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It's Not Hard To Like This Thunder
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I rarely watch basketball, and the NBA even less since it coincides with the NHL season and that takes priority but once the playoffs start I’ll watch the Celtics and of course root for anyone playing LeDouche and the Miami Heat. James makes it easy to hate him, this entire Thunder team makes it really easy to love them. Here are some observations I’ve made in this post season.


Watching Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook in press conferences it’s obvious to the eye they’re younger than Wade and James, but I think they’re more mature, because this isn’t’ about them individually, it’s about the team and that alone is refreshing to watch. There’s no “Showtime” or “LOOK AT ME” vibes given off by Thunder players, it’s all you ever see around the Heat. Arrogance? C’mon, if James is King of anything it’s arrogance. Remember last year’s season ending press conference when he said those that spend their time hating on him and wanting him to fail would have to wake up the next day and would have to go on with the lives they had, as if to say, it’s way better to be me than you miserable bastards, ring or no ring? Who didn’t want to hit him in the head with a brick and say, “This is the reason why you will never be loved, and the hater’s will now have a reason to wish you even more failure you dope”!


I saw a post game video today of Thunder coach Scott Brooks , Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook walking off the court and shaking the hands of little kids and fans on the way to the dressing room, when do you see the Heat give their fans the time of day unless it’s to turn to them and pound their chest in some cancer curing dunk they’re supposed to make anyway? It’s clear the Thunder truly love their fans and they embrace them, they play terrific at home and it shows, they haven’t lost there in the playoffs. You can’t say that about the Heat.


How about the ESPiN poll yesterday, EVERY state picked the Thunder to win with the exception of Florida. Hater’s or is it because this Thunder team is simply a better team? Maybe it’s a combination of both. The Heat have a few guys that can deliver, but they rarely do so consistently, the Thunder seem to be a well oiled machine with a great starting five and a bench that gives stars minutes to rest without coughing up leads or letting the game get away from them. Even when the Thunder are down by double digits it doesn’t faze them they just kick it into another gear, how many times have we seen this Heat team or James just give up? There's a lot of character on the Thunder, there are a lot of characters on the Heat…advantage Thunder.


Another side story in this NBA finals is Kendrick Perkins, a former Celtic big man who Danny Ainge sent packing in a contract year after he had reconstructive knee surgery. When Perkins came back and Ainge didn’t feel he’d ever be the same off Perk went, and he didn’t’ like it, he loved Boston and Boston loved him, they still do and would take him back in a minute. But watching him succeed again now in his 3rd NBA Finals it’s not hard to root for this comeback story either, just one more reason to want the OKC Thunder to win it all. Can they? You betcha! Will they? Oh, I think so. Look, I know the Thunder are only up 1-0 but I don’t think they lose game 2 either and if the aged, broken down Celtics as they’re called can take their talents to South Beach and kick the snot out of LeDouche and Co. what evidence is there this Thunder team can’t do the same? They’re peaking at the right time, the Thunder have sent the defending champion Mavs packing, disposed of Kobe and the Lakers and polished off the Spurs who hadn’t lost a game in 50 days!!! If I’m the Heat, I’m concerned, if I’m James, I’m trying to figure out how to shut that little voice in my head up that’s saying, “here we go again, no ring”.


Cheering for the Thunder to win, rooting for the Heat to lose…it’s not often you get the best of both worlds, so I’ll be enjoying every second of this series!  


Musings From The Hoodwood 6-12
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All Hail the Kings! 2012 Stanley Cup Champs


Greetings from the Hoodwood, where the locals are celebrating the return of Princess Katie. No one is more happier about that than Princess Jasmyne.

Princess Katie visits me every summer from Arizona,  (She will be a junior in high school this fall) her little sister absolutely adores her...

