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College Football Top 25 Week 7
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Top 25

rank / team / prior
1 Alabama 1
2 Missouri 22
3 LSU 9
4 Clemson 3
5 Florida St. 6
6 Ohio St. 4
7 Stanford 2
8 Oregon 7
9 Va. Tech 14
10 Miami 10
11 Baylor 21
12 Georgia 5
13 UCLA 17
14 Oklahoma 11
15 Auburn 20
16 Louisville 18
17 Texas Tech 13
18 S Carolina 15
19 Fresno St. 19
20 Houston –
21 TX A&M 16
22 N. Illinois 24
23 Michigan 12
24 Mich. St. –
25 Utah –

Out of rankings: (8) Washington, (23) Florida, (25) N’western

Many of you probably know where to find my other blogs (such as more detailed rankings discussion) by now, but if you need specific directions, let me know.  The above is my first purely mathematical ranking.

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Monday Moaning 9-23-13
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That's all you can say...This past week the Cleveland Browns traded Trent Richardson to the Colts...Cleveland fans were pissed, and rightfully so...HERE was my view the day after...Most Browns fans saw it as the organization throwing in the towel on the season...That tied with the fact that 3rd string QB Brian Hoyer was going to start this week's game...Then our pal Radatz posted THIS history of the Browns on Sunday...For those who are unaware of the highs and lows of the franchise, it's a great piece...

So after all this, what happened Sunday? The Browns rolled into Minnesota, and found their way to a 31-27 victory...The team seemed to have an energy they lacked the first two weeks...A key piece of that spark on offense was the return of Josh Gordon from a two game suspension...Hoyer added another spark...While the Vikings did get three picks, Hoyer seemed to scan the field better then Weeden...And the most noticeable thing he did was get the ball out of his hand quickly...Quick decision making and quick release...Something Weeden hasn't shown...

That said, I'm not planning on seeing the Browns in the postseason...Part of this win falls on the Vikings Defense that has shown a knack to crumble in the fourth quarter...That and their offense has looked one-dimensional...Hoyer is probably not the long term answer, but he could be a nice stop-gap for the time being...Sunday's game may have helped Browns fans' mood...It may have helped people's view of the front office, but I suspect that will be short lived after next week, when in my opinion they'll lose to the Bengals...

-This week College Football was full of a lot of shit games...A week full of many of the big boys beating on smaller programs...People were raving in this neck of the woods about (4) Ohio State destroying FAMU 76-0...Well no offense to FAMU, but Ohio State should have destroyed them...(1) Alabama beat Colorado State 31-6...But don't let the score fool you...'Bama struggled...They didn't pull away until the fourth quarter...Heading into the 4th they were only up 17-6 and the Rams had shut them out in the 3rd quarter...

For the second week in a row, (15) Michigan nearly lost to a team they should have blown out...It wasn't until just under 5 minutes left in the game, that the Wolverines took a 24-21 lead...Did these guys shoot their load against Notre Dame, or are they simply playing down to their competition?

Speaking of (22) Notre Dame, they defeated rival Michigan State 17-13 in a sloppy, sloppy game...both teams didn't look that good...You could call it a defensive battle, and both D's did play well, but both teams racked up too many penalties...And Irish QB Tommy Rees showed too many flashes of his old self...Looking right at his primary target...Not scanning the field...Luckily, MSU's aggressive corners were too busy getting too physical with receivers, drawing penalties, instead of reading Rees' eyes...Sooner or later, Rees is going to lose a game all on his own...He's just not that good...For 3 years I've been dying to see Andrew Hendrix get a real shot as the starter...I don't think Coach Kelly has that in his plans unless Rees gets hurt, or full-out shits the bed, which he has done before...The road doesn't get any easier as (14) Oklahoma comes to South Bend this week...

-If you were looking for a shootout this weekend, your game was Friday night as Boise State and Fresno State got it on...I missed the first half...Friday evening I decided I needed to get away from this house for a bit...This new puppy shit added to the mix has been kicking my ass...For some reason, I'm the one this dog wakes up in the middle of the night...And I'm the one he wakes up at 5:30 AM everyday...Between the kids, and my role as Mr. Mom, along with work, mixing in the puppy, I was feeling frazzled...So, I went to a local bar and watched the Indians game and talked movies with some strangers...And I got a solid buzz on...

