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1 in 9.2 quintillion.  Of course, you’re reading this because your bracket was busted and you had no chance at the Quicken Loans 1 Billion Dollar prize. How do I know?  Out of all the submissions, there were 3 left standing on Friday, but each of those dreams ended when Memphis beat George Washington.  Unless, you’re Brad Binder - he’s still got a perfect bracket (as of Sunday), but it seems he failed to enter the challenge - he only entered Yahoo! Sports brackets.  Ooops.  Brad, if you happen to be a Gabber, I’m sorry man.  Really, I am.


Wanna know how they can offer a BILLION DOLLARS?  The odds against hitting a perfect bracket are 1-in-9.2 quintillion (or 9.2 billion multiplied 1 billion times)...or something like that. See, that number is a straight math problem - 2 to the 63rd power.  According to an old USA Today piece I found, looking behind the straight math and figuring in some real world logic, the number is something like 1 in 128-Billion.  At that number, someone could conceivably get it once every 400 years.  Back to how they can offer that kind of cake - the insurance against something like that happening (we’ll use the once every 400 years number) has to be insanely small.  I mean like a couple of us guys here at the Gab could probably roll some left over change and buy a policy like that.  That is if a few of us had about $10-Million laying around.  


I work with sales people all week.  I can’t imagine how giddy the dude who wrote that policy must be.  


1 in 16.  These are my odds that Michael Vick could actually land the starting job in New York - he signed a $5-Million, 1 year deal with the Jets - and make it through the season healthy.  We all know the Jets do like a good QB sideshow.  I mean we’re 2 weeks into free agency, a mountain of teams in need of a Quarterback have already gotten one, and the Jets jettison Sanchez to pick up Vick.  Ouch.  Could Mike Vick really be that much of an upgrade over Sanchez?  Why leap so late in the game?  Meanwhile Sanchez will now sit and wait for someone to go down.  


Now, Vick has been a talented guy, but he reminds me of a video game I used to play back in the day - anyone remember “Glass Joooooe!!”?  

What’s really interesting though, is now that he’s in the Meadowlands, he’s advocating for DeSean Jackson to be acquired as well.  

Now it’s been reported for sometime that New England is a potential landing spot for the disgruntled wideout, and it makes me wonder if he’s already working the NYJ company line or if he’s just trying to help his buddy out by increasing the possible market, or quietly making the push to be the starter - or some combination thereof.  The prospect of Jackson to NYJ could up the ante for Belichick, and to create a little movement - the other teams expressing interest are in the NFC, probably not something Philadelphia would be wont to do.  I’d love to see Jackson in New England, and I feel reasonably comfortable in the idea that he’d behave.  Brady’s window is closing and he can’t be overly happy about how the last 5 years or have played out.  Hard to say if there’s anyone in New York saying “We Need Jackson,” other than Vick, but it’s also hard to see how the Jets could see the value there - I mean they need a few more pieces than a receiver.  See the introductory sentence regarding quarterbacks.


BONUS: Buttfumble.  To pay homage to the Sanchez era in New York, I give you one of my all time favorite memories of the Patriots/Jets rivalry.




Here’s some closer shots from different angles, just in case you didn’t get enough from the YouTube.


Baseball Season is Nigh!  7-1 vs 50-1, Gone are the days that the Cincinnati Reds opened the season with the first game of the year.  I’ve said many times that MLB is a bit of a prisoner to its tradition, and that it has quietly gone about pulling apart the vestiges of the olde game so they can go about modernizing (read here further monetizing) the game.  And so it goes in recent years the Red Sox have opened the season in Japan, The Rockies and Padres have played in Mexico and this year the Dodgers and Diamondbacks opened the year in the Australian outback (presumably they were also used to search for the missing 777 - every extra man helps!).  The Dodgers won both games and thus have 2 wins under their belt a full week before anyone else gets to play a meaningful game.


I guess I appreciate the chance to expand horizons, but I’m trying to figure out just how baseball would fit in with Australian culture - a country of cricket fans.  The NFL tried to build NFL Europe and has played a novelty game in London every year that the fans embrace...but it’s just that, a novelty.  Baseball is huge in Japan, but the game was introduced in the late 1800’s there and developed a following over the course of time.  I don’t know that MLB has the patience to wait 100-years for the continent of Australia to figure this game out.


Have a great week, and don’t buttfumble!  BTW, the Red Sox are 12-1 odds of winning the 2014 World Series...as are the Yankees.

Opening Day Has Arrived!
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Everyone loves an Underdog, especially come March Madness and these opening games did not disappoint.  Mercer taking out Duke is every unaffiliated fan's dream game - a true David & Goliath type of match up.  It is interesting to see that now, even the mighty Duke is falling victim to the decay in the quality of college basketball.  As we all noted earlier, college basketball has had a major quality decline since the NBA started routinely drafting 18 & 19 year olds.  It some ways, it makes the March Madness upsets less surprising.  But who couldn't enjoy Dayton taking out Ohio State?!

