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ST Saturday Extravaganza - Boston Really Strong
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I just finished watching the Penguins being swept away by the Bruins - in many ways a remarkable result considering the Pens were heavy favorites going into the playoffs and really gave no hint of a collapse going into this series with Boston.  Consider that the Penguins scored exact TWO goals in 4 games.  Sydney Crosby and Evgeny Malkin combined for 0 goals & 0 assists.   You could sense that as the game went on tonight that the Penguins had given it their best shot and had zilch to show for it that they were in trouble.  The Bruins executed on their game plan to perfection.  A tremendous team effort - the better team won.   

Now we are looking at a Blackhawk - Bruin Stanley Cup Final...wow, that should be fun!

Other notes...for all the grief Pen fans (and xenophobic Canadians) like to heap on Ovechkin, he has never been shutout in a playoff series.  I think qualifies as a Pyrrhic Victory for Caps fans....That was the first sweep of the Penguins in 35 years - that's a nice run.  Where do the Penguins go from here?  Seems like they went all in with trades to win the Cup this year...do they make major changes or ride the same horses?

In the NBA, San Antonio jumps out to an early lead

Tony Parker's amazing shot clock buzzer - beater sealed a victory over the Heat in Game 1 of the NBA Finals.  As you should know, I am not a big NBA fan, but I thought this was one of the best played games I have ever watched.  It had flow, it had tempo, the officials did not ruin it and in the end, you had drama.  It was a great game and I was thoroughly entertained.  It was even more entertaining to have the Spurs win.  I find it hard to believe that the Spurs will be able to sustain this over a 7 game series, but I can hope that we get more games of that quality.  

Notes:  I was flipping between the hockey and basketball - there was a TV timeout in both games near the end.  There was 8:30 left in the hockey and 3:33 left in the basketball.  Any doubt about which ended first?  It wasn't even close...I really think the powers that be need to find a way to move along the end of basketball games.  This is true on all levels - the last 2 minutes of basketball game go on forever.  They really need to eliminate the TV break of several minutes and reduce the timeout to 30 seconds.  If a coach can't say what he needs to say in 30 seconds, he must not be much of a coach.


It is time for Tiger Fever Again...

The U.S. Open at Merion starts this coming week and we can expect to hear the drums beating for Tiger Woods again.  After Tiger's disasterous performance at the Memorial, it will really be fascinating to see how he does in the most demanding golf tournament of them all.  The U.S. Open isn't a golf tournament - it is a war of attrition.  Brutal conditions and kitchen floor fast greens make for unusual scoring - and champions.  I don't really have a feel for anyone special this year.  It may be too tedious to watch if Tiger is not on the Leader board.

 I did not really have too much to say about the PED situation in baseball...I'm glad they are trying to keep the cheaters out of the game.   As the Big Hurt, Frank Thomas, said today, they do not belong in the Hall of Fame - ever.  They can hang out with Joe Jackson and Pete Rose  (both have better claims to the Hall than the 'Roid Boys).

Here's to drying out this weekend and enjoying some early summer sun.  Me & Mrs. Sun celebrate 34 years of marriage on Sunday - she must be a saint!....everyone have a great weekend!




Musings From The Hoodwood 6-4
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Despite all that has happened in Oklahoma with the tornadoes, a little humor is still there. Hoodwood sends its love and prayers in this most difficult time

