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NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 3-2-14
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Goodness gracious me, oh my. It's Sunday again and I trust that everyone is running on all 8 cylinders. Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. Hope you got your order in for the Dale Jr Daytona 500 winner paint scheme die cast car. Sure to be a best seller. If you want to congratulate Dale Jr, you can now go to @DaleJr on Twitter and he might even respond. He said if he won the D 500 he'd join Twitter. Jimmie Johnson has been working on him to join for a while now. And Twitter folks were pushing Jimmie to push Dale Jr into joining Twitter. 

In less than a week Dale Jr has 500,000 followers. Says he didn't join sooner because he didn't want to feel obligated and then up set his fans if he didn't keep up with it. Harvick says Dale Jr has like 500 old photos of his dad on his phone. Thursdays on Twitter have become Throwback Thursday's and Dale Jr says he's ready for that. Says he's got that covered for years. So if your on Twitter, drop Dale Jr a tweet.



I'm sure everybody saw the Jeff Gordon in his Pepsi test drive commercial last year. Turns out it was staged. I knew this the second I watched it. I knew there was no way it was real and apparently a writer for Jalopnik named Travis Okulski didn't think it was real either and wrote a very scathing article stating just that. Pepsi decided to seek him out for a prank. With the help of his boss they got him a taxi ride in North Carolina with Jeff Gordon disguised as an ex convict driving a taxi cab.

Travis gets in and not too long after they're moving a cop stops them and Jeff plays the freaked out ex con who won't go back there no matter what to a T. And the wild ride begins. He takes Travis on the ride of his life slamming into barrels in what looks like a construction or warehouse area and end up sliding to a stop through some doors right into a Pepsi display. Jeff opens the door for a very scared Travis. After he figures out it's Jeff and Jeff asks him if he wants another ride Travis says YEAH!!!! 

If you go to Yahoo sports in the NASCAR section you might still be able to see it. Every time I found a place that had it the video would lock out. Worth watching. I do believe Jeff has a job in movies if he retires. You know, after he wins championship #5.


                                          I would say this dude was scared.


​Well if you just crawled out from under that rock you live under, Dale Jr won the Daytona 500. My most handsome Knight of the Mobile 1 had motor issues of the ECU type. The cars sitting on pit road during the 6 hour rain delay brought that about. They reset the electronic fuel injection system and ended up swapping out the fuel tank and all the electronics hooked up to that too. He came back out in 42nd but due to attrition made up 7 spots to finish 35th minus 26 laps. Not the day you want to have but lemonade was made out of lemons.

Dillon the new driver of the #3 took the first lap but fell back never to lead again. He did finish 9th. Not too shabby.

Hamlin came in 2nd. Far cry from last year when back issues side lined him and then dogged him so bad he couldn't concentrate. And he says he had no radio after the rain delay. The humidity in the car knocked it out. No radio means no crew chief or spotter communications. That's scary at Daytona.

Martin Truex lost his motor 30 laps in. Not good.

Kahne had issues. He spun at the end of pit road and then later got a pit road speeding penalty when he was trying to avoid Annett who was spinning in front of him. I call BS. 

Of course there was the last lap crash coming around turn #4 and to the checkers. Scccccccaaaaaaaaaaaaareach crack crunch. Yup. Danica was in one of those.

Top 15 finishers - Dale Jr - Hamlin - Keselowski - Gordon - Johnson - Kenseth - Stenhouse - Biffle - Dillon - Mears - Logano - Cassill - Harvick - McMurray - Bobby Labonte



So Keselowski won the pole in that new thing they call Group Qualifying that nobody understood. Do I like the new qualifying? Nope. It sucks. No direction except turn left. Not even the drivers were sure about it. Some were worried about their motors. I'm thinking there's going to be blown motors in the race because of all the crazy whatever that was they were doing. Not a happy camper NASCAR. Hello. You listening?

So lets see here. Ky Bu won the rain shortened Nationwide race last night. Rain shortened race in Phoenix. That don't sound right but he led 155 of the 168 laps. Sprint Cup regulars filled out the top 5 ( Harvick - Keselowski - Larson - Kenseth ). So I would say he's a threat to win or top 10.

