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Give Me Five Minutes
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Well, I'm here to report to you all, that Cleveland is not burning...Yes, LeBron James and the Miami Heat just won the NBA championship, and while plenty of people are on Twitter voicing their displeasure about the situation, they aren't going all Vancouver and burning the damn place to the ground...I mean it wasn't like the Heat beat Cleveland...They beat Oklahoma City...Sure most of Cleveland hitched themselves onto the OKC bandwagon, but they didn't give a shit who was playing...They just didn't want LeBron James to win...Well, toughs hit I guess...The dick-head won...

Now can we get back to say, maybe the scrappy Cleveland Indians, who have been playing their collective balls off...Nobody gave this team a chance of doing shit this season, yet here they sit at the top of the Central Division...Now, I'm a realist...The Central is crap, but none the less, many expected the Tribe to be in the cellar...No one expected Jason Kipnis to have 11 HR's and 41 RBI's did they? No one expected Derek Lowe to have 7 wins...Shit, some didn't even think he would make the squad...And the teams Ace, Justin Masterson may just be starting to put it all together...And the bullpen has been solid...

It sure will be nice to maybe hear the radio dolts in this town actually talking about a local team, instead of a douchebag that hightailed it out of here a couple years ago...Oh, and guys, ease up on the Browns chatter...These local radio dopes are dying for there to be a QB controversy in Browns camp...If you really think Weeden won't be the starter, then you should be fired...

Now, Monday I was all over the Sandusky trial...I'm still on it...The jury has begun deliberating, and as that happened, news broke that Sandusky's adopted son Matt was waiting in the wings to testify against his adopted father...The prosecution had him ready as a rebuttal witness, if Jerry Sandusky took the stand himself...apparently Matt had informed the prosecution that he too had been a victim of abuse...Which I had suspected after one of the other victims accounts about being in the shower with Matt and Jerry, and when Jerry started splashing soap on the boys, Matt got the hell out of there, like he knew what was next...

Then Travis Weaver was on Rock Center, telling his story of abuse at the hands of Sandusky...Sandusky started getting creepy with him when he was 10...His father worked at PSU, and Sandusky had threatened to get him fired if Travis went to the police...Sandusky also talked about wanting to adopt Weaver, a story that Weaver's father confirmed...At 14 Weaver left moved to Cleveland to live with his mother, but the damage was done...From the interview you can still see Weaver is trying to get past this all...He has filed a civil suit seeking damages from Sandusky, Penn State, and Sandusky's charuty the Second Mile...The case has been suspended, pending the outcome of this trial...

Weaver is not part of this case, but they have his Grand Jury testimony...In a post-script for the interview, it was explained that the state has Weaver and others in their back pocket, in case something goes wrong with this trial, and they need to go after Sandusky again...

Now before I end this, I thought I'd give some love to my Baseball team...This year, we are the Cubs...But we aren't some bunch of lovable loser...Remember, this is a everyone wins, no keeping score league...Well, if you did, like I do in my head, we would have lost our first two games...But with a little extra work, the gang is coming around...Our two games this week, we dominated...Everyone is starting to hit...Their fielding is getting better every game...But there is something I need to work with the Little Beeze on...Kid has a home run trot going...All the time...I told him he better put it in the outfield if he wants to jog...Any other time he's running around like a maniac...But on the base paths he's jogging...We'll work it out...

I said give me five minutes...And that's what I said to my wife before I started writing this...Yep, nothing like a good five minute fuck...Here's one of the best five minute fucks you'll ever see on TV...

Later, The Beeze.

It's Not Hard To Like This Thunder
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I rarely watch basketball, and the NBA even less since it coincides with the NHL season and that takes priority but once the playoffs start Iíll watch the Celtics and of course root for anyone playing LeDouche and the Miami Heat. James makes it easy to hate him, this entire Thunder team makes it really easy to love them. Here are some observations Iíve made in this post season.

Watching Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook in press conferences itís obvious to the eye theyíre younger than Wade and James, but I think theyíre more mature, because this isnítí about them individually, itís about the team and that alone is refreshing to watch. Thereís no ďShowtimeĒ or ďLOOK AT MEĒ vibes given off by Thunder players, itís all you ever see around the Heat. Arrogance? Címon, if James is King of anything itís arrogance. Remember last yearís season ending press conference when he said those that spend their time hating on him and wanting him to fail would have to wake up the next day and would have to go on with the lives they had, as if to say, itís way better to be me than you miserable bastards, ring or no ring? Who didnít want to hit him in the head with a brick and say, ďThis is the reason why you will never be loved, and the haterís will now have a reason to wish you even more failure you dopeĒ!