Greetings from the Hoodwood, where though the calendar says June its feeling like mid-april and Im ok with that.
NBA: And the winner is…
Now we have two teams and the networks breathe a sigh of relief. The gritty gutty Pacers simply ran out of gas in the critical 7th game, The Heat got 32 from LeBron James and a solid performance from a surprisingly spry Dwyane Wade to thrash the Pacers by a 99-76 score. The Heat got taken to the limit by the Pacers but now you have the two teams that the NBA and networks wanted to see in the Finals. The media will play up the virtuous Spurs, the team that plays the game "the right way." You will hear of how the Spurs are such an international team that is so selfless and follows the example of its taciturn dour leader Tim Duncan and it perpetually grouchy coach Gregg Popovich. Now make no mistake the Spurs are a great team and have been for the better part of 15 years. But you would never know it by the way the media contuinually fawns over them as if they are the perpetual underdogs. The media and I think quietly the NBA wants the Spurs to put the Heat in their place. The Heat have won their third straight Eastern crown but the NBA wants the Heat to get beat. Why? Simple if the Heat become a back to back dynasty more players will try to consolidate their talents in desireable locales like LA, Atlanta, New York and Houston. Smaller colder markets like Milwaukee, Denver and Utah will be forgotten basketball burgs as they simply become permanent lottery teams and farm clubs for the glam markets. If the Heat are defeated, the "good guy" team wins and the theory of building a club the "right way" will be the watchword. I still think the Heat are the better team and despite all the efforts otherwise will win the title in 7 games. The NBA and ABC will get all the drama and ratings that they  can wring from this. Laugh and scoff if you want, but check back with me in 2 weeks when the Heat and Spurs are getting ready for game 6 in Miami with the Heat leading 3-2...watch and see.
NBA: Roy Hibbert shoots his mouth off
Now Im no saint, never claimed to be. Get me around some of my pals and the soundtrack is noisy and expletive laced. The insults fly and manhood is challenged at every opportunity. I know this is the situation in locker rooms from High school to the highest pro levels. Knowing this, its easy to see how Roy Hibbert had a brain fart and let loose with invective that invoked a tasteless gay slur during the press conference following the Pacers game 6 win. Im not excusing what he said but I can understand that he hadn’t made the proper transition to a more nuanced forum. Hibbert by all accounts is a very thoughtful and articulate player who isn’t your typical dumb jock. When he started by saying “You know what, because y'all motherfuckers don't watch us play throughout the year, to tell you the truth…” I didn’t find that offensive in the least. I thought it bold and quite truthful. That wasn’t what got Hibbert a $75K fine it was the gay slur, saying “no homo”. I thought that was a silly childish blurb. And Im sure that Hibbert knew that was going over the line as soon as he said it. I think that the fine was based solely on that comment and not the comment about the media.  Hibbert for his part recognized that he was wrong and reached out to Jason Collins, the NBA player who recently came out. I think that Hibbert for his part should be scolded but not ostracized for his thoughtless remark.
NBA: The last dinosaurs
I know Im getting to that certain age. There were three players in the NBA that I identified with in the fact that they were just about my age. Shaq O’Neal, Grant Hill and Jason Kidd. O’Neal who is six months and 2 weeks older than me retired of course after the 2011 season. Hill who is two weeks younger than me decided to call it a career on Sunday and Jason Kidd just announced his retirement as well on Monday. Hill and Kidd were both 40 playing fairly respectably in their final seasons with the Clippers and Knicks respectively and though both went out with playoff losses both had stellar careers. Both were lottery picks and were tabbed as franchise players by the Pistons and Mavs respectively and shared the 1995 rookie of the year honors. Hill seemed to have the most star crossed career of any player, after six stellar years in Detroit, in which he had led the NBA in votes for the All Star game as a rookie in 1995 and finished 3rd in MVP voting in 1996, only LeBron James and Oscar Robertson had better numbers than Hill in their first six seasons. But after a sign and trade with Orlando in 2000, Hill just couldn’t stay healthy. An ankle sprain suffered late in 2000 was  the start of numerous ankle injuries. In his first 4 seasons in Orlando. Hill only played a total of 47 games and missed the 03-04 season entirely. That was less than any single season he played in Detroit including the strike shortened 1999 season. Hill came back in 2005 and played 67 games but was again hampered by injuries the next season. Following the 2007 season, Hill signed with Phoenix, you can bet that the Magic were chagrined to the nth degree when Hill played more games in 4 of the 6 seasons than he did in any seasons in Orlando, including all 82 in 2009 and 81 in 2010, starting them all and leading the Suns to the conference finals. Hill finished with 17,137 points and left many wondering how much he would have had if he hadve been relatively healthy. He and Kidd might be headed to the Hall of Fame together. But as it stands