Johnson has a 6.3 average finish at Phoenix. He's starting 4th. Your number one threat for a top 5 or W. He was 2nd last year.

Keselowski has the pole. Came in 4th last year. He was strong in the D 500 last Sunday. Top 5 threat.

Dale Jr our D 500 winner is 5th to start the race A top 10 for him.

Edwards was last years winner. Repeat? Could happen. He'll be coming from 23rd. It's doable for a top 10.

Gordon is a top 10.

Bowyer is still in that #15 and showing us he isn't going away. That blown motor in the D 500 was just a misfire. He's good for a top 10.

Of the rookies? Dillon finished 9th. All the others wrecked or were in the 20's. Sad that so many rookies beat out Ms Danica. 

I'm keeping an eye on Bowman, Larson, Allgaier, Whitt and Kligerman. Mr Larson qualified 9th for today. Dillon in 24th.

Even Morgan Shepherd got in. Hope he does good. Score one for the old guy.

So being that it's Sunday, I have my breakfast thingy. Got to call the taxman so we can talk numbers, deductions and refunds. Sure could use a shot in the arm of the Benjamin variety. Those of you here on the east coast sit tight. We're getting blasted again. Drive safe. Travel safe. Walk outside safe. Just duct tape yourself fast to the porch railing. We'll get through it. Take Care all.

And I'm outta here.......





NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 2-23-14
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Good morning Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. Check out these chicks. Russian punk band Pussy Riot. They staged a protest in front of a Sochi Olympics sign this past week. They never got to sing or set up properly before the police descended upon them and horse whipped them. One of the officers was reprimanded. Local papers report he got a fine. I watched the video. It looked like it hurt. This isn't their first brush with the law. They protested inside a cathedral a couple years back and some of the members ended up in jail. I get that Putin isn't your ideal leader but there are better ways of getting your point across. I did watch the HBO Pussy Riot : A Punk Prayer which is a documentary about them on You Tube. It's worth checking out. A religious leader calls them deranged vaginas.

Other Ukraine news would be the riots in Kiev. I watched the live feed on Sourcefed.com. Don't know if the feed is still up but wow. I watched part of the riot and was scarred for life. Then I couldn't stay away. When I came back they're singing and praying. The religious leaders are leading mass while the streets burn. Very interesting that there was a huge convenient pile of rocks in the middle of the street. Day light photos showed the devastation and more huge convenient piles of rocks.. Funny thing, one of the Pussy Riot members stands up during her time to tell the court her last words before sentencing and she predicts that Russia will be in civil war before she gets out of prison. Of course the judge tells her to stay with the case at hand or sit down. Watching this made me think how midevil it all looked and sounded. Scary stuff.

So then we have some snake charming dumbass bite the big one. Pastor Jamie Coots out of Kentucky was holding service and dancing with a poisonous snake when it bit him. He refused anti venom because he believed God would heal him. The first 9 times God did but this time he probably said, "I got way more pressing issues than saving your dumbass ". I've been in Catholic services and Pentecostal and everything in between too. I always hear these people saying how they believe this or that is God's will when something bad happens. Sounds like they have an abusive relationship with this higher being. Seems to me you should be claiming your good stuff. Any way, This guys son said that same snake will be used in services going forward. Sounds to me like that snake was protesting. 

Want more stupidity? Old Teddy Nugent was at it again. He called Obama a subhuman mongrel. He did apologize saying that he needed to elevate his vernacular. He wished he'd said violator of oath to the constitution. I think he should just stick to guitars and be done with it.



This young go getter is named Danielle and she is a smart cookie selling Girl Scout Cookies outside the San Francisco Medical Marijuana Dispensary. Filling that marketing niche. Mommy was there to supervise. She saw this as a way to talk about drugs with her daughter. In 2 hours Danielle sold 117 boxes of cookies.

The Northern California Girl Scout branch didn't have an issue with this set up because it was out side of a legal establishment. 

I guess those entering would be a captive audience?



