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Musings From The Hoodwood 7-17
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Houston? Thats a little off-Broadway ain't it? 



Greetings from the Hoodwood, where the ManCave is not quite ready to showoff just yet. Details to follow


Leadin' off: The chickens are coming home to roost in Happy Valley

It just makes me ill to learn of the seemingly extensive coverup that went on at Penn State. I know that the facts have been rehashed ad nauseam over the last few months and more so since the damning report put out by Louis Freeh. But the questions still begs itself, why did JoePa, a virtual bastion of supposed decency, virtue and moral character look the other way and try to cover up what had been first alleged then brought to light? What did Sandusky have that was so appealing that he would try to keep his awful actions under wraps and allow him to continue to be around children to take advantage of them? Paterno looks less like someone who didn’t know what was happeneing and more like someone that didn’t want  to know what was happening. There is a big difference. Paterno kept the mumbling bumbling act up, portraying himself as a victim of circumstance when its becoming very obvious that not only did Paterno know of the allegations that he actively worked to keep the information about that asshat’s actions secret. JoePa made his own bed and the institution that is the Pennsylvania State University is left holding the bag. JoePa covered it up, then lied about the coverup then went to his grave denying that he knew anything about it. It makes my stomach lurch just thinking about how the media sainted him. I always thought he was a bit off putting, a bully who was hiding behind the piousness of donating millions of dollars to libraries. I despised Penn State cause they were vanilla with their plain unis. When I was in high school they defeated my then favorite college team, the University of Miami in the Fiesta Bowl. The pundits sang from the mountaintops that pious JoePa had saved college football from the bad boys of Miami. Five years later as a sophomore at the University of Cincinnati, I watched in horror as Penn State destroyed my beloved Bearcats 81-0. JoePa sat with a straight face at the postgame presser and shrugged off the fact that he was letting his charges score again and again. I know he was secretly gaining a modicum of revenge for a 14-3 upset loss in 1983 when most of the players on the 1991 were still in grade school (Like I was then). Penn State has played Cincinnati twice since that 81 point rout, winning 24-20 in 1992 and 42-24 in 2005. Ive never had that love affair that the media had with Penn State, I just thought the coach was lionized too much.

Speaking of lionizing, I always wondered had JoePa blew the whistle in either 1998 when the investigation first started or in 2001 how much he would have been revered. The coach that would tolerate no funny business. But he didn’t, he kept silent, worried more about his own image that to do right by the children. JoePa failed those kids and he failed the school as a whole as well as his family and the legions of loyal fans that looked up to him. The people that trumpeted him as that bastion of good virtuous actions. He failed them all.

As much as I despise Ohio State I will root hard for the Bucks to beat the crap out of them when they go to Beaver Stadium in late October. Lets make one thing clear, I am not among the people crying for the NCAA to disband the program or give it the death penalty. I do not think that punishing the young men playing for that program who were unknowing in what had happened with their former coach. We are not talking about violations of academic or athletic rules. This is not SMU in the 80s that were paying players and was on probation repeatedly. This is not Southwestern Louisiana (Louisiana-Lafayette) who were committing academic fraud. Lets keep this in perspective. Should Penn State be punished for its coverup? Yes, the powers that be should be losing their jobs in this matter. But the players should be held blameless. I would allow any player that wishes to transfer to another school the ability to do so without losing a year. But you can be damn sure that the NCAA is going to come down hard on Penn State and the collegiate football world is recoiling as they prepare for the thunder about to be brought down. Multiple years of probation as well as scholarship restrictions will be the likely punishment here and thats what it should be.

MLB: Im not down with brown

I was reading an article on ESPN.com by Tim Krasovic about the San Diego Padres and how they should go back to the brown unis that they sported for the first 20 or so years of their existence. The unis that they wore when they upset the Cubs and the lost to the Tigers in 1984, straight ugly! Im an admitted fan of the uni watch blog which has some of the best info and historical data on uniforms that you could ever ask for or dream of. But Im sorry, keep those mustard and brown unis in the mothball closet…

