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Monday Moaning 8-4-14
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They say every picture tells a story...I bet that gal has a helluva story to tell us! Well, words may not be her thing...She seems like an action girl!

So, what other pictures have something to say to us? How about this...


This picture tells us Baltimore Ravens fans are fucking assholes...Fucking assholes who clearly don't care that this ass-hat punched the shit out of his lady...But then again the NFL's weak stance is almost saying, 'Oh it's okay!'



This says....'I don't know...I'm fucking clueless...I just want to make more money.'

What about this one...

Ahhhh....'I fuck on the first date!'


Yes folks, I'm not being very serious...A promotion at work has increased my hours, and after a long Sunday shift, I got a few drinks in me....But there has been some topics that have gotten under my skin...A couple weeks ago I wrote THIS....The ongoing murder of innocent people in Gaza has really bothered me...

What does this picture say?

Better yet, how does it make you feel? What are you thinking when you see this child standing in the rubble that was his home?


I think this picture speaks for itself...Yes people, the U.S. has been supplying Israel with arms for a long time...And while our politicians sit there and talk about setting up a ceasefire and peace talks they are using U.S. tax dollars to send more arms to Israel...

If you haven't caught on, I am totally against Israel's constant bombing and killing of innocent Palestinians...Yes, if Israel wants to go after Hamas, fine...Go for it...But don't say you are using pin point strikes to take them out, when you are bombing a U.N. School or hospital were refugees and already injured innocent people are, who have no ties to Hamas...

If you have a half hour to kill, watch this video....There are a number of details in it that the U.S. media doesn't talk about...Including an unwarranted attack by Israel on a U.S. Navy ship in 1967...


Yeah, I know, a little heavy for a blog that started with a hottie and ripping Ray Rice an the NFL...

How about this?


It's funny 'cause it's true...I find it humorous just how heated a nation of immigrants gets about more immigrants wanting a better life, and they want to come here...You know, just like my great grandparents did, and your grandparents did, and that dude's parents did...Yeah, people shouldn't come here, or go to Canada illegally, but if you had a clue of just how fucked up, expensive, and nearly impossible the legal way is, you'd consider crossing a river when no one was looking...

Well, that feels like enough hot button issues for this week...Feel free to discuss...

Oh, since I brought up Ray Rice and the NFL...Here's Bill Burr on hitting women...




Have a week,

The Beeze.


Inquiring Minds Want (Sports) Answers
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It’s that time again…when the sports news tickles the curiousity of fans everywhere leaving them wanting to know, “the rest of the story.”  For example, Inquiring Minds want to know…why Mike Trout was taking a leak while the ball was going over his head handing win to the Orioles this week?  You don’t think he could have caught that ball if he was in position?!  Well, take a look at this:

And Inquiring Minds want to know why “Slugger” Ray Rice received a standing ovation as he arrived on the field at the Ravens camp?  In today’s NFL, smoke some weed and you’re out 6 games or even a whole year, but KO your fiancé…two games.  So Inquiring Minds  want to know if “Charm City”  is some misnomer or is that the other Ray was involved in a murder, so a girlfriend beating didn’t seem so bad?

Inquiring Minds want to know – already- which Super Bowl team will be an early playoff flame-out or even a no-show?  It has been about 20 years since a team defended its title in the NFL…Inquiring Minds want to know whether Seattle can do it and whether Denver can get back to the Big Dance?  It says here that the NFC is too tough for even the Seahawks to repeat (and we already see the effect of egos).  Denver is one big hit to their QB of going to the head of the draft line…no soup for you, either.

And Inquiring Minds want to know why the so-called football experts will all pick the same teams to win their divisions and get back to the playoffs when it is a matter of history that HALF of those teams will not be in the playoffs in 2015?   The 2013 bracket lost 5 of the 12 teams in 2014…Inquiring Minds want to know who will not make the cut this season?   According to the Sun Tzu Crystal Ball (trademarked, by the way) Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Diego, Cincinnati and Carolina will be out…the ball is a little hazy at the moment as to who will take their place.