Ok. Lets bring everybody up to speed. Petty said that the only way Danica would win a race is if everybody stayed home. Danica just shrugged off the comments as no big deal. Her boss Tony Stewart decided to speak up. He threw in the gauntlet. He told Danica to challenge Petty to a race and he would supply the cars.

Richard laughed and said,"I'm 76 years old, OK? It's been 25 years since I've been in a race car. But I'll take the challenge." 

This, I got to see. Actually Richard has 7 championship trophy's and really doesn't have to prove anything. BUT, my money is on The King. What are you thinking?


We have many Cup drivers that double and triple dip on race weekend in the lower Series. The Nationwide and Truck Series almost always have Cup regulars showing up. Now NASCAR is looking into limiting this some how. Drivers usually like to drive in the companion races. The ones at the same track. It's seat time and practice. Yes, all 3 vehicles are different sizes but seat time is seat time. 

Also sponsors like a big name in their car. They want star power and they want wins. Often times this drowns the up and comers. Another way to look at it is that it's a gage for these up and comers to compare themselves to by driving against such awesome talent.

Kyle Busch puts it this way,"People don't like it. I'm stealing candy from a baby. Till the rules are changed or everybody else grows up and can beat me, then we're racing."

Kyle won like 12 Nationwide races last year. Keselowski and Logano were snagging most of the rest. So how can NASCAR cut back on the moon lighting and not piss off the sponsors?


​Well, today is the day. The Daytona 500 will rock this afternoon. We have Austin Dillon on the pole in the #3. Big shoes to fill. Or should I say tires? Danica, Stewart and Bobby Labonte lost engines in practice so off to the back they go. Jimmie Johnson ran out of fuel and caused a big pile up in Duel #2 which was used to qualify in. Johnson, McMurray, Bowyer, Waltrip, Ragan and Truex all got caught up in that pile up so they're all going to the back because of needing to get their back up cats out. Then there was Harvick that didn't pass post Duel race #1 inspection so he is in the back. So I really can't say what the running order will look like at start time with all these cars drifting to the back just before the green flag drops. 

It really doesn't matter though because everybody drops back and charges to the front all race long. If the  finish in the truck and Nationwide races is any indication of what we'll see then it will be a nail biter to the end. Both races were won by a nose. Kyle won the truck race by .017 of a second. That made him the first driver to win a Daytona race in Cup, Nationwide, Trucks and ARCA. Dudes on a mission. Regan Smith won the Nationwide race by .013 of a second. 

So we'll be starting off the season with our high speed crap shoot. Hope you all enjoy. Gets my motor running.

Rumor at work was that we get to keep Justin Bieber because we lost the hockey games to Canada in the Olympics. Damn it. No backs. He was yours first. 

I'm suffering from a nasty cacti attack. My cat knocked over my 3 foot cactus on the window sill and dummy me not thinking grabbed it. Very sore fingers for a week now. Some of those quills are really jammed in there. But me cactus is safe. 

I can see my roof!!!! The snow melted but now they're saying we could get more and I'm about to go postal. But I'm not thinking about it. It's Daytona 500 Sunday. You all have an awesome Sunday hugging your family, walking the dog, doing your taxes, eating M&Ms or whatever trips your light fantastic. Just be safe about it.

And I'm outta here......





NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 2-15-14
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Whoa howdy and welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. That picture looks like my neighborhood. Well, maybe not that pretty but snow snow snow. Running out of room to put the stuff. I actually dug out a shelf in the snow bank at the end of my driveway to put my trash. Hope everyone in the Gab family is doing ok after all that ice, snow and chilly winds. I'm really sorry for those south of Virginia. Most probably never saw snow in person before. Driving in it is an acquired skill set. Hell, there's people up north that never acquire it. Just the same, I hope all power has been restored to peoples homes and everyone is home in the warmth.

In my internet travels I found a video of an ex Olympic skier. He went down the Super G course without poles and holding a camera. Not a GoPro helmet cam mind you. This guy was holding his camera and skiing down that course at a not so safe speed and talking about each part of the course as he went. You got to look this guy up.......Graham Bell on Rosa Khetor. 

