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You know, daylight savings time eventually has positives. Just not on day 1. I had a great day 1 - feeling a touch out of sorts, an hour behind the clock, but was damn productive. Until about 2 PM...fell asleep on the couch for a couple hours. Nothing like losing an hour sleep to mess you up.

It dawned on me that I haven't watched a full sporting event since the Super Bowl, so I clicked around the channels and found a Pirates/Red Sox game...in the 8th inning.  It was good to catch a little ball - even if it was just an inning or so. Between daylight savings and spring training, it's not very hard to imagine this long winter of discontent being over.  Just kind of hard to find much passion in the doldrums between the end of football and the start of baseball.

You know, I'm still trying to figure out how you can just lose a jumbo airliner.  

Detroit Lions.  William Clay Ford passed away Sunday. 88 years old and bought the Lions some 50 years ago. He was an NFL owner at 38. Kinda makes you feel a bit like a loser, doesn't it?  I mean it's not bad enough when you see these cats that are 38 and head coaches, but an owner?  That stings just a bit.  I'm sure it stings more that in that time they won not only no super bowls, but really only one playoff game in that time...22 years ago.  They also became the lone 0-16 team in history. That stings too, because by most accounts Ford was a passionate football man who loved the game.

Boston University Womens’ Basketball.  Kelly Greenberg, the head coach of the Boston University women's basketball team is facing allegations of bullying her players. A most inconvenient time for this given she's in the final year of her contract.  She  went 13-20 this year.  

4 of her players have walked away from the team - and 2 of them leaving $60,000 scholarships - citing emotional abuse leading to suicidal ideation and ruining their passion for the game. One kid walking away from a scholarship is one thing, but when you have 4 there's a lot of smoke to investigate.

Now, you could say its contagion, but there's a history. 7 years ago she faced similar allegations. What's curious to me is that she was retained then and since. So, she's faced these allegations in the past and kept her job. Did the school really not think this would surface again?

A quick read suggests she's tough and probably overly personal. Not everyone can handle that. So the question is whether she's just hardcore or abusive.

Booz Allen Hamilton. The consulting company known for crunching all kinds of data, is sticking its toe in the water of sports analytics.  Everything from cost effectively fielding the best team, to predicting injuries.  It doesn't even look like they know how it's going to work, but what is clear is that they smell money - they're just not sure how much or under which rock.

Of course what I find surprising is that it's taken this long for someone to decide it can and should be done. And let's face it - what goes better with sports than Booz?

Odds and ends. Well, there's this that made me smile

And why not wrap up with ten people who had a worse week than you, you know just to get your week started off right.

Here's one more for giggles

My boy has taken to watching YouTube videos of these losers playing "Minecraft." So as I watched the new found daylight hours tick away, realizing I had to write this, I took to my phone. I wrote this entire article on my phone. No mean feat that. But it may mean I'll need glasses when I wake up.  


Use the Schwartz Luke, Use the Schwartz 1/2/14
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Ding Dong, the Schwartz is gone. After 5 years of coaching the Lions, one playoff appearance, and failing miserably as I sat and watched the Lions go 1-6, when all they had to do was win 2 games to win the NFC North in 2013. Schwartz finally takes the bullet for the underachieving Lions. Along with all the other names that took the bullet for their teams, Shanahan, Schiano, Frazier and Chyzinkski all get the ax, and in typical Ford fashion, Bill Ford fires another coach as owner of the Lions. Not that Schwartz was a bad coach, because as like the other three, he was given enough talent to work with, he could not get the players to reach their full potential. I don't blame Schwartz for their epic meltdown that cost him his job, as I do the players who made numerous mistakes and took foolish penalties that were not seen during their 6-3 start.

