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NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 2-15-15
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DAY-AM IT'S WINDY OUTSIDE!!!! welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. We'll just stay inside for that. I'll be waking up to minus 2 degrees tomorrow when everyone reads this and maybe my house won't be in Kansas or any where else near by. Right after work the snow started swirling and the wind was screaming. I went to the grocery store because if I'm going to be stuck in the house I need coffee, creamer and some chocolate for Valentines Day. Picked up a dozen dark chocolate covered strawberries. Ate them for supper. Saaaaaaaaahhhhh-weet and juicy. 

Saw in the news that Michele Ferrero passed away on Valentines Day. Why is that a cool thing? He's the wealthiest chocolatier in the world worth billions according to Forbes. He was sick for a couple months and at 89 passed away at home with family. His company is known for Nutella and Ferrero Rocher chocolates. 

So get your Nutella out and spread some love on a piece of toast. R.I.P. Michele.


The longest running family feud it would seem is now over. The Hatfields & McCoys have signed a contract ending their long standing feud and starting a business as partners. 

They'll be producing a libation of the alcoholic kind called Drink Of The Devil. Of course it's moonshine. The legal kind. They'll be making it in West Virginia from the original recipe from family patriarch William Anderson "Devil Anse" Hatfield. 

So if you're on the east coast and have a hankering for something evil to drink than I think this would fit the bill. I personally would love to buy one just for the bottle. Just wondering how long till another feud breaks out.


DW stood up in front of President Obama, the Dalai Lama and 4000 other people from other countries at the National Prayer Breakfast. He spoke of his days starting out in racing and about how he'd changed from an arrogant, loud mouth, annoying guy to the new man he is today. 

I watched his keynote speech on You Tube. Interesting how I find so much cool stuff to watch on there. The President grimaced as DW talked about the fact that he thought he was a nice guy but that nice guys go to hell if they don't have Jesus as their lord and savior. I didn't see the Dalai Lama at the table with the president. Don't know where he was. All in all it was a nice speech filled with racing stories of course.


Disney has announced that the Disney Speedway where The Richard Petty Driving Experience operates will be closing to make way for transportation improvements which they wouldn't elaborate on.The speedway is located south of the Magic Kingdom parking lot.


The lawyers have made their closer aguements and speeches. Now it's time to wait for a desicion. Does Kurt have to go for a psychiatric evaluation? Will SHR have to impliment their plan if Kurt is stuck in court or in jail or a counciling center during a race? What is their plan any way? Nobody knows. They're not saying but Kurt is happy that SHR is supporting him and he feels he told the truth.

Mean while somebody dug up an email Patricia wrote in August. It talks about her training as a psy-ops war training. It was needed during Tony Stewart's issues last year to help his PR team to minipulate and control the media. She went on to say she helped to save congressmen who do stupid things with this training. 

This chick sounds like she's a tad bit over the edge.


Saturday night was the Sprint Unlimited Race under the lights at Daytona. Since I dont have cable and that would mean I must go to my parents house to watch, I stayed home. Best to be stuck at home in my warm house and sleep in my own bed. So while the wind was howling outside and the snow was a swirling, I did watch my Twitter feed off & on. I do like that too. 

Paul Menard had the pole for the 75 lap event. Martin Truex Jr won the first segment. During the last segment my most handsome Night of the mobile one was hit by Kyle Busch. He spun and hit Biffle and then Kurt Busch hit Biffle & Stewart. Red Flag. 

The race went on with 12 out of the 25 original drivers. With 2 laps to go Logano moved up and hit Harvick, putting him in the wall. Kenseth comes home with the win and we have fodder for finger pointing to begin our season.

Dale Jr said he had 4 pieces of trash on his grill and it ruined his motor. He wondered if it was karma for all the times he littered. His Daytona 500 car is faster than this one he says.

Danica was talking on her radio and said the Penske boys have something coming to them. 

Logano says of Harvick...It's the same old crap. No big deal.

Harvick says of Logano....Everyone is racing aggressive but you can't take your head off and put it in the floorboards.

