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Philadelphia Eagles Prove Money Doesn't Buy NFL Love
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The Philadelphia Eagles face the Washington Redskins this Sunday in a game that can only be described as an encounter where their 2011 season is on the line. If this team has any Super Bowl aspirations, a fifth defeat could cripple their dreams.

Philadelphia is fighting history this weekend as well. If they finish the weekend at 1-5, the team must realize only the 1970 Cincinnati Bengals reached the playoffs after starting a season as poorly.

That Bengals team started the season 1-6 before rattling off seven straight wins behind Pro Bowl players like Lemar Parrish and Bob Trumpy. They would lose the first playoff appearance in franchise history against the eventual champion Baltimore Colts.

The offense has yet to really click for the Eagles yet this season. While ranking third best in the NFL in total yards gained, they have been struggling to consistently score touchdowns and rank 11th in total points scored. The offensive line, an issue that mostly has haunted head coach Andy Reid since he took the job in 1999.

It has to burn Reid's heart at this issue. He has won 60 percent of the 197 regular season games with Philadelphia, which makes him the winningest head coach in franchise history, but blocking is an area he is supposed to be an expert in.

Reid played offensive tackle in college, then got into coaching immediately upon graduating after his 1981 senior season. He coached the offensive line until the end of the 1996 season. His Eagles teams have produced just five Pro Bowl blockers since he took the helm, with only one that Reid drafted and developed, not something the head coach probably foresaw.

Philadelphia looked smart last year by trading quarterback Donovan McNabb and going with Michael Vick in his place. Vick, though known for a mobility that made him the NFL's top rushing yards leader by a quarterback in league history last week, has taken a tremendous pounding in 2011 because of Philadelphia's offensive line woes.

Vick has battled injuries and missed time this year, something the Eagles thought they had a contingency plan for by signing free agent Vince Young. Young has been to the Pro Bowl quarterback twice since being drafted in 2006, but he was not healthy enough to play when Vick went down.

Blocking isn't the only reason Vick has suffered. Though he is still learning how to be a pocket-passer, Vick has a propensity to hang onto the ball too long and take many unnecessary sacks.

The Eagles rushing attack is led by an excellent 5.8 yards per carry average from halfback LeSean McCoy, yet the Eagles still are ineffective in short yardage situations where a powerful running game between the tackles is needed. None of Reid's teams have ever excelled in this critical area.

If the offensive trenches weren't enough of an issue for Reid, his defensive lines haven't been much better in his Eagles career. Philadelphia has had a habit of getting tiny pass rushers who were weak against the run, often contributing to the reason Reid has yet to win a Super Bowl despite 119 regular season victories and nine playoff appearances in his previous 12 years.

Jeff Lurie has been a great owner since buying the Eagles in 1994. He is known for his loyalty as much as the generosity he has displayed to charitable causes. Reid's coaching staffs have shown a solid continuity for the most part, which can be seen with defensive coordinator Juan Castillo.

Castillo has been with the Eagles since 1995, holding jobs in many areas. After coaching the offensive line since 1998, he moved over to defense this year. Critics are not only pointing to Philadelphia's poor run defense, others are looking at a secondary that has yet to meet expectations.

After spending a ton of money to sign free agent cornerback Nnamde Asomugha, as well as trading for Pro Bowl cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Lurie bit the financial bullet by retaining the services of Pro Bowl cornerback Asante Samuel. Not only has the secondary given up way too many touchdowns on so few passing attempts, ranking 30th in that category, the group is not creating turnovers.

The Eagles tried to address the long-standing issue in their trenches by signing two high profile free agents in Jason Babin and Cullen Jenkins. While the duo has already racked up a combined 12 of the teams 16 total sacks, they are also a reason the team ranks 30th in rushing yards allowed and last in rushing yards per attempt up the middle of the defense.

The team took a gamble this year by going with a bunch of underwhelming or unproven linebackers this season, and are losing big so far. Not only has the group mostly stunk in run support, they have been even worse in pass defense.