NHL: The Kings are Kings of Hockey

After racing out to a 3-0 lead in the Stanley Cup Final, it seemed to be a foregone conclusion that the Kings would win the Cup, but a couple wins by a gutty Devils team had some pundits saying that they could be only the second team to blow a 3-0 Finals lead. But when the Devils took a silly boarding major in the 1st and the Kings cashed in 3 times on the power play, it was all over but the coronation. The Kings cruised to a 6-1 win and a lot of rarities occured with the win. Jonathan Quick was the spot on lock for the Conn Smythe Trophy as playoff MVP becoming only the 3rd American to win the award. Dustin Brown became only the 2nd American born captain to hoist the Cup. LA will never be mistaken for a hockey hotbed, but their loyal contingent of long suffering fans have finally got the holy grail of hockey. My favorite image was the NBC shot of the little boy holding the sign saying " My Daddy waited 44 years to see this, Im 1 for 1" All the bearded players hoisting the cup is always the most amusing thing to me and reminds me when the Wings won the cup in 2008, I was made immediately to shave my beard by the girl I was dating who could never understand why I was growing a thick beard in June. 


NBA: Finally the Finals

The basketball world gets another week or so to snipe at Lebron James. I think that his performance in the Eastern Conference Finals especially the last two games were about as big money as you could ever hope for. He scored 25 points or better in each of the seven games.  He didn’t average 25 ppg he scored 25 or more in each of the 7 games. The only other players to have done that were Kareem for the Milwaukee Bucks in the 74 Finals and Elgin Baylor for the Lakers in the 62 Finals. Keep in mind that neither one of those teams won their series, so Lebron is not only in high company, he led his team to the series win.

The NBA may not have its big markets for the Finals but OKC and South Beach are decent sized markets. The Thunder has a home court advantage support that is getting near feared status. Chesapeake Energy Arena gets and stays loud, as the poor (lol) San Antonio Spurs who came in with a 2-0 series lead and left tied, seriously questioning their cajones. After the Thunder won a taut game 5 in San Antonio, the Spurs looked like a team headed for the gallows. I know, I know they raced out to a huge first half lead but the Thunder had a look like “We got this, man” The rolled right Spurs right out of the building in the 2nd half and left some to wonder if the salad days are over in Spursland. The West might be going through OKC for a minute.

Anyway, lets look at the matchup between the teams and what I think of them

2012 NBA Finals

Best of 7 Series (2-3-2) all games on ABC at 9p except Games 3 and if needed 6 which are 8p games

Miami Heat (46-20) vs Oklahoma City Thunder (47-19)

How They Got here

Western Conference Champion Oklahoma City Thunder

Coach Scott Brooks  4th Season (174-125 regular season, 197-140 overall)

2012 Northwest Division Champions #2 Western Conference Seed

Defeated #7 Seed Dallas 4-0

Defeated #3 Los Angeles Lakers 4-1

Defeated #1 Seed San Antonio 4-2

Leading Scorer Kevin Durant 28.0 ppg (Led NBA)

Fast Fact: Defeating the Mavericks (2006 & 2011) The Lakers (2000-2002. 2004, 2008-2010) and Spurs 1999, 2003, 2005, & 2007) the Thunder beat each of the three teams to have represented the Western Conference in the Finals since 1999

Previous Finals appearances in 1978 runner up, 1979 Champions & 1996 runner up as the Seattle Supersonics

The Thunder are the fast riser in the NBA, where many looked to Chicago as the team poised to take the next step the Thunder have made the bold statement with its youthful core that plays so much older than they are. Of course this team flows from the dynamic yet low key superstar Durant. He is the type of franchise player that everyone thought he would be coming out of Texas. His well rounded game makes him a matchup nightmare. But you miss the essence of the team by just thinking of Durant.  High speed guard Russell Westbrook is a scorer in his own right and James Harden is the reigning 6th man of the year. This is a talented and deep team

Eastern Conference Champion Miami Heat

Coach Erik Spolestra 4th Season (194-118 regular season, 224-129 overall)

2012 Southeast Division Champion #2 Eastern Conference Seed

Defeated #7 New York 4 games to 1

Defeated #3 Indiana 4-2

Defeated #4  Boston 4-3

 Leading Scorer:  Lebron James 27.1 ppg

Previous Finals 2006 Champions, 2011

Fast Fact: LeBron James leads the NBA in playoff scoring at 30.8 ppg, his scoring average has increased in each round 27.6, 30.0 and 33.6 in the respective rounds.

