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Deep Thoughts 4-9-2014
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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. Before I dig in this week, I must take a moment to say congratulations to the men and women’s basketball teams at U Conn. As Yogi would say… this déjà vu all over again.  The Huskie round ballers took both championships home, just as they did in 2004. The Huskie women went an amazing 40 and 0 to win and honestly, their championship really should not surprise anyone. The Huskie men’s championship is a different matter.  Seeded 8th in this tournament, it is a test to their resilience that they were able to make to the final four, much grab the brass ring. Great job, I only wish I had picked them in my bracket.

I read yesterday that Corey Johnson was set to make $100,000 in the Yahoo bracket contest. There was only one problem…he forgot to save his bracket with UConn. Besides terrific publicity, Johnson got nothing for his well-chosen bracket. One thing I know for sure…he will remember next time to save his winner!



If you attended college and lived in a dorm, I am sure you have memories of the RA (Resident Advisor). I was very lucky; our RA…”Griff” was a great guy. He kept things from getting out of hand, but let the small stuff slide. Apparently the students at UConn living in the north dorm are not so fortunate. Here is an excerpt of an email that Derek the RA sent out earlier this week:


Hey everyone,

Please go to Gampel or somewhere else to watch the game. Midnight quiet hours still apply here, so responsibly go nuts elsewhere. I am on duty tonight and it is going to be stressful, so please don’t push it on our floor. There are going to be a lot of RA’s and police around North, if I wasn’t an RA I would personally stay away from here tonight.

In the end, remember that the only reason you care about the game is:

a) because they’re wearing a UConn uniform

b) you want an excuse to go wild

If it’s the first one, you’re cheering for laundry. Get excited if you want, but it’s not worth getting in trouble for. If it’s the second one, be as far away from me as possible tonight. I will not appreciate getting disrespected over the outcome of a basketball game. I have done all I can to respect you and your privacy since August, please reciprocate this respect and be civil on our floor.

While you might get caught up in tonight, please remember the night will eventually end. And no matter what the basketball team does, I will still be your RA until May.

So have fun, but not too much fun.



 Derek’s email was predictably tweeted out and caused an instant reaction. Under the glare of nationwide criticism, Derek responded with this statement:

So someone took the email I sent Saturday to heart and decided to Tweet it, so I’d like to clarify:

-I was trying to come off on the strict side so our floor wouldn’t be vandalized. That has been a problem here in the past (and was a problem Saturday night again) and could end up in us getting an extra fee. That’s really the only point I was trying to get across, the rest was sarcasm.

-The laundry comment is a joke from Seinfeld. Next time I’ll include a link so you know that I’m kidding. We cheer for clothes


I don’t know about you, but when I was in college…I would have headed to the North dorm to party and give Derek a bit of business. UConn is a huge basketball school, and it would seem that the entire student body would be basketball fans. There is at least one student that is a non-fan and certified fun fighter. I suppose that dealing with rowdy students is stressful, but Derek…that is part of the gig.





If you have ever sent a daughter to a senior prom, I am sure you can appreciate this photo of Coach Gene Chizik. Hilarious…





There always seems to be one guy that does not know when to stop. Here is a video of the “unofficial” Cub mascot. He is hanging out after a Cub game at a Wrigleyville bar when that “guy” began to mess with the mascot. After shoving the mascot, then messing with his tip container, the bar patron crossed the line…the video shows what happened when you mess with a mascot’s head.







                                                                      Sometimes it is just not your day…






Although the baseball season is young, apparently some fans do not like what they see so far. A young fan named Charlie, wrote this message to Jesus…

No word if he has received an answer…




I ran across a great April Fools joke that was too good not to share. This is damn funny…









             If the world’s coolest man is hanging out in Austin, it is only time before Johnny Monkey makes an appearance!




For what it’s worth, I love the idea of instant replay in MLB. But watching a few of replays, I don’t see that they are getting the replays right. I watched a play at 1B, that I was sure replay would overturn the out call, but it did not. I watched Josh Hamilton catch a fly ball and drop the ball on the transfer. It was obvious…but replay overturned the out call. If the idea is to get the call right, why does a manager only get one replay? I like what football did in reviewing every scoring play. I think this would be a good idea for baseball as well. I think that replay will eventually be great, but what we have now needs much revision.


