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Storminnorman's Sports Views 1-29-12
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Since I like classic rock, I have decided to start a little something new for the beginning of my weekly blogs. I am going to find a song that reminds me of a particular event or series of events that have taken place during the week. I thought I would start this blog with this particular song that reminds me of a few of this weeks past events



and like if this link is true, which normally it is.... I pity the AL Central Pitchers next year when VMart returns.....

And to please the Beezer I found this video of his favorite girl Kate Upton, so here ya go Beezer:

Unfortunately my two younger children Taylor and Noah were in the room at the time as I was trying to watch her do the Dougie.......


Unfortunately, Joe Paterno will not be remembered for his 400+ wins but for what Jerry Sandusky allegedly has done. Joe Pa was the one of the greatest coaches to ever coach in any sport. O.J. McDuffie said in an interview on ESPN radio Sunday, he turned boys into men and truly cared about each of his players, along with Penn St. University. I remember some of the greatest games I had ever seen was when Penn St. first entered the Big 10, and they were playing Michigan. Both teams were dominating each other and the games came down to the final plays in most cases. Maybe he stayed too long, but he was also quoted as saying he did not want to retire a couple months later like his rival Paul "Bear" Bryant did when he retired from coaching Alabama. Unfortunately for Joe Pa, it was two months and a day I believe it was said since he was fired. What a shame he met the same fate as "Bear." Please watch this tribute to Joe Pa and enjoy.......

I thought I was finished with my blog for the week, due to a ton of assignments in my microeconomics and public relations courses, but I have a few more things to say.....

For those of you that do not realize this, this was how Mr. Illitch built the Red Wings into Stanley Cup Champions. He is known for risk taking, even though this was not as big a risk as most think. A few years back he signed Hasek, Hull and even Luke Robataille and won a Stanley Cup. It is in his nature to do so, so I commend him for taking a chance on a kid who has seen nothing but success since coming to the majors in 2006.  Last s.eason, he was second in NL in all major categories, and did you know he will take a walk? Stats don't lie, he has almost 600 walks to go along with his 228 home runs. I remember going to Tiger Stadium and seeing him as a youngster, hanging around the batting cage, hell he grew up in Detroit more or less while his daddy played here. I am not surprised he is here now, wearing a Tiger uniform. Great Job Dave Dombrowski, you added a piece to the puzzle that should eventually make this team a winner again. 

I was a little disappointed when I heard that Roy Oswalt was leaving the Phillies and signing with the Cardinals. The Tigers could really use him on their staff this year, he would have really helped the younger pitchers with his knowledge of pitching. What the hell, what's another $100 million or so, to help Verlander, Fister, Porcello and Scherzer mature even more?

Football, Football, Football tomorrow's the Pro Bowl, does anyone actually care? This is the kickoff of our favorite week, Super Bowl Week where everyone who can get a media pass is in Indianapolis covering this game. Hey Sully can you get me press credentials, and I will go down there and cover it for the Gab. This blog is becoming kind of fun, and the best part is that the Packers are not there.

Did anyone see the hardest shot competition tonight Chara is ridiculous 108 mph, I wouldn't want to block that shot, that would really hurt.

So this concludes another weekly blog, as I have to return to my weeks worth of assignments in microeconomics and public relations. Thanks for reading my post and have a great week preparing for the Super Bowl.


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