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Monday Moaning 7-16-12
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  I always feel like the weekends fly by...Saturdays not so much, but Sundays always seem to get right past me...It's just unreal how the time goes by when you're not having to grind through the work week...

I've been feeling pretty negative lately...I mean look at some of my lat few posts...There was THIS about a stupid "Unfair" PSA...Fucking assholes! Then I had THIS ranting and raving about idiots being offended by comedy...But then there was Penn State, Jerry Sandusky, and Joe Pateron to really keep my blood boiling HERE...Yeah, the PSU crew has been really good at keeping my blood pressure up since November...

So even though my Monday Moaning post normally is filled with more negativity, I'm going to try and be a bit more positive this week...I figured I hammered out enough anger the last couple weeks...Let's start with this bit I saw on "The New York Rangers Blog"...They got a tip from Julie Robenhymer at HockeyBuzz about young, talented, star winger, Chris Kreider after he had played in a charity game...

"After the game, the players posed for a team picture and then headed towards the locker rooms to shower and change....except for one. Chris Kreider saw a kid along the boards waving a pen at him. He skated over and went up and down that side of the rink signing everything handed to him...Forty-five minutes later he made his way back to the bench where a few volunteers were waiting for a picture. At this point, all of the other players had showered, changed and left the rink and while the ice was being resurfaced behind him, Kreider continued to sign autographs and take pictures with anyone and everyone who wanted one as a new line formed near the entrance to the bench."

It's really great to see a young guy these days, that actually gets it...It's been awhile since I've seen a story like that.

-As many of you may know, I coached the Little Beeze's Tee-Ball team the last two Summers...This year he moved up to Coach Pitch, and yes, I'm coaching again...The coaches aren't actually pitching...The rec has high school kids that work there, do the pitching, catching and umping...

Early on my team was looking rough...The boy throws and hits well...The last couple weeks he has been just ripping line-drives past people...But he was always doing a home run trot, no matter how the ball was hit...We fixed that...There is another kid with a great baseball IQ, that his dad drilled into him...He was suppose to help coach, but he flaked out...He never showed for practices, and shows for half the games, and rides his kid...His kid then tends to yell at other kids on the team if they boot one, or don't make "the right" play...One game I had enough, and told him, "Be quiet, you made 3 errors today...You yell at anyone again, you won't play the rest of the rest of the season on my team!"

You see, this is a league that doesn't keep score...It's about kids having fun, learning the basics, getting outside, and playing with others...I've excepted that, and embraced it...So fuck that kid being an asshole, because his dad's an asshole...(Yeah, just got a bit negative)

We have an 8 year old boy who crushes the ball, and is pretty good in the field...And a 9 year old girl who is awesome at it all...She'll be on her way to a softball scholarship...Then there is a 7 year old boy with no attention span at all, and is often leaving the field to pee, or get a drink...When he's on the field, he's playing in the dirt...So he has found a lot of time in the outfield...His older sister started out afraid of catching the ball, and having trouble hitting...She's gotten better in the field, and is ripping into the ball now...

Then there is our little peanut...She's a tiny 7 year old...The smallest bat we have, are too big for her...She should have been in Tee-Ball, but they put her here...She's never played before...She's been held back a bit by her home life...Her mother with a disability,and two younger kids, plus bouncing between mom's house and dad's house...I'll be honest, I've worked more with her, then any of the other kids...That may sound bad, but she learned how to throw, at our first practice...She's always smiling, and positive...A couple weeks ago, she fielded a ball in the infield, and made the throw to first...The runner was safe, but I was thrilled, and so were the people in the stands...

Hitting has been tough...The league rules say, after 4 swings they use the tee...But at the beginning of the year, all the coaches agreed to screw that, give them 5 and then it's a strike out...This is about learning, and we want the kids to learn to hit off the pitch, and that failing is part of the game, and it's okay...There are a couple kids that coaches have used the tee for, that were really struggling...

