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Musings From The Hoodwood 6-17
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Not just San Diego but all of baseball...RIP to Mr. Padre.

Greetings from the Hoodwood, where getting damn tired of burying our people due to the scourge of cancer.

NBA: Spurs take the title

It was almost like a blind lame dog being taken out back and shot to put it out of its misery. The Heat just looked finished. The Spurs just fundamentaled the Heat into oblivion Sunday night. The Spurs won a rematch of the NBA Finals in most convincing style. Winning in 5 games that with the exception of the Game 2 squeaker was a total and complete wipeout. I called it a 5 game sweep because to be sure the Heat were lucky to get the game 2 win and to watch them get just ass-out beaten by the Spurs pillar to post in seemingly every phase of the game. I felt bad for LeBron James, though there are some that seem to want to put the Heat’s failure on James, the seemingly beleaguered swingman was really at the Alamo, trying to do everything and getting nothing done well. He did his best for the conditions but Chris Bosh had set up a lemonade stand on the corner 3 point area. He sure as hell wasn’t going to mix it up down low. Dwyane Wade was just about non-existent while role players like Ray Allen and to retiring Shane Battier were just non factors. Meanwhile the Spurs just seemed to keep coming in waves. Of course you expected the performance from Duncan, Ginobili and Parker but there were just so many other players. Role players like Danny Green, Boris Diaw, Tiago Splitter, and series MVP Kawhi Leonard were the definition of the series. I just got tired of listening to the pundits seemingly fall over themselves lauding the so-called Spurs and how they play the game the right way. The Spurs won 62 games, they weren’t underdogs, and they are a skillfully built and coached team and they have their 5th title in 15 years. 

NHL: Kings are the Royalty of the NHL

Where the NBA Finals were a five game sweep, the Stanley Cup was probably the most exciting five game series I’ve seen in a long time, three of the games were OT including the clincher. Alec Martinez slammed back a rebound in the 2nd OT in game 5 to win the Kings 2nd Stanley Cup in three seasons. Martinez became the first player to score OT winners in the conference and Stanley Cup finals.  The Kings rallied from 3-0 down in the first round and 3-2 in the Conference Semis and winning a 7th game on the road against the defending Cup Champs. But possessing more lives than a horror movie villain, the Kings just kept on getting off the mat and getting goals to win one elimination game after another and in the Stanley Cup Final kept spotting the Blue Shirts 2-0 leads in the first two games and coming back. The Rangers averted a sweep with a gutty 2-1 win after a humiliating 3-0 loss at MSG in game 3 but that only got the series back to LA where the Kings won the game in front of those lifetime hockey mavens in SoCal. I’m teasing, the Kings have hoisted the 36 pound chalice twice in the last three season proving that their first win was no fluke. Get used to seeing this team playing deep into the spring, kids. The Kings are a young team and are primed to win for a while.

Requiem for a great Padre; Tony Gwynn 1960-2014

I saw the news come across my phone Monday afternoon and was stunned. Tony Gwynn legendary Padre hitting maestro had succumbed to cancer at 54. I knew he had been battling cancer for some time and he had had malignant tumors removed from his mouth years ago but still to read that one of the finest hitters of my generation was gone just stunned me. Tony Gwynn was someone that just seemed to always get hits, always hit over .300 and was the one player you knew was going to be on the Padres when they came to town despite the frequent fire sales. He seemed like a down to earth guy and I became an even bigger fan of his on a chance meeting of Gwynn outside of a hotel in downtown Cincinnati. I struck up a conversation and was surprised that he engaged me with in lively discussion about good hitting good pitchers and how he hated the Astroturf of Riverfront Stadium. The crazy thing was that I had a bunch of baseball cards with me and one of them was his from 1983…I showed it to him and he cackled. “Boy I had a lot more hair and less of a gut.” The irony of this was my pen had exploded in my backpack and I didn’t get him to sign the card the funny thing was he said that he would have been happy to…sigh. But I was even more of a fan of his after the encounter. Other than meeting one of my other favorite players Don Baylor who was the Rockies manager in 1997 (and that was a friendly encounter as well) that was one of my most treasured memories of meeting someone famous. You look at the numbers that he posted and know why he was a first ballot Hall of Famer. 3141 hits, a .338 lifetime batting average (highest average of any player born since 1918 and with over 3000 hits) never struck out more than 40 times in any season and eight seasons where he struck out less than 20 times. According to Jayson Stark, there were 97 players who struck out 20 or more times last month. The man had 5 200 hit seasons and from the ages of 33 to 37 hit .358, .394, .368, .353 and .372 (with 220 hits!) I truly believe that had there been no strike in 1994 (Gwynn scored the winning run in the All-Star game that year, by the way) he would have hit .400. He was that locked in. He was that good of a hitter. Every season after his rookie year he hit over .300 needless to say. Tony Gwynn was a hitting machine. After he retired in 2001 he returned to his beloved alma mater San Diego State where he was the head coach and developed a number of hitters AND pitchers including one Stephen Strasburg.  He was a class act and he will be dearly missed.


