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Deep Thoughts 4-16-14
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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. This week marks two very significant events. Tuesday was Jackie Robinson day and the anniversary of the bombing at last year’s Boston Marathon. MLB does a great job each year of recognizing Robinson by having each MLB player wear #42. While this is a great tribute, I have a question. On Jackie Robinson day, shouldn’t the Dodgers be playing at home? It really does seem like a slap in the face to me to not only have the Dodgers on the road…but playing at San Francisco. I am really scratching my head over this. I am also trying to understand why someone would leave two dummy backpacks at the Boston Marathon finish line. It is acts like this that make me wonder about the direction of our country. Sick…

BOB mentioned yesterday in his blog about Aldon Smith’s latest screw up. Telling TSA agents that you have a bomb is not very bright. This does not strike me as the act of a mentally stable person, but maybe he is just an idiot. Either way, I think BOB is right, Sheriff Goodell will ask Smith to take the year off. This is really a bad deal for the 49ers as their defense is not the same without him. But, I figure that this is out of the team’s hands at this point. It will be interesting to see if they cut him loose or save a spot for him.

I caught the movie Draft Day last weekend. If you like football, you will definitely like this movie. It was like a big spoonful of football. I would not say it is Costner’s best work, but it is definitely worth watching. It was interesting watching the behind the scene conversations. Given the timing of the approaching draft, it makes the current headlines rather intriguing. I saw on Tuesday that an “anonymous” NFL executive thinks that Clowney is “spoiled” and “lazy”. Teams are looking for any reason to cause a player to drop. Is this truly what this executive believes or is he trying to allow Clowney to fall into their lap? Johnny Manziel is slammed because he scores too high on the Wonderlic test. It is whispered that he may be too smart to be coachable. Vince Young was slammed because he scored too low on the test…maybe he is not smart enough to learn the playbook. It really is a game of chess. The media sucks up the words like a Hoover on steroids. I am not even sure that they realize that they are being played by the teams…either way, they are pawns. There was a time that we could believe what we read in the paper, but those times are long gone.






I have been reading an old book about baseball stories. I found the book at an antique store and figured for a few bucks it would be interesting to read. The stories are an assortment of short stories, poems…each one is different. There was the original story that I suppose the Field of Dreams was based upon. One very short story was about a guy that walked into a bar. A baseball game was on the small TV in the corner. An older guy sitting next to him started talking about baseball and complaining about the way games today (probably 40 years ago) are described. Lanz commented on BOB’s blog yesterday how Vin Scully used words to paint a picture of the game. That is exactly what this old guy was complaining about in this story. He missed listening to a baseball game on the radio; because those play by play guys painted that picture for their listeners…they had to. TV guys have gotten lazy. Most do not understand what it is to do a play by play. They use words like velocity instead of bringing the heat or throwing gas and location instead of nibbling around the corners. As I read this story, I realized that the old man was exactly right. I have spent those summer nights lying in my bed with my eyes closed…seeing the game through the words. I watch the game now, and don’t really listen as much to the words of the broadcast. Often, I think that I see as much or more than the guys doing the broadcast. Baseball is great today and I love being able to watch so many game on TV. But, there will always be something special about listening to a baseball game on the radio.








I think we have all noticed how many pitchers are MIA this year. The dreaded phrase “Tommy John” surgery has been spoken 20 times this year. I started looking around trying to find some answers. One theory is that the MLB strike zone is so tight that pitchers have given up throwing slower breaking balls and now throw a cut fastball, slider and split finger fastball. Hitters spend hours watching video now. They are much more patient at the plate because they know that the tight strike zones favor hitters. There is some potential truth to this. Fastballs are thrown with the shoulder. Curveballs are thrown with the shoulder and wrist. The harder breaking balls all stress the elbow. I can see this, but I don’t think it tells the entire story. So I went to the expert on the matter…Dr. James Andrews. Dr. Andrews believes that there are several factors that are causing the UCL (ulnar collateral ligament) to fray and eventually fail. Kids are bigger and stronger and the UCL is just not able to keep pace with how hard the young pitchers are throwing. Also, baseball has become a year round sport in many parts of the country. He believes that young pitchers are not getting a break like they used to. Instead of putting away the baseball glove and picking up a football or basketball, they simply play on. A comment on the article about Dr. Andrews was spot on. He remembers listening to 2 visiting hockey coaches from Finland. They said if you want to be one of the best 12 year old players around then play year round. But if you want to still be a good player when you are 16 or 17 then drop the game when your season is over and play other sports that interest you because eventually water seeks its level and others will catch up or your zeal for the game will be greatly diminished

