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Sports Friday with Hal: The NFL has no off-season
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Happy Friday, all!  Amazingly, it is just a pinch over five months until the 2014 NFL season kicks-off at the preseason Hall of Fame Game in Canton, OH on August 3rd. Just over a week until the NFL teams are able to negotiate with other team’s free agents prior to the signing period starting on March 11th. The NFL Draft is pushed back to May this year, but even that is only nine weeks away.


With the news of an increase in the salary cap to close to $132 million there will be a number of teams with more space to overpay free agents. This is interesting because of the last collective bargaining agreement between the players and league followed an uncapped year and immediately the league had a number of stagnant cap seasons that seemed to belie the league’s success.  Finally, this year the cap finally rose as many expected it would three years ago.


The NFLPA is already readying for the next labor war as former Carolina Panthers defensive end Sean Gilbert is out and campaigning to run against NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith.  Gilbert has been making the rounds and planning to get out of the current CBA.  The election is next year, but the ten year deal is suddenly in jeopardy with another work stoppage in 2015 if Gilbert is elected.


Free agents are starting to ink deals now as left tackle Jordan Gross unexpectedly retired. Gross was an All-Pro and Pro Bowl multiple times in Carolina.  This is a huge hole for a team that was close to contending in 2013.


Former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback and ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski was in the news after saying on a radio show that he did not think prospect quarterback Johnny Manziel is not a good  prospect. Jaworski is one of the best quarterback analysts (in my opinion at least--I NEVER miss him on NFL Matchup during the season) on the air and knows his passers. I do not see the controversy...I feel the same way as I watched him this season at Texas A&M and was not impressed. He was a great college quarterback...just like Tim Tebow.


The Philadelphia Eagles set the wide receiver market with a five year $25 million for wide receiver Riley Cooper.  At the same time they are trying to decide to re-sign wide receiver Jeremy Maclin whose knee injury opened up the position for Cooper to step up.  Hard to predict that Cooper would cash in after having nearly been booted off the team for his training camp racial slur scandal.


The Eagles also locked up their left tackle Jason Peters and extended center Jason Kelce.  For Kelce, a sixth round draft pick, the six year $37 million contract is the payoff for a lot of hard work to work his way from being a fringe roster player to an elite interior offensive lineman.


The New Orleans Saints look to be on the verge of franchise tagging tight end Jimmy Graham. The two sides are far apart on a deal and New Orleans would be insane to let him on the open market.  What is interesting will be where he is tendered as a franchise player. The difference is a couple million dollars so it will be interesting to see how that plays out this summer.


The Cleveland Browns released long-time linebacker D’Qwell Jackson after just two seasons into his signing a big money extension. Jackson excels in pass coverage at linebacker so he should have quite a market in free agency. Of course, there was a reason he was released by a four-win team (he has been terrible against the run the past two seasons and adds little to the pass rush) and if someone overpays they will likely be in the same boat as Cleveland in a year or two.


Of course, the NFL off-season is always full of controversy.  Arizona almost lost the Super Bowl next year due to their discriminatory anti-gay bill. The NFL showed their muscle in the political arena by putting pressure on the state government. The NFL (and particularly the Arizona Cardinals) pushed hard to strike down Bill 1026 in order to keep the Super Bowl. Remember, the NFL stopped Arizona from having a Super Bowl due to their not recognizing Martin Luther King Jr Day in the past.


Other bad news for the NFL came with former NFL player and NFL Network analyst Darren Sharper stands accused of drugging and raping several women. The news now is that he is suspected of raping seven women. He was arrested initially in Los Angeles and now has an arrest warrant in New Orleans. He is under investigation in Florida, Arizona, and Las Vegas as well.


For Sharper it is his job gone and now potentially his freedom.  If he is guilty then it is a tragic waste of a life. I do not understand or want to know what is going on in his head, but if he is responsible for this he is a sad, sick individual.


Speaking of wasted lives: former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was back in the news. A fight in jail--allegedly attacking an inmate who was in handcuffs--and he ended up in isolation for 30 days. Another odd twist in this ongoing saga for the former NFL player.


