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Sports Friday with Hal: Back in Time 2009
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Happy Friday!


Yours truly is back to Pawtucket to check out the Boston Red Sox prospects tonight. Hope to have some pics up next week. Gonna be hard to top seeing Joey Votto in a rehab stint, though.


So I was reading about free agent outside linebacker/defensive end Larry English finally catching on with a new team as he signed on with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  The article mentioned him as part of the 2009 NFL Draft and how it was a mixed bag of a draft. It got me thinking about the first round of the 2009 NFL Draft and how now that it has been five years it is a great time to check back and see just how it really turned out.


Pick Team Name Pos College/Univ Star/Solid/Bust Comments
1 DET Matthew Stafford QB Georgia Solid Stafford is tough to figure out here. He puts up some great numbers, but is he a top quarterback? He seems like he is knocking on the door each season and puts up some great numbers with Megatron for fantasy football, but the wins and playoff appearances do not follow. Whether fair or not, quarterbacks get measured by wins--especially in the postseason--and are not considered elite when they post guady numbers and double-digit losses.
2 STL Jason Smith T Baylor Bust From cornerstone left tackle with $33 million guaranteed  in St. Louis to all but out of the league. As big a bust as any in the draft, Smith is right up there. Aaron Curry, Aaron Maybin, or Larry English may have been busts, but Smith was the most highly paid!
3 KAN Tyson Jackson DE LSU Solid Jackson was allowed to leave Kansas City without much resistance. #3 overall picks usually are not shown the door. Jackson is borderline bust, but he has slowly improved. 
4 SEA Aaron Curry LB Wake Forest Bust Out of the league. 5.5 career sacks. Super bust. Historic bust. He could not even catch on in Oakland!
5 NYJ Mark Sanchez QB USC Bust Butt-Fumble. 'Nuff said. Some solid moments early in his career riding a strong defense, but Sanchez was never the Sanchise he was supposed to be.
6 CIN Andre Smith T Alabama Solid Smith was intended to be a cornerstone. Instead he is a solid right tackle. Not the best, not the worst. Drafted a bit high, but he has been solid.
7 OAK Darrius Heyward-Bey WR Maryland Bust Oog. This pick is often used to sum up what was wrong with Oakland at the end of the Al Davis era: Just suck, Baby! 
8 JAX Eugene Monroe T Virginia Solid Monroe is a solid left tackle in the NFL.  Jacksonville traded him to Baltimore for draft picks where he was a shot in the arm for Baltimore filling the role Michael "the Blind Side" Oher was meant to fill after he was picked in the 2009 draft. Maybe it is bias for hms being stuck on a bad team so long, but Monroe is borderline star at the position.
9 GNB B.J. Raji DT Boston Col. Solid Raji looked like a star but he has fell off in a hurry. From penetrating nose tackle to big waste of space. He is teetering on bust. 
10 SFO Michael Crabtree WR Texas Tech Star Crabtree is a tough player to figure. He started slow in San Francisco but by the second-half of 2011 and into 2012 was the number one receiver on a Super Bowl team. Last year he had an Achilles tendon tear that slowed him most of the season. He is ont he borderline of a star/solid player. Since he gets under Richard Sherman's skin, he gets the benefit of the doubt. 
11 BUF Aaron Maybin DE Penn St. Bust Maybin was a major flop in Buffalo. He landed in New York and had six sacks in 2011 and seemed on the comeback road. Nope. A down year led to a release, a year in the CFL, and now retirement. 
12 DEN Knowshon Moreno RB Georgia Solid Moreno rescued himself from bust status last year as he bounced back from two years of almost no production and topped 1,000 yards for the first time. Of course, Denver let him walk and the Georgia back is now in Miami. He is still a bit of a question mark, but he can change that positively or negatively in the next few years.
13 WAS Brian Orakpo LB Texas Star Orakpo is a sacking machine.  Other than an injury taking out almost all of 2012 he would be in the conversation for the best first-round pick in the 2009 draft. A three-time Pro Bowl player, Orakpo is a solid pick at #14 overall.
14 NOR Malcolm Jenkins DB Ohio St. Solid Jenkins is a solid starting free safety. He is far from a star. He is above bust, but not by much. He left New Orleans for Philadelphia this offseason, so maybe a change of scenery is what he needs . 
