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I'm Just Saying....Snow????
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I’m Just Saying…..

Oh No Batman, Baseball in November……

The MLB regular season is scheduled to end October 4, 2015. The World Series is to start on October 28th.

I thought that football was meant for the outdoors in November..

Coaches, Coach and Athletic Directors Direct. Or so they should. AD’s should be somewhere inside the stadium minding their own business regardless what there coaches want.

Okay, he has won more Super Bowls than his more famous brother, but I think it is time to let Eli take a back seat and give Ryan Nassib s chance to prove himself. This way the G-Men will find out once and for all if Ryan is the man for the team in the future.

I was excited at halftime of the Jaguars-Eagles game. Allen Hurns 2 TD’s from Henne propelling them to a 17-0 lead. Then what the hell happened in the second half?? The Eagle’s score 37 unanswered points. Now technically there is no such thing is unanswered points. All the points were accounted for when the game was over. Was it the real Henne? Or did the Jaguars go soft all of a sudden?? The team lacks depth at linebacker. But our 3rd string safety, Chris Prosinski, got burnt. What about our running game? Only 62 yards. Gee how are ya going to win like that.

The only good thing about this game is they scored more points Sunday then they did against the Chiefs in last years opener (only 2 points).

The phone lines were busy at 1010XL the sports radio station. Most of the people who called in wanted Blake Bortles in the 4th quarter. But, he will start soon. Hopefully by the first home game in two weeks.

I am glad that Ray Rice finally got what was coming to him. Now if his wife was smart she should dump his ass.

Til next time










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Who are you picking to be the MLB Wild Card teams?



Monday Moaning 9-1-14
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Happy Labor Day all! Too bad we don't work in that office!

I hope things are treating you well...I have to start out by apologizing...I have slacked on my duties as a writer and site owner...As well as a reader and commenter...But I haven't slacked because I don't give a shit...I do...A month or so ago I received a promotion at work...In the past I put off some career aspirations to do what was best for my family...Now that the kids are getting older, and we sure could use more money, going after those career aspirations and what's best for the family are lining up together...So first off, I was working more, plus going through some training stuff...

Then this past week, my boss was on vacation, so I had extra stuff to cover, so I sit here writing this after I just worked 71 hours...I've seen no sports or news...I've spent hardly anytime with my wife and kids...So this Labor Day will be focused 100% on them...I may try to slip in the Miami vs. Louisville football game in the evening...

Yes, College Football season has started, one of the best times of year in the sports world...And I've got nothing...The Fighting Irish beat Rice, but I saw none of it...Just the score updates on my phone while at work...

I did see a bit of the FSU/Oklahoma State game...I saw a clip of Jameis Winston complaining about getting hit...Saying he was hit in the head...But what the announcers refused to mention was a second or two before the hit, Winston put his head down, in the defenders chest...Then another clip, Winston scrambling, and near the sidelines, he got hit in the side...He started acting like he was hit in the head...Replay showed he was hit just below the shoulder...Again the announcers didn't say anything about Winston being a CUNT!  Or a crab leg stealing fuck-tard!

So, I'm officially rooting against Winston, no matter what...And yes, I'm rooting for him to get throttled...I'm over this punks shit....Some one end him!

I was at work when the news came down that the NFL's 1 year suspension of Josh Gordon would be upheld...It was all the buzz in the kitchen...Everyone was pissed...And of course the Ray Rice situation had to be front and center..."2 games for knocking out a woman, and a year for smoking pot!"  Yeah, that sounds fucked up and stupid, I totally agree...But this wasn't Gordon's first fuck up...It's his second time busted for pot in the NFL...Plus a DUI...Plus his two fuck-ups in college...Gordon is a first class idiot...Yeah, I think pot should be legal, but it isn't in the NFL, and everyone knows that...So fuck Gordon! He screwed up again...I don't care that the hammer fell...The kid needs to learn a lesson or get the fuck out!

