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Storminnorman's Sports Views 11/15/11
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Well I guess to nobody's surprise (or at least I think so anyway), Justin Verlander won his first of many CY Young awards. I guess the part that shocked me the most was by the margin in the voting by the usually anal Baseball Writers of America cast. I figured it would be a little closer, and the fact that Valverde received 28 votes meant there was no one else deserved of a vote. I am not slamming Valverde by any means, just found it rather interesting that he finished fifth in the voting......

And now on to a subject that is really beginning to piss me off, the NBA lockout. I know there are a few of you out here that follow the NBA, and have a favorite team. Just with the NFL, aren't you getting a little irritated by all of the positioning and propaganda (bullshit) that David Stern is feeding us on a daily basis? I have found the little midget rather irritating, especially today when he spoke out against the players for disbanding the union, so they could legally fight this lockout in a court of law, which is their Constitutional Right. I wonder if Stern is hiding the fact that there was a conspiracy between himself and the owners, to force a lockout for the entire season to help the financially burdened owners save a little money by not having to pay salaries this year? I wonder if this winds up in the courts, if the truth behind the lockout will come out and he along with the owners are going to get burned? David Stern is right about one thing,  the "nuclear winter" of me ripping his head off has begun. He has been in it for himself and only himself, he does not care about the fans who support those teams in their cities by paying high ticket and concession prices to see their favorite teams play. Since we the fan really do not know what is going on during the negotiation process, because we only hear what David wants us to hear which is this: It is always the players fault, when something goes wrong during the negotiations, NEVER THE OWNERS OR HIS SELF-RIGHTEOUS ASS!!! Truth be told, if the players and owners really want to reach an agreement, then they need a court order in place restricting Stern from being a part of the negotiation process, because he is a cancer in the process and he needs to go. I wonder how much the owners are paying him to be their fall guy and take shots on a daily basis at the players and Billy Hunter? From what I have learned about contract negotiations is this, the owner of a business always blames the players, and not their self if negotiations break down for whatever reason, it is a negotiating tactic usually followed by a threat to cancel the season entirely. He wants the players to break, and the players being proud will not. Until one side decides they have had enough, this deal will never get done. This is just a process in a long negotiation process, hopefully soon before a judge they will figure this thing out, even though it will probably not be in time to save the season or DVT's Sacramento Kings.........

One of things I will miss this year, is not being able to take a shot at Sir Chokes A Lot during the regular season and playoffs, and the Dallas Mavericks defending their title.

I want to believe in the Lions, but I received a dose of reality on how good of team they are, when they got their asses handed to them by the Bears on Sunday. Sure they may have a few more winnable games left on their schedule, but I also see possibly 3 more losses at the hands of the Packers and the Saints. Let's be realistic for a moment, this is a team playing over their heads, and if they finish with 10 wins that is a bonus for them, but bad news for the coaches and players, because expectations will even be higher next year. Tim, your Browns are in the same situation and they too will be good when the figure out a way to win games instead of losing them the way they did last week. You have a QB and a couple of good running backs on that team, maybe the diehard fans should call for an ownership change, you cannot keep firing coaches, when poor management decisions are the reason you continue to lose.....


Thanks for reading my Post


Musings From The Hoodwood 11-15
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Hey its my blog...if I want to show the lovely Princess Katie again to lead off I will. That grinning dope next to her is someone that is supposed to be her dad, your humble scribe. Just to be sure, this wasnt for a wedding (spare me that ulcer for a few years yet) This was taken at her quincenara which is like a sweet 16 party but for 15 year old girls. Its a coming of age, or like a debutante and Katie looked beautiful.


Greetings from the Hoodwood, where the children are guaranteed protection from worthless pieces of trash like that unmentionable piece of crap that did those unspeakable acts to those young boys. Hoodwood’s love and prayers go to them first.

That is the only thing that you will hear from me about that. JoePa got the gate, and that will be the last anyone hears of Penn State.

Romo & Tebow: No love from this scribe.

