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 This week I'm filling in for Sully on TOTW...College Football isn't really his thing, and the BCS mess seemed to be the most deserving of the Golden Plunger...

As my good friend B-Dub pointed out Monday, back in 2003 Nick Saban had this to say, "Anyone that doesn't win their conference has no business playing in the national championship game."

So, why hasn't Saban refused to have his team play in the BCS Championship game? His Alabama team didn't win their conference...Hell, they didn't even make it into the conference championship game? Why, because they lost to LSU!

Supporters of the BCS have always defended the system saying that it makes every regular season game count...Well clearly it doesn't, because LSU already beat 'Bama, yet some tool, Jeff Sagarin and his computer program have said 'NOT GOOD ENOUGH! PLAY AGAIN!' So if 'Bama wins, will LSU then get a rematch? No...This tool and his computer program have had Alabama playing in this game all year...

The theory of the BCS is to have the two best teams in the country play for the title...Play for the title, without a playoff...It has lead people to think that teams have to go undefeated, which is a tough thing to do...And it's pretty rare that you'll get two teams, and only two teams that will be undefeated at the end of the year...There have been many years where an undefeated is left outside looking in, because of the computer systems...We've even seen an undefeated team not in the game, while one loss teams play...There are so many flaws it's unreal...

No playoff is retarded...College football, while not "Pros" it is a major sport...Look at the championship winning teams from the past year in major sports...In a BCS type system, with no playoff, the Dallas Mavericks wouldn't have played for the NBA Championship...The Green Bay Packers wouldn't have played in the "Super Bowl"...The Boston Bruins wouldn't have played for the Stanley Cup final...The St. Louis Cardinals wouldn't have played in the World Series...

In all those sports, the regular season mattered...All those teams had to claw their way through it, and fight to get into the playoffs...Then they had to grind through playoffs to be the last team standing...But with college football, we have the BCS...The Bowl Championship Series...A bunch of bowl games that mean nothing, except for the money they generate, and one that means everything...But the games that are played, meant to decided who plays for it all, mean nothing...A Tool, and his computer program decide...

Supposedly strength of schedule is figured in...Every team has a weak opponent or two, and some teams that are thought to be better, but end up having a down year...Well, Alabama played 3 weak SEC teams, along with North Texas, Kent State, and D-2 Georgia Southern...That's 6 weak ass teams...Half their schedule...Looking at Oklahoma State's schedule, there are 4-5 weak games on there...Their one loss just like 'Bama's, a close game, an OT game, a conference game...But guess what...They won their conference, so once again let's look at what Nick Saban said in 2003...

"Anyone that doesn't win their conference has no business playing in the national championship game."

Later, The Beeze.

Musings From The Hoodwood 11-29
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Greetings from the Hoodwood, where the locals aren’t shooting one another at the Hoodwood Mall over gifts…at least not yet anyway


NBA: The lockout is over!

Staring at the precipice of a season lost and the masses not caring, the NBA went back to the bargaining table and hammered out a deal. To be sure, the owners got the roll back in salaries that they wanted and restrictions on salaries with a stricter luxury tax. The players while not coming back whipped, have taken a serious loss. The 10 year deal can be opted out in 5 but I seriously doubt the players or owners want to take the chance that they did. The NBA will come back a bit scarred and lopsided but they can bank on the goodwill of the wildly entertaining 10-11 season to smooth some of it out. Expect a fan backlash of some sort, but while not the nuclear winter of the NHL’s lost season, or the slow rebuild of MLB’s lost 94 and partial 95, the NBA wont get a free pass like the NFL did. No one lamented the loss of the Hall of Fame Game. Whoever comes out on top in late June 2012 will get knocked as a partial champ, but the pro b-ball game is back and we can get back to seeing Derek Fisher only as the veteran point guard of the Lakers and not head of the union, and we don’t have to see or hear about Billy Hunter (with his bad mini q-tip fro) or see David Stern other than the occasional courtside shot or when he awards the MVP or Championship trophy.


BCS…set in stone?