MLB: Bobby V and Ozzie just cant help themselves

I was gonna keep the peace. I was going to leave the two managers I despise alone. But they manage to do stuff that I have to throw a crackback blast at. First lets look at the stupidest manager in baseball. Ah yes one of Hoodwood's most reviled Bobby Valentine. With the Chicago White Sox arriving for a midweek series. Did Bobby V talk about the Sox good pitching or the feared bat of slugger Adam Dunn who is quietly leading the AL in homers with 28 as of Monday? No! Bobby V takes potshots at Kevin Youkilis the former longtime Red Sox 3rd baseman, railing on how he didnt play hard and that he wasnt liked much by the other Red Sox players. Bobby V likes to play that us against them mentality and always keeps his players on edge. He preens for the media and by and large they eat his shtick up. Me, I think hes a buffoon. Youk for his part was the classy Bearcat that he always has been, trying to put a damper on the supposed tiff between he and Valentine. Guillen is another manager despised in Hoodwood, he tried to call out young phenom Bryce Harper of the Nationals on Sunday for having too much pine tar on his bat. What the fuck? Is this 1983? Guillen is far from a Billy Martin (may he rest) and Bryce Harper is a far cry from George Brett (yet) but Ozzie's constant chirping and profanity laced harangue of Harper was over the line. So much so that the normal super laid back Nats skipper Davey Johnson took exception. Calling Guillen's tactics nothing short of bullying, Johnson was quick to chide the Marlins manager for poor sportsmanship. Not like the usually profane Guillen ever really had any class to begin with... I hope Bryce Harper starts whaling the shit out of the ball when he plays the Marlins. 

Lin Gets Paid!

Linsanity will be playing way off Broadway. The point guard whos rise to stardom was meteoritic as it was shocking will be signing with the Houston Rockets. Depending on who you ask, Lin is either greedy or smart or cashing in his chips at the right time. Everyone now knows the story of the first player of Taiwanese heritage to play big time minutes in the NBA. He went from emergency player who made good on his one shot at playing on a ten day contract to a media phenom who outgunned Kobe Bryant. Lin was signed to a 3 year $25 million offer sheet by the Rockets, the problem with the contract that it was backloaded in such a way that it would put the Knicks way way over the salary cap and at a 175% penalty The Knicks would be paying 1.75 for every dollar over the salary cap a huge price to pay for Lin who has yet to prove himself over a long 82 game schedule. So the Knicks look as if they will pass on Lin, much to the delight of at least one former teammate. Olympian Carmelo Anthony called the contract ridiculous and always seemed to be rather cool to the prospect of sharing the points (and spotlight) with Lin. Now Lin will be the focal point of an otherwise nondescript Rocket squad and will be expected to carry the load, score big points and be the first big name in Houston since Yao Ming.

Dream Team vs Olympians: Is it even a ballgame?

I remember when the concept of NBA players playing in the Olympics was first floated. Me and my high school buddies waxed romantic on a “Dream Team” Magic, Bird, Jordan all on the same squad, It would be no contest, let Russia or Spain or Brazil or any punk ass country get on the same court with that squad. They would get a supreme ass-kicking. The team was formed and was very much a Dream Team. They won all 8 games in the Olympics by an average of 32.2 points. Coach Chuck Daly never called a timeout and the team trailed one time in the whole competition. That team has 11 Hall of Famers Every player on that squad except of course Christian Laettner was a pro legend. 20 years later, the question was posed to Olympic basketball player Kobe Bryant who would win a matchup between the current team. (I wont use dream team, with this squad because there was only one.) and the 92 squad of legends. Kobe wisely danced around the question but hinted that it would be a good game and that the current Olympic squad could beat the Dream Team... Let me tell you what it would be...

It would be another ass kicking  supreme. The 92 team while not as athletic as its modern day counterparts make up for it in cunning, game and talent.  Sure MJ and Kobe would have at least one game where they would have a duel. But I'm still trying to figure how Tyson Chandler would stop or even slow down Patrick Ewing or David Robinson both players playing at the top of their game. I would have a chortle watching Karl Malone pound on the wisp thin Anthony Davis. Sure Russell Westbrook would repeatedly abuse John Stockton but Chris Mullin would be bombing repeatedly from the outside. Pippen was just coming into his won as a player and of course Magic was so versatile. In a best of 7, I have the real dream team in 5, 6 at the most. People forget that aside from Bird at 35 and Magic a year removed from his first retirement at 33 the majority of the Dream Team were in their late 20s. I would only put Kobe, LeBron and Kevin Durant on this team but would still have a hard time figuring the two I would replace. (You know Laettner didnt even deserve to be in the same gym much less same team) This Olympic squad while good might not have been able to beat some of the warmup NBA teams that the Dream Team faced in 92...lets just stop this sllliness. Ill root hard for this years squad and still am very confident that they will bring home the gold...again. But comparing them with one of the best squads of all time, is just stupid...

