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I’ll tell ya how to get the NFL players to sign an agreement. I’ll tell ya how to get the owners to lower our ticket prices. Luis Salazar, NFL player moving in with his parents, Red Sox, Knicks, Rangers, MSG and more in this edition of Rants and Raves.


Before I start, I want all our Gabbers to say a prayer for the people of Japan who have been racked by a devastating earthquake, Tsunami and damage from their Nuclear power plants.


Stick a pin in the New York Knicks and New York Rangers season ticket holders. Hold on to your hats ticket holders, as the Knicks tickets will rise 49% on average and the Rangers will rise 23%. This has to do with the $850 million refurbishing of the arena that is currently underway. It is said that Spike Lee's courtside seats will increase 20 percent from $3,000 this year to $3,600 next, but the seats a row just behind courtside will jump a whopping 173 percent at Knicks games and 198 percent for the Rangers.

Madison Square Garden’s ticket price increases

* 49% average increase for Knicks season tickets

* 23% average increase for Rangers season tickets

* $600 per-game increase for courtside seats to $3,600

* 173% to 198% increase for seats in row directly behind court or rinkside

* Best 100 seats get free food and non-alcoholic drinks at seats and in posh “1879” club

* Next best 800 seats get free food and drinks at seats and in the Delta Sky360 club

The New York Rangers ticket prices have risen the past 5-years, while the Knicks prices haven’t risen in awhile due to having a crappy team. I think the Knicks price increase has more to do with getting Anthony and Stoudemire.


Its seems to me that greed is overtaking common sense in the distribution of $9 billion dollars for the NFL owners and players.

I just don’t see where its the right of the players to ask to see what the teams have earned or lost. Its not like the owners want to see how the players are spending their millions, is it??

I have a sure way to get the players back. Each owner should send out new contracts to all their players. All contracts will be for 5-years. Established stars will receive no more than $500,000 per year, next tier players $250,000 per year and the rookies and fringe players $125,000 per year.

With that being said, to get the owners to lower ticket prices, how about teams season ticket holders writing or e-mailing their teams and letting them know if they don’t drop ticket prices by 25-30% we will not renew.


The Red Sox have a surplus of players. Rumors are circulating that Daisuke Matsuzaka, Tim Wakefield, Mike Cameron, Marco Scutaro and Darnell McDonald are available if the price is right. A catcher is needed to provide depth for the Sox.


Several Los Angeles Clippers players paid $70,000 for former coach Kim Hughes surgery for prostate cancer. The cancer was diagnosed in September 2004 while he was still an assistant with the team. The clippers would not pick up the tab for the operation and he wasn’t covered under his insurance plan. The Clippers told Hughes’ agent that the reason they couldn't pay for the surgery is if they paid for mine, if anybody else had a problem -- head coach, secretary, assistant coach -- if they paid for mine, the onus would be on them for everybody else. It was coach Mike Dunleavy, then the coach of the team at the time, mentioned Kim’s problem to some players. It was then that Corey Maggette, Chris Kaman, Elton Brand and Marko Jaric offered to help. That is when the players donated the money for Hughes operation. "Those guys saved my life," Hughes said, according to the Journal Times. "They paid the whole medical bill. It was like $70,000 or more. It wasn't cheap. "It showed you what classy people they are. They didn't want me talking about it; they didn't want the recognition because they simply felt it was the right thing to do." Maggette, who now plays for the Bucks, said that Hughes thanks him every time they see each other. "I've said to him, 'Kim, come on. You don't have to do that. You're good,'" Maggette said.


Luis Salazar, and Atlanta Braves minor league manager, had his left eye removed after being hit in the face by a liner off the bat of Braves catcher Brian McCann. Salazar, was standing in the dugout when he was hit. This was the third surgery for Salazar since he was hit. Salazar, who will manage the Braves' Class A team in Lynchburg, Va., fully intends to return to work. The 54-year-old Salazar will be away from camp for about a week and then return to get acquainted with the players he will manage this season.


New York Jets guard Matt Slauson, his wife Cami, and their 10-week old son are moving back in with Slauson’s parents. Matt was selected in the 6th round of the 2009 draft. He signed a four year, $1.8 million contract with the Jets. I guess money is tight for the family. Hopefully Slauson will tell his big $$$ teammates on the Jets, what its like to live the average fan. Eventually they will be moving in with Cami Slauson’s parents.


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