And finally, Inquiring Minds may want to know (a) will the Redskins ever change their name and (b) does anyone really care other than a few activists?  Well, if you pay attention to the guys who have the power – and that would be the Redskin owner and his Band of Brothers led by Goodell and his merry men,  it is never changing.  From my chair, it does not really make a big difference to me, one way or the other.  I personally would advocate changing the logo to either a (redskin) potato or a (redskin) peanut.  Nobody could complain about that!

Have a great Saturday!

Sports Friday with Hal: Trade Deadline Doozies
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Happy Friday!


MLB Trading day, so here’s my quick breakdown from deadline day:


Tigers acquire David Price in three-team deal with Mariners (who receive Austin Jackson) and Rays (who receive Drew Smyly, Nick Franklin, and Willy Adames)

I love these three team deals in major league baseball--they are far too infrequent.  Good pickup by the Tigers, obviously. With great starting pitching to begin with, adding Price makes the Tigers the favorites to represent the A.L. in the World Series this fall. Price is a legitimate ace and the Tigers can afford to lock him up this offseason. The Rays get a middle infielder and a cheaper starter in Smyly who they control for four years. The Mariners upgrade with Jackson for Franklin.  But the Tigers are the big winners.


Marlins and Astros agree to six-player swap, with Miami receiving Jarred Cosart, Enrique Hernandez, and Austin Wates in exchange for Colin Moran, Jake Marisnick, Francis Martes, and a 2015 compensation draft pick.

The trading of compensation picks is new, and I think it is fantastic. Cosart is the centerpiece of the trade and is 24 and has pitched fairly well for the Astros to date. Miami gives up Marisnick who is 23 and has speed and power potential in centerfield. Moran is 21 and a top prospect at third base.


Braves acquire James Russell and Emilio Bonifacio from Cubs in exchange for Victor Caratini and cash

Caratini is decent prospect at catcher but only 20 and in single-A. Bonifacio is a journeyman but fills a need in Atlanta down the stretch. Russell is just a lefty reliever. Braves may have sacrificed too much. Nice move by Theo Epstein grabbing Caratini.


Yankees acquire Martin Prado from Diamondbacks in exchange for Peter O’Brien

The Yankees seem to believe they can still make the playoffs. Maybe they can. But they are not winning any World Series’ anytime soon. Prado cash for Arizona and O’Brien is a slugging prospect. Prado is good, but not great. He can help immediately in right field--and New York can afford him--but he cost them one of their few top hitting prospects. To upgrade over Ichiro Suzuki, though, is necessary.


Yankees acquire Stephen Drew from Red Sox in exchange for Kelly Johnson and cash

At least this deal was trash-for-trash. Both are terrible hitters this year but Drew will be playing out of position as the Yankees are trying to win now while handcuffing the team by playing defensive liability Derek Jeter at shortstop every night. It would be a shock for Johnson to get a single at bat in Boston.


Nationals acquire Asdrubal Cabrera from Indians in exchange for Zach Walters

Nice grab by the Nationals getting a legitimate middle infielder to help staunch the loss of Ryan Zimmerman’s bat. Washington is losing ground to Atlanta and this deal helps right now. Cabrera is a rental for now, but Washington could use their negotiating window after the season to lock him up. Cleveland has Francisco Lindor ready to step in at shortstop next year. Walters is a decent prospect who needs a bit more seasoning but has potential to be a regular with some pop. Cleveland already is rebuilding having dealt Justin Masterson already, so getting anything for Cabrera is a win.


Orioles acquire Andrew Miller from Red Sox in exchange for Eduardo Rodriguez

The Orioles paid a steep price for a power lefty arm in the bullpen. Rodriguez is a top pitching prospect at double-A and is only 21 and is a hard-throwing lefty starter. BaseballProspectus.com says this about Rodriguez:


The Venezuelan lefty has a good feel for pitching, with a smooth arm action and a quick delivery to home. His fastball generally sits in the 91-93 velocity band, although he can gas it up to 94-95 in short spurts. The fastball does not have a ton of movement, but there is mild arm-side run and some life. His slider is more of the sweeping variety and not a true strikeout offering, but he shows command and enough tilt for it to play solid-average at the major-league level. His changeup has really been the enigma this season, as at times he has not been able to consistently feel the pitch. It can be too firm, and when the change is coming in at 84-86 it does not provide the differential necessary to offset the fastball. The overall arsenal is good, but it is not the great that many evaluators look for in a top prospect.