While you're at You Tube looking that up you should check out the newest body modifications video for the well dressed hip Gabber. These guys channel is Good Mythical Morning and the video is....6 Unbelievable Body Modifications. People are truly getting STUPID or brain dead or brainless. Whatever it is, I hope it's not catching.


​Don't know about you people but coming right on the heels of the Net Neutrality debacle this scares me. WHY? Because not only do these 2 have the conduit that runs to our homes but they own the content too. AND AND AND with this merger it creates the biggest broadband provider with 33 million broadband connections. Can you say WE OWN YOUR ASS BOYS AND GIRLS? Because that's just what is happening. If the government doesn't step in and put their foot down on this deal there's going to be big changes to the way you consume your internet and of course a monopoly never works in the consumers best interests. 

People are leaving cable in droves. Now they're going to make their money by charging you to go to websites that are popular. If you want to go to Netflix or Facebook you'll pay extra. Maybe a package deal like cable channels are now. They'll have the ability to throttle back your speed to keep you from things. Control what news you see. This may sound hypothetical now but believe me it's on their agenda. Scary stuff.

A long time ago when cable was just starting out the FCC let the cable companies have control of the content to help them get started with the understanding that it would be revisited later. Well, it never got revisited. 

HELLO!!!! Hey FCC. Hey White House. Any body home? Any body going to stop this crazy train before something bad happens? 



That cute little scooter in the picture that Stewart had to traverse his way around life for a few months while his broken leg healed is going to be auctioned off by Barrett Jackson come April 11-13 in Palm Beach, Fla to benefit the Darrell Gwynn Foundation. They provide help support and wheel chairs to those that are paralyzed. To sweeten the package Stewart is adding a signed photo of himself on the scooter, a Bass Pro Shops firesuit also signed, a trip for 2 to be guests at the July 3-5 Coke Zero 400 in Daytona, round trip airfare, 3 nights hotel stay, garage passes and 2 seats on top of the pit box to watch the race. Also Stewart said he'll match up to $50,000 more of the bid to be donated to the foundation.

Darrell Gwynn used to race top fuel dragsters until he wrecked in an exhibition in England. He hit the wall at about 240 mph. Lost his arm and was paralyzed. Him and his wife founded this foundation to help those less fortunate. $30,000 is a lot of money for a motorized wheel chair or scooter. I hope the auction brings in a good price for that scooter.


Look at that. Nice new wrap for KY BU. Tomorrow I'm heading for the CVS down the street for the marked down Valentines candy. Mmmmmmm Yummy. Yeah, I know I should be trying to whoa up on that stuff but chocolate is very alluring you know. 


Wow. 64 years in the sport. Can't believe these guys are still fielding cars. Despite his muscular disorder, Trevor Bayne will still be in the #21 Motorcraft/Quicklane Ford. Good luck guys.


Last year due to the number of Ryan Newman's top 10's Outback Steakhouse gave out over 400,000 Bloomin Onions on Monday. This year the deal is the same only it's connected to Kevin Harvick in the #4. Any time Kevin gets a top 10 you can walk into an Outback Steakhouse and get a free Bloomin Onion all day Monday. 


Gordon has 4 championships in the years '95, '97, '98 & '01. Why does this not make him happy? They're all from when Winston sponsored the Cup Series. He really wants a Sprint Cup championship trophy. Then he can retire. 

Don't ask me what the difference is. Maybe it's the size. I'll have to look up what a Winston trophy looks like. Been years since I saw one. But any way, you go Jeffy.


Dale's mother Martha Earnhardt commenting on the return of the #3

"I have mixed feelings because I was told that I would never see a #3 on the race track after Dale died. I can understand it to a point. I know it was Richard's number when he drove and this is his grandson and I understand that. As long as they don't make it look like the #3. If they paint it a different color, I can sort of deal with it but I don't want to see the black #3 just like Dale's. But that's not my decision."

I personally would be sickened by the sight of the Good Wrench black #3 car if I were her too. I watched that race and knew instantly something was wrong. I hope Childress respects her wishes and doesn't paint that car up in the black for old times sake.


Stewart, Patrick and Bobby Labonte all blew their motors in the 2nd practice. It's ok though. Daytona is a single car qualifying race. That happens today. Hope whatever they did to those cars, that they learnt from it and not adjust in that direction again.

