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Wow yours truly has had one very hot and busy 2 months with to much OT. I haven't had time to make any posts much less time for anything else. I'm on a well deserved vacation and will be back with NASCAR and NFL blogs. America's fan's favorite and NO 1 sport is finally back in action this week. The NFL season kicks off with the Saints and Packers.

NO 34 @ GB 28 The Saints with Pro Bowl QB Drew Brees head into Lambeau to take on the Packers and Pro Bowl QB Aaron Rodgers. Argueably these are the best two teams in as usual very weak NFC. Both teams have high powered offense's and the Packers defense is very good. With that said I'm taking the Saints to upset the Packers at home. This game is a toss up and could go either way between playoff caliber teams.

Have a great week everybody and I'll be back with the rest of the predictions later in the week.

Special K


Monday Moaning 8-29-11
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  Okay, so here's the deal...This week's post may not have much to do with the sports...Instead, I'm going to take a swing at the weather, and the media...But first, let me get after you West Coasters first...Yeah, you fuck-nuts that go to a 49ers pre-season game packing heat...Shut your fucking mouths!

Last week some dopes from California were trashing the East Coast, because of their reaction to a 5.9 earthquake...We get it cum-dumpsters, you can take a little shaking...But those East Coast people aren't use to it, so relax...You know what...I hope Mother Nature gives California a nice Christmas present...I hope this year she hits your asses with a Syracuse style Winter...You know, 15 degrees, before you factor in the wind chill...And about 30 inches of snow dumped on you in a day! Fucking arrogant assholes, then you'd be begging for a quake!

Now, East Coasters...Yes, you got blasted by a Hurricane...Boy the hyped the shit out of Irene, and by the time she hit land she was only a category 1, but it was too late...The media monsters invested too much into her, so they had to keep pushing the non-stop coverage...Love the report, showing some shingles blowing off of a waterfront motel...NOT SHOCKING!

Then there was the first death...It's very sad about the loss of life because of Irene...Except the first fatality...Of course it was an idiot, fucking surfer! Listen, you go riding waves in a Hurricane, you better expect to die fuck-tard!

But the big thing was the non-stop hype about Irene heading for New York City...Pick any news outlet, they all act like NYC is the center of the universe...I get that it's theirs, but it ain't mine...The center of my universe is between my wife's legs!

As the forecasts kept coming in, you could see it wasn't going to crush New York City, but that wasn't stopping the machine...A late night/early morning headline read: "New York City Prepares for Irene's Worst" ....Hey you fucking dummies, New York isn't getting Irene's worst...Bitch left her worst south...Ask The Outer Banks and Virginia about Irene's worst you fucking children!

And then Irene blew by NYC...Roughing up Queens and Coney Island a bit...But no epic scene like some shit from "The Day After Tomorrow"...You arrogant Nancie's got some wind and rain, and acted like it was the end of days...Christ, Albany got hit harder with the storm then you did! And then the storm was onto New England, and slowly, one by one, the media outlets started dropping their storm coverage, and went back to their traditional, meaningless and often shitty programming...And all I really wanted to see was Al Roker get washed away!

Moving on to other meaningless bullshit...The MTV Video Music Awards was Sunday night...I didn't watch, so I have no details...But I have to ask...Why do the still have VMA's when they don't even show videos anymore!?!

So now, just a quick bit of sports...High School Football season has started, and now the Football has kicked in...Except for my local high school team, which got throttled 64-14 in their opener Friday night...OUCH!

Then there was the BIG Jim Thome Homecoming weekend...I wrote about Thome coming back, last week...For some reason MY_VIEW isn't popular in this town...In a city where the economy has kicked people in the ass, all the sudden these dopes have plenty of money to buy brand new Thome gear...Unreal...

Oh, and it was so sweet that some PR douche told all the players to wear high socks for Friday's big return of Thome...Great job going 0-4 Jim...Then Saturday, they all went nuts, because he hit a Home run...Completely over-shadowing Asdrubal Cabrera's 3 run, game winning, home run...Who cares that Cabrera won us another game, Thome got a dinger! Fuck you...Fuck you twice, because they gave him Sunday off...Oh, the poor, DH can't play three games in a row...It's so hard riding the pine, waiting to do one of two things...HR or Strikeout!

