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The Browns Do It Again...
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Do what again, you ask?


My father got to experience some greatness from the Browns during his life...Me, all I've gotten is disappointment...Which let to me completely turning my back on them more than a few years ago...

Over the last two weeks all the media in Cleveland has been buzzing about the Browns "changing their logo and uniforms...There was much speculation and rumor...Countless fan ideas posted around the Internet...But they were all wrong...As you can see from the picture above, the changes are minor...The helmet/logo is the same, with the exception of a brown facemask, and deeper shade of orange...It was said last night that the orange will probably be more metallic, the way we have seen so many college helmets go...

The Dawg for the Dawg Pound got re-worked too...Big fucking deal!

Here is the official release from the Browns website...



Yep...There it is...And now they will start hyping the unveiling of what little they're going to do to the uniforms...This is it...This is the big news in Cleveland...

So lets just rundown the Browns top offseason news stories...

- Johnny Manziel goes to rehab...

- Josh Gordon fails another drug/alcohol test and will suspended for at least the entire season...

- GM Ray Farmer admits to texting down to the sidelines, giving input on personnel and play calls...(some say he jumped on that grenade for owner Jimmy Haslam, as it was originally reported that Haslam was doing the texting)

- And the Browns change their logo...A brighter orange and a brown facemask...HOLY FUCKING CHANGE!  Jesus this organization is just one letdown after another...

The best thing about the promotion I got this past year, is that I work every Sunday...Even in the past when I didn't work Sundays, I tried to avoid the Browns, but I would catch some...I would watch a bit and all that frustration would come back...It's so nice having that out of my life...

But all week, I heard the guys at work talking about this big change...All their speculation...And of course the TV news guys getting all moist hyping it up....How disappointed they all must have been when they saw this release...I wonder how that Shill Jim Donovan will spin this into a great fucking thing...

I hope it was all you dreamed it would be Cleveland...

Looking forward to hearing you get hyped for the draft, just to be disappointed again...

the Beeze.

Monday Moaning 2-9-15
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How was your weekend? Not as fun as it would have been if you were with her I'm guessing...

I had some quality time with the kids Saturday...Building snow forts with my son and Molly, and sledding down our mini hill...As much as I was disliking Winter in my post on late Friday night/Saturday morning, kids know how to make it fun....


Later that evening, I took my daughter to the Father/Daughter Dance at their school...That's always a nice time for us...The girls get to have fun together, and the dads get to shoot the shit and catch up...And yes, some quality one on one time with our girls...

-Did you see Gronk spiked the puck at a Bruins game this weekend? Of course you did!

Shit, it's Gronk...All he does, is catch passes, party, screw chicks, and spike shit...I hope he trademarks his damn spike before the NFL does, and screws him out of all kinds of cash...

-The Grammy's were Sunday....Luckily I had to work...But I saw some shit pop up on facebook and twitter....I guess that ass-hat Kanye West ran up on stage when Beck won "Album of the Year...He stopped himself, and played it off like a joke...But in a post show interview, made it clear he wasn't joking...

I just know that the Grammys, if they want real artists to keep coming back, they need to stop playing with us. We ain’t gonna play with them no more. “Flawless,” Beyoncé video. And Beck needs to respect artistry and he should have given his award to Beyoncé and at this point, we tired of it. Because what happens is when you keep on diminishing art and not respecting the craft and smacking people in the face after they deliver monumental feats of music, you’re disrespectful to inspiration. And we as musicians have to inspire people who go to work every day. And they listen to that Beyoncé album and they feel like it takes them to another place. Then they do this whole promotional event, that, you know, they’ll run the music over somebody’s speech, the artist, because they want a commercial advertising. Like no, we not playing with them no more. And by the way, I got my wife, I got my daughter, and I got my clothing line so I’m not going to do nothing to put my daughter at risk — but I am here to fight for creativity. That’s the reason why I didn’t say anything tonight. But y’all know what it meant when ‘Ye walked on the stage.

Okay, let me dissect the idiotic shit that just fell out of this fuck-tards face...Apparently, Beyoncé is the only fucking "Artist" out there...I'll be honest, I haven't heard her album, nor have I heard Beck's album...I'm no fan of Beck, but the guy writes all his shit...He plays all his shit...I would consider him an artist...Beck doesn't owe Beyoncé shit...I've heard, and read some of her lyrics...I even wrote a blog about one of her ignorant songs a couple years ago...People write music for Beyoncé to shake her ass to, (or "sample") and lay down her vocals over...Yeah, she can sing...Way to go!  I'm not that fucking impressed...

