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Deep Thoughts 6-19-2013
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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. Have you ever had one of those days when you seem to be chasing your tail? My wife left for the Philly area for a 3 day conference on Monday morning and it has been an uphill battle every since. This week it will be TGIT.


For the first time all year, I sat down and watched most of an NBA game. Honestly, I thought game 6 was a hard fought game that San Antonio let slip away. The Heat really impressed me with the defense they played from the beginning of the fourth quarter on. The Spurs struggled with finding the three ball, but still had the game in their pocket with only a few seconds left in the game. Who am I to question Pop, but if Tim Duncan is in the game, that offensive rebound that allowed Ray Allen to tie the game would have probably been in Duncan’s hands and game over. My prediction of Spurs in 6 games very nearly game to pass…but sadly for Spurs fans it was not to be. Does San Antonio have a chance to win game 7? Absolutely, but they will need a better shooting nigh to beat the Heat. The media will say that this was a punch in the Spurs gut. ..a really devastating loss that will be tough to get over. That may be true, but one thing that I know is that Pop will have the Spurs ready to compete on Thursday.






So, I guess you can’t fault LeBron for lack of confidence. News broke on Tuesday that James new Nike shoes have already crowned James with two championships. Do you think this was an accident? Nah…Nike does not make “accidents’. I would love to see them forced to recall the shoes…



Did you hear about the Atlanta area DJs getting canned for mocking an Ex New Orleans Saint, Steve Gleason. One of the ‘hosts” pretended to call in as Gleason. He told a few jokes before asking the hosts to smother him. What do people think about sometimes? How would anyone think that this would be remotely funny? Predictably, the phone line lit up with angry callers. The guilty trio took to twitter to apologize for their actions…but that did not keep their jobs. Thankfully!


Monday night, my son played a game down in San Antonio at the Mission’s minor league ball park. For the first time in a long time, I decided not to make the trip to see his game. I wish I had made the journey as he went yard for the first time using wood. This is really quite a poke as left center it is about 370…I wish I had been there, but listening to him describe the at bat was pretty damn cool too.



Yesterday I read that Aaron Hernandez is being questioned about a murder. I figured that it was probably nothing and that he would be cleared. Today, I heard on the news that Aaron Hernandez is facing a civil suit that accuses him of shooting a man in the eye while they were riding together in a car. Authorities have now picked up the story and a looking at filing criminal charges against him. With Gronk out after having surgery on his back and these accusations about Hernandez...it looks like the Pats maybe in dire need of a TE. Hmmm....not saying anything about Tebow, but it sure does look suspiciously like the hoodie might have been hedging his bet. Can you imagine this conversation...Tim the team needs you to work out a bit at TE...Coach Bill is not a dumb guy.





That is all I have today, but I will leave with a bit of Jack Handey…


Fear can sometimes be a useful emotion. For instance, let's say you're an astronaut on the moon and you fear that your partner has been turned into Dracula. The next time he goes out for the moon pieces, wham!, you just slam the door behind him and blast off. He might call you on the radio and say he's not Dracula, but you just say, "Think again, bat man."


Most of the time it was probably real bad being stuck down in a dungeon. But some days when there was a bad storm outside, you’d look out your little window and think, “boy I am glad that I am not out in THAT.


Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own…







Deep Thoughts 6-5-2013
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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. I don’t know about your weather, but summer has finally arrived in Austin. I will take the heat and humidity without comment, because it means swimming season is here! I don’t know if it is because I grew up spending the summer around water, but I love chilling in the pool or lake or really any swimming hole. Last year I posted a few great swimming holes around Austin, but I left off one of my favorites. Originally Colorado Bend State Park was a privately owned fishing spot called Lemon’s Camp. This stretch of the Colorado River is headwaters of Lake Buchanan and was a tremendous place to catch white bass in the spring. On my first trip, we walked up and down the river fishing from the bank. Although not as effective as a float tube, we still caught a bunch of fish. During one of my fishing trips, I found a really unusual pool that was nestled just up a creek that fed the river. It was as if nature designed a swimming pool...a small waterfall fed this pool with spring fed water. Gin clear water allowed you to see the rocks along the bottom...simply an awesome place. If I did not know better, I would say that it was man made…but Mother Nature would not like that. The trip up the river by boat is about 45 minutes. By car it is a good 2 hours from Austin. I am determined to take a day this summer and make the drive.
















