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MLB umps?? Jacksonville Courthouse?? What a courthouse?? Jaguars?? Putting around?? No-hitters?? All this and more in this weeks edition of….

Here is something good that did not make it to YouGabSports. Alcorn State, and the Southwestern Athletic Conference, hired its first “non-African American” head football coach when they hired former Memphis defensive coordinator, Jay Hopson.

"I don't see black or white, we're all purple and gold," Hopson told reporters after being introduced. Alcorn school president M. Christopher Brown II's said "Today's historical appointment will require us to walk hand in hand to disrupt naysayers wedded to a racist past."

Congrats to Alcorn State, Southwestern Athletic Conference and coach Hopson.

Congrats go to Florida University pitcher Jonathon Crawford, who pitched a no-hitter against Bethune-Cookman, 4-0 in an opening round game of the Gainesville Regional.

It took 8,020 games to do it, but a New York Met pitcher finally tossed a no-hitter. Congrats go to Johan Santana who no-hit the St. Louis Cardinals, 8-0. Yeah an umpire missed a call, but still it was a no-hitter just the same. It was Johan’s first no-hitter.

Can’t understand why it took so long for an organization who had Koosman, Gooden, Cone, Seaver and Ryan, can you?

Did the Jacksonville Jaguars mess up on another first-round wide receiver pick? Matt Jones, R.J Soward, Reggie Williams, and now Justin Blackmon. Blackman was arrested on an aggravated DUI charge. He took a breathalyzer and it registered a .24, which is three times the legal limit of alcohol in his system.

This is not the first time Blackmon was in trouble due to alcohol. In 2010 he was arrested on a misdemeanor DUI charge in Texas.

He has not signed his rookie contract yet. I hope the Jaguars put provisions in his contract to curtail his drinking problem.

Is Tiger Woods back? Some would think so, after his shot on 16, during the last round of the Memorial. It was vintage Tiger, as he was two shots behind with three holes to play, his ball in an impossible spot behind the 16th green, Woods holed a flop shot from 50 feet away that turned bogey into birdie and sent him on his way to a stunning comeback Sunday in the Memorial.

NHL refs confer on close calls, NFL referee’s confer on close calls and penalties, even NBA refs confer on plays. So what’s up with MLB umpires? Are they too big for themselves that they can’t confer on close calls? Too many plays have been missed in the pass two weeks to take this issue too lightly. Baseball has to tell its umpires that thy need to talk to one another on close calls that are being contested. They are not bigger than the game!!

Dennis Miller, a 42-year-old director of golf in Northeast Ohio had this amazing putt fall during a playoff at the US Open Sectional Qualifying in Columbus, Ohio.


This is Jacksonville, Florida’s new courthouse. This was originally paid for with money designated for the Better Jacksonville Plan. This plan was put together in 2000 as part of the effort to get the Super Bowl in 2005. Money was used to build Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena ($130 million), Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville (34 million), a Equestrian Center, upgrade Everbank field, pave/modify roads, build a new Main Library, new library branches and the courthouse above. The courthouse was designated $190 million.

Now what was $190, became $210 million due to design changes and modifications, became $250 million with add-ons, became $280 million, which is now at $350 million. Guess what the courthouse can’t open because it can’t pass inspection.

15 years after in was authorized, the courthouse is completed and yet the judges and clerks of the court can’t move in because of safety concerns.

So my Gabbers, this is how shit happens in Jacksonville.

I’ll leave you this pearls of wisdom:

Til next time



Fantasy Sleeper Agents - Johan Santana
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Johan Santana, Sleeper Pick

The true mark of a good fantasy baseball manager isn’t just knowing where to pick the top players, but also knowing when to take a chance on a guy that will fly under the radar on draft day. Being prepared and knowing which players are due for comeback or breakout years are what make the difference between a good team and a winning team.

With that said, this series is intended to help you identify some of those sleepers. To kick things off, I wanted to spotlight one of the best pitchers of the last decade:

Johan Santana – SP – New York Mets

Santana has the distinction of being one of the best Rule 5 draftees of all-time. Taken in the Rule 5 draft by Florida from Houston in 1999, he was subsequently traded to Minnesota for Jared Camp. If that wasn’t a sweet enough deal for the Twins, the Marlins also threw cash in the deal. Santana would win two Cy Young awards for the Twins before being traded to the Mets in 2008. In three seasons with the Mets, Santana would pitch well, but injuries took their toll and he sat out 2011 working his way back from rotator cuff surgery.

The Good

There wasn’t a better pitcher in baseball from mid-2003 until 2008. Santana has impeccable control, averaging 3.55 strike-outs per every walk surrendered and has one of the best change-ups in all of baseball. Not an overpowering pitcher, he can nonetheless get the strike-out with an assortment of pitches, averaging close to 1 per inning for his career and lead the AL in the category from 2004-2006.

The Bad

Santana hasn’t pitched in the majors since September 2, 2010. He was making good strides in the minors in 2011, but the Mets performance last season ultimately decided that they wouldn’t risk him. While a move to the National League is generally perceived as a boost for pitchers, Santana’s strike-out and control numbers have declined each season in New York, but that can be attributed to the arm troubles he dealt with in both 2009 and 2010.

The Ugly

While Santana will enter 2012 fully recovered and ready to contribute, there is one overwhelming detriment that is hard to overlook; Santana will still be playing for the Mets. The Mets are in a complete retooling phase and the line-up behind Santana doesn’t look entirely promising. In a very tough and offensive National League East, this team could very well finish at the bottom of the standings

Best-Case Scenario

As discussed, Santana should be fully healthy entering the season, but he’ll still be eased into a full workload. He may well win 10 plus games and strike-out better than 150 for the Mets, but wishful fantasy owners will want him to get out of the gate fast and hope that that the Mets trade him as part of their rebuilding process. That may be difficult as Santana is 32 entering the season and due to make $49 million over the next two seasons with a club option for 2014 at $25 million. Not a lot of teams will take a chance on that contract without knowing that he is back to his Cy Young form.

Buy really low and hope for the best. May even be best to see him hit the waiver wire to start the season and then watch his first few starts before making the leap.


-          Johan Santana, baseball-reference.com

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