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Deep Thoughts 4-16-14
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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. This week marks two very significant events. Tuesday was Jackie Robinson day and the anniversary of the bombing at last year’s Boston Marathon. MLB does a great job each year of recognizing Robinson by having each MLB player wear #42. While this is a great tribute, I have a question. On Jackie Robinson day, shouldn’t the Dodgers be playing at home? It really does seem like a slap in the face to me to not only have the Dodgers on the road…but playing at San Francisco. I am really scratching my head over this. I am also trying to understand why someone would leave two dummy backpacks at the Boston Marathon finish line. It is acts like this that make me wonder about the direction of our country. Sick…

BOB mentioned yesterday in his blog about Aldon Smith’s latest screw up. Telling TSA agents that you have a bomb is not very bright. This does not strike me as the act of a mentally stable person, but maybe he is just an idiot. Either way, I think BOB is right, Sheriff Goodell will ask Smith to take the year off. This is really a bad deal for the 49ers as their defense is not the same without him. But, I figure that this is out of the team’s hands at this point. It will be interesting to see if they cut him loose or save a spot for him.

I caught the movie Draft Day last weekend. If you like football, you will definitely like this movie. It was like a big spoonful of football. I would not say it is Costner’s best work, but it is definitely worth watching. It was interesting watching the behind the scene conversations. Given the timing of the approaching draft, it makes the current headlines rather intriguing. I saw on Tuesday that an “anonymous” NFL executive thinks that Clowney is “spoiled” and “lazy”. Teams are looking for any reason to cause a player to drop. Is this truly what this executive believes or is he trying to allow Clowney to fall into their lap? Johnny Manziel is slammed because he scores too high on the Wonderlic test. It is whispered that he may be too smart to be coachable. Vince Young was slammed because he scored too low on the test…maybe he is not smart enough to learn the playbook. It really is a game of chess. The media sucks up the words like a Hoover on steroids. I am not even sure that they realize that they are being played by the teams…either way, they are pawns. There was a time that we could believe what we read in the paper, but those times are long gone.






I have been reading an old book about baseball stories. I found the book at an antique store and figured for a few bucks it would be interesting to read. The stories are an assortment of short stories, poems…each one is different. There was the original story that I suppose the Field of Dreams was based upon. One very short story was about a guy that walked into a bar. A baseball game was on the small TV in the corner. An older guy sitting next to him started talking about baseball and complaining about the way games today (probably 40 years ago) are described. Lanz commented on BOB’s blog yesterday how Vin Scully used words to paint a picture of the game. That is exactly what this old guy was complaining about in this story. He missed listening to a baseball game on the radio; because those play by play guys painted that picture for their listeners…they had to. TV guys have gotten lazy. Most do not understand what it is to do a play by play. They use words like velocity instead of bringing the heat or throwing gas and location instead of nibbling around the corners. As I read this story, I realized that the old man was exactly right. I have spent those summer nights lying in my bed with my eyes closed…seeing the game through the words. I watch the game now, and don’t really listen as much to the words of the broadcast. Often, I think that I see as much or more than the guys doing the broadcast. Baseball is great today and I love being able to watch so many game on TV. But, there will always be something special about listening to a baseball game on the radio.








I think we have all noticed how many pitchers are MIA this year. The dreaded phrase “Tommy John” surgery has been spoken 20 times this year. I started looking around trying to find some answers. One theory is that the MLB strike zone is so tight that pitchers have given up throwing slower breaking balls and now throw a cut fastball, slider and split finger fastball. Hitters spend hours watching video now. They are much more patient at the plate because they know that the tight strike zones favor hitters. There is some potential truth to this. Fastballs are thrown with the shoulder. Curveballs are thrown with the shoulder and wrist. The harder breaking balls all stress the elbow. I can see this, but I don’t think it tells the entire story. So I went to the expert on the matter…Dr. James Andrews. Dr. Andrews believes that there are several factors that are causing the UCL (ulnar collateral ligament) to fray and eventually fail. Kids are bigger and stronger and the UCL is just not able to keep pace with how hard the young pitchers are throwing. Also, baseball has become a year round sport in many parts of the country. He believes that young pitchers are not getting a break like they used to. Instead of putting away the baseball glove and picking up a football or basketball, they simply play on. A comment on the article about Dr. Andrews was spot on. He remembers listening to 2 visiting hockey coaches from Finland. They said if you want to be one of the best 12 year old players around then play year round. But if you want to still be a good player when you are 16 or 17 then drop the game when your season is over and play other sports that interest you because eventually water seeks its level and others will catch up or your zeal for the game will be greatly diminished