Oh I’m getting it full bore this week. I blithely picked against both Tebow’s Broncos and Romo’s Cowboys only to watch both of them lead their teams to wins in most opposite ways. Tebow completed two passes. TWO FUCKING PASSES! The Broncos rambled to a most uneven win over the Chiefs who have simply forgotten how to win at home. They had three games at the usually foreboding Arrowhead and got stomped by the Dolphins who are playing their way out of the Andrew Luck sweepstakes now then the Broncos who are running an option offense. Who runs an option offense in the NFL??? Really! Is John Fox so desperate that he will tear up an NFL offense just to suit the limited skills of a mediocre albeit fan favorite QB? But the Tebow supporters keep slamming me and saying that Im a hater and that Tebow has that winners makeup. You cant deny that Tebow has won three of his four starts and the Broncos are incredibly still in the AFC West race, such that it is. But Tebow-mania is wearing thin on me, I want a defense to force Tebow to throw the  ball and corral his runs, he will get exposed again just as he did against the Lions (I got thoughts on them later) I don’t believe for a second that Tebow is nothing more than a pub stunt to buy the Broncos time to find a real QB.

Now onto Romo, he more or less sparkled in the Pokes 44-7 demolition of the Bills, Hitting 23-26 for 270 yards and of course the Romo chorus, led by his bro-mantic crush Colin Cowherd was singing his praises. Now I don’t personally dislike Romo, he seems like a nice enough kid. But his good games are trumpted too much and his bad games are poo-pooh and papered over too often.  Im sadistic enough where I want the Pokes to win 10, hell win 11 games and given their butta soft schedule they could. Make the playoffs and get exposed for the fraud that they are. Have Aaron Rodgers throw for fo-fiddy on Rob Ryan’s sham defense Or have Eli Manning carve them up or the Niners hungry for some redemption kick their collective asses. The Cowboys are just not that good and I know that they will get exposed.

Speaking of getting exposed, do you have the feeling that the Lions are in the middle of a fade. Like the Bills they opened eyes with a fast start but have lost three of their last four and got housed by the Bears in Chicago. The Bears were fueled by getting smacked around on Monday Night football a month and haven’t lost since.  The Lions compounded their troubles by giving up a pair of pick sixes and a punt return TD from Devin Hester. Ok, memo to all special teams coaches. Kicking to this guy is bad…really bad. Hester makes Dante Hall look like he was an amateur. Hester can take the ball to the house anytime he touches the ball. Coaches know this and still they kick to him. The Lions get an inconsistent Panthers team before the short turnaround against the Pack on Thanksgiving. The Lions are one more bad loss from being irrelevant in the NFC playoff race.

I was hearing a lot of people rag on the Falcons’ Mike Smith for going for it in OT against the Saints inside his 30. I heard things like “Why does he not trust his defense?” I thought it was a bold call, if you get the first, the home crowd  boosts you even more and the defense sinks a little. If you cant gain a foot, you don’t deserve to win. I know its clichéd but it’s the truth. The Falcons couldn’t get the yard and it was pretty much all over but the shouting in Atlanta. The Falcons are another team that is a loss away from being sent to the kiddie table in the playoff race.

NBA: Armageddon for the pros

According to published reports, the NBA Players Association is set to disband and file a class action lawsuit against the NBA. The owners seem to have prepared for this and are ready to prove that the lockout was legal. Ive come to accept the truth that there will be professional basketball for the foreseeable future. Many of those that jumped from the college game are now wishing that they stayed in school, because it looks to be a long cold winter. David Stern isn’t fucking around, he is bound and determined to get the players to acede to the owners wishes and is willing to nuke bomb the 2011-12 season to destroy the union and break the players. The era of big money contracts for pro basketball players may just be coming to an end and the other pro leagues (NFL excepted) are watching this closely. If the NBA gets the players to adhere to their wishes, the pendulum might be swinging back to the owners for the first time in a long time in regards to player-owner relations. I still have a problem with free spending owners throwing money at players only to become disillusioned when they go from mediocre players to overpaid mediocre players. These same owners want to blame the players for salaries going up and want the players to help the owners control themselves and lock themselves into rules that are beneficial for them. The owners want shorter guaranteed contracts but the ability to hold the players movement to a minimum. In short, they want the players to be at their leisure. Playing for them at the salaries they dictate for as long as they want them to, letting them walk when they have served their use. People like to say its not like that. I have a co-worker that is pro-owner saying that why do the players demand a piece of the pie trying to compare them to regular workers. The problem is that these players are not like regular workers, they have a special skill set that only a few people could ever dream of having. The owners know this and charge top dollar to the fans to see these players yet turn around and complain that they aren’t making money. The NBA owners are making money hand over fist and they know it. They are just not so sanguine on giving their “product” any more than they think that they should. Nevertheless, the owners who might have had a deal if they hadn’t held an ultimatum of take this deal or else when they had the players willing to concede a good number of points. Using the threat of take this deal or be punished with a far less favorable deal  that we might not even agree to was stupid. Now both sides are digging for the “Nuclear winter of basketball” But they will find that no one will miss them that much for now.