Kidd will likely be getting the Hall call from Springfield here a five or so years. After being drafted ahead of Hill in the 1994 draft and sharing the rookie of the year, Kidd was traded to Phoenix after two seasons and led the Suns to the playoffs every year, then was again traded to the Nets and helped lead them to back to back Eastern Conference titles in 2002 and 2003. The Nets went from perernial doormat to East powerhouse with Kidd running point, and made the playoffs every year he was in Jersey. Traded back to the Mavs in 2008 he helped them win an NBA title in 2010. Kidd finished 3rd all time in triple doubles. Both Kidd and Hill have Olympic gold medals. Hill winning with the 1996 squad, Kidd with the 2000 squad in Sydney and the so-called Redeem Team in Beijing in 2008. Hill wont likely be anywhere close to a basketball hall of fame unless its Duke or Collegiate. I think just a little more of my youth is gone by the wayside with the retirement of these two players.
NHL: Four is the magic number...could that be the total games in both conferences?
The Blackhawks and Kings went the distance in their grueling semifinal matchups with the Sharks and Red Wings and now face off in the West Finals, but it seemed that the Hawks were the fresher team. Smoking the Kings on back to back nights to race to a 2-0 lead. The Blackhawks dont look like a team that played a sudden death game 7 OT game. The Kings are the defending champ and are leaning hard on the hero of the last Stanley Cup Jonathan Quick, but he Hawks just seem to be everywhere and the Kings look like they are constanty defending their own zone. The Kings had better hold serve in LA in game 3 or this could be a sweep waiting to happen. But the even nastier smoking was in the east. The Pens as the #1 team in the east looked like they were ready to assert themselves as the bully. The Bruins to the likely delight of Mo and Sully were quick to correct the thinking. The Bruins have more or less feasted on the Pens, crushing them IN Pittsburgh by 3-0 and 6-1 counts. Sidney Crosby and Evgegi Malkin have been reduced to whiny bitches as the Bruins are by all appearances, hungrier and faster. The Pens are looking more and more like a team that are a mere speed bump to the Bruins who are beating the Pens in every facet, forcing 20 giveaways in game 2 while only committing 3 of their own.
PGA: What a difference a year makes Tiger falls apart at the Memorial
Last year, I was contemplating a move to Columbus. The first weekend in June was picture perfect and me and my then girlfriend spend most of the weekend tooling around town in her recently purchased truck and I spent some time watch Tiger Woods just dominate in nearby Dublin in the Memorial. I was thinking man, Tiger comes to the 614 and its a walkover. Fast forward to a year, Im not in Columbus anymore. The girl I was dating still has that truck but Im no longer with her (There is a new Lady Bandit) and Tiger Woods was back at the Memorial in Dublin and the results were just as different as the moody weather in the area, rainy then hot then humid then chilly. Tiger just looked...lost. His drives were haphazard his mid game was wildy inconsistent and his putter was anywhere but on the northwest suburbs of Columbus. Tiger finished light years behind the winner Matt Kuchar who shot a -4 68 on the final day and -12 for the tourney to win. Tiger started with a so-so 71 in the first round and then went from bad (74) to horrid (79) with a putrid 44 on the back nine on Saturday. His even on the final day was not even considered as he was way way out of the money for his worst ever finish at one of his favorite course. The prize money he made would like be just enough to pay his child support check for the month. This was a bad way to get ready for the upcoming US open
Phat Dap
To the fans in Chapel Hill who stayed up past 1a to see the Tar Heels win an epic game 12-11 game against Florida Atlantic to advance to the Super Regionals in the NCAA Baseball tourney. The game started two hours late but the Owls and Heels just battled back and forth for nearly 4 hours in to the wee hours of the morning. There were 452 pitches in the game, 23 runs  The plucky Owls stood tall against the nations 3rd ranked team and top seed  rallied twice once in the 9th inning and again in extra innings but the Heels kept coming back. The game was a thriller.
Head Slap
Its rare that I do a head slap and want to punch the person in the face. Beeze talked about this jackass yesterday and I had to get my licks in... Jordan Kuruc obviously is a Pittsburgh Penguins fan, and his tweet that the “NHL is fucking rigged! Matt Cooke made a clean hit.” Does not go as far as out of bounds as tweets go but his statement “I hope your city gets bombed again Boston.” Is just about as tasteless as one could be. I complain about bad calls all the time. Sometimes I have no love for the cities of the teams that I despise. But I would never ever wish harm on them. I looked this clueless fuck up on Twitter and he realized what an asinine statement he made and wants to crawl back into the hole he came from openly inquiring on how to delete this twitter account. But the damage is done and this knucklenut has again demonstrated what coach Herman Edwards was saying when he said “DON’T PRESS SEND!
Thats The View From The Hoodwood, Until Next Post Fellow Sports Fans!!!
Musings From The Hoodwood 5-28
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Durant tours the devastation and his actions warrant a dap