My son began playing tournament baseball when he was 11. But, we limited the amount of games that the kids played. But there are others that do not. I am a firm believer that playing all sports is of great benefit for young athletes. Focusing on one sport at a young age often burns kids out. It also can lead to overuse of a pitchers arm…which is what we are beginning to see at the professional level. There is really nothing that the MLB can do to change this, except perhaps offer direction. Baseball should spend time preparing messages to younger players and their parents. Most kids will never play professional baseball, but the facts should be known. Throwing a baseball is not a natural action. Throwing a baseball hard puts stress on the shoulder and elbow.

Based on this information, it does not appear that anything will change soon. For the record, of those 20 pitchers undergoing Tommy John surgery only one is from outside the US. It is clear that this problem is something that is homegrown. Hopefully, it will be something that we can soon begin to change.





Last weekend was the Masters. The big news leading up to this great tournament was that Tiger Woods would not be healthy enough to participate in this year’s Masters. I have been a big fan of Tiger Wood's golfing. I have watched him perform at a level that few have ever approached. I cheered Tiger on in his pursuit of the major championship record. But, in the back of my mind, I had a nagging feeling like I had forgotten something. This week, I was reminded what I had forgotten. For all of those wins, Tiger Woods will never have something…he will never be the King of golf. There has only ever been one man in golf that completely grabbed the fancy of the country and that was Arnold Palmer. Although, Jack Nicklaus will wear the crown of best player, it is Arnold Palmer that captivated our nation and brought attention to the game of golf. Men wanted to be Palmer and women just wanted him. Class, charisma and charm were characteristics of Arnold Palmer. When Palmer began to make a move up the leader board, he would hitch his pants and eagerly charge toward the next shot. The adoring crowds were called “Arnie’s Army” and they would announce a great shot with a surge of cheers. Seriously, there was no doubt when Palmer sank a long putt or hit a great shot. ..You just knew. He did not so much play golf, as attack the course. As a small kid, I remember thinking that there was something different about this man.  





Through all of his professional successes, Palmer remained a hero to every man. You cannot find anyone that will say something bad about Palmer. He has been a gentleman from the beginning. He always had time for a smile and a handshake. Athletes of today would do well to examine the manner that this giant of another generation has handled his business.


Here are a few facts about Arnold Palmer:

Hale Irwin said that he learned from Arnold that the most important part of being a professional golfer was what you did outside the ropes.

Palmer said that his father told him…You don’t need to tell anyone how good you are, you show them how good you are.

You can have a discussion over who is the best golfer of all time, but there is no question that Arnold Palmer has been the most important golfer of all time.

Johnny Bench named his son Justin Palmer Bench. Now, that is impressive.

Palmer represents the values of what America used to be. He is an American icon.

Arnold Palmer loved to add lemonade to his glass of iced tea…now that drink is called an Arnold Palmer.

There is so much more about Palmer to discuss. He beat prostate cancer in 1999, but has never quit his fight to beat the disease. He has donated money and been very outspoken to help raise awareness for fighting cancer. He built a Children’s hospital in Florida that remains one of the most impressive hospitals in the country for children.


Arnold Palmer brought attention and money to the PGA tour. He helped create the Senior Tour and the Golf Channel. He defined how to create a brand, by living his life doing good things. He began flying his own plane in the 1950s. In watching the golf channel story, it detailed how Palmer decided that at 80 years of age that he should leave the flying to someone else. On his last flight from the west coast to Orlando…he got the red carpet treatment from each airport that he was in communication with. Apparently, all of the airports across the country cleared the way for his flight. I am not a pilot, but supposedly, this is just not done. He did not have to wait for anything…which speaks to the respect that the air traffic guys had for Palmer as a pilot. From his humble beginnings, Palmer has created a huge place in American history…and he has done it the right way.