The UTPA Broncs made had a nice rebound last weekend by taking 2 of 3 from second place Grand Canyon. Next weekend the Broncs travel to Utah to take on the Utah Valley. I wonder if spring has sprung in Utah?




That is all I have today, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey…


Children need encouragement. So if a kid gets an answer right, tell him it was a lucky guess. That way, he develops a good, lucky feeling.

I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world without hate. And I can picture us attacking that world, because they'd never expect it.


Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own.



Opening Day & Other News
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Today was Opening Day at Nationals Park, and despite the best attempts of DC's worst drivers to keep me from arriving to the game in one piece, I was able to get there in time for introductions...from the roof top of the parking garage.  (Not a bad pic for an iPhone).  The Nats opened the season with a nice, but expected, sweep of the Mets and then came home today to play their nemesis, the Braves.  It seems like the team goes into brain lock every time they play Atlanta - even though a 2-1 loss is hardly tragic for the 4th game of the season, it was a frustrating defeat.  It included a bizarre home run by Ian Desmond that was taken away by instant replay...the ball rolls under the pad in left field but is easily retrieved by Upton...it clearly was not "lodged" so I don't get the call.  Here is the video of that play:


I'm glad baseball is back...it gives me a reason to look at the sports page again.

Jackson is a Redskin

Although there is no shortage of news this week.  The really big sports story here this week is the DeSean Jackson signing by the Redskins preceeded by the strangely engineered release by the Eagles.  First on the release...I think the Eagles have a bit of a screw loose.  Receivers are the biggest divas on any football team, but when they are on the field, an elite receiver is a game changer.  Perhaps Chip still thinks he is at Oregon and can go recruit better talent than everyone else...I think it puts a ding in the Eagles' chances to have another great year in 2014.   On the Redskins side of things, there can be no excuse for RGIII not to deliver this season...he has 3 great targets at the wideouts and an emerging top talent at TE.  To me, it was definitely worth the risk.   You know he is going to be a model & motivated teammate this season - if he blows up in 2015, the Skins burned $8 million of Danny's money.   One angle of this whole affair is to see what role the Eagles had in leaking the "gang association" story to the press.  If they did that to justify their release of Jackson, they really need to pay a stiff penalty.

The news that Tiger Woods is out of the Masters - and maybe most or all of this year's golf season - with back surgery immediately begs the question of whether the "Tiger Era" is officially over.  It has been 5 full years since Tiger won a major and although he can win the second tier tournaments, every player gears their game for the 4 big tournaments each year.  Just like tennis, if you don't win an Open or a Masters or a Wimbledon, you haven't had a great year.  Tiger's quest to catch Jack Nicklaus' career major total of 18 seems like a giant mountain to climb, and even though I am not a Tiger fan, I have to admit that it takes something away when he is not in the field.  

I hope everyone has a great weekend...btw, my last travel experience is another great example of why business travel stinks:  3.5 hours on the tarmac followed by cancelation - I got to my meeting on Monday, but barely.  At least I got to let it run on the autobahn!

Opening Day Memories at Fenway
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Today is opening Day at Fenway Park, it’s bright out but 43 degrees expected at game time. I’m off today and considered going in than the thought of waiting on line and getting in at game time and misses all the other festivities just didn’t mesh well. With me. However  I will share some personal memories of opening days I have attended.

Openning Day was the only day my parents would give us permission to skip school. All 4 years of High School myself and a group friends would make the trek in and get bleacher or standing room seats. The fun part of those days was just being with your friends. We would take the train and just enjoy the crapout of the day. As I got older my friend Carmine and I would go every year never have tickets and also we get in the game.

We practiced this up until 5 or 6 years ago. Then it just wasn’t in the cards anymore. One of the best memories and I don’t remember the year . The Sox opened against the Blue Jays. They did all the pregame stuff. Then it came time for the National Anthems. Oh Canada went off beautifully. Then America the Beautiful . Wait where is the Star Spangaled Banner. The crowd took it upon themselves to sing it. It was the best redition I have ever heard.

Before this ownership group took over the Red Sox  you would here all over TV that the game was sold out. He would get in about 9am people had been camping out for tix. The rep from the Red Sox would come out with the bull horn and say todays game is a sell out. Then they would release tickets little by little one year we went in the box office seven times before we got Tickets.