What happened to holding the players accountable for their job performance, as were are held daily at our jobs? Each player from Stafford to Akers should take a good hard look at themselves during the offseason, and realize they not so much Schwartz (flipping off a fan), were responsible for him failing as head coach, not Schwartz. Their inconsistent play over the past 5 years, Suh taking foolish penalties, and Matt Stafford throwing interceptions led to his demise. So the search for a new head coach begins, a ritual that has grown rather old for me as a Lions fan, but that is how it normally goes in Detroit, for all teams except the Red Wings, who are the only team not to fire a coach in the past 10 years.

For the Gabbers who's team made the playoffs, Good luck to your teams, may your teams reach the success that you are hoping for them (winning a super bowl), as  I watch another year of playoff football without my Lions. I guess I should be used to mediocrity, because the Lions have basically sucked for a good portion of my life, but they weren't 0-16 this season, just a real unacceptable 7-9.

AFC Playoffs

Bengals-Chargers: I really like this game because it could go either way, my heart says that Phillip Rivers will show up and win their wild card game at Cincinnati, even if no one outside of myself wants to believe it's possible. A.J. Green and Andy Dalton, will have a say in determining the outcome of this game, however,  Chargers 24-Cinci 17. Dalton's inexperience will play a big role in their demise, as he will be picked off 3 times, leading to all of the Chargers points.

Chiefs-Colts: This game should be one of the better games of the weekend, Alex Smith and Andrew Luck pitching the ball all over in Indy. The outcome in this game will be determined by which defense decides to show up, for which I believe the Colt's D will, Colts 31 - Chiefs 21.

NFC Playoffs

Saints - Eagles: The outcome of this game will depend on which Drew Brees shows up in Philadelphia Saturday night, I know Foles, who thankfully rescued the Eagles from Michael Vick, will be ready along with their defense. If Brees shows up Saints win 35-17, if not another disappointing season for the Saints.

49ers - Packers: One question, how the hell did Green Bay get to host San Francisco when the Niners have a better record and beat them earlier this year? Did they blow up Candlestick right after the game? Anyway, this game is rather interesting now that Aaron Rogers is back, but truth be told, I believe the Niners win again in a defensive struggle 17-14.

Reality is this: The NFC is going to struggle to win a Super Bowl this year, the AFC mainly Denver and New England are poised yet to win another Super Bowl. I really don't see outside of San Francisco, a team from the NFC winning this year. I haven't bought into the Seahawks or Panthers being contenders for the crown, too young and even though their defenses are stellar, not enough offense to compete with Manning or Brady.

I would have normally written about the Rose Bowl, but I just can't bring myself to writing about the Spartans. In fact, I hope Stanford kicks their ass so all those goody two shoes in Spartan land goes home with their tails between their legs. 


Does anyone outside of B.O.B care about the National Championship game?

Thanks to Sully for the invite, and Old Harry for visiting his family. I wish to all a very safe, happy and successful new year.....


NFL Finale Weekend - Are You Ready for Some Football?!!
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The NFL enters week 17 with lots of great story lines...this is a good weekend to fire up that wing recipe or better yet, The Beez's Championship Chili.  Let's take a look at a few of these juicy games on the Sunday calendar...

1.  The Redskins wrap up their miserable season against the Giants at 1:00.  At 4:30, every sportswriter in town expects Mike Shanahan to be taking his iPad and leaving his office for the last time.  I don't think Shanny got a very fair deal this year and I, unlike the vultures circling over Mike's office, would not mind seeing him come back.  For one thing, it would give him - FINALLY - a chance to build his team unfettered by the owner, the salary cap penalty and RGIII's petulance.  I guess we shall see where this goes - one can only hope that whoever coaches the team next year that the process includes a real GM.

2. Early game #2 of interest - Cincinnati can put the defending champs out of their misery.  The Ravens played as bad as they can possibly play last week and do not deserve the 6th seed...yet Champions always seem to know when they have to deliver.   The Bengals are solid and I have no doubt that they would take no greater pleasure than to put the Ravens out to pasture...and fullfill another year of the Super Bowl Curse.

