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Notes from the Coaching Carousel
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There's been a certain amount of coaching carousel news and/or rumors in the last few days and I thought I'd hold forth what I thought about each of the following five stories.
Steve Masiello led the Jaspers into the NCAA tournament this year and then almost immediately bolted for the South Florida job. But Masiello now finds himself dumped out of the South Florida gig after the school learned the claim of a degree from Kentucky on his resume was a flat out lie.
So now, he's still the Manhattan coach. But that may not be for much longer either. The school has placed him on leave while they look into the situation.
I'm not one who believes you have to have a college degree in order to coach college basketball, though a lot of schools†apparently†do have that requirement.†But if you say you have said degree, you actually should.
I'm sure he's a good coach but Masiello should be headed towards the unemployment line. Manhattan should fire him as soon as possible, with cause.
Yahoo Sports is reporting that Kelvin Sampson is the leading candidate to take over the Cougars.
Kelvin Sampson has proven that there are no rules he won't break. He got out of Oklahoma ahead of an NCAA posse which eventually leveled a 3 year probation on the Sooners.
Sampson was so corrupt at Indiana that the basketball team which had never had a violation of NCAA rules under Bobby Knight and Mike Davis, ended up on probation as the program fell apart.
The school president Michael McRobbie apologized to the NCAA for hiring Sampson and said it was a mistake that shouldn't have happened. And the NCAA hit Sampson with a five year show cause order which effectively blackballed him from college coaching until last year.
And now Houston wants to hire Sampson? Why not just offer the NCAA space at the school so they can get their investigation started as soon as the introductory press conference is made.
Sampson has no business being allowed to coach a college team now or ever again.
I don't know how much weight to give the reports I've heard about saying that the Pistons are considering Tom Izzo as their next potential coach.
Hey, Izzo is a great coach. The Michigan State Spartans are a threat to win the title just about every year.
But I think he'd be making a galactic sized mistake if he leaves MSU for the Pistons. Even if his team was to win the title this year and people could make the argument that he'd accomplished all he could at the college level, the NBA is just a bad move for him.
Coaching in the NBA does not hold the same level of awe as it did back in the day. Nowadays it is mostly a joke. A grown man presiding over 15 guys more interested in being a brand than basketball players.
There are some NBA coaches who actually coach (Greg Popovich with the Spurs, Brad Stevens with the Celtics), but for the most part coaching in the NBA strikes me these days as a way to pad the retirement fund rather than building a team with your own personal philosophy.
If Tom Izzo wants a new challenge, go to a new school without much of a basketball pedigree and build†a program. Otherwise, he should stay at Michigan State. At least in college, it still resembles actual COACHING.
It appears that things are so rosy behind the scenes with the Warriors and coach Mark Jackson. For the second year in a row, he hired an assistant coach and then forced the team to reassign the assistant after things apparently broke down with them.
This time it was ex-Boston Celtics player Brian Scalabrine, and the move managed to let some light into the entire scenario as it now appears things between the team and Jackson are coming to a head. And that doesn't even begin to address the news that Jackson was chasing other head coaching jobs while employed by the Warriors.
I know that Jackson had knocks against him when he got the job with no coaching experience. But he had managed to make the Warriors relevant again. He's got an up and coming set of players. But his inexperience (at least in terms of interpersonal skills) seems to be coming out in buckets.
How do you go looking for another job when you already have one of the better ones in the entire league? And what is this obsession that is developing with head coaches basically firing their own assistants with seemingly no reason. (Scalabrine is still with the team, which apparently likes what he brought to the table.)
Jason Kidd and now Mark Jackson? Is it because they are know it alls who don't like to be challenged by non-yes men?
Here's hoping things get straightened out and the team moves on from what day by day seems to be a worsening work environment. If that means they cut ties with Jackson, so be it.
The Eagles are looking for a new head coach after firing Steve Donahue a week or so ago. First there was the rumor that Jim Calhoun wanted the job. But he came out and said he had no interest in the job yesterday.
Now comes the news that one candidate is current Boston Celtics assistant Walter McCarty. He's not only on the list but he's vocal about wanting the job, saying "I want to be highly considered."
I don't know what he brings to the table as a coach. He's been an assistant with the Celtics, the Pacers and at Louisville under Rick Pitino. But it is a big change moving to the front of the pack.
As a BC fan, I'm not interested in being the starting point for a head coaching career. Hire a guy, watch him do well and then bolt at the first higher visibility job is not what the Eagle need.
Can McCarty recruit? You need to be able to do more than say that you were a sought after recruit at one time yourself.
I'm not opposed to McCarty, but I want him to be not only†up for the challenge of rebuilding what was once a proud program, but READY†to do it as well.
I'm Just Saying.....
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Iím Just SayingÖ..


