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Deep Thoughts
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Hello gabbers, and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. I know that some of you are digging out from the damage done by Irene. Thankfully, the damage was not nearly as bad as forecasters had predicted. I wish that my job allowed me as much margin for error as the weather guys...The Austin weather guys have a much easier job this time of year. It is either hot or hotter. As hot as this summer has been, I glance to the west and realize that Harvey and his neighbors have it worse. At least this year Arizona has some good baseball to take their mind off of the heat.

There are still a few good baseball races left to entertain us...the DBacks are trying to run away from the sagging Giants. The Rangers†appear to have a comfortable lead over the Angels and the Tigers are trying to hold off the surging White†Sox...but†the†sporting world's †attention has been drawn to football. Tell me that you have not watched a bit of preseason football or have read†to prepare†for your drafts...yes indeed, football season is here.

I read today that†Michael Vick has signed a 6 year contract for 100 million†dollars. How does this make you feel?†We have always been a nation that embraces comebacks. If ever there is a guy that has reinvented himself, it is Michael Vick. I know that the proof is in the long term pudding, but†considering that this†guy was signed last year as the 3rd string††QB...the contract he signed this week is pretty damn amazing. Do you remember Kevin Kolb? I know that I do. I drafted him on more than one fantasy team last year. I was lucky enough to grab Vick in two of my leagues when Kolb went down; the other one I was not so lucky. I read an article about Vick in ESPN the Magazine yesterday and was intrigued by the transformation that Vick went through to become a more polished NFL QB. After each practice last summer, Vick worked with Eagles QB coach Marty Mornhinweg. Because Vick arrived from prison 2 steps slower, he was forced to embrace the pocket. After practice was over, Vick worked on his footwork...over and over again. You may have seen these drills...cones are set up and the QB has to work through the cones then fire to a target. Slowly but surely, Vick became better. The article shows Vick's numbers from his last year at Atlanta and last year by quarter. In each quarter, he was at least 10% more accurate. As Vick's athleticism came back, the finished product was pretty damn good. I sense that prison changed Vick in many ways...let's hope that he does not forget what he learned behind bars.

Ben prepares to fire...

Last Friday was the first game for my son's Westwood HS football team. The Warriors of Westwood faced one of their old rivals from Cedar Park. Cedar Park put a whoopin on Westwood last year on their way to a heartbreaking loss in the 4A state finals. This was a really good team that had 5 D1 OL prospects. Thankfully four of them are playing on Saturdays now, but there was still one big ugly and a returning stud at QB. Cedar Park is a power football team. They really run the old single wing attack and last Friday saw their Sr. QB rush 33 times for 225 yards. Brian Hogan is the Timberwolves QB and he was his slipperly, silding self last Friday. Not exceptionally big or fast, he has a talent for evading tacklers. It is a good thing that he does not pass well as the two interceptions he threw probably resulted in a Warrior victory. As I have previously mentioned, Westwood has a stud QB of their own. The Cedar Park Timberwolves defense was determined to not allow Ben any running room. They did indeed contain the QB run, but as they found out, we also have a pretty good running back and receiver this year. I have included several videos of last Friday night. The Final score was 21 to 13 and was a great start to a promising season. My son played on each special team and played most of the 4th quarter as an inside linebacker. He is #35 in the videos.

Blake brings down the elusive Brian Hogan.

Those Friday night wins feel so good...

Westwood begins the season with flair...

Cedar Park's troubles began early...I missed this, but of course it was on you tube...

Opening kick off...

What will give area defensive coordinators sleepless nights...Ben to Dez.

Another completion to Dez...

The back breaker...after Cedar Park scored to make it 14 to 13 (missed the extra point) We were trying to run out the clock. LeDeans Anderson had a better idea. This kid moved to Austin from out of state at the end of last year...welcome to Texas LeDeans!

Blake makes a nice tackle (had to include this).

Can anyone explain why the flute section is sitting down? I am sorry to say that I have a difficult time with much of what the high school bands do these days. I guess I am a traditionalist...

Here is the after game celebration...we call this the 5th quarter.

After reading this today, I could not help but mention. It has become common for many folks to train in CPR and to learn things like the Heimlich maneuver. It is such a simple thing, thankfully this vendor knew what he was doing:

Hot Dog Story Link

That's all I have for this week...but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey to ponder:

There should be a detective show called "Johnny Monkey," because every week you could have a bad guy say "I ain't gonna get caught by no MONKEY," but then he would, and I don't think I'd ever get tired of that.