The latest mess in the BCS has me all sorts of annoyed, LSU is the #1 team. No one is disputing or arguing that especially the way they spotted #3 Arkansas a 14-0 lead and roared (pun intended) back with a 41-3 blitz to win going away. Though I doubt Les Miles will be getting any kind of Christmas Card from Hogs coach Bobby Petrino after kicking a late field goal for the final margin. But Bama is the #2 team despite the one loss which was that epically boring OT game with LSU. The way people are talking even if LSU somehow loses to Georgia, Saturday in Atlanta, they will still be the #1 team. Bama will get to the national championship and have 6 weeks rest before. Though they aren’t SEC champs or even SEC West Champs. Oklahoma State screwed itself by getting upset by Iowa State on the 18th. Stanford has 11 wins but lost to Oregon and isn’t even playing in the Pac-12 title game. Oregon beat Stanford and is in the Pac-12 title game but fell to USC who absolutely hammered UCLA who will be the Pac-12 South Champs and have the right to got to Eugene and hammered again. Va. Tech took a loss to Clemson so they wont get any further than the Orange Bowl. Houston is unbeaten but aren’t taken seriously as a Non-AQ and of course no one in the Big East is anywhere close to being legit.


Columbus: Getting an Urban Renewal?

THE Ohio State University hasn’t been this humble since 1999…hmmm the last time they got a major coaching change and a year later after their last humble season they made , Well Buckeye Nation got its man. The worst and I mean worst kept secret in college football was that Urban Meyer was coming to Ohio State.  Meyer kept offering weak denials, but with the Bucks struggling to a 6-6 record it was all but a wrap. Poor Luke Fickell got put into a situation where he had unrealistic expectations from the masses, following an extremely popular coach and a national championship winning coach lurking just off stage right. Now the masses from the 614 and Buckeye Nation will be looking for a national title within the next 3-5 years. They are outraged that Michigan broke the 7 year spell and Ol Urb wont have a honeymoon for long if he loses next November.


Brady and the Pats: AFC Dark Horse?

When the Pats lost to the Steelers and the Giants in back to back weeks the talk was all over, the Pats were finished. Belichick is getting old, he wont listen to anyone. Brady isn’t what he used to be…etc, etc, ad infinitum. To paraphrase an old Sting song “Hate to say it, I hate to say it…its probably them.” The Pats have rebounded by smashing the Jets and Chiefs in primetime tilts then spotting the Eagles 10 points then roaring back in a manner so convincing, Philly fan is calling for their coach’s ouster. The Pats are 8-3 and could realistically win out. With the AFC North still anyones to take, the AFC South Texans going through QB’s like newspaper and the AFC West still a tossup. You might just look up the day after New Years and see the Pats with the #1 seed.


Tebow & Romo: Will Bandit feel the love?

Hell no. In spite of the Broncos OT win at San Diego led by the irrepressible Tebow who had more rushing attempts in a game than any QB since the merger…that’s since 1970 boys and girls. In spite of Romo’s late drive to nip the Dolphins on Thanksgiving, I refuse to buy in. One of the barbers where I get faded is telling everyone that the Pokes are legit and I need to get on the bandwagon. As Ive said time and again, I don’t dislike Romo. I think he’s a nice kid with some skills but I think that he gets way too much love when the Pokes win. To be honest, that game should have been a blowout. I really don’t give a shit that the Dolphins had come in on a 3 game win streak, they are playing out the string. Everyone wants to say the Pokes are so good, why are they struggling to beat teams like the Seahwaks, Dolphins and Redskins? Why did they play the Pats and get beat? Why did they meltdown against the Jets? Yes, Yes I know the Cowboys went to San Francisco and beat the Niners but no one thought much of that then.

Tebow (long sigh) I keep saying that someone is going to expose him. I get the feeling that it will be the Pats here in a couple of weeks. But until then, Tebow will continue to polarize the football world. Again, I don’t dislike the kid. Other than what he did to my beloved alma mater in the Sugar Bowl. But he has no game. I still cannot believe that John Fox has scrapped his offense, shipped a serviceable Kyle Orton out and has basically went back to a college option offense. The worse thing about it is that defenses look off kilter trying to defend it. Tebow and the Broncos went from sad sack to serious in a heartbeat. Now 6-5 they are a game behind the Raiders. I still think that Tebow will get exposed soon, but when? The Pokes are another team that I think will get exposed, but you cant be sure of when that will be. It might not be till January.


Colts: Bad horse repeating history?

