 laps in a dominating win. I certainly didn't expect it. He and his team mate Logano took turns leading the race. Ky Bu was the only other to lead a few laps at the end of the race. He thought he got away but Keselowski reeled him in. I'm interested to see if he passes post race inspection. Nobody could touch Keselowski all night. He passed every one with ease. Too much ease if you ask me.

Other high lights? Hamlin cut a tire down and slammed the wall on lap 29. Done. On lap 77 rookie Larson did the same thing. Done. Harvicks crew screwed up on pit road again. I thought he was going to explode. He did rally back to a 7th place finish. Wonder if the crew guys walked home? Gordon's crew had issues with an air wrench. He too battled back to a 6th place finish. Logano lost a cylinder in the last 25 laps but held on for a top 10.

Top 15 Finishers : Keselowski - Ky Bu - Newman - Kenseth - Dale Jr - Gordon - Harvick - Kahne - Logano - Johnson - Stewart - Ku Bu - Ambrose - Biffle - Menard


Next Saturday night is the Daytona Coke Zero 400. Mr Johnson won last year. Of course this is a high speed crap shoot just like Dega. It's any bodies race. Even The Danica could pull this one out of her helmet. I expect HMS power to be up front. Seven of the top 15 finishers at Kentucky were HMS motors. 

I'm sure Hamlin will continue his destructive ways. Not picking him. Harvicks pit crew needs a revamp. Not picking him. Bowyer & Vickers aren't driving up to expectations this year. Not picking them.Kahne is cursed. Was last year too. He's either brilliant or wrecking. Not picking him. Ku Bu is usually self destructing. So has his brother Ky Bu lately too. Not picking either of them. These are the top dawgs that are under performing or have an issue to over come. Every body else is good to go in my opinion. 

Good luck with your picks.

I'll be working on July 4th. My employer said they expect high volumes but we can put ourselves on the waitlist. They'll visit it the day before to see if they can let people off. What ever. It'll be double time for me. Not like I can't use that. 

Any way, Happy 4th of July coming up. Thanks for all those that have served, and are serving this great country. I do love my ordinary existance. I went to the Dollar Tree and bought red, white & blue pin wheels and flags for my yard.....

Everybody stay safe. Enjoy your weekend.

And I'm outta here......




NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 3-2-14
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Goodness gracious me, oh my. It's Sunday again and I trust that everyone is running on all 8 cylinders. Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. Hope you got your order in for the Dale Jr Daytona 500 winner paint scheme die cast car. Sure to be a best seller. If you want to congratulate Dale Jr, you can now go to @DaleJr on Twitter and he might even respond. He said if he won the D 500 he'd join Twitter. Jimmie Johnson has been working on him to join for a while now. And Twitter folks were pushing Jimmie to push Dale Jr into joining Twitter. 

In less than a week Dale Jr has 500,000 followers. Says he didn't join sooner because he didn't want to feel obligated and then up set his fans if he didn't keep up with it. Harvick says Dale Jr has like 500 old photos of his dad on his phone. Thursdays on Twitter have become Throwback Thursday's and Dale Jr says he's ready for that. Says he's got that covered for years. So if your on Twitter, drop Dale Jr a tweet.



I'm sure everybody saw the Jeff Gordon in his Pepsi test drive commercial last year. Turns out it was staged. I knew this the second I watched it. I knew there was no way it was real and apparently a writer for Jalopnik named Travis Okulski didn't think it was real either and wrote a very scathing article stating just that. Pepsi decided to seek him out for a prank. With the help of his boss they got him a taxi ride in North Carolina with Jeff Gordon disguised as an ex convict driving a taxi cab.

Travis gets in and not too long after they're moving a cop stops them and Jeff plays the freaked out ex con who won't go back there no matter what to a T. And the wild ride begins. He takes Travis on the ride of his life slamming into barrels in what looks like a construction or warehouse area and end up sliding to a stop through some doors right into a Pepsi display. Jeff opens the door for a very scared Travis. After he figures out it's Jeff and Jeff asks him if he wants another ride Travis says YEAH!!!! 

If you go to Yahoo sports in the NASCAR section you might still be able to see it. Every time I found a place that had it the video would lock out. Worth watching. I do believe Jeff has a job in movies if he retires. You know, after he wins championship #5.


                                          I would say this dude was scared.


