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Reflecting on The Pats Season
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This is a tale of two similar seasons 12 years removed. ?In January 2002, I watched the divisional round of the playoffs from a cruise ship leaving Miami. ?I watched an improbable Patriots win to advance to the AFC title game in Pittsburgh. I watched that game from Key West Florida. ?This year, I watched the divisional round just before leaving on vacation, and came home to watch the AFC title game. ?Both playoff runs were improbable ??if for different reasons. ?Both the 2001 and 2013 Patriots had fluky things happen to get to the #2 seed. ?Neither team was really expected to get there. ?The big difference ??the 2001 team had enough horses to make it over the finish line.

So, that Patriots fell short ??as it happens, very short ??this year. ?That said, there s no shame in losing the AFC title to the most prolific offense in NFL history with a team depleted as much by injury (Gronkowski,?WIlfork) as by apparent malfeasance (Hernandez). ?This is a team that completely overachieved this season, as I suggested in an earlier article. ?They won several games (Broncos, Texans, Browns) they had no business winning, and were lucky enough to pull out the #2 seed ??I m still not sure how that happened.

So here s my thing: it s easy to point to yet another big game loss and wonder if Brady has any more big game wins left in him, but over the last 12 years the Patriots have gone to 5 Super Bowls, 8 Championship Games. ?I can t think of a more impressive run, ever. ?As far as I m concerned, while I m disappointed my team lost, I m happy as hell that I got another week to watch them play this year, that they went as far as they did. ?Winning is great, but you also have to appreciate getting to the game. ?It?wasn t really that long ago that I was thrilled the Pats got to the playoffs, never mind really contesting the Super Bowl. ?

I was really giggling at the thought the Pats could play for another Super Bowl on Eli s home turf. ?Of course, if I m being completely candid, I honestly thought that it would be the NFC representative dancing under the confetti at the end of the day. ?Of course, in February 2002, I was convinced of the same. ?Anything really can happen.

Now, I cannot leave it there. ?The Broncos absolutely deserve to be in the title game. ?In fact, there was a point at which I was convinced they could go undefeated all season. ?Additionally, they showed they were the superior team Sunday. ?No doubt there. ?They controlled the ball for the entirety of the game; the offense truly had their will and the defense stifled the Patriots. ?Sure, the Patriots played a bad game, but in my opinion was a result of the Manning-led offense playing their game with precision and victimizing the Patriot defense. ?No doubt, the AFC is sending the best representative to the Meadowlands February 2.

The NFC game was the polar opposite of the AFC tilt.? Sloppy at times, a potentially fatal officiating error on a turnover on the goal line, obviated only by Marshawn Lynch failing to get a handle on a handoff.? In the end, the Seahawks put the game away with 22 seconds left in the game.? Consider that against the AFC game earlier.? Little doubt in my mind really, I think the ?Hawks are probably the best team in the league and are my pick for the Super Bowl Champion.? That said, Coach Carroll is going to have to keep the showboating and sloppy plays down ? a Peyton Manning led team will eat those mistakes for dinner.? Richard Sherman got the best of his opponent, and in his post game interview he was stuck on some disrespect by Crabtree and reaffirming his status as the best corner in the game.? C?mon man.? Buck up.? You won.? Lose the ego.? We?ll see if you?re the best in the game when you?re facing Manning in the Super Bowl.

Now, on a personal note, to make matters worse, the game comes on the heels of a really cold vacation week ??I know, complain about a week away ??but it was disappointing in that respect. ?And of course, I got myself locked out of my work email, so I m sure there s 1000 mails begging my attention. ?Sometimes being away for a week?isn t worth the backlog you come back to ??even with all the?prepwork?you do to avoid it. ?TO make matters even worse, I changed my voice mail with the very clear message ?I m not here, here s where you can get answers. ??And of course I come back to three voice messages from the same person saying they left a message the other day and?weren t sure why I?hadn t responded. ?Yeah, I have a new message for you the best part is that I have NO idea why they re calling me ??they ?would have been advised to follow up on my directions. ??File this:?NMP? ?Not My Problem.

Congratulations Denver and good luck February 2. ?I think you?re going to need it.