15 HOU Brian Cushing LB USC Solid Cushing is a borderline star, but he played only 12 of 32 games for Houston the past two years. When on the field, he is a playmaking tackling machine. A bounce-back couple of seasons and Cushing is back in the star category.
16 SDG Larry English LB Northern Illinois Bust English is the inspiration for this article. He was supposed to be what Clay Matthews has been. Instead, he flamed out in San Diego after multiple chances. 
17 TAM Josh Freeman QB Kansas St. Bust Josh Freeman is still unsigned and not in a training camp. That means he ranks outside the top 3000 players in football right now. That is insane.  A huge 2010 season led to optimism but he self-destructed and played his way out of Tampa Bay last year. Now he is on the outside looking in.
18 DEN Robert Ayers DE Tennessee Solid Ayers is borderline solid/bust. He is a run-stuffer, but a top twenty first round pick? He can look like a solid pass rusher than disappear for a month. He is inconsistent and really seems to be teetering on slipping to bust in a hurry.
19 PHI Jeremy Maclin WR Missouri Solid Maclin is the definition of solid. A number two receiver. 55 to 70 catches for 700-900 yards. Maclin missed all of last year so that is an issue, but he should bounce back. Definitely a solid pick.
20 DET Brandon Pettigrew TE Oklahoma St. Solid How the heck do you rank Pettigrew? He is not in the Gronk-Graham group of tight ends but has topped 70 receptions and 700 yards twice. Is he elite? No. Solid? Sure, he was. But his star is showing tarnish the last two years.
21 CLE Alex Mack C California Star Mack probably challenges Clay Matthews as the best player in the draft. Centers do not always go in the first round but Mack has been superb since coming into the league and earned a big money contract this offseason. A great all-around blocker and great pick. 
22 MIN Percy Harvin WR Florida Solid Injuries, sure. But when he plays? WOW! He is a playmaker. The injuries and inconsistencies are all that keep the star label off him. 
23 BAL Michael Oher T Mississippi Solid Sure, he had a movie made about him, but his play has dropped off big time the past few years. He was up-and-down but looked like a future cornerstone left tackle by the end of 2010, but since then he has been steadily getting worse. 
24 ATL Peria Jerry DT Mississippi Bust Without Googling him, does anyone remember Peria Jerry? That's what I thought and why he's a bust. 
25 MIA Vontae Davis DB Illinois Solid Vontae Davis was a washout in Miami but seemingly turned his career around in Indianapolis. He may not be elite, but he has embraced the top role in the secondary in Indy and 4-years $39 million shows he has the respect of his team and could turn the corner to even better things.
26 GNB Clay Matthews LB USC Star Arguably the best draft pick in 2009, the Packers got a steal trading up to snag New England's top pick for a bunch of picks that turned into…nothing spectacular. Matthews is a legitimate star and a steal at #26 overall.
27 IND Donald Brown RB Connecticut Bust A first-round running back has significant expectations. Brown would be a value pick if he had been taken in the fourth or fifth round, but he has never been a regular starter and topped out at 645 yards in a season. 
28 BUF Eric Wood C Louisville Solid Wood was a solid guard for two seasons for Buffalo and then switched to center in 2011. Injuries have slowed him a bit, but he is solid in pass protection and a nasty run blocker. 
29 NYG Hakeem Nicks WR North Carolina Solid Nicks left New York this offseason without much of a battle.  Four seasons over 750 yardsr eceiving including two over 1,000 yards makes Nicks a solid pick. At the end of the first round the Giants got good value on his rookie contract. Definitely a solid pick. 
30 TEN Kenny Britt WR Rutgers Bust On field talent was never an issue for Britt. It was the off field problems. Just a waste of talent.
31 ARI Beanie Wells RB Ohio St. Bust 2011. That was when Beanie topped 1,000 yards. He has not played in a year and a half now and his career is in jeopardy. That is a bust. 
32 PIT Evander Hood DE Missouri Bust The Ziggy man is not the dominant defensive tackle many thought he could be in Pittsburgh. Hood was solid as a rookie but quickly dipped to mediocre and has stayed at that level. Picks like Hood are why the Steel Curtain defense that was a title contender most of this decade has fallen off. 


OK, that's a wrap!  Have a great weekend!