​Well if you just crawled out from under that rock you live under, Dale Jr won the Daytona 500. My most handsome Knight of the Mobile 1 had motor issues of the ECU type. The cars sitting on pit road during the 6 hour rain delay brought that about. They reset the electronic fuel injection system and ended up swapping out the fuel tank and all the electronics hooked up to that too. He came back out in 42nd but due to attrition made up 7 spots to finish 35th minus 26 laps. Not the day you want to have but lemonade was made out of lemons.

Dillon the new driver of the #3 took the first lap but fell back never to lead again. He did finish 9th. Not too shabby.

Hamlin came in 2nd. Far cry from last year when back issues side lined him and then dogged him so bad he couldn't concentrate. And he says he had no radio after the rain delay. The humidity in the car knocked it out. No radio means no crew chief or spotter communications. That's scary at Daytona.

Martin Truex lost his motor 30 laps in. Not good.

Kahne had issues. He spun at the end of pit road and then later got a pit road speeding penalty when he was trying to avoid Annett who was spinning in front of him. I call BS. 

Of course there was the last lap crash coming around turn #4 and to the checkers. Scccccccaaaaaaaaaaaaareach crack crunch. Yup. Danica was in one of those.

Top 15 finishers - Dale Jr - Hamlin - Keselowski - Gordon - Johnson - Kenseth - Stenhouse - Biffle - Dillon - Mears - Logano - Cassill - Harvick - McMurray - Bobby Labonte



So Keselowski won the pole in that new thing they call Group Qualifying that nobody understood. Do I like the new qualifying? Nope. It sucks. No direction except turn left. Not even the drivers were sure about it. Some were worried about their motors. I'm thinking there's going to be blown motors in the race because of all the crazy whatever that was they were doing. Not a happy camper NASCAR. Hello. You listening?

So lets see here. Ky Bu won the rain shortened Nationwide race last night. Rain shortened race in Phoenix. That don't sound right but he led 155 of the 168 laps. Sprint Cup regulars filled out the top 5 ( Harvick - Keselowski - Larson - Kenseth ). So I would say he's a threat to win or top 10.

Johnson has a 6.3 average finish at Phoenix. He's starting 4th. Your number one threat for a top 5 or W. He was 2nd last year.

Keselowski has the pole. Came in 4th last year. He was strong in the D 500 last Sunday. Top 5 threat.

Dale Jr our D 500 winner is 5th to start the race A top 10 for him.

Edwards was last years winner. Repeat? Could happen. He'll be coming from 23rd. It's doable for a top 10.

Gordon is a top 10.

Bowyer is still in that #15 and showing us he isn't going away. That blown motor in the D 500 was just a misfire. He's good for a top 10.

Of the rookies? Dillon finished 9th. All the others wrecked or were in the 20's. Sad that so many rookies beat out Ms Danica. 

I'm keeping an eye on Bowman, Larson, Allgaier, Whitt and Kligerman. Mr Larson qualified 9th for today. Dillon in 24th.

Even Morgan Shepherd got in. Hope he does good. Score one for the old guy.

So being that it's Sunday, I have my breakfast thingy. Got to call the taxman so we can talk numbers, deductions and refunds. Sure could use a shot in the arm of the Benjamin variety. Those of you here on the east coast sit tight. We're getting blasted again. Drive safe. Travel safe. Walk outside safe. Just duct tape yourself fast to the porch railing. We'll get through it. Take Care all.

And I'm outta here.......





NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 2-23-14
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Good morning Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. Check out these chicks. Russian punk band Pussy Riot. They staged a protest in front of a Sochi Olympics sign this past week. They never got to sing or set up properly before the police descended upon them and horse whipped them. One of the officers was reprimanded. Local papers report he got a fine. I watched the video. It looked like it hurt. This isn't their first brush with the law. They protested inside a cathedral a couple years back and some of the members ended up in jail. I get that Putin isn't your ideal leader but there are better ways of getting your point across. I did watch the HBO Pussy Riot : A Punk Prayer which is a documentary about them on You Tube. It's worth checking out. A religious leader calls them deranged vaginas.

Other Ukraine news would be the riots in Kiev. I watched the live feed on Sourcefed.com. Don't know if the feed is still up but wow. I watched part of the riot and was scarred for life. Then I couldn't stay away. When I came back they're singing and praying. The religious leaders are leading mass while the streets burn. Very interesting that there was a huge convenient pile of rocks in the middle of the street. Day light photos showed the devastation and more huge convenient piles of rocks.. Funny thing, one of the Pussy Riot members stands up during her time to tell the court her last words before sentencing and she predicts that Russia will be in civil war before she gets out of prison. Of course the judge tells her to stay with the case at hand or sit down. Watching this made me think how midevil it all looked and sounded. Scary stuff.

