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Monday Moaning 3-26-12
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  No, that's not JDIN827...She wishes she looked that good! Miss I love Ohio State/ I love Cleveland, all of the sudden had love for the Ohio University Bobcats...In all the years of reading her nonsense, she has never shown any love for the Bobcats...Just her beloved Buckeyes...Then after Ohio lost to UNC in over-time Friday night, she decides give OU "You made us proud" post...

Fuck you, you bandwagon jumping gash! Just shut up and stick with your Buckeyes...The Ohio State University...Fuck that too...Ohio U. is also a state school, and it's older then OSU, so you ain't "The"...Take your "The" and stick it up your ass! Yep, that's right, not all of us Clevelanders drink the Ohio State Kool-Aid...

And back to Ohio losing to UNC...Fuck those refs...24 fouls called on the Bobcats, and 8 on the 'Heels...Bullshit...I'm not the only person who has seen problems with the officiating...Just ask THIS Syracuse fan!

But enough basketball...That shit sucks!

-This weekend has had some great Hockey as the NCAA Hockey tournament was in full swing, and the final four are set...Boston College will take on Minnesota, and Union will face Ferris State...Union has had an impressive year, while Ferris State has been on a major, late season hot streak...I'll take Ferris State in that one...They'll face BC in the finals...Lots of fire power on that BC squad!

-Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith just got suspended for laying out Daniel Sedin...Problem is, even as dirty as the hit was, Sedin brought it on himself, and should have got popped for a couple games too...See for yourself HERE!

-Tiger Woods finally won a Golf Tournament...So fucking what! I could give a shit...Golf is just some awful shit to watch...I'd rather watch rather watch Thom Yorke from Radiohead do his retarded seizure dance, while he's getting ass raped with plunger by chimp...

What a goofy fucking twink!

-In Cleveland Browns news, these fucking ass-hats still haven't done a thing to improve this shit-hole team...They clearly need a running back or two, yet didn't even talk to Michael Bush, or Ben-Jarvis Green Ellis...Bush landed with the Bears, and B-J-G-E landed in Cincy...WTF! The Browns haven't brought anyone in to talk to, or workout, or anything...Oh, except for Froste Rucker...Wow, what grab that was!

This team is such a joke...They need at least 2 OL=men...Multiple WR's...RB...CB...S...LB...Probably QB...Oh, and acoach who isn't an idiot...And probably should replace the big, fat, arrogant Walrus, Mike Holmgren...Funny how people forget he got fired last time he tried to play GM, because he had no clue...Now he's the team president...Unreal!

I gotta stop paying attention to the Browns...Shit is bad for my health...

Speaking of bad for my health...Friday the wife and I, along with our friends Bryan and may decided to be sinners, as we went out to dinner at BRASA...$40 dollars each for all you can eat salad and fresh seafood bar...Plus all you can eat MEAT! You name it, and these guys brought it to the table and sliced it right onto our plates...Shit was incredible...Just stuffed myself...Recommend it to everyone...Except Vegans! You won't be quite as pleased as I was!

That's it for now...Have a week...

Later, The Beeze.

Graham James, see ya later!
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Theo Fleury and Todd Holt are a little disconcerted and discouraged with the length of the sentence handed out to Graham James.  This has been a long time in the works, but there is a little bit of closure for his victims.  The Crown (Canadian Prosecutors) was asking for 6 years, and James’ attorney was asking for community service.  James’ victims can take solace in the fact that James is going to one of the roughest penitentiaries in Canada; Stony Mountain.


Stony Mountain is a federal penitentiary filled with the cream of the crop of criminals.  It is populated with native gangs (Manitoba Warriors, Zig Zag Warriors and Native Syndicate) and multiple members of the Hells Angels.  James’ victims can be assured that James’ time in Stony Mountain will NOT be enjoyable.  Fuck, even criminals have standards.  Child molesters and rapists are at the bottom of the barrel, and that is where James reputation will put him.  Chances are slim that James will make it out of that place unscathed, even if he is put in protective custody.  I hope that he is put in a cell with a big fuck off gang member, loaded up with genital warts and Hep C.  Is it fair of me to wish that on another human being?  Let me put it this way; being the father of 2 boys that play hockey, if that ever happened to either of my sons, that person would just plain disappear.  That’s it, that’s all.  James should consider himself lucky if he only gets his ass fucked rimless while he is in there.  It looks good on him.