Is that against any NASCAR rule? I'll get back to you all about that one.

Gordon had too many guys over the wall on his last pit stop so he had to restart last. That would be 12th. That's all the cars left to race at the end.

So the finish was Kenseth - Truex Jr - Edwards - Mears - Larson - Logano - Gordon - Ky Bu - Dale Jr - Danica - Harvick - Newman...everybody else wrecked out.

Well folks, it's 7 days till the Daytona 500. I can't wait. Hopefully it doesn't snow me out of getting to a TV like it did Saturday night. It even thundered a couple times. Since when does it thunder during a snow storm? Just heard a snow plow drive by. 

Sorry there's no pictures again this week. The program won't let me post any. Either my macbook is now rendered obsolete or it's a glitch. Not sure what's up. The wind is effecting my internet connection though. Can't watch You Tube.

Everybody in the northeast hang on to your hats and duct tape yourself fast to a telephone pole. We're in for some weather. F you Punxsutawney Phil. Happy Valentines Day to all.

And I'm outta here....


I'm Just Saying....Random Thoughts
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It’s great to be back after having a massive Ulcer. Every doctor I have seen has told me I am very lucky. If I had waiting another day to go to the hospital the outcome would have been much different…..Like not being around anymore. Thanks go out to my sister for getting me to the emergency room….

Things that came across while I was out…

I can understand the uproar about restoring Paterno’s wins. But let’s face the reality of the situation. Taking away the wins did not properly punish Papa Joe for his cover-up. Nor, did it punish Penn State as a whole. The only true punishment would have been to fire all those who were involved in the cover-up and fine the University $100 million.

Speaking of restoring wins, how about restoring Bobby Bowden’s 12 wins. The wins were taking away as a punishment for an academic scandal that occurred in 2006 and 2007. None of the FSU coaches were ever implicated in the scandal.

How about these sports athletes who sign a contract for big $$$’s and then during their press conference they always say “It’s not about the money. It’s for the love of the game.” If that is the case how come they don’t sign a contract for minimum wage? Or, okay $55,000 a year? Why can’t player’s tell in like it is….. IT’S FOR THE MONEY!!!

Dean Smith passing show’s us not what type of coach he was, but more importantly, what type of man he was. His record speaks for itself, 1976 Olympic gold medal, two national championships, 879-254 record and induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame. But what is now being told is that countless former players and assistant coaches credit Smith for molding them into outstanding citizens.

Billy Casper passed away. He has never been mentioned in the same breath as Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player yet he won 51 times on the PGA and is 7th on the career win list (finishing ahead of Player).

In the NFL, to me, it has never been a commissioner, or one player, coach or owner who changed the face of the league. It was none other than the founder of NFL Films Ed Sabol who passed away. Nothing was better than watching the football leaving the Quarterbacks hands and following it until the receiver catches it. Or watching the line of scrimmage, during a winter game, and seeing smoke coming out of the players mouths. The list goes on and on. The Sabol’s were the one’s to put the NFL “On the Map.”

Til Next Time


Saturday Coffee With The Hoov--Dec 20, 2014
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The Hoov's Holiday Wish List

After an eight year hiatus, it’s a pleasure to be back and have a regular weekly writing gig!  For my first post as a Saturday Feature on You Gab Sports—and given the season—I thought I’d revive one of my old holiday blogging traditions, and create my fantasy Christmas list: the (tongue in cheek) things I’d most like to see this holiday season.  So let’s assume I’ve been good this year (no small leap, that) and cut right to the chase: here’s my 2014 list for the man in red.

  1. CHIIIIIEEEEEFFFFSSSSS!!!  I’m a lifelong Chiefs fan, and nobody has enjoyed the Chiefs renaissance more than me.  But with improvement comes higher expectation and frustration.  I know it’s only season two of the Andy Reid era, but I LONG for some professional consistency.  How can you pound the Patriots by 27 (it wasn’t that close), and lose by 16 to Tennessee (it wasn’t that close)?  How can you lose to Oakland at all?  How can you run the ball all day long on whomever you want, and when you get inside the five you call the most listless and uncreative series of rollouts and non-descript pass plays?  And darn it, I LIKE Andy Reid, but I wish he were more decisive in the red zone, and I wish he didn’t look like a four year old about to wet his pants when it gets to the last two minutes of every game.  I know, I know…it’s just nice to be relevant again.  But relevance is relative.