                                     This is actually Gorman Falls, a few miles up river.. a beautiful place.



                                              Here is a short video about Colorado Bend State Park.



Happy swimming this summer…




Like others, I had a graduating senior last Friday. Blake is our youngest and the last of three kids to graduate from Westwood High School. I have been to many graduations, and it is usually a rather long process. When the graduates began filing out and the band starting playing Pomp and Circumstance…I have to admit to a bit of emotion. It quickly passed, but was just a reminder of how this graduation was different. After graduation, there is a big party called project graduation. Instead of heading out to get in trouble (like we did) all of the seniors gather for a late night of fun. Now, why would a high school senior choose to do this? Big prizes…the organizing committee raised almost $80,000 for the event. Some of this went to pay for food and to rent a gaming facility called Main Event…there were 200 different prizes awarded. It was an amazing to see the TVs, laptops, Ipads, Ipods and many other things handed out. I was in the casino doing my best imitation of a Texas Hold Em dealer. I think the kids liked me as I would throw a few chips their way if they ran out. It was fun, but when 4:30 hit, I was worn out. A great event for a great group of kids.



As I was driving this week, I caught a bit of the local sports guys on the radio. Rod Babers is a former Longhorn football player and like many of his generation, he loves LeBron James. He has been touting stats this year about how this season stacks up with the best of the best. In his mind, LBJ has put up numbers to put him in the company of Wilt and Oscar. I enjoy listening to Babers as he offers an opinion frequently different than mine. Babers tune was different now than earlier in the season. The Heat were struggling to finish off the Pacers and Rod was bemoaning the lack of help that LeBron was receiving. He stated that LeBron should begin to look for a new team. What? So, is this really what LeBron’s legacy going to be? Jumping from one opportunity to another seeking to win is not what champions do. I have pondered exactly what has bothered me and others about LeBron James. There is no mistaking his talent, but his decision making in leaving Cleveland was immature. To be fair, all of us gain wisdom as we grow older. I had hoped that LeBron might have learned from the experience. But, perhaps I am jumping to conclusions on LeBron’s future. Maybe it is not LeBron that I should take issue with, but his fans? I guess the generation gap causes differing views. LeBron is the player of their generation as Michael Jordan, Magic and Bird were players of my generation.


 Today, I caught a bit more of Baber’s show and he was going on about how unusual it was to have a group of players stay together as the Spurs have done. Maybe this is what has caused me to lose interest in the NBA? Is this what today’s NBA is? The best players looking to get paid for a short period, trying to win a championship then moving on to a better assortment of personnel? I can begin to name off former NBA players and you could tell me what team they played for. Of course there were a few that moved later in their career, but I think you understand what I mean. In the NBA that I enjoyed, it was a process to win. You worked hard to get better and learned from the experience of being in the playoffs. Free Agency provides freedom to players, but have we just lost the concept of team? There is a team in San Antonio that still plays with the heart of a team. We are watching the final chapter in the career of a great player in Tim Duncan. He is a throwback for sure. He avoids the lime light and enjoys the work to be the best player on a team of players. My son is pulling hard for the Heat, so it will be an interesting series. He does not think that the Spurs can stop LeBron. What he does not understand is that San Antonio does not have to stop LeBron, as he cannot beat them by himself. While the game no longer allows the hard fouls of old times, LeBron will find it tough going against the Spurs defense…I like the Spurs in 5, but will say 6 because LeBron James is a great player. I really hope the Spurs kick their ass.







I really like Yadier Molina and think that before he is done we will be considering him among the best catchers that ever played. He calls a wonderful game and he has developed into a very good hitter. Did you see his ejection this week? It was really stupid on the part of the umpire, but I have to place some of the blame on Yadier as well. On a close play at first, Molina was called out, for the third out of the inning. Had he been safe, a run would have scored in a very close ball game. Molina was pissed that he was out and threw his helmet. The rookie umpire assumed he threw his helmet because he disagreed with the call.  When I was coaching, if you threw your helmet, you were on the bench…no questions. Why? I did not believe this is how the game should be played. It is not that you can’t show emotion, but throwing a helmet to me is immaturity. Molina is a great professional that through hard work has become a terrific player. Hopefully this will keep his helmet on his head in the future, the way a professional should.





