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NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 11-16-14
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Hey now. Welcme Gabbers & others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. Just thought I'd do a public service announcement to all you Gabbers & others out there cleaning the gutters. These critters may be cute and fuzzy to look at but watch out for those teeth. Never seen one before but I hear they're quick. Hide the kids and watch your ankles.

I think I can make it to Monday or Tuesday and I may just have to give in on my "Don't turn the furnace on till Thanksgiving because that oil tank is prescious" Mission. The weatherman says that on Tuesday it will be brutally cold in the 40's and fall to 28 degrees over night. It will be 40's in the day and 28 at night all week. That's pipe freezing weather. Just can't take that chance. The cats will be happy though. They love the heat vents.


A letter addressed to NASCAR president Mike Helton and one to SHR was sent by Rep Jackie Speier stating that Kurt should be suspended till the investigation into his alleged domestic violence case against ex girlfriend Patricia Driscoll was completed. She further stated she wanted to be in the internal investigation of this matter and wanted the history of all sanctions levied by NASCAR & race teams in the last 5 years for domestic violence.

Be-otch has balls if you ask me. 

However Kurt's lawyer Rusty Hardin had other ideas. He said," If every time somebody made an allegation against a congresswoman or congressman and they were then to be suspended from their office until the investigation was concluded, we'd have an empty capitol building."

He went on to say that her letter was inappropriate and that there is such things as due process and presumption of innocense.

NASCAR says they're waiting for the police report. Haas says he's not taking Kurt out of the car. I say that if the fight was that bad then why wait 6 weeks to file charges? If you waited that long then let it go. Grab your shit and leave.


If you're planning to vote for your favorite driver you've got until Monday the 17th @ 8pm to get to www.MostPopularDriver.com. We'll see if Dale Jr gets it again or The Danica rallies her fans to over take him or if the Reddit community rallies to put Josh Wise in the top spot. Oh the suspense Gabbers.



Harvick won. Harvick led almost all the laps. Harvick advanced to the final round. 

Hamlin had the pole but by lap 45 Harvick took over the lead and never gave it up.

Gordon, Kenseth & Keselowski all did what they had to to advance except win. All were in the top 5 at the end of the race but no cookie or soup for them. On the very last lap coming to the finish line Newman did a bump & run on Larson for the final position he needed to get into the final Chase spot which knocked out Gordon by 1 point.

Larson was asked about that pass which sent him into the wall. He said that Newman called him and explained that he really needed that spot and that he didn't dump him, he just did enough to get by and let Larson finish the race. Larson knew it was important and that he probably would've done the same thing if in the same position. It was a little upsetting and he was mad for about 10 minutes till he thought about it. No hard feelings going forward.

So our 4 Chasers that will be fighting it out at Homestead are Logano, Harvick, Newman & Hamlin.

Top 15 finishers at Phoenix - Harvick - Gordon - Kenseth - Keselowski - Hamlin - Logano - Ku Bu - Dale Jr - Biffle - Ambrose - Newman - Truex Jr - Larson - McMurray - Edwards



Ford unvailed a new trophy. This trophy has an exact replica of the steering wheel in Henry Ford's race car the 1901 Sweepstakes Racer. He won his first and only race in that car on October 10, 1901. That race win helped to get invetors interested so he could start his car company in 1903.

So last years Homestead winner was Hamlin. Last years champ was Johnson with 6 W's. This year Johnson is no where near the Chase or championship form. What a difference a year and Chase format change makes. 

Last years Homestead top 10 - Hamlin - Kenseth - Dale Jr - Truex Jr - Bowyer - Keselowski - Ky Bu - Logano - Johnson - Harvick - Gordon - Edwards - Kahne - Sadler - Larson

Chasers : Harvick - Starts 5th. Average finish of 8.1. Has 11 Top 10's. He's been fast this year but plagued with bad luck. Motor issues, tire issues and other stupid stuff. He's the favorite to win. He's my pick too. I say top 10 AND the Championship.

