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Monday Moaning 7-1-13
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In case you missed it Saturday, there is one topic, and one topic only, above all other topics, that has to be discussed....Must read NOW ...

I told ya...Serious stuff people...Serious stuff going on in our country that has to be addressed! Unlike what CNN is showing us...Yes, CNN has dug their heels all in with the George Zimmerman trial...Normal Friday night CNN programming got bumped so they could give another 3 more hours of talking about this trial...Hey, there is serious news happening daily in this country and in this world...And I'm not even talking about the asshole in Virginia anymore....(You better have clicked that link above!) It's sad because not only are they constantly harping on this trial, that just started, but they are also giving off the vibe that they are trying to single handedly start a race war....

Race over and over again keeps coming up when this trial is talked about...And pretty much every time a black person is attacked or killed by some one who isn't black...Yet, when a black person attacks or kills a person who isn't black, race is not brought up...Why the double standard...What there aren't black people who are racist, who target white people or Asian people....Oh yes there are...The media is just afraid to talk about it...It happened at The Wisconsin State Fair a couple years ago, that a group of teenage blacks targeted and attacked whites...But the media danced around it...

Is it uncomfortable in here yet? Sorry, but it needs to be said...The news media needs to report the news...The facts, as they really are, and not be afraid to tell the truth...But not every crime is racially motivated, and that shouldn't be the first thing we jump to when a crime happens...But dopes like CNN always seem to go there...I wrote THIS early last week...If you read it you can see I had a few problems with it, and racial tension popped up right or wrong...Do I think that animal did what he did because he was black and the woman was white...NO...he did it because he's a piece of shit...

So let me break down this whole Zimmerman case for ya, so you can avoid CNN for the next few months....Dude was following the Trayvon Martin, even though the police told him to pull back, they were on the way...But he wanted to be a hard ass....Martin realized was following him...Most likely, he said something...They exchanged words and then blows...Martin had him down and was beating his ass...Zimmerman was pissing himself, realizing he wasn't as hard as he thought, and that he had a gun, and shot Martin, thinking he was dead if he didn't...I don't know why it's so hard for people to figure out...

If I was in Martin's shoes, and noticed this douche following me, I may not have acting the same...When I was his age, I would have started to run, and ducked around a corner...If dude would have kept coming, then I probably would have jumped him...If I was Zimmerman, well you wouldn't see me doing what he did...I do my neighborhood watch from my front porch, and I don't have the time to waste, trolling around looking for the assholes...But If I found myself getting a beating, and I had a gun on me, yeah, I'd use it....Not everything is about race...Zimmerman may have said racist shit, doesn't mean he's looking to kill every black kid he sees...

Fuck! Sorry if this all got heavy and uncomfortable...But the fucking news media makes me want to puke in the soup!

Okay...Sports...The NHL Draft was Sunday....Ummm, yeah, I don't really follow the prospects intensely, so I got nothing...Plus I didn't watch...I took the kids to see Monsters University...It was good...Kids like it...Had some good laughs for the parents...There were a couple good previews too that got big laughs from Mrs. Beeze...Yeah, some times it's like having 4 kids!

Back to the NHL...There were a bunch of trades on draft day...I'm really not willing to run them all down for ya...But Chicago, you just won the Stanley Cup, and your team just traded away a couple of guys who played a role in that...Many teams are trying to unload some contracts because of the salary cap for this coming year...And the Coyotes, who no one knows if they will be playing in Phoenix this coming year (I'm rooting for Seattle), and have no owner, some how signed goalie Mike Smith to a six year, $34 million deal...WTF!

The Boston Bruins look like they will be losing some familiar faces too...Nathan Horton will explore free-agency, and the team will let Andrew Ference walk...They have plenty of youth and depth on the blue line, so losing Ference won't hurt...GM Peter Chiarelli also admitted to losing to offers for Tyler Seguin....But after not moving the 21 year old winger, Chiarelli made it clear that Seguin needs to grow up, saying "He's got to commit his mind and focus on the one task at hand." Telling the Boston Globe, "He's got to become more of a professional."

Alright, kid...The boss just listened to offers, and then called you out...Better spend less time in the bars and all that Beantown snatch, and more time working on your game!

The Devils used the 208 pick on goalie, Anthony Brodeur...Yep, son of Martin Brodeur...But the kid won't see the NHL for awhile considering Dad is still there, and that the Devils just traded the #9 pick to Vancouver for 27 year old goalie Cory Schnieder...Schneider has been talked about in many trade rumors over the last couple years...Honestly, I think Vancouver always wanted to keep him and trade overrated, and overpaid Roberto Luongo, but no one wants that contract and that guy!

Okay...That's enough...If you really care about all the hockey moves, you already know where to go...Last week, all my games got washed out, and I'm expecting the same this week, as the forecast is calling for more fucking rain...So far we've had one game and a bunch of rain outs...Thursday we should have played but the rec was too lazy to fix up the fields...The team we were suppose to play and us got together for a scrimmage...So at least all the kids got some work in...Been frustrating so far....Mother Nature needs to stop being such a twat and show youth baseball some love!