The fact the Eagles safeties haven't played great hasn't helped either. Kurt Coleman has struggled at free safety, which hurts more due to the fact Nate Allen has yet to play as well as he did in his 2010 rookie year.

Despite Lurie shilling out millions to Vick, Young, Asomugha, Babin, Bryant, Steve Smith, Ronnie Brown, and others, the results have yet to be met by a group trying to get acclimated with each other on the fly in a season truncated because of a players strike. Yet history shows pouring money into players does not equate to championships.

Whether it is the 2010 Miami Heat, the Ted Stepien Era with the Cleveland Cavaliers, or even the 2011 Boston Red Sox, the examples are plentiful. Sometimes the angle of spending a lot of money works, as George Steinbrenner showed by winning seven titles in his 37 years of owning the New York Yankees.

The season is not yet lost for the Eagles, especially if they defeat a division rival that Reid has triumphed over 15 times in 24 attempts. The Redskins, who are coming off their bye week, need this game to stay on top of the NFC East while trying to increase their lead with their second division win in as many attempts.

Washington will probably attempt to run the ball down the Eagles throats with their trio of excellent running backs. If they succeed, Philadelphia could see their 2011 season begin to end as the game clock expires.

The City of Brotherly Love is starving for a football title in the NFL, having not seen their team win a championship since 1960. They are known as passionate fans, so a let down by their beloved Eagles may lead to a large insurgence of fans calling for the firing of Reid.

With their season on line, let alone the Eagles careers of guys like Reid and Castillo, the team has their backs against the proverbial wall and must begin to come out swing like Philly legend Rocky Balboa. Hopefully their thrust will not be fictional like Rocky was.

Yooooooooooo! For doze of yous dat forgots about me, I iz 7thStoneFromTheSun, da distant cuzin of 3rdStoneFromTheSun Yo, I did suck las weak in my procrastinashuns. I went 7-6, and I now iz 46-31 overall.

Lets get too it!

Saint Louis Rams @ Green Bay Packers

OK, I know a lots of yous mugs tought da Rams mite go two da playoffs dis yeer. But dey will now bee 0-5, sumfin not many saw cummin.

Packers 37 Rams 21

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Da Jags never shuld have gone da cheep route and dumped quarterback David Garrard, cuz it iz cleer Blaine Gabbert aint reddy. Da Steelers will expose dat truth even more.

Steelers 23 Jaguars 7

Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Redskins

As 3rd says, dem Igglez have spent like a billion dollars and iz 1-4. I'm picking da Skins running game hear, but dont bee shocked if suckass Rex Grossman trows da game away two Philly.

Redskins 27 Eagles 24

San Francisco 49ers @ Detroit Lions
Game of the Week

Yo, dis aint 1950 so dont rub yer eyes in disbelief. Dis iz da game of da weak! Both teems got good defenses and quarterbacks picked furst in dere drafts. I tink it mite cum down too who runs da ball best, if dat iz a hint.

But Yo! Who hear saw dese teems a combined 9-1 cummin into dis game?

Lions 23 49ers 21

Carolina Panthers @ Atlanta Falcons

I'm not in love wit Matt Ryan or da Falcons pass defense so far dis yeer, but they can win if dey run da damn ball. Cuz Carolina sure as fuck don't.

Falcons 30 Panthers 28

Indianapolis Colts @ Cincinnati Bengals

Da Colts blow chunks yo. Dey couldnt even beet da shitty Chiefs. Put dem down at 0-7.

Bengals 34 Colts 17

Buffalo Bills @ New York Giants

Eli Manning cemented his spot as one da most overrated players ever las week. Da Bills are a helluva lot better den da Seahawks, and dey will go downstate and leave 5-1.

Bills 34 Giants 24

Houston Texans @ Baltimore Ravens

Derrick Mason just joined da Texans, who iz strugglin all of da sudden, and iz facing a teem he spent six seasuns wif. Da Ravens will enjoy da fact star linebacker Mario Williams wont play for Houston again dis yeer.

