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Monday Moaning 2-11-13
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I'm not a fan of Sports Illustrated, but I don't mind their cover girl!

Let me start this week by saying, I try not t o hold back when I write...My personal feelings and life are always front and center in my blogs...But I'll be honest...I've been holding some things back for awhile...Since around Thanksgiving my wife has been dealing with a bacterial infection called C._diff...It was brought on by of all things, an antibiotic...She had been on this medicine for about 20 days to get rid of an infection in a tooth that needed work...When she got a serious rash, and then the horrible stomach issues, she remembered reading the info from the pharmacy, and how it could cause such things, including death...Wow, just the drug I want to take...

There were too many tests, and too much waiting....And too much reading about C.diff...Like THIS...The idea of a fecal transplant grossed out my wife, but being the good guy that I am, I offered to shit down her throat!

Finally late in January, it was confirmed and she was prescribed medicine that often fixes the problem...If not totally, it can manage it...She just finished the meds, and things seem to be okay...Within two days of being on the medicine, the shit-fest had stopped...So that is looking better now...Just in time for family troubles...As if the stress of work, and kids, and dealing with that wasn't enough, her father who has been dealing with dementia, and Alzheimer's, has gotten really bad...Last time we were there, he was asking where Molly came from...Has no recollection of her...My wife's mother is slowly losing some things upstairs too...The stress of dealing with my father in law has been wearing on her too...And then her brother had a car wreck, which lead to us finding out that he had a bit of a legal issue...

We spent too much time this week figuring out what was going on, and cleaning up his mess...She spent Saturday in PA. dealing with things, while I stayed home with the kids...Next she has to get with her sisters and figure out the next move for what to do about their folks...It's been a real pain in the ass...

Plus my cracked up ribs are still killing me...And I clearly wrenched something in my back during my spill, because I've been having muscle spasms that hurt like a bitch...So things have sucked lately...I'm only writing about it now, because I needed to get it off my chest, and I feel like I've been distant and distracted when it comes to writing...I can't bitch to my wife...This is all 10 times harder on her...

Okay...So, there was a positive in the sports world...Notre Dame swept Michigan in hockey this weekend...Sweeping Michigan in anything, is always good!


In other sports news...The media was all buzzing about "The Paterno Report" that was released Sunday morning...I called bullshit right away...This report was paid for by the Paterno family...Done by people who were supporters of Paterno...2 were donors to PSU...This for the Paterno lovers, by the Paterno lovers...There is no way you can expect honesty in it...Nor should it have gotten any air time at all...Mrs. Paterno, maybe Joe never told you shit, but he knew Sandusky was a piece of shit, and he kept a lid on it, and let the child molesting and raping continue...Please lady, shut the fuck up...Your husband was an asshole....And all those still holding onto their blind loyalty to him are looking like assholes too...

There's a link to the stupid Paterno family site on the Q-o-t-D....

I watched the Grammy's Sunday night...There were some good performances, but I found it sad that most of the awards were given earlier...So many people not getting their time, while CBS couldn't stop showing us Taylor Swift singing and dancing to everyone who performed...And I'd love it if they actually put some performers on stage that we haven't seen countless times before...Sure the hipster, folksy guys get their time this year, but that will be that for awhile...But enough with Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Elton John...That old Queen at the piano reading the lyrics...Christ!

And acting like Justin Timberlake is the greatest musician ever, and we all have missed him so desperately while he's been acting...Yuck!

Jack White, please stop trying so hard to be the Johnny Depp of rock & roll...You're so fucking unique and cooler then everyone else...You're not! and Johnny Depp owned the Viper Room, hard to get cooler then that...And I can play average, loud distorted guitar, and chuck it at the end too...Not impressed!

This week, I leave you with this...


Have a week...

The Beeze.

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Do you think there is any honesty at all in the Paterno_Report?



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Did Joe Flacco deserve to be the "Super Bowl" MVP?



F**king Gas-bags!
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Yes, fucking Bob Costas...You can always count on this smug little douche to get all high and mighty...And he has pissed off plenty of people after his commentary Sunday night...Costas felt the need to make Javon Belcher murdering Kassandra Perkins, and then killing himself, into a political statement about control laws...

In his little smarmy voice, he quoted sportswriter Jason Whitlock, "If Jovan Belcher didn't possess a gun, he and Kassandra Perkins would both be alive today."

Okay, so Whitlock is gas-bag #2...Are these two dopes shitting me? Listen, I'm not Johnny Fucking Gun Collector...I'd have no problem if we tightened up the gun laws...But do these ass-clowns really believe that Kassandra Perkins would really still be alive is this fuck-stain Belcher didn't have a gun!?! He shot her 9 times...9 fucking times...If you shoot some one 9 times, you're pissed...You're trying to make a point...Like I want you fucking dead...

So if Asshole Belcher didn't have a gun, he still would have fucked her up....He would have choked her out...Or beaten her to death, or both...The dude was huge compared to her...Believe me, he could take her out, without using a gun...Dude was in a rage for some reason...You don't shoot some one 9 times when you're just joking around...You don't shoot some one 9 times, and storm out the door saying 'dinner better be ready when I get back!' No! You shoot some one 9 times to kill them...Gun or no gun, she didn't stand a chance...