Fuck Cleveland....Relax...Have some self respect...The guy exactly the same thing that LeBron James did (minus the big tv show) and none of you gave a shit...You just swung from his nuts! C-town, stop rooting for the players, and start rooting for the teams...

That's it for now...Have a week...

Later, The Beeze.


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Welcome to this weeks edition of Special K's FEARLESS TOP 10 PREDICTIONS. This week the Sprint Cup series is in the Pocono Mountains at Long Pond, Pennsylvania for the Pocono 500. They were joined by the Camping World Truck series this weekend and Klassless Kevin Harvick raced to victory tdaoy over Kyle Busch. The race was ran this morning after being rained out yesterday. Last nigh Ricky Stenhouse Jr held off Carl Edwards to win the Nationwide race at Iowa Speedway. Stenhouse swept the races there this year. Todays race could come down to fuel milage, passing is difficult at times, there are very few cautions and track position will be important as always. The one-lap-wonders this week in qualifing include Kasey Kahne 2nd, Paul "Daddy buys my Ride" Menard (who is coming off his fluke win last week at the Brickyard) 7th, Brad KeseClownski 13th, David Ragan 15th, Regan Smith 17th and Dale "The most overrated driver in NASCAR" Earnhardt Jr 19th. Other drivers in the back of the pack where you usually find them are Juan Problem Montoya 23rd, AJ Allmendinger 29th, David Crash Reutimann 33rd, David "Slideways" Stremme 37th and Scott Speed 40th. Jeff Gordon is staring 31st and will have a long way to go. Last week due to fuel milage and pit strategy yours truly had only 4 drivers finish in the top 10 including correctly picking Jeff Gordon in 2nd, and 4 others in the top 20. With rain washing off the rubber on the track don't be surprised if NASCAR has a competition caution early in the race. Here are this weeks picks.

1.---Denny Hamlin has 4 wins in 11 starts here and his average finish is 9th. Look for my favorite driver to get a huge win today.

2.---Kurt Busch was fast in practice and is starting up front. Look for a solid run for the #22.

3.---Joey Lagano is on the pole and gaining momentum for the stretch run.

4.---Kyle Busch doesn't always run well on flat tracks but the team is on a roll this season despite Crew Chief Dave Rogers.

5.---Carl Edwards has been fast all season and is up front againd today.

6.---Matt Kenseth is up front and that bodes well for a solid finish.

7.---Jeff Gordon will need pit stategy to get to the front.

8.---Jimmie Johnson is struggling on pit road this season but starts 15th.

9.---Klassless Kevin Harvick manages to get to the front.

10.--Martin Turex Jr is my surprise pick of the week.

Other drivers who DNQ were thankfully Geoff Bodine, TJ Bell and Mike Skinner. All eyes will be on the most overrated driver in NASCAR, Dale Jr as he attempts to stay in the Top 10 in points. They will have to use pit strategy to get him to the front since he is unable to drive his way to the front. Other drivers to watch include Mark Martin, Cry'In Ryan Newman, Clint Crybaby Bowyer and Tony Stewart. Finally we are getting awesome TV Coverage by ESPN who is without a doubt the best network covering NASCAR. Their coverage really makes us fans all realize how horrible some of the announcers on the FOX/HMS network are and how bad the coverage really is.