I would like MLB to change the format of Spring Training. Let them start camp like they always do, even start playing spring games as normal. But, on the third week of spring training games, teams in the grapefruit league should visit teams in the cactus league for a week, then return back to Florida and resume games amongst each other. The following year the cactus league could then go to the grapefruit league for a week, and then alternate years. This would give fans from both states who actually live there the opportunity to see teams they wouldnít normally see in person.

Watch out college coachesÖThere is a new kid on the block, his name is Philip Stephen Martelli, and he might be looking for your job someday.

This is just priceless. Iím just glad CBS showed the human side of college basketball, and what makes it so special.

I was reading a magazine that had articles on conspiracies in sports, and one article which got my attention was the MLB steroid conspiracy. Now if you read my blogs in the past, I personally donít care what a player does with his body. The reason behind it, is because I always believed it was baseball players, managers, sports agents, general managers, owners and even the commissioner who allowed steroid use after the strike of 1994. Or so I thought. In those days steroids were legal in MLB but illegal elsewhere. Steroids were banned by MLB in 2004. So if baseball allowed it back then shouldnít McGwire and Sosa be allowed into the HOF? They did play by the rules of MLBÖ.

Gee all of a sudden Carmelo Anthony is willing to change his game if Phil Jackson believes he has to do so to win a championship. Why should he change now. He couldnít play defensive for Syracuse under Boehiem, and he sure hasnít played any for Denver or New York. I kind of think its to late to teach an old dog new tricks.

I know its not easy when your stadium holds 110,000 - 115,000 per game, but you have to give credit to Michigan Athletic Director Dave Brandon for not scumming to bring alcohol to the Big House. Can you image all the $$$Ďs that would have been generated if he allowed it. But the downside was the nightmare that could ensue if you had 60,000 drunken fans around a lot of young people, let alone the possibilities of underage children getting alcohol.

Sports labor attorney Jeffrey Kessler, on behalf of a group of college football and basketball players, filed an antitrust claim against the NCAA. Jeffrey is arguing that the association has unlawfully capped player compensation at the value of an athletic scholarship. There is no monetary fines for the lawsuit, just change the compensation players get. "The main objective is to strike down permanently the restrictions that prevent athletes in Division I basketball and the top tier of college football from being fairly compensated for the billions of dollars in revenues that they help generate," Kessler said.

Now we have debated this at the Gab, and while most of you agree, players should be compensated. I ask you how much more compensation should they receive? Scholarships arenít cheap. I will say players should receive food vouchers while they are practicing and from the beginning of when the football or basketball season starts to when it ends.

Do we also increase scholarships for baseball. Most college baseball players only get half a scholarship because there are only 15 scholarships to be given out. Is that fair? NO. What about track and field, softball, tennis, lacrosse?? Golf, cross country, swimming and diving?? All of them are just as worthy as the football and basketball players.

If athletes are going to get compensated then it should be for all sports athletes, or none should be.

Til Next Time




Storminnorman's Sports Blog 3-14
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Hello Gabbers, this is going to be a different type of blog for me this week as I was at the local quick mart grabbing a soda and some smokes for the wife when this caught my eye in the Detroit Free Press "Bad Weather; Golden Deal. NFL free agency started a few days back, and apparently it was good for the Lions that the weather turned crappy Wednesday, because they were able to land Golden Tate to replace Nate Burleson at Wide Receiver. As you know by now, free agency in any of the professional sports is all about the money......

