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Monday Moaning 9-16-13
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 I'm gonna run down some college football stuff real quick, before I get to some so-called controversies that are annoying me...


Stuff like (23) Nebraska giving up 38 unanswered 2nd half points and getting smoked at home by (16) UCLA 41-21...Can we stop hearing about the tough "Black shirt" defense now...What a bunch of horse shit that has been for years...Even Nebraska star Alum Tommy Frazier has had enough, as he spoke after Saturday's loss, and wants heads to roll...


Or stuff like Akron nearly beating (11) Michigan in the "Big House"...Michigan got lucky with a 28-24 win...And Brady Hoke said his team wouldn't have a letdown after last week's win over the Irish...Yeah, no letdown there Brady!


Then there was Texas getting drilled at home by (25) Ole Miss 44-23...I guess shit-canning the Defensive Coordinator wasn't the answer down there?


Then there was my (21) Irish, playing Purdue...Purdue has sucked balls the first two weeks of the season, so this should have gotten the Irish on track...But in the first half, the offensive game plan looked like, 'Hey Rees just throw the ball to guys that are double and triple covered!'  The Irish were out skilled, out worked, and out muscled in the first half, and still they were only down 10-3...


In the second half they started getting their shit together on offense...The defense showed signs of toughness, but they were still disappointing...The secondary needs work, especially at safety...The two big guys up front, Nix and Tuitt haven't done much...Those two along with LB Price Shembo were expected to cause chaos for QB's, but between the three of them, they have one sack, and Shembo is being used in pass coverage far too much, which is not his strong suit...


As the offense started moving the ball there was one moment that stood out to me...Not Rees' long pass to Daniels as he walked the wire down the sideline for a TD...No, it was Running back Cam McDaniel getting his helmet blown off near the goal line, popping up, grabbing his helmet and bleeding out the side of his head...That was sweet, but it got better...Coach Kelly called a time out so they could duct tape McDaniel's head and get him right back on the field...Says a lot about the confidence they had in the two guys in front of him on the depth chart...McDaniel became the go to guy in the fourth quarter, and punched in a TD...



The Irish pulled out a 31-24 victory...A win is a win they say...No matter how ugly...But this win may have exposed more about this Notre Dame team, then the loss to Michigan did...


Then there was Saturday's prime-time game, not played in prime-time...(1) Alabama at (6) Texas A&M...The big rematch...The game that has been being hyped for almost a year...If you're a sports fan, you've seen the highlights...You don't need me to run it all down for ya...The only thing you need to take away from this blog, about this game, is this...For all the hype about the big, bad, tough, SEC...And all the hype about Nick Saban's coaching...and his defensive knowledge...What this game showed, is that is a bunch of bullshit!  Defense! Defense! Where? Both these teams left that shit in the locker room...And every time 'Bama had a chance to put A&M away...(in the words of John Madden) "BOOM!" here comes Johnny Autograph and company, scoring again...In the end, Alabama held on...Out scoring A&M 49-42...Now they both can go play the rest of their weak schedules, as both play Ole Miss and LSU, and a bunch of weak sisters...


But now to the controversy...#1...This sign flying down at LSU this past weekend...



Yes, Kent State went down south and got pounded by LSU 45-13...When I saw the sign, I'm not going to lie one bit...I laughed...I laughed hard, and loud...I laughed so hard it scared the shit out of our new puppy...But of course mother fuckers in this sorry ass PC world are crying...I'm sorry, but a joke about something that happened over 40 years ago doesn't fall in the "Too Soon" category for me...It shouldn't for anyone...


Yeah, back in 1970 four students were killed and nine injured by the National Guard...when they opened up on protesters...Thing is, at Kent read, Kent write, Kent State, they never talk about their excellent nursing program...Or their great theater program...They talk about this...



Yeah, it looks a little intense...But all Kent State does is hang it's stupid hat on this...



Yes it was horrible...But it was over 40 years ago, and it's all I hear about Kent State...You had students shot there...Neil Young wrote a shitty song about it...None of you that attend that God awful place knew those people...You weren't even born...It was a distasteful joke, and it was funny...Fuck off wannabe hippies!


