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Monday Moaning 6-11-12
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Well, the Oklahoma City Thunder fan-base has grown greatly...Now that they will be facing the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, most of Cleveland, and I think most fans watching, will be rooting for the Thunder...Christ, some joker on TWITTER has already merged the OKC logo with the Cavaliers logo...I'm not worried...As I said HERE, I think the Thunder Will take care of business...

-But there is bigger things to talk about in my opinion...It's been awhile since I've posted anything having to do with my hatred of Jerry Sandusky, and the dirty dealings at Penn State...Well, now that I have seen the jurors for the Sandusky trial that starts Monday, I'm left scratching my head...

The jurors include an engineering administrative assistant at Penn State, a dance teacher in the Continuing Education Program and a professor who has been on the faculty for 24 years...Also a Penn State senior, a retired Soil Sciences professor who had 37 years at the university...A man with Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Penn State, and a woman who has been a season ticket holder since the '70s...

Why am I scratching my head? Because with at least half of the jury having personal ties to Penn State University, I wondering what the hell is going to happen...Are these assholes going to help him get off, which would go along with everything I have thought since the beginning...That everyone involved with that place is so blinded by their loyalty for Penn State Football, that they will do anything to try and cover up their dirty deeds...Yes, there is still the story floating around out there that the President, Paterno, and the board knew all about this, and were involved in the cover-up all these years...

But could it be that their loyalty to Penn State could automatically lead them to wanting "the Book" thrown at Sandusky for tarnishing the school and Joe Paterno's reputation...Maybe, but which ever way things go, people will have questions and doubts about it...Hell, we could even get a mis-trial...Fuck, I just don't trust anything that goes on there...

-And speaking of not trusting things...Boxing has reared it's ugly head again...Saturday night, Manny Pacquiao lost to Timothy Bradley...Now I haven't bothered paying for a fight in years, because Boxing has been garbage...But I still try to keep tabs on the news...And the easiest way to track something as it happens, without watching it, is Twitter...If you follow the right people, you'll get nearly punch to punch updates...So Saturday night I kept an eye on Twitter...From the tweets I was seeing, Pacquiao was leading throughout the fight...Shit, Pacquiao landed 82 more punches then Bradley...

But then the fight went to the judges scorecards, and the Twitter-verse exploded...The judges, and the world of boxing were getting thrashed for this decision...We have heard about fights being fixed, and fighters taking a dive, but this seemed like the fix was in, and no one told the two guys in the ring...

I remember when Boxing was still a big deal...The night of the Hagler/Leonard fight, every kid on our street was in my parents living room, watching that fight...Now most kids don't know shit about boxing...They either watch MMA, or they watch wrestling, which while I think it's crap, at least they're up front about it being bullshit, unlike Boxing...No one respects Boxing anymore, and that's because Boxing doesn't respect itself...

- Off the topic of sports...I often bash my city, Cleveland...I especially bash the horribly run Cleveland Browns...Then I was watching the Nightly News...I try to do it as often as the kids let me...That or get my news later in the evening when everyone is asleep...But the thing I noticed recently is the weather...Blazing heat and wild fires out West...The South East got it's ass flooded with buckets of rain...Earlier in the spring tornadoes hammered big chunks of the country...The Gulf and East Coast get their Hurricanes...Any day now the great quake is going to snap California off...

And here in the Cleve...We've had great weather...Mild Winter (I only shoveled twice)...Great Spring, and Summer came early...I don't actually like Summer, I'm a Fall guy, but still, no shitty, ass beating weather here...So for all the crap I dump on my town, I have to say, I may be living in the best location, weather wise,(and natural disaster wise) in the country...

That's it for now...Have a week...Oh, and go Thunder!

Later, the Beeze.

The NBA Can Eat My Ass!
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Alright, I honestly pay no attention to Basketball during the regular season...And really, for most, if not all of the playoffs...But for some reason I found myself watching the Oklahoma City Thunder polish off the Lakers...Shit, the Thunder look good...So I started popping in on their games with the Spurs, and my built-in hatred for LeBron James, had me watching bits and pieces of the Heat and Celtics games...As these two series went on, I was watching more and more...And here are a few of my observations...