Love em or hate em, the  Miami Heat are never boring. Teetering on the brink of playoff doom in the last two rounds the Heat ripped off three straight wins in the conference semis then won a crucial road game 6 against the Celtics behind a staggering 45 point performance by James then pulled away to win a penultimate 7th game on Saturday. The Heat are led by the iconoclastic James and the often mercurial Dwayne Wade who has been battling injuries on the quiet to keep the Heat chugging  toward what they feel in their manifest destiny. The return of swingman Chris Bosh have given them a dynamic extra scoring punch and enough of a versatile scoring threat with range to keep a big man otherwise occupied.

How it shapes up

This will not be a slow motion series. Both teams are high energy and can run. Durant and James are scorers of the first rank. The key will be the health of Wade if he is able to carry his part the Heat have a edge. If Chris Bosh puts up points and keeps Serge Ibaka honest the Heat have an even decided edge. But if Wade is still fighting these nagging injuries and Russell Westbrook repeatedly abuses him, and James Harden gives him no rest coming off the bench.  The Thunder make this a fairly even series. Many pundits knock James and say he lacks a clutch gene. I think the basketball gods will make the King stew at least one more year. The Thunder play the Heat to a draw through the 1st four games then Durant wins a thriller in game 5 and finish it out in OKC on a Sunday  night. Spolestra will have to pay the piper for back to back Finals losses with his job.  Thunder in 6

Boxing: Pacquiao got the shaft

Im no Manny Pacquiao fan, I think hes ducking Floyd Mayweather and a fight that could be the biggest of the past 25-30 years. But I think the Pac Man got the shaft as he outboxed a so-called unbeaten fighter in Timothy Bradley yet lost a split decision on Saturday. The numbers say that Pacquiao hit Bradley more. Compubox has him with a 253-159 overall punch edge and a 190-109 power punch edge. Pac Man landed more punches in 10 of 12 rounds. That’s not an opinion, Those are the raw numbers. So what the fuck did two of the three judges see Saturday night? I had the fight 119-109 in favor of Pac Man, AP had it 117-111. He wobbled Bradley twice early and seemed to be in control of the fight till late. Bradley made a nice charge but never hurt Pacquiao. What were these guys thinking? Bradley even looked and sounded like he got something that he didn’t deserve in the post fight presser. Promoter Bob Arum tried to sound outraged but he got exactly what he wanted. Controversy and a rematch, anything to avoid the now jailed Mayweather. When Pac Man beats the crap out of this palooka in November they will talk of a third fight to settle it and Money will have to continue to wait.

Phat Dap/Head Slap

Phat Dap

Phat Dap  to Rafael Nadal and Maria Sharapova. Nadal won his 7th French Open a mens record Monday beating Novak Djokovic in a rain delayed finale. Sharapova completed a career grand slam on Saturday whipping Sara Errani in straight sets Saturday. These are two of the worlds best and they proved it on the unforgiving clay courts of Roland Garros this weekend.   A dap and best wishes to Greg Willard the long time NBA ref who was supposed to work the game 6 of the Western Finals but was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The refs working the Finals will be wearing a #57 patch in his honor. Hoodwood sends its best and prays that Willard will take the fight to the cancer.

Head Slap

To Hoodwood’s least favorite wonk Skip Bayless who still refuses to give James any kind of dap or credit for leading the Heat back to the Finals. Bayless has repeatedly bashed James and says that he is not a clutch player. He pooh-poohed his 45 point performance in game 6 of the Eastern Finals and openly doubted that he could carry the Heat to a win in game 7. When proven wrong for the umpteenth time (how does this numbnuts stay on the air?) He suddenly became a honk for “his” Thunder, wasn’t this the same jackass that was saying that “his Spurs” would teach the still too young Thunder a lesson? Someone put a sock in this dipshits mouth…I so want Stephen A Smith to beat his ass on live TV one day.