Storminnorman's Sports Blog 5/9
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Hello Gabbers, by the time you have read this blog the first round of the 2014 version of the NFL Draft will have taken place. I was wondering to myself who will be the next so-called star drafted in the first round. 

Sometimes I wonder to myself why the Lions are my dad's favorite team, they haven't really had any success in over 50 years, but yet just like me and a bunch of others, he still roots for the Lions. I remember last year they were celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Lions-Packers game that he was at, when he was talking about this game, he was talking about it like it was the Super Bowl the Lions have never been a part of. The one thing that stands out from our conversation, is that it was his favorite memory of the Lions, and he will be 73 this August, so he has a few. But like all Lions fans, he dreams of his Lions reaching the pinnacle of their profession, the Super Bowl. My one wish for him, is that he lives long enough to see his Lions reach the Super Bowl and win.


This was an article that I found on the final mock draft, and there were some really interesting picks made by Mel Kiper and others. I would like to see Ha-Ha Dix in a Lions uniform if nothing more than to spice it up a bit more. However, all reports are leaning towards someone else. I posted this article to see who was right. IHM, AFD, we all know that the Lions will draft the best player available (maybe), or they will do something that will have the 4 of us, including my dad left shaking our heads.....

The weather is warming as we head towards the middle of May, and next weekend will be a chance for the Tigers to enact a little revenge on the World Champion Red Sox. This is a different team this year friends, kind of built in your image in some ways, so look out. I thought I would bring this up before Sully did, but I am actually looking forward to next weekend, to see if the Tigers measure up to the Sox. The true test of your team is not the Orioles or the Indians, but the World Champs. I still have my World Series collectable, and I wore it with pride, even though I took a lot of ribbing from my friends for doing so.


Unfortunately, everyone on a Detroit local news wants Justin Gilbert. Probably will be Denard, but here we are heading off to the top 10... Why do I have to listen to Rich Eisen? We all know the first round of the draft is the most over-hyped, over-rated portion of the draft. Does anyone other than the Beeze hope "Johnny Football" doesn't wind up on their team? By the way who needs 10-minutes to make a pick? WTF, if you don't know who you are going to take by now, give your pick to the Lions, we need all the help we can get defensively. No wonder the first round takes 4 hours to complete, freaking dumbasses...

1. Houston - Jadeveon Clowney, DE South Carolina. No real surprise here, heard this name a lot lately for a team that needs a quarterback...

2. St. Louis - Greg Robinson, T, Auburn. Well I guess they finally want to keep Sam healthy. They are comparing him to Orlando Pace and Jackie Slater, not a bad duo to be compared with. The last pick from the RGIII trade....

3. Jacksonville - Blake Bortles, QB, UCF. Wow, I don't think anyone was expecting this. Everyone was talking defense for this team, but this should be an upgrade for the Jaguars.

4. Cleveland - The Beeze's Brownies, always an interesting pick. Traded their pick to Buffalo,there ya go Beeze. Traded down to 9 and a first in 2015 draft, wonder why they traded down? Maybe Taylor Lewan is in their future?

4. Buffalo via Cleveland - Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson. Should help E.J. Manuel, considered the premier WR in the draft. Nice Pick

5. Oakland - Khalil Mack, LB, Buffalo. Interesting pick coming from the MAC, don't see too many of these guys go high, so he must be a good linebacker.

6. Atlanta - Jake Matthews, T, Texas A&M. Maybe Matt Ryan will get the protection he needs to throw the ball. Good bloodlines, should be a good fit...

7. Tampa Bay - Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M. This ought to be an interesting team of receivers should good. But who's going to throw to them?

8. Cleveland via Minnesota - Justin Gilbert, CB, Okla St. Well now, everyone thought it was going to be Johnny Football. Nice Pick, might be fun on the defensive side in Cleveland? So much for him being a Lion...

9. Minnesota - Anthony Barr, LB, UCLA. Should help one of the worst defenses in the NFL improve.

10. Detroit - Eric Ebron, TE, North Carolina. And like usual the Lions astound me with a draft pick, thought they would take Denard, but this should be a serious upgrade from Pettigrew dropping balls all of the time.