Last week, the main conversation was in regards to hockey fights changing momentum and winning games.  It is something that is hard to pin down, but on Friday night, there may have been a prime example.  Winnipeg was losing 3-0 to the Washington Capitals, when the Jets scored to close the goal deficit to 2.  On the following faceoff, Jimmy Slater got into a fight with Brooks Laich.  From that point on, Winnipeg went on to outshoot Washington 13-2 for the remainder of the game, and scored 3 more unanswered goals on the way to winning in overtime.  Momentum truly is difficult to pinpoint, but in this case, the fight paired with the goal helped.

Things are getting way to fucking PC for my liking.  During the NCAA tournament, the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux are not allowed to use the name “Fighting Sioux.”  The NCAA found the logo and the team name offensive, and as a result, The Fighting Sioux are no longer.  All the PC crowd needed was one team to make a concession, and all of a sudden, you have a precedent.  Where will this stop?  Will a group of non violent Irish take offense to the Fighting Irish and demand they drop the name because not all Irish fight?  Will the Central Michigan Chippewas have to change their fight song from “The Fighting Chippewas” to “The Peaceloving Chippewas?”  Will Florida State have to retire Chief Osceola and his horse Renegade?  Fuck people…enough.  Here is the tricky part…it is state law in North Dakota that the UND team be called the Fighting Sioux.  So, while the UND hockey team is in the NCAA tournament, they are not to wear their Fighting Sioux jerseys, or be identified as the Fighting Sioux in the game programs.  But once they return to North Dakota, motherfuckers, they are the Fighting Sioux.  Fuck this PC crowd.  Give an inch, next thing you know I’m getting a ticket for shitting with my bathroom door open.  I don’t give a fuck if I’m at the mall or not, I don’t like being closed in while I shit.

With spring just around the corner, some of us may want to tone our bodies for a summer of drunken debauchery.  I’ve put on a couple 20 pounds of winter fat, and with running season coming up, I’ve got to slim up.  Plus, I want to make sure I’m in good shape when I get hit with a case of beaver fever.  No, I’m not talking about giardia.  Going into this, trust me, I know that yoga isn’t for every guy out there.  However, with some inspiration, maybe we all can appreciate yoga for what it is; a thing of beauty.  I am going to try something new, and every week for the next few weeks, I will show you a yoga pose with the help of the lovely Jordan Carver.

Ah yes…anyone out there feel like doing yoga yet?  Me neither.

This just adds fire to the argument that the Canucks are one of the dirtiest and most weasel-like teams out there right now.  If Sedin doesn’t drive his shoulder into Duncan Keith’s head, does Keith go looking for him later?  Hard to say, but for someone that has never been suspended in his career, the chances of Keith doing so are unlikely.  As a result, Keith went looking for Sedin and made a bad play.  Now Keith is gone for 5 games, and no one is sure how long Sedin will be out for.  These two teams really do not like each other, and I am hoping they meet in the playoffs this year.  It would be good hockey, and I like Chicago in that one.

Fight of the week:

Cam Janssen vs Brandon Prust, Eric Boulton vs Michael Rupp, and Ryan Carter vs Stu Bickel.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.


The NHL Suspended Duncan Keith...Why Not Daniel Sedin?
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  Yeah, there's Daniel Sedin laying in a heap after Chicago defenseman Duncan Keith leveled him with a dirty, dirty, cheap-shot...And the NHL came down and hit Keith with a five game suspension...I have no problem with this...

But I do have a problem with the NHL not suspending Sedin...You may be asking, why should they suspend a guy who just got his head taken off? Because Sedin, brought this on himself...Keith laid him out because earlier in the game, Sedin took a run at Keith's head, and the NHL has made it clear, that head shots are a big no-no!

Don Cherry addressed this tonight on "The Coach's Corner" At 2 minutes and 50 seconds they get into this incident...

Now, why hasn't the NHL popped Sedin for a couple games...I don't care that he's injured, he broke the damn rules, and Brendan Shannahan, and the NHL have been popping guys all year long for head shots...Sedin needs to get popped too!

Normally in Hockey a guy wouldn't just go cheap-shotting another guy, but instead, he'd drop the gloves with him, and throw...But Daniel Sedin made it clear last year in the Stanley Cup Finals, that he's a total pussy, who just won't drop the gloves...

What bitch!

Keith's shot on Sedin, was bad, and dirty, and the league ruled in a similar way that they have ruled on stuff like this all year...But they need to stay consistent, and and hit Sedin for his head shot as well...And Don Cherry is right...If Sedin isn't going to mix it up, he better not go looking for trouble like this...

Later, The Beeze.

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