Thanksgiving Gobble Gobble Gobble
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 Happy Thanksgiving Gabbers

As my Father in law has been known to say at every family gathering,

“Always take the time to count your blessings”

and he doesn’t mean just list them with a number but actually be thankful for each one and try to feature what life would be like with out each.

I’m posting this early, using the yougab time machine feature for this to post Thanksgiving morning so I can spend the time I need to help the lovely and vivacious Mrsharry get ready for family festivities, fun, food and frolic.

 Together with the family on Thanksgiving which is my favorite time of year.

This year it’s a small crowd at the harry’s with my Marine’s out in San Diego hosting about 10 of the single Marines with no family into their home for dinner and football.

My two oldest sons will be with the families of their significant others. It’s my Bride and son’s number 3 & 4 with their best girls, a couple of older neighbors and my Mom. After its to my brother and sister in laws for drinks, desert and football on a larger TV.

Sports thoughts:

So I guess Sunday nights classic legends NFL clash, Manning / Brady 14

finally and for once and for all ended the debate on who is the better QB

Manning (you mad bro?)is the better indoor QB (2-7 when the temp is 35 or colder)


Brady is the better outdoor QB (25-5 when the temp is 35 or colder)

And I’d be negligent if I didn’t add that Brady now has a 10-4 head to head record.

My first annual Oldharry Gobblers Award goes to:

 Boston College senior running back Andre Williams

The 6’ 220 lb RB Andre’s game log for this season is below

8/31            Villanova             23       114        1 TD

9/6             Wake Forrest       35       199        1 TD

9/14           USC                     17          33        0

9/28           Florida State        28        144        1 TD

10/5           Army                    30         262        5 TD’s

10/12         Clemson              24           60        0

11/2           Virginia Tech        33         166        2 TD’s

11/9          New Mexico State 30         295        2 TD’s

11/16       NC State                42         330        2 TD’s

11/23        Maryland               32          255        2 TD’s


Season totals                       320        2071       16         6.5 per car average

Amazing season and still has a game to go. Hasn’t been listed among the top Heisman Trophy candidates but would get my vote if I had one


And I’m sending this thanksgiving thank you to the honchos here at the Gab as well as to my fellow gabbers. Thank you for reading my dribble and thank you for the comments you take the time to write which makes this all worth while. Best to all of you and God bless.



I'm saying it right but it just doesn't sound familiar
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World Series beards


Eli’s Giants (1-6) won and Peyton’s Broncos (6-1) lost

Josh Freeman’s debut for the Vikings was very  Bradyesque on Monday night…

(that’s this years Brady and not the HOF Brady)

The Kansas City Chiefs are the last of the unbeaten at 7-0

Gronk finally suited up and played for the Patriots. 8 catches for 114 yards.

The Tigers and Dodgers are left to try to figure out what happened in series they were supposed to win.

Koji Uehara ALCS MVP

Bostons beloved mayor Mumbles Menino is hopeful the Red Sox will bring home the World Series Cup…like they did in 04 and 07…we knew it wouldn’t be long before he embarrassed an entire region.

The 97 win Cardinals and 97 win Red Sox are meeting in the WS

Game one will be in the books when this goes to press so the results may not be in.

The weather forecast is for cool showers, temps in the mid 40s at 8:07 EST

32 year old Adam Wainwright  19-9      2.94


29 year old Jon Lester            15-8       3.75

Thursday’s match up will most likely be an interesting matchup between guys at completely different stages in their careers

22 year old Mike Wacha vs 35 year old John Lackey

 Frosty Fenway will be in the low 40’s good for pitchers but not for hitters

The breaking news is that Red Sox starter Clay Buchholz 12-1 1.72

may not be back to full strength for his scheduled game 3 start in St Louis on Saturday. The Red Sox will probably move Jake Peavy up to this start and hope Clay can pitch on Sunday. If not then regular season 5th starter lefty Felix Dubrount 11-6 may get the game 4 start. Jon Lester has been great on full rest but pitching on 3 days rest isn't in his skill set.

Buchholz had an 80 game stay in the DL this season and even though he was 12-1 with the sub .200 era his durability has always been a question.

At 6'4" 188 lbs Clay has 95 heat but would rather work the black with his 91 two seam and a variety of cutter, slider, curve and change to keep opposing hitters off balance. He's usually sharp thru 4-5 but fades quickly and leaves the ball up in the zone.