World Cup Stunner: US Shocks Ghana

To hear most pundits tell it. The Americans had no chance in the World Cup. Put in the so-called group of Death with Germany, Portugal and Ghana the Men’s National team stood little if any real chance of making it out of group stage but it took all 30 seconds not minutes, mind you seconds for the Americans to put a stamp of legitimacy on their appearance in this World Cup. Clint Dempsey snaking through the Ghanan defense and nailing a kick just inside the far post gave the Americans not only a stunning 1-0 lead but their fastest ever goal scored in World Cup play, it was a lead that held for 80 minutes. It held through a tough injury to star Jozy Altidore and a brutal kick to the face of Dempsey. It was hold through the humid late autumn air at Arena das Dunas in Natal but you knew the Black Stars who have grown quickly into an American nemesis would find an equalizer, on a slick back heel pass Asamoah Gyan to Andre Ayew who lasered a shot past a befuddled Tim Howard. The Americans looked heartbroken and ace play by play man Ian Darke said as much. A tie might be all the Americans could salvage with dreams of what might have been. But the Yanks had one more twist on the story in the 86th minute Graham Zusi bent a beauty of a ball to the box off a corner and young John Brooks a mid-game sub was literally Johnny on the spot. Brooks headed a clean redirect past the keeper and raced away with the stunned look of someone who couldn’t believe that he might have put the winner home. The Yanks hung on the final three minutes of regulation and 5 agonizing minutes of stoppage time to get a 2-1 win, three crucial points and a morale boosting avenging win. Combine this with a 4-0 beatdown of Portugal by Germany means the Americans face a staggered Portuguese team that suddenly looks beatable and a win Sunday could get them through the group stage before facing the powerful German squad. The nation as a whole reacted more with a “whoa!” than anything. This won’t make futbol the national game or grow it any more than it is here, a niche sport but for a while it will hold the national attention for a little while longer.


Phat Dap

More like condolences to Steeler Nation who lost their hall of fame coach Chuck Noll over the weekend at 82. I was never a Steelers fan but I respected the way they played under Noll and could respect how he took a 1-13 team in 1969 to its first playoff win 3 years later and its first of four Super Bowl wins two years after that. Noll made the Steelers what they were a tough, feared team that won and punished its opponents in the process his 209-156-1 is still the Steelers all-time best as a coach. A legend not only in Steeler country but in football.

Head Slap

To Portugal’s Pepe who compounded his stupidity in a questionable foul on Germany’s Thomas Mueller by racing back to the German star, standing over him and getting right in his face almost head butting him. Pepe got himself a greeting card from the game ref…it was red. A red card not only means you are felina non grata (cat not welcome) at the current match but the next match as well. It was one in a series of missteps by the Portuguese team that was a high favorite but now after getting housed by the German team is in serious danger of getting left behind in the group stage.

Quick Hits

The Royals??? Are they for real

I love football but it’s a week before summer starts, I don’t want a countdown to football yet

I wish the NFL would stop talking about football overseas

Did they really blow the pitch up at Wembley filming 24?

That’s it for this week but before I go I want opinions. Would a video blog here every once in a while be interesting. Give me your thoughts. Until Next Post Fellow Sports Fans!