All in all, he is still a prospect worth trading for with Miller a free agent at the end of the year. He needs work and the Red Sox have been boasting about their investments in minor league coaches and developers of the pitching staff for years and now is the time to back their talk.


Mariners acquire Chris Denorfia from Padres in exchange for Abraham Almonte and Stephen Kohlscheen

Poor Seattle Mariners fans: no Matt Kemp but they get... Chris Denorfia. Ugh. Denorfia has...well no power and not much speed. But replacing Endy Chavez is a win right there. Almontes is a failed prospect and Kohlscheen is...well, he is very tall.


Athletics acquire Jon Lester, Jonny Gomes, and cash from Red Sox in exchange for Yoenis Cespedes and a 2015 compensation draft pick

I cannot believe Lester was traded by the Red Sox. Everything that was right about the franchise was summed up in this kid. Only 30, he is a legitimate ace in the postseason, a durable, tough kid who is a lefty and throws 95 MPH and battles on the mound...exactly what the A’s needed. This is their year and they are grabbing it. Cespedes is a power hitter who has only a year left on his contract but a much better pickup rather than trading for Matt Kemp. Cespedes is 28 but has superb power, winning the last two Home Run Derbies. If the Sox made up their mind to trade Lester, then at least there is a player that can help immediately coming back in the trade. Still, it just seems strange with Lester no longer in Boston.


Cardinals acquire John Lackey and Corey Littrell from Red Sox in exchange for Joe Kelly and Allen Craig

The Lackey move is strange. He is on the books for the major league minimum after an odd clause of his contract kicked in (extended for a year at MLB minimum if Tommy John surgery). Lackey is never going to pitch for that amount of money. Of course, St. Louis can extend him easily and he steps in as a veteran with postseason success who can strikeout guys and give a team a lot of quality innings. Kelly is 26 and a legitimate starting pitcher. He can be a rotation piece for years to come. I love Allen Craig. The Cardinals have Oscar Taveras who needs to play everyday (where do they get all these prospects!) and will not miss him. But he has legit Fenway power and is signed long-term at a reasonable price. Stick him in left field, and the team is set with 20-30 home runs and 30-40 doubles and a professional bat through 2018.


Brewers acquire Gerardo Parra from Diamondbacks in exchange for Mitch Haniger and Anthony Banda

Go Brewers. A Gold-Glove outfielder to backup at all three spots is a solid player for the roster. Haniger is a double-A mid-level prospect and Banda is 20 and in single-A. Arizona stockpiles some kids while Milwaukee should get a good pickup to help try to hold off the Cardinals and Pirates in the NL Central.


Twins acquire Tommy Milone from Athletics in exchange for Sam Fuld

Oakland grabbed Fuld, who they waived earlier this year, to add to the outfield depth. Milone is the winner of the deal as the lefty goes from 7th or 8th starter in Oakland to a regular front-line starter in Minnesota getting the ball every five days from here on out.


* * *




Injury Breakdown:

Ravens fourth-round draft pick defensive end Brent Urban tore his ACL. He was expected to be a part of the line rotation and now is out for the year. Last week cornerback Aaron Ross tore his Achilles during the conditioning test and was lost for the season. Ross was expected to be the third cornerback in Baltimore and the Ravens now have lost two valuable depth players so far this offseason.


Colts guard Donald Thomas--who missed 14 games last year after tearing a biceps tendon and right quadriceps re-tore it at camp and is out for the season. He was signed to a four-year $14 million contract from New England two years ago and now is likely done in Indy. The Colts also lost running back Vick Ballard who tore his Achilles earlier. It is sink-or-swim with running back Trent Richardson. The Colts had better hope he was worth the first round draft pick! Defensive lineman Fili Moala tore his ACL earlier at OTAs. Seriously, that is bad luck already in Indy.


The 49ers planned to have running back Frank Gore split time with Kendall Hunter this season. Put those plans on hold. Hunter tore his ACL and Gore’s fantasy football value just jumped as he will again be expected to lug the ball 250 or so times in 2014.