Have a great day everybody

Special K

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Welcome to this weeks edition of Special K's FEARLESS TOP 10 PREDICTIONS. This week the Sprint Cup series is at the hollowed grounds of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the 18th running of the Brickyard 400. It is the 20th race of the Sprint Cup season. Across town at the Lucas Oil Raceway Park formerly Indianapolis Raceway Park to us long time fans, the Camping World Truck Series raced Friday night and the Nationwide series raced last night for the final time. Next year they move to the Brickyard for the first time. With all of the history of the famed Brickyard this has become the 2nd biggest race of the season. Passing is difficult, there are very few cautions and fuel milage can come into play. You will need pit strategy to get to the front if you are starting in the back of the pack. Look for possible short-pitting and two tire stops to get to or maintain track position. It should be an exciting race. As always there were several one-lap-wonders in the top 20. Some of those include David Ragan pole, Kasey Kahne 2nd, Brad Keseclownski 5th, AJ Allmendinger 6th, Juan Problem Montoya 7th, Paul "Daddy Buys my ride" Menard 15th and Dale Earnhardt Jr 22nd. Last week yours truly had 5 drivers in the Top 10 and 3 others in the Top 20. Here are this weeks picks.

1.---Kasey Kahne has been having probably his best overall season in NASCAR. He is my surprise pick of the week and he usually gets a solid finish here.

2.---Jeff Gordon has 4 wins here and seems to have thisplace figured out.

3.---Tony Stewart has 2 wins here and loves this place.

4.---Jimmie Johnson has 3 wins and 4 finishes of 22nd or worse in his last 7 races here. He is the defending champion.

5.---Klassless Harvick is a former winner here and will probably use pit strategy to get up front.

6.---Denny Hamlin was 3rd fastest in early practice and blew a motor and will start shotgun on the field 43rd. My favorite driver will be in contention by the end of the race.

7.---Kurt Busch is starting up front and usually runs well here.

8.---Kyle Busch doesn't have consitantcy on the flat tracks as a rule. However they are on a roll this season.

9---Carl Edwards is the points leader and has been fast all season and today is no exception.

10.--Matt Kenseth is starting up front and that means he usually stays there.

Other drivers to watch include Mark Martin, Martin Truex Jr, Jeff Burton, Clint Bowyer, Greg Biffle, Problem Montoya, Joey Lagano  and Cry'in Ryan Newman. Look for Dale Earnhardt Jr to continue his slide in the points and could be out of the Top 10 and the Chase at the end of the race.

Have a great day everybody.

Special K





Monday Moaning 7-25-11
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Well, thank God for Kate Upton...She can always put a smile on my face...

That's a good thing, because I haven't smiled much this past weekend...

In case you missed my Saturday night POST, shit like this junkie bitch, sharing the headlines with the Massacre that took place in Norway, makes me hate this world...

With all that has been going on in the world, and some things in my own little world, I've been having a hard time getting motivated to write my normal Monday (mostly) Sports blog...

Honestly, there has been non-stop talk about the NFL Players and Owners possibly reaching a new CBA deal...There has been some players bitching, and the owners may be trying to make them look bad, and force them into a crap deal...Guess what? I don't give shit! I'd almost be happy to see them all shit the bed, and completely piss off their fan base...Maybe they'd learn a lesson, but I doubt it...

I had planned earlier in the week to write about some possible MLB trades, like will the Indians or Pirates be willing actually make deals that would help them stay in contention? But I really don't care at this point...

There is another thing that happened in sports that has me salty...The rumors swirling around are saying that Ohio State isn't going to get hammered by the NCAA...If this is true, then the NCAA is completely full of shit! If it was a smaller program, they would have crushed them...Just by getting rid of Tressel and forfeiting the 2010 doesn't make it all better...Ohio State still keeps the money they made, including the money from the Sugar Bowl...

Plus with Tressels history of cheating and rules violations, and the fact that it's been proven that his bullshit at Ohio State has been going on since 2002, the University has to be held somewhat accountable...And the rest of the programs need to be put on notice, that no one is untouchable...What a bunch of horse shit!

Greed makes the world go around...Money and power are in bed together, and they are making evil little babies!

I mentioned things in my own little world that were bothering me as well...The biggest thing is my Uncle is seriously sick, and they aren't sure why yet...He, along with my parents and their two totally different tastes in music, was the biggest influence on me falling in love with music...It was him, before anyone else, that made me want to play guitar...So I leave this week's post by listening to him...

Have a week...

Later, The Beeze.


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