I saw a post game video today of Thunder coach Scott Brooks , Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook walking off the court and shaking the hands of little kids and fans on the way to the dressing room, when do you see the Heat give their fans the time of day unless itís to turn to them and pound their chest in some cancer curing dunk theyíre supposed to make anyway? Itís clear the Thunder truly love their fans and they embrace them, they play terrific at home and it shows, they havenít lost there in the playoffs. You canít say that about the Heat.

How about the ESPiN poll yesterday, EVERY state picked the Thunder to win with the exception of Florida. Haterís or is it because this Thunder team is simply a better team? Maybe itís a combination of both. The Heat have a few guys that can deliver, but they rarely do so consistently, the Thunder seem to be a well oiled machine with a great starting five and a bench that gives stars minutes to rest without coughing up leads or letting the game get away from them. Even when the Thunder are down by double digits it doesnít faze them they just kick it into another gear, how many times have we seen this Heat team or James just give up? There's†a lot of character on the Thunder, there are†a lot of characters on the HeatÖadvantage Thunder.

Another side story in this NBA finals is Kendrick Perkins, a former Celtic big man who Danny Ainge sent packing in a contract year after he had reconstructive knee surgery. When Perkins came back and Ainge didnít feel heíd ever be the same off Perk went, and he didnítí like it, he loved Boston and Boston loved him, they still do and would take him back in a minute. But watching him succeed again now in his 3rd NBA Finals itís not hard to root for this comeback story either, just one more reason to want the OKC Thunder to win it all. Can they? You betcha! Will they? Oh, I think so. Look, I know the Thunder are only up 1-0 but I donít think they lose game 2 either and if the aged, broken down Celtics as theyíre called can take their talents to South Beach and kick the snot out of LeDouche and Co. what evidence is there this Thunder team canít do the same? Theyíre peaking at the right time, the Thunder have sent the defending champion Mavs packing, disposed of Kobe and the Lakers and polished off the Spurs who hadnít lost a game in 50 days!!! If Iím the Heat, Iím concerned, if Iím James, Iím trying to figure out how to shut that little voice in my head up thatís saying, ďhere we go again, no ringĒ.

Cheering for the Thunder to win, rooting for the Heat to loseÖitís not often you get the best of both worlds, so Iíll be enjoying every second of this series! †

The NBA Can Eat My Ass!
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Alright, I honestly pay no attention to Basketball during the regular season...And really, for most, if not all of the playoffs...But for some reason I found myself watching the Oklahoma City Thunder polish off the Lakers...Shit, the Thunder look good...So I started popping in on their games with the Spurs, and my built-in hatred for LeBron James, had me watching bits and pieces of the Heat and Celtics games...As these two series went on, I was watching more and more...And here are a few of my observations...

Basketball players are fucking pussies...It's not like these are a bunch of little guys...Look at LeBron James...He's 6ft 8...250 pounds, and he cries like a bitch about any and all contact...But it's not just him...I've seen it in all these games...These fucking guys get bumped and bitch for foul calls...The slightest, shit is called a foul, and there is no consistency in how the refs call this shit...Fuckers in the media rave about what great athletes these fuckers are, and all I see is a bunch of cunts over 6-5, and 200 lbs. crying that some one touched them...These ass-hats couldn't handle playing a real contact sport like Hockey or football...

And the shit that is called for a foul is gay as fuck...A fucking guy from Miami drives to the basket, his arm brushes a Celtic, and it's a foul on the Celtic...WHAT!?! I saw Westbrook from OKC catch a pass in stride, and stop as soon as he had the ball, and some twat from the Spurs ran into him, and the refs call a foul on Westbrook...WHAT!?! Fucking James just threw his Shoulder into Rondo, and they called a foul on Rondo...WHAT!?!

This shit is retarded...And it's not like the refs in The NBA have the best rep, after one of them wrote a fucking book about fixing games...And how many fucking time outs do you get in Basketball...I swear to God it seems like each team gets 30...The last 4 minutes of a game takes a hour...Fuck you and play cunts! In Hockey, you get 1 time out, for the whole fucking game...Basketball is for twats!