Well guys, this pick by the Lions ought to get a good rant from IHM on Saturday and AFD next week. But before I forget, Happy Mother's Day to all of your wives and daughters who are mothers. Don't forget to spoil them and also to stop by and give Hal a shout!






O H Thursday
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NFL Mock Draft #1

It’s been a long strange trip to finally get to the NFL draft.

The draft should be in April and it should be 2 days at most.


The Emperor decided May was better for him  

(I’m guessing the Goodell’s have a family function in April, perhaps a banquet of sorts...and we need to be willing to work around that.

Spreading it out over 4 days means simply that Roger went to Joseph A. Banks two suits for the price of one…twice... and he has to wear them all so he can get the 2/1 discount at the dry cleaners.

Spring has finally made it to the Boston area, although if you live or work along the Atlantic you are still getting cool East breezes off the 45 degree water. The Harry’s B&B is located is about 35 miles South of Boston and about 10 miles North of Providence RI so we usually stay warmer with our Ocean breezes being generally from the South.

We host Mothers Day every year and this is when I unveil my gardens and plants for the ladies in my life. My beautiful bride, my Mom, my wife’s Mom and My sister’s in law(4) along with their hubby’s and kids will overrun the yard and we will be cooking and grilling and imbibing just a bit. This day usually ends with a fire in the fire pit until late in the evening. Mothers Day is my contribution to the five families until Thanksgiving.

 In total my in laws have 3 lake homes, two in Maine and one in Rhode Island. Also two ocean homes in Rhode Island and a nice place in Florida. So when water front isn’t essential… I host.


And then we have to do Memorial weekend with the annual Harry men camping and fishing excursion.

Fathers Day in Rhode Island, Independence Day and Labor Day in Maine and Christmas locally. When I write it all down I can see that I married into far more than I deserved…married up just a bit.


OK back to the draft.

I’ve been watching with curiosity the way that the sports experts have figured the draft and which team needs who to do what.

I did say a few weeks back that I thought the QB’s would go early letting some of the top WR’s and defenders drop into the arms of the haves.

What I can say with certainty is that 32 teams will pick most of the top 64 players in the first two rounds. Also with certainty, at least two teams with pick a head scratcher way to early. I’m going with Oakland and Buffalo to be those two teams of distinction.

A little later tonight you will see that Oldharry has as much a clue as the national pundants.

Here is my first round:


1. Houston-        J. Clowney,            DE    South Carolina-   He is the best player in the draft so why leave him out there.

2. St Louis-        Greg Robinson,       OT   Auburn   Run blocker and blind side tackle can't pass this instant impact player

3. Jacksonville-   Johnny Manziel,        QB   Texas A&M-  This is the guy they targeted and are happy to have some excitement coming to Northern Florida, Manzeil may have a rocky start but will make this team much better.

4. Cleveland-      Blake Bortles        QB  UCF - The Browns just may have the QB franchise player they wanted to build on. A better fit than Manzeil who would quickly tire of Cleveland

5. Oakland-        Sammy Wadkins    WR Clemson – explosive speed at the WR position is good but a QB would have been more of a need.

6. Atlanta-          Khalil Mack            OLB Buffalo- aggressive and dynamic and a good pick for Atlanta

7. Tampa Bay-    Mike Evans            WR  Texas A&M, NFL ready WR will fit right in.

8. Minnesota-    Derek Carr               QB   Fresno State- This is who they hoped would still be here at 8

9. Buffalo-         Eric Ebron               TE   N Carolina- I still think the Bills need to upgrade at QB.

10. Detroit-        Aaron Donald           DT   Pittsburgh, a steal at 10

11. Tennessee-   Justin Gilbert           CB  Oklahoma State

12. NY Giants-   Jake Matthews         OT   Texas A&M – good find at 12, should be a top ten pick.

13. St. Louis-     Kyle Fuller                 CB  Virginia Tech

14. Chicago-      Hasean Clinton Dix     FS   Alabama

15. Pittsburgh-   Odell Beckham           WR  LSU

16. Dallas-         Timmy Jernigan          DT   Florida State

17. Baltimore-     Calvin Pryor              FS Louisville

18. NY Jets-        CJ Mosley                 LB Alabama

19. Miami-          Zack Martin               OG Notre Dame

20. Arizona-        Darqueze Dennard     CB  Michigan State

21. Green Bay-    Ryan Shazier             OLB Ohio State

22. Philadelphia-  Cody Latimer           WR Indiana

23. Kansas City-   Marqise Lee             WR USC

24. Cincinnati-      Teddy Bridgewater   QB  Louisville... what? you say  Dalton?

25. San Diego-      Kony Ealy                DE Missouri

26. Cleveland-       Anthony Barr           OLB UCLA

27. New Orleans-  Taylor Lewan          OT Michigan

28. Carolina-         JaWuan James         OT Tennessee

29. New England   Jace Amaro              TE Texas Tech  If they stay here…they may very well trade out of here for an additional pick or two

