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Musings From The Hoodwood 9-30
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Was I there? You betcha!


Greetings from the Hoodwood where the locals are preparing for Princess Katie’s 18th Birthday


I am one of the first to lambaste the lemming like followers of Ohio State, but I had the chance to head to the belly of the beast this past Saturday. I got tickets to see my beloved alma mater take on the fearsome Ohio State University in a rare night game in Ohio Stadium. Yes the Bearcats were better than 2 touchdown underdogs, they were well represented fan wise in the massive crowd filing to the imposing 100k-plus arena in the heart of the Columbus campus. I have been to Ohio Stadium a number of times, but usually with a press pass, so though I would be on the field I had to be a neutral observer. When the Bearcats played in Columbus in 2004 and 2006 they were hammered both times, the games never close. This time, I had my tickets I had my gear on and was ready for my Bearcats to shock the world.

The game started auspiciously for the Bearcats, they received the opening kickoff and three plays into the game, Gunner Kiel dropped back and went deep, Chris Moore had a step on his man and hauled in the pass. Moore steamed into the end zone and 84 seconds into the game…the scoreboard looked like this and the boisterious Buckeye crowd sat blinking as the scoreboard looked like this

The Bearcats came out looking less like Kent State who looked and played like a patsy and more like Virginia Tech who came ready to play and win. The problem was the Bearcats defense was virtually non existent, the Bucks drove right back down the field and 2 minutes later had the game tied. Where it looked like it would be a tight game even with the Bucks pulling ahead with 4:30 left in the first when Ezekiel Elliot crashed over from a yard out, the game looked like it would be a dogfight but the Bucks forced the issue with a massive hit on Kiel on the Bearcats subsequent possession which caused a fumble the ball bounded toward the end zone where it was batted out of the end zone which was a safety. The Bucks took the free kick and roared back down the field where JT Barrett found Devin Smith on a crossing pattern and Smith scampered in from 19 yards out, it suddenly was 23-7 at the end of the first and the Bucks looked dangerously close to making the game a joke before the sun had went down in the western sky and when Evan Spencer hauled in another TD strike from Barrett the game was disintergrating into a rout. I sat in my upper deck seat in shell shock, the Buck fans around me taunting me with glee. The Bearcats weren’t any better than Kent State in their eyes and they were already making dinner plans

But a funny thing happened, the Bearcats hung in. Kiel found Johnny Holton on a go route cutting the lead to 16(yawn snore go the Buck fans many of whom were already calling for the Bucks to score another 30 points in response.) and late in the half , Moore found a seam, Kiel zipped the ball to him and it was off to the races and a nine point deficit. The score at the half was 30-21 (yawn but no snore, the crowd seemed to take more delight in the halftime show taking potshots at hated rival Michigan than anything. The Bucks took the 2nd half kickoff and again sauntered down the field but for the first time a drive stalled. The Bucks had to take a field goal and were up 12, the Bearcats took the kickoff and after a first down pass again went long. Kiel went deep to Moore whos 3 catches were all for touchdowns and were for a mind boggling 223 yards. My UC math has that as a 74.3 yard per catch, that’s an NCAA record and earned Moore conference player of the week. The score was now 33-28 and while the scattered Bearcat fans celebrated, I stood tall and screamed “We’re still here! Oh yes we are STILL HERE!” The yawns and snores were gone. It was a five point game This is where the Bearcats had a chance to make their bones and really make a game of it. I opined to my friends that if the Bearcats were leading or within 5 to start the fourth, the Bucks would crumble from panic thinking “Oh no, its Va. Tech all over again.” The Bearcats again went deep but the pass fell short and a flag was down, offensive pass interference was called and Bearcats head man Tommy Tuberville came close to popping a gourd in protest. The Cats were pushed back to 1st And 25, the Bearcats went meekly and only gained 5 yards and punted. Bucks fans grinned conspiratorially as the knew that they got a favorable call. The Bucks steamed back down the field and Dontrae Smith was wide open in the end zone for a score and the roof more or less fell in. The Bucks added a late score in the 4th to finish a 50-28 rout. The Bearcats gave up over 700 yards of offense and 45 first downs. The Bearcats were defeated but played the Bucks tough and I was proud that they competed. The game was played in front of the largest Ohio Stadium crowd ever. Not for a Michigan game, not for Penn State or Sparty against Cincy. 108,362 were in attendance. One of whom…was your humble scribe.  