There was theyear that Openning Day was rained out and we went in the next day. It actually worked out better we were getting inline at the box office and two guys came up they had six tickets two for them and 4 more.. We needed 4 the guy explained the other4 guys had to work they just wanted face value on them . They set us with some really sweet seats along first base side. Needless to say we bought those guys a lot of beers..


There was the year that the game was sold out and w were in line and the guy from the Red Sox   came out and said we will be releasing a bunch of tickets close to game time stay in line. Guys about ten in front start screaming we have monster seats. Needless to say the chant of Bullshit came out. We got up to the ticket window the guy says what do want. We ask what do you have. He says everything from Field boxes to monsters. We took the monsters. As we were in line that day we watching one of the local news crews

Send up microphones and stuff by rope. We also notice perhaps a pint went up to a local news guy. When we got in the game the usher escorted us to our seats and he said you guys have great guests sitting next you. It was Troy Brown and several other Patriots. . We had a ball that day. The patriots were just being fans and acting like fans lots of  connection. I remebre Larry Izzo just have a blast with the fans. I remember being in line

For a beer and two patriot D backs were standing there and that newscaster went bye. One of the patriots tapped me and said Hey see that dude he is a mess when he comes into our locker room. We had a good laugh.

My favorite Memory is I cut out of work went over in 2005. The Sox opened against the Yankees and the crowd cheered Mariano Riveria for his help in the ALCS  The smile on his face when the Fenway faithful cheered was priceless.

Hope you enjoy this leave a comment of your favorite opening day memories.

Talking Sports
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Happy Thursday, and Happy Baseball season as things got underway Sunday Night withy the Dodgers and Padres. The Padres winning 3-1 I was totally entertained by this game.I had no rooting interest in either team not liking either team nor disliking either team. I think it was just baseball that counted.Like many of you I don’t count the crap in Australlia. You can’t have teams playing regular season games when 28 other teams are still playing exhibition games. It’s not fair to the players and its not fair to the fans. Baseball continuously does this with games in Japan. At least when the NFL plays in London they play on a Sunday like everybody else. IF baseball wants to continue this, play exhibition games in late February or early March in Timb Buck Two for all I care. But don't call this games regular season.

Sunday was raining here in Boston cold and raw at least it wasn’t snow. We didn’t have much on the Agenda. So it was a great sports watching day. I watched the Bruins and The Flyers. The Bruins won in a Shoot Out only losing twice in March.left for Lil Lanz’s Hockey playoff game more on that later. Got backto watch most of the Michigan Kentucky game what a great basketball game that was and than the Padres and Dodgers switching back and forth to the Penguins- Blackhawks. I haven’t had a Sunday to just watch sports in I don’t know how long and I enjoyed every minute of it. I even stayed awake during the Dodger Game.

Opening Day was Monday and I left work just a bit early to catch most of the Red Sox Orioles. I love those weekday afternoon games brings me back to when I was a kid and the baseball playoffs were afternoon games not night games. You would rush home from school and watch the game. I switched over to the Cubs-Pirates and got my first look at a baseball challenge on a pick off play at first. The Cubs Runner Bonificiao dove head first back to the base. Clint Hurdle challenged it and won. The umpire called him safe but he didn’t see the first basemans glove get Bonifiaco on the arm before his hand touched the base. It was fairly quick  the crew chief call him out. They important thing is they got it right..


I’m going to have a busy Baseball Season with the boys. I’m assistant coach on lil Lanz’s team and I ‘m manager on lasers team. Plus my high school umpiring season starts next week with 5 games 3 HS games and two AAU’s. It will be a crazy next few months but I love it. Especially after this winter.

LIL Warriors Report

The boys scored 3 goals in the first 3 minutes of their game Sunday. Little Lanz had a fourth that got waved off. It crossed the line and the goalie pulled it out. The ref didn’t see it. Lil Lanz talked to the Ref all the way to the face circle pleading his case. It fell on deaf ears damn Refs. The boys will play Saturday morning at 8:00 against a team they have beaten twice &-2 and tied them 2-2 the last time they played a couple of weeks ago.

If they win they play for the Division Title at 1pm Saturday and If they win that they play for the League championship Sunday.