There is a new sensation in MLB. His name is Yasiel Puig and in two games, he has shown that is not only ready for the big leagues, but ready like Mike Trout was ready last year. In spring training, it was very clear that this guy was special, but because the Dodgers were heavily invested in Crawford, Kemp and Ethier...he started the season in Triple A. Injuries to Kemp and Crawford have allowed the Dodgers to call Puig up. In his first game he had two hits and ended the game with a laser from the right field warning track to double up the runner. Tuesday night, he was 3 for 4 with 2 bombs. Check this out...in case you missed.


The reason I mention Mike Trout is that he seems to have the same skill set that Trout does. Notice the second home run was to right field...that gets me excited. Being able to go opposite field with power is a gift and makes it much tougher for pitchers to find a hole. Perhaps Puig won't have the same stolen bases that Trout did last year, but I think he will show that he has at least enough to be considered a five tool guy. I just shake my head as many fans on the message boards were trying to say that Puig will only be here for the short term. I say bullshit on that. If this guy can ignite the sluggish Dodgers, I say he is here for good. If you are looking to pick him up in the YGS leagues...sorry.



I was reading an article today about Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis. To be honest, I don’t remember what I read because the entire time, I could not take my eyes off of the guy’s hair. It sort of bugged me and reminded me of someone else. As I have gotten older, it really pisses me off when I know something, but can’t remember. After a bit, it came to me…Mark Davis looks like Captain Kangaroo! Oh not exactly, but Davis must have found the Captain’s barber or something. Did he lose a bet?  Is this really the hairstyle of an NFL owner? Crazy…







Okay, so he does not have a mustache or bushy eyebrows, but that haircut???





Of course then there are these guys that seem to know the way to the same barber. No idea who the guy on the left is, but of course the guy on the right is the guy afraid of the sun from Benchwarmers.





That’s all I have today, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey.



Whether they find life there or not, I think Jupiter should be considered an enemy planet.


I think that the monkeys at the zoo should have to wear sunglasses so they can’t hypnotize you.



Thanks for stopping by and feel free to  leave a few deep thoughts of your own…






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On May 14th LeBron James (or as I like to call him - LeDouche) after being accused of flopping went on record as saying he not only doesn't need to flop but he wouldn't know how to do it in the first place. Really? Then what was that $5,000 fine for flopping, a mistake in judgment by an NBA referee? Was it the constant jeers from Pacer fans and just about anyone else who has to sit through a Heat game watching the never ending head grabbing, writhing in pain, rolling around on the floor like they've suffered an assassination attempt from merely being bumped? Are these guys really that soft at 7 feet tall that they can't take a bump from another 7 footer? I'm of the opinion that if you get fouled and roll around the floor like a school yard pussy who had his lunch money taken away then you need to go to the bench and sit out of the game until the next time the whistle blows, or you're cleared by the team neurological staff or maybe the Academy Award Committee for the performance displayed for all to see on TV, there just might be an Emmy or Oscar in their future. 