Basketball players are fucking pussies...It's not like these are a bunch of little guys...Look at LeBron James...He's 6ft 8...250 pounds, and he cries like a bitch about any and all contact...But it's not just him...I've seen it in all these games...These fucking guys get bumped and bitch for foul calls...The slightest, shit is called a foul, and there is no consistency in how the refs call this shit...Fuckers in the media rave about what great athletes these fuckers are, and all I see is a bunch of cunts over 6-5, and 200 lbs. crying that some one touched them...These ass-hats couldn't handle playing a real contact sport like Hockey or football...

And the shit that is called for a foul is gay as fuck...A fucking guy from Miami drives to the basket, his arm brushes a Celtic, and it's a foul on the Celtic...WHAT!?! I saw Westbrook from OKC catch a pass in stride, and stop as soon as he had the ball, and some twat from the Spurs ran into him, and the refs call a foul on Westbrook...WHAT!?! Fucking James just threw his Shoulder into Rondo, and they called a foul on Rondo...WHAT!?!

This shit is retarded...And it's not like the refs in The NBA have the best rep, after one of them wrote a fucking book about fixing games...And how many fucking time outs do you get in Basketball...I swear to God it seems like each team gets 30...The last 4 minutes of a game takes a hour...Fuck you and play cunts! In Hockey, you get 1 time out, for the whole fucking game...Basketball is for twats!

And why the fuck does everyone talk about LeBron James...And why the fuck did he win the MVP...Fucking Kevin Durant just won his 3rd scoring title...He's 23 and has 3 scoring titles...Holy fuck the media is stupid...LBJ can suck balls...And no matter who wins the Heat Celtics series, they're fucking toast...The Thunder are fucking Monsters...Young, Hungry, more talented monsters then, the heat or Celtics can put out there with them...

Shit I was rooting for Boston, but after seeing THESE_3 videos, I'm hoping the Heat squeak in to the Finals...Then Durant can take James to fucking school...And fuck Dwayne Wade...He's a cheap shot throwing, cry-baby, clutch 3-point missing, bitch!

And as I sit hear ranting about how stupid, and shitty Basketball is, I glad to know, I'm not alone...I just found this clip from Bill Burr's podcast on Monday...

See, Bill gets it...Too Bad Boston's retarded mayor doesn't have a clue...Could you people vote this moosh mouth out already...What a fucking idiot...

Basketball and Mayor Menino can all Eat My Ass!

Later, The Beeze.

Talking Sports (Old Guy Edition)
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As I said last week I haven’t been able to get into the NBA playoffs this season. There has been so much Celtic talk around Boston I was feeling like I was missing something. I should clarify, I would tune in and out of the games watch for a while and go back.

Last night I decided to tune in and stay in . I been watching and involved with sports along time. I rarely get emotional eitherway. With exceptions. The 1986 World series, 2003 ALCS, Superbowl 42, Deju Vu in Superbowl 46. Last night I could feel it with every missed Celtic Hoop.I don’t know of it’s just against the Miami Heat who I truly dislike more for the hype they get than anything else. I was on edge with every hoop .

I just thought the Celtics simply played a 5 man game compared to the Heat playing a two man game that was the difference. I thought even the officiating was good last night. The Celtics have simply out hustled and out played the Heat. Will the win the series last week I would say No. Now I think they have  agreat chance to won one of the next two. Ijust can’t believe how emotional I was getting.

These are the type teams that I love. They are good but not great and there is no expectation for them two advance beyond a round or two. They are old, They are slow. They are alos expierenced and play as a unit and they keep the emotions in check. It will be interesting to see if the Celtics can keep it up and if LeBron goes into his shall gives up as he does when the Heat is on. That is in my opinion what separates him from Jordan, Magic, Bird Chamberlin and Russell. One the pressure was on those guys just fed off it. Lebron doesn’t although he has been fantastic in these playoffs and in this series, In the next two games what Lebron shows up. The Celtics big three seem to be feding of the pressure big time as is Rejean Rondo who didn’t exactly have a huge game last night it will be fun to see.how it plays out. The old guys vs. The TV Show.