Update on the Mancave

I know I promised pics of the Mancave at the new crib but its still being worked on. I promise I will show pics of the home of Black Bandit Productions and Enterprises as well as pics of where the Musings will be originating from. Im still installing the electronics and the refrigerator is still on order, but I will have the pics and details to show off soon!



Phat Dap

Phat to a mind blowing high speed knockout by Veronica Rothenhausler who knocked out Ashlee Evans-Smith in an amateur MMA fight. Take a look-see.


Damn, it took me longer to write this sentence than it took Evans-Smith to get knocked cold. The scary thing is that its Rothenhausler’s second five second knockout in as many fights…

Head Slap

The blue Smurf turf in Boise holds a special place in my heart. It is where my beloved Bearcats won their first bowl game in over 40 years over Utah State. The unique turf is an eye catcher and a signature of the Boise State Broncos. But Lindenwood University-Belleville an NAIA school in Illinois that striped its field red and grey


…That just hurts the eyes….OUCH!

Thats it for this week...football is coming soon!

Until Next Post Fellow Sports Fans!

Five Minute Frags - Remembering the Good or Bad
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Living in Vermont, I do not get much opportunity to listen to Sports Talk Radio. For the most part, we are exposed to a choice between Country, Top 40, Easy Listening, or NPR.

Yeah, you envy me a lot don’t you?

Anyway, because I was tasked with spending most of my day in the car today, driving from Vermont to Rhode Island and back in the span of my normal workday, I had ample opportunity to listen to Sports Talk Radio today; WEEI in particular. And of all the days to do so, with the unveiling of the Freeh Report on the Sandusky cover-up at Penn State, today was a great day to do so. Needless to say, I heard a good 6 hours of debate and comments about statue removal, library name changes, death penalties for the Penn State football program, and other fit penalties for the school and those involved, up to an including digging Joe up and defecating the corpse.

And while I could easily populate this post with 1000 words of my own on the subject and my feelings toward the men involved, I feel it would be better served by more gifted ranters (like Beeze or B.o.B) that would do it much more justice with the words that truly need to be printed on such a matter.

Instead, I am going to discuss an interesting topic that came up as sort of a side bar in the conversation. And I promised I’ll still be tying it into baseball.

By now, there has been much conversation in regards to Ray Allen and his choice to spurn more money from the Celtics and instead jump ship, signing with the enemy Miami Heat. The talking heads were debating whether or not Celtics fans should boo Allen when he returns to The Garden as a member of the Heat.

Both sides presented solid cases, with one stating that they shouldn’t, due to the years of professional service that Allen gave the Celtics. Regardless of where he went, he gave the Celtics 5 years of the highest professionalism, including a championship.

The other said they should. The reasons behind this were not simply because he joined the Heat in order to win another championship rather than try to push the Celtics over the hump one last time. No, they had to do more with the fact that Allen fed the team lines like he felt he was disrespected by trade rumors the season prior, that he had issues playing with Rajon Rondo, and my personal favorite, that he could play golf year-round in Miami.

Now, as a baseball fan and the Red Sox in particular, I’ve been presented with a few of these situations in the past several years.

Let’s start with Johnny Damon. Damon is constantly booed in Boston because he left for the hated Yankees for more money. But I can’t fault Damon for going to New York. He wanted to stay in Boston and gave them the chance to match New York’s offer, but the Red Sox were almost half of what the Yankees were offering. In the end, the Red Sox didn’t want Damon back and he went to the team that did. I cannot boo a player for that.

Then you have the recent case of Jonathan Papelbon. Signing with the Phillies last offseason, Papelbon didn’t jump ship to a bitter rival. However, he had begun setting the stage for his departure for years prior, saying he would string out salary arbitration from year-to-year so that when he became a free agent, he would in turn be setting the market for closers for years to come. When free agency opened last winter, Papelbon signed with the Phillies within a day. He flew the coop before Boston could even send him an offer and didn’t even consider returning to the Red Sox. Even that I can get. He obviously wasn’t happy in Boston or with the current state of the locker room, so he looked for what he thought was a better situation.