As for him...If his reaction to shooting and killing her was to off himself...It's most likely he would have felt the same way, had he choked her out, or bashed her head through the granite counter tops...Whitlock and Costas' point here is just fucking stupid...I use to like Whitlock, but over the last few years, he's become a real fucking dolt...Costas...He's always been an asshole...He can't help it...He's just an obnoxious, arrogant twat...It's gotta be tough for a fucker that short, to always be climbing up on that high horse...(yes he really is short as hell...I saw him in a Cleveland restaurant in '97...and he was a dick)

All networks let their star gas-bags get on the air and spew bullshit from time to time...But NBC, this was a major mistake...Costas looked like a fool...And no one likes it when a 3 month old with two dead parents gets politicized...

There was another gas-bag this week that pissed me off...Cleveland Browns left tackle, Joe Thomas...After a year has past, he has finally decided it was okay to come out a bash former Browns running back, Peyton Hillis...This has become a big trend in sports...Everyone protects the team asshole...Coaches, GM's. players...Everyone...Then, after he's gone, the blast him in the media...It's nothing new, but I'm sick of it...

If Thomas would have said the shit last year, that he said this week about Hillis, I would have respected him...Thomas called Hillis "toxic" to the team...He blasted Hillis for how he handled his contract dispute with the team...Thomas basically said Hillis faked injuries....Easy for the guy who got a $84 million extension...

The thing is, most Browns fans were pushing for Hillis to get a new deal...The fans were behind him, and vocal about it, for the first half of the season...But the fans noticed a lot of the things Thomas brought up...But maybe if Thomas would have spoken up publicly last year, the fans would have backed off their support of Hillis sooner...Maybe a teammate, and team leader blasting Hillis publicly, would have made him re-think how he was acting...

But no....Thomas waits until the nest year...The week that the Browns are going to play Hillis and his new team, the Chiefs...One, way to try and motivate the guy now that he's playing for some one else...Two, shut up you pussy! If you had any real balls, you would have bashed him last year...I hate the contract disputes in sports...But you know what pisses me off more? In this fucking era of "I gotta get mine"...These fuckers only care about getting theirs, and fuck my teammates if they're trying to get theirs...And then I'll shit on them in the press when they're long gone...

Fuck Joe Thomas! I hope former Browns coach Romeo Crennel runs Hillis all day, and he gets 200 yards...While former Browns QB, Brady Quinn finally has that career day, that he couldn't get here, because the O-line sucked balls, and he had no receivers...

Fucking Gas-bags!

Later, The Beeze. 

Mauers Clears Waivers But No Need To Panic
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The Major League Baseball waiver process is meant to be confidential. However, like everything else in the information age, nothing is truly confidential and naturally everyone knows about it.


All you need is a "major-league source".


So it was of little surprise that the entire state of Minnesota went into a panic when reports started to come out that golden boy Joe Mauer had been placed on, and later cleared, revocable waivers. Fans are worried that after clearing waivers, the often fiscally-minded Twins would now have the ability to trade the man making an average of $23.5 million over the course of the next six seasons. By clearing waivers, the Twins can now shop him to any team out there, rather than simply a single team who won a waiver claim.


But Minnesota fans can relax a bit. While the Twins are right to feel out the market and see what is out there in terms of offers, they are unlikely to find a similar deal to the one made between the Dodgers and Red Sox a week earlier. That is not to say that it isn't out of the realm of possibility, but there are several factors that would likely prevent any such deal from involving Mauer:


1.) While Mauer is a tremendous hitter,especially for a catcher, his power has never developed to the point where his contract makes sense. That is especially true when you consider that his current career path, despite his fielding abilities at the catcher position, are taking him out from behind the plate. His body just won't continue to hold up as a catcher and he is better served to play at first or designated hitter. That is where the lack of power hurts him.


2.) Mauer has spent his entire life in Minnesota, which is part of the reason the Twins chose to splurge when extending his contract. He is marketable there as the hometown kid done good. You take him out of Minnesota, and he's just another quiet leader, but not a star.


3.) Mauer has a full no-trade clause in his contract, meaning that he can veto any trade to any team. With a limited amount of teams who will be able to not only take on his contract, but also trade the pieces to entice the Twins to make the deal, it is even more prohibitive knowing that the player could not only veto your trade, but also stifle any chances of moving him in the future. Want a reason why this is a big issue, see item #2.


None of these items has stopped the media from openly speculating how the suddenly salary free Boston Red Sox could make a run at Mauer, and make him the new face of the franchise. While it is a test of Ben Cherington's resolve to not handcuff the team again, it is made easier by knowing that Mauer doesn't truly fit with Boston either.


Case in point, the Red Sox just traded a high-priced first baseman who was not contributing the power numbers expected of him in Fenway Park. When you slot another, similar player into the position, at roughly the same salary, it just does not make any further sense. Oh, and the Red Sox do not do full no-trade clauses.


Maybe the suddenly free spending Dodgers could make a run. But then again, Mauer's salary, on top of Crawford's and Gonzalez's, plus the inability to slot him into any other position other than catcher kills that thought. Oh, and did I mention they traded away a good portion of their farm system to Boston?


No, in all likelihood, Minnesota is just doing its due diligence and feeling out the market. The Twins are unlikely to pull the trigger on any deal involving Mauer for the time being. They may re-enter conversations during the winter, but even that seems like a long-shot.


Nope, Joe Mauer will likely be a Twin for a very long time. But at least he's a fuzzy pair of handcuffs.

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