Tiger Woods has been a student of golf and has focused his attention to try to eclipse these records. It is a shame that Tiger does not understand that golf is only a small part of the legacy he will leave behind. It is sad, but I sort of see Tiger Woods as I do Barry Bonds. Both were great players that never realized the true meaning of being a champion. Arnold Palmer is 85 and won’t be with us much longer. It is time we took a moment to acknowledge just how special his life has been.








                                                             I think that everyone is ready for the snow to stop...





This is a picture of the Utah Valley University baseball field. The UTPA Broncs headed to Orem Utah to take on the Wolverines last weekend. They took 2 out of 3, but could not close out the sweep on Sunday. Watching the games online, I could not help but admire the beautiful venue...at least until the weather turned bad on Sunday. Blake and his guys managed to just beat the snow out of town. Next week is a home series against Bakersfield. Hopefully, they can just keep winning 2 out of three. Taking a series the rest of the way will allow the Broncs to make the conference tournament in May.



That is all I have today, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey...



"Too bad you can't buy a voodoo globe so that you could make the earth spin real fast and freak everybody out."


"If you're a young Mafia gangster out on your first date, I bet it's real embarrassing if someone tries to kill you. "



Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own...




Crest of a Knave: Jimmy Haslan, NY/NJ, and Black Sabbath
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The Browns have finally hired a head coach.  I’m not really sure Haslan can declare victory, that somehow their plan has come to fruition and that they got their man.  In fact, I’m pretty sure ownership has declared defeat and engaged a “strategic retreat.”  Now, truly that’s nothing against Mike Pettine.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I know nothing about the man – only that which I’ve learned this week.  It is to say, however, that his pedigree is less than impressive and really hard to say he fulfills the Browns “Plan” for the future.  Hey check it, I'm not the only one saying it, and frankly, I'm being kind.


The Buffalo Bills, under his Defensive Coordinatorship, finished the season 20th in points allowed, and otherwise they were, generally speaking, on the lower end of the middle of the pack.  The 2012 and 2011 Jets were equally mediocre.   So there’s that track record, and hardly fits the bill of a proven winner.  We don’t know he’s not, we just know there’s not direct evidence to support the claim.


We do know, though that just about everyone else who was under consideration either chose not to interview for the job or withdrew from consideration.  Kind of like that old school television scene where the drill sergeant asks for a volunteer to step forward, and there’s one guy who doesn’t take a step back.


That said, he probably has the best situation of the new head coaching class this year.  He’s pretty much expected to fail – he has no quarterback, he has a dysfunctional front office, among other issues – so, if he fails no big deal.  If he actually wins, he’s a freaking genius.   And really, as unenthused as Cleveland may be about their big new hire, Pettine’s family is equally impressed with the appointment:


Next weeks’ post will probably be talking about the newly crowned king of the NFL – the passing of the torch to the new generation of quarterback or the old guard hanging in there for one more win.  In the meantime, New York and New Jersey are squabbling over who is actually the host of the big game, which only illustrates New Jersey’s illusion that it’s something other than a highway extension of New York City.  Yeah, you host the stadium, and of the two professional football teams that play there, exactly none of them claim to be from New Jersey.  No one says they’re going to East Rutherford for a good time.  Sorry, Jersey.  Go back to figuring out the traffic on the Jersey side of the GWB.


Assuming we’re in a candid moment, I’m picking the Seattle Seahawks to be Champion next week.  As  of this writing, the Broncos are 3-point favorites, but I like the Seattle defense here.  Each side will have to play error free football – I’m not 100% certain that Pete Carroll has it in him to instill the discipline that will be required, but I’m sure Manning is capable of making mistakes, and I think the Seattle defense is more likely to make him pay for a mistake than the Denver defense is of making Russell Wilson pay for his.  That said, most often when I make a prediction I’m wrong, and be mindful of the fact I’ve got no skin in this game so it’s as good as the paper its printed on.   Head over to the Q-of-the-Day and spit out your predictions.


In other news, one of the teams won the Pro Bowl…and Black Sabbath won a Grammy, probably only because Jethro Tull wasn’t nominated.  As an aside, I have owned a copy of “Crest of a Knave” for 25 years – I like it.   While the flute may be a heavy, metal instrument, the album is not heavy metal.