And why the fuck does everyone talk about LeBron James...And why the fuck did he win the MVP...Fucking Kevin Durant just won his 3rd scoring title...He's 23 and has 3 scoring titles...Holy fuck the media is stupid...LBJ can suck balls...And no matter who wins the Heat Celtics series, they're fucking toast...The Thunder are fucking Monsters...Young, Hungry, more talented monsters then, the heat or Celtics can put out there with them...

Shit I was rooting for Boston, but after seeing THESE_3 videos, I'm hoping the Heat squeak in to the Finals...Then Durant can take James to fucking school...And fuck Dwayne Wade...He's a cheap shot throwing, cry-baby, clutch 3-point missing, bitch!

And as I sit hear ranting about how stupid, and shitty Basketball is, I glad to know, I'm not alone...I just found this clip from Bill Burr's podcast on Monday...

See, Bill gets it...Too Bad Boston's retarded mayor doesn't have a clue...Could you people vote this moosh mouth out already...What a fucking idiot...

Basketball and Mayor Menino can all Eat My Ass!

Later, The Beeze.

Monday Moaning 2-20-12
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Yeah, Kate Upton, you can milk me! How we love the Sports Illustrated cover girl...Don't worry, there will be more of her later...But first, we have to talk about Basketball...

Basketball!?! WTF!?! On my blog!?! Are we in some kind of alternate universe? Well, just for a few minutes...

First, this Jeremy Lin bullshit...It's pretty sad how quickly the media (ESPN especially) jumps all over a story...The hype machine gets rolling, and you better look out...I'm shocked that Tim Tebow hasn't been given credit for teaching Lin everything he knows...But seriously, why are people acting like he is the second coming of Magic Johnson? Dude had 54 turnovers in 17 games...What the fuck is that...It sure as fuck isn't great!

And then there was this...

I'm sorry, but people also need to calm down with the politically correct bullshit too..."Chink in his armor" isn't about his Asian background...It's a common phrase...And most likely, this ESPN dolt wasn't thinking about race when he asked Walt Frazier the question...Poor bastard got suspended 30 days...I'm sorry if I offend, but not really...But people are to fucking sensitive...Anymore people have it in their head that it's against the law for them to be offended...Like it's in the Bill of Rights that no man/woman should ever be offended...Guess what, it's not...Fuck yourself!

Ching, chang, chink, chong, cling, clang, chink, clack, clunk, clunk ching, chink, chong, cling, cling, chink,chank!

Sorry, about that...Little Beeze dropped the silverware rack down the stairs...

Then, there was this fucking LeBron James story...I thought it was just going to make noise in Cleveland, but no...It spread all over...He said he'd be open to coming back to Cleveland...Bo, people could stop talking about this horse shit...Personally, I hate basketball, so I don't care what he does...I wouldn't care if he got AIDS, and Magic Johnson wouldn't give him the cure!

Check that shit out, two Magic Johnson lines in one post!

If I'm the Heat, or one of there 72 loyal fans I'm pissed...This guy got the Miami hype machine going crazy, then shit the bed in the Finals...It's been a year and a half in Miami and he's realizing he doesn't like being the bad guy...He's realizing how good he had it when all of Cleveland (except for me) was swinging from his nuts...Well fuck you dummy! And all the dopes in Cleveland saying they would like to have him come back, fuck you too...He did so much last time, that you burned your LeBron jerseys!

Then there is the now dead sport of boxing...Saturday night there was a Heavy Weight Title Fight...Did you know that? Of course not...There hasn't been a good heavy weight fight since Tyson was chomping on Holyfield's ear!

One of the Klitchko boys beat the crap out of a nobody named Dereck Chisora...At the post fight press conference, some other nobody named David Haye starts popping off to Chisora...

Yeah, he doesn't want the guy that won the fight...He wants the joke that got his ass handed to him...Well Boxing once you have guys pulling WWE shit, you know it's over...

It's really sad to see the once great sport of boxing dying off...I remember my dad coming home with two sets of gloves, and teaching my brothers and I about it...I remember watching countless great fights on TV...I remember boxing so fondly, and now it's joke...