Phat Dap/Head Slap

Phat Dap

To Bills Wide receiver David Nelson said that if he scored in the Bills game against the Cowboys that he would give the ball to his girlfriend. No big thing there until you realize that Nelson is dating a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader…Kelsi Reich was the recipient of the ball and a hug from Nelson as the Bills wideout was the lone score in the Bills loss to the Pokes.

Slick move by Nelson, but I hope that doesnt cost his girlfriend her job. Had it been the game winner or had the Pokes lost...maybe And she sure looked real uncomfortable afterwards...

Head Slap

Its a small one but needed to Butch Jones of the Cincinnati Bearcats who in a tight game Saturday against West Virginia decided to go for a TD instead of putting the points on the board. QB Zach Collaros got stopped and the decision would come back to haunt the Bearcats as they took their first conference loss 24-21 as the game tying field goal was blocked at the final gun. The Bearcats are still very much in control of their own destiny as they still lead the Big East by 1 game in the loss column, if they win out they will go to their 3rd BCS bowl in 4 years. But Jones did my beloved alma mater no favors by making a puzzling decision.


I guess 50-50 isn't good enough for the NBA players
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I guess the players don't like to split anything 50-50. Greedy players Greedy owners.

Musings From The Hoodwood 11-8
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Wish I could have this ref for my next flag football game...



Or this one, I like the thick curvy females just as much..either one could blow my whistle for any infraction...

Ok, enough of the eye candy...


Greetings from the Hoodwood, where its warmer here than in Chandler, Arizona…but that wont last.


Leading Off: Game of the Century???

The Supposed game of the century was played this past Saturday and it didn’t even come close to living up to the hype. It was to be fair a tense, taut defensive battle but it seemed like neither coach was willing to gamble. Nick Saban looked like he was just hoping that Trent Richardson would bust off a long run to boos the Tide’s otherwise lackluster offense while Les Miles was just hoping that he wouldn’t have to resort to a gadget play or three to win the game. In the end, it was the fact that the Bayou Bengals had a more reliable kicker than Bama did and LSU won 9-6. Im glad I didn’t have to listen to the man-gina that is Skip Bayless whine that field goal kickers should not have decided this game. If we waited till one of those team scored a touchdown, we’d be still playing as Im typing this column.

The 2nd Glance: Would you want a rematch?

Bama players talked tough about how they would beat LSU if they faced them again. The reality of the situation is that they didn’t beat them when they had the chance. They won’t get a chance at a national title and shouldn’t get a rematch. Ok you no playoff boosters, now if got your asses in a corner. If every week is a playoff as some wonks like to repeat ad nauseum, then the Crimson Tide just got eliminated. They had their chance to knock off the nations top ranked team. They were at home with some 100,000+ fans behind them and they  couldn’t win the game.  So step to the line with the one loss hopefuls and don’t speak unless called upon. The wonks are saying that Bama lost a close game and deserves a rematch. Hey if we had a playoff, and Bama fought its way back to a rematch with LSU, I have no problem with that, but to give not only a team in the same conference but the the same division a free pass back to the title game cause they are in a big name conference? That’s about some bullshit.