Thats all from the Hoodwood, Until Next Post Fellow Sports Fans!  




Monday Moaning 6-11-12
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Well, the Oklahoma City Thunder fan-base has grown greatly...Now that they will be facing the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, most of Cleveland, and I think most fans watching, will be rooting for the Thunder...Christ, some joker on TWITTER has already merged the OKC logo with the Cavaliers logo...I'm not worried...As I said HERE, I think the Thunder Will take care of business...

-But there is bigger things to talk about in my opinion...It's been awhile since I've posted anything having to do with my hatred of Jerry Sandusky, and the dirty dealings at Penn State...Well, now that I have seen the jurors for the Sandusky trial that starts Monday, I'm left scratching my head...

The jurors include an engineering administrative assistant at Penn State, a dance teacher in the Continuing Education Program and a professor who has been on the faculty for 24 years...Also a Penn State senior, a retired Soil Sciences professor who had 37 years at the university...A man with Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Penn State, and a woman who has been a season ticket holder since the '70s...

Why am I scratching my head? Because with at least half of the jury having personal ties to Penn State University, I wondering what the hell is going to happen...Are these assholes going to help him get off, which would go along with everything I have thought since the beginning...That everyone involved with that place is so blinded by their loyalty for Penn State Football, that they will do anything to try and cover up their dirty deeds...Yes, there is still the story floating around out there that the President, Paterno, and the board knew all about this, and were involved in the cover-up all these years...

But could it be that their loyalty to Penn State could automatically lead them to wanting "the Book" thrown at Sandusky for tarnishing the school and Joe Paterno's reputation...Maybe, but which ever way things go, people will have questions and doubts about it...Hell, we could even get a mis-trial...Fuck, I just don't trust anything that goes on there...

-And speaking of not trusting things...Boxing has reared it's ugly head again...Saturday night, Manny Pacquiao lost to Timothy Bradley...Now I haven't bothered paying for a fight in years, because Boxing has been garbage...But I still try to keep tabs on the news...And the easiest way to track something as it happens, without watching it, is Twitter...If you follow the right people, you'll get nearly punch to punch updates...So Saturday night I kept an eye on Twitter...From the tweets I was seeing, Pacquiao was leading throughout the fight...Shit, Pacquiao landed 82 more punches then Bradley...

But then the fight went to the judges scorecards, and the Twitter-verse exploded...The judges, and the world of boxing were getting thrashed for this decision...We have heard about fights being fixed, and fighters taking a dive, but this seemed like the fix was in, and no one told the two guys in the ring...

I remember when Boxing was still a big deal...The night of the Hagler/Leonard fight, every kid on our street was in my parents living room, watching that fight...Now most kids don't know shit about boxing...They either watch MMA, or they watch wrestling, which while I think it's crap, at least they're up front about it being bullshit, unlike Boxing...No one respects Boxing anymore, and that's because Boxing doesn't respect itself...

- Off the topic of sports...I often bash my city, Cleveland...I especially bash the horribly run Cleveland Browns...Then I was watching the Nightly News...I try to do it as often as the kids let me...That or get my news later in the evening when everyone is asleep...But the thing I noticed recently is the weather...Blazing heat and wild fires out West...The South East got it's ass flooded with buckets of rain...Earlier in the spring tornadoes hammered big chunks of the country...The Gulf and East Coast get their Hurricanes...Any day now the great quake is going to snap California off...

And here in the Cleve...We've had great weather...Mild Winter (I only shoveled twice)...Great Spring, and Summer came early...I don't actually like Summer, I'm a Fall guy, but still, no shitty, ass beating weather here...So for all the crap I dump on my town, I have to say, I may be living in the best location, weather wise,(and natural disaster wise) in the country...

That's it for now...Have a week...Oh, and go Thunder!

Later, the Beeze.

