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Deep Thoughts 6-25-14
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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. I hope your week is going well…I am amazed that June is almost in the books. I wish there was a way to slow these summer days down. My wife and I made a trip up to Ranger Texas to talk to the Ranger College baseball coach about my son playing there next year. The visit went well and it looks like baseball is paying for his schooling next year. On the way home, we took a short side trip to visit Lake Leon. It has been many years since we had a lake property and both of us really miss our time at the lake. Life is funny. This time last year we were thinking about the Edinburg. Now we have a new part of the state to explore. I do know this…I found a really good BBQ/Steakhouse a few minutes from Ranger. Sometimes I wish I knew what was around the bend, but then again I suppose that would ruin the experience.



                                                            San Antonio sent a simple message...damn that is good.

So LeBron is moving on…big surprise. Haven’t we seen this show before? Things soured pretty quickly in Miami, didn’t they? I don’t know why anyone would be surprised at this, really. It has been said that the strongest houses are built with the best foundations. The Heat foundation was faulty. I guess they did prove that you could win a championship, just not build a dynasty. Now, LeBron will chase a championship somewhere else. Hanging around Miami to try to rebuild a winner is too hard for LeBron. Where will LeBron land next? Who cares…






This has been a very interesting college World Series in Omaha. As a fan of Texas baseball, I was extremely proud that three teams made it to Omaha. Of course I was pulling for the Longhorns to win it all, but was still very happy to see the success they had this year. College baseball has been remade with the change to the BBCOR bats a few years ago. Many folks hated the aluminum bats and the inflated offensive numbers that came with those premium bats. Now those same folks are whining about the lack of runs being scored in college baseball. There have only been a handful of homeruns hit so far in Omaha and many want this to change. The NCAA has decided to change to a ball with flatter seams next year. The thinking is that this will make it more difficult for pitchers to throw balls with movement, thus helping hitters have more favorable pitches to hit. Of course, the NCAA could have just changed to the same balls that minor league or professional baseball uses, but they felt that the core was too “lively” for the college game. The truth is that the NCAA has no idea if the new balls will be better or not as there is no prototype currently available. Huh? I am scratching my head on this one.

If you have a pet, eventually you must deal with the pet growing old (unless you have a tortoise or something). We have three dogs, but our oldest dog is the one that our kids grew up with. He is a Daschund…or wiener dog if you will.  Chester is 14 years old and has recently begun to act his age. His hearing and vision are headed downhill quickly. I have spent the last two days cleaning up little Chester piles. The old guy either forgets he is inside or he just no longer cares. Yes, it makes me really angry to have to pick up dog poop, but then I remember all of the happiness he has brought to our family and my anger fades. Times goes by and we will eventually say good bye to our dog, but those great memories will always remain.

That’s all I have today, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey…


When you're riding in a time machine way far into the future, don't stick your elbow out the window, or it'll turn into a fossil.

If you were a pirate, you know what would be the one thing that would really make you mad? Treasure chests with no handles. How the hell are you supposed to carry it?!


Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own…















Storminnorman's Sports Blog 6/20
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Hello everyone and welcome to Storminorman's Sport's Blog, as I fill in for Sully who is a little under the weather this week. Before I get started I was wondering if there was a full moon this week, cause my sister Michelle and her soon to be husband Mike after 27 years of being together are finally getting hitched tomorrow afternoon. When she told me this last night I almost fell out of my chair, wondering what possessed them after all this time to finally get married? I still am in my own way trying not to be the one to ask her the defining question, why? But anyway, I am happy for the two of them for finally growing up and realizing that nobody else wants them.....

There were a few similarities between the NBA and NHL finals or ass-kickings that I found rather interesting:

  • The series ended in 5 games, the most obvious of them all.
  • The Kings like the Spurs, handed the Rangers and Heat an ass-whooping that even both teams couldn't have imagined being on the receiving end of when the series ended.
  • The Heat like the Rangers thought they should have won a few of the games they lost, the Rangers more so than the Heat, because at least in a couple of those games the Rangers had a chance to win, but the Kings got all the breaks and stole the games from them....
  • In my years of watching the NBA Finals, I have never seen a team be dominated like the Heat were by the Spurs for three consecutive games. It was like the Spurs were playing against a high school team, instead of a NBA team full of superstars. The only player to actually show up was LeBron James, I do believe the Spurs used the "Jordan Rules," where they let LeBron get off and score his points, but shut down the rest of the team. What do you guys think?