Peanut had gotten a few hits that were weak...really weak grounders...The kids pitching were trying their best to hit the bat with the pitch...She never cries, or gets down about it...She feels good when she gets a foul ball...And the parents and others watching in the stands have been great...Everyone, including from the other teams, are rooting for her...When she's made contact, they go wild...And the kids pitching and catching, often say one more...Everyone is pulling for our peanut...

Lately, it seems like she is a bit frustrated...Our game on the 3rd was rained out, even though it rained in the morning, and the fields were fine...Oh, and they neglected to call the coaches...I ended up running a practice with kids from my team and 3 other teams...One was tee ball team...And that coach had a tee with him...Peanut was batting and after about 15 pitches, she asked if she could try the tee...I said sure...She ripped it...She hit a few more times off the tee, and you could see the excitement and confidence it gave her...Afterwards she asked if she could use a tee in the games...I said, "How about we still try the pitches, and if you don't get it after a few, then we'll use the tee?" She said okay, with a big smile on her face...

This past week she needed the tee, but that's okay...She got 3 hits in each game...And her confidence is growing...She wants to play 3rd base this week...Tuesday I'm going to put her there...And the kid with the asshole dad is going in the outfield...She's got a much better attitude, and hasn't made nearly as many errors!

This week is our last week of the season...I've heard other coaches who don't want to be there, and can't wait for it to be over...Me, I'm going to miss it...And I'll be excited for next year...Oh, and during that practice we had...My oldest decided to join us...She's never played, and she did great...She wants to play next year...I may be coaching two teams!

That's it for now....Have a week...

Later, The Beeze.

Bring Me the Head of Joe Paterno....
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Okay, that's gross, bring me his statue's head!

If you have followed my blogs that have been about Jerry Sandusky being a child rapist, and the cover-up at Penn State, then you know when this first broke, I was writing that Paterno knew, and willingly covered it up...And now we have found out that he lead the cover-up...He told his boys Spanier, Schultz, and Curley, to keep a lid on this mess...And they did...

But we have to ask why, if they knew this creep was messing with kids, and we removed him from the coaching staff, then why did he still have an office? Why did he still have full use of all athletic department facilities? They said it was to help with his Second Mile Charity...You mean the same charity where he was poaching these 10, 11, 12, and 13 year old boys from...I can't find any logic at all with these people...

In the Freeh Report, that was released yesterday it spoke of Paterno, Spanier, Curley, and Schultz, saying "These men concealed Sandusky's activities from the Board of Trustees, the University community and authorities. They exhibited a striking lack of empathy for Sandusky's victims by failing to inquire as to their safety and well‐being, especially by not attempting to determine the identity of the child who Sandusky assaulted in the Lasch Building in 2001." That being the victim Mike McQueary had seen Sansdusky with, and reported it to Paterno...And McQueary, you're not off the hook either...You stood by and let them cover it up...You kept your mouth shut, even though you saw what a monster Sandusky was, Fucking cunt!

Former FBI Director Louis Freeh said during his press conference Thursday, "There were more red flags here than you could count over a long period of time." Freeh's report went all the way back through Sandusky's career at PSU...All the way back to 1975...

Freeh's investigation showed points where, Penn State officials could have stopped Sandusky but didn't and failed to report him to authorities...

"On May 3, 1998, Sandusky sexually assaulted a young boy in the Lasch Building on Penn State's campus. His mother noted the boy was acting differently when he came home and called a psychologist about it, as well as the University Police Department.

When the boy's mother confronted Sandusky on May 19, asking if Sandusky had touched the boy's "private parts," he said, "I don't think so ... maybe." Unknown to Sandusky, UPD Detective Ron Schreffler and a State College police officer were listening from another room.

Sandusky asked if he could speak with the boy, but the mother said no. "I understand. I was wrong," Sandusky replied. "I wish I could get forgiveness. I know I won't get it from you. I wish I were dead."

When word of the May 3 assault reached Schultz two days later, he noted, "Is this opening of Pandora's Box?" and wondered if there were other children involved. Emails between Schultz and Curley imply that they had "touched base" with Joe Paterno about the incident as well. Yet after the UPD began an investigation, campus police chief Thomas Harmon said they would "hold off on making any crime log entry." All four officials -- Spanier, Paterno, Curley and Schultz -- were fully aware about the allegation and investigation in 1998, but failed to report it to the Board of Trustees, according to the report.