Going back on the Youth Side The Oklahoma City Thunder will being to the finals to face the Celtics I mean or the Heat. The Thunder and Spurs were a battle. The Thunder with Kevin Durant like the Spurs are both likable teams.They don't get the hype that Heat, Lakers even the old Celtics get they take care of business.


The Devils hung tough last night with Marty Broduer playing like Marty Broduer another old guy raising to the occasion and showing an old dog never dies. The Kings will win this series but the Devils weren’t going to get swept and their senior citizen kept them alive once again.


Why, can’t the Boston Red Sx beat the Baltimore Orioles at Fenway Park. The Oriolles now 5 -0 at the lil banjo of a ballpark in the backbay of Beantown. The Orioles are kind of putting a damper on the 100 year celebration. Of course the Red Sox  spin is the games have been solid out but the other night on Stub Hub for Tuesday game a $29 dollar bleacher seat was $1.50. Those Tickets are already sold by the Red Sox . The Scalpers I mean the secondary ticket market are just trying to move them. Continuing with the Old Guys The Orioles signed 49 year old Jaimie Moyer to a minor League deal.

Hasn'y he played for all 30 Teams at least once


On too the Youth Sport portion of our program.


The Lil Lanz’s two sport seasons are wounding down. Long over I the rush from Baseball too Lacrosse and Lacrosse to baseball . One kid playing at one park the other playing at another.. It has been a long couple of months but one more day of craziness on Saturday. The huge lacrosse Jamboree out Fort Devens in Central Mass. 

They will host 200 hundred Youth Lacrosse teams ranging from 3and 4thgraders too 7th and 8 th graders. The kids play three abbreviated games across 24 make shift  fields. The kids love it. They play teams outside their conferences. We got lucky the first Saturday and the First games of the day 8:00, 9:30 and 11:00. We get in and out. Back to town for Baseball Playoffs at 2:30 and 4:45 which means lil Lanz’s Tucson Sidewinders need to win to stay alive. They lost a 10-7 battle.on Tuesday. ,  The other Lanz’s Toronto Blue Jays second seed in the AL drawing first round buy. The lost to the #1 seed O’s in extras last Sunday determining first place.

You never know who you will meet at a Youth Sporting event. Sunday the kids had back to back lacrosse games after Baseball. The 12 Year old Travel team played and won going 7-1 on the season. Then at 4:30 Lil Lanz's intamurial team played for thrid place in their league. They won. The Mrs. was watching the game and I decided togo back to the car for an Umbrella and another chair.. There were two intramural games going on and the 3rd nd 4th grade travel team was playing. As I walked by the field  I turned to see what was happening heard the crowd roar, I turned to see what was happening and I saw this women that looked famiilar but being too far away to be sure it was who I that it was. I got the umbrella and the chair and I had my 12 year old with his Lacrosse shorts and shirt no pads as he finished andwas taking full advantage of the end of the year BBQ they throw the kids. We walk back and I go over to the women and simply say is that my old friend Trish. It was her son was playing on the visiting team. The Mrs. was in her wedding pregnant with our twins 12 years ok. Trish and I had been friends for a long time and we lost touch a lttle. I use to work with her husband but he was at another family event it would have been great to see him again. When see turned she saw my son and is looking. I turned to him and said You were in her wedding and she use to babysit you once in a while. I brought Trish over to the Mrs. A nice reunion on a cold misty Sunday.

After that we cruise for some summer baseball and Hockey skills camp. Of course an Ice Rink isn’t a bad place during the summer.

Deep Thoughts 6-6-2012
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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. It is amazing that we have already taken a good sized chunk out of June. Thankfully,  the days continue to get longer and many we have many more summer days ahead...