My son began playing tournament baseball when he was 11. But, we limited the amount of games that the kids played. But there are others that do not. I am a firm believer that playing all sports is of great benefit for young athletes. Focusing on one sport at a young age often burns kids out. It also can lead to overuse of a pitchers arm…which is what we are beginning to see at the professional level. There is really nothing that the MLB can do to change this, except perhaps offer direction. Baseball should spend time preparing messages to younger players and their parents. Most kids will never play professional baseball, but the facts should be known. Throwing a baseball is not a natural action. Throwing a baseball hard puts stress on the shoulder and elbow.

Based on this information, it does not appear that anything will change soon. For the record, of those 20 pitchers undergoing Tommy John surgery only one is from outside the US. It is clear that this problem is something that is homegrown. Hopefully, it will be something that we can soon begin to change.





Last weekend was the Masters. The big news leading up to this great tournament was that Tiger Woods would not be healthy enough to participate in this year’s Masters. I have been a big fan of Tiger Wood's golfing. I have watched him perform at a level that few have ever approached. I cheered Tiger on in his pursuit of the major championship record. But, in the back of my mind, I had a nagging feeling like I had forgotten something. This week, I was reminded what I had forgotten. For all of those wins, Tiger Woods will never have something…he will never be the King of golf. There has only ever been one man in golf that completely grabbed the fancy of the country and that was Arnold Palmer. Although, Jack Nicklaus will wear the crown of best player, it is Arnold Palmer that captivated our nation and brought attention to the game of golf. Men wanted to be Palmer and women just wanted him. Class, charisma and charm were characteristics of Arnold Palmer. When Palmer began to make a move up the leader board, he would hitch his pants and eagerly charge toward the next shot. The adoring crowds were called “Arnie’s Army” and they would announce a great shot with a surge of cheers. Seriously, there was no doubt when Palmer sank a long putt or hit a great shot. ..You just knew. He did not so much play golf, as attack the course. As a small kid, I remember thinking that there was something different about this man.  





Through all of his professional successes, Palmer remained a hero to every man. You cannot find anyone that will say something bad about Palmer. He has been a gentleman from the beginning. He always had time for a smile and a handshake. Athletes of today would do well to examine the manner that this giant of another generation has handled his business.


Here are a few facts about Arnold Palmer:

Hale Irwin said that he learned from Arnold that the most important part of being a professional golfer was what you did outside the ropes.

Palmer said that his father told him…You don’t need to tell anyone how good you are, you show them how good you are.

You can have a discussion over who is the best golfer of all time, but there is no question that Arnold Palmer has been the most important golfer of all time.

Johnny Bench named his son Justin Palmer Bench. Now, that is impressive.

Palmer represents the values of what America used to be. He is an American icon.

Arnold Palmer loved to add lemonade to his glass of iced tea…now that drink is called an Arnold Palmer.

There is so much more about Palmer to discuss. He beat prostate cancer in 1999, but has never quit his fight to beat the disease. He has donated money and been very outspoken to help raise awareness for fighting cancer. He built a Children’s hospital in Florida that remains one of the most impressive hospitals in the country for children.


Arnold Palmer brought attention and money to the PGA tour. He helped create the Senior Tour and the Golf Channel. He defined how to create a brand, by living his life doing good things. He began flying his own plane in the 1950s. In watching the golf channel story, it detailed how Palmer decided that at 80 years of age that he should leave the flying to someone else. On his last flight from the west coast to Orlando…he got the red carpet treatment from each airport that he was in communication with. Apparently, all of the airports across the country cleared the way for his flight. I am not a pilot, but supposedly, this is just not done. He did not have to wait for anything…which speaks to the respect that the air traffic guys had for Palmer as a pilot. From his humble beginnings, Palmer has created a huge place in American history…and he has done it the right way.


Tiger Woods has been a student of golf and has focused his attention to try to eclipse these records. It is a shame that Tiger does not understand that golf is only a small part of the legacy he will leave behind. It is sad, but I sort of see Tiger Woods as I do Barry Bonds. Both were great players that never realized the true meaning of being a champion. Arnold Palmer is 85 and won’t be with us much longer. It is time we took a moment to acknowledge just how special his life has been.








                                                             I think that everyone is ready for the snow to stop...