30. San Francisco-   Jason Verrett         CB   TCU

31. Denver-             Jimmy Ward           SS Northern Illionis

32. Seattle-              Brandon Cooks       WR  Oregon State


Round 2

33. Houston          AJ McCarron            QB Alabama- was expecting Bridgewater to be here but McCarron has NFL skills and will fit right in to Billy O’Brian’s Brady like Offense

and then there is Spring in Afghanistan

That’s how I see it. I do have early stage glaucoma so my sight isn’t always perfect and there is the potential of a cottage industry in my future but when you look at my mock draft you probably won’t say, “what’s Harry smoking”

Because I’m just as qualified as the rest of the experts telling you who is gonna do what and when.

Have a great day and if the draft is too much for you…close the window.


Gimpy legs and the hands of time
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With all of the chaos of the past two weeks in my personal life and here, this post has been on the fire, off the fire smoldering , on the fire, on the back burner and off again…and now on again.

My Mom suffered a mild heart attack and is off for surgery and my patella bursitis has flared up so I'm in a knee immobilizer for a couple of weeks.

With Shorty back in town for the NFL draft, this gimpy legged tandem sat at the end of the bar thru the entire 3 days man… 3 days.

The last time I did anything for 3 days was back in ’69 at Yazgers farm. Everywhere there was song and celebration.

 And speaking of Woodstock


Rest peacefully Richie Havens,72 who passed away last Monday. Richie released 25 albums over his career and is best known for being the opening act at Woodstock Music and Arts festival in 1969. Richie played for 3 hours while the other performers were getting ready after arriving late.

Best known for his renditions of Freedom, Hands of Time and Here Comes The Sun.

Hands of Time

Keep looking through the window pane
Just trying to see through the pouring rain
It's hearing your name, hearing your name
I never really felt quite the same, since I've lost what I had to gain
No one to blame, no one to blame
Seems to me, can't turn back the hands of time
Oh it seems to me, can't back the hands of time

Seems to me, can't turn back the hands of time
Oh it seems to me, can't turn back the hands of time
Seems to me, history was left behind


The NFL draft brought a little excitement over at Mo’s Tavern, some of the Gab guys weren’t exactly pleased with their teams picks. Rumor has it that one of our regulars is changing his identity. Our friend IHM will probably be going by I Hate M&M soon.

He was stomping around the un mowed side yard of the Tavern next to the bocce courts mumbling to himself    “a funter, a pucking funter…I can’t believe they ficked a pucking funter”

The Beeze was there wearing two hats, his ND lid facing Northeast and A Rangers cap facing Southwest. He was saying how fate had delt him a bad hand with this Cleveland thing and that he shoulda moved to New England years ago for the wifey.

Mo was a little befuddled about the mower and his Hartford Whalers cap had gas and grass stains on the bill. Scott was trying to sell him on the idea of a lawn service. Mo wasn’t sipping a Fred like usual, he had a brown bag under the bar with something good in it…he wasn’t sharing.

Rad wasn’t dazzled at all by this draft, it wasn’t overwhelming at the beginning or end

And probably the best value was the middle rounds

BOB was ecstatic with the Forty Niners 200 picks and

Frag was at the first booth doing his lineup changes and giving fantasy baseball draft and trade tips to Qwazier, Lanz, Bandit and anyone else that would listen.

Sully was there laughing at the Gabbers who were wondering why their team took this guy and not that guy, didn’t move up to get X or down to get Y

…what diff does it make now, most of these guys will need a passport to get to the great cold North and try to catch on in the CFL.