The Cowboys’ second-round draft pick defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence--who was to replace DeMarcus Ware-- is now out for two to three months with a broken foot. He misses valuable learning time and even if he returns will take time to get up to speed during the season. Dallas now turns to...ugh, Jeremy Mincey. Wow, quite the step down from Ware.


The World Champs were not safe from the injury bug this week. Tight end Anthony McCoy--who missed all of last year with a torn Achilles in training camp-- tore his Achilles in training camp on his other foot. Ouch. McCoy was a backup role but depth behind Zach Miller would have been nice. Maybe this works out for Jermichael Finley and he goes to Seattle.


On Thursday, Kansas City Chiefs star safety Eric Berry was carted off the field. Fortunately, it was not serious. It blew up social media for a bit, but fortunately it seems to be a minor injury and nothing serious. The Chiefs definitely dodged a bullet yesterday.


* * *



Must be nice to be Marshawn Lynch. $1.5 million raise and no fines for sitting at home. NIce deal if you can get it.





Kansas City added former Patriots safety Steve Gregory to compete at safety next to Eric Berry. Gregory should compete with Husain Abdullah for the starting job and gets a chance after sitting on the sidelines all offseason. Gregory is a decent free safety who struggled playing near the line of scrimmage. If anything, it at least helps their depth.


* * *


Alright, time to call it a day.  Have a great weekend, all! Preseason football starts next week!!!

OH Thursday
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Had a great birthday this past weekend with family and friends…I am truly blessed. Thank you to all of the gabbers for well wishing.

Mick did not show at the harry’s place, other entanglements from what I hear but… I did pay tribute to my birthday brother by playing the entirety of Beggars Banquet, Let it Bleed, Gimmie Shelter and Sticky Fingers back to back to back to back

Something that my abutting neighbors,..  that I’ve nicknamed :

Jack Sparrow, a guy who some times wheres pirate pants to do yard work

Wilson, who lives next door and talks to me over the fence 

and Newman   who is a mailman...I mean postal worker...

all applauded my music choices

Felix, Oscar and Tater Salad across the street kept their distance

Face it

If you’re my neighbor you get a fitting nickname. It’s just the way it goes…


Training camps are in full swing around the NFL and


Old side kick Shorty  has agreed to help me with my

NFL prognostication


Last week we broke down the East of the AFC and NFC

This week

We move to the AFC and NFC South

AFC South 2013 final standings:


Indianapolis   11-5       6-0 div

Tennessee     7-9        2-4 div

Jacksonville    4-12      3-3 div

Houston           2-14      1-5 div.


The Colts won this division by 4 games last season and should be improved  at WR with Reggie Wayne back joining TY Hilton. The Colts will score points with Andrew Luck running a good offense. The Colts problem surfaced in the 2013 playoffs. The managed to get by Kansas City 44-43 with a relentless 2nd half offense but ran into a buzz saw the next week in the divisional round at New England 43-22.  In two playoff games the Colts scored 66 points…but gave up 86.

Tennessee will have to overcome the odds and 3 of the first 4 games on the road vs playoff teams from last season. Jake Locker says his foot is fine and RB Shonn Green 5'8" 233lbs, has been ashed to lose weight.

This division is much improved and the Titans could easily find themselves in last place

Jacksonville had what many are calling the best draft in the NFL. Adding QB Blake Bortles, WR’s Marqise Lee and Allen Robinson will help this team that scored only 15 pts per game while surrendering 28.

Scott told us about the new scoreboard the Jags have, maybe they can put more points on it this season.

A new hope in Jacksonville…and a new attitude and maybe a winning season.

Houston finished a dismal 2-14. they have a new coach, Billy O’Brien and a new QB. They added the first pick in the draft in Clowney to strengthen that defense. Andre Johnson is still on the team and the future looks bright…sort of. Are we are looking at an 8-8 team if Fitzpatrick is really your starting QB


Shorty’s picks:

Indianapolis    11-5

Jacksonville      8-8

Houston            8-8

Tennessee        5-11


The NFC South is perhaps the hardest division to pick.