Though I find out later that my moms neighbor who is a diehard Ohio State alum and fan tells me on Monday that she had been looking for me, as she had a pair of extra lower deck tickets that she was looking to bestow on me for free…arrggh.

Phat Dap

To Jordan Zimmerman of the Nationals, who finished the MLB regular season with a no-hitter preserved by AAA player of the year Steven Souza who entered as a defensive replacement and made a spectacular catch for the final out. The Nats have home field advantage in the NL playoffs and will be a tough out in the postseason.

Head Slap

To the Michigan Football team, who got housed by Minnesota 30-14 to lose the Little Brown Jug for the first time since 2005, the Wolverines have 3 losses before the 1st of October for the first time in school history. Brady Hoke is likely seeing for sale signs outside his house. I overheard Buck fans at the game Saturday in real fear that Hoke will be fired and Michigan will go after and hired embattled 49er coach Jim Harbaugh a former Michigan player. That might not happen but that would even the playing field in the OSU-Michigan rivalry in a hurry.

Quick Hits

Dennis Allen the now former head coach of the Raiders. Allen got the gate after the Raiders were routed by Dolphins in London. Allen was 8-28 in 2+ seasons in the East Bay. The Raiders are on a 10 game losing streak. Allen was a scapegoat of a larger problem, this is the Raiders 10th coach in the last 20 years a sad mark of a once proud franchise.

Charlie Weis got the gate from Kansas 6-22 in 2+ seasons, hes more a coordinator than coach

Steve Smith had a real grudge against the Panthers the Ravens took his lead and took the Panthers back of the woodshed

Goodbye Gardy, the Twins give the longtime skipper the gate after 13 seasons. The Twins have had all of 2 managers in the last 29 years.

Bucs get hammered by the Falcons, then turnaround and stun the Steelers at Heinz Field no less…

Im still proud of my Bearcats…

Until next post fellow sports fans…

Sports Friday with Hal: NFL Notes Week Four
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Happy Friday!


Fighting a head cold and spent the week on the road for some training with the Feds so it looks like a little short and sweet this week. Sorry about that. On to the NFL:




Some good news this week as on Thursday Cincinnati defensive lineman Devon Still’s four-year old daughter had her tumor removed. Leah still has another round of chemo, radiation, stem-cell transplants, and recovery, but Holy Christ, pediatric cancer has to be one of the scariest things in the universe. I have a couple of kids and I cannot imagine how someone can function in that situation. Scariest thing in the world. Great work by Still using his family struggle to help raise money for research and the NFL kicking in and contributing money from the sale of Still jerseys for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital pediatric cancer research unit. Double-kudos to Saints coach Sean Payton who purchased 100 jerseys himself.  With all the Ray Rice/Domestic Violence and all the other crap around the NFL this year, what an inspiring story of an amazing player and the league jumping to his support.




The Miami Dolphins made a stir this week when head coach Joe Philbin did not name starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill the starter for Sunday’s game in London against Oakland. Philbin is on the hot seat and after being New England in week one the Dolphins have lost two straight. Philbin should have been fired last year with the Richie Incognito crap and his team quitting on him for the second straight season and is again mishandling the team in 2014.


Matt Moore is not the answer at quarterback. Ryan Tannehill is still young, still inexperienced (he arrived at college as a wide receiver and was converted to quarterback) and the Dolphins offensive line is terrible. They brought in a new offensive coordinator who wants to run the Philadelphia offense with Mike Wallace (bust alert!) and Brian Hartline at wide receiver.


