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Greetings Gabbers from the rocky coast of Maine.

Is there anything better than an afternoon baseball game especially when you have a few vacation days to kill before the new fiscal year starts? As was the case yesterday. The other day I was scanning the Portland Sea Dog schedule and noticed they had a noon time start on Wednesday.† So me and the Lil Lanzís ventured to Portland watch the Sea Dogs take on the New Britian Rock Cats. The game was a Little Cat and Dog anyway. The Seadogs pulled out in the bottom of the 9thwith the first batter hitting a walk off home run over the Maine Monsah.

They have a 37.5 foot wall just like Fenway including a fake Citgo Sign.† The best part of it was I and 3 kidsí four rows off the field including parking $45 bucks total. I canít even park at Fenway for that. The kids got a couple of autographs and butterfingers Lanz dropped a ball and some kid got it. A great day up at Hadlock Field yesterday.


Now that Los Angeles has decided to leave the United States and is now part of Mexico. Of course they should conduct a victory celebration entirely in Spanish after a gold cup win by Mexico .I first heard this story on the John Kincaid show on Sunday. He was ticked off and so wasnít I. here is the deal the event was conducted in the good ole USofA and the spoken language is still English the last time I checked. This event celebration should have been in English. I donít care if there was 100,000 soccer crazed Mexicans in the stands. I donít blame Mexico or Mexicans; I blame the PC event organizers. If the game was in Mexico and the U.S. wins the celebration would be in Spanish same for if it was in Spain, or in Italy it would have been in an Italian as it should be. In England it would have been in English, in France it would have been in French. †I wouldnít even have had a problem if it was in both English and Spanish to accommodate the Spanish speaking folks in attendance. The omission of English is what was wrong.

In French speaking Montreal at every Canadians game everything is done in both French and English even the vendors in the stands use both. You will hear the Ice cream guy say (pardon my French) Un Glacier followed by Ice Cream.† Speaking about Montreal the Montreal PD brought Zdeno Chara in for questioning what a waste of tax payersí money for the Pacoretty hit in the first round of the playoffs. We are just finishing out investigation by the way bring the cup we havenít seen it here in a while and we would just like to see Rocket Richards name on it again.

The Red Sox arenít happy with inter league play has they have been beat 2-1 by the Pirates, the Padres, and the Phillies (who are up2-0 in a three game set), They had Adrian Gonzalez play right field last night and David Ortiz at first. It didnít help to have the power in the lineup still losing 2-0. I watched Cliff Lee just embarrass the Sox on Wednesday the guy has awesome stuff. He is a pleasure to watch.

Happy fourth to you all and God Bless America. Happy Birthday USA.

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