Ravens 27 Texans 20

Cleveland Browns @ Oakland Raiders

Just keep winning baby! R.I.P. Al Davis

Raiders 31 Browns 23

Dallas Cowboys @ New England Patriots

Tony Romo mite trow four 400 yards against dis crappy Pats secondary, but his teem has no answers for Tom Brady.

Patriots 37 Cowboys 28

New Orleans Saints @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Just when it looked like da Bucs was turning da corner, they laid a egg of shit las week. Dis alloud da Saints two sit on top of da NFC South. New Orleans iz ranked 28th in yards given up per rushing attempt, but rank fourth best in rushing attempts against dem cuz teems are trowing so much trying to play catch up.

Saints quarterback Drew Brees should enjoy facin a dissappointin Buccaneers defense, whose seasun mite be on da line hear.

Saints 34 Buccaneers 23

Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears

Get out da No Doz Sunday nite. Dat iz if you dont like smash mouth football in da Black and Blue division. Da Bears knead dis cuz da Packers and Lions are starting to run away in da race for da NFC North title.

Bears 24 Vikings 17

Miami Dolphins @ New York Jets

Dis piece of crap MNF game iz a perfect reasun da New York City media kneads to shut da fuck up about dere overrated talent and why we knead to start ignoring dese boobs. Capeesh?

Da Jets suck! Mark Sanchez sucks dirty donkey balls and dat Jets defense looks old. Rex Ryan has been gettin his fat mouth closed a lot dis yeer so far. I dunno if he iz puttin his foot in his mouth or his wife's, but he should STFU until he has a reesun to talk.

Da Dolphins basically got Matt Moore and Sage Rosenfels as dere quarterbacks, which aint awesum. Both is sound reserves at best, but we will sea. I tink Miami better run rookie halfback Daniel Thomas 25 times against dat suspect Jets defense.

But da Jets will put 8 in a box cuz dey dont respect da Dolphins quarterbacks, which iz da rite move.

Jets 23 Dolphins 14

Power Rankings

1. Green Bay Packers
2. Detroit Lions
3. Baltimore Ravens
4. Buffalo Bills
5. San Francisco 49ers
6. New Orleans Saints
7. San Diego Chargers
8. New England Patriots
9. Pittsburgh Steelers
10. Washington Redskins
11. Tennessee Titans
12. Atlanta Falcons
13. Oakland Raiders
14. Houston Texans
15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
16. Chicago Bears
17. New York Giants
18. New York Jets
19. Dallas Cowboys
20. Philadelphia Eagles
21. Cincinnati Bengals
22. Seattle Seahawks
23. Minnesota Vikings
24. Arizona Cardinals
25. Miami Dolphins
26. Carolina Panthers
27. Jacksonville Jaguars
28. Cleveland Browns
29. Saint Louis Rams
30. Denver Broncos
31. Kanas City Chiefs
32. Indianapolis Colts

OK, I iz outta dis peace! I iz gunna lay down wif dis hunny I met at da bar and have her feed me grapes as I watch da games.

As dey say in Ol' Messico = A.M.F.

Monday Moaning 9-26-11
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  Well, that's the best thing I've seen all weekend!

Seriously, the past week pretty much sucked...Wednesday night the Little Beeze started getting sick...Fever, cough, congestion...We kept him away from the baby, and our oldest daughter...Because if she gets sick, she gets it ten times worse then anyone else...Luckily, they were okay...Unfortunately, Thursday night I started feeling like shit...Then the wife came home with a piece of metal stuck in her tire...

I pulled it out and put the donut on...I figured I'd get the tire fixed Friday...Friday morning I woke up feeling awful, with my wife telling me her tire was flat...WTF!...So I got the kids up and ready in a hurry...Took the wife to work dropped the oldest at school, and the sick boy, and the baby at the sitters...Then I dropped the tire at shop...Onto work...

Saturday morning came, and I was rocking a 102 degree fever and I had a double to work...I called my boss to see if there was a way out, but he didn't answer...He did work a long Friday shift and probably washed all the pain away with a 12-pack of Miller High Life...So I loaded up on Day-Quil and vitamins and went in...Thankfully he came in a couple hours later, got some one to cover the night shift, and sent me home...

