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Musings From The Hoodwood 6-26
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Hoodwood salutes Lebron on finally getting his first NBA title...the look of relief on his face says it all.

Greetings from the Hoodwood, where the residents are hoping that the victims of that perv are finally able to heal.  (more on him later)


NBA: Bron Bron finally gets his

As on Ohioan, in a way I understand the deep abiding loathing and in some circles hatred that some have for LeBron James. Cleveland feels like the woman in Waiting to Exhale that helped nurture their man for years only to have him publicly dis and dismiss her for a younger version.  The problem is that unlike the movie, Cleveland didn’t get its revenge. They didn’t burn the possesision and get the bulk of the material goods in the divorce like Angela Bassett did in the movie. Instead they have sit and watch their man celebrate an NBA title with their new “woman” The Cavs couldn’t or wouldn’t surround James with the talent to get him to an NBA championship so he went where he felt he had his best chance of getting one. As much as northeast Ohio despised him and watched in chagrin, James got the job done. He was the unanamious selection for Finals MVP, completing  a rare daily double of league regular season and Finals MVP. He played with an intensity that got deeper meaner and stronger as the playoffs wore on. His 28.6 ppg, 10.2 rpg and 7.4 apg were all team leaders for the finals and he seemed to play with a hunger that was sorely missing last year when the Mavs made James a non factor late in games.

Im already hearing the haters and discounters sneering, “It was only a 66 game season. He would have faded had they played a full schedule. “ Ummmm, sorry to break it to you but the Heat did play more than 82 games this year including the playoffs and given the grueling schedule that they had to play. I offer that the schedule that the Heat had to endure was tougher and made them steeled better for the playoff run. I was amused at listening to the braying of Skip Bayless, who has long been a vocal and sometimes overly harsh critic of James getting his head blasted by Stephen A Smith.

(Video Clip courtesy of ESPN First Take)

Give James his dap and due. He stepped his game up on the largest of stages and was something that he has been oft criticized for his lack of true leadership. I liked how he calmed Mario Chalmers down in the 4th quarter of game 5 with the Heat pouring it on and Chalmers egging the crowd on. James was quick to put the kibosh on it, in effect saying the job wasn’t done. It was just about but James looked the leader and the team followed his lead.

Though it seemed that youth and inexperience finally caught up with the Thunder, weep little for this precocious bunch. You can bet that Brooks, Durant, Westbrook, Sefalosha and Harden will be a team to bank on playing deep into May and June for some years to come. This is a talented and young team that will grow together and with the aging Spurs and Lakers looking to be reshuffling. I find it hard not to see this team being the Western bully for a while.

CFB: Justice.

That’s all that really needs to preface this part of the musings, former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was found guilty on 45 of the 48 charges brought against him and will spend the rest of his life on this earth in prison. Sandusky had the look of someone that didn’t believe that he had done anything wrong and was dumbstruck that he was found guilty. My feeling was  plain and simple, that many people saying the same thing cant corroborate the same story unless it was true.  Sandusky bullied and harassed those young men to get his sick kicks. He shamed and threatened them to keep them quiet and tried to portray himself as a paragon of virtue  as the late Joe Paterno’s right hand man for so long. Twitter and the various social media outlets were ablaze Friday night when the verdict came down and I opined the usual ignorant reply of don’t drop the soap. But the thing that annoys me is that Sandusky was on suicide watch. This man if he kills himself is only proving that he was a gutless fuck. A yellow coward that could be the predator and bully but cannot face the justice that has been handed to him for his disgusting crimes. I hope that useless fuck, gets run up in a few times by those hard core pipe hitters that Marcellus Wallace spoke of in Pulp Fiction. I will dive into a pool of sanitizer to get the icky feeling off of me as we move on.