The NBA Can Eat My Ass!
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Alright, I honestly pay no attention to Basketball during the regular season...And really, for most, if not all of the playoffs...But for some reason I found myself watching the Oklahoma City Thunder polish off the Lakers...Shit, the Thunder look good...So I started popping in on their games with the Spurs, and my built-in hatred for LeBron James, had me watching bits and pieces of the Heat and Celtics games...As these two series went on, I was watching more and more...And here are a few of my observations...

Basketball players are fucking pussies...It's not like these are a bunch of little guys...Look at LeBron James...He's 6ft 8...250 pounds, and he cries like a bitch about any and all contact...But it's not just him...I've seen it in all these games...These fucking guys get bumped and bitch for foul calls...The slightest, shit is called a foul, and there is no consistency in how the refs call this shit...Fuckers in the media rave about what great athletes these fuckers are, and all I see is a bunch of cunts over 6-5, and 200 lbs. crying that some one touched them...These ass-hats couldn't handle playing a real contact sport like Hockey or football...

And the shit that is called for a foul is gay as fuck...A fucking guy from Miami drives to the basket, his arm brushes a Celtic, and it's a foul on the Celtic...WHAT!?! I saw Westbrook from OKC catch a pass in stride, and stop as soon as he had the ball, and some twat from the Spurs ran into him, and the refs call a foul on Westbrook...WHAT!?! Fucking James just threw his Shoulder into Rondo, and they called a foul on Rondo...WHAT!?!

This shit is retarded...And it's not like the refs in The NBA have the best rep, after one of them wrote a fucking book about fixing games...And how many fucking time outs do you get in Basketball...I swear to God it seems like each team gets 30...The last 4 minutes of a game takes a hour...Fuck you and play cunts! In Hockey, you get 1 time out, for the whole fucking game...Basketball is for twats!

And why the fuck does everyone talk about LeBron James...And why the fuck did he win the MVP...Fucking Kevin Durant just won his 3rd scoring title...He's 23 and has 3 scoring titles...Holy fuck the media is stupid...LBJ can suck balls...And no matter who wins the Heat Celtics series, they're fucking toast...The Thunder are fucking Monsters...Young, Hungry, more talented monsters then, the heat or Celtics can put out there with them...

Shit I was rooting for Boston, but after seeing THESE_3 videos, I'm hoping the Heat squeak in to the Finals...Then Durant can take James to fucking school...And fuck Dwayne Wade...He's a cheap shot throwing, cry-baby, clutch 3-point missing, bitch!

And as I sit hear ranting about how stupid, and shitty Basketball is, I glad to know, I'm not alone...I just found this clip from Bill Burr's podcast on Monday...

See, Bill gets it...Too Bad Boston's retarded mayor doesn't have a clue...Could you people vote this moosh mouth out already...What a fucking idiot...

Basketball and Mayor Menino can all Eat My Ass!

Later, The Beeze.

Talking Sports (Old Guy Edition)
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As I said last week I haven’t been able to get into the NBA playoffs this season. There has been so much Celtic talk around Boston I was feeling like I was missing something. I should clarify, I would tune in and out of the games watch for a while and go back.

Last night I decided to tune in and stay in . I been watching and involved with sports along time. I rarely get emotional eitherway. With exceptions. The 1986 World series, 2003 ALCS, Superbowl 42, Deju Vu in Superbowl 46. Last night I could feel it with every missed Celtic Hoop.I don’t know of it’s just against the Miami Heat who I truly dislike more for the hype they get than anything else. I was on edge with every hoop .

I just thought the Celtics simply played a 5 man game compared to the Heat playing a two man game that was the difference. I thought even the officiating was good last night. The Celtics have simply out hustled and out played the Heat. Will the win the series last week I would say No. Now I think they have  agreat chance to won one of the next two. Ijust can’t believe how emotional I was getting.