It seemed kind of weird that the Cowboy's let their all-time sack leader in DeMarcus†Ware go yesterday and within minutes it seemed he signed with Denver. The Denver defense should benefit greatly from his signing, even though their defense wasn't exactly the reason why Seattle stomped them into the ground during the Super Bowl.....

Tate received 5-years and $31 million, with $13.25 in guaranteed money, Not bad as long as he stays healthy, and helps take some of the heat of of Calvin Johnson.

Ware received 3-years $30 million from the Broncos, not bad for a guy who was hurt last year. I actually feel he is one person who actually deserves his money, after all he was the Cowboys all-time leading sack leader with 117 sacks.

Guess the Beezer's team is going to draft a quarterback with their first choice in the draft in April, as they released both Brandon Wheedon and Jason Campbell. Sorry Beeze another quarterback has bit the dust in the Browns organization.

The Bucs cut Darrelle Revis, god I hope the Lions don't try to sign him.

Tampa signed Josh McCown

​John Beason, Josh Brown and Stevie Brown all decided to stay with the Giants, while they waived LB Marcus Dowtin.

Chris Williams left St. Louis and signed a 4-year deal to play in Buffalo

The Cowboy's also cut WR†Miles Austin

The Lions signed RB†Joique Bell tp a 3-year deal for around $16 million.

And as always Ndamukong†Suh is being selfish by not wanting to renegotiate his contract to free up cap space in order to sign free agents. But if his contract voids, they can still tag him as a franchise player and keep him in Detroit.,,,,, And now for some positive news.......

Brent Musburger and Jesse Palmer are done as ESPN's lead prime time NCAA pair being replaced by Rece Davis and Chris Fowler, why? I would rather listen to Brent, then Rece or Chris. Musburger and Palmer are heading towards their new SEC network........

I thought before I closed I would recognize someone from a place you wouldn't think of in Michigan to breed "Miss Basketball."†

Lexi Gussert†a Senior from Crystal Falls Forest Park, located in the UP. They are heading to East Lansing to play Athens Thursday night, for a shot at the Class D Girls State Championship on Saturday. Lexi†averaged 29.4 points per game and has the state record for 3-point shots made in a season Tuesday at 101. She joins Krista Clement (2003) of St. Ignace as the only other U.P. player to be named Miss Basketball. Hat's off to Lexi, as she has signed a letter of intent to play at Michigan State next season......

March Madness is getting ready to start next week, and along with whatever else Sully wants to talk about next week, he will have a full plate to choose from. It's just kind of odd to see that none of the writers had the balls to pick Michigan or Michigan St to win the Big 10 Tournament. They either pick Indiana to upset Michigan Friday, but as I am typing this blog they are having trouble with Illinois, or Wisconsin to take down MSU and head off to win the Big 10 Tournament. No biggie for either Michigan or Michigan St., they should be seeded rather high in their brackets come Sunday night anyway.

As baseball season approaches, how are your teams doing? Mine finally woke up against the Cardinals and slapped 17 runs against them without Martinez, Kinsler, Hunter and a few others. Then they hit Kuroda†and the Yanks for 7 yesterday. I really like the signing of Davis, and if he hits well out of the lead off spot Andy Dirks may be a forgone memory in Detroit. A shout out to Jeff, How is Blake doing.

Well that's all I have for you today, and good luck to all in our upcoming Gab draft. Thank you Sully for setting it up, look forward to competing with all who joined....

2013 Final College Football Top 25
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I just realized I'd forgotten to post this here.