When I came home, (slice of cheese cake in hand to help stay out of the dog house) I popped on this game...I always enjoy watching both these teams...Sadly, I passed out in my chair...Luckily Finnegan the puppy started jumping on me and scratching my leg to wake me up at 3:30ish AM...The game was being replayed...So I took him to dump, then he ran around the house like a maniac, and threw stuffed dog a hump be fore he laid back down...And I enjoyed watching Boise State coming back to take the lead with 7 minutes left, followed by Fresno State scoring the game tying TD and game winning extra point with 2 minutes left...41-40 Fresno State...

I ended up staying up until 8:30AM...Then I went to bed for a 3 hours before getting back to the grind...

So, since I mentioned the little mutt...I may a swell share this video I took this past week...And Older couple down the street have the same type of dog...The kids loved seeing it when they would walk him...This dog is what started the push for us to get one...He's a year old now, and has some size on our 6 week old Finnegan...And Finnegan missing playing with his sisters, and dad, was looking to get rough with another dog...This is just tiny bit of what was an hour of Finnegan acting tough...

The other dog, Jasper was actually afraid at first, but he finally realized he could easily knock Finn on his butt...And up until this interaction, we had only heard two tiny barks from Finn...The kids got quite a kick out of it...

That's it for now...

Have a week...

The Beeze.

College Football Top 25 Week 2
Category: NCAA

Top 25

rank / team / prior
1 Alabama 1
2 Ohio St. 2
3 Stanford 3
4 Oregon 4
5 LSU 5
6 Clemson 6
7 Georgia 7
8 Louisville 8
9 S Carolina 9
10 TX A&M 10
11 Oklahoma 13
12 Washington 16
13 TCU 17
14 Florida St. 18
15 Miami –
16 Michigan 24
17 Ole Miss 20
18 N’western 21
19 Wisconsin 22
20 Okie St. 23
21 Mich. St. 19
22 Nebraska 25
23 Auburn –
24 Baylor –
25 Florida 12

Out of rankings: (11) Texas, (14) USC, (15) Notre Dame

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Monday Moaning 9-9-13
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Now if you saw this at the Browns game, then you actually would have had a decent reason for all that wasted time and money...To steal from Ben Folds, Sunday the Browns opened their season at home against the Dolphins in "The Battle of who could care less." Although the Jets and Bucs seemed to have one of those going on too...


Living in Cleveland and being a sports fan sucks...You won't get the normal Cleveland whining from me though..."We're cursed"..."I'll never see a championship"..."Just one before I die"..."Art Modell and LeBron did this to us"..."Why did we trade ROCKY_COLAVITO?"...Fuck that...Grow up! 


The Browns suck because of years of bad management...The Expansion Browns were a rush job and everytime a new coach and/or GM come in, let alone owner, the process is started over again, because they all want to do it their way...Sundays in Cleveland were happier days when the Browns were gone...Clevelanders spent a lot less money on Sundays...Fans loyalty shifted solely to their fantasy players...Now you always have that one dope who;s gotta draft Browns...You go right ahead and draft Weeden and his 3 picks! Nothing like a second year QB who is a project, and he's about to turn 30...Just one of many problems that the Browns put on display Sunday...I will say the defense wasn't half bad...They shutdown the Dolphins ground game...Although that could be because the Dolphins don't have a ground game...


The Browns lost Sunday, and they looked bad doing it...I know Clevelanders hate this local boy for his negative views,  but since I gave up on being a loyal Cleveland sports fan, I've been a lot happier...Sunday I watched the whole Browns game...It was the first time I've watched a Browns game from start to finish in 2 years...I just wanted to see the direction this new coaching staff/GM/owner were going in...I wanted to see if there may be any progress...Looks like the same old shit...Maybe I'll see ya in another 2 years....Go Seahawks!


Sadly, Saturday evening sucked for us Notre Dame fans...The (#14) Irish fell to (#17) Michigan 41-30...So much for the Irish Defense being the unit to rely on...Not that the offense was stellar...One Irish TD came on a Stephon Tuitt interception in the end zone...