Remember Bill Belichick moving up to take Chad Jackson and leaving Greg Jennings on the board…it’s a crap shoot so lets not get to high or low over it. It could be worse you Brownie fans, you could have been born Cowboys or Jets fans.



This is the first week of May and not wanting to further discuss the NBA or NHL

I’ve decided to bring you this special segment featuring a voice over by:




Read below in the voice of  Morgan Freeman

Spring is here  

… and so begins the annual migratory of the human kind as they embark on the tedious journey that ends with the female of the species pushing the male drone out of the nest to perform the rigorous tribal ritual know as the:     honey do list

We find the limping alpha male oldharry looking over his domain, pondering his list

The windows need to be cleaned

The ceiling fans need a dusting

I have the house needs a new roof 


I have the screen house on the piazza project

I have the clean out the shed project

I have the fix the fence before it fall the rest of the way and the neighbors pets get in

I still haven’t replaced the leaky faucet in the bathroom project

I have the buy a new lawn mower project so I can give back the mower I borrowed from Rick

I have the power wash the deck and patio, and paint the house project so I can

Put up the screen house project

I still have the put the new dishwasher in project

I have the dig out the stump project

I have the vegetable garden project so we can have those fresh vegetables all summer and fall. The work never ends with growing food. I have to tend the berries, blue, strawberry and raspberry. I have to watch the grape vine and be sure the weeds don’t win control over the herbs

I have the, we host mothers day brunch so get the flowers in the pots and make the yard

I have the fix the picnic table that got crushed by the tree that blew down and took out the table and the Toyota

I have the take the kayaks and canoe out and clean them so I can skip a few of these other projects and go fishing project

I have the lawn swing project for my mother in law


and so the oldharry drone limps and staggers about his tasks, he can be heard mumbling

Projects projects projects…never done never done…when one gets crossed off two get added on… and on and on


Don’t forget to check out some real sports with Lanz, over there------------à

Thanks for reading, indulging and commenting

Monday Moaning 4-29-13
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It is the Monday after the NFL Draft, and I don't know about you, but I need a bath...Why you ask? Well, I live in Cleveland...And after this draft, it really fucking stinks in here!

There is this thing in Cleveland when everyone gets their hopes up when the Draft rolls around...Sadly, since 1999 the Browns have had a lot more misses then hits...In April Browns fans are blindly optimistic, lead by the Cleveland media that is more often than not blindly swinging on the nuts of the team, and believing everything they say to be gospel...There are very few who are willing to criticize the team on draft weekend, and those who do, like me, get shouted down....

Example: When the Browns took Notre Dame Safety Jamoris Slaughter in the 6th round, I voiced my displeasure with this move...You know I love ND, and I like Slaughter, but kid played 3 games, and tore his Achilles last year....The year before he missed most the season after a shoulder injury...He was only in the draft because the NCAA disallowed a second medical redshirt...Yes, he's a big hitter...But he's a small guy, just under 6 ft. and 195 pounds...So of course it was tweeted at me that in 39 games he made 98 tackles...Big fucking deal...Former ND safety, now Vikings safety made 93 tackles in one season...Another ND Safety, Zeke Motta, taken in the 7th round by the Falcons made 77 tackles this year...Why the fuck wouldn't you take the heavy hitter that he is, instead of the guy who has been hurt the last two seasons?

Another asshole tweeted at me, "You know it's the 6th round?" Yeah dick face...I also know there are better players and players who aren't hurt out there! Everyone at 92.3 the Fan are fucking idiots, who just got the rights top air the Browns games this season, so they're all afraid to be fucking honest...

Then they start tweeting that Mike Mayock was raving about the Browns getting Slaughter...Well no shit...He gets one of his paychecks doing color for Notre Dame games...He's not gonna blast a ND guy...Fucking tools!

The Browns first round pick, Barkevious Mingo, DE from LSU...Fine pick there...They had no 2nd round pick...They gave that up when they took Josh Gordon in the supplemental draft last year...Fine...Kid has skills...3rd round they took CB, Leon McFadden from San Diego St....WTF! Kid is 5-9...I like my corners a little taller...Kid ran a 4.5 40...I like my corners faster, especially if they are short...Kid was projected as a 6th rounder....Of fucking course he was! Then they show a quick video of him...The clip showed him getting beat by a WR 4-5 inches taller and if the QB could hadn't overthrown it, it's a TD...