That said, just a day or two later, Goodell coming out and saying that the league was going to be strengthening it's stance on domestic violence...Way to go dickhead! Why didn't you start with Ray Rice fuck-stick!?!

I've really grown to hate the NFL...

And what the fuck is with Bud Selig...He's been anti-Pete Rose his whole life, and now that he has one foot out the door, he's considering ending Rose's lifetime ban...What bullshit! This is all about Selig doing something to enhance his shitty legacy....I feel Rose should be in the Hall of Fame, but this is just a bullshit PR move by Selig...

That's it folks...I need some sleep...But I promise to get back on track soon...

Have a week...

The Beeze.

Hey Hey, Labor Day!
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It's here --- the unofficial end of Summer. Labor Day Weekend! And a happy one to all those of you who actually have a job. With about half the country on some form of the dole, maybe we should rename it Labour Day, after the British party whose marvelously creative political trick (i.e. buying votes with other peoples' money) has been such a smashing success for the past 50 years --- well, for them anyway. Ah, but politics aside, it's a fascinating time on the sports calendar.

Baseball is in the stretch run. Last year we had dark horses, and one of them not only won the AL pennant but cruised through the postseason in dominant fashion. This year, they're making a last-ditch run for the honor of first-to-worst, but time's running out with fewer than 30 games left on most schedules. The real battle is between the Rangers and Rockies.

But it's not like dark horses are gone. The Royals continue to hold a marginal lead over the mighty Tigers. And while it's hard to call the cash-rich Angels a dark horse, it wasn't that long ago that their position in the AL West looked like wildcard or bust. Did the A's really trade away their offense with Cespedes to get Jon Lester? Is Price going to put the Tigers over the top? Strange how things have been working so far. Now the Tigers and A's face a new challenge besides first place --- another dark horse. The Yankees? Dark horse? This year, yes. And they're coming on. Just the thought of having pinstripes hot on your tail must do something to you. And speaking of dark horses --- is that Seattle just a game out of the wild card? As in ahead of the Yankees even? Yup. And Cleveland's only a game behind the Yanks.

In the Senior Circuit, the seasonally on/off Nationals continue to hold a lead in the East, but is that the ubiquitous Braves six games back? And the Cards, who bolstered themselves with John Lackey, are looking up by a game at Milwaukee. At this point neither team seems to grasp the urgency, both having lost three straight. And the perennial dark horse Pirates have taken their cue, winning three straight and making it a 3-horse race. Out West, the money-dripping Dodgers (aka Yankees West) are in the lead, but could that be upstate rival San Fran closing fast? It's a 4-horse race for the wildcard.

And as baseball reaches its climax, college football starts with a bang. Who saw A&M eating SC for lunch? Manziel Who? And NFL football sits waiting in the wings. The final preseason week didn't really tell us much, but it said a lot to GMs around the NFL. What that may have been only now begins to drip out. Rosters will change in the next week, not just by subtraction but by addition. Not much, mind you, but some. Don't expect too many more Logan Mankins blockbusters. The Patriots have a monopoly on late preseason moves like that.

So who's looking good coming out of the preseason? In the AFC, everyone seems to think Denver is the team to beat. The Broncos were convinced their drubbing in the Super Bowl was due to bad officiating in the secondary, so they pushed for rules changes. They've been pretty unpopular, though truth be told it was getting a little silly watching every pass turn into a gang fight at the far end. Week 4 saw a subsiding of calls, but it'll still be tighter and that still ought to help Denver, though it didn't help them keep Welker on the field.

But anyone who's seen New England and Cincinnati may be excused for thinking in other directions. The Patriots are the antithesis of Denver's load-up strategy, opting instead for a big picture analysis even with Tom Brady's 'window'. The Bengals, with Dalton playing well, are awesome. Denver may find out that the Super Bowl was no rules fluke. Even the Chargers might have something to say in their own division. And the Colts had better hope the Texans aren't back with a revamped offense and a quarterback (whoever that may be) who can operate it. It's turning out Clowney may have been more of a damaged-goods dice roll than anticipated, but with or without him the D looks solid.

