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Rankings after Week 1
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I know.  We just had Week 2, but I don't have those up yet.  I'm going to continue to post my rankings here and do commentary (if any) on separate blogs in my Wordpress site.  I categorize the comments about recent developments as "Post-game" or "Rankings Commentary".  The rankings will be found under "Rankings" of all things.

Top 25

rank / team / prior
1 Alabama 1
2 Ohio St. 2
3 Stanford 4
4 Oregon 5
5 LSU 6
6 Clemson 7
7 Georgia 3
8 Louisville 8
9 S Carolina 9
10 TX A&M 10
11 Texas 12
12 Florida 13
13 Oklahoma 14
14 USC 16
15 Notre Dame 17
16 Washington –
17 TCU 18
18 Florida St. 20
19 Mich. St. 21
20 Ole Miss 22
21 N’western 23
22 Wisconsin 24
23 Okie St. 25
24 Michigan –
25 Nebraska 19

Out of rankings: (11) Boise St., (15) Oregon St.

Prior rankings:

Irish Shu's game-by-game predictions
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Once again, WELCOME to another college football season!!!  WOO-HOO!!!

Irish Shu is here to offer his game-by-game predictions for the just-started Notre Dame football season...yeah, I know, I’m late.  The first game has already taken place.  Shut up.

Anyway, this year’s schedule is another tough one.  At N.D. they always are…question is, will the Irish rise and conquer all 12 like they did last year?  Last year I doubted…and this year I, ever the pessimist in spite of my hard core Irish fandom, doubt again.

Why?  Well, because that’s just me…and also because of some personnel losses at key positions including in the offensive backfield and at linebacker…but part of why I doubted last year was because the Irish had an unproven secondary that I thought would get picked on and picked apart and, well, it didn’t turn out that way much to my delight!  We shall see.

I’ll digress a moment here and comment on the “Shamrock Series” uniforms that were unveiled recently.  The Irish will wear these “plan B” duds for the October 5th game vs. Arizona State at Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas.  Much less colorful than the ones worn vs. Miami last year, they look like this:

My opinion?  Don’t like.  I call this the “surrender look” – too much white.  It looks weak.  Granted, many a team have shown-up wearing surrender look gear and have kicked ass in them anyway.  Still, I don’t like all-white or almost all-white.  I think they’d look better with a green shamrock on the helmet instead of gold-on-gold.  Also, green pants would have made this!  Why not?  They’ve used green jerseys in rare past games.  Oh, well.  It’s done and it’s just one game.  Many teams pick a game a year where they tweak the uniforms, so I have no beef with ND doing it, too, as long as it’s not permanent.

With that, here are my predictions for this year in my usual poetic form…ahem:

8/31 vs. Temple:  The game is over, played and done, a milquetoast effort made.  But Irish won, I knew they would, so call a spade a spade!

Irish won.

9/7 @ #17 Michigan:  Last year I predicted right…Denard Robinson contained!  But it’s on the road at the Big House, and Devin Gardner will bring pain.

Wolverines win…this prediction is the one I’ll be happiest to be wrong about should that happen.

9/14 @ Purdue:  ND will look to rebound in road game number 2.  Purdue will have no answer for the mighty gold and blue.

Irish win…and it could be BIG.

9/21 vs. Michigan State:  Sparty plays the Irish tough and beats them here and there, but they don’t have the usual horses to make this one a scare.

Irish win.

9/28 vs. #16 Oklahoma:  Last year in Norman the Irish amazed and caused some Sooner moans.  This year the game is in South Bend, and there’s no Landry Jones.

Irish win…it’ll be close, though.

10/5 vs. Arizona State: The Shamrock Series heads down south for mighty ASU.  They say in Tempe “fear the fork”, but in Texas Irish don’t fear you.

Irish win.

10/19 vs. #24 USC: Well-rested Irish come off a bye to face the men of Troy.  The Trojans aren’t what they once were, and ND will destroy.

Irish win.

10/26 @ Air Force: God bless the men of service, and thank you for our rights.  But the Irish and their weapons will have YOU in their sights.

Irish win.