Greetings from the Hoodwood, where the locals have had the grills on overdrive all weekend to start the summer.

NBA: Heat demise exaggerated?

I like the Pacers, they are the team closest to the Hoodwood, Bankers Life Fieldhouse is a much underrated venue for basketball and Indiana’s fans are second to none in basketball knowledge. They have had an on again off again love affair with the Pacers though. When playing good, the fans are some of the rowdiest in the NBA but they were only 25th in the NBA in attendance, and despite winning 49 games and the Central title the fans have been slow to warm to the team until after they won their first round series against Atlanta and dominated 3 games against the Knicks in Indy to win their Eastern Semifinal series. The Heat have more or less cruised through their two series sweeping the Bucks and toying with the exhausted Bulls before dismissing them in five games. The Pacers looked to be the one team that could really give the defending champs a real go. After the Heat won a thrilling game 1 highlighted by a LeBron James buzzer beating layup. But the Pacers won a nip and tuck game 2 to steal home court advantage on Friday many people swore that the Heat were a team on the ropes. Problem…no one bothered to tell the Heat this. In front of a rabid crowd in Indy on Sunday Night the Heat cruised to a 114-96 win where LeBron just dominated the paint in a manner like a Shaq or Hakeem would. The Pacers seemed helpless to stop Bron as the Heat dominated the Pacers by the tune of 56-32 in the paint and were never headed at all. The Heat had five turnovers…for the game. James had two critical turnovers near the end of game 2, but in game three he had…none. No turnovers??? Are you serious? That like giving a pyromaniac a blowtorch and kindling then wondering why the neighborhood is burning. I like the Pacers but I just can’t see them beating the Heat when James is going into beast mode.

NBA: Oh geez, it’s the Spurs again

ESPN can hardly contain its glee, the Spurs are pushed the Grizzlies aside like so much detritus and have clinched their fifth Western conference title in the past 14 years. What I have long argued is that the Spurs are not the underrated unknown team that keeps defying the odds in staying near the top of the NBA. The Spurs are a great team that has stayed near the top of the NBA with the coaching of surly Gregg Popovich and the brilliant play of the taciturn Tim Duncan with a lot of help from Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker. But the media continues to laud the Spurs as underrated and underappreciated. The Spurs have won more titles in the period from 1999 on that isn’t named the Lakers. The Spurs have never missed the playoffs in that span and haven’t won fewer than 50 games in the 21st century that includes the lockout shortened 2012 season.  Underrated? Underappreciated? You got to be kidding. The Spurs have been winning consistently over the last dozen or so years and are 4-4 in the finals. Which they are now headed to their fifth NBA Finals in their team history. The NBA is secretly hoping that the Spurs can “save” the NBA from the haughty Heat who they fear winning a second NBA title in a row. In the NBA’s mind if they win another title, more players will try to pool their resources on other teams to try to win titles. Teams that “do it the right way” like the Spurs who built their team with smart drafting will be shunned. Never mind that the Spurs tanked their 96-97 season to get a better shot at Tim Duncan. Don’t believe me? In the 7 years before that “lost season” the Spurs finished in either 1st or 2nd they then started 3-15 in the 96-97 season, fired Bob Hill and hired his heretofore unknown assistant Gregg Popovich who went 17-47 for the rest of that season. The Spurs then got Tim Duncan and promptly went 56-26 in 97-98 and won the title in the shortened 99 season. The Spurs are back in the finals and I’m rooting against them…I’m just like that.

NHL: Are the Red Wings Collapsing?

This hurts, it really does. The Wings were heavy underdogs to the #1 seeded Blackhawks and after the Hawks blew the Wings out in in Game 1 of their West Semifinal, you had to think that the Hawks would roll over the tired Wings who had took a 7 game first round win over the Ducks. But the Wings won the next three, routing the Hawks at the Joe in games 3 and 4 after stealing home ice advantage in game 2. But after losing game 5 the Wings knew that they had to win game 6 in Detroit to avoid a winner take all game 7 in Chicago. Leading 2-1 going into the 3rd, I felt good. But then it all came apart in a frightening 10 minute sequence that saw bad turnovers weak goals and a galling penalty shot score that had the Wings going from 2-1 up to 4-2 down. A late goal made the score close but the 4-3 game 6 win by the Blackhawks now sets up a winner take all game 7 in the United Center on Wednesday night. I’m seriously worried. I’m hoping for the best, but I’m seriously worried.