In June 1998, Harmon emailed Schultz to say officers "met discretely" with Sandusky and "his account of the matter was essentially the same as the child's." Sandusky said "he had done this with other children in the past." Schultz informed Spanier and Curley that the investigation of the matter was closed as such."

What's striking about 1998 is nobody even spoke to Sandusky ... including the coach [Paterno] who was steps away from Sandusky's office." Freeh said...Then there's the fact that that Schultz had testified that, "I was never aware that 'Penn State police investigated inappropriate touching in a shower, in 1998." Yeah, he screwed himself!

Then there's the emails back and forth between Paterno, Spanier, Schultz, and Curley, after the 2001 incident McQueary brought to their attention...Emails that made it clear that Paterno wanted it to be kept quiet...And even though they all knew it could hurt them, they all agreed to go along with it...

Then Thursday afternoon THIS came out...Yes, Penn State University switched the feed just as the Freeh Report was being released...Did these dummies not learn from the mistakes of Paterno and Spanier, Schultz, and Curley? For God's sake you idiots, it's 2012...Switching the channel won't stop people from getting the information! After this, along with the years of the cover-up, The State of Pennsylvania needs to cut off all funding to the University...Seriously, screw these people and their history of secrecy, and protection of a child rapist...

Over the months I've been calling for the NCAA to bring down the "Death Penalty" on Penn State...Many people think that's too far, saying this has nothing to do with Football and NCAA sports...BULLSHIT!

You had one of the most highly regarded coaches in the history of College Football, leading the cover-up of one of his assistant coaches being a child molester and rapist...Paterno and his 3 musketeers felt is was more important to protect his image, and the image of Penn State Football, then to protect innocent kids from getting raped in the team showers, team hotels, and Sandusky's basement bedroom...The myth of Paterno, and Penn State was all they cared about...This has everything to do with College Football and sports...

These fools didn't even realize that the world would have stood by them, and respected them had they Cut ties with Sandusky and turned him in at the first sign of trouble...But Paterno was blinded by his own ego, and probably some dumb-ass loyalty to his former assistant coach and friend...And to all those who refuse to believe the facts that Paterno was involved, and keep defending him, first, wake up! Second...Tell me, when this story first broke, WHY did Paterno transfer EVERYTHING into his wife's name? He knew he was dirty...He knew it would be found out...He knew there would be civil suits...He knew he was guilty...That bastard got off easy by dying...And I'll tell you this...It won't surprise me if even worse, and darker things come out about Paterno, Spanier, Schultz, and Curley...

At the top I said I want the head of that stupid fucking statue...I was thinking, I'd cash in my kids college funds, to pay whoever chopped it off, and brought it to me...But instead, let's keep it there...Let it be a reminder that our icons aren't always who we think they are...Put up a plague next to it...

'Joe Paterno, legendary football coach, and protector of child rapists, and all around fucking asshole with stupid big, glasses!'

Later, The Beeze.

Random Thoughts
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There’s no fighting here at Random Sports?? Brooklyn has best backcourt in NBA?? Beezer is happy about Wild?? All this and more in this weeks edition of…

Wow, I finally endorse my own blog. That’s me relaxing at the pool. I don’t know which was worse. The 100 degree temperature or the warm water in the swimming pool. Still had a great time.

Richard Roundtree turned 70 this week. Wow, with that here is the theme to SHAFT.



Wow the Nets have started to make things interesting.

First they announced that they traded for Joe Johnson, the six-time all-star from Atlanta. Brooklyn traded Anthony Morrow, Jordan Farmar, Jordan Williams, Johan Petro, DeShawn Stevenson and the Rockets 2013 lottery protected first round pick to get Johnson. Johnson averaged 17.8 points per game in his 11-year NBA career.

Then the Nets resigned Gerald Wallace on a 4-year deal worth 40 million.

But, the best news was Deron Williams saying he will be signing with the Brooklyn Nets. The three-time All-Star and two-time All-NBA point guard will become the face of the franchise as the Nets move to Brooklyn and into their new palace, the Barclay Center. Williams deal is expected to be $108 million for 5-years.