11/2 vs. Navy:  The infamous option ground attack gave the Irish defense fits…that’s in the past, and Irish tough D will give the Middies shits.

Irish win.

11/9 @ Pitt:  Last year the Panthers gave ND a tough overtime scare.  This year at Pitt at old Heinz Field this game will not compare.

Irish win.

11/23 vs. BYU:  Another bye, just like last year, before Cougars came to town.  That team was tough but lack the D, they’ll leave with tails hanged down.

Irish win.

11/30 @ #4 Stanford:  Defending Pac-12 champs will fight, revenge be on their mind.  The Irish face their biggest test and will find themselves behind.

Cardinal win.

And then: BCS will be the game the Irish will play in.  They’ll bring their best and finish strong, and bring…

…an Irish win.

Some may say I’m being bold and letting the success of last year dictate my prediction of a 10-win regular season…maybe I am, but it feels right.

Other predictions:

Montana Grizzlies:  A lousy year the Griz had last, crime and scandal purged the team.  This year they leave that all behind, and fulfill the playoff dream.

Nebraska:  The Huskers aren’t quite stacking-up with the Big 10’s best so far.  They need to bring the “Blackshirt D” or they won’t even be on-par.

Colorado State:  The Rams of old that won most games have been gone some years ago…if they are to turn the program around, this is the year to show!



NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 8-25-13
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Hey Ho. Lets Go. Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. Lots of silly season stuff happening. It started as a trickle right before Stewart broke his leg and has become a non stop stream of ever changing updates ever since. That picture up there is of Joey Logano. He won the Michigan race last week. It was a motor eating tire popping gas mileage affair as usual but we'll get to that after the updates and fast stuff.


Jimmie says baby girl #2 will be arriving some time around Sept 13-15. That makes it the Chicagoland race weekend. Drivers James Buescher and Regan Smith will be on standby if she decides to arrive during race activities. Jimmie is hoping that she's not afraid of Mondays or Tuesdays. Good luck with that Jimmie and congrats on the new addition.



I spoke of a site called Bargaineering.com where 2 guys were going head to head to see who would get the most from their game pieces. One guy bought 200 hash browns and the other sent in 500 envelopes requesting game pieces. The 4th blog with their findings is now up. Interesting note. The guy who sent in for game pieces made out better than the one who bought food. Neither won a big prize. According to the rules you had to buy a big mac to get the game piece for the car. Very interesting risk vs reward experiment.


Ok now. Stewart was asked this week if he was going to race the winged sprint cars any more. He said that this reporter was to tell the winged nation that he'd be back as son as he was able to. Wondering what his business partner and sponsors think. Probably cringing right now.

Martin says he's humbled and honored to be asked to drive the #14 for Stewart. Says he'll do his best. 

Newman says he's not bitter about being served his walking papers. Still no contract for next year though.

Kurt Busch has been offered a contract extension from Furniture Row and Stewart Haas racing has offered to come up with a contract. Who'd have thought after Kurt's huge melt down that he'd actually have choices? But he does. No word on the sponsor for SHR or if the contract has been finalized yet.

SHR was said to be making a play for Rodney Childers at MWR. They want him as Harvick's crew chief for next year and they've won. Rodney gave MWR his notice that he'll be done at the end of the season. He said it was a tough choice. He's been there 5 years and says the guys he worked with are a great bunch. He said he doesn't know if he'll be allowed to stay till the end of the season but will do whatever he's asked and that he wants to leave the team in championship form. He also said that working with Harvick is a huge opportunity that doesn't come around often and he'd regret it if he didn't take it. Vickers will be upset. He really wanted to work with Rodney.

So that leaves Montoya still up in the air. Mario Andretti has said "HELL YEAH" when Montoya asked about an open wheel ride. Mario is looking for sponsors. Montoya said he's open to any ride as long as it's a winning ride.

And then there's Austin Dillon. He just may be coming to Cup next year and dusting off the #3 for his RCR car driving for grandpa Richard. Which leaves room in his Nationwide car for brother Ty. Nobody knows if it will be 3 or 4 cars for RCR next year. Sponsorship is a tough sell these days.