Last season

Carolina                    12-4     div 5-1

New Orleans             11-5     div 5-1

Atlanta                       4-12    div 1-5

Tampa Bay                 4-12    div 1-5

The Panthers are coming off a season that had them on the short end of the best NFC line up in a while. Seattle or San Francisco were sure to be the NFC representative in the SB which left the Panthers home watching. Was it opportunity lost? With the Saints as good as ever and Atlanta and Tampa Bay arguably the two most likely to improve on last season the division is anything but a sure thing.

The New Orleans Saints are coming off an 11-5 season and will probably duplicate that this season. With TE/WR Jimmy Graham in the fold and Drew Brees , who says he wants to play until he’s 45, ready to light up defenses again the Saints are always in the mix. The Saints were 1 of just 3 teams unbeaten at home last season (Cin & NE).

Atlanta had one of the most surprisingly bad seasons in the NFL last year and it went mostly unnoticed in flyover country because of the Houston 2-14 debacle. This team has a solid foundation, good coaching, good QB,  excellent receivers in White and Jones, and a good defense…but can they win games?

Shorty says yes and watch out Carolina and New Orleans.

Tampa Bay has the dreadful position of playing in a division with Carolina, New Orleans and Atlanta. Their opponents this season are the NFC North and the AFC North plus the Rams and the Redskins. Not a cupcake schedule for a team many are projecting to rise…Shorty is not in that school.

The NFC South could be the second best division in the NFL

Projected finish

New Orleans    11-5

Atlanta                10-6

Carolina               9-7

Tampa Bay        5-11

don't be distracted by this beauty

Next week we move to the North of each conference of the NFL and the following week we will finish up with the West’s and Shorty’s playoff picture.


I heard there were MLB trade deadline moves but I’m guessing my Thursday brother Lanz will take care of that----------->

Right over there.

thanks for reading and commenting

Musings From The Hoodwood 7-29
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Three more in the hallowed halls of Cooperstown...

Greetings from the Hoodwood, where we're just grinding away...

Rice Gets 2 games…seriously?

Ray Rice, has been a steady dependable running back for the Ravens and has been so going back to his days at Rutgers, I was seriously disappointed in his actions where he was in a physically abusive altercation with his then fiancé now wife. Rice, to his credit owned up to the deed. But the NFL gave him a two game suspension, consider that Albert Haynesworth got 5 games for stomping on an opponent during a game, a coach got 6 games for his involvement in Bountygate, Odell Thurman was out multiple seasons. The most suspect of suspensions was the 5 game dock that was given to Terrelle Pryor for his involvement in the tattoos for memorabilia that ultimately brought down the reign of Jim Tressel at Ohio State. Sheriff Goodell has hand a long history of being heavy on those miscreants that he feel has violated the conduct standard that the NFL holds strict to. The phrase “Protect the Shield” has rung long and often by officials and former players. But this suspension is a joke, and NFL VP Adolpho Birch went on Mike & Mike Monday Morning in a feeble attempt to defend and justify their actions. Greenberg and Golic lit in to him and repeatedly tried to pin him down on giving a justifiable reason for such a puny disciplinary action. He couldn’t and I applauded Mike Greenberg for his sharp criticism of the suspension and the words of Mike Golic who pointed out that had either of his football playing sons had been the focus of the suspensions for those actions, that they would face a lot worse discipline from him than a coach or league.


Hall of Fame gets a classy class

Cooperstown got a real class group this year. Four I thought were no doubters and two I was never big fans of but the numbers are just too good to ignore. The four no-doubters are Tom Glavine, long time ace of the Braves, Greg Maddux the Clark Kent clone who seemed to crank out wins and strikeouts as the years went by. Managers Joe Torre and Bobby Cox who managed lots of places but were most famed for winning with powerhouse teams in the Yankees and Braves respectively. The two I shrugged on were Frank Thomas and Tony LaRussa.

In depth: Glavine won 20 or more games 5 times and netted 2 Cy Youngs, never an overpowering pitcher, he always was on point with his control and was a reliable pitcher. Starting in 1991 he had 13 consecutive winning seasons. Glavine was nothing if not consistent and he won. He passed the 300 win threshold in 2007 and might be the last pitcher to win 300 games.