Personally, I am a big fan of Tannehill. He has a strong arm, athleticism, and seems like a smart kid. He is struggling learning a new offense but was excellent last year after a strong rookie season. I spent some time debating it with some Dolphins fans this week and they are ready to throw out Tannehill and start over. I think they are nuts. Give the kid a chance to succeed. He has the tools, he just needs time to integrate the new offense, the overpriced and underperforming receivers, and some blocking up front to get over the hump.




Former Titans kicker Rob Bironas died in a single-car accident last Saturday. He was reported missing right before the accident and reports say he was enraged and threatening other drivers before the accident. Former teammates do not believer he was depressed or suicidal or enraged. It was a weird circumstance. It was a tragedy. But who knows if we’ll ever know what really happened.




Someone tell me what the over/under is for Rex Ryan being fired. Starting Geno Smith over Michael Vick. Going from Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie at quarterback to...well, who

ever they have with 2013 first round pick Dee Milliner having issues staying on the field and free agent signing Dimitri Patterson having imploded, gone AWOL, and released in the preseason. Now they roll out frick and frack and wonder why they lose. Now this week top free agent signing on offense, former Broncos receiver Eric Decker, had an injured hamstring and was marched out on Monday night to play. Guess what...he reinjured the hammy. Decker may play this weekend, he may not. But he missed much of Monday and may not be 100% all year. Hammies can be difficult to heal when reaggravated. I was shocked Ryan came back the last two years as his shlock routine runs its course quickly. It may finally have done so this year.




The NFL returns to London this week. With three regular season games the league has certainly made a clear commitment to international expansion. Personally, based on the lack of success with the NFL Europe, the clear choice is the American Football mad Germans, but the NFL wants England so London it is. The NFL knows it needs to grow across the pond, and there are 400,000 Sky Sports viewers (per NBCSports.com) each week watching the NFL game of the week there.  Not English Premier League games there type numbers for SkySports (probably four times the viewers) but a significant chunk to build upon for the NFL.  I still think the logistics won’t work for a team in London, but expect more regular season games in Europe over the next decade.




All right, all. Thanks for reading and visiting. Check out my neighbor here ---> as well today and have a great weekend!

NFL Week 4 Picks
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Last week was a decent bounceback and it would be nice to avoid anymore horrid weeks, but the number of games are reduced and the marging of error much smaller. The bye weeks start, earlier than ever. And it takes two of the three unbeaten teams out of the mix for the week so that 1972 Dolphins will have to keep that champagne waiting for at least another week. The Cardinals (defeated 49ers 23-14), Bengals (defeated Titans 33-7), Browns (lost to Ravens 23-21), Broncos, Seahawks (Seattle defeated Denver 26-20 in OT) & Rams (lost to Cowboys 34-31)  on their respective byes. The odds are provided by ESPN and are for entertainment and comparison purposes only. Money is a rumor in my house so I haven’t a dime to spare you if take these lines and lose. 


Thursday September 25

Giants (1-2) @ Washington (1-2)

FedEx Field; Landover, MD 8:25 (CBS/NFLN)

Favorite Washington by 3

Last Week Giants defeated Texans 30-17, Washington lost to Eagles 37-34

Fast Fact Washington has scored 75 points in the last two games, most in the NFL

The G-Men finally awoke to slam the Texans  while Kirk Cousins has been the tonic that DC has needed, waking up a sleepy offense and despite a loss to Philly has suddenly been lighting up the scoreboard. Im not really sold on either one of teams but I don’t trust Eli Manning that much to begin with (Though selfishly Im hoping that he has a decent game for my fantasy team, hes my fill in for his brother) I think that Cousins continues to play well and make the cries for his permanent insertion into the starting lineup grow louder


Sunday September 28


Packers (1-2) @ Bears (2-1)

Soldier Field, Chicago 1:00 (FOX)

Favorite Packers by 1˝

Last Week Packers lost to Lions 19-7, Bears defeated Jets 27-19

Fast Fact Since 2010 The Bears have returned 19 interceptions for touchdowns most by any team in that span