In case you missed it, MLB opened the baseball season with a Dodgers - Diamondbacks game in Australia.  Kershaw pitched a strong game leading to a 3-1 victory.  First of all, it is clear that the Aussies seem to be a little confused about the game.  I really do not understand why baseball would decide to send Opening Day to the other side of the planet - who knows about it?

Next week is the REAL opeining day - and it will be time for a little forecasting for 2014.  By the way, Tanaka pitches today...think I will have to watch.

Enjoy the basketball!


O H Thursday
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Oh Thursday

Oh those Bruins!!!

The Boston Bruins have now won 10 straight…that’s right hockey fans, 10-0-0

And clearly the best of the East. They even are in the conversation for best in the league with the St Louis Blues


I had planned on getting a full breakdown done for my MLB predictions but time hasn’t allowed that.  Life has been busy at the new job going full speed ahead. And I must admit, I’m not as into the start of the MLB season as I was a couple of weeks back.

Maybe it’s just the cold weather is lingering on and dampening my enthusiasm. It was 10 degrees when I left the house Tuesday morning warming up into the high 30s, Wednesday saw the mid 40s and today it may just creep up to 50…a damp and dreary 50 that is.

I’m not positive but I vaguely remember the beautiful Mrsharry working on her tan last March…Where is the Spring? Who took it? Al Gore, you don’t know anything…global this!


Here is the promised win predictions for the upcoming MLB season



Boston        95       NY             92      


Detroit           100


Texas               94    Oakland           92

Playoff matchups

WC game Oakland at New York

Texas at Boston

WC at Detroit




Washington        98   Atlanta                94


St Louis               90


Dodgers               93   San Fran               90

Playoff matchups

WC   San Fran at Atlanta

St Louis at Los Angeles

WC at Washington


Troublesome thoughts:

The oldharry mind is trying to put the world events into some sort of order, a lot of things are troubling to me:

The Crimean/ Ukraine/ Russia situation has put the US military on alert…I have children serving in the US military…Read in any emotion at this point.

Secretary of State, John “the mourning dove” Kerry had these slamming scary words for Putin yesterday,

“ What you have done is not in line with how civilized people should act…the repercussions for this illegal action will be…sanctions…”

The warning signs of Russia's actions were visible three years ago, Mitt Romney warned about this two years ago...the administration ignored this right along and now can't do anything about it...troubling indeed.

The missing 777 is troubling, lack of viable information from Malaysia is troubling. No wreckage, no sign of a safe landing. The 777 makes for a large bomb an Israeli agent said recently. “Israel is on alert. How far can you fly at 640 mph with 6 hours of fuel?

What has or will become of the 227 passengers with valid passports…troubling indeed.


Texting while driving has become my pet peeve of the week. I pull up behind a stopped car at a red light. The light turns green but yet the car in front of me doesn’t move…I lightly tap on my horn but still no move. The guy behind me blares on his horn and still no reaction. The light turns yellow and then red again. I put my window down and yell, “hey, stop texting and drive or get off the road!” The driver still doesn’t react. The light turns green and the now 5 cars behind me start tooting their horns. I got out and walked up to the window of the car and there is this guy, about 30 years old texting away…I tap his window and he, startled by the tap, shoots thru the intersection. Idiot.

I was sitting back there stereotyping thinking it was a young woman driver…wrong, idiots take all shapes and sizes.


I went to a local bank to cash a small check from one of my neighbors who insists I take payment for doing neighborly things like shoveling the driveway etc. I don’t bank at this particular establishment so they asked me to produce 2 forms of picture ID. I gave her my driver’s license and my CSL. She scoured them and looked at me several times and compared my signatures. Then she looked at the $30 check and checked the endorsement to the signature on file. She then told me the signature on the check didn’t match the one on file so she would have to contact the signee. She asked me if I was a homeowner and upon me saying yes handed me a flyer of the Banks many benefits and programs to look at while she made the call. A few minutes later she returned and took $30 from the drawer and said, “you see how we protect our depositors, would you like to take advantage of this service by opening an account with us today?”


I said politely, “no I don’t want to open an account with you but I would like my identifications that you put in the drawer back”


Does cashing a check have to be such a hassle? Next time I’ll just deposit it in my bank…but I did need the cash, I hate plastic.


Happy thoughts…


March Madness starts soon…do you have your brackets done yet?

As usual the New England Area has little or no chance to capture the NCAA crown but we will put forth an effort with our 4 teams, Harvard, Providence College, U Conn and U Mass.


Grady Sizemore looks like a 25 year old in Red Sox Spring training. I wonder how long he holds up.


The local beer store was unloading Sam Adams Summer Ale as I drove by…at least the local brewery has the right idea.