I wanted to despise Greg Maddux, because he was so good and I detested the Braves. But Maddux looked more like Clark Kent or an accountant than a beastly pitcher. Like Glavine, Maddux took a couple years to get his sea legs then became a model of consistency. Look at his season by season numbers and you might not be impressed until you see that they cross 23 years spanning 3 decades. He only won 20 games twice once as he was hitting his free agent year with the Cubs and the first with the Braves where he spent the bulk of his career. He won four Cy Youngs in a row from 92-95. Maddux won 15 or more games each season from 1988-2004 and struck out 100 or more batter for 21 consecutive seasons from 1987-2007, that’s the hallmark of consistency. He was an innings eater and workhorse stopper. Don’t let the specs fool ya, he was a game competitor who took pride in his craft, fielding (he won 13 consecutive Gold Gloves, missed a year then won 5 more) and batting.

I have always loathed the White Sox, though for some reason I’ve always liked their colorful play by play guy Hawk Harrelson, he was the one that gave the quiet slugger Frank Thomas his nickname “The Big Hurt” Lord, that man could hurt ya. He swung like he was trying to hit the ball into Lake Michigan when the Sox played at Comiskey and more often than not hit he’d hit it hard. Say what you want about the so-called steroid era, Thomas was legitimately strong. My relatives down south used to call it country strong. Made his debut in 1990 and everyone knew he was gonna be special, from 1991-1998 he knocked in 100 or more RBI’s every year; he hit .300 better in all but one season from 1991-2000. He won 2 MVP’s and was a consistent long ball threat. I wasn’t a fan of his, and didn’t think much of his numbers till I looked at them over the course of his career. He was good and where 500 homers is shrugged at now as no big deal, he still had 521 homers and few every doubted that he earned them, he was always a home run hitter and for a while was the frightening combo of power and average

On the Managerial side, all three skippers have won World Series rings. Bobby Cox managed like forever for the Braves and cranked out divisional titles in assembly line style. Though his career started forgettable with Braves in the late 70s and was replaced by some guy named Torre (but we’ll get to that forgettable guy later) He resurfaced with the Blue Jays and made them steadily better but was haunted by his team blowing a 3-1 lead in the ALCS to the Royals, he returned to the Braves as GM and then returned to the bench in 1990 and after a rough 40-57 conclusion to that season began to win and win and win. From 1991-2005 the Braves never had a losing season and made the postseason every year. Read that last part again… Every year that there were playoffs from 1991-2005, the Braves were there they won 100+ games 6 times, 4 NL Pennants and the 1995 World Series. Cox was seemingly always getting tossed from games, but his players loved his straightforward style and played hard for him consistently.

Cox got replaced in his first stint as Braves Manager by Joe Torre. Torre won a division title with those Braves in 1982, but not much else his first three managerial gigs with the Mets and Cards and when he was hired by the Yanks in 1996, the papers derided the decision with one paper blaring the headline “Clueless Joe” But Torre instead proved to be the perfect buffer between the players and the Boss, he could parry with the media who held him in high regards and backed with Yankee money skillfully managed the Bombers to 12 consecutive playoff appearances and Five AL pennants and four World Series titles, rings that eluded him as player he got as a skipper and the call from Cooperstown that also was just out of his grasp as a player was a no brainer as a manager.

Finally there is LaRussa, whom I was no fan of. I thought he was egotistical and the media always lauded over how great and smart he was. Yeah I get that he managed 33 years and won better than 2700 games, 6 pennant and with Sparky Anderson was one of two managers to win World Series in both leagues but I look at the fact that his teams won 100 or games 4 times and never won a World Series. I remember how he got outcoached in the 88 and 90 World Series and was cannon fodder for the 2004 Red Sox. He did go out with a bang, retiring after his Cards won a thrilling 2011 Series but I never was a fan of his.


McGwire: Too good for Canseco

Mark McGwire was a protégé of LaRussa and played almost all of his career under his stewardship, I find it humorous that the overly pious McGwire is um bashing Jose Canseco for his expose into the tawdry world of PEDs McGwire says that he will never speak to Canseco again and refused to do so during a 25th anniversary fete for the 1989 World Series champ A’s. I find it funny that McGwire acts like he was so pure and Canseco was the cheater when it seemed that he has that PEDs taint on himself too. Canseco who never came close to making the Hall of Fame looks like his usual hustlin’ for a buck self while the pious McGwire is the hitting coach for the Dodgers which I always found funny a .260 hitter teaching hitting.