I wish I would have a real tragic love affair and get so bummed out that I'd just quit my job and become a bum for a few years, because I was thinking about doing that anyway.

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own...

Michael Floyd is back...should he be?
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It was announced this week that Notre Dame Football Coach Brian Kelly has reinstated his best receiver in Michael Floyd and allowed him back on the team after suspending him in March for getting a DUI - his third alcohol-related charge since joining the team in the summer of 2008.

Several days later, Irish Shu is STILL trying to sort-out how he feels about it.

Hey, I know that numbers don't lie.† He's the best receiver The Irish have right now.† I know it.† you know it.† Coach K knows it.† IF Floyd keeps his nose clean and†stays healthy Notre Dame will have an impressive season and Floyd will break a few more Irish receiving records than he already has.

Hey, I know that college students and student athletes drink and party.† That's what they do.† Floyd made a very human mistake and got caught doing what is typical for people his age in college...for the third time since he entered college.

Hey, I also know that I'm not the coach, I'm not the receiver, I'm not a teammate and I don't live in South Bend.† I know the newspaper facts and not much else.

That said, I question the coaches' logic on why he chose to allow Floyd back on the team rather than suspend him for a game or 2, at least, and set an example for Floyd's teammates by doing so.

Kelly's explanation?

ďIt wasnít just my own personal evaluation,Ē Kelly said of the decision to restore Floyd back to the ND roster on Wednesday. ďHaving been in (head coaching) for 21 years, it was my gut feeling whether to take a chance on a young man, because you canít save everybody.

ďIíve had scenarios where young men just donít learn, and itís unfortunate. But it is what it is. I really felt with Mike that he had made a life-changing decision. So that was a gut feeling on my part. And then there were other observations from people who were a lot closer to him on a more consistent basis. All of this, in its totality, led me to the decision that I made reinstating him.Ē

"It's so individual, I don't think there's one pattern, as it relates to discipline. Michael had to make a decision on his own ... to change his life. I didn't believe suspending him for a game or two was going to make a difference."


I think I'm still out on this one.

It's a 2-edged sword; on one hand I feel like a standard is not being upheld here...on the other hand I admit that as a die-hard Irish fan, I probably won't mind that Michael's back on the team once ND has handily won the first few games with him shredding opposing defenses should it pan-out that way.

My other thought is that Kelly's really sticking his neck on the line for Floyd by doing this.† It's his ass if Floyd blows it again.

Well, that and I'm still REALLY chomping at the bit for college football to start, already!

Any thoughts?

Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Plans Brighten Under Nnamdi Asomugha
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It has been since 1960 since the City of Brotherly Love won a NFL title. Lives of many Eagles fan have come and gone since Hall of Famers Chuck Bednarik and Jim Taylor crashed to the turf in the Eagles 17-13 championship victory over the Green Bay Packers.

Bednarik, the greatest defensive player in Eagles history, laid on top of the Packers fullback seven yards short of the end zone as time expired. It was the only time Hall of Fame coach Vince Lombardi lost a postseason game with the Packers.

Hard times soon befell the franchise after that win. They were generally in the basement of their division yearly until Dick Vermeil arrived in 1976. The Eagles had had just one winning season from 1961 up until that point.

After a few years of molding his team with the players he wanted, Vermeil led Philadelphia to Super Bowl XV. Though the Eagles lost that game, and Vermeil soon retired due to exhaustion and burn-out, a winning culture was reborn with the Eagles.

Since then, the Eagles have mostly fielded competitive teams. "Gang Green" was a famous defense led by Hall of Famer Reggie White in the 1980's. Yet the teams of that day could not quite reach the title game.

One of the biggest moments in Eagles history came in 1994, where Jeffrey Lurie bought the team for $195 million. Lurie had the team worth over a billion dollars by 2007 due to his excellent leadership.

One of Lurie's best characteristics is how he lets his team speak for him, instead of seeking the limelight like so many other NFL owners do. He is not afraid to take chances on players with shaky pasts, yet these players do not seem to get in trouble once they sign a contract with the Eagles.

I had the pleasure of seeing Lurie in action firsthand before the 2009 season. I had written an article lamenting the exclusion of Eagles legend Al Wistert from the Eagles Honor Roll. Lurie's office contacted me, asked me for Wistert's facts, then had him inducted into the Honor Roll in just six months.

Not only was I happy for the then-88-year old Wistert, who I had interviewed, but I saw an owner with real love for his team and the history it has.