My son left Sunday for a week of “baseball boot camp” as he describes it. The BBCOR bat that he used during the spring season apparently has expired, so we tried to send him to camp with a new bat. After searching Austin for the Nike BBCOR that he wanted, I found one online at Baseball Express in San Antonio. I immediately called the store and was happy to hear that the bat was available. I tried to pay for the bat with a credit card, but the young lady said, “you don’t have to do that, I will put it behind the counter for you.” So, we packed up and made a quick 2 hour drive down I 35 to pick up the bat. We got to the store and spent a few minutes checking out all of the new gear. Blake found a wood practice bat and with perfect timing, the manager stopped by to see if he could help. I explained that I had called earlier and we were here to pick up the Nike BBCOR bat. I got a bad feeling when I noticed a puzzled look appear. As he began to look for the bat, he summoned two young ladies over to question them about the missing bat. One said, “ I put it behind the counter, but I guess someone put it back.” Yeah…I am sure. Yep, bat was gone. Of course I was pissed, but I kept my cool. I explained that we had just driven 2 hours to get the bat so that my son could take the bat with him to camp the next day. The manager had one bat left in the warehouse that he offered to ship for free with a $50 discount from the discounted price and took off 20% the wood bat. A good deal, but still did not get the bat to the camp. So, my wife and I drove up the bat after work today. Although I did not really want to make the 60 mile drive north of Austin, my folks don’t live far from the campus where the camp is, so we were able to drop by and grab a quick visit and dinner. As I drove home, I realized how lucky I am to still have my folks around. They are not as spry as they once were, but of course…neither am I.


On our drive out of Austin, we caught a bit of sports radio and I heard a few things that I decdied to include in deep thoughts this week. Apparently, a documentary is out that details the inhumane treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.



 The documentary is the work of Al Jazeera.  Does this name ring a bell? He wrote music for Sesame Street and he is angry that his music was used to torture prisoners while at the prison. Can you imagine hours strapped to a chair with the Barney Song blaring in your ears? Damn, now that is inhumane. For the record, Springstein’s Born in the USA, AC/DC and Eminem’s music was also used as “disincentive”. So, I got to thinking…what would be the most annoying music to have to listen to for two hours? I think I have it…this:


As much as I loved the Ice Cream Man when I was a kid, that damn music drives me crazy now. I get it, you want the obnoxiously loud music to trumpet your approach. But, wow...



Another topic the guys on the radio dug into was the NFL looking for other options to handle next season’s officiating. It is interesting, last year it was the NFL against the player’s union. This year, it is the NFL against the Zebra association. What really puzzles me is the coverage of this spat. I have to admit, I have not read much about what is going on, but just listening to what the talking heads say, I was sure that the ref’s union was wrong. But, as I read into this…there seems to be more to this than just greed on the union’s part. The collective bargaining agreement expired after the 2011 season, but no mention of a strike has been mentioned by the NFLRA (NFL Referees Association). After two negotiating sessions, the NFL announced that they would begin to train new officials. I did not realize this, but BCS referees are also members of the NFLRA and would not be eligible for hire. Where will the NFL find officials to work next year? Arena officials or college officials not affiliated with big time college football.

So…who is right? “Game officials - most of whom hold other jobs - were offered a seven-year deal that included increases of between 5 percent and 11 percent in wages per year. First-year officials who made an average of $78,000 in 2011 would earn more than $165,000 by the end of the new agreement. A 10-year veteran in 2011 who made $139,000 would get more than $200,000 in 2018.” 

Anyone out there interested in this “part time” gig? Hell yeah…sign me up. I will start running and get into shape for this kind of money. How do you think I will look in stripes? It appears that the sticking point with the NFL is the pension plan, which the NFL wants to freeze and eliminate. So, here we are again. The NFL has another labor problem. In a time when record money is pouring in, the league cannot seem to keep everyone happy. Let’s see how happy the fan base is next season when we get to enjoy the replacement refs…





                                                                                 But how many has he won?