But if you want to see some good fights, check out a Hockey game...

That's all I've got right now...Well, except a little more Kate...

Have a week...

Later, The Beeze.†

Random Thoughts
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Birthday wishes to a Gabber, Thome a Philly, Its all Lebronís fault, President Obama no phone call, Smokin Joe lived a good life, all this and more in this Veterans Day Edition of

Stop looking at the words Random Thoughts.



We start off today by wishing a happy birthday to ScottJax77.

I am celebrating my 56th birthday today.

I want to take this time to wish all active duty and retired military personal a very Happy Veterans Day.

I know what its like to be gone from your loved one for over a year, as I retired from the Navy with 20 years in. It takes a special human being, knowing that your life can be, or is, on the line in time of conflict, or war and we volunteered to do so to protect this great nation. The hardest part is being away from the family, missing a birthday or anniversary or a special day at school, at a place of worship, or with family.

The only other thing I would like to say isÖ

People who havenít served in the military, or have spent any considerable amount of time outside the United States or Canada, just donít know how good we have it here in The United States of America. Even so called free countries of the world donít have as much freedom as we do here.

What that I end this part of my thoughts withÖ..

In an announcement held at 10PM, November 9, 2011, the Pennsylvania State University Board of Trustees said that effective immediately it would be in the best interest of the University for Joe Paterno to no longer serve as head coach.

In a career that has now been marred by a scandal that has rocked the school, Joe holds career records for most wins in Division I 409, bowl appearances with 37 and bowl wins with 24. More than 250 players have gone on to the NFL under Joe País reign.

The most under the radar prolific homerun hitter of all-time signed a one year deal with the Phillies. 41-year-old Jim Thome will make $1.25 to hold first base until Ryan Howard comes back from left achillies heel injury. Jim has 604 career home runs, 8th all-time and only 5 away from Sammy Sosa. He has 1,674 RBIís (26th all-time) and a .277 lifetime average.

We all know that the President is an avid sports fan. He has had all the championship teams from the NBA, MLB, NFL, Hockey, etc to the White House. But according to sources (Tony La Russa) President Obama has not called the St. Louis Cardinals after their World Series win. If he went out of his way to invite the 1985 Chicago Bears to visit the White House there is no reason the Cardinals werenít called.

 Ouch, That has to hurt!!!!!!!!!!!

ďSmokin JoeĒ Frazier was one of the greatest fighters of all-time. He passed away of liver cancer. He had an impressive 32-4-1 record and an Olympic Gold Medal. Joe was involved in three of the greatest boxing matches of all-time. It was Ali verus Frazier in all three bouts. Frazier won the first one, called ďThe Fight of the Century,Ē by a 15 round TKO, thus being the first boxer to defeat Ali and the first one to knock him down. In the second bout, called Ali-Frazier II, Ali won in a 12 round unanimous decision that was no where near as exciting as the first bout. In the ďThriller in Manila,Ē the third bout between the two, it was exciting, but not like the first fight, as Ali mocked Joe calling him a Gorilla. Ali won when Frazierís trainer Eddie Futch stopped the fight before the 15th round.

The Joe Frazier we will remember is the hard hitting lefty who could dish it out with the greatest. Smoking Joe RIP. Classy men like you will be missed.

I am now officially calling the NBA lockout the ďLeBron James/Chris Bosh/Dwayne Wade Theory.Ē Now your saying to yourself how could the lockout be all James, Bosh and Wadeís fault. Hang in there and I will explain. LeBron James took a pay cut to join the Miami Heat, Chris Bosh took a pay cut to leave the Raptors and Wade took a cut too. Now when James, Bosh and Wade becomes a free agents in a couple of years, and you want to sign one of them, wouldnít you want them to take a pay cut? Its only fair, they gave a pay cut to sign with the Heat.

For the record James made $15,779,912 in the 2009-2010 season with the Cavaliers while making $14,500,000 with the Heat in the 2010-2011 season. Chris Bosh made $15,779,912 with the Raptors and $14,500,000 with the Heat and Wade made $15,779,912 the took a cut to $14,000,000.

You canít tell me if youíre an owner you didnít take notes. That if these players can take a pay cut then the other players can too. These three players made a statement that its okay to take a cut in play to play basketball and it if I am an owner I would want my players to take a cut like these stars did.


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