              Logano - Starts 9th. Average finish of 20.8 although he finished 8th last year. I'll give him a top 10

              Hamlin - Starts 8th. Average finish of 11.2 although he finished 1st last year. He's also been plagued by issues all year and barely made it into the Chase. I just don't see a championship this year either but I'll say top 15

              Newman - If there was ever an underdog, it's this guy. He's a tough one too. My hope is that he does win it. I'm hoping all the contenders have issues that keep them on pit road and laps down. Newman comes in 5th, with no win and a championship. It's a fantasy but it could happen. He starts 21st today. He hit debris from somebodies car during practice that broke his splitter. All is fixed and he's no worried. Top 10

Everybody else......

Gordon - He's got the pole. That's 200 poles for the HMS organization. He's got 11 top 10's here too. Top 10

Ky Bu - Starts 7th. He's been plagued with the uglies too this year but I'll say top 10

Kenseth - Won the Nationwide race this weekend. That's seat time that could equate to a top 10.

Larson - Got to give a top 10 to the rookie with the mostest.

Truex Jr - Starts 10th. Top 10

Keselowski - Starts 4th. Top 10

Menard - My dark horse pick for a top 10

Race is on at 3pm today. Football all day too. Have a safe weekend folks.

And I'm outta here.....





Monday Moaning 11-10-14
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I posted this picture to start this blog, about 45 minutes ago...I've been surfing around the net looking for something to inspire me...But nothing got me going...So, I'm just going to tap these keys and see what happens...

I can't write about sports...I haven't watched any this week...Oh wait...I saw about 5 minutes of the  BU vs. BC Hockey game Friday night...But that was it...

Friday evening Molly spent at my parents...A little sleep over with grandma and grandpa...So, the oldest got to take a test drive at watching little Beeze...She's always been a Mother Hen, so we weren't worried...So what did we do?

We went and looked at a house we can't afford...The wife wants a bigger house...I wouldn't mind either but there is the whole issue of trying to sell our house as well...We would also like to be a better school district...Our oldest is having nothing to do with us moving...Luckily, she doesn't need to worry...It's not happening right now...Just not there financially...Plus, this house was overpriced...When the relator describes the kitchen by saying, "It's kind of queer!"  Well, that's not gonna help sell it...We walked in the front door, and almost smashed into the kitchen island...They redid the kitchen, expanding it, and screwing up the flow...Plus, they slacked off on a lot of finishing work...The living room was huge...The master bedroom was huge...It had 4 bedrooms total...All good size...2 baths...Both on the second floor...No yard...and needed a new hot water tank, furnace, washer, and dryer, and some plumbing work...

Good luck getting that asking price dipshits!

Then we went out to dinner...A place called Ferris Steakhouse...The food was good...She had a Filet, and I had Prime Rib...We started with Bruschetta...I had a Caprese salad...I forget what salad she had...She finished with Crème Brulee, and I had a Triple Chocolate cake...The Moscow Mules were good...And well, the key for all my restaurant reviews, that gets them a positive grade...I got road head on the way home! Good Job Ferris Steakhouse!

And Saturday morning we had some classic morning sex...It's so nice not having a 3 year old (almost 4) waking you up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday! Thanks grandma and grandpa!

The rest of Saturday was work...I finally saw Molly at 5:44 AM Sunday, when she puked in our bed...Why, we have no idea...But then she felt great, and was quite the chatty little shit for the next hour, filling me in on her adventures...Then come 11:00AM it was back to work for a long Sunday pounding...

And now, "here I sit broken hearted, I came to shit and only farted!"

I've got some music going on my iPhone...It's on shuffle..."Captain Jack" by Billy Joel is on right now...

It made me think about a girl I dated oh so many years ago...She put this song on a mix tape...Yeah, I'm that old, fucking mix tapes!  She had this thing where she'd tell me to imagine I was on an island when I was having issues...Either stressed, or angry, or whatever...But you know what "Captain Jack" is? what the song is about...Shooting heroin...Holy shit, I think that bitch wanted me to kill myself!

No, she wasn't...She wasn't hip enough to understand drug lingo!