Tony Gwynn loses his battle with cancer
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Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn has died at the age of 54. The eight time batting champ played 20 years with the San Diego Padres. He was one of the greatest players of all-time with 3,141 hits, 1,383 runs, 1,138 RBI's, walked 790 times and only struckout 434 times. Tony was an 8-time batting champ, had 19 seasons of batting above .300, yet his greatest accomplishment might have been that he reached base in 75% of his times games that he played in, which was 2,440 games.

Baseball lost a great man and a great human being. RIP Tony Gwynn

My Father's Day Tribute - 2014 Redux
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This is the Father's Day post I did a couple of times in the past:

It is updated and reposted again...I miss you Dad!

My dad has been gone for more than eight years now. He was a husband, dad to three kids, a police officer, a ham radio enthusiast, loved computers, yodeling music, reading, tinkering, building things, buying cookbooks and so many other things too numerous to mention here. He took me to my first rock concert despite the fact that he didn't like rock music at all. He took me to my first Red Sox, Bruins and Celtics games, and he didn't care for sports all that much. A surprising thing considering I learned he liked sports as a kid growing up.

Along with my mother, he was in the stands rooting me on when the teams I coached won championships, and he told many people how proud he was of my coaching work. He grew up without much of a stable home life, but gave my mom, my siblings and me that which he never had.
When he was in the hospital the final time, a man he arrested came to visit him and thanked him for helping him straighten out. Cops from all over the region came to his wake and the place he grew up as a child allowed his final wish to have his ashes spread on the grounds.
Of the place he grew up my father said:

I became a part of the Kurn Hattin family over fifty years ago, and not a day goes by that I don't think of the good time I had living there. 'Thank you' is too little to say for what Kurn Hattin and its friends have done for me. 

George Roberts, Class of 1958



Eight years on, and we all still miss him deeply.

He was proud of me for my coaching...I'm proud to be the son of George Roberts.

Storminnorman's Sports Blog 6-13
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Happy Father's Day to everyone, as we near our so-called holiday. I apologize for the lateness of this blog, but I wasn't sure if Sully was doing the blog for this spot this week. or if it was myself. 

With the exception of the 3 game hiccup that has been rather disturbing, the Tigers are being their normal selves, allowing the others within their division to remain in the race and give me and IHM something to bitch about all summer outside of the ignorance of our Lions.....

Speaking of the Lions, one of my favorite moments outside of bat day in Detroit with my dad, was watching the Lions splatter Brett Favre all over the Silverdome, along with Barry (I blew  out more ACL's with my Moves) Sanders in 1996. Sure we have had some great sports moments together, but that was the best. We loaded up the motor home, drank some beer and tailgated with some Packer fans outside the Silverdome. 

Another of my favorite dad moments was 1970, my first Tiger game, Mickey Lolich was the pitcher and Al Kaline was there. We were sitting along the first base line in the upper deck, and watched Mr. Kaline hit his home run to right. Can you imagine getting to watch greats like Kaline, Killebrew, Horton, Carew and Oliva? That day we went home happy, as Mickey pitched a shutout.

Is it me or should Max Scherzer face Chris Sale at least once a week? This matchup seemed to bring out the best in Max last night as he battled Sale pitch for pitch, until Victor hit his 15th home run of the season to break the scoreless tie. By the way, Max's first complete game. Max was Max last night.Which made that night special because he finally step up like aces should and earn his paycheck..

I believe it was Sully who called this run by the Kings, what the hell happened to the Rangers? I believe it was round 1 against the Sharks, that Sully said to look out for the Kings and he was right, as they near their second Cup in 3 years.

My dad as seen above, his health not as great (soon to be 73) his back went bad enough last year to where he had to have surgery just before Christmas, doesn't slow him down to much, mostly because mom won't allow him to. He just does his chores which keeps mom happy, I always wondered, but I am not quite ready for life without dad, because he is what keeps our family sane.Probably through his wisdom, kept my marriage going during the rough times. Happy Father's Day dad.