The Bears looked uneven but still had more than enough to ease past the Jets in Gotham, while the Packers just looked plumb comfused (sic) in Motown. Aaron n Rodgers tells Pack Nation to relax, but falling to 1-3 with a loss to their hated rival to the south would get the radical fringe in Green Bay to hunting up for sale signs to plant on Mike McCarthy’s lawn. I still don’t trust Jay Cutler though he is beginning to click nicely with his deep receiving corps. The Bears defense also plays scattershot though I was pleasantly surprised to see the secondary play at a high level in spite of losing Peanut Tillman. Tough game to call and I expect it to be close. Though I wouldn’t be surprised to see Cutler make a liar of me and play like a schlep again, I’m picking the Bears to push the Packers (and their fans to desperation)



Bills (2-1) @ Texans (2-1)

Reliant Stadium 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Texans by 2˝

Last Week Bills lost to Chargers 22-10, Texans lost to Giants 30-17

Fast Fact The Bills are 0-10 since the start of last season if they trail by 10 or more points

The Bills got smacked around by the Chargers who shut their fragile and fledgling offense down while the Texans got hammered by the G-Men in Gotham. Ryan Fitzpatrick needs the dynamic running of Arian Foster to keep opposing defenses honest and will especially need it against a withering Bills pass rush, a team that he was once the supposed franchise quarterback. Their current franchise QB is still suffering through growing pains and I just don’t feel that I can trust the Bills on the road yet.



Titans (1-2) @ Colts (1-2)

Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Colts by 7˝

Last Week Titans lost to Bengals 33-7, Colts defeated Jaguars 44-17

Fast Fact The Colts have won 10 of the last 11 meetings both in the series and in Indy

The Titans got hammered in Cincy and now face a Colts squad that pounded the Jags to get their first win. The Titans have more and more questions on both sides of the ball and I’m getting to think that the win in Kansas City was more a fluke. The Colts offense hasn’t really been a concern, and as long as the running game continues to be solid the Colts will win more than their fair share of games. The Titans have way too many issues to give the home team anything more than token resistance



Panthers (2-1) @ Ravens (2-1)

M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Ravens by 3˝

Last Week Panthers lost to Steelers 37-19, Ravens defeated Browns 23-21

Fast Fact Ravens receiver Steve Smith is the Panthers all-time leader in receptions, yards and receiving touchdowns (836-12197-67)

Beat up and worn down in front of a sullen home crowd, the Panthers ineptitude was as startling as it was complete. They face a Ravens team that is rounding back into form after an opening weekend loss. The once proud Panthers defense got trampled by the Steelers and the Ravens have a solid running game as well; combine that with the so-so play from Cam Newton. I just think the Panthers are in a whole heap of trouble on the road.



Lions (2-1) @ Jets (1-2)

MetLife Stadium; East Rutherford, NJ 1:00 (FOX)

Favorite Lions by 1˝  

Last Week Lions defeated Packers 19-7, Jets lost to Bears 27-19

Fast Fact Jets are one of six teams that have yet to record an interception

The Jets believe in Geno…so they keep saying. The grinning jeering Rex Ryan tries to make it sound like he’s not worried about the 2nd year players skittish play. But the truth is Smith isn’t playing well and the Jets may crash and burn because of it. Facing a Lions squad who played and ugly but effective in knocking off the Pack, they will have their hands full trying to contain Megatron Johnson who has a dependable receiving mate in Golden Tate, I’m thinking that the Lions will force Geno and the Jets into enough mistakes to get a close win



Buccaneers (0-3) @ Steelers (2-1)

Heinz Field, Pittsburgh 1:00 (FOX)

Favorite Steelers by 7˝

Last Week Buccaneers lost to Falcons 56-14, Steelers defeated Panthers 37-19

Fast Fact The Bucs have never won in Pittsburgh (0-3) this is only their 2nd visit to Heinz Field

It doesn’t seem fair; the Bucs got took an awful nationally televised beatdown against the Falcons and now have to travel to Pittsburgh to face a revitalized Steeler team that smashed a solid Panthers squad. (On national TV no less) The Bucs are a mess and asking them to get their first win in a city that they have never won in, is asking a little too much.