Phat Dap/Head Slap

Phat Dap

To Kevin Durant the OKC superstar that really stepped it up. In the wake of the devastation caused by the F5 tornadoes that ravaged the OKC area. Durant not only pledged $1 million of his own money as a challenge he helped unload supplies, and served as a general morale booster for an area that needs a lift. I’ve always been a big Durant fan and he’s always seemed like an enlightened cat. His actions proved to me that he wants to not only be an icon in the city in which he plays but also someone that wants to give to the community. In the time of need and suffering in the OKC area, Durant is a real hero.

Head Slap

To the media that is trying to bait sports figures on the gay marriage issue. Now to be sure, Hoodwood could care less who gets married to who. As long as the people are happy it’s really none of anyone’s business. Someone asks Vikings RB Adrian Peterson his opinion on gay marriage, Peterson says he’s not in favor of it. That’s his opinion and he’s entitled to it. But really why does any care about what Peterson’s opinion is on the subject. You have players who are outspoken on the subject and if they bring it up that’s their choice. But there are some in the media that are looking for controversy and are looking for a story. They go to the big name stars ask them opinions and then sit back in outrage at their reaction. I don’t like that.


That’s the view from the Hoodwood for this week. Until next post fellow sports fans!


ST Saturday Extravaganza -Hodgepodge for $1000
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For all of you Jeopardy! fans out there, we will get to the answer to this probing question by Alex in a moment.  First we have a few issues to cover in the Wide World of Sports before we deal with Sergio's telling reply.  Also, I found it terribly difficult to concentrate on writing a blog entry on the heels of "reading" the Beez's last blog post...most distracting!...where was I?

The Indy 500 and what has to be Q's Ultimate Dream Ride...or mine!

Lindsay Czarniak, the ESPN host of the Indy 500, got what has to be the ride of a lifetime going for a tour of the Brickyard in a two seater with Mario Andretti  (settle down, Q).  According to Lindsay, who was interviewed today on a D.C. sports radio show, Mario took it up to around 200 mph for their little run around Indy.  She said - no surprise - that it was a total thrill.  I am happy to see Lindsay moving up to the big time at the 4 letter monolith...she grew up here in D.C. under George Michael and has a real sense for sports.  I don't think GM would have had it any other way.  As for the race, it has been over 40 years since an Andretti has seen the checkered flag...can Marco break through?  He is on the front row, so he can't complain about the start.  Sunday should be fun.


As for the NHL....

We have the team everyone was ready to hand the Stanley Cup to just a couple of months ago on the brink of elimination by the ever durable playoff giants, the Detroit Red Wings.  It has turned our happy chief's smile into a frown.  As it stands, we are looking at Conference finals of LA - Red Wings and Bruins - Penguins.  The only thing that is certain is that I will not have a dog in this fight. I don't really care for any of those teams to win.  One thing should provide some solace to all dedicated hockey fans and that is that is is frickin' hard to win the Stanley Cup.  The regular season means exactly nothing except that you get to play...no President's Trophy, no end of the season run, no health issue matters...the Cup is a whole different beast.  There may be a secret recipe that comes only from drinking from Lord Stanley's Cup, but outside of that secret club, the rest go uneducated and generally unfullfilled.


The NBA to me is a joke league...

I don't generally live in the world of conspiracy theories...except when it comes to the NBA.  Is a coincidence that the Lakers and Celtics always seem to get magically reloaded with talent when they are down?  In this fluke year for the Lakers, nobody thought that the combination of Dwight Howard and Kobe would not bring wins and another championship run...Howard just is a bozo and killed it, but the talent was there.  Is is just a coincidence that after losing LeBron that the Cavs have won the Lottery 2 of the last 3 years?   How is that this league survives when half of its teams have NEVER even played for a title?  Franchises that win that aren't named Lakers or Celtics or Bulls or Spurs win a title on average every 30 years.   

