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As some of you have seen we had a little visitor while trying to celebrate the life of our friend 3rd stone, most of you probably missed it though because just like at TSN he waited a few days for the blog to get stale and then came in and put in his two cents that way only the publisher, in this case Beeze, and those who commented would see it, and thatís only if you had checked the alert box. Iíve seen this punk mother fucker do it before, many times. Busch league crap like this has been a trademark of his for a long time. HE HAS NO BALLS!!! Who is it I'm talking about?†BACKELL, or BACKASS as I like to call him, who else?

For those of you wondering what the title means, itís referring to an incident when the preacher had crashed the server at Sporting News. On that night, I was doing a mock draft with NWolf and we were talking on the phone and he asked me if I lost the connection to TSN and I had, the whole site was down and stayed that way for a long while because it was well after midnight on the east coast, I want to say it was early in the a.m. on a Monday and more than likely only a skeleton staff was behind the scenes. The next afternoon when I went to see if things where back up and running I started catching wind of what happened and who was to blame, then I saw this TOOL (backell) wrote a blog explaining he did it and it was a ruse. First off it wasnít a ruse as heíd claim, we knew he was inflating his page views for months by sitting there hitting F-5. He said, and this is my favorite part, it shows what kind of fucking liar he is, ďthat he taped down the Control and F buttons on his keyboard to keep refreshingĒ. Now when I read that, being a handy type guy I looked at my keyboard which was for a desktop computer and thought, †that isnít happening, and it sure as fuck isnít happening on a laptop either. Try it and get back to me, it wonít work. So itís pretty obvious our TOTW was sitting there late at night, as usual, adding to his page view count when he must have gotten just a little carried away seeing how he had just added about 5,000 hits to his daily tallyÖshocking for a preacher to be padding his numbers and trying make himself something heís not, donít you think?

Iíve had more than a few run-ins with this piece of shit. This honorable preacher ran blog contests, collected the votes and always won for best blogger that came with a huge trophy heíd paste on his profile and also on the header to his blog. He did this so those who might have come across his post for the first time would think they stumbled across some award winning journalistÖthatís a frickin hoot. A legend in his own mind is what he is.

Making an example of this fucking piece of shit isnít hard, not when you come into our house and shit on our rug, especially when weíre mourning the loss of a friend, the same friend he claimed he respected after being sure he told us all thatís the only reason he signed up. Heís not the only one that did this either, the other guy did it twice in the same day. Yeah, letsí roll out the red carpet for these guys, pat them on the back and make them welcome shall we? Thatís not going to happen. †If folks want to continue to act like douche bags thatís fine, in fact there are those out there that I never expect to change and weíve managed to go about our dayís just fine without them. We donít give a fuck about whatís ďpolitically correctĒ (and if I find out who it is that coined that pussy phrase theyíll be made an example of too), thatís just an easy way of saying Iím afraid to say how I really feel, well if thatís how you are we really donít want you here, thereís plenty of places on the net you can go where theyíll open their doors give you a big hug, tell you everything you say is right and follow that with a pat on your back after they give you an internet hug and kiss. You can fucking have it. If shallow approval is what you need to get through the day youíve got more problems that you can ever imagine.

What really has been bugging me about this, and it runs deeper than just a couple of comments on our tribute to 3rd stone, itís that it was probably more directed at me specifically than anyone else, and Iím a big boy I can handle myself just fine, what pisses me off is I havenít joined any of these other places, I donít go there and comment, I donít have them bookmarked, I donít care what they do. They donít seem to want to offer any olive branches, and quite frankly I donít feel like I would need to apologize to any one of them, and hereís the reason, most of these people I havenít had a run-in with, they donít like me for some reason and thatís fine, as I said, Iíve been going about my business without one thought either way about any of them, it seems theyíre the ones who felt a reminder was in order. If thatís what was intended then be a fucking man about it, donít post it on a blog 4-5 days after it was up so no one will see it, if youíve got something to say come to me and say it and by all means donít take it out on a whole group, message me directly, weíll go from there. And †if youíve got something youíd like to say to me in person, say where and when, Iíll be there, but donít pull this chicken shit, back door pussy crap, because thatís what it is, and in the end all you will have gotten for your trouble is a ďTool of the WeekĒ nod! Come again when you canít stay so long asshole!

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