NFL MVP watch:

Peyton has 25TD’s and 4 picks 2565 yards thru 7 games

On record breaking pace for 57 TD’s and 5,800 yards passing


NFL top 10

Kansas City 7-0

Denver 6-1

Seattle 6-1

San Francisco 5-2

New Orleans 5-1

Cincinnati   5-2

Indianapolis 5-2

Green Bay 4-2

New England 5-2

San Diego  4-3


new segment: He's got some splainin’ to do

Bill usually respectfully requests an explanation by the officials when he’s not sure of a call.

  Is it possible Brady struggles really are Belichick’s fault ?

We already know that Tommy can't throw the ball and catch it too…but some of those throws... nobody could catch. Where is the accuracy…where is the confidence.

The O line has been a sieve and Tom gets knocked down but he gets up again

Are the Patriots doomed by the injuries to Jerrod Mayo, Vince Wilfork, Tommy Kelly and Aqib Talib on defense leaving them with the likes of Chris Jones, Joe Valaino, Jamie Collins and Marquies Coles to hold down the fort?

The Patriots loss in OT vs the Jets via that controversial call on Chris Jones push of his teammate in violation of the new NFL

“don’t push your teammate into the opponents center rule”

sent jubilant Rex Ryan to the podium saying “ we got the break…about time we got the break” if Ryan bided his time and alerted the refs that the Pats were violating this rule than, hats off to the big dope. Rex finally got BB on this one. The Jets played well, took advantage of the Pats weaknesses and deserved to win.

Bill obviously had been ignoring the rule and didn’t expect to be caught. Arrogant and with no excuse Bill expected it to be treated like pass interference on a Hail Mary play…flags stay in pockets.

My take, it’s a rule and although it hasn’t been enforced prior to this play it’s still a rule and was violated and hence the 15 yards was the correct call.

It’s hard for this die hard fan to admit that the Pats are in a dog fight just to make the playoffs. Most teams and fans would be ecstatic to be 5-2 at this point but the Patriots spoiled fans aren’t used to this mediocrity. I arrogantly looked at the schedule before the season and said, 13-3 and a bye!

What do I know, I picked the Red Sox to finish 4th


Trivia question for today…From the ’04 championship Red Sox and Patriots teams, name the active roster players on today’s teams that were on those teams.  


One last thought,

Should Indianapolis change the city name to Allpeopleapolis ?

thanks for reading and commenting and enjoy the WS...go Sox

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Are you sick of hearing about Peyton Manning's return to Indianapolis?



I don't have a crystal ball but...
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I don’t have a crystal ball


Bill Parcells once had one… but lost it

One cool rainy night at old

Foxboro Stadium the story goes… it disappeared,

Just vanished from his desk that was tucked into a corner of the locker room in that $7 million dollar High School like stadium…


Bill doesn’t have one and I don’t have a crystal ball either, someone does I’ve heard…

Just for the next few minutes imagine if someone you knew did.

with that in mind read this totally imaginary scene from the posh establishment you have all visited on Mondays here at the Gab,

Mo’s Tavern http://www.yougabsports.com/pt/Odds--Ends-at-the-Tavern/blog.htm

Some time in mid August of this year some of the resident Gab/Patriots fans

sat around Mo’s infamous round table

Chewing the fat and discussing the upcoming season of unknowns and

unwanted changes with their favorite team


This conversation was overheard with Tom Waits singing about closing time in the background…

Oldharry: I think that Sudfeld kid will make us forget Hernandez.

Sully: Cuz, are you high man? that Sudfeld is a stiff! He’ll probably be on the Jets before the seasons over.

Lanz: He’s a big kid, should be able to get open, may have potential…we’ll see.


Mo: lets see…5 Sam Adams, 1 Glenlivet 21 on rocks, 1 Woodstock Pigs Ear Brown Ale… Want funions, nuts or chex mix?

Oldharry: Yes, thanks Mo, all around. I think Suds works out Sully, he will be solid opposite Fells or Ballard till Gronk gets back.

Sully: Mo, what do you think about this years Pats?


Mo:  can’t you see I’m working Kevin, got an establishment to run...

maybe let you in on something later big guy.