LT: Salute to a great back

My pops is a big Charger fan, Both of my stepbrothers and I were born in San Diego. So there are some ties there and I have always respected the rugged running back LaDainian Tomlimson. Though he had a bust season when I drafted him in 2007, I wont hold it against him. Tomlinson called it a career after 11 stellar seasons. The first 9 in San Diego where all but one of his seasons he had over 1100 yards and 10 touchdowns, his 2006 season of 1815 Yards and 31 total TD’s made him a no brainer choice for MVP that year. LT’s silky speedy running style helped make the Chargers an AFC contender for the 2000s and a fan favorite. Ever the classy player on and off the field, Tomlinson was never a troublemaker and was cited often for his charitable work and was named the Walter Payton Man of the Year award winner in 2006. Tomlinson was used more as a 3rd down back in New York and instead of trying to catch on with other teams to stretch his career, instead chose to announce his retirement after signing a ceremonial one contract with the Chargers so he could retire as a Charger. Start the counter to Canton his 13684 rushing and 18456 all purpose yards with 156 TDS make him a Hall Of Fame shoo-in

College Football: Playoffs???

To the likely chagrin of a certain fellow blog poster from a former blog that I once wrote for, College football looks like they will finally have a playoff system in place very soon. College football has tried and tried to avoid it. Those that advocated against it kept talking about tradition and that the regular season was the playoffs. I think that settling a championship on the field rather than with a computer or voting is the best way. Is the four team model the best way? Not in my opinion, I think it gives the big money conferences (read the SEC) more of a chance to monopolize the spots. But it’s a start, a way to develop. The major BCS bowls still get their shot and the pageantry will still be there. Though there will be some that snicker at the bowls now as consolation games for the also rans, I still think that they have their place and will be useful. Heres hoping that this is the beginning of December or January madness that will have championships decided on the field not in a ballot box or computer.


Phat Dap

To Title IX, the law that promoted gender equality in sports. For a father of two daughters, it heartens me to see that women are able to compete in sports just as men are. I can point to so many women as good sports role models for them in a variety of sports. The law  was created in 1972 and has done much to encourage not only education for women but their participation in sports. This law paved the way for coaches like Pat Summitt to be considered one of the greats and names like Lisa Leslie, Jennie Finch, Chris Evert to be household names. Dap to a law that has broken barriers and opened doors.

Head Slap

To the jerks that were throwing bottles and glasses at a New York City nightclub one of which hit Spurs G Tony Parker. Now you know Im no Spurs fan and have no love for Parker but I think it not very fresh that Parker was hit and had a shard of glass removed from his eye.The shard was reportedly 99 percent pentreated.  The injury could likely keep Parker from playing for the French National team in the Olympics. All over a fucking beef between two useless individuals Chris Brown and Drake that Parker was not involved in and was an innocent bystander.

Thats the view from the Hoodwood, until next post fellow sports fans!

Monday Moaning 6-25-12
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I'm guessing that this isn't the type of "Horse Play" Jerry Sandusky was into...Well, I'm sure he'll be able to find some new friends to play with in the showers now...Yes, thankfully there is still some Justice in this country, as Friday night word came down, JERRY_SANDUSKY_IS_GUILTY...I think I said all I have to for now about that bastard, and hopefully more heads will roll...Wouldn't it be great to see Justice rear it's head a few more times!?!

-Now, If you read my first post on Friday, you saw that Cleveland didn't burn after LeBron and company won the NBA Title...But some people still had trouble with it, like this local Weather guy, Mark Johnson...

Poor bastard...Let's just stop caring so much...It's Basketball, and Basketball sucks!

-As for Baseball, it doesn't suck...But there is some news in Baseball that I think sucks...After 9 years and 2 World Series wins, the Boston Red Sox traded Kevin Youkilis to the Chicago White Sox...Now, some Red Sox fans may be happy their team is making a commitment to the kid Middlebrooks...Some may be upset, because Youk was such a big deal to that team over the last 9 years...Personally I think it will be good for both him, and the team...It was time...

The sad thing is that over the next week the Boston media will be getting shit leaked to them from "Un-named sources" and the classic 'trash the guy we just traded' campaign will begin...I hate when teams do that, and the Red Sox are great at it...

Then there is the fact that Youk would have been perfect for the Indians...He'd be great at first base for the Tribe instead of that slug Casey Kotchman...So when I saw the White Sox, a AL Central rival got him, I was pissed...Then I saw they only gave up a utility player, Brett Lillibridge, and a 25 year old right-handed reliever, Zach Stewart....Wow, now I'm really pissed...I'm sure the Indians could have offered better than that...But I'm not surprised...The Indians are often gun-shy, and cheap when it comes to wheeling and dealing...