I got home, poured some cough syrup down my throat, got in bed, and turned on the TV...Notre Dame was at Pitt...I was barley paying attention, when Tommy Rees threw another of his many interceptions this season...I rolled over and fell asleep in disgust...I woke up around 5:30PM had some soup, talked to the wife and kids a bit, and then I laid down with the baby for another nap...It wasn't until after 9:00PM when I found out the Irish won an ugly game...I'm glad they won, and I'm really happy to see the defense nutting up again...But it's time to get Tommy Rees out of there...The turnovers are a killer, and he's not built for this offense...

And let's be honest...The Irish have two losses, they aren't going anywhere...Yeah, if they keep winning, they land in a good bowl game, but this team isn't going to make the noise that we hoped...So let's get the kids in there...I prefer Crist over Rees, but Andrew Hendrix is build for Kelly's spread offense...And freshman Everett Golson has a strong arm and is a great runner...He is what Kelly recruited for this offense...So let's see what they can do...

Because of all the sleep I got during the afternoon and evening, I caught most of the Arizona State vs. USC game...I loved the way ASU played, and seeing USC lose is always good...

Now to Sunday...I did a lot of sleeping in the morning...Then just hung out with the kids...Did a bunch of make up school work with the Little Beeze...And then there was the Browns game...They didn't have Hillis, just their best player...Apparently he was sick too...

So I just heard a local TV anchor tease the Browns coverage saying, "The Browns get a huge win over the Dolphins!" (in that douche tv voice) Ummm ass-hat, they came from behind, in the last minute, to beat a horrible Dolphins team 17-16...That's not a huge win! They squeaked it out...They got lucky...They should be happy their defense played well...Although, again it was the Dolphins...And Colt McCoy looked like crap all day, until that final drive...And can some one please tell me how and why Brian Robiskie is on this team...How did he start the season as one of the two top WR's? Just for all you stat-hounds out there who are wondering why I am dumping on him...Dude has zero receptions...Please get the fuck off the field!

The Patriots lost to the Bills...Holy fucking shit Batman! The Pats showed they are one dimensional...They better learn how to run the ball or more teams are going to upset them like the Bills did...

Oh, and did you see Michael Vick pissing and moaning because, as he says, “Everybody saw the game, I’m on the ground constantly. All the time. Every time I throw the ball, in all my highlights and just watching film in general, every time I throw the ball, I’m on the ground, getting hit in the head, and I don’t know why I don’t get the 15-yard flags like everybody else do. But I’m not going to complain about it, just making everybody aware and hopefully somebody will take notice. The ref has to do his job and I’m not blaming the referees by any stretch. I’m just saying everybody on the field should do their job.”

So after he complains, he says, he's not going to complain...Never mind that you and the Eagles complained about this last year too, including sending video to the league to review....After he calls out the refs, he says he's not blaming the refs...Either that concussion was worse then we thought, or this fucking guy is an idiot!

Is Vick treated unfairly? Is Vick treated unfairly because he is such a running threat? Is Vick treated unfairly because the refs are dog lovers...I don't know if any of those are true...I'm just confident that Vick is being a bitch because he knows he's fragile...Fucking guy has always gotten hurt, and will continue to...

The last thing I'm going write about is Jim Thome and the Cleveland Indians...The Indians announced Friday that they would be putting up a statue of Thome, at the spot where he hit the longest home run in the history of Jacobs Field...I don't call it Progressive Field....I have to say, I'm not real excited about this, unlike many other Cleveland Indians fans...I refer back to THIS!

Yes, Thome was a huge part of a great period of Indians Baseball...And yes, I would say his numbers earn him a spot in the Hall of Fame...But I'm just not sold on the statue thing...The Bob Feller statue we have makes sense to me...Jordan in Chicago...Orr in Boston...Those make sense...But a statue for a guy who hasn't even retired yet??? Who left the team after saying he'd stay??? I just can't get behind it...And gashes, I don't think honesty makes me less of a fan...