Are the Colts really that bad? I mean, I can remember when the Colts weren’t the NFL elite. When they were the warmup act to the Pacers and that wasn’t much. The Colts had a spark here and there in 87 and 94-95 but were never a legit playoff team since moving to Indy. I remember Marshall Faulk being traded to the Rams in 98 and thinking damn, he went from bad to worse. Faulk obviously was all that and made the Rams really good. But the Colts were a joke till they got Peyton Manning. I remember the Packers Eugene Robinson screaming at his teammates in Super Bowl 32, “These are the Indianapolis Colts!!!” Venting his disdain for the Broncos who were beating them to the punch, he was trying to compare the Broncos to a weak Colts team that had handed the Packers 3rd loss that season. The Colts are 0-11 and are looking like they will match the 2008 Detroit Lions for futility. The Colts just look bad and remind me of some really bad Bengals teams from the 90s and early 2000s, no effort find a way to lose games and you know that they will blow it. The Colts are all but assured of winning (?) the Andrew Luck sweepstakes and getting the Stanford prodigy, or will Luck do like a fellow Stanford alum did the Colts nearly 30 years ago? Want to win a bet with an uneducated football fan. Ask him what year did the Broncos draft John Elway. If he says 1983, tell him he’s wrong and watch him raise holy hell. The Broncos didn’t draft John Elway. The then Baltimore Colts did. The Colts who went 0-8-1 in the strike shortened 82 season had the first pick and Elway told the Colts that he wouldn’t play for them. Sort of like Eli Manning but Elway had a real out, he had played baseball for two summers in the minor leagues for the Yankees. Elway had talent, he was drafted ahead of some guy named Tony Gwynn… The Colts capitulated and traded Elway to the Broncos for QB Mark Herrmann, and the Broncos 1st round pick in the 1983 draft and 84 draft. Do you think that Luck might do the same thing???


Phat Dap/Head Slap


Phat Dap

Brad Meester gets mad dap from the hoodwood…watch this clip


You got to have a hard hard heart not to feel good seeing this.



Head Slap

I’d be greatly amiss if I didn’t take Ndomakung Suh to task for his idiotic play against the Packers. Suh repeatedly slammed Packers offensive lineman to the ground and then back stomped on him when finally pulled away. Suh got kicked out of the game, as expected. Suh was at first unapologetic about his actions saying that the folks had saw it wrong. Uhhhh, what? Suh then tried to backtrack and was contrite but you can be damn sure that the NFL aint going to buy that bill of goods. Suh is likely going to be suspended a couple games, the Lions will fine him and the NFL will too. This is a sad way for a promising Lions team to be labeled. Suh can be a fierce hard hitting player but being dirty is just plain stupid. Look at hard hitters like Mike Singletary, Dick Butkus, and Ronnie Lott. Some of the most feared defensive players but always between the whistles. Hard but clean. Even Lawrence Taylor while one of the hardest hitters in the game was for the most part clean. His hit on Joe Theismann was rightly regarded as a freak play and he was the first to motion for the sideline when Theismann’s gruesome injury was seen. Suh will make himself a caricature of himself if he doesn’t change his mentality.


Seahawks-Eagles pick on Thursday, Until Next Post Fellow Sports Fans!




Storminnorman's Sports Views 11/15/11
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Well I guess to nobody's surprise (or at least I think so anyway), Justin Verlander won his first of many CY Young awards. I guess the part that shocked me the most was by the margin in the voting by the usually anal Baseball Writers of America cast. I figured it would be a little closer, and the fact that Valverde received 28 votes meant there was no one else deserved of a vote. I am not slamming Valverde by any means, just found it rather interesting that he finished fifth in the voting......

And now on to a subject that is really beginning to piss me off, the NBA lockout. I know there are a few of you out here that follow the NBA, and have a favorite team. Just with the NFL, aren't you getting a little irritated by all of the positioning and propaganda (bullshit) that David Stern is feeding us on a daily basis? I have found the little midget rather irritating, especially today when he spoke out against the players for disbanding the union, so they could legally fight this lockout in a court of law, which is their Constitutional Right. I wonder if Stern is hiding the fact that there was a conspiracy between himself and the owners, to force a lockout for the entire season to help the financially burdened owners save a little money by not having to pay salaries this year? I wonder if this winds up in the courts, if the truth behind the lockout will come out and he along with the owners are going to get burned? David Stern is right about one thing,  the "nuclear winter" of me ripping his head off has begun. He has been in it for himself and only himself, he does not care about the fans who support those teams in their cities by paying high ticket and concession prices to see their favorite teams play. Since we the fan really do not know what is going on during the negotiation process, because we only hear what David wants us to hear which is this: It is always the players fault, when something goes wrong during the negotiations, NEVER THE OWNERS OR HIS SELF-RIGHTEOUS ASS!!! Truth be told, if the players and owners really want to reach an agreement, then they need a court order in place restricting Stern from being a part of the negotiation process, because he is a cancer in the process and he needs to go. I wonder how much the owners are paying him to be their fall guy and take shots on a daily basis at the players and Billy Hunter? From what I have learned about contract negotiations is this, the owner of a business always blames the players, and not their self if negotiations break down for whatever reason, it is a negotiating tactic usually followed by a threat to cancel the season entirely. He wants the players to break, and the players being proud will not. Until one side decides they have had enough, this deal will never get done. This is just a process in a long negotiation process, hopefully soon before a judge they will figure this thing out, even though it will probably not be in time to save the season or DVT's Sacramento Kings.........