Monday Moaning 7-1-13
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In case you missed it Saturday, there is one topic, and one topic only, above all other topics, that has to be discussed....Must read NOW ...

I told ya...Serious stuff people...Serious stuff going on in our country that has to be addressed! Unlike what CNN is showing us...Yes, CNN has dug their heels all in with the George Zimmerman trial...Normal Friday night CNN programming got bumped so they could give another 3 more hours of talking about this trial...Hey, there is serious news happening daily in this country and in this world...And I'm not even talking about the asshole in Virginia anymore....(You better have clicked that link above!) It's sad because not only are they constantly harping on this trial, that just started, but they are also giving off the vibe that they are trying to single handedly start a race war....

Race over and over again keeps coming up when this trial is talked about...And pretty much every time a black person is attacked or killed by some one who isn't black...Yet, when a black person attacks or kills a person who isn't black, race is not brought up...Why the double standard...What there aren't black people who are racist, who target white people or Asian people....Oh yes there are...The media is just afraid to talk about it...It happened at The Wisconsin State Fair a couple years ago, that a group of teenage blacks targeted and attacked whites...But the media danced around it...

Is it uncomfortable in here yet? Sorry, but it needs to be said...The news media needs to report the news...The facts, as they really are, and not be afraid to tell the truth...But not every crime is racially motivated, and that shouldn't be the first thing we jump to when a crime happens...But dopes like CNN always seem to go there...I wrote THIS early last week...If you read it you can see I had a few problems with it, and racial tension popped up right or wrong...Do I think that animal did what he did because he was black and the woman was white...NO...he did it because he's a piece of shit...

So let me break down this whole Zimmerman case for ya, so you can avoid CNN for the next few months....Dude was following the Trayvon Martin, even though the police told him to pull back, they were on the way...But he wanted to be a hard ass....Martin realized was following him...Most likely, he said something...They exchanged words and then blows...Martin had him down and was beating his ass...Zimmerman was pissing himself, realizing he wasn't as hard as he thought, and that he had a gun, and shot Martin, thinking he was dead if he didn't...I don't know why it's so hard for people to figure out...

If I was in Martin's shoes, and noticed this douche following me, I may not have acting the same...When I was his age, I would have started to run, and ducked around a corner...If dude would have kept coming, then I probably would have jumped him...If I was Zimmerman, well you wouldn't see me doing what he did...I do my neighborhood watch from my front porch, and I don't have the time to waste, trolling around looking for the assholes...But If I found myself getting a beating, and I had a gun on me, yeah, I'd use it....Not everything is about race...Zimmerman may have said racist shit, doesn't mean he's looking to kill every black kid he sees...

Fuck! Sorry if this all got heavy and uncomfortable...But the fucking news media makes me want to puke in the soup!

Okay...Sports...The NHL Draft was Sunday....Ummm, yeah, I don't really follow the prospects intensely, so I got nothing...Plus I didn't watch...I took the kids to see Monsters University...It was good...Kids like it...Had some good laughs for the parents...There were a couple good previews too that got big laughs from Mrs. Beeze...Yeah, some times it's like having 4 kids!

Back to the NHL...There were a bunch of trades on draft day...I'm really not willing to run them all down for ya...But Chicago, you just won the Stanley Cup, and your team just traded away a couple of guys who played a role in that...Many teams are trying to unload some contracts because of the salary cap for this coming year...And the Coyotes, who no one knows if they will be playing in Phoenix this coming year (I'm rooting for Seattle), and have no owner, some how signed goalie Mike Smith to a six year, $34 million deal...WTF!

The Boston Bruins look like they will be losing some familiar faces too...Nathan Horton will explore free-agency, and the team will let Andrew Ference walk...They have plenty of youth and depth on the blue line, so losing Ference won't hurt...GM Peter Chiarelli also admitted to losing to offers for Tyler Seguin....But after not moving the 21 year old winger, Chiarelli made it clear that Seguin needs to grow up, saying "He's got to commit his mind and focus on the one task at hand." Telling the Boston Globe, "He's got to become more of a professional."