The Clippers sent Reggie Evans to the Nets, in a sign-and-trade. The rebounding machine will get $5 million over three years.

I am glad the Nets stopped going after D12, and resigned Brook Lopez. Now they can keep their 3 number one picks. A line-up of Joe Johnson, Deron Williams, Gerald Wallace, Brook Lopez and Kris Humphries (hopefully the Nets resign him) would be pretty good.

Do the Nets have the best backcourt in the NBA? There aren’t too many that can match the point output that Johnson and Williams can provide.

There is plenty of player movement in the NBA. When the dust settles on July 11th teams will look a lot different then they did at the end of the 2011-2012 season.

Nash to Lakers. Ray Allen to Heat. Kidd and Cambry to the Knick. Novak resigns with Knicks. Lin-sanity to sign with Houston and Knicks to match.

In the Beezer’s “State of Hockey Wants to Live Up to It’s Name” he toots the horn about the Wild’s signing of the biggest free agents in the NHL Zach Parise and Ryan Suter. The Beeze states “I love this move for Minnesota...I love it for Hockey...The western Conference just got more competitive…”

To see his blog go to this link:


True they needed to do something to “take them over the top.” But to “buy players” to do it. If the Wild win the Stanley Cup will the analysts say they bought the Stanley Cup?

Don’t rush to say no. If the Yankees would have signed “Prince Albert” and Prince Fielder everyone would have said the Yankees bought the World Series. So what’s the difference between what the Wild did or what the Yankees could have done?

I think the NFL came up with the greatest idea this week. They will allow those at NFL games see what the ref is looking at when they go to the replay booth. That’s right, you will be able to see what the lead official is viewing on the sideline monitor. Fans will see the exact same angles at the exact time the ref is viewing it.

Sunday, during the Rangers-Twins game the scariest thing happened. Here is the clip:

You can hear it on the TV. Can you imagine what it sounded like at the Stadium.

You have to see this video of a brawl between two men at a Little League baseball game near Columbus, Georgia. It started when one man asked another man to turn down his music he was playing after the game. First it was words exchanged than it was punches exchanged. The fight was taken from a person at the game.


Sorry for the advertisement. You can skip it after 5 seconds.

Attendance for the 2011 NFL season was the lowest since 2002.

Til next time






Monday Moaning 7-2-12
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Well, since the 4th of July is just a couple days away, I thought I'd start it out a little patriotic this week...

Now, I'll be honest with you...I didn't want to write this post...I just wanted to throw back a couple beers and fall asleep watching baseball...But instead, I poured myself a cup of coffee, and started looking blankly at this computer screen...Yes there were all kinds of NHL Free Agent signings, but I don't feel like breaking that down...

The MLB All-Star teams were named...And while most of the guys picked are deserving, once again, fan voting made fans look dumb again...How is it possible, that a city of 8 million gets out voted by a city of 800,000? How does the Mets David Wright not get voted in, and that fat fuck, Pablo Sandoval from the Giants does? And sorry Giants fans, but Carlos Ruiz should be starting over Buster Posey...Then Matt Kemp gets voted in, even though he hasn't played in a month...Fucking stupid!

In the AL, the biggest snub has to be Josh Willingham from the Twins, not making the team at all...Christ he's been a rock for the Twins...Yet they put Joe Mauer on the squad, who needs to take at least 3 games off a week...And as much as teh guy is known as an asshole, A.J. Pierzynski belongs there...Then there was Indians 2nd baseman, Jason Kipnis, who got screwed...But there's only so much room, especially when Ron Washington picked 4 of his own guys to go along with the 3 that got voted in...7 Rangers, really!?!

I hate the fan voting...I hate the manager having to play politics with their own players, that keeps other guys out...Actually I hate the All-Star game...Ever since the "It Counts" crap started...I wasn't crazy about it before, but that gave me a whole new reason to hate it...And with all the Inter-league games we have now, the whole NL vs AL loses some luster...And fuck the Home Run Derby too...That shit has just become too drawn out and boring...