-Honestly, when I stared to try and post this, I had nothing...Just a blank...After the Sandusky verdict came down, I pretty much checked out on keeping up with things for the weekend...So what did I do? Well shit, I'm a father of three, so it was all kids time this weekend...I'm not an asshole who is going to blast a child rapist, and turn around ignore my kids...

Saturday I took the kids to a park...We were there for a couple hours...The older two running around and climbing, and Molly rocking the swings and slides...Then we grabbed some McDonalds, and ate at another park...After eating, the kids got back to playing...

There's the boy doing his thing...

And Molly just loves her swings...

While she was swinging, I kept watching this pick-up Basketball game that was going on...They were playing 5 on 5...They weren't that great, but there were a few guys who thought they were...But one hack stood out above the rest...He was about 6-3, white, tats on one arm, black shirt, and red shorts...This fucker never passed...All he did was shoot...Shoot, and miss...He acted like he was the shit...Thought he was the best guy out there...And all he did was shoot and miss...He missed every shot...But these other ass-hats kept giving him the ball...It makes me wonder how bad they were...

So finally the kids and I are leaving...I slowly roll by the court...Stop...Roll down the window...And wait for him to miss again...I didn't wait long...Ass soon as he threw up his brick, I yelled, "Stop giving it to the guy in red shorts, all he does is miss." They all stopped and looked, and I finished my drive-by insult by yelling, "FUCKING HACK!"

The kids cracked up as I took off, my oldest spitting out water through her nose...I'm so happy my kids get my sense of humor...I can tell Little Beeze is just dying to call some one a fucking hack!

That's it for now...Have a week...

Later, The Beeze.

Storminnorman's Sports Blog 6-24-12
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Well this is the eating crow version of my Sunday blog after the Heat won their championship on Thursday night against the Thunder. I sure hope they are not under the impression that this will be the first of many to come in Miami, because personally I believe this was a tune up for things to come from the Thunder and we will see them return next year to dominate the NBA and win their first title for Oklahoma City. Everyone knows that there is a learning curb in the NBA, and really it was seen in the calls that went in the favor of the Heat versus the calls that the Thunder received in Miami. The Pistons went through this during their back to back runs in the 80s against the Celtics and Lakers, so it comes with a storied past. But anyway, hats off to LeBron in winning his first championship, he played his ass off during this title run and deserved to win a championship as he carried the Heat during their championship run. In the past, he was known as a choke in Cleveland where he folded up in times when the Cavs needed him to perform. Here is a little taste of game 5....


But enough of the eating crow portion of my blog, because I still believe LeBron is nothing more than a pompous ass who believes he walks on water, kind of like a kid named Michael Jordan. But that is what sets him apart from every player that the Pistons have, he knows he is the shit, and when he plays to the level he is capable of there is going to be great results.......

I find this day to be rather sad, because around here in Michigan once the trial began we never really heard much until this day. It is a shame that a man of his former stature could be a pedofile and sexually abuse young men. Now he will face his maker in a Pennsylvania Institution not as a well respected coach serving under Joe Paterno, but as one who brought down a storied University and the greatest coach of all time for the crimes he committed. I am sure that he will go to a minimum security prison more because of his age than for any other reason, but he still will have his own issues with his cell mates for which I am sure been relishing this day. What a shame.....

And unfortunately for Jerry, he will have plenty of these where he is at now.........

And how about a little bit of Kate to wake up with............

Is it possible that this team can win the AL Central, while the Tigers battle and try to overcome injuries, or will they fold under the pressure of leading the division during the final 3 months of the season? I personally think they are for real, they have handled the Tigers pretty well this year but only time will tell as the Tigers start to get healthy and make their run. Hang in there Beezer, you got a good team there in Cleveland and they just may surprise you and win it this year......

As two sports seasons come to a close,

another is heading towards the All-Star Break.....

I was asking myself this question:

What kind of ignorance will my football team show this year?

I sure hope that Fairly has learned from his mistakes,

as a matter of fact, I hope the whole team has

you cannot go run around life making asses of yourself,

if you want the respect of your peers.........

This season brings new hopes and dreams

for even the worst of teams.....

Who knows where it may lead,

but if you do not grow up and act like men

you will never realize those dreams........