How's this blog working out for ya...Just a wacky guy babbling while listening to music...What's song will be next?


It's a pretty cool tune...Especially since in it's original form it was done in a techno, club style...I'll stick to this jazzy, mellow version...

I'm sorry for this rambling through writer's block post...It feels like I'm writing in a High School journal...Hopefully I'll get my shit together...

The Beeze


Talkin' Baseball
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It has been 25 years since baseball banned Pete Rose for betting on his Reds.  With a new Commissioner of Baseball due to arrive on the scence, does this offer Charlie Hustle any glimmer of hope that baseball will welcome his back into its fraternity before he heads to the Big Bench in the Sky? (Pete is in his 70's)  The history behind the ban - and really the appropriateness - while not in dispute for the most part, is not fresh in the minds of most fans.  Now what fans remember is that the man with 4,254 hits is banned from the Hall of Fame.  The condensed version of his gambling on baseball is that as manager of the Reds, he bet on his team's games on a routine basis with the size of the bets ranging from $2,000 to $10,000.  While Rose has admantantly claimed he only bet FOR his team, MLB investigator Dowd has said he believed it was likely that Rose did in fact bet AGAINST the Reds.  Periodically a segment of the fan base begins a campaign to reinstate Pete Rose - my view is that perhaps in time, but "Not Yet....Not Yet."  (my Gladiator reference of the day).


Which brings me to the other baseball betting "injustice" - the sad plight of Shoeless Joe Jackson.  Joe was associated with the Black Sox as one of the Eight Men Out for taking $5,000, a hefty sum in those days, yet Joe was basically dumber than a sack of rocks and did not appreciate the implications of his deeds.  At that time in baseball, gamblers were prevelant in and around the clubhouse and games were often influenced by this seedy element around the game...think "The Natural" and the pressure that beset Roy Hobbs by bookie Gus Sands.  Joe paid a heavy price for being associated with the Black Sox, who although they were aquitted in court, we still banned for life from Baseball.  Joe Jackson would have possibly been as great as Babe Ruth - or maybe even better - but the world will never know.  As it stands, his career as a White Sox and his body of work was certainly Hall - worthy.  If Rose is to be forgiven, I think Joe Jackson also has to be in the conversation.

Perhaps what Baseball needs is a wing of the Hall for those whose stats are worthy of merit, but for one reason or another, fell into disrepute.  Spots for Rose, Jackson, Bonds, Clemens, Sosa, McGuire and others from the steroid era may need a place to call their own.  It might be a good solution to a thorny problem.

In other news to note...

Will this be the first time since 1994 that the Yankees and the Red Sox will not be in the playoffs?  It is going to take a great run from the Yankees to get in.

How about them O's?  To me the Orioles are the surprise team in baseball - they have a monster lineup that has now been dinged further with the loss of Machado, but I am still amazed they have put themselves at the top of the AL (after the Angels) with an unheralded pitching staff.  I don't know if they are built for the post season, but we shall see.

Speaking of the post season, I ordered by playoff strips from the Nationals...will I finally get to go to a World Series game?  Here is hoping that I don't have to turn those tickets back in for credit on next year's tickets.

A damp Saturday here...nevertheless, the honey-do list will be calling.  Have a good one!


Deep Thoughts 8-20-14
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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. Although you are reading this on Wednesday, I had to write my blog a few days early as we are headed to Ranger Texas to drop off my son off at Ranger JUCO. This will be a big change for Blake as Ranger is so much smaller than UTPA was last year. For those of you who do not realize the difference between a D 1 schedule and JUCO’s…don’t feel bad, as until the latest journey began for Blake…I was right there with you. D 1 teams do not play games during the fall, while JUCO’s have about a 40 game schedule. JUCO’s utilize double headers frequently to eliminate the need for overnight stay (normally). Because of this change, I will be mixing in some JUCO baseball during football season. When you think about it…fall offers some great baseball weather for Texas schools. September is still down right hot, but by the time October and November arrive, the weather cools down to a very comfortable level. There are many November days that offer mid 70 degree weather and are honestly much more temperate than the early spring. Of course, an occasional cold front can arrive and make things chilly, but no more so than spring. One of the big things that Ranger and other JUCO schools offer players is a chance to display their skills for MLB scouts and 4 year college coaches. Next Friday, Ranger will be playing an inter squad scrimmage that will have coaches from UT San Antonio, Texas State and Lamar University. I suspect that because this Ranger squad is loaded with sophomores that there will be many coaches watching practice and games this season. As this is my first go around with JUCO baseball, I don’t any experience…but I promise to share as the season progresses.