This time last week, everyone assumed that the Spurs would be matching up against the Heat, for the NBA championship. Obviously, the Celtics and Thunder had other plans. I know that many of you are Celtic fans, or at least fans of anyone but LeBron. I read an article today by Rick Reilly that basically said that it is time to quit piling on LeBron. He mentioned that LeBron was guilty of jilting Cleveland…and nothing more. His basic point is that James has not been a bad citizen. He keeps his nose clean and is a terrific talent. Okay, so LeBron does have that going for him…but Reilly completely misses the point. LeBron James smugly predicted that he would win at least 6 championships. The general population does not dig arrogance. It is perhaps the one trait that disgusts us above all in our sports heroes. I usually like what Rick Reilly has to say, but his message this time completely missed the mark for me. Give LeBron a break because he has been really good and has won three MVPs? So Rick, did you happen to watch Kevin Durant take over the 4th quarter against San Antonio? Quite honestly, no team could have stopped Durant’s finish. I was pulling for the Spurs, but damn it was amazing to see KD dominate the final quarter. Durant is the best player in the NBA today and as much as I hoped the Spurs would get one more…a ring for Durant and crew would not be so bad. Of course, there is the small matter of finishing off the Spurs. My gut tells me there will be a game seven, for both series…

Here is the Reilly article for your viewing:  http://espn.go.com/espn/story/_/id/8011587/lebron-being-lebron


                                                                                  Damn, how do we stop Durant?





A few final thoughts…

A friend reminded me today that although we just acknowledged the Vets on Memorial that today is the anniversary of DDay. This is a very important date in our country's history and should not go by without acknowledgment. Here's to those that were there that day so many years ago and thanks for kicking Hitler's ass!


Tom Lasorda suffered a minor heart attack this week. Here is wishing Lasorda a quick recovery.


In case you ever wondered, Banana Boat sunscreen is flammable…

Brett Sigworth said he applied Banana Boat sunscreen to his body before walking over to his grill, not knowing it would still be flammable after it was on his skin. The warnings on the bottle of Banana Boat sunscreen read, "Flammable, don't use near heat, flame or while burning." But nothing about once it's applied. As the judge told Richard Pryor about paying taxes…you will remember next time.






That’s all I have for today, but I will leave you with a few Jack Handey tidbits:


If you are a happy employee does that make you 'gruntled' ?

Why do bunches of people run from a shark when they see one, if there is a bunch of people, and one of that shark, wouldn't it be easy to just attack him and kick his ass?



Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own.





Musings From The Hoodwood 6-5
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You cant leave!!! (Hoodwood should be baby mama) Michelle Beadle is leaving ESPN and your humble scribe is not happy

Greetings from the Hoodwood, where your humble scribe is starting to really hate the chaotic nature of moving. Adding in trips to the ER doesn’t make things better.

Please again accept my humblest apologies for my columns absence last week. As I alluded to in the previous post I am in the process of relocating Hoodwood. The Lady Bandit and I are consolidating our households and the process and is in the most polite terms is maddening, in less polite terms it’s a general clusterfuck. Anyone who has moved recently can attest to this but its worse when you are trying to relocate to another city. It’s a mind numbing process at best and things seem to get lost in the shuffle, and boy there has been a lot going on since we last chatted, so lets get started

NHL: My Kings, My Kings!

No, Im not turning my loyalty over to the Silver And Black, though Ive always had a soft spot for the oft forgotten though oldest California based hockey team, they have brashly pushed their way to a single win short of Hockey’s ultimate prize with a pair of overtime wins in front of a stunned Newark crowd. Then coming home and handing the shell shocked Devils a 4-1 thumping before a now Cup delirious Staples Center crowd in LA. Lakers? Clippers, Dodgers??? Awwww hell naw, LA is a hockey hood now...LMAO Hard to believe of the first wave of expansion the NHL underwent in 1967 they are but a tantalizing win away from leaving the Blues as the only team from that 1967 expansion group not to win the Cup. Ironic since the Blues played in the Stanley Cup Final  in tehir first three years of existance but have yet to go back.  The naysayers have been trying to run the Kings out of contention for the better part of two months. Hey weren’t Roberto Luongo and the President trophy winning Canucks supposed to run them out? Wait weren’t the sharpshooters of the Blues supposed to make Jonathan Quick look slow? Werent the hungry Coyotes supposed to be the darling warm weather team? Like the lop eared mutt that they were in the regular season the Kings seem to be too dumb to figure that they were supposed to be this good and too smart to be afraid of one big name goalie and sharp shooter after another. No dis to the Devils who have a solid and classy team of their own and Martin Brodeur continues to defy time as he closes in on 40 (were the same age) but they are looking more and more like the unwittling final foil to a dream run.  The Kings caught the proverbial lightning in the bottle  and might finally just be able to shut their haughty Orange County neighbors up (The Ducks have held their 2006 Cup Title over the Kings head) and have something that their Northern California rivals have never even gotten close to getting yet with a Cup banner of their own. Im rooting for them. 