And if Cleveland Rocks so much, read this...THIS!

Proposed ordinance 347-11 in the city of Cleveland, states in no uncertain terms that any entertainment venue; that's bars, restaurants, taverns, concert halls, coffee houses, etc. in a local retail district (which is pretty much all of them) may have not have live entertainment beyond unamplified acoustic instruments, or any other entertainment that exceeds the volume of unamplified acoustic instruments.

Doesn't sound like rockin' to me assholes!

Have a week...

Later, The Beeze.

Irish Shu's 2011 Notre Dame Football Preview...JUST IN TIME!
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Yep, it's that time!  Irish Shu is ready to rock on fall Saturdays with the arrival of college football and I now offer my annual preview of my beloved Notre Dame Fighting Irish...but first, a brief digression:

Those who know me best know that I couldn't care less about baseball...but if it involves a team of 12- and 13-year-old boys from my home state of Montana kicking ass in the Little League World Series, you bet I'm gonna give a shit!  With that in mind, I offer a belated CONGRATULATIONS to the boys from Billings for giving us the greatest-ever showing for any team from the Big Sky state!  They not only qualified for the LLWS, they beat the teams from South Dakota, Louisiana and then the eventual series champ from California before the Cali team came back in the losers bracket to win a revenge game against them in the National Championship.  Way to go, boys!!!  You may not have won it all, but you sure done us proud!  Thank you.

…Onto the business at hand now.

Notre Dame Coach Brian Kelly now enters his 2nd year at the helm of the Irish.  Last year certainly had it’s trials for him:  new team, new schedule, and a new system.  Season-ending Injuries to key personnel such as quarterback Dayne Crist, running back Armando Allen Jr. and tight end Kyle Rudolph didn’t help, nor did the death of student videographer Declan Sullivan in a scissor lift accident during practice…but Kelly managed to right the ship after the tragedy and guide the team to a 4-win finish to the season, including a Sun Bowl win against Miami – a team which, as we know, is having some pretty severe problems of it’s own these days.  I think Kelly has the team going the right way for a great year.  They’ve had a year to get acclimated to his system and his staff and there was an upswing of momentum after the Tulsa loss which followed the Sullivan tragedy.  The biggest factor in that upswing was the defense – the unit really came into it’s own and held the last 4 opponents to just 39 points (just under 10 points per game), including only 3 to a Utah team that averaged 33 points per game and finished its season with 10 wins and that was no fluke...speaking of which:

Defense:  Loaded.  8 starters return on the unit that, as I said, really improved as last season evolved.  The one you hear about most is linebacker Manti Te’o who had 133 tackles last year….but you cannot overlook 5th year senior safety Harrison Smith who was a particularly solid player, as well.  Smith is a hard hitter, a sure tackler, and he saved the Irish at USC last year with a game winning interception and then picked off 3 more passes against Miami in the Sun Bowl.  The Irish are lucky he came back and was granted one more year, because they’ll need him back there.  His fellow secondary starters are good and have experience, but there is not much depth behind them which is what the critics are picking-on.  The remaining linebackers and the D-line are a plus, as well…it would take some space for me to list all the good players in those areas (and my pal, the Beeze already named a bunch of them in his preview) but suffice it to say there are a bunch of them.  They are good, big, strong, fast, and they have depth.