Can Scott return the Lake Show to primetime?

The Lake Show finally has a coach. After 3 long years of Kobe running the team, he has finally decided to let an established coach with real playing credentials take the helm. I’m sorry, the pair of Mikes in the seemingly petrified Mike Brown who seemed frightened to even correct Kobe and the clueless Mike D’Antoni whose offensive style was ill-suited for the Lake Show and seemingly was getting more and more ignored by the player as their disastrous 27-55 death march season ground on, don’t count. Byron Scott was named head coach of the Lakers over the weekend. Scott is well traveled as a coach having had stints in Cleveland, New Orleans and most successfully in New Jersey where he lead the Nets to their only Finals appearances where they were sacrificial lambs to the Lakers and Spurs respectively. Scott would at least have the attention of Kobe who was a briefly a teammate of his for a season when Kobe was a rookie and Scott was at the end of solid career where he garnered 3 rings as a member of the Showtime Lakers. The Lake Show might have he first coach since Phil Jax that has the street cred and playing weight to put and keep Kobe in his place. Will the Lake Show be anything more than 3rd best in their building for a while? No, but I still think that Scott is a decent choice and gives the team a decent credibility bridge from its halcyon days of the 80s Scott is the 6th former Laker to coach the team (Mikan, West, Riley, Johnson, Rambis.)


Phat Dap

The Red Sox have long had to labor under the immense shadow of their hated neighbors the New York Yankees  but the Red Sox can hang their hat on the fact that in this Century they currently have a 3-1 lead on the Bombers in World Series titles. So it would be a bit surprising that a Yankee fan would return a Red Sox World Series ring but Luigi Militello, owner of Luke’s Bar and Grill in NYC, found the ring worth close to $30K belonging to Drew Weber who is the owner of one the Red Sox minor league affiliates. Weber who said that he hardly ever wears the ring left the ring in the men’s washroom and Militello found the precious bauble when Weber who had searched his domicile in vain for the ring called the eatery as a last resort, Militello reported he had found the ring after some good natured razzing. Weber who frequents the restaurant returned the next day. Militello refused any kind of reward money, but Weber did hook him up with tickets to the final games of Yankee Captain Derek Jeter’s career which will be play at Fenway.


Head Slap

ESPN for dropping the ball in the debate and discussion over abuse and the NFL’s handling of such matters. ESPN’s and First Take did a quick though weak repudiation of the loquacious of show debater  Stephen A Smith’s comments that were made Friday which came off as sounding like that a woman provoked a fight and deserved the abuse. Smith, to his credit, did apologize and make an attempt to correct his comments while reiterating that he does not condone abuse in anyway. But instead of using that as a springboard for a thought provoking debate and discussion with First Take host Cari Champion or possibly Michelle Beadle who rightfully called Smith to task for his comments as misconstrued as they could have been, instead turned away from the topic to opine about LeBron James’s jersey number switch. ESPN and the powers that be at First Take blew a golden opportunity to take the lead on the discussion of the topic itself, not is so much Smith and his mea culpa which I attribute to poor phrasing and word choice in an attempt to sound more bombastic than his debate partner than braying hack that is Skip Bayless. The show proceeding First Take, Mike & Mike in the Morning were very eloquent in their opinion on the matter and were very clear on their stance as I pointed out. That was the kind of lead in and alley-oop that First Take should have hit 5 miles and slammed home. Bravo to Ms. Beadle who bravely called out a colleague but the Head Slap goes to First Take who missed a perfect opportunity to follow in the words of their show “Embrace Debate”


 Quick Hits

Sterling’s bid to block the sale of the Clippers has been tossed out…bye Felicia

Kevin Love decides against playing for the national team due to the trade concerns…ummm yeah.

Johnny Football jersey sells for $100k…for real?

Gordon wins the Brickyard…again

Derrick Rose feels good…how long is that going to last?


Thats the View From the Hoodwood, Until Next Post Fellow Sports Fans!


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