To answer the question of the day, I believed from the beginning that the Spurs were going to end Miami's run, and now with a 3-1 lead, maybe the series will be over this weekend when they head to San Antonio for game 5.

Racing heads to Michigan, as the Sprint Cup heads to the Irish Hills of Brooklyn, known as one of the fastest tracks in NASCAR>

That's all I got, I apologize for the shortness of the blog and please stop by and visiti Hal.



OH Thursday
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OH here fresh back from another vacation.

I had some time and energy consuming things going on last week and dropped the ball on my OH Thursday. But

As we have come to realize here at the Gab, things go on and folks fill in.

Thanks to you gabbers.

My beautiful bride has 4 weeks off until work and summer classes kick in the first week of July so I’ve used every bit of off time to take advantage until her busy schedule kicks in.

At that time I become a virtual bachelor until Thanksgiving.

The gardens will get extra attention.

Daddy’s little girl officially leaves active duty from the Marine Corps at the end of July.

I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with my daughter and son in law.

I’m very proud of my baby for her dedication, love of country and willingness to serve all of us. God will bless her for that sacrifice..

The annual Harry men fishing tournament over the Memorial Day weekend was fun although I placed dead last this year. Number 3 son Chris won the quantity award with 13 keeper large mouth. # 2 son Mark had the big fish, 6 lb 2 oz large and #4 son Luke had the most variety with a few decent large, a 2.5 lb smally and a sun turtle that weighed in at 20 lbs. # 1 son Jon was fishing in Florida catching tuna, mahi and an 84” hammerhead.

OH caught a couple of wannabass and more than my share of pickerel but kicked butt in the card games played around the camp fire.

I did get a chance to cook my famous camping home fries in a cast iron skillet on a wood fire. Needless to add, there were no leftovers.

Mrsharry enjoyed the time with the sons we don’t get to see much, a captured audience around the fire and she got to get caught up on what’s going on in there lives. Also got to here the true confessions of some of the teenage adventures now that they are all at least 21! She spent the bulk of her time in her kayak floating and reading and working on that gorgeous tan.

In the surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life category, My bride used my Silverado the other day to help a friend move some boxes. She drove about 75 miles in all and then parked in the driveway. I used her Sonata for work and upon arriving home decided to move the cars around so I could get out first in the morning.

I backed her car in and then got into my truck. I drove down the driveway and when I stepped on the brake it went right to the floor without resistance and I drove onto my neighbor’s front lawn.

Further investigation revealed a burst brake line. Thank God it didn’t happen with Renee driving on  95, 93, 128 or 3. Her guardian angels kept it together for sure. It was necessary to replace all of the rusted brake lines on the 10 year old beast of burden to the tune of $1,232.69


Sports…I haven’t been following it very closely to tell the truth.

I know the Red Sox lost 10 in a row before winning 7 in a row and then losing 5 in a row.

This is becoming what Lanz said, the rebuilding year we thought last year would be. Radatz had a great overview of this years Sox on his weekend blog.

I heard the Rangers and the Kings are in the Stanley Cup finals and the NBA has San Antonio and Miami. Both series are off my radar…actually my radar is off.

NFL OTA’s are actually more interesting.

The Toronto Blue Jays have been a surprise, I had them picked for last in the AL East.

Yankees pitcher Tanaka has been a surprise, maybe he is that good, I didn’t think he would be horrible but I sure didn’t see him as an ace. A few more trips thru the league may bring him back to earth but he seems mature and composed.

I’m getting ready to start a home project and am putting the materials together. My wife wants a pergola over the patio to let the grape vines grow over. I want a roof over my outdoor bar and grill area.

#’s 3 & 4 sons are providing the manual labor and engineering, I’m providing the funding and the brats and beer. I know how to do all this crap but lets face it, I’m like 60+ now!

I’ll keep you posted on the plans and progress as we combine what she wants and what I need for entertainment purposes at out home.

Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads here at the gab. I'm thinking it's high time for my adult, self supporting kids to pitch in and get me what I really need for Fathers Day. I'm a Corvette guy...always have been but I don't have a Corvette.

This one suits me


I'll settle for this one for now!


Until next time gabbers…




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