NHL: Goodbye to my captain

When Steve Yzerman retired after the 2006 season after 20 seasons as the Wings Captain. Yzerman was the longest tenured captain of a pro team, not just an NHL team. The retired jersey that was raised to rafters of Joe Louis Arena in 2007 had a C patch on it. Like a lot of Red Wing fans I wondered who would be named captain of my beloved Wings. Filling a C sweater is a big responsibility and on the Wings it holds almost sacred honors.  Gordie Howe and Alex Delvecchio are two of the honored names that have worn the C. Its funny, if you go to Detroit and are wearing a jersey with a C patch on it and it doesn’t have Yzerman, Howe, Lidstrom or Delvecchio on it, you will get funny looks and some derisive remarks. An A patch wont but a C patch will, but I digress. When the Wings named Nicklas Lidstrom Captain in 2006, no one in Wings nation batted an eye. In some respects many saw it as a natural progression, the rugged defensemanfrom Sweden had long been a respected leader of the squad second to Yzerman, and was the first European born and trained player to be named captain of an NHL squad, when the Wings won the Cup in 2008 he was the first European born and trained player to be Captain of a Cup winning  squad. The list of honors and standards that Lidstrom achieved are much too long to list here. But as Lidstrom calls it a career at 42, he was regarded still as one of the best playing. Now the Red Wings have to fill the captains sweater again and whoever does wear that C has a really big legacy to follow will it be Johan Franzen, Niklas Kronwall, Pavel Daytsuk or my betting line favorite Henrik Zetterberg . Franzen is the only one of the four Ive listed that doesn’t have an A patch now so his getting promoted to Captain is a bit unlikely. Tomas Holmstrom is the most tenured player but unlikely to get the honor. Let the speculation begin!

NBA: The battle for conference supremacy

Both conference finals looked to be whitewashes after two games, the Thunder looked badly outclassed by the cagey veteran laden Spurs. I had to endure the taunts of one of my co-workers bragging on the play of “Tim-May!” as the Spurs barely broke a sweat while winning their first two game in the Western Finals. Meanwhile in the East the Celtics just looked old and slow (despite the high speed play of Rajon Rondo) compared to the Heat. But what a change of venue can do for some teams. The Thunder responded by thrashing the Spurs in front of a frenzied OKC crowd and the Celtics thumped the Heat in game 3. The critics scoffed and said that both road teams would pull out game 4 wins and head home to finish the too young Thunder and the geriatric Celtics off at home. Both teams are headed home alright but not looking to close their respective series out. The Thunder to my delight and chagrin of supposed know it alls like Colin Cowherd and Skip Bayless pounded the Spurs a second time pulling out a 109-103 win to square the series. Now the media who just four days ago were all but crowning the Spurs one of the greatest teams of all time are backpedaling fast in trying to figure why the Spurs are suddenly looking very mortal. In the East the resilient Celtics seem to find every which way to give leads away but seem to find a way to hang on for clutch wins. Call them shifty, craft or veteran but the Celtics seem to find another Jedi mind trick to play on the Heat and Lebron James seems to get more and more static for not doing more. Though Im puzzled as to what more he could do for the Heat, save orphans while he plays? This series will likely go 7 and though I see the Heat pulling it out, will tax them more than they need to be. Meanwhile in the West, you may scoff and sneer at this pick saying my blind hatred of the Spurs colors my prediction. I think the Spurs version of Jedi mind tricks has run its course and the Thunder pull the series out. I cant call 6 or 7 games because the 5th game is being played as this column goes to press but the Thunder will pull it out, despite ESPN and the NBA’s best effort to protect the Spurs.