3. Early game #3 of interest - at least here...is the end of the Schwartz era for the Lions.  Enoromous talent unfullfilled in the Motor City this year.  Really, how hard is to get it to the best receiver in football?  The guy is unstoppable.   I feel for Lion fans...never a Super Bowl...50 years without a championship.  As they say in Chicago for Cubs, there's always next year.

And for the Late Games...

1.  Late Game Combo #1:  Denver - Oakland & New England - Buffalo.   The NFL potentially did me a big favor by moving the NE game to 4:15, which keeps Peyton Manning on the field at least until halftime.  As one with Manning as my fantasy QB in my championship game, a NE loss at 1:00 would have meant no QB to play  for me, so thank you commisioner's office.  A NE win / Denver loss means that Mannings worst nightmare would potentially come true...another AFC title game in New England.

2.  Late Game Combo #2:  San Fran - Arizona & Seattle - St. Louis  (+ NO - TB).  First of all, the slightly slumping Seahawks could easily see their whole season unravel with a bad game against St. Louis.  A Seattle loss and a SF win gives the 49ers the NFC title and seizes home field advantage away from Seattle...and let's face it, the Seahawks are a very different team away from their home field.  Now if Arizona wins and NO loses, my Team of Destiny is out.  If NO and Arizona both win, an 11 win team is OUT of the playoffs!

3.  Late Game #3:  Green Bay & Bears.   There are a lot of interesting angles to this game...Rodgers is in risking his collar bone situation.  Jay Cutler has really not looked that great since coming back and the Bears were cruising with McCown.  It has big ramifications to the Bear's future since Cutler is in line for a contract next year...is he the guy for the Bears?  Eddie Lacy has been huge for the Pack this year (& for me fantasy wise) so I am hoping for a big day from him.  This game is going to be great!.

4.  Late Game #4:  Cowboys & Eagles.  What a nice finale for the regular season even if the NFC East stinks.  No Romo so Dallas will not be able to blame another end of game meltdown on their long running QB.  As for the Eagles, they have really surprised this year running an offense that has been hard for some teams to manage.  They could make some noise in the playoffs.   Oddly enough, I think the edge goes to the Cowboys for this game...Orton could do enough not to lose.  Dallas should be running the ball more anyway.

So, thank goodness for the Red Zone, because there is no other way to manage the football for the day.  I am stocking up on beer, ordering a couple of pizza's and firing up the chili pot.  It is going to be a fun day of football!


                       Enjoy your weekend & Happy New Year!

Did Santa Bring you a Present...or a Lump of Coal?
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Christmas is just around the corner and you may be wondering if I have been naughty or nice and just what is Santa going to leave me under my sports Christmas tree?   First, we will unwrap the presents...and then we will take a look at who got a lump of coal!

For Seattle Seahawks Fans, we have the NFC Title Game coming to Safeco Field (unless they miraculously turn it into a Lump of Coal in Round 1 of the playoffs).  With the famous 12th Man, is there anyway these rabid fans do not get their shot at a Super Bowl title?

For the St. Louis Rams, we have the first, second or third pick in the NFL draft courtesy of the Washington Redskins 2013 implosion.  Maybe Kirk Cousins can pick up a couple of wins and drop the pick to #5 or so, but anyway you slice, the Rams are getting a nice little Christmas present to go with their own.

For the Philadelphia Eagles, congratulations, here is an NFC East Title.  This gift card comes from one T. Romo, who continues to the NFL gift that just keeps giving.  The NFC East smells worse than a New Jersey swamp...but hey, that's the rules and some good team gets a lump of coal while the Eagles will play on.

For Alex Ovechkin, who became the fastest to 400 goals last night in the modern era.  Guys who got to 400 faster than OV?   Gretzy, Bossy, Lemieux, Brett Hull & Kurri.  That is good company for the Russian Machine.  He still has a shot at 50 in 50...we shall see.