However, in parting with the team, Papelbon made comments about the team, throwing people under the bus behind him. Then he went as far as to insult the Red Sox fan base by saying the following:

"The difference, I would say, between Boston and Philadelphia, is that, you know, I think that the Boston fans are a little bit more hysterical when it comes to the game of baseball. I'd say the Philly fans, I think they tend to know the game a little bit better, being in the National League, the way the game is played."

Maybe I take that a little out of context, but to me he was insulting the fan base that made him as popular as he was. The same fan base that cheered him dancing like a buffoon with an empty Bud Light box on his head after the 2007 ALCS. To me, you boo a guy like that.

So that brings me to Allen. I’m torn there. Do you punish a guy because he couldn’t be forthright and say that he was chasing a championship with what he felt was a sure thing? Do you hold it against him that he took less money to change his situation? Or do you remember what he did for you on the court and applaud him for that?

This is where you, the readers, come into the discussion. How do you treat a player that leaves town? What if they turned coat and went to a bitter rival? Do you base it on how he went out?

Talking Sports
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It’s another week and summer is moving along. A few thoughts cross my mind as we get ready for the second half. The All- Star game  the mid summer classic  was as  exciting as a Mid Summers Night Dream which had more action. than last night.s dud. It’s the one All-Star Game the players actually seem to put an effort into well at least the National League did. We all like the Home Run Derby but it’s way too long and drawn out and the whole Chris Berman back back back thing has grown old. Maybe they need a skills competition instead like Hockey which fun. Never mind as I think about it if they have an long accurate throw 6 of them will end up on the DL for arm strain and two will need Tommy John surgery.



The state of the Red Sox well it isn’t pretty a lot of payroll a lot of injuries and a lot of disfunction from ownership down. I wasn’t the biggest Bobby valentine fan when he came in and I was willing to give the guy a chance. Now I’m willing to give the guy a gold medal for inheriting an awful clubhouse and a meddling ownership group. I think from a baseball stand point he hasn’t cost them or win them any more or less than any other manager. I think he likes things a certain way and I think he has met a lot of resistance with routines and regiments. Than again Chicken and Beer worked for a long time.

Speaking about Bobby Valentine apparently he is trouble with the league office.( according to the Boston Globes Nick Carafado) He produced kind of a tell all documentary about how major league scouts kind of strong arm 16 year olds into signing. The MLB office sent the Red Sox a letter and they also deny any wrongdoing by scouts no surprises there.


I’m not sure what the plan is at the trade deadline but I’m suspecting they may have trouble making a major deal due to injuries and salary. It’s a wait and see.

Ray Allen is a member of the Miami Heat. People around here are pissed at Ray. I just don’t get it the guy took less money to play for the Heat. I don’t have a problem with that. He’ll get more looks and be more effective with them. He will mostly likely get another ring and as much as I hate to say this playing with Pierce and KG isn’t playing with Lebron and DWade. Like the Heat or hate the Heat, like Lebron or hate him he is damn good Basketball player. Not one of my favorites but when he is on he is hard to beat. Besides it’s a lot warmer in Miami in the winter than it is in Boston. I honestly think Ray say the writing on the wall when they tried to trade him at the deadline. He served 5 great years in Boston and was a class act. He will continue to be a class act and I wish him the best.


How about that Crazy Bob Kraft (Patriots owner) swearing in a movie scene just kind of showing that he is a normal guy. Mr. Kraft sent out an apology seemingly embarrassed  by it. But I’m sure he and coach Parcels perhaps exchanged a word or too. Don’t worry Mr. Kraft you are a top notch class act in my book so go have some fun acting in a movie scene. ( The video is blocked on You Tube)


Finally the 6 week summer baseball season started last night. The lil Lanz’s are on the Florida State Seminoles as we use College names. Both lil Lanzs the 12, and the 10 made good plays last night.. Ten year playing third just missed getting a kid out trying to steal third made a nice catch on the throw from the catcher and made a nice sweep just slightly too late. Meanwhile 12 year old Lanz playing second base caught a texas leaguer over his shoulder in shallow right field than doubled the runner at second leaning the wrong way. The Seminoles beat up on the Tar Heels pretty good last night. It’s a low stress league which allows the younger kids to play with the more experienced kids. They play two nights a week and it’s just a lot of fun. I think have the kids on that team their dads have been coaches.