This is a picture of the Utah Valley University baseball field. The UTPA Broncs headed to Orem Utah to take on the Wolverines last weekend. They took 2 out of 3, but could not close out the sweep on Sunday. Watching the games online, I could not help but admire the beautiful venue...at least until the weather turned bad on Sunday. Blake and his guys managed to just beat the snow out of town. Next week is a home series against Bakersfield. Hopefully, they can just keep winning 2 out of three. Taking a series the rest of the way will allow the Broncs to make the conference tournament in May.



That is all I have today, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey...



"Too bad you can't buy a voodoo globe so that you could make the earth spin real fast and freak everybody out."


"If you're a young Mafia gangster out on your first date, I bet it's real embarrassing if someone tries to kill you. "



Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own...




Musings From The Hoodwood 4-1
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Thats a real baller, showin Lebron what being an inspration is...


Greetings for the Hoodwood, where no one even thought of the final four teams that are left.


NCAA:  From a sweet 16 to a final 4 in Arlington

After 64 games, 64 teams have been sent off. Now there are 4 left. One favorite and three no one saw coming. The favorite left is Florida, winners of 30 straight that looked almost bored as they toyed with then vanquished a spunky Dayton squad that won the hearts of the college basketball nation with their fearless play. The Flyers sent 3 teams from 3 of the power conferences home earlier than they thought they should have been sent in Ohio State, Syracuse and Stanford and hung tough with the Gators for the better part of a half but the clock struck midnight and the Gators claimed the South regional title and  head back to the final four for the fist time since the halcyon days of the back to back titleists in 2006 and 2007. 

Carreening out of the East is UConn who was all but left for dead after getting housed by Louisville on the regular season finale by 33 points. But lead by the gritty performance by All-American Shabazz Napier the Huskies hung tough, won a slugfest against Cincy and despite losing the American title game to Louisville went in to the tourney  a serious dark horse. Though many pundits, your humble scribe included, thought they would last past the first weekend of the tourney, they knocked out the 2,3 & 4 seeds to claim the Eastern Regional. The finale was a street fight against Michigan State the supposed dark horse darling of the experts. I had an uneasy feeling that if UConn got to the regional finals at venerable Madison Square Garden, that it would be an extended home game for them with Storrs only being 139 miles and a 2 ½ hour drive away. The game as I stated before was a grinding street fight with Sparty’s rugged veteran group battling an equally veteran though not as tourney tested bunch. The Huskies made an insane amount of free throws down the stretch and the 60-54 win sent the American conference team to the Final Four. It is  the first time since the 1992 Cincinnati squad that hailed from the Great Midwest that a team from a brand new conference heads to the Final Four.

Rambling in from the West is Wisconsin…you read right the quietest #2 seed you’ll ever seen. They don’t play pretty, they don’t play fancy and they sure as shooting don’t play nice. They play a grimy, gully style game based on strong defense, led by the sleepy eyed 7 footer Frank Kaminsky who netted 28 points but it was a strong defensive stand at the end of the overtime thriller against Arizona that got their tickets to Texas punched. The #1 seed Wildcats had 2 chances to take the lead in the closing seconds but failed to get a shot off either time. It was a bitter disappointment for the Miller Brothers who were both turned away from the Final Four a game short.

Finally, to my everlasting chagrin there is Kentucky. The haughty Wildcats who started the season as the unanamious choice for the country’s #1 team, there was talk of a possible run through a perfect season. But as one loss after another piled up like so much snow in the Bluegrass state, the whispers and grumblings got louder and louder. Especially with hated rivals like Louisville in state and Florida in conference flourishing so handily. The Gators, not the Wildcats ran the table in conference. The Cards, not the Wildcats were considered the fab favorites to make the deep run for a title defense.  But Wildcats downed the unbeaten Shockers, edged their hated in-state rivals and needed a last second three from Aaron Harrison to edge Michigan and prevent the Big Ten from having multiple teams in the Final Four for the first time since 2000 which ironically was the last time Wisconsin the Wildcats opponents in North Texas will be, made the Final Four. As an avowed Kentucky hater (Princess Jazzie’s family are big Wildcat boosters and her Uncle Matt is a UK grad)  I could feel myself want to vomit seeing the bragging, grinning, jeering Wildcat fans celebrate a regional title that they really had no right to expect two weeks ago.

So there you have it, four teams that I think are equally tough and balanced. This could be a raucous final four in front of record crowds at the Jerry Dome where the road ends in the 2014 basketball season.