In closing...Wrapping this all up...Save the Blow Job! (and anal) ...Fuck CNN...Not every crime is racially motivated...And we should be able to discuss shit without everyone being afraid race...The NHL Salary cap has teams scrambling to make cap room...And Mother Nature needs to stop fucking with baseball season!

Have a week...

The Beeze.

Random Thoughts
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ScottJax asks the question no one in the media has asked, or said about Tim Tebow. Will his words cause controversy?? Old Players in the NBA?? WrestleMania hits Random Thoughts?? Brooklyn Nets?? All this and more in this weeks edition of….

Wow, I never thought I get Jacksonville’s own, Tim Tebow, “Tebowing” for me. Thanks Tim. By the way, my son goes to the same Church as Tim and has talked to him on many occasions. He is a nice fellow and when it comes to his “faith” he is the real deal.

The provocative question is later on in the blog



Okay Gabbers. ScottJax has posted his annual WrestleMania predications. They can viewed here:


Please feel free to give me who you think will win each match.


How would you like to be left out of a game because your old? Well it happen to Tim Duncan. The Spurs were playing their third game in three nights and they gave him the night off. So the official scorer listed Duncan as DND (Did Not Dress) - Old.


A column by Peter Veceey, who says its from multiple sources, is saying that the Nets are targeting Kevin Garnett (restricted free agent), Ryan Anderson (restricted free agent and a player the Nets drafted and then traded away) and Ersan Ilyasova (unrestricted free agent), while renouncing the rights to Kris Humphries. The Nets are saying they want a stronger rebounded to play alongside Brook Lopez.

While Kris Humphries (27 years old) has never been a scoring machine, nor rebounded, since he has been a Net he is averaging a double-double. How many NBA players can say that? He averages 11.9 points a game and 11 rebounds a game. Garnett is on the downside of his career, this year is averaging 15.3 points and 8.3 rebounds. He turns 36 in May. Anderson is 23 years old and is averaging 10.1 points per game and 5.1 rebounds per game and Ilyasova is 24 years old and is averaging 9.4 points per game and 5.8 rebounds per game.

Any of these players better rebounders than Kris Humphries???

Got to get rid of Billy King, he is going to kill the Nets.

Oh no the trading for Tim Tebow was not a publicity stunt. Then how come the team is had a press conference to introduce a back-up quarterback. There was no coach, owner or players at the conference. Yep they really, really want him.

Jet’s are just starved for attention.


Here is the question that no one, that I have heard or read has mentioned:

An honest question deserves an honest answer

If Tim Tebow was any religion other than a Christian, would he have still gotten this same coverage. NOT!!

Frank McCourt buys the Dodgers, the stadium and surrounding area for $430 million in 2004 and yesterday he sells it for $2.15 billion dollars to a group that includes Magic Johnson and Stan Kasten. Mark Walter, Guggenheim Capital (the main source behind the $$$$) chief executive, will be the controlling owner. Kasten will run the team, while magic will also be involved in some of the day-to-day activities and will be looking to woo free agents.

The Johnson group, largely funded by Guggenheim Capital chief executive officer Mark Walter, agreed to purchase the Dodgers, Dodger Stadium and a 50 percent stake in the parking lots surrounding the ballpark from McCourt for $2.15 billion.

After Frank pays off his ex-wife $131 million and some $579 million in debt, he will taken in over $1.5 billion dollars. On top of that he gets to buy the half the parking area of Dodger Stadium and surrounding area for $150 million dollars.

I got to buy me a team!!

Til Next Time


PS. Tebow didn't actually Tebow for me

Random Thoughts
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ScottJax says thanks?? Nets suck?? Manning’s original speech?? New Orleans Saints, Denver/Jets?? All this and more in this weeks edition of…..

Kiss our butts, we got Manning!!


Scott would like to thanks all the gabbers for giving me advise on my retirement and for the warm wishes for my health. Believe me, it made me feel great that I am associated with the best group of bloggers/friends in the world!!


Nets trade a first round pick and two players for Gerald Wallace. You waste a first rounder on a declining player. Why, why do I keep rooting for the Nets.

Come to think of it, why did the Nets make Billy King their GM, he ruined the 76ers.

I hope you all took the time to read Peyton Manning’s original parting of the way speech. If not, here is the link:



I hope you enjoy it.


Well it looks like Peyton signed with the Denver Broncos. The contract, which protects Denver, is as follow:

There is no signing bonus.

Manning will get $18 million guaranteed next season.

Starting in 2013 Peyton must pass a physical before each season to get paid.

For the 2013 and 2014 seasons he will get $20 million.

For the 2015 and 2016 seasons he will get $19 million.

There is an injury waiver in the contract, covering Manning’s neck. If he reinjures the neck during the 2013 season he will not get paid for the 2014 season.


This Pole Vault/Frisbee trick is making the rounds at ESPN. It is number 10 of plays of the day.


I know we have gotten a little political at times, here at the gab, but ponder this???