For Olympic Fans, who have the Games at Sochi starting February 5.  I love the Olympic Hockey tournament and I like USA's chances.  They are bringing a strong team.  OK, you can keep cross country skiing and such, but I love the X-Games style events including the snow board racing and short track racing.  And this year, we have competitive bobsled teams...and the women have LoLo Jones.  That will be a great late night feast!

For Q,  and all of our readers of the female persuasion, who has been so excellent at keeping us tuned in to the tune up...I have this:

And now, who got that LUMP of COAL?

To all of our Detroit Lions brethren, sadly, your team laid the eggs of all eggs last weekend.  Megatron looked like a guy on the take to me...all season great catch after great catch and then to throw up on himself when a division title was on the line? A travesty, is all I can say...and a huge lump of coal delivered to Detroit.

To all of the RGIII fans out there, All in For Week One did not play out so well for him or for the Redskins.  It has definitely been a sh*t sandwich here in DC all football season long.  The only good news is that after next week, we at least get an idea of how big our lump of coal will be.

To MLB Teams in Need of Pitching, Japanese superstar Tanaka looks like he will be staying in Japan in 2014 thanks to the new posting system.  This is an especially big lump of coal for the Yankees who I think were counting on Tanaka being their new ace in 2014.  Now they have what they always have - an all star lineup with no post season ready pitching.

To the Green Bay Packers, Rodgers broken collar bone has disrupted what could have been a very good season for the Pack.  The question is can Matt Flynn save them one more time?  If not, huge lump of coal for the Packers.

To Tony Romo, another year, another December flame out puts this lump of coal under Jerry Jones' Christmas Tree.  How 'bout them Cowboys?!

 Feel free to add you personal favorite under my virtual sports Christmas Tree!

And with that, I remind you that you have FOUR days left to get ready for Christmas...what are you doing reading my blog post?!!   Merry Christmas to Everyone - may you have a joyous holiday with your family and may your Christmas stocking be overflowing come Wednesday morning!


Did you say Playoffs??
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It is the most wonderful time of year! No, I am not referring to Christmas. Instead, I am referring to the NFL playoffs which for a handful of teams truly begin this weekend.  While I am not going to even attempt to provide an accurate run down of all the potential playoff scenarios it is evident that for the Cardinals, Eagles, Cowboys, Dolphins, Ravens, Bears, Lions, Packers, and Chargers a loss most likely spells a blue,  blue Christmas. That is a lot of teams needing a win in the final week or weeks to even have a chance at a wild card appearance. However, out of this assorted group of struggling teams only the Eagles, Cowboys, Lions, Packers, and Bears have a chance to secure a division. Potentially, this means that two 8-8 teams could end up hosting a first round playoff game. This brings me to my point of protest. This season, like the many preceding it, has plenty of teams with better overall records then the certain division winners even if those teams win out.  For example, if San Francisco wins out they would have to travel to Chicago, Dallas, Green Bay, Detroit, or Philadelphia even though they posted a better win-loss record by as many as two games. A similar situation can occur to New Orleans or Carolina because the losers of this weekend’s head-to-head inevitably cannot win the division. Meaning that after such an impressive season the Saints would be subject to winning all their remaining games on the road, a task which has recently been a much tougher task than anticipated. Kansas City will also find itself in an eerily similar situation, a frankly I was hoping to see a return of playoff football to Arrowhead! Therefore, the question needs to be asked if the NFL should address its playoff seeding and rid of divisional titles guaranteeing home games for Wild Card teams?

You can probably gather my opinion simply by judging the tone of this post. However, in a more general sense the best of the worst teams should not be rewarded simply because they limped and lucked their way into the playoffs. Is this the NFL’s way of ensuring that all the playoff games remain as close as possible? Is this their way of enlisting more drama as we can occasionally get the improbable upset of a 7-9 Seahawks team vs. an 11-5 Saints team? If so then I suppose the NFL has a minute point, but that does not mean I have to agree or like it. Instead, I feel that the opposite is true a higher percentage of the time.  Simply put reward the teams with the best record not the teams who struggle the whole season and end up in the playoffs because they play in a weaker division.

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