PGA: Look Whos Back

I was in Columbus over the weekend and got to see up close the buzz about the Memorial Golf Tourney in suburban Dublin. Columbus is always ready to turn out for one of its native sons Jack Nicklaus but the tourney got an added bonus with Tiger Woods being in strong contention over the weekend. With flavor of the month Rickie Fowler fading badly, the media coverage got a shot in the arm with the iconoclastic Woods playing like it was 2002 not 2012. Woods found his putting stroke and his breathtaking shots on 15 & 16 even impressed Nicklaus who Woods tied in tour wins with 73. Nicklaus called the shot one of the best hes ever seen. Lets set it up, Woods was in a pitched battle with Rory Sabbatini and was taking his second shot after his tee shot landed him in a nasty bit of rough on the Par 3 16. Woods was a stroke behind Sabbatini and if he wasnt too careful could fall behind further. He had to put a perfect flop shot to keep from skidding past the cup that was on a downward slope.

Had Woods put the ball near the cup on the flop shot he would have gotten mad dap just in saving par and staying within a shot of Sabbatini, but the chip-in for birdie put him in a tie. He would finish par/birdie on the last two holes to roar past a stunned Sabbatini and claim his 2nd tour win of the year and may very well be back as a force on the tour. Now can you expect the domination like of years gone by? Of course not, but a healthy Tiger is a good thing for golf, his good play raises the play of all and whether you like him or no, hes good copy and always fun to watch. I for one, am glad he won last week and hope he plays good at the US Open later this month at the always intriguing Olympic Club in San Francisco.


Phat Dap

To Johan Santana, the Mets pitcher who lost an entire season in 2011 to a torn anterior capsule in his pitching shoulder.  Santana pitched the first no hitter in Mets history Friday night, beating the Cards 8-0. This was in spite of a controversial foul ball call off a hit by Carlos Beltran. The Mets went 8020 games before getting their first  which is mind blowing considering the big name pitchers that they have had like Koosman, Seaver, Ryan, Gooden, Cone and Saberhagen. Seaver, Ryan, Gooden and Cone all threw no-hitters after leaving the Mets and Cone even threw a perfect game. Sometimes in games like that you need a favorable call or two to get it. Now the San Diego Padres are the only team in Major League Baseball to have never had a no hitter. Its anyones guess who that would be. On the same night Jonathan Crawford of the University of Florida Gators threw a no-hitter in the opening round of the NCAA baseball tourney against Bethune-Cookman. Crawford needed an efficient 98 pitched to twirl his no-no and faced the minimum 27 batters, walking only one batter who in the third who got gunned down trying to steal second. It was the 7th no hitter ever thrown in the NCAA tourney history

Head Slap

To NASCAR driver Kurt Busch, whose hothead has gotten him into hotwater. Busch went nuclear on Sporting News NASCAR reporter Bob Pockrass  who asked him a seemingly innocuous question about if Busch being on probation altered the way he handled racing hard against Justin Allgeier. "It refrains me from not beating the shit out of you right now because you ask me stupid questions," Busch told Pockrass, an interview captured on video by Speed. "But because I'm on probation I suppose that's improper to say as well." Busch was suspended till June 13 and will reamin on probation for the rest of the calendar year. Add to boot Busch’s ride through Phoenix Racing is considering whether they will bring him back. Busch did issue an apology, but you have to wonder where this cat's head is at. Busch is already under the close scrutiny of the powers that be in NASCAR for his tempermental actions, doing stuff like that to the press will curry you no favors. It was a stupid move by and idiot driver and he gets what he deserves. 

Thats the view from the increasing widening and mobile Hoodwood. Until next post fellow sports fans!

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