NBA: Sixers destroy the dream

I had a dream that a team would be so bad that it would eclipse the longest losing streak in major pro sports. The Bucs lost their first 26 games in their existence, the Cavs in 2010 lost 26 in a row the first year after LeBron left to take his talents to South Beach, MLB cites the 1899 Cleveland Spiders 26 game losing streak as its record. The 1988 Baltimore Orioles lost their first 21 games of the season as a more modern record of futility. But the Sixers were in full command of their losing destiny, all they had to do was play their normal hapless selves against a middling Detroit team and the pro record would be theirs. What did they do? They mucked it up. 70 points in the first half?  Oh no… Five starters in double figures? What the? 12 of 21 from downtown. Who do these palookas a d-leaguers think they are? Well for that night in front of a good crowd of 17,438 they were 123-98 winners. Ohhhhh snap, the game wasn’t even close. For a rare time the Sixers got to be the bully, punishing the beleaguered Pistons who were coming off a Friday night thrashing by the Heat. I was depressed in thinking that instead of being a special team, they are just another bad team trying to tank their way to a chance at drafting Jabari Parker, Joel Embiid or Andrew Wiggins.

NFL: Requiem for Mr. Wilson

The football world lost one of its patriarchs last week. Ralph Wilson, founder of the Buffalo Bills passed away after battling a lingering illness at the age of 95. Wilson who was an insurance magnate in the 50’s and a minority owner of the Detroit Lions took $25,000 of his own money to become part of the so-called “Foolish Club” spearheaded by Lamar Hunt. That foolish club became the AFL and he was one of the key figures behind the scenes that greased the works for the eventual merger between the AFL and NFL. Wilson became a dedicated owner and was a beloved figure in Buffalo. Players, coaches and Bills fans all spoke lovingly and warmly of Mr. Wilson. I went to Buffalo four times in the heyday of the Bills in the 90s and understood how much this team means to that area and how Mr. Wilson worked hard to keep the in Western New York. Now that he has passed on the speculation will arise anew that the Bills might be headed to LA, but that would be a sad coda to a great football legacy. Mr. Wilson was Buffalo football and he was the Bills. He was a class act and will be missed.

Phat Dap Head Slap

Phat Dap

To Lebron James and the Miami Heat, who reached out to a young teenager who is battling cancer. Ebony Nettles-Bey is fighting the good fight against stage-four Rhabdomyosarcoma, a type of cancer in the soft tissues of the body, she has chemo treatments and still goes to play at Verona High School in Wisconsin. She is a fan of LeBron and said that she wanted to meet him. With the help of a Milwaukee Bucks season ticket holder who generously donated his tickets to the Bucks-Heat game last Saturday, Nettles-Bey not only met James but hung out with the Heat during their shootaround, pregame warmup and team introductions. James also gave Nettles-Bey his uniform postgame. The interaction between Nettles-Bey and her favorite players and his teammates was more than just perfunctory  wave and hello, James spoke postgame about his admiration for Nettles-Bey’s battle and her courage which is infinitely larger than any game. Dap to the Heat for brighenting the cancer fight for someone who needs the boost, we here in Hoodwood like Lebron is full on in support for Nettles-Bey’s fight against cancer.


Head Slap

To Mexican soccer who plays politics in trying to keep two key US players out of a friendly match. US and Mexico are developing a rather nasty rivalry and two American players that would be playing in the so-called friendly between the US and Mexico won’t because their Mexican club team Puebla wont release them from their obligations. DeMarco Beasley and Michael Orozco weren’t granted their release to play in Wednesday’s game in Phoenix. Foreign players are usually granted their release to play for their national teams but its highly suspicious that this Mexican league team would not when their players would be playing against the Mexican national team.

Random thoughts

Vlad Guerrero retires an Angel, makes sense but super not fresh that Don Baylor (the only other Angels MVP) broke his leg catching the cermonial first pitch from Vlad...ugh. What is it with home plate at Angels Stadium that breaks legs. First Kendry Morales a couple years back now this?

Mr. Wilson of the Bills hasnt even been gone a week and here there is talk that Donald Trump may be interested in buying the team. If that happens, goodbye Western New York, hello LA Sharks. Trump will vacate that area faster than it takes a plate of Buffalo wings to disappear from a plate, he'll cry poor and that area in Hollywood Park would look mighty appealing. That happens and Baltimore moves to the AFC East, Indy moves to the AFC North and Kansas City to the AFC South to accomdate the new LA team..dont say that Bandito, your humble scribe didnt warn you.