Offense:  Pretty loaded, as well.  They return 9 starters including the quarterback and pretty-much all of the receivers.  It’s very encouraging to me that the Irish have 2 quarterbacks with a good amount of starting experience returning…and as I’ve said in a previous blog, I don’t remember the last time the Irish had THAT going for them.  Dayne Crist won-out as the starter ahead of Tommy Rees despite cries from the public that Rees was 4-0 as the starter and Crist was 4-5 before he got injured…but those numbers are deceiving.  Not that Rees wasn’t good, but it was the improving Irish D that was the difference in his wins.  Statistically, Rees did have the slightly-higher completion percentage of 61% to Crist’s 59% but Crist threw fewer interceptions in 9 games (7) than Rees threw in 4 (8).  Also, Crist is overall more athletic and, as the more experienced senior, is a better leader.  The receivers are one of the best groups in the nation.  Michael Floyd is the leader and will finish his senior year as the BEST receiver Notre Dame has ever had…provided he stays healthy and avoids the booze.  Despite a somewhat injury-plagued career, Floyd has 171 catches for 2,539 yards and 28 touchdowns.  He needs only 9 more catches to break Jeff Samardzija’s record for most career catches and only 169 more yards to break Golden Tate’s record for career yards.  Playing along with him will be speedy T.J. Jones and Tight End Tyler Eifert, who was a pleasant surprise after Rudolph went down with his hamstring injury.  The Irish did lose a couple O-Linemen to graduation, but the ones they have coming back got a good amount of playing time last year and are seasoned.  The weak spot?  Running back.  Gone from last year are Allen and power back Robert Hughes.  Back this year are Cierre Wood and Jonas Gray.  Both Wood and Gray got in a few snaps last year but don’t have a ton of experience.  There are only a couple underclassmen behind them, though return specialist Theo Riddick, a converted receiver, is an option to go back to the backfield if injuries warrant it.  My feeling is that IF Wood can stay healthy; the moment is his to seize.  Behind that O-line he could break out and do surprisingly well.

Special teams:  The Irish were very good last year and could do even better this year.  Lou Groza Award semifinalist David Ruffer is back after going 18 for 19 in field goals last year.  Frosh Kyle Brindza will lend another strong leg for punting and kickoff duties, and the return specialist, Riddick, is the fastest man on the team and is poised for a breakout year.

With that, let us now get to my game-by-game predictions in the traditional poetic form.


9/3 vs. South Florida:

Lou’s son Skip is back in town.  In the Big East, Bulls contend.  BJ Daniels is a good QB, but won’t win in South Bend.

Irish win…but it may be close.  This is a tough team to have to open against.

9/10 at Michigan:

The first night game in the Big House.  Retro unis, too.  Denard Robinson is prepped to run, but coach Brady Hoke’s too new.

Irish win.

9/17 vs. Michigan State:

Kirk Cousins is back once more.  He’s made it tough, indeed!  The problem is, he’s all Sparty now has….and he’s NOT all they need.

Irish win.

9/24 at Pitt:

Wannstedt, Baldwin, and Lewis are gone, but they still have Tino Sunseri.  Todd Graham takes over a rebuilding program…of the Irish, I’d be leery (or “Larry”, depending on how you pronounce the kid’s name.  I can’t tell).

Anyway, Irish win.

10/1 at Purdue:

Purdue just ain’t been the same since Joe Tiller left the place.  Danny Hope sure ain’t no Joe….but he’s got to save some face.

He won’t – Irish win.

10/8 vs. Air Force:

The reigning Commander-in-chief winner is awesome with the run.  ND is due for a snakebite, hate to say it, but this is the one.

Falcons win…hope I’m wrong, though.

10/22 vs. USC:

The Irish will have had a bye, and time to heal from the Air Force loss.  SC is not what they once were, and ND will be the boss.

Irish win.

10/29 vs. Navy:

Like Air Force, Navy loves to run.  The Middies have owned us of late.  But Irish will learn from the AF loss, and thus clean the Navy plate.

Irish win.

11/5 at Wake Forest:

The Deacons are table-scrap-feeders in the not-powerful ACC.  They’ve already lost game 1 to Syracuse…do you REALLY think they’ll beat ND?

Me neither.  Irish Win.  This one won’t even be close.

11/12 vs. Maryland @ FedEx Field in Landover, MD

The Terps are good and are near home, but the ACC won’t have prepared ‘em.  ND will have jelled and want the win more than Randy Edsall will have repaired ‘em.

Irish win.

11/19 vs. Boston College:

Montel Harris, the ‘Eags bright spot, is already on injured reserve.  ND was once BC’s lil bitch, but now the Irish do have the nerve.

Irish win.

11/26 at Stanford:

The Season finale’ at Palo Alto will see the Irish vie for a BCS bid.  They’ll face Heisman Finalist Andrew Luck, and he’s one helluva kid.