Darelle Revis said he’s happy to be a Patriot. Brandon Browner says he’s happy to be a Patriot. Julian Edelman says he’s happy to be back home with the Patriots. Brandon La Fell is very happy to be one of the guys to catch passes from Tom Brady and TB12 will be very happy to have more hands on deck this season…Vince Wilfork says he will be happy to play out the last year of his Patriots contract but he won’t restructure…so release me if you won’t pay me.


Closing thoughts:


Today is the first day of spring and I’m sure that under the graying snow in my yard there are daffodils ready to burst forth…but the forecast for Monday next is 23 degrees by day and single digits by night…


Don’t forget to stop next door and check out Lanz and his talking sports column.

Deep Thoughts 3-19-2014
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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. I have to apologize again for my blog last week. It is very nice to be back at home and able to have technology be my friend again. It is March and I find myself being torn with regard to my attention and sports. For obvious reasons, I am all in with college baseball this year. But as spring training enters the “serious” phase, I am having a tough time absorbing the new players and exactly who is where. Of course, March is also the season for March Madness. This year really looks to be a wide open affair. I read an interesting piece on Tuesday about the book makers in Vegas being pissed about the job done this year by the NCAA tournament committee. Apparently, there are more than a few guys in the glitter city that believe that they could do a much better job than the NCAA in deciding the bracket seedings. I sort of laughed to myself when I thought about the NCAA allowing Vegas to do their job.  I have no doubt that the professional bookmakers could indeed do a better job, but how would this look? I can see the NCAA guys squirming in their seats at this suggestion. Oh hell no! These are amateurs and guys in Vegas are anything but.  I am sure that the NCAA won’t complain about the millions of dollars that they are preparing to rake in over the next few weeks. Honestly, I love the tournament. It really is something that has grown into a great event. People with no knowledge of college basketball will take a few moments to complete their bracket. And…more than a few will travel to Las Vegas to place a few bets on their favorite teams. So, yeah…if you are SMU, it sucks to be left off. I also agree that Louisville is better than a 4 seed. But, this is the system that we have and I don’t seeing it change anytime soon…and I am okay with that.






Maybe I was grabbing some food or just not paying attention, but apparently I missed a Super Bowl halftime salute by some rapper called MIA. In the past two years since this occurred, the NFL has been trying to gain some financial retribution for the raised middle digit.  Initially, the NFL tried to claim that MIA was in breach of contract and wanted 1.5 million dollars for “tarnishing” the NFL’s image. Now the NFL has changed courses and is requesting additional restitution of 15.5 million dollars for the “exposure” MIA gained by her action. Where did this number come from you might ask? Goodell’s bean counters calculated that the Super Bowl was viewed by 167 million people and by using the amount charged advertisers, MIA’s two minute performance was assessed at this rate. Huh? Are you kidding me? Say Goodell, have you ever listened to rap? Ever watched a rapper perform? If you don’t want someone raising a middle finger, you might want to consider bringing in a marching band like the old days. I have a better idea. Go back to the punt, pass and kick competition at halftime and forget trying to do a freaking concert that nobody cares about. Seriously, what do you do during the Super Bowl halftime? If you are watching the game to see someone perform at halftime, you are way different than I am.  The NFL is doing way more damage to their sacred “reputation” by bullying some rapper in court. I would dare say that more people were offended by Richard Sherman frothing at the mouth than by some rapper briefly flipping off the camera. Why not worry about getting rid of bullies like Cognito and Pouncey and let a halftime incident go. But, that is just me…





When is a playoff game not a playoff game? Although I did not catch the original comment by Kenny Lofton, he maintained that the Indians did not make the playoffs last year. The current group of Indians did not miss the comments and were pissed. Nick Swisher caught up with Lofton at an Indians fan fest and wanted to know what his problem was. In not so many words, Swisher told Lofton that they were trying to build something special in Cleveland and that if he did not want to get on board, to hit the road. This message was communicated nose to nose, according to witnesses. Lofton was not well received when he showed up at spring training and his visit was especially short this year. Lofton contends that since the Indians lost the playoff game that this does not count as being in the playoffs. Even if that were the truth (it obviously is not), why would an ex player like Lofton be so petty with regard to something that is entirely ridiculous? After reading a bit from those that covered Lofton, it seems that this is just his nature…or he is an asshole, if you will. I am not a huge Indians fan, but I can’t help but give Swisher props for telling Lofton how it is. He did not send a tweet or an email or a facebook message. Nick Swisher did it the old fashioned way…face to face. This is how you handle this kind of thing and how I wish other athletes would use this approach today. Much of the bs that goes on with twitter would stop if you were eyeball to eyeball. Yes, I am talking to you Richard Sherman and DeAngelo Hall arguing on twitter about who is the best defensive back…is just stupid and a waste of time. If it is worth saying…say it in person.