I just want to clarify that I am not picking on Nick Fairly alone, he was not the only Lion player to make an ass out of themselves last year. The whole team needs to mature if they expect to reach the next level, which can be a realistic goal for the upcoming season if they play well and mature enough to not make the same mistakes they made last year which cost them a few wins......

Its off to my mom's to visit with my niece who lives in Kentucky, she is 13 now and I can remember when she was a baby.








Give Me Five Minutes
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Well, I'm here to report to you all, that Cleveland is not burning...Yes, LeBron James and the Miami Heat just won the NBA championship, and while plenty of people are on Twitter voicing their displeasure about the situation, they aren't going all Vancouver and burning the damn place to the ground...I mean it wasn't like the Heat beat Cleveland...They beat Oklahoma City...Sure most of Cleveland hitched themselves onto the OKC bandwagon, but they didn't give a shit who was playing...They just didn't want LeBron James to win...Well, toughs hit I guess...The dick-head won...

Now can we get back to say, maybe the scrappy Cleveland Indians, who have been playing their collective balls off...Nobody gave this team a chance of doing shit this season, yet here they sit at the top of the Central Division...Now, I'm a realist...The Central is crap, but none the less, many expected the Tribe to be in the cellar...No one expected Jason Kipnis to have 11 HR's and 41 RBI's did they? No one expected Derek Lowe to have 7 wins...Shit, some didn't even think he would make the squad...And the teams Ace, Justin Masterson may just be starting to put it all together...And the bullpen has been solid...

It sure will be nice to maybe hear the radio dolts in this town actually talking about a local team, instead of a douchebag that hightailed it out of here a couple years ago...Oh, and guys, ease up on the Browns chatter...These local radio dopes are dying for there to be a QB controversy in Browns camp...If you really think Weeden won't be the starter, then you should be fired...

Now, Monday I was all over the Sandusky trial...I'm still on it...The jury has begun deliberating, and as that happened, news broke that Sandusky's adopted son Matt was waiting in the wings to testify against his adopted father...The prosecution had him ready as a rebuttal witness, if Jerry Sandusky took the stand himself...apparently Matt had informed the prosecution that he too had been a victim of abuse...Which I had suspected after one of the other victims accounts about being in the shower with Matt and Jerry, and when Jerry started splashing soap on the boys, Matt got the hell out of there, like he knew what was next...

Then Travis Weaver was on Rock Center, telling his story of abuse at the hands of Sandusky...Sandusky started getting creepy with him when he was 10...His father worked at PSU, and Sandusky had threatened to get him fired if Travis went to the police...Sandusky also talked about wanting to adopt Weaver, a story that Weaver's father confirmed...At 14 Weaver left moved to Cleveland to live with his mother, but the damage was done...From the interview you can still see Weaver is trying to get past this all...He has filed a civil suit seeking damages from Sandusky, Penn State, and Sandusky's charuty the Second Mile...The case has been suspended, pending the outcome of this trial...

Weaver is not part of this case, but they have his Grand Jury testimony...In a post-script for the interview, it was explained that the state has Weaver and others in their back pocket, in case something goes wrong with this trial, and they need to go after Sandusky again...

Now before I end this, I thought I'd give some love to my Baseball team...This year, we are the Cubs...But we aren't some bunch of lovable loser...Remember, this is a everyone wins, no keeping score league...Well, if you did, like I do in my head, we would have lost our first two games...But with a little extra work, the gang is coming around...Our two games this week, we dominated...Everyone is starting to hit...Their fielding is getting better every game...But there is something I need to work with the Little Beeze on...Kid has a home run trot going...All the time...I told him he better put it in the outfield if he wants to jog...Any other time he's running around like a maniac...But on the base paths he's jogging...We'll work it out...

I said give me five minutes...And that's what I said to my wife before I started writing this...Yep, nothing like a good five minute fuck...Here's one of the best five minute fucks you'll ever see on TV...

Later, The Beeze.

Musings From The Hoodwood 6/19
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Little E wins it and Hoodwood is happy for him!

Greetings from the Hoodwood, where your humble scribe is enjoying the summer and the company of Princess Katie.