Ok, so we will see a Heat - Spurs final...now there's a surprise.  Here's another one - the same teams in it now, will be in it next year. 


The Good, The Bad & The Ugly - Revisited

In my review of MLB last week, I forgot to include the Umpires in the Bad to Ugly category.  We continue to have umpires ruining the outcomes of ball games even WITH instant replay.  What is obvious to all of us - a ball hitting off the wall above the HR line - is not obvious to the MASSIVE egos that wear the black.  Unlike their brethern in football, the umpire is afraid to go under the hood and make a call - oh my - they may have gotten it wrong.  On close plays, umpires often are incorrect.  It's not because they are aren't skilled, it's because the play is so fast it defies the human eye - but NOT the camera.  Com'on Blue, get the calls right.   And why not do something to help the plate umpire with balls & strikes?  I am so tired of seeing a plate umpire ruin a game.  Watch a game just concentrating on balls & strikes - even the best are not that great.  They could use pitch track to at least tell the umpire if the ball goes over the plate or not.   Baseball - please fix the umps.

And finally, the answer to Double Jeopardy....

As Sergio says, "Who is Tiger Woods?"  Alex:  Sergio, you and Fuzzy got that one right.   Thank you "gentlemen" for showing us what a racist looks like on the golf course yet again.  I met one of the Golf Channel hosts who had a drink or two I think who had not too many kind words for Sergio a couple of years ago.  Then I saw Feherty's interview and thought maybe that was a misjudgement.  Now we see that the real Sergio came out.  Yes Tiger is a prima donna and yes he seems like any one of a number of colorful terms, but really?  going Fried Chicken on him?  A) It's not original as Fuzzy Zoeller said it first.  B) It is just tauting him for being black, not for being an ass, so what is the point of that? and C) the only person hurt by that is Sergio.  He just looks like a douche bag...which he confirmed for all of us.  I can only imagine the taunting he is going to hear at the U.S. Open in a couple of weeks.  


For all of you who have served our Country over the years, we thank you for your dedication and service.  To our fathers, brothers, sisters, grandfathers and great grandfathers who may have fought and suffered or died in defense of our Country, on this solemn weekend we remember you.  Have a happy and special Memorial Day Weekend.



Musings From Hoodwood 5-21
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Melo: "Dont blame me for this one...I scored 39 and had TWO assists...what more do you want from me? Defense?"


Greetings from the Hoodwood, where the locals are praying for our peeps in Oklahoma, stay Okie strong Hoodwood sends its love and prayers.


NBA: Another Knick flameout

I think its funny that there were so many that thought that the New York Knicks were really going to beat the Pacers. After they had nearly choked away their firsr round series with the Celtics. They got smoked in the 1st game with the Pacers. But the Knick fans shrugged it off as so much that their squad was tired from the battle royal with the Celtics. It seemed validated when they routed the Pacers in game 2. “See!” Knick apologists like Colin Cowherd said. The Knicks will roll and win it in 5. Problem was the Pacers weren’t having any of it. They bounced the Knicks in games 3 and 4 in Indy and the Knicks were pushed to the brink. Winning a game 5 handily, the so called experts said that all the pressure was on the Pacers. Win in Bankers Life Fieldhouse Saturday night in game 6 or face a winner take all showdown game 7 in MSG, after racing to a big lead the Pacers had to weather a barrage of 3 pointers by the Knicks by Iman Shumpert (that’s where Nerlens Noel gets the hightop fade look from) JR Smith (where had he been) and fought back into the game. Unheraled Chris Copeland made a couple threes to start the 4th, and the Pacers were on the ropes. When Smith drilled a 3 to give the Knicks a 92-90 lead and the Pacers Paul George missed a mid ranger jumper it look like the Knicks could deliver the knockout blow and Carmelo Anthony who was having a monster game and would finish with 39 points would head to the bucket when this happened…