All the supposed experts that were picking Michigan State to win it...did you really think that they would beat UConn at MSG? C'Mon Man!

Speaking of UConn, Geno (the Mafiaso don) Aureimma is leading another undefeated bid for the Lady Huskies, a showdown in Nashville with Muffet McGraw's Irish might be a jim dandy finale...oh did I mention that the Lady Irish are unbeaten too? The NCAA got this one right when they put the Huskies and Irish on opposite sides of the big bracket...No dis to Stanford, UNC, Maryland and Louisville (well maybe a slight one to Louisville) but Im hoping that they will be mere speed bumps to a title tilt of the first rank.

Miggy Cabrera and Mikey Trout get PAID! I like both of their games, Cabrera is the most complete hitter in the game today bar none. Trout will be a superstar in the big leagues for a long time but Trouts payday is more the preemptive strike by the Angels who didnt have to fork out the money for another 3 years. They figure get one of the best young hitters in the game locked up in his young prime years, but when he comes due for his next free agent contract...ooooh he might be getting a half billion dollar payday. You laugh, but I remember when Barry Bonds signed his first big money contract and the 7 year $43 million contract blew everyone away now thats a bargain for a middle reliever.


Finally, After careful thought and consideration Ive decided to quit writing and give up my pursuit of sports writing in an effort to pursue a dream being a sports agent. This will be my last column but if Arliss or Jerry McGwire doesnt hire me...then I'll be back next week...

It Is Too Cold for March 1st
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If this was a weather blog site, we would have no trouble finding topics to discuss this time of year.  I don't know about you, but I have had enough of winter...it is absolutely killing my golf game, although apparently some people are willing to play on!  Nice swing out of the snow, no?

So, how about a true winter sport that kicks off today with its' official start at Willow, Alaska?

As you can see, the folks up in Anchorage have plenty to howl about! (sorry...I couldn't resist).  The Iditarod, the Last Great Race, starts its 1000 mile trek across Alaska today with a finish in Nome in about 8 days.  This year, the race trail has had basically the opposite of the weather in the lower 48, with unseasonably warm temperatures and rain instead of snow.  The expectation is that the weather and trail conditions will bring a whole new meaning to the term "mush!"  Aside from the usual suspects entered in this year's race such as Jeff King and Dee Dee Jonrow, Robert Sorlie returns after a 7 year vacation.  He may be the dark horse in what will be a competitive event.

Now on to the spring sports - and returning to my golf theme...here's a now familiar pose:

Tiger has had a very slow start to 2014 - in fact, it is his worst start as a pro.  Normally, he wins one of the early events to start the golf season creating a buzz about his upcoming run at Jack Nicklaus' 18 major record.  Watching Tiger play, it seems hard to believe he is going to be able to win competitive tournaments, let alone a major.  It will make for interesting spring viewing right up through the Masters.

And a few other thoughts...

I watched - on & off - my first Nationals game yesterday as they kicked off their Grapefruit League play.  I have to say, I enjoy the background noise that a ballgame provides the office.

Tanaka gets his first start of the spring today...I may have to pull that one up on MLB.TV.

Well, I have to drive into the teeth of the weather on a road trip to Pittsburgh tomorrow.  Hopefully I will not be marooned there!

Have a great weekend!


O H Thursday
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This last week of February isn’t a good sports week.

I really don't know what I'm writing about today...my mind is out there behind the wheel of a classic Corvette roadster with the cool wind in my hair...

In a Typical year, me and the misses are packing and planning for our annual road trip to FL. We would leave this Today and return home a week from Sunday. We have family in MD and FL and friends in VA, SC and FL so it usually turns into a few meals with them on the way and way back to break up the 26 hrs of driving.


This isn’t a typical year.

Mrsharry doesn’t get Spring break until next week and I just started a new job so vacation time isn’t happening this Spring.

I’m looking forward to next year and 2 weeks off in March.

My # 3 and # 4 sons (ages 25 & 21) are heading down in our place to use the time share and play a little golf…

I’ll be getting a late start on my golf game and the annual pilgrimage to breaking 100. Last year it took until October and I skipped the 90’s and shot an 88.  I can’t enjoy playing when I’m cold so the FL trip gets me off to a good start…not this year.