Maybe I'm just insensitive...Or maybe I just hate Kent State...Maybe both!


The other bullshit controversy...Fucking PC world....Mother fuckers want the Washington Redskins name changed...Hey, I'm not a fan of the 'Skins, but FUCK YOU!  Fucking FOX showed the protesters outside of the 'Skins game in Green Bay Sunday...Way to show up douchebags...Nice to see all 8 of you made it...Drop dead!  I see a couple of these clowns every year in Cleveland, trying to go after Chief Wahoo...And their case is better there, because Chief Wahoo looks like s stupid, drunk, smiling ear to ear, red faced, Indian...Total caricature...But I love the Chief, so piss off...


But this Redskins thing is bullshit...The logo is classy, and no one I have ever known has thought the name was racist...If it's such a big deal to these protesters, and the NFL, why aren't they going after the Kansas City Chiefs, who play at Arrowhead Stadium?  And Why aren't we talking to MLB about the Braves and the Indians?  'Skins owner, Dan Snyder has always seemed like  a rich douche, but I'm all in with him on this...Don't give in one damn bit Snyder!


I mentioned our new puppy...We brought little Finnegan home Friday...The kids are having a blast with him...And Mrs. Beeze is crazy about him...And yes, Molly has show a bit of jealousy about that...She just wants him to be her puppy...Friday night was rough, for me...The little guy was away from his mom, dad, and sisters for the first time...He wasn't sleeping well, and kept coming to me...I wasn't going all in like he was one of my kids...He wasn't going to end up sleeping in my arms...He did end up sleeping on  my feet as I sat in my chair...It was a long night, and a early morning...


Saturday night he slept better...Only needing my feet half the night, but waking me up at 5:30 AM to start the day wasn't cool...Both days the Wife sent me to bed when she and the kids got up...Both days I woke up around 11:30AM with Finn on my chest licking my face...Little shit just trying to keep me from cooking him...



I'm joking...I leave the cooking of dags and cats to the Chinese joint down the street!  (How's that for a tasteless joke!)


Have a week...


The Beeze.

College Football Top 25 Week 2
Category: NCAA

Top 25

rank / team / prior
1 Alabama 1
2 Ohio St. 2
3 Stanford 3
4 Oregon 4
5 LSU 5
6 Clemson 6
7 Georgia 7
8 Louisville 8
9 S Carolina 9
10 TX A&M 10
11 Oklahoma 13
12 Washington 16
13 TCU 17
14 Florida St. 18
15 Miami –
16 Michigan 24
17 Ole Miss 20
18 N’western 21
19 Wisconsin 22
20 Okie St. 23
21 Mich. St. 19
22 Nebraska 25
23 Auburn –
24 Baylor –
25 Florida 12

Out of rankings: (11) Texas, (14) USC, (15) Notre Dame

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Rankings after Week 1
Category: NCAA

I know.  We just had Week 2, but I don't have those up yet.  I'm going to continue to post my rankings here and do commentary (if any) on separate blogs in my Wordpress site.  I categorize the comments about recent developments as "Post-game" or "Rankings Commentary".  The rankings will be found under "Rankings" of all things.

Top 25

rank / team / prior
1 Alabama 1
2 Ohio St. 2
3 Stanford 4
4 Oregon 5
5 LSU 6
6 Clemson 7
7 Georgia 3
8 Louisville 8
9 S Carolina 9
10 TX A&M 10
11 Texas 12
12 Florida 13
13 Oklahoma 14
14 USC 16
15 Notre Dame 17
16 Washington –
17 TCU 18
18 Florida St. 20
19 Mich. St. 21
20 Ole Miss 22
21 N’western 23
22 Wisconsin 24
23 Okie St. 25
24 Michigan –
25 Nebraska 19

Out of rankings: (11) Boise St., (15) Oregon St.