Wish rhese guys were around when I fish

This is one for you Fisherman out there, I life on a lake and the water is usually murky at best this time of year. I use to fish quit a bit and gained some knowledge of how to catch bass. Let me tell you in this lake through it all out. I have fished dawn and dusk prime feeding periods.I have fished the banks and the pads lures , worms and shiners, actually worms work well but that’s it. So the other night I decide I want to fish a little so I put a brown rebel minnow bang got  a couple right a way. Than I switched to this rubber minnow thing and got a couple. I think after twenty fucking years I finally figured out. Than again last night tried the same thing in the same spot at the same tim and it was back to the drawing board (same weather conditions as well),


Musings From The Hoodwood 7-10
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Greetings from the Hoodwood, where a cool man cave is trumping a hot grill these days.

Leading Off: Free Agent Carousel

It seems that the carousel of players on the move in the NBA is spinning rather fast these days. It will be extremely weird to see Steve Nash in Laker colors, Jason Terry in Celtic colors, Jason Kidd in Knick colors and Ray Allen in Heat colors. The last three were free agent signing but the Nash move was a sign and trade. I couldn’t believe that the Suns would willingly trade their marquee player to a despised rival. Its true that the Suns are in a youth movement and a player like Nash is a bit long in the tooth, I was shocked to see the Suns willingly trade Nash in the division. Will the long time Sun get booed in his first appearance in Phoenix

NBA: Jesus becomes Judas?

The Buzz I couldn’t fathom was the fallout over Ray Allen going to the Heat. When the Celtics signed the capable shooting Jason Terry, it more or less meant that they would have no room for the redoubtable shooter that Allen is. Allen decided to take his talents to South Beach to join the defending NBA champs. To hear Bostonians tell it. He went from Jesus Shuttlesworth to Judas. What I don’t understand is that Allen made a business and professional decision. He felt that he would get more playing time and a better chance at another ring in Miami rather than Boston. Celtics fans have been acting like Allen betrayed them to their very core and soul.


Olympic Basketball: Good as Gold Again?

Last Olympiad in 2008 USA basketball was out for redemption. After the shameful showing in 2004 in Athens bookeneded by shameful showings at the 2002 and 2006  World Championships. The talk was that the USA Basketball team wasn’t the dominant squad. That talk got quashed as the American stormed through pool play with an average winning margin of 32.2 points. Stomping the Aussies in the quarters, Getting revenge on the Argentine squad in the semis they faced a good Spainish squad in the finals. Spain elected to try to run the Americans out, but found that they couldn’t keep their shots falling. The final was a 118-107 shootout that brought the gold back to the US and solidified their Redeem team moniker. The team heading to London is pretty solid Lebron James and Kobe Bryant reprising their 2008 roles Chris Paul, Deron Williams and Carmelo Anthony also are 2008 holdovers, but with Olympic newcomers Kevin Love, Blake Griffin, Tyson Chandler, and Thunder Trio James Harden, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant adding youth and depth to a solid roster the US is a good bet for Gold in London. Im not betting against Coach K having this squad seriously prepared.


All-Star Game: What if it counts and nobody cared?

The 2012 MLB all Star Game is on deck tonight and the National League is playing the Texas Rankees….uhhh the American League. I mean really the Rangers have 8 players on the AL squad. The NL is being managed by the geriatric Tony LaRussa who cant help but overmanage. He has already ruffled feathers with his ignoring of Cincinnati Reds Brandon Phillips and Johnny Cueto, but then he compounds the oversights by not starting Mets RA Dickey and leaving ERA leader Ryan Dempster off. Will I watch the game? Maybe, I did get the ASG program in the mail over the weekend which was a nice touch and gives the small market of KC a nice look  but I think the All-Star game is really overrated these days, To make it the determining factor in who gets the home field advantage is ludicrous.


Reggie Jax: Backing down?

Hall of Famer and Hoodwood Hero Reggie Jax got mad dap from this scribe for his pointed criticism of declining Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez in a recent article of Sports Illustrated. But the Yankees had the last laugh, forcing Mr. October into an apology for his comments and then keeping Jackson from Yankee activities for an indeterminate time. I think what Reggie said was spot on right. But since he was critical of a supposed current star he had to be censured? What kind of bullshit is this? And why didn’t Reg tell the Yanks that he was going to say what he was going to say and that was it?


Phat Dap

To MMA fighter Anderson Silva who won the main event in UFC 148 over Chael Sonnen. Silva backed up his talk with a 2nd round TKO at the MGM Grand Garden arena. Silva took advantage of an ill-timed attempt at a spinning backfist by Sonnen to land a  series of punches and kicks to win the fight. Silva is the best MMA fighter in the game.