Alright, kid...The boss just listened to offers, and then called you out...Better spend less time in the bars and all that Beantown snatch, and more time working on your game!

The Devils used the 208 pick on goalie, Anthony Brodeur...Yep, son of Martin Brodeur...But the kid won't see the NHL for awhile considering Dad is still there, and that the Devils just traded the #9 pick to Vancouver for 27 year old goalie Cory Schnieder...Schneider has been talked about in many trade rumors over the last couple years...Honestly, I think Vancouver always wanted to keep him and trade overrated, and overpaid Roberto Luongo, but no one wants that contract and that guy!

Okay...That's enough...If you really care about all the hockey moves, you already know where to go...Last week, all my games got washed out, and I'm expecting the same this week, as the forecast is calling for more fucking rain...So far we've had one game and a bunch of rain outs...Thursday we should have played but the rec was too lazy to fix up the fields...The team we were suppose to play and us got together for a scrimmage...So at least all the kids got some work in...Been frustrating so far....Mother Nature needs to stop being such a twat and show youth baseball some love!

In closing...Wrapping this all up...Save the Blow Job! (and anal) ...Fuck CNN...Not every crime is racially motivated...And we should be able to discuss shit without everyone being afraid race...The NHL Salary cap has teams scrambling to make cap room...And Mother Nature needs to stop fucking with baseball season!

Have a week...

The Beeze.

What I Did on (2 Year) My Summer Vacation
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For those of you who are reading me for the first time, and as a refresher for those who may vaguely recall my previous body of blogging contributions to TSN and to YouGab, here are a few personal notes.  I live in a small cow town, Damascus,  Maryland.  As far as local sporting allegiances, I estimate it at about 50 – 50, Redskins & Ravens, 70 – 30  O’s & Nationals, sadly dominated by woebegone Capitals fans and home to about 10 Wizard fans…in case you did not know this, Washington does have a professional basketball team and that really is their name. I generally go Redskins, Nationals, Capitals, O's, Wiz & Ravens as my rooting hierarchy.  Above all, I am a sports fan.

I have the spent the last two non-blogging years drifting on the sea of sports websites on an almost Jason Bourne – like search seeking to reclaim my sports identity, although I did not have to kill anyone to do that (close call once in a beer line at FedEx field though).    Along the way, I discovered a renewed passion for baseball, an odd affinity to dog sled racing, 83 channels of sports jasonbprogramming on my Comcast box (who is this Jim Rome guy and why does he have his own TV show? and what's the deal with all the Euro-football?) and an old Brooks Robinson autographed baseball.   I lost my big toe in a strange Mayan end-of-the world sports ritual resulting in the Family giving me my coveted Sicilian handle, “Billy Nine Toes.”

Ultimately, I was shocked back to reality when Lance Armstrong appeared on Oprah followed by all-time nice guy Phil Mickelson groused about money like he was Maurice Jones-Drew.  Suddenly, almost magically, the first blog entry in quite some time popped off my keyboard and it all came back to me…yes, I used to post at YouGab…it’s all clear now.    Fortunately, I did keep a sports journal of my virtual & real travels…here are a few notes from the last couple of years…

Feb 2011.  In what could have been the defining moment of my sports amnesia experience, Lance Armstrong retires a hero.  Apparently, after being on the cover of SI in 2002 as Sportsman of the Year, SI developed its own case of amnesia.  In Lance’s case, he just forgot that he used every mode of PED’s under the sun.

Nov 2011. Inasmuchas my office is near State College, this story was too close to home.  The Legend of Joe Pa is no more…the whole Penn State story represented the seedy side of youth sports that nobody likes to think about and even less likes to write about.  A really low moment.  As a parent that devoted years to coaching youth sports,  you know that the kids and the parents trust you.  How could they let that happen?   (Note:  Joe was also a Sportsman of the Year in 1986).

Dec 2011.  In one final hurrah before the Sports Czar lowered the boom on the Crescent City, Drew Brees maxes out the passing yardage record.  The undocumented story was D Coach Gregg Williams tutoring the Saints receivers on how to twist an ankle during a pile-up.  Team generates unusually large (and suspicious) number of late fumbles to create artificial scrums.  Goodell is still looking into the matter.