Didn't watch the Sprint Unlimited but I read it was quite eventful. There was a wreck that caused a red flag. My most handsome knight of the Mobile 1 was in it. Bummer. Another reason to go get my marked down Valentines day candy. 

Any way, there were only 8 cars left for the last 5 laps. Your top 5....Hamlin - Keselowski - KyBu - Logano - Harvick. 

So next week is the Daytona 500. WOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!! Way more than a 75 lap show case. 

But until then Elvis Presley's bachelor pad in Palm Springs, CA is up for sale. Just $4 million. It's very dated looking but nice. Maybe I'll look into that. Wonder if they get....snoooooooooow?

So any way, safe travels all you Gabbers and others. Walk like a penguin on the ice, change those flash light batteries and don't forget that there's marked down Valentines candy. Chocolate. I love chocolate.

And I am outta here......




NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 2-2-14
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Gooooooooood morning. Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. So what do you think of that strange looking unicycle type bike? It's a proto type right now but it's called a RYNO. Classified as a one wheeled motorcycle with zero emissions and similar to the technology of a Segway but more advanced. Top speed of 25 mph and a 30 mile range. Comes out of Portland Oregon and a price tag around $5000. Definitely a work in progress. Not sure I want to spend $5000 on a bike that only goes 25 mph when I can get a 2 wheeled bike that can rip it up for that price. Even in town you'd get run over. Who goes 25 mph? 

Justus Beater......I mean Justine Beaver or is it Just a Beaver? No it's Justin Bieber and he's getting all kinds of advice from the likes of Dr Phil and even Miley Cyrus. She says he makes a ton of money so pay some people to keep you out of trouble and build a night club in your basement. It's safer to party there. She's got a point. 

Speaking of party, Chinese New Year was on Friday. It's now the year of the horse. Don't know the implications of that but I'm not one to be a neigh-gh-gh-gh-gh sayer there Wilber. According to Feng Shui in order to create luck in the new year you can blow up some fire works to get rid of those last remaining pesky demons in your life. You can put a goldfish or plant in a southeasterly corner of your house. Southeast is where the money lies. I wonder if a rainbow and a pot are involved? It is said to be good luck to fry a whole fish. Head and tail. Serve to friend. Watch their face when you offer them an eyeball. Wonder if potatoes come with that? It is said that you shouldn't sweep your house on new years day or you'll be sweeping your luck out the door. So like I said, it's Chinese new year. I'll have an Oreo in honor of the horse.

So we're on to the faster stuff.


Seems his doctors are now adjusting his sedatives to try and bring him out of his medically induced coma. They will be upping his body temp too. He was brought down to 93.2 to help keep his brain from swelling and to lower energy consumption. Doctors are saying it could take a while to bring him out. They didn't say what that time table is but I'm still wishing all the best for Michael and his family.


Last August Brian was in an accident at Bristol and suffered a sprained foot. He was in a walking boot for a couple months but it constricted his calf and caused a blood clot. That in turn ended his season in the Aarons Dream Machine #55 because he needed to take blood thinners. Elliott Sadler finished the last few races in the #55. Now Brian's doctors have cleared him but NASCAR's doctors need to clear him to make it official. 


OH LOOK!!! AJ Allmendinger is back in Cup full time. He's in the JTG Daugherty Racing #47. This was Bobby Labonte's ride last year. I'm betting AJ isn't going near his buddy's pill bottles this year.


If you have the app FOX Sports Go and a provider you can watch the Daytona 500 race on any mobile device or laptop. I'm disappointed. I don't have Xfinity, ATT Uverse, Sudden Link, WOW!, Optimum or anything else besides my internet. But if you do and you want to watch, go to FoxSportsGo.com and sign up.


Jeb is the son of Ward Burton. He drives the #4 Turner Scott Motorsports truck. Came in 5th in the points last year but due to his sponsor Arrowhead Electronic Cigarettes missing their sponsorship payment Jeb is in danger of not racing at all in 2014. He and his dad have been calling around trying to find some but as we all know in todays economy it's tough going. TSM is standing behind Jeb saying he's a great talent and has a great career ahead of him and they will do everything they can to try and get sponsorship for at least some races. 