And in the NFC, what to say about the Niners? Their starting lineup has been possibly the worst in the league so far, especially the offense. Is this the result of dangling Harbaugh as trade bait in the offseason? Whatever it is, they have their work cut out. Seattle, despite offseason losses, is run by a guy who knows how to handle roster volatility thanks to his time at USC. Down south, the Saints look good again. Atlanta remains a question mark, and Carolina is not off to a good start despite having a strong defense again. Up north, it's Green Bay as usual it seems. And Philly ought to cruise in the struggling NFCE. All in all, there's no question Seattle looks the most impressive so far.

So long Summer. This year's edition, at least around here, was absolutely marvelous. A short requisite heat wave, not a brutal one. Wonderfully temperate weather. Lots of sunshine. Cool August nights. Hope yours was as good, and your Autumn follows suit with nice warm/cool weather. No snow for Halloween please! Not even for Thanksgiving! Christmas? Ok.


Talkin' Baseball
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It has been 25 years since baseball banned Pete Rose for betting on his Reds.  With a new Commissioner of Baseball due to arrive on the scence, does this offer Charlie Hustle any glimmer of hope that baseball will welcome his back into its fraternity before he heads to the Big Bench in the Sky? (Pete is in his 70's)  The history behind the ban - and really the appropriateness - while not in dispute for the most part, is not fresh in the minds of most fans.  Now what fans remember is that the man with 4,254 hits is banned from the Hall of Fame.  The condensed version of his gambling on baseball is that as manager of the Reds, he bet on his team's games on a routine basis with the size of the bets ranging from $2,000 to $10,000.  While Rose has admantantly claimed he only bet FOR his team, MLB investigator Dowd has said he believed it was likely that Rose did in fact bet AGAINST the Reds.  Periodically a segment of the fan base begins a campaign to reinstate Pete Rose - my view is that perhaps in time, but "Not Yet....Not Yet."  (my Gladiator reference of the day).


Which brings me to the other baseball betting "injustice" - the sad plight of Shoeless Joe Jackson.  Joe was associated with the Black Sox as one of the Eight Men Out for taking $5,000, a hefty sum in those days, yet Joe was basically dumber than a sack of rocks and did not appreciate the implications of his deeds.  At that time in baseball, gamblers were prevelant in and around the clubhouse and games were often influenced by this seedy element around the game...think "The Natural" and the pressure that beset Roy Hobbs by bookie Gus Sands.  Joe paid a heavy price for being associated with the Black Sox, who although they were aquitted in court, we still banned for life from Baseball.  Joe Jackson would have possibly been as great as Babe Ruth - or maybe even better - but the world will never know.  As it stands, his career as a White Sox and his body of work was certainly Hall - worthy.  If Rose is to be forgiven, I think Joe Jackson also has to be in the conversation.

Perhaps what Baseball needs is a wing of the Hall for those whose stats are worthy of merit, but for one reason or another, fell into disrepute.  Spots for Rose, Jackson, Bonds, Clemens, Sosa, McGuire and others from the steroid era may need a place to call their own.  It might be a good solution to a thorny problem.

In other news to note...

Will this be the first time since 1994 that the Yankees and the Red Sox will not be in the playoffs?  It is going to take a great run from the Yankees to get in.

How about them O's?  To me the Orioles are the surprise team in baseball - they have a monster lineup that has now been dinged further with the loss of Machado, but I am still amazed they have put themselves at the top of the AL (after the Angels) with an unheralded pitching staff.  I don't know if they are built for the post season, but we shall see.

Speaking of the post season, I ordered by playoff strips from the Nationals...will I finally get to go to a World Series game?  Here is hoping that I don't have to turn those tickets back in for credit on next year's tickets.

A damp Saturday here...nevertheless, the honey-do list will be calling.  Have a good one!


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