Feb 2012.  The Giants won the Super Bowl….the Giants won the Super Bowl.  Unbelievable.  I’m remain nonplused.

March 2012.  The 2012 Fantasy Iditarod Season is lost due to a lockout by the owners (would that be...me?!).  The lockout ends the domination of the event by Alaska weathermen.  In related news,  the real race was won by Dallas Seavey  with a time of just over 9 days followed by female musher Aily Zirkle  only 1 hour behind.   If I had only run the contest, I might have finally won my own event.  


April 2012.  A small stroke of poetic justice occurred when some guy named Bubba actually wins the Masters.  22 old guys wearing hideous green sports coats pass out…nobody notices as they assume it is just time for their naps.  On the lighter side, I got to have a beer with a few of my buds on the 16th green. (I'm on the right).

A small piece of advice if you ever go to a golf tournament – drinking 3 martinis in a hospitality tent after wandering around in the heat all day is not a good idea.  Several koi at the rental property suffered the consequences as a result; details another day.



Oct 2012.  During a visit to the Native American History Museum, I participated in a study that revealed 23% of the visitors werewearing some form of Washington Redskins apparel.  This number spiked when the data from a spy-cam revealed a surprising and rather disturbing trend that showed an alarming affinity for Redskins thong panties worn by women weighing in at over 250 pounds.  The study results prompt D.C. mayor to demand a name change for the team as a requirement to move back to the city.  Owner Dan Snyder responded with a well-known and probably equally native hand gesture.




Dec 2012.  I was nearly snapped back to reality in a surreal sports moment.  The Redskins actually won something other than the offseason – a division title.  In a shocking visual twist, Jerry Jones facelift gave way…unrecognizable as he left FedEx field, he was accosted by stadium security.  In response to his claims to be Jerry Jones, stadium staff told him, “you’re not pretty enough.”


So there it is, 24 months of sports hell, but in the immortal words of George Costanza, “I’m back, baby, I’m back!!”


Now down to business

Next week I get to post just before the Super Bowl.  In addition to giving you my Fearless Forecast on the Big Game, I will publish the winner of the Chili Cook-Off.  How to accomplish this off of a blog you ask?  Send me your recipe and I will reproduce a couple of them this week and put them up against my own recipe.  The winning recipe as judged by my family (never one to be biased towards me) will be the winner.  I hope I don’t win by default.

I will also take salsa recipes to go along with the mandatory chips. 



Bring it on!







Coming in February...

We are getting very close to the pitchers and catchers reporting – I am definitely looking forward to that and I will be covering that very closely…much closer than, say, hockey season which I am finding hard to watch.  Is that because the Caps stink?, maybe so…nevertheless…give me baseball.

So there we go – thanks to all the YouGab guys for welcoming me back with open arms, Sully, Frag and the rest, thanks a bunch.  Until next week, adios muchachos!


USA Swim Team Sex Abuse Scandal Gets Mainstream Media Pass - Why? Tags: Tim Joyce USA Swim team sex abuse sandal Sarah Burt Twitter NBC CNN FOX News Sarah Ganim


Since Beeze brought us the Tim Joyce investigative report on the Sex Abuse Scandal within the USA Olympic Swim team both of us have spent a good deal of time trying to get this story sent out to the very media Joyce calls out. We were up until nearly 4 am Monday morning; this is the time of day where newsrooms around the country and their producer’s are putting together the morning broadcasts and we got an unusual amount of traffic as we spent a good 90 minutes tweeting the link to both the Gab and WBAL sites for them to see exactly what it was that outraged us. At the end of the day you’ll be really surprised who picked up this story, a little online newspaper in Toronto Canada called “The People at Risk Daily”, and we thank Lisa A. McLeod for doing so, she clearly gets it, but CNN, ESPN, NBC, every news anchor and top gun reporter (and yes B.O.B., even Bill O’Reilly got one from me) could not have been less interested.