It's a sign of the times. Sad to say I'm sure there will be more. Dale Jr is even having issues finding sponsors to cover some of his races.


Clint is a free agent if he chose to be right now but MWR is working to get his contract together and signed before Daytona. 5 Hour Energy will be back but there are remaining races to fill. Seems to be a recurring theme.


So they're going to go with this crazy stunt they call a Chase. Now I can see some of what they're after. A sponsor will get more advertising exposure if he's in the Chase. Now an under dawg low budget team can say something more to a potential sponsor than, "Hey we're a great top 30 team". If you remember last year David Ragan won the Talladega race. He drives for Front Row Motorsports. Under these new rules, he'll be in. Now if there are more than 16 winners than the points and wins will determine 15 spots with spot #16 going to the points leader at Richmond. All will reset their points at 2000 plus 3 bonus points for each win. 

Brian France said he was trying to eliminate points racing and make wins count. I still don't see how this will stop that. There were 16 winners last year. Johnson had 6 W's and Kenseth had 7 W's. Hamlin and Stewart each had 1 even though they were hurt for part of the season. NASCAR says they will make an exception to the rule that says a driver must attempt to qualify in every race. So I guess that means those 2 might've gotten a pass. Ragan was 28th in points at the end of last year with his lone W. No other low budget team had a W. This is how it is every year.

So I'm thinking this is going to be the same as always. Once upon a time......Jimmie and Chad storm the gates of the NASCAR castle and steal that trophy. All the kings fans, all the kings horses and all the kings men groaned. The End

So I guess we have to tune in and see what, if any difference this will make.

Remember now, if you want to join Iceman's fantasy team it's at Yahoo.com. You create your account and then join a league.

League ; All In Speed Freaks----------> Group ID ; 2945----------> Password ; win

So today is Bronco vs Seahawks day. I'm just thrilled it was 45 degrees Saturday. It's a heat wave folks. I might just get my seed catalog and sit on a stool in the middle of my garden planning where everything goes. I'm excited. Hope all of you have a wonderful day and enjoy the Super Bowl or family activity. Whatever is on your agenda I hope it's a good day.

And I'm outta here.....


NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 1-26-14
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Hey there. Good morning. Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. So it's cold here in the northeast. Told Old Harry the other day I swear my house will shatter if I slam the door too hard. This week just seemed colder than they said it was but anything near zero degrees is cold. Saw an article on a city in Russia close to Siberia that gets temps at - 80 degrees. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO dawgie.  Watched a video of the city. Some real nice full length fur coats those women were wearing. Love those hats too. I wants one. The Polar Bear Plunge Benefit was canceled in my neck of the woods due to the way too cold temps. Just wondering if the people of that city would've went ahead with it any way. I've been getting seed catalogs in the mail. Those are a great pick me up. Perusing the sunflowers and tomato sections are my favorite. Just love hugging my catalog and dreaming of May.  

As Paul McCartney sings....Getting so much better all the time.......

So there's lots of stuff in the news this week. Sherman is being villianized and analyzed. I still say the Broncos take it because Peyton has way more options & weapons than Wilson and Shermie can't cover everybody.

An 8 year old boy saved a bunch of family members from a fire in his grandpa's house trailer but died trying to save his uncle. What a kid. Then we have another kid that needs to be deported back to Canada that just can't stay out of trouble. That would be Mr Bieber. Got arrested for drag racing a Lamborghini in Miami under the influence. Sad thing is daddy helped block off the street and says he can protect his kid except for the lies that the media is telling. I want to know how you get to lease a car like that without a valid drivers license? You or I couldn't even rent a Yugo without a license. Wonder if they slam him good or if they do the Lindsey Lohan treatment on him. Guess money talks.

Athletes are gathering for the Olympics in Soche. Lets hope and pray for a safe one. Lots of good sales on flat screens right now so you can watch the Super Bowl and Olympics in style. Still trying to play Sonic the Hedge Hog on my sons 50 inch flat screen. Everything's a blur. I'm used to a 32" tube tv. Technology is a wonderous thing. 