In the 3 Hole: Mizzou/WVU Moving days?

The SEC made it official they will take Mizzou as their 14th team to come in to the SEC. The Big 12 could care less as they have already replaced A&M and Missouri with TCU and West Virginia from the Big East. HOLD UP! Wait a minute! The Big East, tired of getting raided for teams finally is putting its collective foot down with the Mountaineers. Its making Syracuse and Pitt who are jilting the Big East for ACC wait the full 2 ¾ years before it can leave its suing West Virginia to force it to stay in the Big East the same amount of time. The Panthers and Orange have some vested interest in WVU winning its lawsuit because they would jump quick too if given the chance. Meanwhile the Big East is losing its eastern identity as it invites Boise State and possibly BYU to its ranks. BYU who is more interested in the AQ status that the Big East is trying to hold on to and that it couldn’t get even though they are trying to pose as a Mormon version of Notre Dame suddenly make the Big East more of a geographical joke than the old NL division that had the Cards and Cubs in the East, while Atlanta and Cincinnati were in the West. This frenetic conference jumping is getting old fast.

Battin’ Cleanup: Shame in Happy Valley

The details are lurid and repulsive. Its one of those things that you hope are not true. The details of a former assistant football coach at Penn State sexually abusing numerous boys makes you just plain sick. You wonder what people knew, you hope to hell that the otherwise irreproachable Joe Paterno knew nothing about it and if he did was reporting it as soon as he did. If the allegations are true I hope the sack of shit coach gets put in a cell with some real pipe hitters. If it isn’t true, I hope whoever made the allegations can sleep at night. This is some shit that you don’t make up for fun.

5th Street: Bengals keep on keepin on

At the beginning of the season, many people snickered when the Cincinnati Bengals were brought up. I heard quotes like “Are they a pro team?” and “They are a sure bet to go winless.” That went by the boards in the first week when they thumped Cleveland. I saw many a Bengal fan joyous with relief “We’re not gonna lose ‘em all!” But a funny thing happened on the way to the debate if the 2011 Bengals would be the worse team in franchise history, they shook off a couple tough losses to the Broncos (still a head scratcher) and the Niners (No shame, the Niners are 7-1) and have ripped off the longest winning streak in 23 years. The Bengals have won 3 division titles since that streak was pulled off. Lets keep it real, The Bengals have had nine different seasons where the won 5 games or less the entire season! I did make a mistake when I said that only Paul Brown has a winning coaching record. He actually didn’t going 55-59-1 from 1968-75 Bill “Tiger”Johnson was 18-15 in 2+ seasons succeeding Brown but quit after the Bengals started 0-5 in 1978. That was a job that Bill Walsh should have had, but I digress. Forrest Gregg who took the Bengals to their first Super Bowl after the 1981 season was 34-27 coaching from 1980-83. Marvin Lewis who is now the longest tenured coach in the Bengals history has 66 wins two better than Sam Wyche who coached the Bengals to their other Super Bowl appearance. Both Gregg and Wyche both lost to the 49ers coached by Bill Walsh whom Paul Brown passed over to give the reigns to Johnson…go figure.

6 ways from Sunday: Bearcats rising

I know they are in the Big East but come on, give some dap to the Cincinnati Bearcats. Not only is the football team at 7-1 in the drivers seat in the Big East (such that it is now) and ranked #18 in the AP poll and #23 in the BCS poll but the basketball team has its first preseason ranking since 2004. How you like that. I say this to tweak the nose of those fuckin’ criminals in Lexington that keep squawking about how their football team could still trample “Lil Ol’  Cin-Cinnatuh” and their basketball team has no time to play Cincy but they can come to Cincy to play a “home game” to reward their fans in Northern Kentucky. Tell you what Calipari keep your fuckin’ criminals down there in Lexington…we have to deal with the stench of that criminal Pitino in conference games.