So, who thought all this crap at Penn State was done? I hope none, but I know plenty of dopes there thought it was over...Then CNN broke THIS Saturday...

Yep, it was actually Saint Joe Paterno who convinced that idiot Graham Spanier, along with Tim Curley, and Gary Schultz, to keep a lid on what Mike McQueary had told them about Jerry Sandusky molesting a boy in the showers...

Emails showed they were planning on reporting this to the Second Mile charity and the state Department of Public Welfare, but changed their mind after talking with Paterno..."After giving it more thought and talking it over with Joe yesterday, I am uncomfortable with what we agreed were the next steps," Curley emailed Schultz and Spanier...

Even after communicating back and forth, knowing that not reporting Sandusky could ruin all of them, they still decided to cover it...Clearly they all thought that protecting Paterno's legacy, and the University' stature was more important then kids getting raped by this creep Sandusky...The sad thing is, if they would have turned him in immediately, Paterno's image, and the reputation of the University would have been fine...

It's time for the NCAA to finally flex their nuts, and hammer Penn State with the dreaded "Death Panalty"...If there was ever a time, this is it...They should burn the entire campus to the ground...And that statue of Paterno...Take that and stick it right up Dottie Sandusky's ass...

Enough of that...Summer always brings a bunch of big movies...I keep hearing about this Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter movie...Sounds kind of odd to me, and I'm so sick of all this vampire bullshit...But then I remember Abe was watching a play about vampires on that fateeful night...

That's it for now...Have a week...

The Beeze.

Small Market Short Hops: Joey Votto
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Yesterday, I took to Twitter and asked one simple questions:


Is Joey Votto currently the best hitter in baseball?


Well, I didn't get many responses to the question. Maybe it was due to my meager following on the social media magnate, or maybe it was simply due to most people's inability to argue the point. Of the responses I received, I saw the names Mike TroutMark Trumbo, Melky Cabrera, and Billy Butler thrown out there.


Certainly, both Trumbo and Trout have been outstanding for the Angels thus far, with Trout producing a batting line of .344/7 HR/30 RBI/47 Runs/21 Stolen Bases and Trumbo kicking the tires with a line of .313/18 HR/50 RBI/35 Runs. Trout has the inside track on the Rookie of the Year award and many could argue that Trumbo could have won it last year.


Melky has been on fire in San Francisco, making the Royals regret trading him for Jonathan Sanchez by batting .351 and leading all of baseball with 106 (!) hits through 73 games in 2012. He's been close to the sole source of offense for the Giants and a key to their reentry into the NL West race.


Butler is sort of another story. I love the uptick in power from Country Breakfast, and I wish that Royals fans were giving the hometown hero more of a push for the All-Star game in Kansas City this year, but even so his .296/15 HR/46 RBI is more adequate than top of the heap. Hell, he's even surpassed as a DH by David Ortiz in Boston.


So that brings me back to Votto. Here are his stat lines and rankings:


Batting Average - .353 - 3rd in MLB

On-Base Percentage - .478 - 1st in MLB

Slugging Percentage - .643 - 2nd in MLB

Doubles - 32 - 1st in MLB

Home Runs - 14 - 22nd in MLB

RBI - 47 - 18th in MLB

Walks - 60 - 1st in MLB


The only holes in my argument for Votto are the home run and RBI totals, where his numbers seem pedestrian compared with the league leaders, especially the dinger total considering he plays in Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati. However, his doubles are at such a rate that sooner than later, more of those will start flying over the wall than hitting it.


In regards to the meager RBI total, consider these stats. Of his 320 plate appearances in 2012, Votto has come to the plate just 81 times with runners in scoring position and only 145 times did he even have another runner on base. He has 9 home runs and 42 RBI with runners on base. If the Reds could put someone on in front of him, He'd likely be a lot higher in the rankings. Oh, and Votto is hitting .429 with 2 outs and runners in scoring position.


Needless to say, Votto makes the argument for himself. He'll figure prominently in the National League MVP discussion when the season ends and he is more than justifying the large investment the Reds made to keep him there long-term.

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