Pick-Pittsburgh (Lock of the Week)


Dolphins (1-2) vs Raiders (0-3)

Wembley Stadium; London, England 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Dolphins by 3˝

Last Week Dolphins defeated Chiefs 34-15, Raiders lost to Patriots 16-7

Fast Fact This is one of three games played in London this year. The first time that the Dolphins have made the trip across the big pond

What looked to be a promising start of a season for the Dolphins is getting buried under a pair of routs and a QB controversy that doesn’t really need to happen.  The only team that might be a bigger mess (outside of Florida) is the team that they’re playing. The Raiders are impotent offensively and clueless defensively. The NFL continues to stupidly push the idea of a team in London but if they are insistent on sending this product to Britain, the locals will think that the Barclays Premier League is more top flight than the American curiosity. Once upon a time this was a marquee matchup, now I think that the Dolphins are more coherent on office, if barely. But that’s more than the Raiders who lack focus and direction



Jaguars (0-3) @ Chargers (2-1)

Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego 4:05 (CBS)

Favorite Chargers by 13˝

Last Week Jaguars lost to Colts 44-17, Chargers defeated Bills 22-10

Fast Fact After starting up 17-0 in week 1 in Philly the Jags have been outscored 119-27

Very few people outside of southern California and northeastern Florida will see this dog of a game. The Chargers are quickly shaking off that opening Monday loss to flex their muscles as a sleeper AFC team, the Jags however are not impressing anyone with their play and facing a Chargers team that is starting to find itself offensively is a bad omen. Poor Blake Bortles will be running for his life from a solid Chargers pass rush. This won’t be pretty

Pick-San Diego


Eagles (3-0) @ 49ers (1-2)

Levi’s Stadium; Santa Clara, CA 4:25 (FOX)

Favorite 49ers by 5

Last Week Eagles defeated Washington 37-34, 49ers lost to Cardinals 23-14

Fast Facts The Eagles are the first NFL team to win their first 3 games after trailing by 10 or more points in all of them. The Niners have scored a grand total of 3 points in the 2nd half of their 3 games this year

The Niners again fell apart again in the 2nd half this time to a Cards team many weren’t taking seriously (I know I didn’t) the Eagles again spotted a team a double digit lead then stormed back to get the win. As much as I’m tempted to pick the Niners at home, I don’t trust their offense especially in the 2nd half of games. That’s not a good formula against an Eagles team that seems to start slow and then come roaring back in the 2nd half.



Falcons (2-1) @ Vikings (1-2)

TCF Bank Stadium, Minneapolis 4:25 (FOX)                                                                                                                                

Favorite Falcons by 6

Last Week Falcons defeated Buccaneers 56-14, Vikings lost to Saints 20-9

Fast Fact This is the first time that these teams have played an outdoor game against each other since 1991

The Falcons awoke from a short offensive slumber and laid a frightening woodshed like beating on the woeful Bucs, the Vikes feel good season opener feels a million miles away now as they stumbled through another lackluster offensive effort in a loss to the Saints. Teddy Bridgewater gets the start and lacking many of the key components to his offensive unit will struggle. Matty “Ice” will be able to pick the Vikings apart if he is not pressured and the Vikings have shown little inclination to put up a real pass rush



Saints (1-2) @ Cowboys (1-2)

AT&T Stadium; Arlington, TX 8:30 (NBC)

Favorite Saints by 3

Last Week Saints defeated Vikings 20-9; Cowboys defeated Rams 34-31

Fast Fact Cowboys and Saints rank 30th and 31st in yards allowed in NFL since 2011

The Pokes are walking tall after rallying to beat the Rams, but they have a lot of questions still lingering. The Saints scored their fewest points of the young season but it was more than enough to beat the crumbling Vikings. The Pokes are a glamour team and you know that the NFL can’t resist giving them a marquee showcase, and the Saints high powered offense will give them a real test. I think given time Drew Brees should be able to pick the Pokes still suspect defense apart and while Tony Romo apologists like to point out his number of comebacks, I can’t see him doing it again even at home.