2013 Final Top 25

rank / team / prior
1 Florida St. 2
2 Auburn 1
3 Mich. St. 4
4 Missouri 7
5 UCF 10
6 Stanford 3
7 S Carolina 11
8 Oklahoma 12
9 Ohio St. 5
10 Baylor 6
11 Alabama 8
12 Clemson 17
13 Oregon 16
14 Louisville 18
15 Arizona St. 9
16 UCLA 19
17 LSU 20
18 Okie St. 15
19 USC 25
20 N. Illinois 13
21 Fresno St. 14
22 TX A&M Ė
23 Notre Dame 24
24 Washington Ė
25 Duke 21

Out of rankings:†(22) Wisconsin, (23) Georgia

Many of you probably†know where to find†my other blogs†(such as more detailed rankings discussion)†by now, but if you need specific directions, let me know. † Everything is published there first.

Post-Championship & SEC Commentary
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Some people might think Iím upset about the SECís dominance over the BCS title game coming to an end (as is the game itself of course), but Iím really not. Like I said initially, Iím glad itís not Saban or Meyer with another trophy.

I am indeed happy for Jimbo Fisher. He had his fingerprints on the development of a lot of quality programs, especially in the SEC, over the years. Even if Florida St. had lost, itís really a tribute to him that they were in the game in the first place. Even though the ACC wasnít great by any measure, itís remarkable to win 14 games and only really have two in doubt much into the second half.

Iím not really a huge Malzahn fan, but I have gained some respect for him as well. I initially thought he was just a silly high school coach whose goofy plays would be exposed, but Iíve learned that his ideas are rooted in the study of the gameís history. Iíve also learned that heís not just presenting the same plays over and over again. He finds new wrinkles and ways of running the offense that keeps defenses offguard. Whatever one has to say about the differences in competition, Auburn was the team that was luckier to be there, so I donít feel itís a huge injustice that they lost, although Iím not sure there has been a team in the title game that has faced that level of competion in the history of the BCS championship apart from that 2011 LSU team that also lost.

I donít think Florida St. would have made it through the 9 SEC teams Auburn faced without a loss, but I also donít necessarily think they would have lost more than once. Had the íNoles played in the SEC, they may well have ended up BCS champions anyway. I donít think thatís true of any of the other challengers the SEC has faced over the last few years.

Florida St.ís win should serve to remind some hardcore SEC fans that maybe one or two of those semifinal slots should go to non-SEC teams every year.

Iím in no way soft-pedaling the fact that this was a great year for the SEC though, and I donít just mean going 7-3 in bowl games (one of the three was with a backup quarterback).

I have South Carolina 7th partly because I consider the loss to Tennessee pretty bad, but whether itís top five or top seven, having three SEC teams in that group is about as good as you can hope for. I also have Alabama in the top 10, as do both polls. So thatís twice as many top 10 teams as the Big XII and four times as many as the other BCS conferences. I have Texas A&M a bit lower than the polls, but LSU and A&M are also consensus top 25 for a total of six. I also have the Pac-12 with six, but theyíre mostly toward the bottom, and there arenít teams like Vanderbilt (which is ranked in both major polls), Georgia, and Ole Miss with strong arguments in the Pac-12 either. If you look at the top 50 (or simply consider all those receiving votes in either major poll), the SEC has ten teams to the Pac-12ís seven.

The ACC and Big XII only have 5 teams apiece in the top 40, although both polls had Texas Tech #30. Even if you count them, a larger percentage of SEC teams is still in the top 40 than Big XII teams. Also to look at the lower teams, this is how I rank SEC and Big XII teams that fell outside of the top 70:
83. Florida (SEC)
89. TCU (Big XII)
96. Arkansas (SEC)
101. West Virginia (Big XII)
102. Iowa St. (Big XII)
103. Kansas (Big XII)
104. Kentucky (SEC)

So of the group above, 40% of the Big XII is there but only 21.4% of the SEC. I think that makes a big difference on the schedule, especially since every Big XII team whoís not among those four faced them. South Carolina was the only team to play all three SEC teams on the list above, which is another reason I only have them 7th in the overall rankings.

Anyway, Iíll have more to say another time, but these were just my first thoughts upon the completion of bowl season.

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