  1. Indiana basketball.  Again, I’m a lifer.  I know they’re just kids, etc., etc.  But the incident earlier this year: when sophomore Devin Davis and freshman Emmett Holt were out after midnight and drinking, and the latter hit the former with his car…putting Davis in the hospital with a head injury...c'mon man.  This behavior is out of bounds in my book virtually any time for college athletes.  But this was the night before the first intra-squad scrimmage.  The first time you—as a freshman—are going to wear the jersey of one of the most storied basketball programs in college history in front of your home court fans…and you’re out getting drunk? Underage?  Driving? That’s stupid in any scenario…but do you understand what a privilege it is to have your talent, and to get this honor? Unfortunately this has not been an isolated incident; I’m certain it’s not reality, but it feels like this group of Indiana players has had more “character issues” in the past nine months than in the collective history of IU basketball.  I wish this team had more respect for its school, its fans, and the opportunity they have.  I’m hopeful this has been a learning experience and that they get it now. I also wish IU basketball were more relevant, but as you know relevance is relative.

  1. College football playoffs.  Why is it that football at every level—from pee wee to high school to every level of college except FBS—can figure out how to have playoffs and a meaningful championship, but they can’t get it done for FBS?  Mind you, the NCAA (an entity that could be a whole wish-list rant unto itself) does this at every other level of football it plays, save FBS.  Today (Saturday, Dec 20th) at 4 pm Minnesota State Mankato takes on Colorado State Pueblo for the Division II championship; they’ve played four games each after the regular season to get there.  So you can’t figure it out for the FBS?  A couple more games?  Don’t use more practice as an excuse—the bowl teams are practicing anyway.  And don’t tell me school work; first off, most of them are off school for the holidays at that point…and as I’ve heard somewhere before the bowl teams are practicing anyway.  Figure it out you idiots.  Gimme a real FBS playoff already.

  1. College football playoffs, part two.  Please tell me this talk of a super conference is lunacy.  Please tell me you’re not going to take the 64 best teams in college football and create NFL, Jr.  Don’t you get that the upset—Appalachian State beating Michigan, Boise State beating Oklahoma, Florida Atlantic beating anybody—is what makes sport interesting?  What keeps it alive and fun for both fan and player?  If you think this approach works, ask the state of Indiana how their high school basketball tournament is doing since they retooled to “class basketball” after the 1996-1997 season.   How’s it going now that the Milan High School’s of the world are beating Versailles and Osgood and Montezuma, and don’t get the chance to take out Muncie Central for the most storied state championship in sport history? (Author’s note: these small schools don’t exist anymore and Muncie Central is irrelevant—and much smaller itself—but I’m making a point…)  Never mind, I'll tell you: this former iconic American sporting event is now dead, irrelevant; (do I need to talk about relevance again?) and "Basketball State Champ!" signs are more common across the state of Indiana than corn stalks.  Do me a favor college football powers, and check out David and Goliath in the Bible.  The ultimate upset.  Today you’d have David squaring off against the Philistine’s best rockslinger in the under 125 pound class; and Goliath would be battling the number three ranked Sumerians, or maybe Alabama.  Drop this super conference ridiculousness and let’s exchange this “gift” for socks, or maybe a tie.