So I got to thinking how much of a joke the NBA really has turned into and how babied these so-called athletes are. I saw footage today of Bird stealing Isaiah Thomas' inbound pass that he fed to Dennis Johnson for the game winning layup and it reminded me of how many times that Larry Bird gave us his best Fred Lynn impression by diving into tables and running over spectators to save a ball from going out of bounds, how often do you see that type of effort in today's game? To this day Bird suffers from awful back and leg problems but I bet if you were to ask him if he knew then what he knows now about how he'd be living his golden years he'd tell you he wouldn't change a thing, because it's how you play the game. The man was a competitor of the highest level, he put the team ahead of himself and his body, backed up his talk with results that often times made opponents look foolish. Even when hurt he didn't NOT go to the All-Star game to defend his 3-point shooting title like the prima donna's do now who suffer from the mysterious injuries that plague them only in February, like those debilitating "turf toe" injuries, or a bruised knee...pansies. What's the point of even having an All-Star game when only a handful of rookies show up and the "Stars of the Game", you know, the guys making 8 digit salaries are sitting on the sidelines in their $20,000 suits, that's if they even bother to show up. They don't give a shit about the fans, they care about their endorsement deals and being hurt can lead to those checks from coming in. Hell, most of the top NBA players make more money off the court than they ever will on it. Why? What is it they offer society that warrants making more money than most physicians will ever dream of and they save lives? I realize that slam dunking a ball through a hoop at 7 feet tall is a tremendous athletic feat, and it requires chest thumping and loud roars and growls at fans because it feeds their ego and shows the crowd, "Look at me, look at how I just slammed that ball...I'M AWESOME"!!! Yeah, they're a legend in their own minds is what they are. And LeBron is the head of all legends. I won't say KING? I'll never acknowledge that tool as KING of anything other than the KING of FLOPPERS and the KING who guaranteed he didn't' have to wait for or work for a championship like most of the greats, he took the approach used by the heads of the Five Families. He held a meeting in Miami with potential players for the Heat along with the "Don", Dwayne Wade and they assembled this team to win not one, not two, not 3 but 6 or 7 championships...no, not much ego there, besides the fact he took the easy way out and eveyone looks the other way becuase he's the NBA Poster Boy. Fuck Him!

So let's take a look at two athletes who are at the top of their game, LeDouche James, the flopping MVP and Zdeno Chara. Both have won championships recently. One dishes out hits, plays hurt, averages over 30 minutes of ice time at the age of 36, stands 6"9 and weighs 255 lbs., LeDouche is 6'8", 250 lbs and he's only 28 years old. 

The videos don't lie...her'es LeDouche flopping all over the place like a fish out of water, in one clip he even winks after getting a flagrant foul called on an opponent, BUT, he doesn't FLOP! The Chara video speaks for itself...and keep in mind when you're watching this how much more he energy he exerts playing, and he isn't afraid to take a hit and one thing you'll never see is him whining or crying, or writhing on the ice from a fake injury. As for salaries, James makes 19 million a year, Chara makes $8 million. If I had the money I'd offer LeDocuhe 19 million to lace up the skates for just one 20 minute period of ice time with Chara...then he'd really have something to cry and flop about!!!



Did you notice that Chara never backed away from a fight, or a hit, he never whined or cried? Did you happen to see that when he was hit or blindsided he didn't roll on the ice waiting for a trainer but instead went after the guy who did it and made sure that he dished out a beating the guy wouldn't forget...EVER? In fact the guy who got his head caved in probably came up with an excuse to miss the next road trip to Boston or asked to be a healthy scratch just to avoid meeting up with the Chara again. But remember, James is the same size and weight as Chara, is 8 years younger, makes over double what Chara does and all he does is slam a ball through a hoop when he's not flopping or crying about being fouled or breathed on wrong. The NBA...pussies need only apply! 

The Plain Dealer is Stupid!
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This is what The Cleveland Plain Dealer put out on Monday April 1, 2013....'April Fools!'

First, April Fools Day is and always has been fucking stupid...I don't know how and why it started, and I don't give a shit enough to research it...

Second, The Plain Dealer is fucking stupid, and must think all Clevelanders are as stupid as their staff...Basketball is in it's season right now...Why the fuck would LeBron James, or any active player sign somewhere...Oh wait, they can't...They are already playing and under contract...And anyone who would give a damn knows that James isn't a free agent...This is just fucking stupid...The entire staff should be fired...Which would help the already dying Plain Dealer...This rag has sucked for years...

Third, if you're going to go to the trouble of doing a April Fools joke...Make it semi-realistic...And try to be funny...This was just stupid, and lazy...Fuck the Plain Dealer!

Shit like this is why everyone rips on Cleveland!

Later, the Beeze.

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Is Jason Whitlock correct in thinking LeBron James and Dwayne Wade are the best duo the NBA has seen?

Or is he just an asshole?


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