Last, I want to give a shout out to my fellow Bostonians – the welcome back ovation given to Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett Sunday was just spectacular.  Times are few when a visiting player receives this level of acknowledgement, and when two former players – guys who brought home a championship and a bid for a second – come back to this, it restores your faith that Boston is a great place to play and be a fan.






Irish Shu's Irish Season Review
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HAPPY BELATED NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!  Here we go - Irish Shu is here with a look back at the now-completed Fighting Irish football season.  In the last edition I recapped the first 6 games, so now I'll review the last 7 including their bowl game.

USC:  This was a game that had me concerned.  So-Cal had owned the Irish in recent years and was looking for a big win to continue the era of interim Coach Ed Orgeron who had replaced the fired Lane Kiffin.  It did turn out to be an ugly game during which ND’s QB Tommy Rees and S.C’s stud receiver Marquise Lee both left the game with injuries (Lee has hurting to begin with) but the Irish D toughed it out and held on for a gutty 14-10 Irish win.  It was the first home win over the Trojans since 2001 and only the third night game played in South Bend in the past 2 decades.


In addition to the relentless pressure from the Irish D, USC also killed themselves with nearly 100 yards in penalties.  The win came in spite of a very poor effort from backup QB Andrew Hendrix in the wake of the injury to Rees.  I was among the many who had been calling for Hendrix to have a chance to play and prove himself…well, he blew that chance.  He looked very uncomfortable, failed to complete any passes and mustered only 27 yards of offense in the second half….that makes it all the more impressive that the Irish won this one.

AIR FORCE: This would turn out to be one of the best played games of the year for the Irish…but when it comes against a Falcon team that was on their 4th quarterback of the season and would finish 2-10, I would have been disappointed with anything less.  Rees had a career day going 17-22 for 284 yards and touchdown throws to 5 different ND receivers in a 45-10 rout.

The feat of completing TD throws to 5 men was the first time that had ever happened in Irish football.  The Air Force option attack did gash the Irish D for 290 yards, but the inability of the Falcons to finish drives and their turnovers proved costly to them, as well.

NAVY:  The Midshipmen came to play and played one of their best offensive games of the year.  They gutted the Irish D for 331 rushing yards, finished with a 15-minute advantage in time-of-possession, and committed NO penalties and NO turnovers to 2 for the Irish…but in spite of all that, the Irish still won 38-34.  WHEW!  Why did this happen?  Because the Navy D was not able to stop the Irish O, which finished with over 500 yards and very impressive balance between the run and the pass.  Freshman Irish running back Tarean Folston had his breakout game with a 140-yard rushing day and the game ended with a sensational play on D when safety Eliar Hardy and frosh linebacker Jaylon Smith snuffed-out a Navy end-around on 4th and 4 and stopped the receiver for no gain to preserve the win.

It would be the last loss Navy would suffer this season as they would go on to post a 9 and 4 record to match that of the Irish…however, this win and the prior win over Air Force would prove costly to the health of the Irish D-front.  Having consecutive games with the 2 service academies which both employ the option and cut-blocking took out several players including lineman Kona Schwenke and Sheldon Day, and linebacker Ishaq Williams.  The Irish D was already missing starters Louis Nix and Jarret Grace to leg injuries prior to this, and it made a bad situation worse.  The Irish D would go forward dipping further into the reserves from here.

PITT:  As well as the Irish had played in their 2 games prior to this one, that’s how poorly they played against the Panthers at Heinz Field.  Pitt capitalized on 3 Irish turnovers to their none, including 2 very costly “Turnover Tommy” interceptions (one in the Pitt end zone to prevent a touchdown) and the Panthers avenged last year’s triple-OT loss with a 28-21 win that would knock the Irish out of BCS Bowl contention.  In addition to the turnovers, including one Pitt fumble caused by a QB sack in the fourth quarter which the Irish did not pounce on, penalties also proved costly.  They didn’t have many penalties, but the ones they committed were big.  Defensive end Stephon Tuitt was ejected in the first half for targeting the Pitt QB (and I’ll agree with my pal, the Beeze, when I say that was a BULLSHIT call – Tuitt was lowering his head to try to get UNDER the QB’s head and the QB lowered his head, as well),


and a pass interference penalty on a 4th down play would extend a drive that Pitt would score on.  The overall-sloppy play in this game, in-particular, baffles me to this day…but shit does happen, and with all due respect to Pitt, that was shit.