In the last 48 hours I’ve been reeling over this, all the while I can scan the channels and see Olympic Coverage, Olympic Coverage, Olympic Coverage, Spoiler Alert, Gabby Douglas etc…USA Swim Scandal? Nada! The cowards Joyce speaks of in the mainstream media, you know the ones who have to answer to a higher authority before ever airing anything without the stamp of approval from the “Politcal Correctness Department” because it’s taboo to step on the toes of the likes of NBC and the billions they doled out for Olympic broadcast rights, or ESPN who can’t offend anything or anyone in sports until it’s obvious the rest of the planet will hang the offender out to dry too, i.e. Jerry Sandusky. Part of what’s wrong here very well could be Joyce’s timing of the story. Joyce’s story hit the web July 31st, the Games were underway and if you’re working on an Olympic story whether it’s a competitor fluff piece or a hard story like this you’d think timing shouldn’t matter, it’s about the USA Olympic Swim team, it talks about the very coaches who are now being investigated for said abuse but that’s not what Bob Costas is going to be allowed to talk about after interviewing Michael Phelps who just broke the Olympic medal record…just can’t have it. When Beeze posted the story at the Gab early Monday morning we weren’t even 24 hours into the shooting of the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin, that got top bill and rightfully so, but my problem is why is a news organization like CNN or FOX News not able to cover more than one top story, they do it all the time and on a slow news day they still manage to fill their slots with plenty of crap to keep their anchors talking.

I started thinking; just maybe the reason isn’t the timing of the games as much as it is the story has “USA Swimming” in the title and not Penn State. It sure seemed pretty easy to point the finger at a school in a college town, say the administration and coaches covered it up, district attorney’s and police departments knew but basically looked the other way while Sandusky molested boys in the Nittany Lion locker room shower stalls, as I recall no one died, but Sandusky went to trial, was publicly humiliated, Paterno was forced out as head coach and into the grave. I’m not minimizing the abuse of Sandusky, personally I look forward to the day there’s breaking news he was found swinging in his cell, I’ll be more than okay with that sound bite. But when we’ve got numerous coaches, suicide, sexual abuse, cover-ups, a girl who got pregnant from a coach, there’s something seriously wrong when no one wants to ask the question - What the hell is going on with the USA Olympic Swim team and why hasn’t anyone appointed a special prosecutor from the US Attorney’s office? Why hasn’t a congressman asked why is this being swept under the rug? Oh yeah, it’s an election year, they have bigger fish to fry, their careers.  Barry Bonds and Roger Clemons got more attention than this and that was for perjury about steroid abuse…(is this making sense to any of you yet)? Why, because they were multi-million dollar, high profile athletes that makes it okay? Where are our priorities? I’m sorry, when the safety of young girls (and most of you know I have a daughter so you know where my anger is coming from) are being compromised by the very coaches entrusted by parents to train them to represent our country and it’s covered up for the sake of the reputation of an organized sport and the ole boy network that oversees it I can’t fathom why this isn’t front and center and I’m not seeing headlines with coaches being escorted into police stations cuffed and jackets hiding their faces, just like Jerry Sandusky...this story mirrors Penn State in so many ways. The differences, it's on a much larger scale, over a longer period of time, involves not one but many coaches and children and 16 year Sarah Burt walked herself in front of a tractor trailer and committed suicide. Yeah, it makes you just scratch your head doesn't it?...or want to go out and hurt someone.

B.O.B I believe was who made the comment that when the games were over, the closing ceremonies have concluded and athletes, networks and reporter’s come home this might just rear its ugly head. I thought the same thing too. If that’s the case, I won’t be surprised, but I’ll have a lot of mixed emotions if I do see it. First, I’ll be extremely pissed off if I hear Erin Burnett, Kyra Phillips or Soledad O’Brien talking about this like they just found out about it, that I can assure you isn’t the case, they all got it the morning Beeze and I tweeted “talking heads” from here to the moon and back. If Bill O’Reilly talks about it I’ll be glad FOX covered it instead of pumping sunshine up Mitt Romney’s ass while we still listen to him and Harry Reid trade barbs over Mitt’s tax records, because in the grand scheme of things, this is what I really want to know about. Wrong! Sure, I’ll be glad to see this get the attention it deserves, but God help whoever it is that does so if they got this story originally from us, I’ll be calling them out for doing exactly what it is I believe they’re doing, lying in wait to pounce when the timing is just right  - after the games. Which we all know is the wrong reason, it’s just the politically correct reason, and that’s horse shit.