Unless you have been doing your best Rip Van Winkle…you have no doubt seen and read about the ALS ice bucket challenge. I know that my son was challenged by one of his ex-teammates and put the video on Instagram and twitter to document that he accepted the challenge. While this may seem silly to some, what is not silly is that the ALS Association has received $11.4 million dollars compared to $1.7 million dollars for the same time period last year. Almost $10 million dollars has been raised as a result of this challenge. Regular folks like my son have been instrumental in creating the viral wave of this challenge. Twitter acknowledges that 2.2 million tweets have been sent about the ice bucket challenge. In an age when we see so much stupid stuff going viral, it is great to see something like the challenge catching fire. This is something that a high school kid, Bill Gates and Conan Obrien can all do that makes a difference. I have been pleasantly surprised that the usual negativity and cynicism has not begun to emerge regarding this challenge. On Monday, I saw that Lady Gaga had accepted the challenge. I started to ignore the article, but I decided to check out Lady Gaga enjoying the ice bath…a bad decision on my part. Of all the challenges I have seen…Lady Gaga has to be the most odd. Of course, since it is Lady Gaga…why should I be surprised? What really troubled me were some of the comments on the article. Apparently there are some people that do not know what ALS is. While that is incredulous enough…I was stunned at the total douche-baggery within the comments. Some guy mistakenly takes the time to explain what ALS is and why the challenge was being done…and he gets ripped. Oh well, as we have all seen, there are trolls everywhere that love to do what trolls do. I say hell yeah to the ice bucket challenge. It is great summer fun, raising money for an awesome cause.

Here is the link:




                                                             Creepy indeed...but what else could we expect.




                                                                                Classic Earl Weaver...



One aspect of baseball that I love is the interaction of the players/coaches/fans and the umpires. It is a great part of baseball tradition and something that I worry that technology could ruin. I am not opposed to instant replay per se, but only a bit worried how far baseball suits will go with regard to usurping the control of umpires. Years ago, I wrote a blog on TSN about the Brave’s minor league manager Phil Wellman going bonkers. I have said many times that for me, one of the beautiful things about baseball is the absence of a clock. You arrive at a ballpark not knowing what sort of game you will see, especially if you are attending a minor league baseball game. Minor league baseball is a bit unique. Unlike high school, college and MLB games, the flow of the minor league game is just different. I think for this reason, some minor league managers are not as constrained as are their coaching brethren. I know you have surely seen the video of Phil Wellman. You know…he was the minor manager that threw the resin bag like it was a grenade.  That was the all-time manager freak out for me. Recently, I saw a minor league manager go that rivaled Phil Wellman. To have a classic meltdown, the manager has to do something that is somewhat unique. Leo Durocher and Earl Weaver used to kick dirt on the umps feet…Lou Pinella covered the base toss. Wellman’s signature eruption was the resin bag. Check out this video of Myrtle Beach manager Joe Mikulik. The argument began rather normal, but quickly escalated once the home plate umpire threw Mikulik out of the game. Mikulik has a reputation for being a rather vocal manager, but the show he put on was epic. His pantomime reminded me a bit of the classic ejection of Jim Leyland, but he took it to another level by sliding into home plate. For me however, what makes this a classic ejection is yanking off his shoes and shirt and placing them on home plate. For those few fans in attendance, they saw something that they will never forget. This was hilarious for me. Well done Joe!








                                                                     Wellman's meltdown just for old times...