During the Bush years, it took a barrel of oil to reach $147 for gas here in the States to cost $4 a gallon. Now, today, as to not call out a specific President by name, it takes only $107 a barrel to get to $4 a gallon. Ummm…


Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz, principal Met owners, save themselves financial grief by reaching a deal with a trustee for Bernard Madoff’s fraud victims. The deal saves the owners almost $800 million dollars (they were seeking close to a billion dollars), and basically saves them from having to sell the team. No money has to be paid for at least three years.

Mark Sanchez will now have to look over his shoulders, and not to check his danruff. It will Tebowmania hovering over him. Every time Mark fumbles the ball or throws an interception the fans will be chanting Te-bow, Te-bow. It could get ugly.

NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, slammed the Saints yesterday. Sean Payton, New Orleans Saints head coach, is out for the season without pay, former defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams is indefinitely banned, General Manager Mickey Loomis banned for the first eight regular-season games and assistant coach Joe Vitt is banned for the first six games of the season. The Saints were fined $500,000 and lost their second-round draft pick in 2012 and 2013.

Now that’s sending a message!!

Til Next Time


Old Time Hockey in NYC Monday Night
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The New York Rangers and new Jersey Devils have had a great rivalry for many years...And this year, with the Rangers on top of the Eastern Conference for most of the season, their opponents have tried to come at them with a tougher game...Problem is, no team plays tougher then the Rangers...Hard-nosed, grinding hockey...Everyone checks...Everyone blocks shots...Everyone forechecks...And a number of the guys will drop the gloves if needed...

So Monday night the Devils came into Madison Square Garden, and their douchebag coach, Peter DeBoer thought he'd try to send a message with the starting lineup he submitted...He put his thumpers, Cam Janssen, Eric Boulton, and Ryan Carter out there...Pissed off about this, Rangers coach John Tortorella didn't hold back, and he sent Mike Rupp, Brandon Prust out there...Oh, and he sent big defenseman, Stu Bickell out there to play Center...

Here's what happened next...

Way go DeBoer...Not only did you fire up the Rangers squad, but you got the Ranger faithful all fired up too...MSG was rocking from the opening brawl and seeing Carter's blood scraped off the ice...

And then, less than a minute and a half later, The Rangers scored...Momentum was on the Rangers' side all night...

As the game continued, it came out that New jersey's David Clarkson kept running his mouth...So finally Mike Rupp told him, "If you keep talking, I'm going to knock you out on National TV." Rupper rules!

Rupp didn't get to pound Clarkson, but the Devil douche took some hits...

The game had a playoff atmosphere...Which most Rangers/Devils games do...But it was clear, the opening fight sparked the entire team...Every player was skating with a purpose, and playing with the highest level of intensity...Just what they needed to stop a minor skid they've been on...And with their 4-2 victory, they clinched a playoff spot...Thanks DeBoer!

Nothing with guys like Callahan and Del Zotto getting healthy, and Ludqvist over the Flu, they're looking to hold onto the top seed...

So for the rest of the NHL, playing the Rangers is going to be hard enough on you...Don't be stupid like the Devils, and make the night even harder on yourselves...

Oh, and Toronto, way to show about against your rival, Boston Bruins...Maple Leafs, how does that 8-0 ass beating taste...All of Canada should be pissed that the Leafs are such a fucking Joke...

Later, the Beeze.

Fond Memories
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Tags: East Windsor New Jersey Racetrack

Thoughts from an Island Girl

​It is the same old story.   An owner or group of owners have a dream.   To build a racetrack.   After it's completion,  owners and sponsors try to lure in fans,  in hope of building something lasting.   No one even considers the track's probable demise one day.  For now,  the future is here.

​It is a local event.  Whole families gear up for the night's action.  Parents purchase the tickets while the smell of local food sizzles on the grill.    Vendors are lined up near the ticket window on the inside,  and sell programs and novelties.  

Many families root for a particular guy or guys and in many cases,  some racers are friends of family.    The rivalries off the track match the competitiveness on it.  Drivers and their fans become hardcore adversaries.   Adding to the rich drama that unfolds in both places

The  track featured here was the former East Windsor Raceway.   Now just a memory for some,  many older fans wax sentimental.   A hole in their heart has been opened and until they die,  it is like the loss of a favorite pet.   In fact,  it is almost like the loss of a family member!

 Here are some videos.   Take a moment to digest this.  Like the hockey arena recently shown here on Yougab,  this track has a finite history and the legacy of entertainment.

​One will note the changes.   From old coops that barely resemble the stock cars that are racing today.   The younger fan marvels at the old school look,  while for some reason,  the older fan wants the younger one to appreciate what they had.   From the dust in the eye, to the greasy burgers and oil-soaked fries and bathrooms just horribly gross by today's standards.   But I imagine,  even those tawdry accommodations can be, 'Home Sweet Home'.

​Hard to imagine these cars racing or more actually,  the guys who did and the occassional women.  




For those who remember the past,  the future is hard to take.   Seeing what thrived at one time,  only to be replaced by a flea market,  parking lot or shopping mall,  it is even harder to take.

​I hope you all enjoyed this story and I will provide a link for further research on this track.


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