BYU:  The Irish had a bye week to shake-off the loss to Pitt and hopefully bounce back against a good BYU team with one of the country’s best running quarterbacks in Taysom Hill.

Despite cold and snowy conditions, the Irish D contained Hill well-enough and won their last home game on senior day 23-13.  This time, it was running back Cam McDaniel who had a career day with 117 rushing yards.  Folston added 78 yards and a score.  Rees’ last home game was an adequate performance for him as he went 15-28 for 235 yards and a score.  It was a good tune-up for what would be one of their toughest opponents of the year (of which they had several, as always) in…

STANFORD:  The Irish were game in this one and made it close, but still lost to the eventual Pac-12 Champion 27-20.  Stanford Senior RB Tyler Gaffney tore the Irish D for 189 yards and a score and the Cardinal D held the Irish O in-check by allowing them only 263 total yards…and yet the Irish STILL had their chances to pull-off the win.  Rees threw for 2 touchdowns in the 3rd quarter to help bring the Irish back.  Then they had 2 final drives in the fourth quarter to try to tie the game but, alas, both ended in Rees interceptions and the Cardinal held-on.

Incidentally, Gaffney getting close to 200 yards against ND isn’t really a shame when you consider the year he had – he finished his season with over 1,700 yards and 21 touchdowns, so he was tough for most teams to handle.  Stanford would go on to win their second consecutive Pac-12 title and go on to the Rose Bowl to lose a close one to Michigan State – a team whose only loss this year was to – guess who?  NOTRE DAME!

Pinstripe Bowl vs. RUTGERS:  The season ended with a bowl win over a .500 Rutgers team that was a sloppy game for both teams.  Sloppy because the Irish were missing about a dozen players with the flu.  Sloppy because the field at Yankee Stadium was in poor shape with a lot of torn turf and divots that skill players on BOTH sides slipped and tripped on.  Sloppy because both teams had to settle for more field goals than they would have liked in-part due to said field conditions.  When all was said and done, though, Tommy Rees ended his career with a 319-yard effort against one of the poorest pass defenses in the country and the Irish did win 29-16 in a game that, with all due respect to the Scarlet Knights, was closer than it should have been.  The REALLY cool thing about this game?  The MVP award.  It went to outgoing senior tackle Zack Martin – the first time an O-lineman received a Bowl MVP trophy in 54 years, and it was very well deserved.

The Irish running game really took over in the second half by repeatedly running to Zack’s side and they had success doing so.  Martin will head into the NFL as one of the best Irish linemen to ever play, having never missed a game in his Irish career with a school record 52 career starts…and his leadership will be missed, for sure.

So to wrap it up the Irish football season was overall-disappointing, but not bad when one considers that, of the 12 regular season opponents the Irish faced, 9 went to bowl games, 3 played in BCS bowls and the Irish beat one of those 3 (Michigan State)…still, if the Irish can beat Michigan State and the Pac-12 runner-up in Arizona State, and play Stanford as close as they did, then why, WHY did they choke against Michigan and Pitt???...yeah, I know the answer.  Turnover Tommy.

Speaking of Tommy Rees, in spite of his several costly mistakes and lack of natural athleticism and the ability to run, I will give him this pat-on-the-back; statistically he actually did very well in spite of all that.  True, throwing 37 interceptions in a 4-year career is not good, but he did finish with 7,670 yards and 61 touchdowns.  The yardage put him in 3rd place in ND school history in that category behind only Brady Quinn and Jimmy Clausen.  With the Pinstripe Bowl victory, Rees joined Tom Clements, Joe Montana, Tony Rice and Rick Mirer as the only Notre Dame quarterbacks with two bowl game victories as a starter…it does make me wonder how much more impressive his career would have been if only he could RUN.

So, farewell to Tommy, thank you, and I’m REALLY looking forward to next year’s quarterback battle between Malik Zaire and the now-reinstated and supposedly-improved Everett Golson…assuming Golson doesn’t f-up and get himself kicked out of school again.

Other concerns as we head to next year: replacing lost starters.