Cardinal win…again, would LOVE it if I’m wrong.

And then…

The Irish snag a BCS Bowl – and board a flight to battle.  They’ll save their best for their last game, and the opponent, they will rattle.

Irish win.

So, overall I have them winning about 10 (11 if they win the bowl game) and will get a BCS bowl ONLY if they win the 10…they could get bit by one other team such as Michigan State or USC, but I don’t think they’ll lose to both.  I say 9 wins at worst despite this year’s schedule being a bit tougher than last years’.

Other predictions:

Montana Grizzlies:  Nate Montana’s with the Griz…alas, he’s the 3rd string..  The starting QB’s looking pretty good.  Big Sky?  They might win the thing.

Nebraska:  New year, new league for the Huskers - who are now in the Big 10.  They won 10 games last year in the Big 12; they may win 10 again.

Colorado State: the now's not good, beloved Rams, 2 players arrested to start.  Boise State is now a Mountain West foe – for much wins, you’ll need more than heart.

WELCOME BACK COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!  It’s about damn time!  WOO-HOO!!!


Deep Thoughts
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Hello gabbers, and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. I know that some of you are digging out from the damage done by Irene. Thankfully, the damage was not nearly as bad as forecasters had predicted. I wish that my job allowed me as much margin for error as the weather guys...The Austin weather guys have a much easier job this time of year. It is either hot or hotter. As hot as this summer has been, I glance to the west and realize that Harvey and his neighbors have it worse. At least this year Arizona has some good baseball to take their mind off of the heat.

There are still a few good baseball races left to entertain us...the DBacks are trying to run away from the sagging Giants. The Rangers appear to have a comfortable lead over the Angels and the Tigers are trying to hold off the surging White Sox...but the sporting world's  attention has been drawn to football. Tell me that you have not watched a bit of preseason football or have read to prepare for your drafts...yes indeed, football season is here.





I read today that Michael Vick has signed a 6 year contract for 100 million dollars. How does this make you feel? We have always been a nation that embraces comebacks. If ever there is a guy that has reinvented himself, it is Michael Vick. I know that the proof is in the long term pudding, but considering that this guy was signed last year as the 3rd string  QB...the contract he signed this week is pretty damn amazing. Do you remember Kevin Kolb? I know that I do. I drafted him on more than one fantasy team last year. I was lucky enough to grab Vick in two of my leagues when Kolb went down; the other one I was not so lucky. I read an article about Vick in ESPN the Magazine yesterday and was intrigued by the transformation that Vick went through to become a more polished NFL QB. After each practice last summer, Vick worked with Eagles QB coach Marty Mornhinweg. Because Vick arrived from prison 2 steps slower, he was forced to embrace the pocket. After practice was over, Vick worked on his footwork...over and over again. You may have seen these drills...cones are set up and the QB has to work through the cones then fire to a target. Slowly but surely, Vick became better. The article shows Vick's numbers from his last year at Atlanta and last year by quarter. In each quarter, he was at least 10% more accurate. As Vick's athleticism came back, the finished product was pretty damn good. I sense that prison changed Vick in many ways...let's hope that he does not forget what he learned behind bars.





Ben prepares to fire...


Last Friday was the first game for my son's Westwood HS football team. The Warriors of Westwood faced one of their old rivals from Cedar Park. Cedar Park put a whoopin on Westwood last year on their way to a heartbreaking loss in the 4A state finals. This was a really good team that had 5 D1 OL prospects. Thankfully four of them are playing on Saturdays now, but there was still one big ugly and a returning stud at QB. Cedar Park is a power football team. They really run the old single wing attack and last Friday saw their Sr. QB rush 33 times for 225 yards. Brian Hogan is the Timberwolves QB and he was his slipperly, silding self last Friday. Not exceptionally big or fast, he has a talent for evading tacklers. It is a good thing that he does not pass well as the two interceptions he threw probably resulted in a Warrior victory. As I have previously mentioned, Westwood has a stud QB of their own. The Cedar Park Timberwolves defense was determined to not allow Ben any running room. They did indeed contain the QB run, but as they found out, we also have a pretty good running back and receiver this year. I have included several videos of last Friday night. The Final score was 21 to 13 and was a great start to a promising season. My son played on each special team and played most of the 4th quarter as an inside linebacker. He is #35 in the videos.