Head Slap

To the unnamed (I know who it is but I wont mention his name and give him any credit) asshat at a party I was at last Saturday who tried to imitate a kick that one of the fighters did and not only kick your humble scribe in the the upper thigh, he managed to crack the LED on my phone. Im out a couple hundred bucks to replace it. I do admit that I retaliated with a punch in the chest and didn’t apologize. Ass-clowns like that make me want to stay in my newly furnished man-cave more…ugh.


Ill add more on the page as the day goes on, and next week a look at the Hoodwood Man Cave!


Until Next Post Fellow Sports Fans!

Musings From the Hoodwood 7-3 Holiday Grill Edition
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Greetings from the Hoodwood where the grills are almost as hot as the weather…


In what has become a tradition in my blog writing, I invite the readers to participate in my annual summer grillout. I grew up in a family and neighborhood that grill got fired up as soon as it got fairly warm and just like the Fresh Prince stated in his classic jam, a grill can and does spark nostalgia. It also sparks some of the best debates/arguments ever. So grab a plate of food, pull up a cold one and join in. Moms always fixes a great spread. I’m a grill master. And the rest of the family does what they do. This year, Im gonna do the grill a little different. I get some of the Yougab peeps to stop thru, grab some grub and chat. Take a listen.


Bandit: Gimme 5 minutes and the steaks will be ready


Sully: You burn mine and we’re gonna fight, what the hell is Dwight Howard thinking? First he wants to stay in Orlando, then he wants out. Now he wants to go to Brooklyn?


Dwight Howard is the classic enigma, and you have to wonder who the hell is in his ear feeding him these ideas. The iconoclastic Magic center more or less told new GM that he wanted to be traded, but only traded to the Nets. For their part the Nets are pretty cool to Howard, they were working feverishly toward a deal last spring when Howard decided to not excerise his opt out. Now he wants to be traded, teams like the Rockets and Lakers have shown interest but have to be put off by Howards posturing. This will get a whole lot messier before its all said and done. Me myself, I


Beezer: Man, this grilled corn is something! Let me get another ear. Did I hear this right? Brandon Phillips ain’t an All-Star? What’s up with that???


The Reds 2nd Baseman is out hitting All-Star starter Dan Uggla by better than 50 points but didn’t win the vote. This is something that the All-Star manager could correct, right? Not if the NL manager is Tony LaRussa who will comeback to manage the NL, of course LaRussa holds a grudge and selects the heretofore unknown Jose Altuve of the Astros as spare 2nd baseman, then tries to act like he doesn’t hold a grudge by selecting two Cubs for the NL roster. CUBS!!! LaRussa is obviously holding a grudge from a fight from 2 years ago…geez get over it.


Princess Katie: Daddy, I love the spicy grilled chicken, but Im sooo upset. Steve Nash isn’t going to come back to the Suns…but why would he go to Toronto? That’s so gro-te. (Katie-ism for gross)


Steve Nash may very well be on his way to Toronto. The expatriate Canadian would be a PR coup for the otherwise nondescript raptors, the Raptors reportedly have offered Nash a fopur year deal which is more than any other team has offered. The Suns for their part have offered Nash a two year deal, but Nash wants at least three. The Nets are interested if they cant land the prize bull of the free agent class Deron Williams who is agonizing between the Nets and Mavs. Williams is a Dallas native and likes the idea of playing for his hometown, but he also likes the direction that the Nets are going and if they get Dwight Howard that changes the game even more. A Nash to the New York Knicks deal would be a strict sign and trade since the Knicks are so tight to the cap you couldn’t get a chicken bone under it.


Qwaizer: Hey Bandit, I was talking to your mom, I think its cool that her and her boyfriend really dig NASCAR. Did they ever get that situation at Kentucky Speedway straightened out? Make sure that you don’t burn my chops either


Brad Keselowski roared to an impressive win (in a backup car no less!) at the Kentucky Motor Speedway this past weekend which is in Sparta, KY about 45 mins southwest of Cincinnati. Last year was an absolute nightmare as many of the would be spectators were stuck in a hopeless traffic jam that ran miles back from the Speedway. I had a friend that left their house north of mine at noon to get to the track for a full day. Normal conditions its about an hour drive to the track They got about 20 miles from the speedway about 45 minutes later and only moved about 3 more miles in the next 8 hours! The speedway officials worked on improving the access to the track and the state worked quickly to improving the infrastructure in the area heading to the track. The result? No traffic problems and better that 107,000 people took in the race which other than the blistering heat (triple digits before the start of the race and 140 degrees on the track) came off without a hitch and NASCAR happy that the Kentucky Motor Speedway stepped its collective game up and turned out a fine race.