Thankfully the Offense returns largely-intact; Rees will be replaced by a better running QB and while the O-line loses the awesome Zack Martin and Chris Watt, they get just about everyone else back.  TJ Jones and his over-1,100 receiving yards will be missed, but a whole ton of very good receivers come back, including DaVaris Daniels.  There is talk that their best tight end in Troy Niklas might declare for the draft, but hopefully he’ll stay.  ALL the best Irish running backs will be back next year.  The offensive coordinator in Chuck Martin did leave for the head coaching job at Miami of Ohio, so whoever replaces him will have some great athletes to work with.

On defense, though, the losses are more notable.  Along the front the Irish lose Louis Nix and Stephon Tuitt to the NFL – OUCH! - and a couple linebackers, too, including Carlo Calabrese and Dan Fox who was very good.  The secondary also loses a couple.  Another big loss is that of the D-coordinator in Bob Diaco who left for the head coaching gig at U-Conn.  Hopefully his replacement can get the D to reload rather than rebuild…the losses of Nix and Tuitt, in-particular, will make that challenging.  I do look forward to the continued rise of sensational frosh LB Jaylon Smith.  That guy made some impressive stops and should only get better.

As for how my other teams fared:

MONTANA GRIZZLIES:  Had a good bounce-back year as they went 10-3 and made it back to the FCS playoffs which they do regularly.  They did lose in the first round to Coastal Carolina, which became cannon fodder for eventual FCS champion North Dakota State (their third in a row).  Oh well, a good year nonetheless.

NEBRASKA CORNHUSKERS:  Had a pretty good year as they finished 9-4 and beat Georgia in the Gator Bowl, but they are far-removed from the clock-controlling ground game and Blackshirt D that made them champions.  Coach Bo Pelini and his sideline tirades didn’t help the program’s image, either…nor did a lot of the buzz that he should be canned.  Next year for the Huskers should be interesting given all of that.

COLORADO STATE RAMS:  Definitely improved this year!  The Rams finished an 8-6 season with a thrilling come-from-behind New Mexico Bowl win over Wazzu 48-45.  This is the best they’ve done in some time, so we’ll see if they can build on it.

CUSTER COUNTY COWBOYS:  My hometown high school team is a regular participant in the playoffs and has won a few state championships.  They did not make the playoffs last year, but did make it this year in spite of having a predominately young team again…however; they lost a heartbreaker in the first round by one point.  Next year should be even better, I hope.

Fellow You Gabbers: It is always a pleasure!!!  Have an awesome 2014!  Take care, Irish Shu

NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 12-15-13
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Gooooooooood morning!!!! Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. It's a tad bit white out there. That is if you're living in the northeast. Damn storm waited till an hour before I was to get out of work. It was almost white out conditions driving home. I was supposed to go see Kix at a club but I guess they didn't want people out and about so it got rescheduled for February 1st. Kix is a nice band to go see in a small club. My sisters and I are on low budgets and club prices for a band are much much more affordable than arena bands. And the bonus is that the clubs are much closer to home. Win win. Less gas, less money to park and less in ticket prices. 

Right now I'm rockin' out to UFO. Their on my "Bands To See" bucket list. Next on the iTunes is Uriah Heap. Despite the fact that we now have satellite radio at work in order to have more choices...cough cough cough.....we still don't. The mental midgets at work vote in the same shit you hear on regular radio. WHAT'S THE POINT!!???!!!! We have mega choices and we're listening to the top 10 crap any way. I was so stressed after work last week from hearing the same crap over and over all week that I got my turn table out and played all my Yes albums back to back. They should be voted into the RnRHoF this year a long with Kiss. 

Lots of crew chiefs, pit crew members, and drivers switching teams right now. There's track testing and sponsorship deals being made. Awards are being handed out a long with some pink slips for some. Silly season has begun.


Jeremy would be the driver that had a great career going in Sprint Cup till drugs got in the way. He lost his ride, his NASCAR license, and then his home to a sheriff sale after he was arrested for possession of meth and stolen property. 

Apparently the new home owners didn't want to fix the  $1.3 million house up so some how they got a deal with the county to have the house burnt down to get it off the tax books. Don't know how you do that but they did. The house was scheduled to become a training exercise for the local fire department but inclement weather postponed it for another day. 