The Pacers were busting out the Kool-Aid and I was ready to bust out some Funkadelic on the 8 track...It was a funky block party in Nap-town and the Knicks were just not hip to the beat. After the block they just seemed to wilt. The Pacers got back to back buckets from former Bearcat Lance Stephenson including a critical 3 point play on a driving layup and getting fouled by JR Smith who was having a miserable series and just was not the same player after getting that one game suspension in the Celtics series. The Knicks would never get close to the lead again and the Pacers rolled home to a 106-99 win it was ironic that Smith took the last shot for the Knicks a 25 footer that missed of course Smith scored only 15 points on 4-15 shooting. Melo had 39 points but he and Smith were two of only three players on the Knicks scoring in double figures, Shumpert had 19 points on an efficient 6-10 shooting. But the other geriatric Knicks, Jason Kidd, Amare Stoudamire, and Kenyon Martin scored under 5 points. Raymond Felton was 0-7 and was shutout. The Knicks won 54 games and Im trying to figure how. 11 of the 16 so-called experts polled on ESPN picked the Knicks and of course look like fools. The Pacers now face the Heat whom they’ve beaten twice in 3 tries. I think the Heat will in 6 but the Pacers will be a tough out.

What happened to LA Sports

I remember a piece a couple decades ago that was written about the New York rap scene it literally asked “Has New York fallen the fuck off or what?” Now the death of the New York rap scene has of course been greatly exaggerated and the Big Apple rap scene continues to thrive. But the same question could now be asked about the LA sports scene. Of course with no pro football there is no movement in that front in the city of Angels. Speaking of Angels, they and the Dodgers looked to make big splashes with high priced acquisitions. The Angels already bolstered with the signings of Albert Pujols last year and then the Halos then acquired Josh Hamilton. With those feared sluggers the Angels looked to be the real bully of not only the AL West but the AL as well. But the Angels have struggled mightly at 17-27 are 11 games behind the rolling Texas Rangers only the neophyte Houston Astros are further back. Across town in Chavez Ravine the Dodgers are just as bad at 18-25 are only 7 games behind the Giants but are just not playing well. Dodger management has publicly stated that they are nowhere close to firing manager Don Mattingly but the lineup that is packed with stars like Adrian Gonzalez, Matt Kemp, Andre Eithier and Carl Crawford  is just not producing runs. The Bums are -36 in run scoring differential. If it wasn’t for Clayton Kershaw the Dodgers pitching would be lifeless. With the slow return of Zach Greinke the Dodgers are 5-12 this month after starting at exactly .500 The Dodgers and Angels are the bull teams for interleague next week and face each other but the excitement of the first round of the Freeway series just elicits yawns and wonder of which Angelino baseball team will stink it up more. The mediocrity isn’t limited to the baseball teams, both basketball teams were bounced out of the NBA playoffs in the 1st round. Though the Clippers won their first ever division title, and roared out to a 2-0 first round lead they then dropped the next four against the Grizzles and were sent home. The Lakers (stop laughing) were pretty much destroyed when Kobe Bryant went down and Dwight Howard just wasn’t able to pick up the slack. They were swept by the Spurs. Wow, who is facing off in the Western conference finals??? The Grizzlies and Spurs. Hmmmm. I know dvt, I know the Kings are repping strong as the defending Stanley Cup champs and are thumped the Blues in their first round Stanley Cup playoff series. They also have won their first two games at Staples against the Sharks. But they lost game 3 and may be in some serious trouble.

Phat Dap Head Slap

Phat Dap

I don’t think Ive ever given someone Phat Dap two weeks in a row but given the situation, I think this merits it. Dap to Dodgers CF Matt Kemp who immediately pledged $1000 donation for every homer that he hits from now until the All-Star break for the victims of the OKC tornadoes. Kemp got off to a good start on his pledge homering Monday in a Dodger win. Matt Kemp is fast becoming one of my favorite players and one fo the good guys in the sporting world

Head Slap

A pair to Sergio Garcia and Tiger Woods who just cant let their little spat go. Woods bluntly said “No” when asked had he ever thought of picking up the phone and calling Garcia to mend their tiff. And while the response garnered some chuckled from the assembled media at the AT&T invitational, Garcia was not one laughing, he stated at a London Press junket that he thinks that Woods “called him a whiner which may be true but it’s the first honest thing that he has said in 15 years. This war of words is getting silly and it makes both golfers look petty and like a pair of whiny bitchy schoolgirls. The media is eating it up but I would have expected more from both. Let the rivalry be on the golf course with good play not catty he said, he said shit.

That the view from the Hoodwood for this week, Until Next Post Fellow Sports Fans!

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