So to wrap this all up....all in all Zipadelli said that the deal to have Martin in the #14 car went extremely smooth. That level of cooperation between teams (or manufacturers for that matter) is something that just doesn't happen. He chalks it up to the respect for Stewart in the garage being very high. 



Logano won and he's old enough to drink the bubbly coming out of the bottle. Our winner had the pole for the race and led the most laps too. Bonus points day with 48 going to his Chase hopes. He's now 13th with 1 W.

It was hoped that Jimmie would come from the back in his back up car and he did and he led 3 laps. AND he blew his motor up around lap 55. Pooooooooooooooof.

Dale Jr sccccccccccccccrapes the wall on lap 135. Crew can't get the jack under the car. He spends time in the garage. Comes back but ends his day 36th and minus 29 laps

With about 45 laps to go Kyle spins and messes up his rear. Got to have your body in as aerodynamic & cosmetically pleasing as possible for Michigan.....31st and minus 3 laps. Ouch.

Bowyer spun out on lap 1 but managed to not hit anything which is key to digging your way out. Reward? A 5th place finish.

Gordon was quiet all day and never cracked the top 10. I guess no news is good news. He came home with 17th and all his fenders as well as the motor. 

With 33 to go Keselowski assumed the lead but was told he wouldn't make it to the end on fuel. He didn't want to come in but his CC Wolfe said we're points racing. You can come in for a splash or end up 28th. Then Mr Penske came on the radio and told him he needed to make his way down pit road. He ended up in 12th. Those points are better than 28th place points.

I thought my other man Mark Martin was coming home with the win but fuel mileage bit him. He was 2 laps short. Gave up the lead with 2 to go for a splash. 27th and minus 1 lap. Bummer. He said the team was going for it. 

Austin Dillon's subbing day for Stewart's #14 car went great. He spun trying to avoid a spinning Yeley on lap 14 but gathered himself up and ralleyed for a 14th place finish. Good job.

Top 15 finishers - Logano - Harvick - Kurt B - Menard - Bowyer - Ambrose - Kahne - Burton - Biffle - Edwards - Montoya - Keselowski - Newman - Dillon - Kenseth



Hamlin on the pole. Must be feeling better. After watching the race tonight I raced back here to finish my blog. I tanked in 4 of my fantasy leagues but Kahne finished 2nd so in the Streak I got 2nd place finish. Must be the powers that be punishing me for my psychic comment. Yeah. Psychics are people too.

This was one action packed race as per the usual. The 2 Bristol races on the schedule are night and day. Literally as well as for real man. I think the night race with all those cameras going off must create a strobe light atmosphere that brings out the animal in the drivers. The pack at the front changed often. It ain't over till every car is dented and the fat lady sings Sweet Home Alabama.

So Hamlin had the pole and the lead for about 27 laps. Then Kurt took it till about lap 77 when he started dropping back. His crew didn't get the lugnuts tight so the tire was loose and ruined his hub. Back to the garage for a new one and he would finish his day in 31st minus 24 laps.

Edwards now leads. Then Dale Jr leads.

Lap 101 sees Kyle & Logano make contact. Kyle has rear damage. Logano needs a new right front. Dale Jr keeps leading till lap 134. Bowyer on point.

Until lap 176 when Bowyer gets stuck behind Kyle who is about to go a lap down but Kvapil drifts up and there goes Boyer for a spin. Caution.

Edwards takes lead. A few laps later Johnson hits #33 Tony Raines but keeps going. Gordon is complaining of high water & oil temps.

Edwards leads till Vickers hits the wall. Kenseth gets pit road speeding penalty and to the back he goes. Menard & Kyle don't pit. They're now 1 & 2. On lap 272 it's Menard - Kyle - Edwards - Dale Jr - Montoya.

Lap 323 sees Edwards catch and pass Menard.

Caution for Johnson, Reutimann, Vickers & Almirola all getting together. Vickers is racking up friendship points this evening. A bad night for Jimmie just got worse. Off to the garage he goes.

At this point it's Edwards - Kenseth - Truex - Gordon - Bowyer as your top 5. At lap 381 Kenseth takes the lead and Edwards starts dropping back saying he thinks his motor is going. And it does.