Jeremy tweeted that he really didn't want to watch the homestead burnt down but he does enjoy a good bonfire. He also said that out of the fire a Phoenix will rise.

As far as I know he still has some major legal woes to contend with. Not sure when we're going to see that Phoenix rise. But good luck to Jeremy. I hope he does get it together some day.


James Finch sold Phoenix Racing this summer due to sponsorship woes and wanting out of racing but I knew he'd be back. He funded the team with his construction company for a long time so you know he has to love racing a lot.

And he does because he asked Bobby Labonte to drive a car for him out of the Phoenix Racing shop in the Daytona 500. He just needs NASCAR to get back to him on an available number for the car. So that's something to look for in February.


​Due to the fire in his house in November Harvick and his family are living in their motor home. The damage is worse than expected. The fire was in between the floor and basement ceiling. The floor joist under the fire place caught fire. At first they couldn't find the fire but with all the smoke the smoke alarms were going off which is what woke them.

Estimates are 4 to 6 months out of the house. So until they can find a place to live they'll be in their motor home. I'm sure Harvick's motor home is as nice as our homes so the family will be ok.



Everyone has been talking about it but the official announcement has finally arrived. Richard Childress's grandson Austin Dillon (winner of 2 Nationwide titles) will drive the #3 Cheerios car in Sprint Cup for the 2014 season and beyond I'm sure. So there you have it. 

Richard said he talked to Dale Jr and sister to get their blessing and there was no problem. Both supported the move. 

A lot of fans are upset but I say go for it. I'm not one for retiring numbers from competition because of the greatness of the individual that used it while competing. It's the accomplishments that should be remembered.


During the last race of the season Menard had a failed tire due to one of the last restarts getting bunched up. He got new tires and returned to the track but still had issues. It was reported that some of the old tire had wrapped around the rear gear and severed the brake line. Every time he hit the brakes fluid spilled onto the hot tire and it would flame up. Menard went to the pits again and while sitting there the tire exploded. No body was hurt but the explosion blew a hole in the floor board, raised the hood and blew the tire and hug right off.

So I hope all those Gabbers and others who are traveling right now are safe. I'll be complaining the whole time I'm shoveling today. Most likely won't go out to breakfast or over to bug mom & dad. Will have to take a real good look at the roads first. I got a box of multi grain Cheerios and milk. No need to go out there and dent the car. 

Maybe we'll see a few snow bowls in the NFL today. Stay tuned and stay safe. 

And I'm outta here......

Hat's off to the Sox, Good Luck in the Series......
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Hello Gabbers,

I know its been a while since the last time we chatted, but I thought I would stick my head in and say hello. I know that I have been a pig-headed fool on Facebook lately, ranting about how Boston was going to lose to the Tigers and now I have came to take my medicine.

So hat's off to all the Boston fan's and I wish your team nothing but success against St. Louis in the World Series. If everything's right I will be donning a Red Sox hat during the classic, kind of my punishment for being so loyal to the Tigers. To me I took from this series was this, you don't always have to have the best pitchers, hitters and manager in order to win, you just need clutch hitting from players like David Ortiz and Shane Victorino. You also need a closer that is lights out like Uehara, maybe the Tigers can talk Mariano out of retirement?

However I am going to stick with my prediction a root for a Red Sox win in the World Series, even though deep down in side I know my team was the better team, just not in this series. Now onto another thing that is rather disturbing to me at the moment......

The Tigers are kind of pissing me off at the moment, how could they blame Jim Leyland for losing this series to Boston? Wait a second, someone had to take the fall for the $200 million dollar man getting doubled off of third, Jackson getting picked off of first, and Jose kicking a sure double play ball just before the grand slam. So I guess it was Jim that had to bite the bullet, and tell his players it was time to get a younger manager to lead his team. After 8 years of winning, they treat him like that and toss him aside the trash in a trash can along a curb. What a classless act, guess you can't trade the dumbass with more personal problems than all of us combined, because he makes more than most teams whole roster's combined. Guess we need to lose a starter, in order to gain a closer for next season. Wonder who we will sacrifice in order to do this?

Anyway to Gerry, congrats on receiving your degree from UOP. I know how hard you had to work to get there, I am proud to also say "I am a Phoenix," Class of 2009.

I am out of here for another day, I will be here more often to read your blogs.....


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