No worries, the Browns have more picks...Wait, they traded a 4th and 5th to the Dolphins for Devone Bess...Okay, so adding him, plus the recent acquisition of David Nelson, the Browns are okay at WR...Then they traded another 4th round pick to Pittsburgh for their 4th round pick next year...Then they traded another 5th round pick to the Colts for their 5th round pick next year...Okay, so they are already throwing in the towel on this year's draft...Got it...

In the 7th round they drafted two guys, one DE and one OL, both from division 2 schools...Listen, no offense to D-2 guys, but if you wanted them, you probably could have signed them as rookie free agents...The DE has a great history of getting busted for selling dope to undercover police...TWICE! Great pick...Then the Browns went and signed Notre Dame C/G Braxston Cave...(Finally a smart move)...They also locked up Bess for 3 years...

The media kept saying this draft was weak...Light in star players...So maybe be smart and load up on depth...Like the Patriots who traded out of the 1st round (29 overall) for a 2,3,4,and 7th round picks...Oh, and they made a trade Jeff Demps and a 7 for LaGarrette Blount...The depth they added...2 WR, OLB, ILB, CB, S, and DE...3 players, all on Defense from Rutgers...I guess Bill liked something he saw from the Scarlet Knights D...

All I know for sure, is a couple months back I talked about me and my sports fandom being free agents when it comes to the NFL and MLB, because the Browns and Indians make me sick...I gave my baseball fandom to The Nationals with an eye on the Orioles and Pirates...In the NFL I talked about the Seahawks and Patriots...Yeah, sticking with that...The Browns proved me right this weekend...All I had to see was what the Bengals and Steelers, and Ravens were doing in the draft...Ravens looking to fill holes and maintain...Steelers and Bengals looking to get better...And they both did...The Browns look like they are maintaining...Only problem is, no one should want to maintain when you are a perennial loser!

-Other Draft news...Matt Barkley proved something I've known for awhile...USC QB's are overrated...4th round to Philly...Ouch...Which of their 4 QB's will stay and which will go?

Geno Smith doesn't go in the 1st round, which is hilarious since both ESPN and NFL network filled their promo shit with him...Lucky guy then goes to the Jets...Clearly the Jets wanted to lead the league in drama again...6 QB's now...Including the hack, Mark Sanchez, and the media darling Tim Tebow, now adding Smith who has already shown what a twat he is by tweeting his smarmy feelings to scouts and draft "experts"...Kid is going to flop...Especially going to that environment...

What I watched of the draft I watched on the NFL Network...ESPN is awful...I can't stand Berman, Gruden, and Kiper...How is it old Mel keeps his job...All this guy does is analyze players for the draft, and he is religiously wrong...Mayock is a douche, but he's right a lot more than the dopes on ESPN....

But then the NFL Network guys got on my nerves when they wouldn't shut up about Manti Te'o...People, you want to know why he slipped? Watch the National Championship game again...Missed tackle after missed tackle...Found himself out of position to make plays for the first time all year...On the biggest stage...With a cloud of lies hanging over his head about a fake, dead girlfriend...It's not the girlfriend shit...It's not even the slow 40 time...It's that game, and how he got owned...I knew he'd get drafted...There is too much potential there not too...But 1st round...No way...hey, lucky for him, he's going to San Diego...Wasn't his girl in the Hospital there!?!

-The NHL playoffs will get started this week...My NY Rangers are playing well and seem to have it all together at the right time...They'll start off with The Washington Capitals...Hopefully they roll right through them...Rick Nash finally gets to take his game to the Playoffs...Looking to see him shine...I'm feeling so confident that I have excepted a bet friendly blogging bet on this series with SunTzu4m!

Chicago is the favorite out West, but they open up with the Minnesota Wild who have been a pain in their ass this year...The Wild have invested a lot this year...They want to win now...Should be an interesting goaltending battle between The Wild's Backstrom and The Blackhawks' Crawford...Both teams have firepower, so it will come down to which goalie can steal a game or two.

-This coming Saturday we have the Kentucky Derby...I love Derby day...We get the kids together and all pick horses...The kids have done well the last few years...Always a good time...Maybe I'll give them a couple Mint Juleps...Make it easier to take their money!

Have a week...

The Beeze

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