You just never know what you will see at a minor league game. The season is quickly winding down, go catch a minor league game before it is too late.





Tony Randazzo Ejects Lloyd McClendon In Two Consecutive Games



One thing that many will miss in this video is that the umpires allowed Joe to do his thing. What I really appreciate is that the umpires realize that they ejected Mikulik and that his show was for his team and the fans. What bothers me about some MLB umps is that their egos are so large that they would never allow a manager to go off like Mikulik did. Take for example the major league umpire named Tony Randazzo. In my opinion, baseball would be better off bringing up the minor league guys and get rid of umpires like Randazzo. This past week, Randazzo ejected Lloyd McClendon in back to back games. The first ejection was because McClendon was arguing balls and strikes. The second day, Randazzo was at 3B and ruled a check swing by Alex Avilla to be no swing. McClendon disagreed and gave a little wave in disgust. Randazzo reacted immediately to McClendon’s wave by throwing him out of the game. There is some history between Randazzo and McClendon that you will see in the following link:



I got a big laugh in reading a few of the comments to this article. The one that really got me was the one from Bautista Thumbs Up:

My grandpa, who is a college ump here in Cali, was watching the game and texted me the following: "That ump in the Mariners game is a cocksucker."

If you know you Bull Durham history, you know that there is one magic phrase that guarantees an ejection. For another umpire to use that phrase to describe another umpire, pretty much says it all. For my money, Tony Randazzo gets my douche bag of the week.





If you are sick of the Derek Jeter farewell tour…Joe Maddon is right there with you. There is no doubt that Jeter has been a great player, teammate and captain…but I feel for Maddon. Year after year, Maddon works to put a competitive team on the field…only to get little recognition from the home fans. It is no surprise that Maddon is than pissed off that the Ray fans sellout to say goodbye to Derek Jeter. He has to thinking to himself…where have you been? Joe Maddon may be my favorite manager in baseball, but he has to realize that half the population of Tampa used to live in New York. It is a shame how little recognition that Maddon gets for the job he has done in Tampa. I can’t help at wonder how great he would be managing a team like the Dodgers. Now, I am not trying to start any rumors…just saying.


That’s all I have today, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey…



To me, boxing is like a ballet, except there's no music, no choreography, and the dancers hit each other.

Remember, kids in the backseat cause accidents; accidents in the backseat cause kids.



Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own…



I'm Just Saying....
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I’m Just Saying…..


I know some of these are kind of late but I have been busy…..


Congratulations go out to Drew Brees who reached 50,000 career yards in the NFL. He also accomplished this in the least amount of games for those quarterbacks with more than 50,000 yards. Brees is 5th on the career yards list.

Congratulations also go out to Joe Torre, Tony La Russa and Bobby Cox for their unanimous selection to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Torre has won 4 World Series and is the only manager to have more than 2,000 wins and 2,000 hits as a player. His record was 2,326-1,997, 5th on the career win list. La Russa won 3 World Series, guiding Oakland in 1989 and St. Louis in 2006 and 2011. He ended up with a record of 2,728-2,365, 3rd all-time . Cox turned the hopeless Braves into winners, winning 14 straight division titles and a World Championship in 1995. He finished 4th in career wins with a record of 2,504-2,001.

I Don't know about you, but I never considered manager Bobby Cox a clutch manager. For a coach to win 14 consecutive division titles and only win one World Series is beyond me. With the pitching and defense they had the team should have one more. In another word, if La Russa or Torre were managing the Braves at the time, an easy 5 to 6 World Series wins.

Andrew McCutchen’s big announcement:


Seattle Mariners are trying to make a statement with the signing of Cano, Willie Bloomquist, Logan Morrison, Corey Hart?

Arizona Diamondbacks were trading with anyone that would listen… LF Brandon Jacobs from the White Sox, A.J. Schugel from the Angels. Todd Glaesmann from the Rays, Mark Trumbo from the Angeks.

Even the Minnesota Twins were involved in the action by signing two free agents, Phil Hughes and Ricky Nolasco.


Til Next Time


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