The contrasting issues that exist between the Rangers and Heat, are how they handled losing their respective series. The "Big 3" or affectionately known as "The Big 3 Babies" are whining about losing to the Spurs, who they felt they were better than, and are now talking about leaving, opting out of their contracts. Hell everybody on the planet knows that D-Wade's career is nearing an end, and the two carpetbaggers Chris Bosh and LeBron James would rather run, than honor their contracts, not that Bosh is worth anymore than what he was when he signed 3 or so years back.

You never heard a Ranger player cry like the Heat players are doing because they lost to the Kings. Come on guys, it's just a series, and someone had to lose. Just saying......

I thought I would lighten up the mood a bit, before I hit you with another thought.......

You know boys I am sick and tired of hearing how the Kansas City Royals are better than the Tigers, I have read it on ESPN, heard it enough on MLB to make he want to join Sully in puking my freaking guts out! IT'S ONLY JUNE, still around 100 games left in the season, so don't crown the Royals AL Central Champs just yet, because they still have plenty of time to choke it away!

EVERY freaking team goes through a slump at some point of the season, it just happened in June for the Tigers instead of August or September. Geesh, they played the Rangers, Angels, Athletics and Blue Jays during that time. The pitching alone from most of these teams is enough to put your entire team in a slump. Then you mix in the Mariners, the suddenly improving Astros, and the rest of the Central who have made some improvements to their teams, and you have a slump that has lasted 30 games. But wait folks, there are signs of life in both the lineup and pitching staff outside of Justin Verlander, who may have been staring a little too much at this video, and needs to pull his head out of between her boobs....

AFD welcome to the real world of sports entertainment bro, now you will get to watch something other than golf.........

IHM, what do you think about the Lions cutting Chris Houston. Thought he was one of their better defenders, but after all they are the Lions.......

Let me ask you guys a question, does it really matter whether or not the Redskin on the helmet is there or not? Why would the U.S. Patent office actually give a crap about this? Why because we are nearing an election year or are in one in some states, and the politically correct police are out trying to state "that it's a disgrace to Indians." 

When did the United States government actually care about the Indians? They drove them off their lands and put them on reservations, and then they say the symbol of the Washington Redskins is a disgrace? The U.S. government is a disgrace, they can't figure out Obamacare or whatever the hell it's supposed to be; they cant balance a budget to save their asses, and; all they really are doing this for is to gain a few votes from people that could care less about them. Screw the government, sorry Jed they are jerking your favorite team around once again, trying to bully them into changing the helmet of the team you love, just to gain a few votes during an election year. Makes you wonder which jackass is pressuring the patent office to drop the patent in order to gain popular vote in the Presidential election? You elected officials need to clean up D.C., before you start taking aim at a professional team...

Hey B.O.B. how's your world tour going, I figure my last little tidbit would get you going. I wish I would have had the sports package Wednesday night, so I could have listened to Vin Sculley call Clayton Kershaw's nearly perfect game. Go figure, but it couldn't have happened to a better guy...

Thanks again to Sully who if he is feeling better next week, will be covering my spot next Friday. Don't forget to look to the left, and visit Hal's page, he always has something interesting to say...........

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On May 14th LeBron James (or as I like to call him - LeDouche) after being accused of flopping went on record as saying he not only doesn't need to flop but he wouldn't know how to do it in the first place. Really? Then what was that $5,000 fine for flopping, a mistake in judgment by an NBA referee? Was it the constant jeers from Pacer fans and just about anyone else who has to sit through a Heat game watching the never ending head grabbing, writhing in pain, rolling around on the floor like they've suffered an assassination attempt from merely being bumped? Are these guys really that soft at 7 feet tall that they can't take a bump from another 7 footer? I'm of the opinion that if you get fouled and roll around the floor like a school yard pussy who had his lunch money taken away then you need to go to the bench and sit out of the game until the next time the whistle blows, or you're cleared by the team neurological staff or maybe the Academy Award Committee for the performance displayed for all to see on TV, there just might be an Emmy or Oscar in their future. 