  1. Accountability.  At every level.  Kids in school, parents at home.  Parents at little league.  Little league coaches.  Cops on the street.  People on the street interacting with cops. Idiots who think looting or setting fires or blocking traffic is a sensible form of protest.  Race baiters who think it’s ok to use the same flaw you’re criticizing to create issues where oftentimes they aren’t.  Congress in general.  Come to think of it I’d pretty readily give up numbers 1 through 4 of the list above for a healthy dose of accountability across the board. Unfortunately it’s right up there withWorld Peace on the likelihood scale…

  1. Toys.  C’mon this list can’t be all serious-like.  We all know how it is to open that beautifully wrapped package to find underwear or a sweater, for cryin’ out loud.  How ‘bout a GI Joe?  The USMC version, with the scar under his right eye and the silver suit and the Mercury Space Capsule—still my single favorite Christmas present ever, back in 1968.  Or Hot Wheels? Or Barbie?  (that’s a nod to my female demographic out there…not for me personally)  Maybe even a sled if you have snow, or a bike or wagon if you don’t.  Christmas.  Toys.  Make it happen Santa.

So there you have it, The Hoov’s Christmas Wish List 2014.  I’d add one more thing: that each of you have a joyous holiday with the ones you love, or in whatever way that makes you happy; and an appreciation for whatever you can be thankful for, big or small.  Put a smile on your face and enjoy the season!  For my part, I’m thankful to Jeff Thomas for thinking of me for this Saturday feature spot on You Gab…it’s great to be back!  Happy Holidays! 

Deep Thoughts 12-17-14
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Hello and welcome another Wednesday of deep thoughts. Is it possible that there are only 2 weeks left of 2014? I have to admit that I felt pretty good about the Cowboy’s chances against the Eagles last Sunday. The Thanksgiving Day massacre by the Eagles was more about Dallas being a tired team than Philly being a better team. Or could it be something else? The Palace in Dallas or Jerry’s World as the stadium is commonly called, has not provided much home field advantage this season. All four of the Cowboys losses have come at home this year…is this simply a coincidence or is there something more? I read a quote from a Cowboy player recently talking about how their home stadium does not really feel like a football stadium. Jerry’s World is a destination, not a place to watch a football game. Simply put…there is no home cooking in Dallas.



In the old days of Texas Stadium, many of the fans proudly wore their Cowboy blue on their collars. At Jerry’s Cowboy Stadium…to purchase a ticket, fans must pay a PSL fee (personal seat license) to be eligible to purchase a season ticket. For even marginal seats, this fee can be more than $10,000. For 50 yard line seats, the fee will exceed $100,000. The sky boxes provide another option, but those boxes run from $100,000 to $500,000. Obviously the average fan is simply priced out of buying a Cowboy season ticket. This is good for Jerry Jones, but bad for the Dallas Cowboys. There is no roar of the crowd at Cowboy games, unless it if from the visiting fans.

Next weekend, the Cowboys host Andrew Luck and his Indianapolis Colts. While Dallas remains in control of their own destiny, perhaps it is too bad that the Cowboys are not headed to Indianapolis to play this game. What is truly unfair is that some team from the NFL South will be headed to the playoffs with a record that is less than .500. I continue to think that Dallas is built to succeed in the playoffs...at least offensively. It is the defense that makes wonder.



                                   Johnny Football did not have the succes last Sunday that he knew regularly on Saturdays.

So much for Johnny being good in his first NFL game. Although I realize that this game was poetic justice with the cocky rookie player receiving his dose of humble pie. But, I am still left thinking that Johnny has a chance to be a decent NFL QB. The Browns have played pretty well this year and it appears that they are a QB away from being a team that nobody wants to face. Will this be someone besides Johnny Manziel? After one game, I think the answer is an emphatic, yes.



I caught a great article this week about how Joe Maddon became manager of the Chicago Cubs. Here is the link, I hope you take a moment to check it out: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2297391-inside-the-chicago-cubs-theft-of-joe-maddon-one-of-mlbs-best-managers

 It is no secret how I feel about Joe Maddon. What a cool guy and a terrific manager. The Cubs are a team quickly on the rise. There is some serious talent in Chicago and I think that the Cubs and Astros become more relevant in 2015.


That’s all I have today, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey…


Instead of a Seeing Eye dog, what about a gun? It's cheaper than a dog, plus if you walk around shooting all the time people are going to get out of the way. Cars, too!


Whenever I need to ``get away,'' I just get away in my mind. I go to my imaginary spot, where the beach is perfect and the water is perfect and the weather is perfect. The only bad thing there are the flies. They're terrible!



Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own…





NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 12-14-14
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Oooo hey there. Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. I think george has a point there. Don't you? Another annoying human habit is touching the glass on a door you're opening. Do you really have to? That's what handles are for. 

Been a busy week for Santa's helpers. We've been packing NFL hoodies, sweat shirts, jackets and scarves for all the good NFL fans out there. It's been a tough pack for about 4 weeks now. The jackets and hoodies don't fold real nice. They create issues but volume is our friend. Santa will have no Debbie Downers. So maybe if you were on Santa's nice list, you have NFL gear coming your way.

So lets see what's happening in the land of Left Turns.


He just had the rod replaced in his leg right after the last race of the season and now it is said there will be #5. Doctors aren't happy about how slowly it's healing. The goal is to not have that rod in there in the future. Stewart says it still hurts but is optomistic that when the rod is out that the pain will go to. 

I hope so. February is around the corner. Stewart plans on being at the Chili Bowl next month to help with track preparation for the dirt track midget race (wingless sprint cars). So far I don't see any NASCAR driver entries on the list.


Not only is Dale Jr's Daytona 500 paint scheme the #1 best selling die-cast of the year it's the #1 best selling die-cast car in Lionel Racing history. While Dale Jr took like 6 spots on that top 10 list Tony Stewart, Kevin Harvick, Jeff Gordon and Austin Dillon got spots to.


The track will have it's repave and updates courtesy of a $2.25 million grant as well as $12 million in private funding. The repave is scheduled after the Cheez-it 355 race weekend.



Fiance Brittany Baca picked the date 12-13-14 so it would be easy for Joey to remember. He is a busy guy. Honey moon is in Costa Rica for 5 days. 

Congrats to the new couple.


Is this bizaare or what? They have decided to let them tighten all 5 or just 2 or 3 or however many they want. No morte monitoring during the stop. Sort of opens things up for disaster if you ask me. There's a lot of gamesmanship in NASCAR. This is why I call it a high speed rolling chess match. Always decisions to be made at every pit stop.

Now NASCAR is not letting them completely off the hook here. If they lose a wheel during the race they will be penalized. That I find a bit stupid. If your wheel comes off the car while you're driving, I'm sure you're about to get penalized right into the wall or into another car. They didn't state just where this penalty falls on their scale yet.

Now I can see how this 2 or 3 or 4 lugnuts could play into the hands of a crew and driver willing to take the chance. If you come in for 2 or 4 tires during a late race caution with like 5 to 10 laps to go, you might want to roll the dice to get that extremely valuable track position. AND THEN you hope they stay on for the restart and possibly the win.

Something to look forward too in the 2015 season.



Besides the who's going to be her crew chief thing, there really isn't any news. Just thought you all needed to hear that name.


The Roush Yates Racing School of Technology will be open for classes in February of 2015, Their 36 week program will make you an entry level machinist. You'll be machining engine blocks and cyliders before you know it. No word on tuition costs. I didn't look it up.


17 journalist and broadcasters got together and voted. The catagory was for all drivers of every racing series. Harvick beat out Tony Schumacher (2015 Top Fuel Dragster Champion) and Erica Enders Stevens (2015 Pro Stock Champion) by taking over half the votes. He gets a trophy and Tissot wrist watch. 


The race fan that climbed the fence at the Richmond race in September was convicted of public drunkenness and disorderly conduct. He got 12 months in jail which 11 months were suspended and a $100 fine. His lawyer says he has post truamatic stress disorder from his military service and has other conditions as well.

Harry Potter says...HORSE HOCKEY. So do I. What a dumbass.


The U S Air Force Thunderbirds are due back at the Daytona 500 for the 5th straight year to provide the thunder over the opening ceremonies at the Daytona 500 in February. 



I think that picture says it all. F you to the bleeding hearts. They should all be sitting on stools facing the walls every day they are in those camps alive. Don't move for ANYTHING. 

So everybody have a safe weekend.

And I'm outta here.....




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