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2014 YGS Fantasy Hockey Draft Tags: NHL Fantasy Hockey draft

Okay Gabbers...the draft is set for this Friday at 7:30pm EST. Everyone as far as I know is in, if you haven't gone into the league and clicked on your team to activate it from the invite I sent you then you need to do so, my adding your team does not activate it, you must click the link in the invite to get in...if you don't have it, or can't find it under SEARCH in your inbox from ESPN then comment below and I'll resend it so you can do so. Everyone that played last season is in this league, all I did was email you all invites to the new league since we didn't do a keeper league. Does anyone have any interest in doing a keepr league of one or two players? If so, let me know and I'll change it before the draft, but you must chime in for me to do so.

Any questions put them down and I'll get back to you! 

Good luck this seaosn....Sully


Q-o-t-D 4/15/14 Tags: Fantasy Hockey TheBeeze Sully Hotch
Who's got two thumbs and won The Gab Fantasy Hockey League?

Monday Moaning...On Tuesday
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Yeah, I'm late to posting...Shit happens...So why the sexy Boba Fett?  Because Boba Fett is my Fantasy Hockey team's mascot, and my team came through with big win last week to jump my squad up top second in the division...The slow start is turning around....Ain't it Jeff!?!

Saturday started early for me, as I head to drive my oldest daughter about 40 minutes away for a Christmas Honor Band rehearsal...She was in the Summer Honor Band and really enjoyed it...It a group of kids from all over, they do a couple concerts, have them professionally recorded and get CD's...It's a cool experience, except for getting up at 7:00 AM on a Saturday...After that we hit the grocery store...

Then there was full family house cleaning, before I sat on my ass and watched the Fighting Irish take on Navy...Always a tough game for the Irish...Every year Navy gives them all they've got, and they did again this year...

The Irish come away with the win, but lost another Linebacker...Before the season Danny Spond retired for health reasons...Jarred Grace is out for the year with a broken leg...Ishaq Williams suffered a sprained ACL against Air Force...And now Ben Councell suffered a season ending knee injury...The injuries throughout the defense are piling up, but the LB depth has been devastated...Hopefully the rest of the crew can stay healthy and play strong...

Next, Hockey...Fucking Flyers...This past weekend they Flyers were getting throttled by Washington...At this point, it's late in the game and Washington is up 7-0...Holtby has got a shutout going...Good honest fight breaks out between Simmons and Wilson, then asshole goalie Ray Emery goes after Holtby...Anyone who knows hockey knows Emery is a boxer in pads...Take a look...

You are never going to hear me talking about getting rid of fighting in Hockey...But this right here was garbage...Just some bush-league shit that looks like a scene from "Slap Shot"...And of course, those animals in Philly loved every bit of it....Watch this video taken by a fan...

Of course these shit-dicks loved it...Their team sucks...They fired their head coach after 3 maybe 4 games, and made Craig Berube the new head coach...Berube who was a shit player, but knew how to throw around the knuckles...Well, way to go Flyers...Way to celebrate the fights, and Emery's bullshit move...That's fine, read the scoreboard...You fuck-tards still lost 7-0, you dumb fucking, inbred, assholes!  Rocky was just a movie character you fucking dolts!

What bothers me even more, is Emery wasn't suspended...The NHL keeps talking about player safety, and has added instigator penalties, but a goalie skating the length of the ice, unprovoked, and then starting the fight is okay?  Watch that fight again...Holtby didn't want it...He didn't have a chance and knew it...And all Emery wanted to do was beat on him...There is a point where Holtby is going down, again, and Emery lifts him up, so he can keep beating on him...Now the NHL is saying they're looking into a rule change for next year, where if a goalie leaves his zone for a fight he'll get 10 games, possibly less, just as the rule is for a player leaving the bench for a fight...

And where is that asshole Mike Milbury screaming that Emery and Berube should be out of hockey, like he did a couple weeks ago when Buffalo's John Scott drilled Loui Eriksson?  Fucking asshole gasbag!

This all pisses me off because this is the same league that wrote the "Avery Rule" and put it into effect just days after this happened...

I love Hockey, but the NHL is so full of bullshit...Sean Avery is a dick, so he's not allowed to get into a goalies kitchen!   But a thug, half-assed goalie like Emery is allowed to jump Holtby  because he's pitching a shutout, while Emery and Mason gave up 7 goals...Bullshit!

I love the movie "Slap Shot" because it's a movie...If every hockey game was like that movie, I would have tapped out years ago...

The last thing I want to talk about is Northwestern's special uniforms....I'm all for being patriotic, and rocking the Red, White, and Blue...But giving it a blood splattered look seems over the top, and classless to me...

What do you think?

Have a week....

The Beeze.

2014 Fantasy Hockey Season!!! Tags: Fantasy Hockey league

For those of you that played fantasy hockey last year check your emails for the invite to this year's league! 

If you do not want to play let me know in the comment section below and I'll remove you from the league invites and add someone else who wants to play. The draft is set for Sunday September 29th at 7:30 pm EST. It's a live snake draft and the order will be determined by the computer just prior to draft time. 

FYI...I've already informed Jeff that this season he gets no tips from me, so if he asks for any advise do so at your own peril. 

ESPN Fantasy Hockey League
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Hey Gabbers!!!

If you're interested in playing fantasy hockey post your name below and I'll send you an invite. I created a league at ESPiN and the league will auto-draft on Saturday morning at 5 am, so if you play be sure to pre-rank your teams!!


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