So a couple cautions later Mr Vickers causes a wreck that pretty much does in my fantasy hopes. On the restart he moves up on Hamlin and it cuts his tire. Hamlin's tire goes and he then shoots up the track into Harvick and it's on. Truex, Hamlin, Harvick, Keselowski, Mears, Schrader, & Newman are now in pieces. 

Harvick is parked in Hamlin's pit box so he moves his car out of the way to the crowd roaring it's approval. Harvick gets out of his car for a chat with Hamlin. 4 NASCAR officials block him and he assures them he won't hit Hamlin. They talked and that was that. I'm sure when he sees the replay he'll be Vickers best buddy.

So now with 40 to go it's Kenseth - Montoya - Kahne - Bowyer - Ambrose.

With 14 to go Kenseth & Kahne are banging door numbers. This went on till the end of the race off & on. Scared me because these 2 were the last in 2 of my fantasy leagues still in it for some good points. Great finish.

Top 15 finishers - Kenseth - Kahne - Montoya - Vickers - Logano - Menard - Gordon - Ambrose - Biffle - Dale Jr - Kyle B - Ragan - Burton - Bowyer - Almirola

So what did your fantasy league look like after all that sheet metal damage? There's no race next week but I'm sure silly season is still going strong and there'll be plenty to write home about. Untill then all you Gabbers and others have safe happy travels, get a couple more grilling opportunities in, and take a moment to stop and enjoy the last of the summer. AND.......

I'm outta here......






NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 8-18-13
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Good morning!!! It really is morning. Like 2:30 am type morning. Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. That car up there used to be fast but Montoya drove into a jet dryer with it and now it's a part of a sight seeing tour on a 4 wheeling trail in Dale Jrs woods. I'm so beat. Just watched Jack Russell's Great White at a club in Lancaster. Dude is lucky to be alive for sure. He's not looking so great and his voice is a bit shot. Lots of audience participation. At least he tried.


Fox Sports 1 is a go on all major distributors on August 17th. Yup, that was yesterday. Mike Hopkins of Fox Network says it's the biggest sports cable launch in history and it will change the sports television landscape. So happy everyone got on board. Did they have a choice? So everybody get out your wallets and hug them. Somebody is going to be coming along to be helping you to empty it soon.


I hate that sentence. It hurts to write it. Just doesn't seem real. Apparently it is though. Zipadelli told the media that he spent time with Stewart at his home trying to get plans worked out. He said that Stewart was in good spirits and had just been to the doctors. There were no set backs but he was told that he was to stay in bed with his foot elevated above his heart to keep the swelling down. I'm just glad to hear there's no infection. That would be a huge game changer for sure.

So any way, Austin Dillon is subbing for him at Michigan this week and he's already paid the price in the Nationwide standings. He was first. He's now 5th. Because the Cup series and the Nationwide Series were in 2 separate states this week Dillon couldn't get qualified and started from the back. A late race restart wreck ended his day in 21st. He qualified Stewart's #14 in 27th for Michigan. But don't worry. Danica is right behind him in 28th.....

Mark Martin was another name brought up. Since it was announced that Brian Vickers would be in the #55 car that he shares with Mark Martin it would be conceivable that MWR would want to get a head start on setting the car up for Vickers by getting him into most of the remaining races of this year. Toyota has given their blessing. Now it's up to MWR to keep Martin to that contract or tear it up. 

Martin said he was asked but things just aren't that simple. Rides are starting to open up and silly season is starting to kick up some dust. There's even rumors that Martin will share the #42 ride with Kyle Larson that Montoya is vacating at EGR. Martin says he can't say exactly what or where he'll be next year but it won't be racing full time. He likes his part time schedule.

SHR hope to have the driver situation worked out this coming week. 



M&M's wins the Glen. Actually Kyle Busch did. Ambrose had the pole and took off to hold the lead for about 30 laps. Green flag pit stops had begun when a caution for Almirola getting stuck in the tires occurred. Ambrose pitted but was mired back in traffic and never got back up front. He eventually broke something and ended up wrecking. So now Kyle and Truex were duking it out. Keselowski made his way up there for the fight for the win. 