I have said many times that I am determined to outlast Jerry Jones. It is the only way that I can remain a Cowboys fan. When I read this week that the Cowboys had signed Brandon Weeden, I had to take a head in palm moment. Has anyone seen anything from Weeden that suggests that he could be a good , decent, mediocre NFL QB? I am steadfast in my determination to remain a fan…but it is becoming more and more difficult. The Cowboys are such a mess that I am beginning to think that it may be many years before the team with the star on the helmet will be relevant again. Jerry, that means winning a playoff game or two, not how much money you are putting in your pocket.



As most of you know, Julie and I have been doing a bit of traveling to watch UTPA play baseball. I have been in many different ballparks, and honestly I am not easily impressed. I see games each year at the Longhorn’s Disch-Falk Stadium. I have seen stadiums for LSU, Auburn and many other smaller colleges. But to be honest, the Aggies Olsen field literally blew me away. I vaguely remember something about Blue Bell being a sponsor for the facelift, but damn! What a beautiful venue to watch baseball. If there is a nicer college facility in the country, I don’t know where it is. I have to hand it to the Aggies, they really have done a great job with their entire athletic complex. Everything is on campus and close…and the parking was an easy walk. My only complaint is that they would not allow me to bring in our stadium seats. Leave it to the Aggies to mess it up with a rule that no chairs wider than 13 inches are allowed. I told the guy…hell my ass is wider than 13 inches. Makes no sense! In spite of this, it was a great time. Of course, a couple of days were all I could handle of seeing that much maroon. It is very much like a cult down there. They love their Aggie sports and even for a mid-week game were out in force. As much as it pains me to do…I gotta tip my hat to the Aggies.



















This is pretty cool...they post the starting lineups on the chalk board for each game. Of course, Mom had to get a picture...



I have to give a shout out to my cousin's daughter Blair Richmond. She is a freshman basketball player at New Mexico Jr. College. Her Thunderbird team won the conference season title and the conference tournament and was able to participate in the JUCO Championship tourney in Kansas. Although Blair's team was defeated in the first round, it was still a terrific year. Sadly, Blair injured her knee in the tournament and is waiting on an MRI to determine her future. Thoughts and prayers to Blair!






That is all I have for today, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey…


The most unfair thing about life is the way it ends. I mean, life is tough. It takes up a lot of your time. What do you get at the end of it? A death. What's that, a bonus? I think the life cycle is all backwards. You should die first, get it out of the way. Then you live in an old age home. You get kicked out when you're too young, you get a gold watch, you go to work. You work forty years until you're young enough to enjoy your retirement. You do drugs, alcohol, you party, you get ready for high school. You go to grade school, you become a kid, you play, you have no responsibilities, you become a little baby, you go back into the womb, you spend your last nine months warm, happy, and floating...you finish off as an orgasm.


To me, boxing is like a ballet, except there's no music, no choreography, and the dancers hit each other.



Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own.




March Maddness...in Many Forms
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Welcome to March Madness which begins with an absolutely wild finish to this year's Iditarod.  Dallas Seavey rallied from third place to win after the leaders reached the final major checkpoint with a 3 hour lead.  In dog sledding, a 3 hour lead is like a 10 lap lead in the Daytona 500 with 3 laps to go...you just don't lose.  Unbelievably, former champion Jeff King was literally blown off the trail as headed toward the finish line at Nome.  The winds were so severe that King was forced to withdraw and take a snow mobile ride in to save himself and his dogs.   Dallas also managed to get past Aily Zirkle, finishing 2 minutes ahead to claim the title.  As you can see from the photo, everyone was quite happy to across the finish line!

When it comes to the March Madness that everyone thinks about, how many people actually follow college basketball except for these three weeks in March?  The quality of the basketball has deteriorated to such a level that many games are just unwatchable.   And then there is no consistency any longer in building a sustaining program - which makes the accomplishments of teams such as Duke really impressive.  Year after year, they continue to field Top 10 teams. In the age of "one & done" that is miraculous.  So anyway, we have Florida and Wichita State...really, those are the top seeds?   The whole situation with young players thinking they are ready to leap to the NBA after 1 year of college basketball is perhaps worse than when the NBA just drafted them out of high school.  

I have a solution to One & Done:  let athletes who think they are good enough for the NBA submit an application to the NBA for the draft.  A panel of GM's picks up to 10 candidates who could potentially be lottery picks are invited to enter the draft.  Everyone else is returned to college with an obligation to stay for at least 3 years.   Under my system, truly talented players could enter the NBA while the rest of the wannabe's have a chance to grow up...and at the same time, restore basketball programs across the country.

I have no idea how to fill out a bracket this year...do I believe in Wichita State?  I think it may be better to go with the old reliables...a wall and a set of darts.

Have a great Saturday!

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