And who's fucking Beyoncé? Jay-Z or you...Because you're the guy constantly running to her defense...Are you just that thirsty for that ass you can't get? Or did you get it, and can't get enough...Last I saw, you had a disgustingly fat ass at home on your gash of a wife!

Next...Kanye, could you please go back to 5th grade fucking English class...Holy fucking, shit on a cracker...Were you having a competition with some one on who could use the worst fucking grammar?  Please, please give us just one more double negative, it makes you sound so fucking smart!

And since Kanye considers himself an artist as well...I just want to ask this...What has he written that was original...Not all that sweet "sampled" music...And not his stupid fucking lyrics...I can go to work today and get at least two guys to throw down a rap and it will be more original then the crap you constantly recycle...

Why are you threatening to not take part in the Grammy's anymore...Do everyone a favor...Don't show up...No one will miss you...I promise...Everyone is always happy to have one less giant fucking asshole at the party!

Also, referring to yourself as "Ye" really makes you sound a like a douche-snozzle...

Of all the rappers that get shot, why hasn't anyone shot this fucking dolt!

I think Kanye was a little pissed that he lost to Kendric Lamar as well!

I just looked at the list of winners....Who the fuck are these people...Ryan Adams lost...The Grammys suck balls!

-Lastly...Before I sat down to write...I watched the ESPN 30 for 30 "Miracles of Men"...I hate ESPN, but the 30 for 30 series is great...This one was about the opposing side of the "Miracle on Ice"...A look from the Russian players perspective...But it gives you the History of Hockey in Russia, up through the first Russian to getting into the NHL. ( He was on the 1980 team)...It's really good...Give it a watch.

Have a week...

The Beeze.

Monday Moaning 2-2-15
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I had some Seahawks cheerleaders all ready to post here, but I have to be fair...Let the victors have their day...The New England Patriots came from 10 points down, to win the "Super Bowl" 28-24 over the Seattle Seahawks...

And I have no problem with the Patriots...I have firmly said in the past that Tom Brady is the best QB of my lifetime...And in a normal year I would have been pulling for the Pats, but I signed with the Seahawks a few years back when I went free agent with my fandom...So I was all in...Molly and I rooting against my Boston born wife and her Pats...And I have to say, it was one of the best "Super Bowls" I've seen...It was a great game...But the ending hurt...

27 seconds on the clock...Seahawks on the 1, maybe 2 yard line...2nd down...And instead of feeding it to Marshawn Lynch, they decide to over think things and throw a quick slant on a pick play...And the Patriots corner jumped the route and snatched victory from the jaws of defeat...Pete Carroll took all the blame on himself...Good, he should have...It was THE DUMBEST PLAY CALL EVER!

Now, honestly my wife didn't care a whole lot...She's there like so many others, to see the commercials and possibly the halftime show...And I would like to thank the ad execs everywhere for the worst batch of "Super Bowl" commercials ever...There were two, maybe three that were funny...All the others were either really fucking depressing...Or just way too serious...There were at least 4 that tried to preach to us dads that we suck, and we should be better fathers...FUCK YOU! mother fucking judgmental fuck-stains...

I'm a fucking awesome dad...I walked away from the game to check on my oldest daughter who found out that after 3 dates with some little asshole, that he didn't like her...That's right, the big game is on, but my daughter is crying, so I'm trying to explain to her that there are gonna be a lot of stupid boys out there, and it will be okay, while telling Little Beeze to get the shovel because we're going to be burying a little fucking asshole tonight...(Lucky for him my wife didn't let us boys leave the house)...

Back to the commercials...While just about all of them sucked, the worst was a Nationwide Insurance commercial...A little boy telling us all the things he'll never do, because he died...Yep, some one is getting fired this Monday morning...Little Dead Kid has gone viral already...


Yeah, there's the dead kid...Depressing all the "Super Bowl" viewers...


Way to go Nationwide...Yeah, people are talking about your ad...People remember it...For all the wrong reasons...They were having fun, watching a great game, drinking, eating buffalo chicken dip, and you come in, pull down you pants, and take a big, steaming, depressing, dump all over the coffee table...FUCK YOU and your dead kid Nationwide!

This "Super Bowl" also had a quality injury...Although NBC was quite shy about showing it...Normally they replay a gross injury shot over and over...Nice INT Jeremy Lane...