To put things in better perspective, Norm Braman was the man who created the Eagles Honor Roll. The former Eagles owner from 1985 - 1994 had even written a letter to the Pro Football Hall of Fame calling for Wistert's induction. Yet even Braman failed to induct the first Eagle to ever have his jersey retired, let alone the fact Wistert invented stand-up blocking in the NFL.

Lurie has helmed an Eagles franchise that has seemingly been on the brink of a title almost every year since he bought the team. He is obviously loyal, sticking with head coach Andy Reid since 1999. Joe Banner has been the president of the Eagles since 1995. Howie Roseman, now the general manager, has been with Philadelphia since 2000, replacing Tom Heckert. Heckert held the position from 2001 to 2009.

These men help Lurie bring in better talent than many teams in the NFL. Players who helped the Eagles win the NFL East six times since 2001. Philadelphia reached Super Bowl XXXIX in 2004, but lost 24-21.

Lurie has always had his eye on a title and this season will be a prime example of that. Philadelphia has been quiet since the players strike ended in words, but enormous in actions.

After quickly signing their draft picks, along with a slew of undrafted free agent rookies, the team fleeced the Arizona Cardinals in a trade. They dealt promising quarterback Kevin Kolb, who was destined to be a backup this year, for Pro Bowl cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a second-round draft pick next year.

They then replaced Kolb with two-time Pro Bowler Vince Young. While Kolb has an upside, he is just one year younger than Young and has a losing record as a starter. Young, who will backup Michael Vick this year, has won 30 of his 47 starts in the NFL.

If that wasn't enough, Philadelphia surprised everyone a few by signing Nnamdi Asomugha to a contract when most "experts" expected the Dallas Cowboys or New York Jets to do so.

Asomugha was perhaps the best player to hit the free agent market in the last decade. He now gets to pair up with Rodgers-Cromartie at cornerback, which does not bode well for the rest of the league.

Asante Samuel is four-time Pro Bowler entering his prime. Unlike Rodgers-Cromartie, he is not entering the last year of his contract. It seems highly unlikely the Eagles will retain all three Pro Bowl cornerbacks this season, so Samuel should command a good return in a trade.

With an explosive offense that just got better by signing speedy wide receiver Johnnie Lee Higgins and veteran tight end Donald Lee, the team showed in 2010 it can pile up points in a hurry. Yet the one remaining Eagles weakness has dogged Reid most of his time in Philadelphia.

For all the skilled players Reid has led, the Eagles seem annually weak in the trenches on both sides of the football. Undersized defensive linemen that can be run on, and offensive linemen who can't seem to get that extra push on short-yardage plays.

Eagles fans have often gone crazy seeing a passing play called on a 3rd or 4th and one, but that was all Philadelphia could do with the personnel they had. What makes this more baffling is that Reid has coached the offensive line as an assistant in the past, and he even played along the offensive line while in college.

While Trent Cole is a force as a pass rusher along the defensive line, the rest of the group is an assortment of guys who can be run on. Philadelphia brought back Jason Babin, who played with them in 2009, to try to help out.

Babin was a bit of a journeyman since being drafted in 2004. Yet he had his finest year in 2010 after collecting 12.5 sacks and a Pro Bowl nod for the Tennessee Titans. He came to Philadelphia after former Titans defensive line coach Jim Washburn took a job with the Eagles earlier this year. Washburn is one of the most respected defensive line coaches in the NFL.

Linebacker could use some bodies as well, so the Eagles drafted three of them and signed another off the undrafted free agent pool. These guys are expected to help the defensive line have opponents seeing the ghost of late great Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson.

When opponents are forced to pass, they will have a difficult time finding a man to throw to not wearing an Eagles jersey. Juan Castillo is the teams new defensive coordinator, but has been with the team since 1995 coaching the offensive line and tight ends, as well as being an offensive assistant.

The Eagles will dial up the blitz and send seven or eight guys at the opposing quarterback because of their excellent secondary. Philadelphia fans hope the impact of these blitzes are as effective as the times that Johnson or Buddy Ryan drew them up in the past.

The Eagles 2011 schedule is no cake walk, which is typical in the tough NFC East, but they will face many teams that rely on the pass to generate offense. The month of November may be an interesting time for the team.

After hosting the Chicago Bears on Monday night, they will face Kolb in Arizona before going to New York and facing their long-time rival Giants. They then host a New England Patriots team most pundits expect to be very good this year. How Philadelphia comes out of that month could dictate the rest of their story in the 2011 season.

The joke amongst many other football fans is that the Eagles battle cry was "Wait until next year!" With the aggressive and sound leadership of Lurie and Reid, the 2011 season just may be that year where the Eagles put a trophy on their mantle next to that 1960 title.†

The Beeze's Heisman Preview
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I know my pal Irish Shu is itchin' for some College Football talk, so I thought I'd get it started early....