Not Guilty! Clemens beats the rap

Now if there was anyone who should have been shouting miscarriage of justice it should be the ones who like me were convinced that Roger Clemens was going to get the gate after allegedly lying to Congress in the wake of the steroid hearings in Congress. But what do you know; Clemens was acquitted on all six counts of perjury. I still think that his more or less clean image and fan friendly fireballer carried a lot of weight; he will get a lot more benefit of the doubt than Barry Bonds will ever get. Bonds deserved reputation of a surly moody enigma of a superstar didn’t get him totally off, he caught one case of obstruction of justice and is still awaiting sentencing on that charge, but one has to wonder if these charges will keep Clemens and Bonds outside the gates of Cooperstown.

Perfection! Another No-no

After Matt Cain struck out 14 en route to throwing the 22nd perfect game in MLB history and the 2nd this season, not to mention this is the 5th no-hitter this season (2 AL 2 NL , one interleague)  people are starting to wonder openly is this a year of the pitcher?  Trust and believe that this won’t be a repeat of 1968 where the batting champ in the AL will bat .301 and one in every five games is a shutout. You don’t see complete games as much as you did back in the day. James Shields led the AL with 11 complete games, but considering that was the most in four years and that no one has more than 20 complete games in better than a quarter century, the no hit feats are more an anomaly than a worrisome trend. Pitchers are balancing out the offensive trend that was so dominant in the 90s and early 2000s. You won’t see a 60 home run hitter any time soon.

Is this finally LeBron’s year?

When LeBron James and the Miami Heat vanquished the Boston Celtics in 7 games many thought they would be too spent to give the young hungry Oklahoma City Thunder any more than cursory resistance, but it seems that the Heat have taken the fight to OKC winning a pair of tight games to take a 2-1 lead. Now your humble scribe is sticking by his pick of the Thunder winning it in 6 games, but the Heat has me seriously worried. James has a look about him almost like a dude I used to watch in the 90s, it seems like the Heat are following his no time for bullshit play. James is playing with almost an anger about him and the Heat are riding his angry play to wins and are getting closer to a title that wonks like Skip Bayless and Colin Cowherd are having nightmares about. If LeBron wins this title he would have legitimately carried the Heat to the title and the wonks would have nothing left to say…but I’m hoping that Kevin Durant steals his…ummm…Thunder and OKC wins the title. Not to give the braying wonks more fuel but to keep others from getting the idea of combining players to get a title.

NFL: Is Goodell running a kangaroo court?

Monday suspended Saints LB Jonathan Vilma stalked out of the appeals hearing on his yearlong suspension. Vilma who has maintained his innocence throughout thinks that the appeals hearing which is being run by the same person who handed out the suspension, one Roger Goodell, is a sham. I tend to agree with him. Now it is no secret that I’m no Goodell fan. I think he’s sneaky, egotistical and that he is the NFL. One time Saints defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams has been suspended indefinitely for organizing a “bounty system” to take out other players and Vilma was purported to be the leader of the players making the hits. Vilma has argued that he can’t get a fair shake with Goodell as a judge, jury and executioner, and he won’t.



Phat Dap

Phat Dap to Dale Earnhardt Jr. Little broke a 143 race winless streak with a rousing win at Michigan Sunday, doubly sweet that it was on Father’s Day. Little E won by nearly 5.5 seconds over Tony Stewart and ironically won four years to day of his last win in the same place, Michigan Speedway. Hoodwood isn’t a big NASCAR town but there has always been a soft spot for Earnhardt Jr.

Head Slap

To Argentinean tennis player David Nalbandian whose temper tantrum cost him quite a bit. Nalbandian was mad at losing a game point in the finals of the Queen’s Club tournament, a warm up tourney ahead of Wimbledon next month and kicked an advertising board.


The kick shattered the board under the chair of line judge Andrew McDougall, and left him with a gashed shin. Nalbandian was disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct and had to forfeit the match and championship to Marin Cillic. Nalbandian not forfeited his prize money about $57,000 but was also fined $12,500. Nalbandian was apologetic saying in a statement that he "ashamed and sorry for the kick that unintentionally hurt the line umpire." But his actions now have him under investigation by English police for assault. See what a bad temper gets you?

Ill add more as the day goes…more about the retirement of LT. Until Next Post Fellow Sports Fans!

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