Hal: Ballard looks like he’s running in mud, he won’t be on the final 53

Radatz: Fells can’t block or catch, I say he’s gone too.

Tage: The receivers have me worried, bunch of kids with potential but no experience,

Brady will be screaming at these guys, we’ll be feeling bad for them by week two…

Oldharry: I see Ridley having a big year, maybe 1400 yards and a dozen TD’s.

Sully: I’m a little worried about scoring, the D will be solid if they stay healthy, last thing they can afford is Vince, Spikes or Mayo getting tweaked and missing some time.

Radatz: The D backs should be better if Dennard can stay out of jail, Talib can cover most, Arrington has good ball skills and Adrian Wilson is a pro, he reminds me of  Rodney Harrison out there.

Tage: The kicking game is solid, Gostkowski is money and who doesn’t love Zoltan Mesko. That guy will be here for the rest of his career and they have that speedster Boyce who should be returning kicks

Lanz: Ridley should be ok if he can hold onto to the ball but I think the key to the offense is Vereen, he’s due for a break out year and Tommy will lean on him with Welker and Woodhead gone. Vereen can line up outside and with that speed he’s a mismatch.

Hal: Amendola should be able to take Welkers slack, it’s the TE’s and outside receivers I’m not to sure of. The most experienced receiver on the team is Edelman and he’s fragile

Oldharry: Welker won’t catch 40 balls in Denver with maybe 2 TD’s, he is Manning’s 4th option. He made a mistake going to Denver. Mark my words, Peyton has no arm strength and the Broncos will be lucky to win 8 games with that D.       Atlanta and the Pats are the class of the NFL this year.


Tage: Oldharry that blind loyalty is why NFL fans around the country hate us.

Manning is due for a huge year, Broncos should win 14.

 I wonder if Lloyd, Gaffney and Branch will hang around waiting for a call, Brady will contact them if these kids don’t pan out…


Lanz: harry Tage is right, you have to get rid of those rose colored glasses, look around... this cup is half empty…


Mo had heard enough blather, he walked over to the table with another round, this one on the house.

He set the drinks and some pretzels on the table and walked back to the bar. He picked up an object and carried it carefully over and set it down.


Mo: I have a crystal ball. A friend of a friend says its from the old Foxboro Stadium locker room, he left it here a few years back to cover his tab…had it sitting in the back seat of a Rambler parked out front.


My friends, I do have a crystal ball


I’ve been looking into it

What would you Pats fans say if I told you that after five games

the Patriots would:

-Have played the first 5 games without Gronk

-that Amendola has been a non factor since getting hurt in game one

-and Julian Edelman leads the team in receptions with 37

- that Zoltan Mesko is punting for the hapless Pittsburgh Steelers

-and that Ridley has an injured knee and has been pedestrian at best

-fatso Lagarrette Blount at 255 lbs is your kick returner and leading rusher

-that ShaneVereen is on IR until late November

-that Vince Wilfork is on IR with a torn Achilles tendon…

-that A guy named Chris Jones is your starting N T

-WR rookies Tomkins and Dobson have combined for 4 TD’s and 18 drops

-stud TE Zak Sudfeld is on the Jets

-that future HOF QB Tom Brady has a passer rating of 80 and has only thrown for more than 300 yards once in the five games

-and that Matt Mully Mulligan has the only TD by a TE

-this team is 31st in red zone offense only better than the Jags


And with all that being true…

The Pat’s will still be  4-1 and will be just one bad throw or bad drop away from pushing the Bengals into OT in the lone 7 pt loss

C’mon Mo…

We don’t believe you, we aren’t buying that! said a chorus led by Oldharry…

You’ve lost your mind…

Next are you gonna tell us that the Red Sox dropped the Rays 3 games to1 in the ALDS and are hosting the Det/ Oak winner in the ALCS?

Or that the Dodgers are in the NLCS?

Or that the Chiefs are unbeaten?

Or  or that the US government is in partial shut down?

Or that Beeze has a dog named Finnegan

Or that Peyton has thrown for 20 TD’s for the 5-0 Broncos


Eli has thrown 12 picks for the 0-5 Giants


Or that DVT has run out of one liners…


Crystal ball Mo?…

what kind of idiots do you think we are… 

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