Sorry about your arm bro!

As for the halftime show...I wanted no part of that crap...I took a dump, then I took the dog for a walk...Little bastard loves the snow...Got a fucking blizzard going on, and he wants to play in the snow...Little asshole must think he has some Husky in him...

All my Boston friends and family...Congrats...Fucking city of champions! It was a great game...The only game I watched more then 10 minutes of this year...It was nice having a Sunday off of work with the fam...Stuffing my face, and being totally annoyed by the mess that is the NFL and horrible commercials...Oh, and that fucking idiot play call Pete Carroll!

I hope you all had a good "Super Bowl" Sunday...Now I'm going to shovel the driveway again...

Have a week...

The Beeze.

Rivalry Series: LSU vs. Notre Dame
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LSU graphic for the 1984 game.

LSU graphic for the 1984 game.

Apologies for not posting this here sooner.  Things have been kind of crazy with relatives and so forth.  I've done all my family stuff after Christmas this year.

This doesn’t exactly fit the “rivalry” theme, but that’s what I decided to call blogs of this type.

There is a fair number of Notre Dame fans in Louisiana because of the Catholic population, so there always seems to be a fair amount of excitement over these games since the winner may have bragging rights for a while. I apologize in advance if this blog isn’t up to my usual standards. It was mostly written on an airplane, and I’m using an unfamiliar computer.

Tuesday’s game will be only the second meeting since 1998. In just over a year's time, the Tigers had faced the Irish three times, winning only one. Apart from 2006 and 1981, all the other games were in groups of at least two, so I’ll do those together.

The series is tied, 5-5. LSU has won the only two “neutral” site games, but both were in Louisiana. LSU’s only win at Notre Dame was in 1985.

2006 (Sugar Bowl) – LSU 41, Notre Dame 14

The 2006 game (in the Sugar Bowl) was interesting, at least it was an interesting match-up going into the game. LSU didn’t win the SEC, but what had kept them from the title game was the loss to eventual national champions florida (whose berth in the championship opened up the Sugar) in the regular season. They also lost to auburn in a bizarre 7-3 game marred with officiating disputes.

Notre Dame entered that year with one of its strongest teams since the early ’90s. Brady Quinn and Jeff Samardzija led a very productive offense. Though neither Quinn nor LSU quarterback Jamarcus Russell amounted to much, they generated a lot of buzz for the NFL draft. Russell would be the #1 draft pick a few months later.

The game was competitive for a half, but LSU looked to be the stronger team all along. They just didn’t translate that into points as well in the first half. LSU won going away, 41-14.

When LSU won the national championship in 2007, it was remarkable not only for the two losses that season but also for the fact that so much talent had gone to the NFL after the previous season.

1997 – Notre Dame 24, @LSU 6
1997 (Independence Bowl) – LSU 27, Notre Dame 9
1998 – @Notre Dame 39, LSU 36

LSU had a fairly good year in 1997, going 9-3, but they had a miserable time with the Irish on a rainy November day (not night) at Tiger Stadium. They got revenge when the Irish came back to Louisiana, this time to Shreveport for the independence bowl. Neither game was close.

The bottom fell out for LSU in the next two years. Gerry DiNardo’s tenure, which had started with a 29-9-1 record, ended with a thud. The Tigers only won 3 of the last 18 games he coached.

There were a number of close losses to good teams in there though, and the Irish were one of them in 1998. LSU took a 34-20 lead with 8 minutes to go in the third quarter. The Irish responded by scoring late in the third, and then LSU had a chance to go back up by 14 in the fourth. On second down from the Notre dame 17, LSU’s Herb Tyler threw to the wrong team, and the Irish ran it all the way back. There was some hope when LSU blocked the extra point, but this didn’t matter when Notre Dame scored the go-ahead touchdown with just under 90 seconds to go in the game. When the Irish won by three points (after intentionally taking a safety), it was the fifth loss that season alone to a bowl-eligible team by less than a touchdown.

1984 – Notre Dame 30, @LSU 22
1985 – LSU 10, @Notre Dame 7
1986 – @LSU 21, Notre Dame 19

There were three competitive games in the mid-1980s. That may not have been the case in the late 1980s and early 1990s, when the Tigers began their worst stretch in recent memory and the Irish were competing for national championships.