So then we have some snake charming dumbass bite the big one. Pastor Jamie Coots out of Kentucky was holding service and dancing with a poisonous snake when it bit him. He refused anti venom because he believed God would heal him. The first 9 times God did but this time he probably said, "I got way more pressing issues than saving your dumbass ". I've been in Catholic services and Pentecostal and everything in between too. I always hear these people saying how they believe this or that is God's will when something bad happens. Sounds like they have an abusive relationship with this higher being. Seems to me you should be claiming your good stuff. Any way, This guys son said that same snake will be used in services going forward. Sounds to me like that snake was protesting. 

Want more stupidity? Old Teddy Nugent was at it again. He called Obama a subhuman mongrel. He did apologize saying that he needed to elevate his vernacular. He wished he'd said violator of oath to the constitution. I think he should just stick to guitars and be done with it.



This young go getter is named Danielle and she is a smart cookie selling Girl Scout Cookies outside the San Francisco Medical Marijuana Dispensary. Filling that marketing niche. Mommy was there to supervise. She saw this as a way to talk about drugs with her daughter. In 2 hours Danielle sold 117 boxes of cookies.

The Northern California Girl Scout branch didn't have an issue with this set up because it was out side of a legal establishment. 

I guess those entering would be a captive audience?



Ok. Lets bring everybody up to speed. Petty said that the only way Danica would win a race is if everybody stayed home. Danica just shrugged off the comments as no big deal. Her boss Tony Stewart decided to speak up. He threw in the gauntlet. He told Danica to challenge Petty to a race and he would supply the cars.

Richard laughed and said,"I'm 76 years old, OK? It's been 25 years since I've been in a race car. But I'll take the challenge." 

This, I got to see. Actually Richard has 7 championship trophy's and really doesn't have to prove anything. BUT, my money is on The King. What are you thinking?


We have many Cup drivers that double and triple dip on race weekend in the lower Series. The Nationwide and Truck Series almost always have Cup regulars showing up. Now NASCAR is looking into limiting this some how. Drivers usually like to drive in the companion races. The ones at the same track. It's seat time and practice. Yes, all 3 vehicles are different sizes but seat time is seat time. 

Also sponsors like a big name in their car. They want star power and they want wins. Often times this drowns the up and comers. Another way to look at it is that it's a gage for these up and comers to compare themselves to by driving against such awesome talent.

Kyle Busch puts it this way,"People don't like it. I'm stealing candy from a baby. Till the rules are changed or everybody else grows up and can beat me, then we're racing."

Kyle won like 12 Nationwide races last year. Keselowski and Logano were snagging most of the rest. So how can NASCAR cut back on the moon lighting and not piss off the sponsors?


​Well, today is the day. The Daytona 500 will rock this afternoon. We have Austin Dillon on the pole in the #3. Big shoes to fill. Or should I say tires? Danica, Stewart and Bobby Labonte lost engines in practice so off to the back they go. Jimmie Johnson ran out of fuel and caused a big pile up in Duel #2 which was used to qualify in. Johnson, McMurray, Bowyer, Waltrip, Ragan and Truex all got caught up in that pile up so they're all going to the back because of needing to get their back up cats out. Then there was Harvick that didn't pass post Duel race #1 inspection so he is in the back. So I really can't say what the running order will look like at start time with all these cars drifting to the back just before the green flag drops. 

It really doesn't matter though because everybody drops back and charges to the front all race long. If the  finish in the truck and Nationwide races is any indication of what we'll see then it will be a nail biter to the end. Both races were won by a nose. Kyle won the truck race by .017 of a second. That made him the first driver to win a Daytona race in Cup, Nationwide, Trucks and ARCA. Dudes on a mission. Regan Smith won the Nationwide race by .013 of a second. 

So we'll be starting off the season with our high speed crap shoot. Hope you all enjoy. Gets my motor running.

Rumor at work was that we get to keep Justin Bieber because we lost the hockey games to Canada in the Olympics. Damn it. No backs. He was yours first. 

I'm suffering from a nasty cacti attack. My cat knocked over my 3 foot cactus on the window sill and dummy me not thinking grabbed it. Very sore fingers for a week now. Some of those quills are really jammed in there. But me cactus is safe. 

I can see my roof!!!! The snow melted but now they're saying we could get more and I'm about to go postal. But I'm not thinking about it. It's Daytona 500 Sunday. You all have an awesome Sunday hugging your family, walking the dog, doing your taxes, eating M&Ms or whatever trips your light fantastic. Just be safe about it.

And I'm outta here......





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