Prior rankings:

2013 Preseason Top 10
Category: NCAA
Tags: NCAA Football Alabama Ohio St. Stanford Oregon Georgia LSU Texas A&M South Carolina Clemson Louisville

I knew the top 5 I wanted fairly quickly, but when I looked for more information to distinguish closer-together teams, I found more that was worth sharing, so some of the descriptions go on a bit longer as you scroll down. Most preseason lists do the opposite, but so be it.

1. Alabama - Two-time defending champion with a lot of people coming back: this was easy.

2. Ohio St. - When you play in a major conference and don't lose, I think you need to be near the top until you do.

3. Georgia - One play away from taking Alabama's spot in the BCS Championship, and I don't see the gap getting a lot wider.

4. Stanford - Got the edge over Oregon because it won't have the question marks that come with a first-year head coach and there is more demonstrated ability with the key players coming back.

5. Oregon - Explained by higher and lower teams.

6. LSU - I summarized my general feelings last week. The Tigers return 8 starters on offense, and I think that's key. I'd rather have a lower number (4) of returning starters on defense because of the way the defense has been run in recent years and the stockpile of talent that is at least somewhat experienced and always seems to be waiting for its turn. A more experienced quarterback, combined with more experienced people around him (a real OC doesn't hurt either), is what is needed to turn things around on that side of the ball. I am ranking LSU below Stanford and Oregon, because they both have a few more returning starters. I think LSU will have to have more pieces that aren't there yet come together more quickly. LSU does play my #1 and #3 (possibly could play the latter twice before the bowls), so even if they are the sixth-best team, they might not get the ranking at the end of the year. On the other hand, I don't see how this isn't a team with an more legitimate chance to win than it had in 2003 and something similar (hopefully without the 2 losses) to what happened in 2007. I am simply not seeing Florida, Texas A&M, or South Carolina being as legitimate contenders for the SEC title as LSU seems to be.


Preliminary LSU Thoughts and Dodger Blue Skies
Category: NCAA

Preliminary LSU Thoughts

I’m fine with my team not being highly rated to start, but I still question the reasoning.

I guess people are forgetting that despite the #14 ranking to finish last year, LSU was one of the handful of top teams in the country for the third year in a row. The loss to Clemson in the bowl game was a matter of a highly motivated team playing a highly disappointed team. I’m not saying that it wasn’t right for LSU to fall in the polls afterward, but that didn’t mean that they weren’t one of the best teams in the country. If Alabama had been slotted into the Peach Bowl (Chick-fil-A doesn’t send me money, so I’m calling it what I want) against Clemson, that probably would have been a really close game too. When you are the national runner-up one year and you go down to the wire against a team like Alabama for what in all likelihood would have been a chance to repeat as SEC Champions, the Peach Bowl isn’t something you get excited about.

I’m not saying LSU would have necessarily won the SEC (Georgia showed itself to be pretty much equal to LSU and Alabama despite having played none of the top three teams in the West before the SEC Championship game [SECCG]), but only very good SEC teams control their own destiny going into the SECCG. LSU was in that position in neither of its championship years; and of course in 2011, Alabama wasn’t even in the SECCG.

An unfortunate aspect of preseason rankings is many voters (or random people who do preseason rankings) want to envision a team going undefeated. That’s hard to do when you have to play the best four other SEC teams from last year (Alabama, Texas A&M, Georgia, and Florida) and TCU.

How many does Alabama have to play? Two. So it’s possible LSU beats Alabama and still doesn’t make the SECCG as a result of the rest of the schedule.

You might vaguely recall the fact that Alabama had an easier slate against the East last year too. The Tide played Missouri and Tennessee while the Tigers played Florida and South Carolina. It seems like the least that could have been done would have been to let LSU play Missouri this year.

LSU also had quite a gauntlet in 2011 and went 13-0 going into the BCS title game. And that was without a reliable quarterback, which LSU finally seems to have going into next year. Zach Mettenberger had some shaky starts early last year, but compared to Jarrett Lee’s growing pains, his first season was a walk in the park. Had LSU not played Florida, the Tigers could have very well gone into the Alabama game (in which Mettenberger would have likely finished leading the team to victory had he been allowed) undefeated.

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