Blake brings down the elusive Brian Hogan.


Those Friday night wins feel so good...






Westwood begins the season with flair...






Cedar Park's troubles began early...I missed this, but of course it was on you tube...





Opening kick off...





What will give area defensive coordinators sleepless nights...Ben to Dez.






Another completion to Dez...





The back breaker...after Cedar Park scored to make it 14 to 13 (missed the extra point) We were trying to run out the clock. LeDeans Anderson had a better idea. This kid moved to Austin from out of state at the end of last year...welcome to Texas LeDeans!






Blake makes a nice tackle (had to include this).





Can anyone explain why the flute section is sitting down? I am sorry to say that I have a difficult time with much of what the high school bands do these days. I guess I am a traditionalist...




Here is the after game celebration...we call this the 5th quarter.



After reading this today, I could not help but mention. It has become common for many folks to train in CPR and to learn things like the Heimlich maneuver. It is such a simple thing, thankfully this vendor knew what he was doing:

Hot Dog Story Link


That's all I have for this week...but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey to ponder:


There should be a detective show called "Johnny Monkey," because every week you could have a bad guy say "I ain't gonna get caught by no MONKEY," but then he would, and I don't think I'd ever get tired of that.  


I wish I would have a real tragic love affair and get so bummed out that I'd just quit my job and become a bum for a few years, because I was thinking about doing that anyway. 



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Michael Floyd is back...should he be?
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It was announced this week that Notre Dame Football Coach Brian Kelly has reinstated his best receiver in Michael Floyd and allowed him back on the team after suspending him in March for getting a DUI - his third alcohol-related charge since joining the team in the summer of 2008.

Several days later, Irish Shu is STILL trying to sort-out how he feels about it.

Hey, I know that numbers don't lie.  He's the best receiver The Irish have right now.  I know it.  you know it.  Coach K knows it.  IF Floyd keeps his nose clean and stays healthy Notre Dame will have an impressive season and Floyd will break a few more Irish receiving records than he already has.

Hey, I know that college students and student athletes drink and party.  That's what they do.  Floyd made a very human mistake and got caught doing what is typical for people his age in college...for the third time since he entered college.

Hey, I also know that I'm not the coach, I'm not the receiver, I'm not a teammate and I don't live in South Bend.  I know the newspaper facts and not much else.

That said, I question the coaches' logic on why he chose to allow Floyd back on the team rather than suspend him for a game or 2, at least, and set an example for Floyd's teammates by doing so.

Kelly's explanation?

“It wasn’t just my own personal evaluation,” Kelly said of the decision to restore Floyd back to the ND roster on Wednesday. “Having been in (head coaching) for 21 years, it was my gut feeling whether to take a chance on a young man, because you can’t save everybody.

“I’ve had scenarios where young men just don’t learn, and it’s unfortunate. But it is what it is. I really felt with Mike that he had made a life-changing decision. So that was a gut feeling on my part. And then there were other observations from people who were a lot closer to him on a more consistent basis. All of this, in its totality, led me to the decision that I made reinstating him.”

"It's so individual, I don't think there's one pattern, as it relates to discipline. Michael had to make a decision on his own ... to change his life. I didn't believe suspending him for a game or two was going to make a difference."


I think I'm still out on this one.

It's a 2-edged sword; on one hand I feel like a standard is not being upheld here...on the other hand I admit that as a die-hard Irish fan, I probably won't mind that Michael's back on the team once ND has handily won the first few games with him shredding opposing defenses should it pan-out that way.

My other thought is that Kelly's really sticking his neck on the line for Floyd by doing this.  It's his ass if Floyd blows it again.

Well, that and I'm still REALLY chomping at the bit for college football to start, already!

Any thoughts?

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