No B-Dub, I'm not picking your guy to win the Heisman! But the kid was a beast last year...South Carolina's Marcus Lattimore has to get mentioned after rushing for 1,197 yards and 17 touchdowns as a true Freshman last year...The 'Cocks may have to put a bigger load on him this year, unless they can get a QB that can keep his head out of his ass...

Coming out of last season, and heading into this year, Oregon Runningback LaMichael James had to be on the top of everyone's list...

James led the country in rushing with 1,731 yards...The Ducks' Offense has 7 returning starters, three of those on the Offensive line...But a NCAA investigation has been hanging over the program throughout the off-season...James and the entire program may be heading for some sanctions...

Stanford QB, Andrew Luck would have been my guy this year, after passing for 3,338 yards...32 touchdowns...And only 8 interceptions in his Sophomore season...But he lost his head coach, Jim Harbaugh to the San Fransisco 49ers...I have a feeling that Luck may regress slightly this season, but he'll be back next year...

The QB to watch out for...Oklahoma State's Brandon Weeden...

Weeden passed for 4,277 yards last year, and connected for 34 touchdowns...Weeden also has his top receiver, Justin Blackmon, back with him...These two can be a deadly combination...Blackmon had 20 TD receptions last season, and 1,782 yards...

One of the guys I was rooting for last year was Boise State's Kellen Moore...

Moore has put up huge numbers in his time at Boise State, and I think he'll do well again this year, but not Heisman well...Moore lost his top two receivers, and his Offensive Coordinator...

My favorite...The guy I'd love to see win it...

Baylor QB, Robert Griffin...Last year Griffin came back from a major knee injury and proved his doubters wrong by passing for 3,501 yards and 22 touchdowns...

And being the dual-threat that he is, he also rushed for 635 yards, and 8 touchdowns...But the big problem for Griffin is that he plays at Baylor...The Bears need to make some serious noise in the Big-12 if their QB is going to get any national attention...

Of course, all that were mentioned were QB's and RB's...Defense rarely gets any Heisman love...I would be thrilled to see a Manti Te'o (LB, Notre Dame) or a Jared Crick (DT, Nebraska) get some attention, but we all know that won't happen...We'll see...

Later, The Beeze.

Rants and Raves
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Sue the Judicial System, Dodgers broke, Sheen on Roids. This and more in this weeks edition of Rants and Raves.

I hope you all had a wonderful and safe 4th of July. I spent over $100 on fireworks. My granddaughter was very happy.

††††††††††††††† ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

If am Michael Vick and Plaxico Burress Iím thinking about take the Legal System to court. Your telling me its okay to kill a 2 year old and get away with it, but if I accidently shoot myself or are cruel and violent to my dogs I get to years in prison. Some things not right!!!

††††††††††††††† ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Do you think MLB Commissioner, Bud Selig, should have denied the Dodgers from their deal with Fox Sports. The TV contract, according to the Dodgers, was in excess of $3 billion dollars for a 17-year deal. MLB say that it was for $1.7 billion dollars for the duration of the contract. The reason the deal was killed by Selig, not all the money would be going to the Los Angeles Dodgers. The McCourts would receive approximately $175 million.

††††††††††††† ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Is this taking your work to heart?? Charlie Sheen admitting to steroid use for 6-8 weeks while filming ďMajor League.Ē Remember Sheen played pitcher Rick ďWild ThingĒ Vaughn in the 1989 movie. Charlie says it was the only time he took steroids and they made him a bit more irritable than normal.

†††††††††††† ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I lived in New York City, Brooklyn to be exact, for 21 years and I never went to Nathans for the Fourth of July Hot Dog eating contest. Now I have been to that Nathanís many a time, and they have outstanding food. I donít know if the still have it, but when I was growing up they had a lo-main in a egg noodle shell that is out of this world. Oh, and their Hot Dogs arenít bad either. I have been to plenty of Nathan stores outside New York, and their hot dogs canít compare to the one at Coney Island. I think itís the water.

†††††††† ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Can someone tell the Pittsburgh Pirates that it is after July 4th. They shouldnít have a record above .500. Actually, I am happy for them. It is good one a different team can have a break-out year. Next year it is Kansas City Royals turn.

†††††††† ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I still canít use to NASCAR drivers pushing each other around the track. But, what makes it even stranger is that the person pushing you can be the enemy. What is wrong with that??

†††††† ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Have a safe week

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