One of things I will miss this year, is not being able to take a shot at Sir Chokes A Lot during the regular season and playoffs, and the Dallas Mavericks defending their title.

I want to believe in the Lions, but I received a dose of reality on how good of team they are, when they got their asses handed to them by the Bears on Sunday. Sure they may have a few more winnable games left on their schedule, but I also see possibly 3 more losses at the hands of the Packers and the Saints. Let's be realistic for a moment, this is a team playing over their heads, and if they finish with 10 wins that is a bonus for them, but bad news for the coaches and players, because expectations will even be higher next year. Tim, your Browns are in the same situation and they too will be good when the figure out a way to win games instead of losing them the way they did last week. You have a QB and a couple of good running backs on that team, maybe the diehard fans should call for an ownership change, you cannot keep firing coaches, when poor management decisions are the reason you continue to lose.....


Thanks for reading my Post


Musings From The Hoodwood 11-15
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Hey its my blog...if I want to show the lovely Princess Katie again to lead off I will. That grinning dope next to her is someone that is supposed to be her dad, your humble scribe. Just to be sure, this wasnt for a wedding (spare me that ulcer for a few years yet) This was taken at her quincenara which is like a sweet 16 party but for 15 year old girls. Its a coming of age, or like a debutante and Katie looked beautiful.


Greetings from the Hoodwood, where the children are guaranteed protection from worthless pieces of trash like that unmentionable piece of crap that did those unspeakable acts to those young boys. Hoodwood’s love and prayers go to them first.

That is the only thing that you will hear from me about that. JoePa got the gate, and that will be the last anyone hears of Penn State.

Romo & Tebow: No love from this scribe.

Oh I’m getting it full bore this week. I blithely picked against both Tebow’s Broncos and Romo’s Cowboys only to watch both of them lead their teams to wins in most opposite ways. Tebow completed two passes. TWO FUCKING PASSES! The Broncos rambled to a most uneven win over the Chiefs who have simply forgotten how to win at home. They had three games at the usually foreboding Arrowhead and got stomped by the Dolphins who are playing their way out of the Andrew Luck sweepstakes now then the Broncos who are running an option offense. Who runs an option offense in the NFL??? Really! Is John Fox so desperate that he will tear up an NFL offense just to suit the limited skills of a mediocre albeit fan favorite QB? But the Tebow supporters keep slamming me and saying that Im a hater and that Tebow has that winners makeup. You cant deny that Tebow has won three of his four starts and the Broncos are incredibly still in the AFC West race, such that it is. But Tebow-mania is wearing thin on me, I want a defense to force Tebow to throw the  ball and corral his runs, he will get exposed again just as he did against the Lions (I got thoughts on them later) I don’t believe for a second that Tebow is nothing more than a pub stunt to buy the Broncos time to find a real QB.

Now onto Romo, he more or less sparkled in the Pokes 44-7 demolition of the Bills, Hitting 23-26 for 270 yards and of course the Romo chorus, led by his bro-mantic crush Colin Cowherd was singing his praises. Now I don’t personally dislike Romo, he seems like a nice enough kid. But his good games are trumpted too much and his bad games are poo-pooh and papered over too often.  Im sadistic enough where I want the Pokes to win 10, hell win 11 games and given their butta soft schedule they could. Make the playoffs and get exposed for the fraud that they are. Have Aaron Rodgers throw for fo-fiddy on Rob Ryan’s sham defense Or have Eli Manning carve them up or the Niners hungry for some redemption kick their collective asses. The Cowboys are just not that good and I know that they will get exposed.