Following a three-game losing streak in 1984 (Bill arnsparger’s first year at LSU), Notre Dame went on the road to upset a 7th-ranked LSU team that would eventually go to the Sugar Bowl. The Irish would not lose again until the Aloha Bowl.

After a disastrous loss at home in the third game in 1985, LSU went undefeated the rest of the regular season. The week after Alabama, the Tigers had a close call against Mississippi St., but they still entered the game against the Irish at 6-1-1 and ranked #17 in the country. After starting a respectable 5-3, Notre Dame lost to Penn State (who would finish 11-1) the week before hosting LSU.

Notre Dame took the lead just over 5 minutes into the game but would not score again the rest of the way. Still, the Irish held onto a 7-3 lead until late in the fourth quarter. With about 7 minutes left, an LSU drive stalled just a few yards into Notre Dame territory. After a 38-yard punt, the Irish took over at the 6 and went nowhere. This defensive stand allowed LSU to pick up roughly where they had left off on offense.

On a third and one (after a 9-yard run by LSU QB Jeff Wickersham), LSU took a gamble with a throw to running back Dalton Hilliard (uncle of current LSU running back Kenny Hilliard), who went down the sidelines for an 18-yard gain. Wickersham made another throw of 21 yards to get LSU into scoring position. After two runs, LSU took the lead 10-7 with about 3:30 to play.

After Notre Dame drove 25 yards to their own 48, Irish quarterback Steve Beuerlein’s pass was tipped. The Tigers came up with it and were able to run out the clock.

LSU made the Liberty Bowl after that season, where they lost to Baylor.

The Tigers would have a similar record going into the 1986 game against Notre Dame, this time playing the Irish at home. LSU was ranked #8, and Notre Dame was again unranked and headed toward a 5-6 finish.

Another close game ensued. This time LSU was first on the board with a touchdown after about 5 minutes of play, but Notre Dame’s Tim Brown took the kickoff back 96 yards to tie the game. LSU took the lead back after an 82-yard drive of 8:47. There was no scoring again until Notre Dame closed to 14-10 with about 6 minutes left in the third quarter. That score took place after Notre Dame converted a 3rd and 14. LSU would have had a stop on that down when it was first tried, but an LSU facemask offset a Notre Dame clipping penalty.

On LSU’s next play from scrimmage, Tommy Hodson threw an interception, which was returned to the LSU 2. The Irish gained a yard on first down but went no further, and the ball went over on downs when Brown was tackled for a loss on fourth down. The following LSU drive was a three and out, and Notre Dame then drove to the LSU 13 with six running plays and only one pass. The Irish then went backwards but they converted a 44-yard field goal attempt to get within 1.

LSU used a mix of running and passing to drive 79 yards in 11 plays. The Tigers only faced one third down on the drive, a 3rd and 3 from the Notre Dame 28.

Notre Dame’s next drive ended in a turnover, but LSU did nothing with it. The LSU defense could do little to stop the Irish from driving down the field in just seven plays for a touchdown. They stopped the two-point conversion though, and the Irish did not get the ball again.

1981 – @Notre Dame 27, LSU 9

Two awful teams played in 1981. LSU would only win three games that season, which is probably best remembered for ending with a humiliating 48-7 defeat at the hands of Tulane. Notre dame would finish 5-6 but they probably looked good momentarily in a 27-9 win at home.

1970 – @Notre Dame 3, LSU 0
1971 – @LSU 28, Notre Dame 8

What first inspired the Irish and Tigers to square off was the end of the 1969 season. LSU had only one loss, by two points to Archie manning’s ole miss rebels, and was hoping for a Cotton Bowl invite to play undefeated Texas and had declined other howl opportunities. Notre Dame, which had declined all bowl invitations since 1924, decided at the last minute they wanted to play Texas instead. They lost 21-17.

Notre Dame would only lose to two schools in the next two seasons, USC and LSU. The Irish did beat LSU at home, 3-0, in 1970. After a scoreless struggle, LSU had a chance to take the lead in the fourth quarter, but their field goal attempt from the 17 was blocked. The Tigers kept Notre Dame from scoring on the next drive but were pinned at their own 1 afterward. Notre Dame then took over at the LSU 36. Interference was called on LSU on the first play from scrimmage, and Notre Dame drove 10 more yards before the winning field goal with only 2:54 to play.

LSU went 9-3 in both 1970 and 1971. In the 1970 bowl season, LSU lost to Nebraska in the Orange Bowl, and Notre Dame got revenge over Texas in the Cotton.