7th Inning: Kyle Busch-American Idiot

I would normally give a head slap for this but I had to rail some. Kyle Busch is an idiot plain and simple. Look I get the fact that there are some adrenaline fueled moves in any sport and that the high speed breakneck pace of racing can flare tempers but what Busch did was not only downright stupid it was foolhardy, dangerous and could have gotten someone killed. This past Friday Busch and Ron Hornaday Jr. were doing some serious grinding in the outlaws world of racing truck series. I think truck racing is stupid but who am I to tell rednecks what a sport is. (To be fair, I have no beef with stock car racing) Busch angry about a bump that Hornaday did  deliberately ran his truck into the rear panel of Hornaday’s  truck. Keep in mind that he wasn’t parked or going 35 mph on pit road this was during a caution early in the race! Hornaday slammed into the retaining wall, and Busch went with him. Hornaday thankfully walked away from the accident and Busch was initally unrepentant about his actions. NASCAR was swift and harsh with its punishment, parking Busch for the Nationwide and Sprint Cup races, in which Busch is the Chase for the Cup and pretty much eliminated from any kind of contention.Busch was also fined $50,000 Its bad enough that Jeremy Mayfield once a promising young driver has lost his ride and had gotten arrested for possession of methamphetamines, Busch’s stupid thoughtless actions leaves a bad taste and black mark on an exciting sport. Though Busch was predictably apologetic over the weekend and is on probation for the last three weeks of the season, NASCAR should have parked him for the rest of the season, maybe even for good.


8th Inning setup:  NBA running out of time

Now all of sudden, the fracturing begins. Just as the owners are gleefully hoping the NBA players are seemingly coming apart, the spectre of missed checks and lost income looming bigger. There is some talk by the big money players and agents for decertification and a long nasty lawsuit but it seems that the rank and file are looking to play ball. In principle the players are in the right, the owners have spent themselves stupid and now want the players to cut their salaries to ease their burden, but the players want some concessions as well. I think its funny to see Michael Jordan who now owns the Bobcats as a hardliner. He was one that was leading the charge for decertification of the players union in the mid nineties and was represented by one of the big money agents. Now he one of the owners that are basically saying 47% of basketball related income is all you will get and you better take that. I ve basically resigned myself that all the basketball that I wll see is of the college and high school variety this year.

Bottom of the 9th: Tebow and Romo legions rejoice! But Rodgers is the real deal

Well both ESPN and Colin Cowherd got their wet dreams on Sunday both Tim Tebow of the Broncos and Tony Romo of the Cowboys led their teams to wins. Both games were ugly, Tebow rushed for more yards than he threw and was aided by the propensity of Raiders QB Carson Palmer to throw untimely picks. The Broncos dropped a 38-24 stunna on the Raiders who are fast falling apart after a 4-2 start. Suddenly the Bengals look more and more smart for hustling the Raiders out of a 1st and 2nd round pick in the upcoming NFL drafts. Meanwhile in Big D Tony Romo did shine, but he didnt shit himself as the Pokes ambled to a win over a sad sack Seattle squad. I didnt listen this morning but you can be sure that Colin Cowherd was sporting wood singing the praises of his man crush. The QB that everyone should be jocking hard? Aaron Rodgers. As a diehard Vikings fan, it pains me to say it but damn, Aaron Rodgers is the shit! I watched him toy with the Chargers weak defense and throw for four scores. I respect Rodgers ten times more than I did Brett Favre. There is just something about the way he came up, struggling and unheralded and now with the chance to make it on his own is shining bright. Anyone that thought the Rodgers was a streaky lucky one season wonder looks damn foolish right now.


Overtime/Extra Innings/Shootout: Smokin' Joe and Magic 20 years after

Im adding this in after the column goes to press, The flags in Hoodwood are again being lowered in deep respect for the passing of Joe Frazier who lost his battle with cancer late Monday night at 67. Frazier who was a Gold Medalist and Heavyweight Champ was one of the most respected fighters in the game, he was simply a legend that should have gotten a lot more dap a respect. Though Im an Ali fan, I thought what he did to Frazier in the way of taunts and derision was silly and stupid. In the end Ali had nothing but deep resepct and admiration for his counterpart in 3 legendary fights.