Every year it’s like a new game, my putter is the safest club because I really can’t hurt anyone with that. My driver…well lets just keep that thing in the bag for looks. I will use a 3 or 4 iron off the tee for better control…let’s face it, I’m not hitting the ball 300 yards and the 200 in a fairly straight line is much more useful than 240 into the next fairway or street or neighboring yard.  Early in the year I’ll use my putter from the short first cut rather than a wedge because the wedge is a dangerous tool and it takes much practice to control it.

By the time mid Summer arrives I’m buying new balls. The slightly used and found in the woods balls have served their purpose and are all lost anyway.

I recently read that Charles Barkley includes Tiger Woods at age 38 into his annual  “Father Time wins again” group for this year along with Kobe Bryant and Derek Jeter.

At least I don’t have to worry about my being included in That Group.


A friend of mine suggested the best way to think Spring is to start planning the gardens.

I am an avid gardener and grow veggies, flowers, herbs and fruit all around the posh but modest Harry estate.

This year I’m planning a variety of peppers, hot and sweet. Tomatoes of  4 or 5 varieties, some for sauce, some for kabobs, some to just eat and some to slice to put on my burgers.

I usually grow enough summer, zucchini and butternut squash so that the family and neighbors drop by to pick there own. My Niagara grape vines started producing fruit last year (typical year 3) and look like they will take off this year.

My high bush blueberries we the best ever last year, we are still eating them…frozen.

The last batch of my famous OH B&B pickles was made reluctantly from store bought cucumbers, peppers and onions.

It’s almost time to repair the boxes, lattice and fences. It’s almost time to get the compost mix stirred up, get the rain barrel irrigation system functioning and get this show going…daffodils and crocuses will be up soon… can’t wait to get my hands dirty.

Oh…that’s right, I’m doing my roof this year…better do that before it gets too warm.


I’m having trouble getting interested in any pro sports right now. The NHL will probably get me come playoff time, MLB will get my interest eventually, the NBA has no chance of catching me looking in. March Madness will get some of my attention until my underdog laden brackets fail miserably.


So here I am, looking upbeat with Spring just around the corner. One more heating oil delivery $3.69 a gallon, a couple more trips to the car wash at $12 per to get this corrosive road salt off the fragile metals that were obviously made for a warmer climate.

The garden hoses have been put away since that last deer was cleaned and hung in the beginning of December. I’m just about done with the cord wood split last year, I’m down to the uglies and the branches, The snow blower has a flat tire…but as my son says,

 “it’s better for traction”


Probably have to shovel the white stuff at least two more times. Change the winter motor oil to the summer stuff…for those who don’t live in the cold… you can’t put heavy oil in a ten year old vehicle and expect it to start easily when the morning temp is about 5 degrees.


So for a guy that didn’t have much to say I guess I was able to fill the page!

AL East preview next week

Gone golfin'...but time for a Super Bowl Pick
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I had choices for this weekend....stay home in the cold and watch the Super Bowl or take 3 days in south Florida golfing with my friends in mid-80 degree weather.  I went with "B" - and any other weekend I would have just hung out the "gone golfin'" shingle and left it at that.  But this is Super Bowl weekend and I do have an opinion.

This game reminds me a lot of Super Bowl XVIII - the Redskins and the Raiders.  The Redskins came in with league MVP Theismann at QB and a powerful offense and decent defense. The Raiders came in with a dynamic running back, an OK QB (Plunkett) and monster cornerbacks.  The game turned into an exercise in futility for the Skins as they fell behind early on poor special teams play and then Joe T. just could not hit the small window that the Raider CB's gave him.  Could that scenario be Denver's fate?

One topic that I have not heard talked about to exhaustion is even if Seattle can shut down Manning, can they score?  Wilson has not been that great in the playoffs but he has been good enough to win.  In the biggest game of his life, can he put up the kind of game that sets his career up for the next decade?

My preseason AFC pick was Denver and I rode Peyton Manning to a Fantasy Football championship, so I definite like their team,  Although I went with New Orleans as my Team of Destiny, there was no doubt that Seattle with their monster defense and home field advantage were going to be the cream of the NFC.  So realistically, we have the two best teams in football facing off in the Super Bowl.

My pick is Denver...I think Peyton Manning, even with the likelihood of a couple of picks will just keep coming.  I don't think that Seattle has the offense to answer.   Denver 31 - Seattle 20.  Then again...it could be Super Bowl XVIII all over again.

Have a great weekend - I know I am!


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