Speaking of getting exposed, do you have the feeling that the Lions are in the middle of a fade. Like the Bills they opened eyes with a fast start but have lost three of their last four and got housed by the Bears in Chicago. The Bears were fueled by getting smacked around on Monday Night football a month and haven’t lost since.  The Lions compounded their troubles by giving up a pair of pick sixes and a punt return TD from Devin Hester. Ok, memo to all special teams coaches. Kicking to this guy is bad…really bad. Hester makes Dante Hall look like he was an amateur. Hester can take the ball to the house anytime he touches the ball. Coaches know this and still they kick to him. The Lions get an inconsistent Panthers team before the short turnaround against the Pack on Thanksgiving. The Lions are one more bad loss from being irrelevant in the NFC playoff race.

I was hearing a lot of people rag on the Falcons’ Mike Smith for going for it in OT against the Saints inside his 30. I heard things like “Why does he not trust his defense?” I thought it was a bold call, if you get the first, the home crowd  boosts you even more and the defense sinks a little. If you cant gain a foot, you don’t deserve to win. I know its clichéd but it’s the truth. The Falcons couldn’t get the yard and it was pretty much all over but the shouting in Atlanta. The Falcons are another team that is a loss away from being sent to the kiddie table in the playoff race.

NBA: Armageddon for the pros

According to published reports, the NBA Players Association is set to disband and file a class action lawsuit against the NBA. The owners seem to have prepared for this and are ready to prove that the lockout was legal. Ive come to accept the truth that there will be professional basketball for the foreseeable future. Many of those that jumped from the college game are now wishing that they stayed in school, because it looks to be a long cold winter. David Stern isn’t fucking around, he is bound and determined to get the players to acede to the owners wishes and is willing to nuke bomb the 2011-12 season to destroy the union and break the players. The era of big money contracts for pro basketball players may just be coming to an end and the other pro leagues (NFL excepted) are watching this closely. If the NBA gets the players to adhere to their wishes, the pendulum might be swinging back to the owners for the first time in a long time in regards to player-owner relations. I still have a problem with free spending owners throwing money at players only to become disillusioned when they go from mediocre players to overpaid mediocre players. These same owners want to blame the players for salaries going up and want the players to help the owners control themselves and lock themselves into rules that are beneficial for them. The owners want shorter guaranteed contracts but the ability to hold the players movement to a minimum. In short, they want the players to be at their leisure. Playing for them at the salaries they dictate for as long as they want them to, letting them walk when they have served their use. People like to say its not like that. I have a co-worker that is pro-owner saying that why do the players demand a piece of the pie trying to compare them to regular workers. The problem is that these players are not like regular workers, they have a special skill set that only a few people could ever dream of having. The owners know this and charge top dollar to the fans to see these players yet turn around and complain that they aren’t making money. The NBA owners are making money hand over fist and they know it. They are just not so sanguine on giving their “product” any more than they think that they should. Nevertheless, the owners who might have had a deal if they hadn’t held an ultimatum of take this deal or else when they had the players willing to concede a good number of points. Using the threat of take this deal or be punished with a far less favorable deal  that we might not even agree to was stupid. Now both sides are digging for the “Nuclear winter of basketball” But they will find that no one will miss them that much for now.

Phat Dap/Head Slap

Phat Dap

To Bills Wide receiver David Nelson said that if he scored in the Bills game against the Cowboys that he would give the ball to his girlfriend. No big thing there until you realize that Nelson is dating a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader…Kelsi Reich was the recipient of the ball and a hug from Nelson as the Bills wideout was the lone score in the Bills loss to the Pokes.

Slick move by Nelson, but I hope that doesnt cost his girlfriend her job. Had it been the game winner or had the Pokes lost...maybe And she sure looked real uncomfortable afterwards...

Head Slap

Its a small one but needed to Butch Jones of the Cincinnati Bearcats who in a tight game Saturday against West Virginia decided to go for a TD instead of putting the points on the board. QB Zach Collaros got stopped and the decision would come back to haunt the Bearcats as they took their first conference loss 24-21 as the game tying field goal was blocked at the final gun. The Bearcats are still very much in control of their own destiny as they still lead the Big East by 1 game in the loss column, if they win out they will go to their 3rd BCS bowl in 4 years. But Jones did my beloved alma mater no favors by making a puzzling decision.


I guess 50-50 isn't good enough for the NBA players
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I guess the players don't like to split anything 50-50. Greedy players Greedy owners.

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