These are the type teams that I love. They are good but not great and there is no expectation for them two advance beyond a round or two. They are old, They are slow. They are alos expierenced and play as a unit and they keep the emotions in check. It will be interesting to see if the Celtics can keep it up and if LeBron goes into his shall gives up as he does when the Heat is on. That is in my opinion what separates him from Jordan, Magic, Bird Chamberlin and Russell. One the pressure was on those guys just fed off it. Lebron doesn’t although he has been fantastic in these playoffs and in this series, In the next two games what Lebron shows up. The Celtics big three seem to be feding of the pressure big time as is Rejean Rondo who didn’t exactly have a huge game last night it will be fun to see.how it plays out. The old guys vs. The TV Show.

Going back on the Youth Side The Oklahoma City Thunder will being to the finals to face the Celtics I mean or the Heat. The Thunder and Spurs were a battle. The Thunder with Kevin Durant like the Spurs are both likable teams.They don't get the hype that Heat, Lakers even the old Celtics get they take care of business.


The Devils hung tough last night with Marty Broduer playing like Marty Broduer another old guy raising to the occasion and showing an old dog never dies. The Kings will win this series but the Devils weren’t going to get swept and their senior citizen kept them alive once again.


Why, can’t the Boston Red Sx beat the Baltimore Orioles at Fenway Park. The Oriolles now 5 -0 at the lil banjo of a ballpark in the backbay of Beantown. The Orioles are kind of putting a damper on the 100 year celebration. Of course the Red Sox  spin is the games have been solid out but the other night on Stub Hub for Tuesday game a $29 dollar bleacher seat was $1.50. Those Tickets are already sold by the Red Sox . The Scalpers I mean the secondary ticket market are just trying to move them. Continuing with the Old Guys The Orioles signed 49 year old Jaimie Moyer to a minor League deal.

Hasn'y he played for all 30 Teams at least once


On too the Youth Sport portion of our program.


The Lil Lanz’s two sport seasons are wounding down. Long over I the rush from Baseball too Lacrosse and Lacrosse to baseball . One kid playing at one park the other playing at another.. It has been a long couple of months but one more day of craziness on Saturday. The huge lacrosse Jamboree out Fort Devens in Central Mass. 

They will host 200 hundred Youth Lacrosse teams ranging from 3and 4thgraders too 7th and 8 th graders. The kids play three abbreviated games across 24 make shift  fields. The kids love it. They play teams outside their conferences. We got lucky the first Saturday and the First games of the day 8:00, 9:30 and 11:00. We get in and out. Back to town for Baseball Playoffs at 2:30 and 4:45 which means lil Lanz’s Tucson Sidewinders need to win to stay alive. They lost a 10-7 battle.on Tuesday. ,  The other Lanz’s Toronto Blue Jays second seed in the AL drawing first round buy. The lost to the #1 seed O’s in extras last Sunday determining first place.

You never know who you will meet at a Youth Sporting event. Sunday the kids had back to back lacrosse games after Baseball. The 12 Year old Travel team played and won going 7-1 on the season. Then at 4:30 Lil Lanz's intamurial team played for thrid place in their league. They won. The Mrs. was watching the game and I decided togo back to the car for an Umbrella and another chair.. There were two intramural games going on and the 3rd nd 4th grade travel team was playing. As I walked by the field  I turned to see what was happening heard the crowd roar, I turned to see what was happening and I saw this women that looked famiilar but being too far away to be sure it was who I that it was. I got the umbrella and the chair and I had my 12 year old with his Lacrosse shorts and shirt no pads as he finished andwas taking full advantage of the end of the year BBQ they throw the kids. We walk back and I go over to the women and simply say is that my old friend Trish. It was her son was playing on the visiting team. The Mrs. was in her wedding pregnant with our twins 12 years ok. Trish and I had been friends for a long time and we lost touch a lttle. I use to work with her husband but he was at another family event it would have been great to see him again. When see turned she saw my son and is looking. I turned to him and said You were in her wedding and she use to babysit you once in a while. I brought Trish over to the Mrs. A nice reunion on a cold misty Sunday.

After that we cruise for some summer baseball and Hockey skills camp. Of course an Ice Rink isn’t a bad place during the summer.

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