One point that needs to be made to coach Kelly and his offensive staff...Golson isn't there...Tommy Rees is your guy, but he can't throw on the run...So taking those fucking plays out of the game plan....Or play Hendrix who has a better arm, and can run, and can run and throw at the same time...Rees threw a INT late in the first half that was very costly...He was rolling left and attempted a throw he can't make...This is the shit that gets Rees in trouble...Coach, you want to stop screaming at the kid...Stop trying to get him to do shit he can't do...


I didn't expect the Irish to win this one...After week one, it seemed clear to me that Michigan was a better team...Then Kelly said stupid ass shit about how he didn't think Notre Dame vs. Michigan was that big of a rivalry...WTF! Where the fuck have you been...I've been to 4 ND/Michigan games...Shit is intense...By halftime I'm looking for a Michigan fan to skull fuck!  When he said that shit, I just knew it...Brady Hoke was gonna have his guys geared up...And look out Buckeyes...Hoke has got that program turned around...That Big-10 title isn't locked up yet...


There were other fans feeling low Saturday...(#15) Texas got fucking steam rolled by BYU, giving up 550 yards on the ground...The QB ran for 259...Hey Texas, the read option is here to stay...Time to get in some film study and tackling drills!


(#25) USC Trojans showed they don't deserve their ranking, losing at home to Washington State, 10-7...USC only scoring 7 points...Wow that is beautiful! The world's most overrated douchebag coach, Lane Kiffin looked clueless...As usual...He tried both his QB's because he just can't figure out which one sucks less...How many more chances is this dick-bag going to get...He fails and leaves programs in a mess, yet he keeps coming back...I hope USC keeps him for awhile so he can run that program into the ground for a long time...


(#12) Florida fell to Miami 21-16, turning the ball over 5 times...(#16) Oklahoma, like USC, grossly overrated, squeaked past West Virginia 16-7 in an ugly game...(#7) Texas A&M gave up 28 points and 240 rushing yards in their victory over Sam Houston State...Boy oh boy the rest of the SEC are going eat them up....


For the second game in a row, South Carolina star defensive end, Jadeveon Clowney didn't do much to live up to the Heisman hype that has been swirling around him...His (#6) Gamecocks fell to (#11) Georgia 41-30 in what was a must win for the Bulldogs after falling to Clemson last week...


In Beeze news, we're getting a puppy...The talk has gone on for awhile...I fought it for a few years...But the wife, and Molls broke me...We picked out a little fella when friend shad a litter recently...We've named him Finnegan...Finn for short...



 His got a little cleft lip, but it gives him some character...He's been healthy, and goes to the Vet this week for another check...And if the Vet gives the okay, we'll get him by the weekend...He's been the most active of the three puppies, and the first to eat solid food...He's little but tough...We went to see him Saturday...



Molls loves the him...Or as she put it..."Him my puppy, Finnegan loves me!"


Mrs. Beeze is all excited to buy stuff for the puppy...I swear to God she's more excited then the kids...That is until the first time he shits in her shoes...


That's it for now...


Have a week...


The Beeze.

Rankings after Week 1
Category: NCAA

I know.  We just had Week 2, but I don't have those up yet.  I'm going to continue to post my rankings here and do commentary (if any) on separate blogs in my Wordpress site.  I categorize the comments about recent developments as "Post-game" or "Rankings Commentary".  The rankings will be found under "Rankings" of all things.

Top 25

rank / team / prior
1 Alabama 1
2 Ohio St. 2
3 Stanford 4
4 Oregon 5
5 LSU 6
6 Clemson 7
7 Georgia 3
8 Louisville 8
9 S Carolina 9
10 TX A&M 10
11 Texas 12
12 Florida 13
13 Oklahoma 14
14 USC 16
15 Notre Dame 17
16 Washington –
17 TCU 18
18 Florida St. 20
19 Mich. St. 21
20 Ole Miss 22
21 N’western 23
22 Wisconsin 24
23 Okie St. 25
24 Michigan –
25 Nebraska 19

Out of rankings: (11) Boise St., (15) Oregon St.

Prior rankings:

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