Sarah Burt deserves better, her family deserves better. Tim Joyce deserves the same recognition for having the guts to break this story as Sarah Ganim got when breaking the Sandusky story, and we all know that story wasn’t really “breaking news” either, it was a story that resurfaced on the heels of one reporter who was just not going to take NO for an answer. I’m here to say, I’m not taking NO for an answer either.

Got to go now, I need to tweet the hell out of this to the same mainstream media that ignored the last story and I suggest you all do the same…don’t you take NO for an answer either.


Five Minute Frags - Serious Offers Only
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Could it really be true? Could the prince of Hell, once he’s inherited the keys to the castle, be looking to sell?


If some fast swirling rumors are to believed, that could indeed be the case, as the New York Daily News is reporting that multiple “insiders” are saying that the Steinbrenner boys are shopping the Yankees.


Yeah, those New York Yankees.


The Daily News piece is saying that the Steinbrenner boys do not share the same interest in the game as their father George, who bought the team in 1973 for $8.8 million. They cite the infamous “inside sources” as saying the boys are viewing the sale of the Los Angeles Dodgers, for upwards of $2 billion, as a sign that now is the time to move the team, and early estimate are that they could fetch a cool $3 billion or more in a deal.


The Steinbrenners were quite to issue a rebuttal to the story, with Hal Steinbrenner taking to Twitter to issue his statement, saying “I just read the daily news story. It is complete fiction. Me and my family have no intention of selling the Yankees and expect it to be in the family for years to come.”


Unfortunately, the media has already run with it, and I myself couldn’t pass up the opportunity to discuss it. Just think about it for a moment; this could be a landscape changer for Major League Baseball as a whole.


For as a big of an iconic franchise as the Dodgers were, they don’t even hold a candle to the Yankees. Selling the Yankees is akin to the United States selling a stake in the government. The sale of the Yankees, if it comes to pass, would take years to complete. Bud Selig and his cronies would have to make sure they take every step imaginable to make sure that the bidders are thoroughly investigated and there are assurances that the team can stay afloat. The Yankees are a money making machine, but they do so under the “you have to spend money to make money” mantra. Any new ownership group would have to be able to do so.


What kind of bidding frenzy would this create? And I’m not just talking about new owners looking to get into the game and do so with the most iconic franchise in all of sports. I’m talking about current ownership groups looking to upgrade to a bigger piece of the puzzle. Look at the Red Sox sale for instance. It involved John Henry selling his stake in the Marlins to Jeffrey Loria, who in turn sold his team to Major League Baseball. Baseball ownership is an insider organization, and you have to bet your bottom dollar that the good old boys will want to keep the Yankees under the umbrella.


Then there is the economic landscape to consider. The Yankees have contributed $206.27 million in luxury tax payments since 2003, or 95% of total luxury tax funds. You can bet your bottom dollar that Major League Baseball, who splits the money between players’ benefits, development of the game in underdeveloped countries, and an Industry Growth Fund, counts on the Yankees going over that cap. I can almost guarantee that a new ownership group would do everything in there power to get the Yankees under that cap. Hell, the Steinbrenner regime is doing what it can do get under the cap by next season.


In the end, it comes down to passion. If the Yankees do sell, could they find an owner that was as passionate and no-holds-barred as George Steinbrenner was? Say what you want about George, and I have, but he was as much a part of the Yankee show as the team on the field was and without him, you can see that in the product the Yankees currently have on the field and in the seats. This is a team that needs a passionate owner willing to take risks and spend money.


So we get to sit back and play the waiting game, reading the speculation and denials as they come and go. But I guarantee you that once this comes to pass, and it inevitably will, the circus will come to town.


George would be proud of that.

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