In the 1971 game, LSU had lost to both Ole Miss and Alabama in the previous few weeks, so they took the opportunity to work out their frustrations in a 28-8 win. LSU was #14 AP and #18 in the coaches’ poll going into the game. Notre Dame, which had been #7 in both polls before the game, did not go to a bowl that year, while LSU beat Iowa St. in the Sun Bowl.

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We are one week away from Turkey Day, can you believe it?

I have several things on my mind this week. Some I’m not sure if I’m barking up the right tree. This week was kind of salute to soldiers I guess I looked at as a total marketing thing from the NFL . What the NFL is doing is donating 100 dollars per point in all salute to soldiers games  for three worthwhile organiziations. The Pat Tillman Fund, The USO, and the Wounded Warrior Project. Each team will host a salute to soldiers game this month, I’m thinking or at least I hope the merchandise sale of all the Cameo stuff with your team emblem on it helps support these organizations and help make the 100 dollars a point happen.

The Sheriff came down hard or Adrian Petersen can I just voice my opinion on this here and now. I don’t give a rats ass about Adrian Petersen or Ray Rice for that matter. I think the Commissioners scolding of Petersen in the letter he sent was justified. I also think all these  pundits saying we must do whats best for the league and Adrian are full of crap. We must do what’s best ffor a four year kid and hopefully Adrian remembers which four old  from which mother.and makes it right for both of them.


Uniforms enough is enough, I can’t tell who is who anymore.. Boise state don’t where all Blue against the Blue Turf it’s a mecca for seagull poop.

Go Head try to find the Boise State Players

Yes they have a seagull problem they have had it for years. The poor bird Brains think the turf is the ocean crash bang need I say more. Miami Dolphins Teal on Teal against a green Field really wear white pants or white shirts all you needed was ateal helmet.

Miami Dolphins Teal shirts and teal pants agains a green field

The Packers what was that uniform on Sunday? Lombardi Is rolling over in his grave. Go back to green and gold.

Look at #78 or is that 718 Can you Imagine Mean Joe Greene or Jack Lambert in these.

Do You see a difference between those and these?

Pittsburgh seriously don’t where those prison , three stooges uniforms any more Black and Gold and your not doing any favors fo the girthy guys in those.

Hey it was fun with Maryland and Oregon we could make fun of them. But the U I couldn’t tell it was the U the other night against FSU. Oklahoma State Really Go back to white helmet with an Orange OSU make Pistol Pete proud.

I like throwbacks in the NFL as much as the next guy I’m not offended when the Cowboys break out the white helmets with the big Blue Star or the Lions where their regular uni with no emblem on the helmet. I just  think we have gone too far with the college uniforms and I hope the NFL doesn’t follow suit.

Jonias Grey rushed for 201 yards on Sunday Night I was thinking remember when a hundred yard game was special.. It brought back memories of October 18, 1976 a Monday Night game at the time with 6year old Foxboro Stadium Quarterback. Steve Grogan rushed for 103 yards against Joe Namath and the Jets. The Patriots won 41-7..

There have been a lot of 200 yard rushing games in recent years. It got me thinking about why and how. The answer I believe is simple the NFL is a passing league and the run is used to compliment the pass. The defenses are mainly man and zone coverage without getting into a bunch of schemes that result in man and zone coverage. Defenses simply don’t play the run. When an offensive line controls the defensive of line in a game the result is a big day for the backs.  The league has gone from a running league to a passing league. Lets tally up some points with big plays is the thought process.there are some  throws that act like runs 3 or 4 yard passes in the flat 5to 7 yards across the middle. The days of Riggins right, Riggins left and pass on third down are gone for the most part but a solid game play that exposed a really weak run defense  sometimes brings those days of run first pass second back.

Lakesider Report

Boys again played a decent game on Sunday they couldn’t bye a bounce. I have to give Coach Glen some credit. Lil lanz was playing Defense and he did everything he could on one play just trying aggravate a kid just trying to break him up and run him wide and did but some how the puck bounced in. Lillanz came back to the bench head down coach Glen went over gave a tap on the helmet and gave him a lil back rub told him he did a good job on the play. That’s coaching.


Last Friday Night the MRS and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary at a very nice asian restaurant. They had a combination menu of  both Japanese and Chinese . I got a teriyaki steak that was cooked  to perfection with lots of veggies. The Mrs went for the yerayki Chicken it was a nice night out.

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