Pick-New Orleans



Monday September 29


Patriots (2-1) @ Chiefs (1-2)

Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City 8:30 (ESPN)

Favorite Patriots by 3

Last Week Patriots defeated Raiders 16-7; Chiefs defeated Dolphins 34-15

Fast Fact Pats have eight takeaways tied with Chicago for most in NFL

These aren’t the Pats that you and I remember over the last decade and a half. Tom Brady is taking an awful beating and the Pats are barely beating teams on rep now. The Chiefs got their first win and are a hard hard team to figure. I’m having a hard time trusting their offense or defense who seem to totter between maddingly inconsistent and just incoherent.  I’m gonna take a wild gamble here, and take the home team but fear that if I’m right it’ll set the feeling dissed Pats up to trash the Bengals next week on Sunday in a statement game for them. If I’m right, this might be the beginning of the slow painful descent of the Belichick/Brady Pats dynasty

Pick-Kansas City (Upset of the Week)


Last Week:  10-6 (Lock Correct/Upset not selected and will be counted as a loss)

Overall: 27-21 (does not count Thursday loss)

Locks: 3-0

Upsets:  0-3

Talking Sports
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The ageless Sebastain Janikowski 

Every once and a while as a fan you get to do something cool. So a couple weeks ago I’m sitting on Storrow Drive in traffic. Trying to get to I-93 Noth. My phone rings and it says Boston Red Sox  on the caller ID. So I’m thinking they are trying to push some tickets for the final homestand. I answer it and the guy has my name and asks if I remember doing a fan survey about a month ago. I remember doing it and I was kind of brutally honest voicing some of  my basic displeasures with some aspects the fan experience .

The guy says based on your answers we think you would make an excellent choice to participate in a focus group. Are you interested ? I say sure sounds like fun. So last Wednesday I took the afternoon off to go to this focus group about the fan experience a Fenway.

There was suppose to be 5 people two begged out. There was me two women one from a neighboring town actually. The guy had set question but you could expand as much as you want. Everything from how do get to a game, to what food you purchase and why..

I gave some honest answers like sliding tickets why is a Yankee game $30 dollars more than say an Astro’s game same seat same experience and like the Astro’s the Yankees didn’t make the playoffs either.. I talked about a bottle of water costing $4.00 bucks. I also spoke up about spending millions and millions of dollars to make the ballpark better and two major things weren’t addressed turning the rightfield seats toward the plate and creating more leg room.

I said I just want too watch the game without a lot of other stuff. That seemed to be the opinion in the room. The weird part is the guy said that our group was different because we cared more about the game on the field.. I guess other people go to say they ent or to be social. If I’m going to a game I’m there to watch the game. All and all it was fun afternoon and somebody other than my dog listened to my opinion.

I went to the Patroits-Raiders game on Sunday, Yawn. A couple observations the Patroits can’t block ,Brady was hurried a lot and sucked a couple of times. If they don’t block we will be seeing Jimmy Grappolo instead of Brady. Julian Edelman is the only receiver on the patriots of course Brandon Lafel and Danny Amondola are basically the same player but they don’t get open.Where is Dobson and Tompkins and was Tim Wright really worth Logan Mankins.? The defense is good the offense has like a bb gun for a weapon. Then there is Gronk who still doesn’t look like Gronk.

I thought Derrick Carr played well taking everything the patriots gave him and the ageless Sebastian Janikowski had a good game. The Highlight of this one was Vince Wilforks interception late in the game that ended a Raiders drive..

Florida State and Clemson played the I don’t want it you can have it bowl Saturdy Night. Not a bad football game but nobody wanted in the end. Florida State capitialized on Clemson bad play calls for the win,

Lil Warrior Report Sorry Lil Lakesider reports

The boys lost 5- 1 this week against Wilmington. The entire team just looked like it was going through the motions.

The High school  soccer team tied this week 0-0 the Ref had an inadvertent whistle on a penalty kick that cost the Warriors a win. They ended up tying the Spartans from the next town over. The inadvertent whistle is the worst thing an official can do we have all had them but damn it’s embarrassing and it’s worse when you don’t own it like the guy in this game who made up some BS about offsides.