Jay Leno has stepped down. Says it wasn't his choice. Haven't watched his show in years so I can't say why they decided to boot him out. Can't feel sorry for him though. He's got enough money to live well and not ever have to work again. See ya Jay. On the plus side, Bill Cosby is coming back with another sitcom. I like his stuff. You can watch it in mixed company. Something to look forward to.

And then there's fast news of the NASCAR kind.............


Last week I told you about Chase changes. Not real happy with those changes but if you're going to eliminate guys it should be at race #8 in the Chase and the top 5 guys should be able to go for it. But I guess my fandom isn't important enough for a vote. Now we move onto qualifying. No more single runs. It's a group session now.


-------> Round #1 All vehicles will be on the track for 25 minutes. When time is up the top 24 fastest move on to round #2.

------> Round #2 This round is 10 minutes. The top 12 advance to the 3rd round.

------> Round #3 Top 12 have 5 minutes to post their best time. The pole winner is selected from this group.

There will be 5 minutes between rounds for adjustments on pit road. May not raise the hood or jack up the car. Once a vehicle enters the garage they may not come back out for any more qualifying attempts. 


?------> Round #1 will be 30 minutes and all vehicles. Top 12 advance to 2nd round.

------> Round #2 Will be 10 minutes and pole winner will come from this group.

There will be 10 minutes between rounds.

---> Before the start of qualifying vehicles will be lined up on pit road according to a random drawing.

---> May exit pit road at any time after the green flag is out.

---> Pit road speed is in effect. 

---> Each driver may compete in as many laps or few laps as they choose to in the time frame allotted.

---> Can adjust wedge, track bar, tire pressures and tape strategies.

---> The Daytona 500 and the truck race at Eldora are the only 2 races this format will not be used.

So I'm not sure but I think pit stall selection is now a lottery. That's the way I'm reading it. I may be wrong though. I'm not liking this qualifying because it promotes the possibility of wrecked cars. The bigger teams can absorb those costs but the lower budget teams are on the edge financially as it is. They don't need any more hits to the wallet. On the other side it does shake things up a bit. Between the new Chase rules and this new qualifying scheme we're talking shake it up baby. So if you get a flat during qualifying or wreck or scrape the wall it has some huge impact on where you start in the race. Guys like Jimmie can come from the back. I'm wondering if Happy Hour will be re-evaluated too. Dialing that car in is huge. Wondering about back up car rules too. Sounds like NASCAR is going for broke this year. But I'm still sure that Chad and Jimmie have it figured out already.


Sounds like things are moving along and big plans are being made. The Daytona Rising project is on track to be completed in 2016 or sooner. 

---> May host International Soccer games. Possibly NCAA college football games and concerts too. Bristol Motor Speedway will be hosting the Tennessee vs Virginia Tech game in 2016.

---> 101,500 seats can be expanded to 125,000. The current back stretch grandstands to be torn down after the Daytona 500.

---> Amenities.....1,600 video screens, seats with arm rests and cup holders and 3x's the rest rooms as now. 

---> In addition to WiFi , there will be additional infrastructure installed to support 4G. Now you'll never miss an Instagram, tweet, email or other meaningless interruption during your event.

It is hoped that this will redefine motor sports events in North America.


Iceman has put up a fantasy league on Yahoo.com. 

---> Group ID ; 2945      ---> Password ; win      ---> League name ; All In Speed Freaks

Create your entry and then click on join a group. This is the type of league I wrote about last year. You chose drivers from a list. A, B & C list drivers. With all the crazy changes to the Chase and qualifying formats it's anyones fantasy win. I may look like I know nothing which I probably won't know much till we see how all these changes play out. Hope you'll all join us.

So as I mentioned above it's a bit chilly. Not sure what to expect this Sunday morning. I may not go out. Hope everyone is staying vigilant in the ice, snow and cold. I slipped on some black ice while walking in the parking lot at work and landed in a snow pile. Damn that was cold. Wasn't hurt except my pride but BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Take care all.

And I'm outta here......





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