Gordon and Kahne both wrecked out in separate incidents but you got to be wondering about these 2. If you want to pick either of these 2 for your fantasy leagues you best get a psychic reading first. They came in 1-2 at Pocono and then wreck the next week. 

Top 15 finishers - Kyle B - Keselowski - Truex - Edwards - Montoya - Bowyer - Logano - Johnson - Kurt B - B Labonte - McMurray - Mears - Harvick - Newman - Papis <-----Stewart"s car...



This week it's a high speed track that eats motors and patience. Track position is a big deal here. Johnson was to start 3rd but in the 2nd practice session he said he lost the handling and it spun out on it's own. He'll be starting 43rd in a back up car. Not good but it's the #48 team so they will make lemonade out of this situation. Besides that they're locked into the Chase as of their 8th place finish last week. They can take chances others wouldn't dare to at this stage of the game.

We were just at this track in June of this year. Kahne was leading and blew a tire. Dale Jr was leading and blew a motor. Johnson was trying to run down Biffle in the closing laps, scraped the wall and wound up 28th minus 1 lap. Gordon went for a spin with Labonte and ended up 43rd. Danica got a great 13th place finish.Hamlin had shock problems.McMurray blew a tire and most of his front end went with it. 

Top 15 finishers - Biffle - Harvick - Truex - Kyle B - Stewart - Kenseth - Bowyer - Edwards - Logano - Burton - Dillon - Keselowski - Patrick - Menard - Stenhouse

​So the guys that are said to be the best here are Biffle - Edwards - Kenseth - Johnson - Dale Jr - Stewart - Kyle B - Hamlin - Kurt B - Kahne & Gordon

Biffle won last August as well as this past June. It's a Ford kind of track lately. So his team mate Edwards should be up there fighting for the win this Sunday too.

Harvick found something in June. It didn't take him long to get into the top 10 and stay there. 

Truex & Bowyer did good too. This is their kind of track. Martin never seemed to get a handle on it.

Kyle B & Kenseth both qualified in the top 10 and stayed there. Team mate Hamlin's back issues are pushed to the limit by the G forces going around those turns. Not a good pick.

Kurt B got 2nd in qualifying. He's on the hunt for a Chase spot. 

Montoya has lost his ride for next year. He starts 6th today. Not sure if his luck will hold out but he was fast in both practices. 

Dale Jr & Kahne were fast in practice but you know how I feel about Kahne or Gordon. Chose with caution and a psychic.

Burton could be a sneaky good pick. Qualified 5th right after Martin.

C Listers to pick. The Danica - Stenhouse - Dillon - Bayne - Labonte - Mears - Gilliland - Kvapil.

So it's WAYYYYYYY past my bed time and I'm beat. You all have a fabulous Sunday. AND....

I'm outta here......



Just Some Random $h!t
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So Fox is launching their own Sports Network...Why not? NBC Sports and CBS Sports are out there still losing to ESPN, along with the NFL and MLB Networks...What's one more sports network with limited programming?

Well Fox is gonna sell theirs differently...They're selling it the old fashioned way...With tits and ass...

I'm not looking forward to them throwing it to Donovan McNabb for his bullshit analysis, but I may stop by to check them out...They'd have me watching all the time if they set aside a couple hours a day of these two donut-bumping!

And for the record, Charissa Thompson is totally hotter the Erin Andrews!

-At Michigan State, they had a little fun with the football players...Nothing like seeing some so called tough guys get the shit scared out of them...

-Famous Red Sox announcer, and former player, Jerry Remy's son has found himself in trouble again...

This time, the crime is a lot more serious then selling steroids...Jared Remy had just been in court over domestic assault charges and was released on "personal recognizance"...So what does he do? He stabs Jennifer Martel, the woman he is accused of assaulting, to death...While her daughter is in the house...Dude was already a 'roid raging dealer...Then he was a woman beater...Now he's a murderer...How quickly one can go from a piece of shit, to a big steaming pile of shit...Love Jerry Remy, but I hope Jared burns in hell!

-Many times I have written about how China sucks, and how much I hate them...Well, let the hate continue for these assholes...Checkout their LION!

That's it...It's Friday people...Who wants Fish Tacos!?!


Have a good weekend!

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