Laser's Team lost in the first round of the playoffs last night as he was on the bench. They were tied at 2 going into the third period. They let one in with 2:30 left. They had a couple of chances but couldn’t put one home.

 Sorry, That’s All I have for Today.

O H Thursday
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  Oh Thursday

Opening day of the MLB season has passed us by and we are officially into the 2014 season. The Red Sox left 12 men on base and lost 2-1 to Baltimore, The Yankees ace CC Sabathia lost to the juggernaut from Houston formally known as the Lastros

The weather is starting to cooperate and this old coot is a happy man.I have been waiting all winter to have my morning joe on my deck with my bride…no better way to start the day.


The tribute to the 2 Boston Firefighters that died in the Back Bay blaze last week was fitting for the hero first responders they were. Our prayers and support go out to those the left behind.

MLB week one found… The Red Sox taking in the Obama Whitehouse visit, David Ortiz took a selfie with the Prez and Obama managed to mispronounce Mike Napoli’s last name. Jonny Gomes was the hero of the day for me, he wore his American Flag blazer and was a big hit at Walter Reed Hospital visiting and entertaining the wounded and maimed heroes of our military.

Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers received a standing ovation his first time up before the home town fans. Having served a 65 game suspension for cheating it seems the Milwaukee fans say all is forgiven and all is forgotten.

Ryan’s first road test of his forgiveness is in the unfriendly confines of Fenway Park, Boston MA on Friday.

Fenway and Boston fans generally don’t pass up an opportunity to rake some deserving villain over the coals and Ryan fits the bill.

Over the years a lot of folks have been booed in Boston

President Obama was booed on April 21, 2012 when he appeared on the big screen on Fenway’s 100th birthday…the generally Democratic Boston doesn’t have much love for OB

On August 16, 2013 the Fenway fans turned there attention to notorious steroid user Alex Rodriguez.

On July 26th 2004 presidential hopeful MA Senator John Kerry got roundly booed by the Fenway faithful when he walked out about 35’ from home plate and threw out the first pitch. As Crash Davis would have said it was “some weak ass shit” as it bounced twice and rolled by home plate.

 Not everybody liked George W. Bush but everyone has to admit that that guy threw some nasty stuff when he threw out first pitches…and they were from the rubber.

Roger Clemens has been booed in Fenway as well as notorious wife beater


Brett Myers, he took heat all night long from the fans for his public assault on his wife on a sidewalk in Boston.

So watch closely and listen up because the Fenway fans will be cold and damp and just waiting to pounce on Braun

NFL update….

The Steelers signed former Patriots bulldozer LeGarrett Blount to a two year deal.

Blount had a decent season for the Pats but Belichick doesn’t pay RB’s so Pittsburgh get a bruiser.

Tom Brady and Drew Bledsoe made it into the elite eight QB’s all time bracket challenge.

DeSean Jackson is a free agent having been cut by the Eagles. He is a dynamic game changer…and a troublesome character for most locker rooms to have to deal with. It looks like the Redskins are in the front of the line close to signing Jackson.

NHL, my Bruins continue to roll…

Tukka Rask stopped 60 shots on Sunday vs the Philadelphia Flyers in a 4-3 shootout win.


The Toronto Maple leafs dropped there 8th in a row…hosers


NBA….ok nothing more to say than the Sixers lost 26 consecutive games and are still not the worst team in the battle for the most ping pong balls …and that would be the Bucks.

In other news: obamacare still doesn’t work. the Russians are still moving forward trying to rebuild the Soviet Union by taking back their neighbors under the guise of protecting Russians in those countries...sound like another notorious past leader...named Hitler?. The Indonesian flight 370 is still lost (I still think it is in Pakistan or Iran) The cold and harsh winter is being blamed on global warming. The Keystone pipeline is still being stopped by the liberals that want the USA to be a third world nation and want you to pay $6 bucks a gallon for gasoline and home heating oil. Syria’s government is still killing it’s citizens, Israel is still being strong armed into peace talks with Palestine even though the Palestinians won’t recognize Israel’s right to exist and shoot whenever they get a chance. The US is still borrowing money from China and then giving it and our tax dollars to all but 9 countries on the planet.

I am one grouchy sob today

But Spring has sprung so cheer up harry and take the classic '88 Sportster for a ride

Thanks for reading and commenting, check out Lanz right over there just North of Boston

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