So I got to thinking how much of a joke the NBA really has turned into and how babied these so-called athletes are. I saw footage today of Bird stealing Isaiah Thomas' inbound pass that he fed to Dennis Johnson for the game winning layup and it reminded me of how many times that Larry Bird gave us his best Fred Lynn impression by diving into tables and running over spectators to save a ball from going out of bounds, how often do you see that type of effort in today's game? To this day Bird suffers from awful back and leg problems but I bet if you were to ask him if he knew then what he knows now about how he'd be living his golden years he'd tell you he wouldn't change a thing, because it's how you play the game. The man was a competitor of the highest level, he put the team ahead of himself and his body, backed up his talk with results that often times made opponents look foolish. Even when hurt he didn't NOT go to the All-Star game to defend his 3-point shooting title like the prima donna's do now who suffer from the mysterious injuries that plague them only in February, like those debilitating "turf toe" injuries, or a bruised knee...pansies. What's the point of even having an All-Star game when only a handful of rookies show up and the "Stars of the Game", you know, the guys making 8 digit salaries are sitting on the sidelines in their $20,000 suits, that's if they even bother to show up. They don't give a shit about the fans, they care about their endorsement deals and being hurt can lead to those checks from coming in. Hell, most of the top NBA players make more money off the court than they ever will on it. Why? What is it they offer society that warrants making more money than most physicians will ever dream of and they save lives? I realize that slam dunking a ball through a hoop at 7 feet tall is a tremendous athletic feat, and it requires chest thumping and loud roars and growls at fans because it feeds their ego and shows the crowd, "Look at me, look at how I just slammed that ball...I'M AWESOME"!!! Yeah, they're a legend in their own minds is what they are. And LeBron is the head of all legends. I won't say KING? I'll never acknowledge that tool as KING of anything other than the KING of FLOPPERS and the KING who guaranteed he didn't' have to wait for or work for a championship like most of the greats, he took the approach used by the heads of the Five Families. He held a meeting in Miami with potential players for the Heat along with the "Don", Dwayne Wade and they assembled this team to win not one, not two, not 3 but 6 or 7 championships...no, not much ego there, besides the fact he took the easy way out and eveyone looks the other way becuase he's the NBA Poster Boy. Fuck Him!

So let's take a look at two athletes who are at the top of their game, LeDouche James, the flopping MVP and Zdeno Chara. Both have won championships recently. One dishes out hits, plays hurt, averages over 30 minutes of ice time at the age of 36, stands 6"9 and weighs 255 lbs., LeDouche is 6'8", 250 lbs and he's only 28 years old. 

The videos don't lie...her'es LeDouche flopping all over the place like a fish out of water, in one clip he even winks after getting a flagrant foul called on an opponent, BUT, he doesn't FLOP! The Chara video speaks for itself...and keep in mind when you're watching this how much more he energy he exerts playing, and he isn't afraid to take a hit and one thing you'll never see is him whining or crying, or writhing on the ice from a fake injury. As for salaries, James makes 19 million a year, Chara makes $8 million. If I had the money I'd offer LeDocuhe 19 million to lace up the skates for just one 20 minute period of ice time with Chara...then he'd really have something to cry and flop about!!!



Did you notice that Chara never backed away from a fight, or a hit, he never whined or cried? Did you happen to see that when he was hit or blindsided he didn't roll on the ice waiting for a trainer but instead went after the guy who did it and made sure that he dished out a beating the guy wouldn't forget...EVER? In fact the guy who got his head caved in probably came up with an excuse to miss the next road trip to Boston or asked to be a healthy scratch just to avoid meeting up with the Chara again. But remember, James is the same size and weight as Chara, is 8 years younger, makes over double what Chara does and all he does is slam a ball through a hoop when he's not flopping or crying about being fouled or breathed on wrong. The NBA...pussies need only apply! 

The Plain Dealer is Stupid!
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This is what The Cleveland Plain Dealer put out on Monday April 1, 2013....'April Fools!'

First, April Fools Day is and always has been fucking stupid...I don't know how and why it started, and I don't give a shit enough to research it...

Second, The Plain Dealer is fucking stupid, and must think all Clevelanders are as stupid as their staff...Basketball is in it's season right now...Why the fuck would LeBron James, or any active player sign somewhere...Oh wait, they can't...They are already playing and under contract...And anyone who would give a damn knows that James isn't a free agent...This is just fucking stupid...The entire staff should be fired...Which would help the already dying Plain Dealer...This rag has sucked for years...

Third, if you're going to go to the trouble of doing a April Fools joke...Make it semi-realistic...And try to be funny...This was just stupid, and lazy...Fuck the Plain Dealer!

Shit like this is why everyone rips on Cleveland!

Later, the Beeze.

Q-o-t-D 3/11/13 Tags: Jason Whitlock NBA LeBron James Dwayne Wade


Is Jason Whitlock correct in thinking LeBron James and Dwayne Wade are the best duo the NBA has seen?

Or is he just an asshole?


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