Zebra Tale

I was the Line Judge Friday Night in my game. It was a long turnover fest. A lot of long returns for interceptions all on my side of the field. So I have the responsibility of chasing the kid down the field. I had two 60 yrd runs and a 70 . Man I was tired and sore afterwards. I did get good help from the backjudge.

After years of Officiating Football I finally had the 4th down fumble rule in a youth game this past weekend. In NCAA rules if there is a fumble on 4th down only the play who fumbles for the fumbler can advanc the ball for the offense. So the kid fumbles and another player picks it up and runs it in for a TD. We brought it back try xplaining that rule to Coach Dads who watch too much NFL.They just had these confused looks on thier faces when all three of us went over and explained it to them. One guy in the crew even gave the rule number. He wwas looking it up that morning.

Try This rule question (from our preseason exam)

Team A QB pitches  back to his halfback A22 who runs toward the right sideline. As A22 approaches the sideline. He cocks  his arm back to pass but sees no one open A22 then simply throws the ball out of bounds beyond the neutral zone. Ruling legal play No intentional grounding because A22 is outside the tackle Box

True or False

Team A is offense. Team B is defense

( Remember this is based on NCAA rules not NFHS Rules)

Answer Next week.

OH Thursday
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Hello gabbers and thanks for the visit.

It’s Fall officially and that is one of my top 4 seasons of the year.

Growing up in New England and living here for all of my 62 years I sometimes take the 4 distinct seasons for granted.

 you just can't deny the beauty of Fall.

The climate from Northern Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont varies greatly from down here in Southern Ma. and the Atlantic Coast of RI and CT.

Living in an area where you can drive 35 minutes and be at the ocean or about 2 hrs and be in the mountains is another perc of living here.

New Hampshire                                                     Cape Cod

And just as good as the season changes here,

As an avid sports enthusiast living 35 miles South of Boston and 15 miles South of Foxboro I love the Fall.  Boston Bruins and New England Patriots. Both are always in the conversation for a championship…what’s not to like.



The still unbeaten teams after week 3 are:

Arizona with wins of 18-17 San Diego, 25-14 over the Giants and 23-14 vs San Fran


Cincinnati with wins of 23-16 Balt, 24-10 over Atlants and 33-7 Tennessee


Philadelphia with wins of   34-17 Jax, 30-27 over Indy and 37-34 vs the Redskins


The surviving Dolphins are gathering to put this years pin poking voodoo session round table together to finish off these three teams left unbeaten. They will be putting the 2% milk to toast on ice awaiting the last to fall of this years pretenders, rumor has it that they will start meeting weekly at the Villages in central Florida until this thing is done.



-David Ortiz tied Ted Williams with his 8th year as a Red Sox with at least 30 HR’s and 100 RBI


-Tom Brady got his 150th career win and trails only Brett Farve (186) and Peyton Manning (169) in regular season wins


Feel good story of the week:

Portland Oregon police officers Filbert and Curtiss pulled up to the home of Portland resident Mr. Huckens. Huckens saw the crusier and got a little nervous. But when he answered the door the two police officers handed him the pizza he had ordered from Pizza Hut.

It seems the delivery driver had been rearended at an intersection nearby. The officers responded to the accident and after rescue arrived to aid the slightly injured driver, the officers completed the delivery...now that's being there to serve and protect!

Life in the Subdivision:

New project:

This weekend was beautiful weather and so one more project was tackled by Harry and Sons. The roof over part of the deck and side door is almost finished…

Mrsharry is a very happy lady.


oldharry still has this


in his yard

The boat hasn't moved...potential buyers have looked but it still a decoration


The Ditkahs rocked the lanes last week taking all three games from the team I bowled for last season, victory was sweet. My bowling was sub par but our team mate Jake bowled a 628 in his three games to carry us. We are now in 7th place of 30 teams with a record of 16-8 after three weeks.  

"that's a bakers dozen for me Bob"


Until next week Gabbers and don’t forget Lanz right over there >>>

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