Lady Bandit: Honey, you keep gabbing and your gonna end up burning those ribs and brats! Do you really think Jonathan Vilma can sue the NFL and win?

Vilma is taking a super huge gambit suing the NFL in federal court saying that Commissioner Roger Goodell is not making a timely enough ruling on Vilma’s appeal of his year suspension for the bounty issues. This is separate from the defamation lawsuit that Vilma filed in May. Vilma is seeking a restraining order that allows him to keep playing if the suspension is upheld. While ballsy, the lawsuit has no traction and no chance of winning. All the league has to do is pull out a copy of the CBA and ask did they not negotiate the Commissioner’s ruling power. Its been well documented here that Im no Roger Goodell fan by any stretch but he has the law on his side here. Villma and the players are in a painted corner.


Princess Jazzie: Goal!!! Viva Espana!

Leave it to the Little one to say so much with so Little. Spain’s soccer team rolled through the Euro Cup and barely broke a sweat thrashing a solid Italian squad 4-0 to win their third straight major soccer tourney. The Spainards scored barely 15 minutes intop the match and the Italians just looked like they were out of their league and two steps behind all match. With the successful defense of the European title, it might be foolish to bet against the Spainards in any compettion anytime soon especially with the World Cup in 2014.


Moms: Some more of your Yougab people are coming over, so you better get that other box of steaks and chops out of the freezer. You say free food and suddenly you get a gallery like Tiger Woods.

Don’t look now but guess who is on top of the FedEx Cup Standings in Golf? That’s right Ol Eldrick himself, getting all Ranger Rick on the PGA tour, his win in the AT&T National was his 3rd in the 2012 season and his 74th of his storied career passing his idol Jack Nicklaus , Woods’ shot a final day 69 and went a breathtaking 41 straight holes without a bogey and beat Bo Van Pelt by 2 strokes finishing at 8 under par. Woods seemed to relish the fact that many in the media was openly questioning if he would win another event much less another major.



Allow me to step away from the grill for my phat dap and head slap of the week


Phat Dap

Dap to Jeneba Tarmoh who finished in a dead heat with Allyson Felix for the 3rd and final spot on the US team for the 100 meter women’s race. A winner take all run off was supposed to be held yesterday at in Eugene, OR but Tarmoh decided to concede the spot to Felix, though some replays showed that she just beat Felix to the line. I would have liked to have seen a runoff, but Tarmoh decided to step away and not race. She had though she had won the spot and only found out it was a dead heat from reporters. A bit of a slap to the USATF for not having a contingency plan in place for something as prestigious and important as an Olympic Berth


Head Slap

Im not one to speak ill of the dead but I have to. Penn State just seems to dig itself even deeper with the revelations in the wake of the Sandusky. Now its being reported that Joe Paterno not only knew of the allegations but convinced his higher ups to keep it quiet. Little by little JoePa’s pristine image is being shredded. I was never a big fan of his, and thought his supposed pious image was a fraud. To see him rage on the sidelines and then act like he was supposedly so calm. I always had a beef with Penn State with the plain jerseys and Paternos assertation that it was about the team, but he never stopped being lionized. I always thought he was covering for his homie in Sandusky and that he knew more than he wanted to admit. Of Course this is all speculation and conjecture, no one will ever know the extent of what Paterno knew and the calls for Penn State to get the death penalty are just plain ignorant. To punish the kids that are playing for the school and had nothing to do with what that sick ass bastard Sandusky did is just flat wrong, Stop calling for punishing the body of the school, lets punish those that knew of the situation and did nothing to stop it.


Mo: Hey Bandit I brought DVT, IHM and Lanz and they are hungry…Average Fan DET is still trying to find his way through this maze of a neighborhood to your house but hes coming (Jazzie toddles her way over to Mo who picks her up with a big hug)


Jazzie: Uncle Mo! Why do the Red Sox Suck?


Everyone breaks up laughing


Fix yourself a plate, pour yourself a cold one and join the conversation!


Until Next Post Fellow Sports Fans!

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