20 Years ago, I was just about to head out to an evening class when I heard the news. Magic Johnson, who behind Michael Jordan was one of my favorite NBA players announced he was HIV-Positive. Like many people, I thought that Magic was on a short ticker. I admit that I cried as I drove to class that evening. Though many derided Johnson for his freewheeling, almost cavalier sex life that got him that status. I for one admired, Magic's open honesty and responsibilty for his situation and the way that he has crusaded for HIV and AIDS education and awareness. 20 years later, Johnson is still with us and a highly respected commentator on basketball, and successful businessman and philanthropist. Heres to continued life for the man that is truly Magic.


The 19th HolePhat Dap/Head Slap


Patrick Peterson of Princess Katie’s Arizona Cardinals who snapped their six game losing skid with this thrilling 99 punt return in OT to beat the Rams. Check the ill spin-o-rama at :14



To Mark Sanchez of the Jets that while lined up on the outside on a wildcat play flinched like a scared rabbit when Drayton Florence of the Bills jumped at him  as the play started…Watch Sanchez flinch like a punk.


The less that is said about my picks or my fantasy teams the better. I’ll try again on Sunday…Until Next Post Fellow Sports Fans!

And even though its not an major election year today is election day...get out there and vote. If you don't exercise your right to vote no matter who or what for, then don't bitch about nothing political! Holla!

Five Minute Frags - Orally Rectifying Tags: NBA Strike Lock-out David Stern Players Union Occupy Protests


There are many things in this life that I am unsure of.  At 34, I’m still not secure yet in what I want to be when I grow up. I also haven’t figured out how to make my 8-year-old twin sons to do my bidding without questioning my authority or immediately ratting me out to my wife. Nor have I figured out how to best choose my numbers for the PowerBall.

That said there are at least two things I am sure of in this life:

1.)    There are more differences between an oral and a rectal thermometer than just the taste.


2.)    In war, the side that fights on a second front against dissension is the side that loses.


While I cannot apply item one to sports, I certainly can point to item two as a lesson that the leadership of the NBA Players’ Association has yet to learn. If they had, they would realize that while they bicker amongst themselves, they are essentially handing the owners exactly what they want; a broken union without strong leadership which will eventually bow underneath the overwhelming weight of straw on their backs.

At this stage of the NBA lock-out, we are no longer in a stalemate. We are at the stage where Billy Hunter and Derek Fisher no longer know who to trust between them, nor if they themselves can be trusted. Instead of working to present their case, they are backpedaling to the media like Herman Cain at a restaurant convention. All of this while Paul Allen wrings his hands in triumph.

The war is over and now the union just needs to accept its loss. They’ll have to pack up and go back to the players with a mere 50% split of revenue instead of the desired 52.5% and they’ll have to like it. And the players won’t like it, so they’ll call for decertification of the union because they won’t feel that they are being fairly represented, costing the league the entire season over 2%.

So it comes as no surprise that the owners are now giving the players just four days to accept the current offer on the table or the offer drops from 50% to 47% and a harsher cap. The owners know that they have the players backed into a corner and that the mass majority of them won’t run the route of playing in Europe this winter.

The players are misreading their position in this matter. They is the point that the owners have to spread their half of the revenues into operating costs with the arenas, up to and including the thousands of staff involved in making everything go as planned for the 48 minutes that the self-righteous players step onto the court. They have absolutely no understanding of how this looks to you and me, struggling to get by on the pittance of a salary we can scrounge out of our employers, if we’re lucky to have one.

So while all the hippies in the world are inventing reason after reason in order to get free camping in the city parks around the world, I say they move their love fests indoors. Why not Occupy Boston Garden or Occupy LA Forum? Why not set up stake on the front lawn of LeBron James? I hear South Beach is quite a bit warmer than Central Park this time of year.

It’s time for these one-and-done college drop-outs to suck it up and find a way to live off of $8 million instead of $10 million. It’s time for them to realize a good thing when they see it and accept the career path they chose and are lucky enough to have.

Or better yet, it’s time for them to learn how to say “I was fouled” in Serbian so that they can continue to realize the dream of playing ball for a living.

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