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The NFL has gone through the roughest period in league history of the past few weeks. Let’s face the league that seems to have it’s crap together has gotten diarha. The league is facing an image problem that makes congress look like choir boys. Ow we all know that a lot of players in the league are just not good guys they have been a lot of arrests over the past few years mainly petty crap and substance related offenses just young guys being stupid.

Last year a young man from the Chiefs committed suicide do to domestic problems.Then Ray Rice,beating the crap out of his girlfriend, Adrian Petersen beating the crap out of a 4 year old and a host of 5 or 6 other guys now waiting out the legal fall out of their misdeeds.against girlfriends and spouses alike. The league that controls everything can’t seem to control their most important element their players.

Let’s face it we all know a lot of these guys aren’t angels  and have bad and shady pasts Aaron Hernandez for instance. Let’s also face it if this stuff didn’t find it’s way to the media Ray Rice and Adrian Petersen would be playing on Sunday. The fact is in today’s society people are looking to expose what they perceive aswrong doing and in both these cases as in others this exposure should be brought to the attention of at the very least the authorities.

But where do we cross the line where does it go to far and like I say I don’t think it went to far in these cases. We have seen countless stories of a bus driver taking a snooze and some one takes a picture and sends it to his boss . the guy looses his job maybe he worked a second job or Overtime and is taking a cat nap tobe more efficient with passengers on board..

I guess that is our society today we are able to hide be hind a twitter handle or a blog name and make a snap judgment without all the facts. The case in hand the NFL needs to do a better job of screening some of these kids coming in the league. They need to get them help before it explodes into the mess they are dealing with now. This is probably not the first time Ray Rice or any of these other guys hit a omen this is the time they got exposed same for Pedersen.

The NFL has a cack in the shield and I’m not sure they know how to handle it. They suspended a bunch of players with charges pending maybe that is a way but it seems reactionary to instead of proactive. This like the government changing a law because of one incident happens at th state level all the time. The league needs to be proactive in preventing this stuff and I’m just not sure if they can. They can control a lot of things but they can’t control human nature. I think the rash of suspensions are reactionary partly so they don’t have a repeat of the mess over the past couple of weeks and partly due to some major sponsors voicing there not liking the way the league is handling things. Anhuser Busch and Nike have told the league they aren’t pleased and I’m sure a few others as well.

Let’s face it we like the game and we will all be watching our teams on Thursday, Sunday, and Monday. But league has developed an image problem far worse than the NBA ever had and they just aren’t sure how to handle it. Eventually it will all go away and be forgotten at some point but for now I wouldn’t want to be the sheriff.

O H Thursday
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Hello gabbers and thanks for checking in today.

New segment part 2…Harry’s disgusted.

In 69 words-

The Vikings reinstating Adrian Peterson and saying they will let the judiciary process play out is saying that he’s too good of a talent to let this incident get in the way of our goal. The Raddison is pulling their advertising from the Vikings in light of Peterson’s return.  Peterson injured his 4 year old son, that he only sees 10-15 days per year, unintentionally… with a stick.  

I wrote this blog before the Vikings, under pressure from sponsers, reversed their position on Peterson. He will still get $800,000 per week but won't be allowed in the Vikings facility.

Week two of the NFL season had plenty of off field drama, my opinions of these things is simply spelled out in 69 words above.

On the field........

On the field there was some great football played.

Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers took it to the defending SB champs and beat Richard Sherman and the Seahawks 30-21.

Ageless Antonio Gates pulled in 3 TD passes from Rivers in the win..

Rex is not happy

Marty is in deep shit

The Jets seemed to find their mid season stride by timing out in Green Bay…blame Marty , Rex or Karma, it really doesn’t matter they just seem to finds a way. They are kind of the AFC version of the Lions.


Jordy Nelson gave Oldharry’s Natural grass and bad weather fantasy team a boost over Lanz’s Dukes of York. 209 yards receiving and that adds up to some solid bonus points…sorry Lanz

The play of the weekend award goes to Patriots DE Chandler Jones.

A blocked FG attempt and subsequent 59 yard TD return to go along with 8 tackles and 2 sacks.

The Pats o line kept Tom Brady clean with only one sack.


The still unbeaten teams after week 2 are:








The most surprising Bills are 2-0 after beating the Bears in week one and pummeling the Dolphins 29-10 in week two. The road ahead for the Bills isn’t an easy one:

San Diego-       just beat defending SB champs Seattle last week.

At Houston-     off to a 2-0 start

At Detroit-        explosive offense with Stafford and Cal Johnson

New England-   Tom Brady has a 22-2 record vs Buffalo


The surviving Dolphins are gathering to put this years pin poking voodoo session round table together to finish off the teams left unbeaten. They will be putting the 2% milk to toast on ice awaiting the last to fall of this years pretenders



-Patriots head coach Bill Belichick won his 200th NFL regular season game 30-7 over the Vikings on Sunday.

When asked about the 200th Bill said, “ I didn’t plan on this when I got into coaching, it’s really something…I guess what it really means is that I had some great players playing for me”

The only other active NFL head coaches with more than 100 wins are

Tom Coughlin        158

Jeff Fisher             157

Andy Reid             141

John Fox              109


- Wrapped In Belichick's 200th win was Tom Brady's 149th win pulling him into 3rd place alltime behind Farve and Manning



Peyton Manning now has 497 TD’s just 11 behind all time leader Brett Farve.

The closest active QB’s behind Peyton are

- Drew Brees at #4 with 366 and

- Tom Brady at #5 with 361.


Speaking of Brees


-Drew Brees 51,651yds. passed John Elway 51,475yds. and moved into 4th place all time in total passing yardage.


Top 10 all time list passing yards

1.Brett Farve              71,838

2.Peyton Manning       65,475

3. Dan Marino             61,361

4. Drew Brees             51,651

5. John Elway              51,475

6. Tom Brady               49,547

7. Warren Moon           49,325

8. Fran Tarkington        47,003

9. Vinny Testaverde      46,233

10. Drew Bledsoe         44,611


In the Harry family league I squared off against son #2. I had to get rid of Peterson and replaced him in my lineup with Shane Vereen and move Reggie Wayne into the flex position I moved Vereen from. With some injuries, suspensions etc. I was still able to win 168-109 and stay unbeaten.

Life in the Subdivision:

You just never know what the kids will bring home next!  I’ve always been a purveyor of letting my kids do what they want as long as they don’t break things or hurt people. All of them are independent and self sufficient which is what our parenting plan was when we started out. Last weekend #4 son, the one who told us we needed to be tested for a trembling disorder after taking the shaky truck for a spin, came home with a new yard ornament.

He says it (an old 24’ Boston Whaler with no motor) will be sold within a week and he will fix the trailer and get $600.00 for it. I said ok, what did you pay for the arc?

Boat and trailer…$150.

Number 3 son said later that day, “ ok the Boat isn’t gone until Nov 1st…you want the over or under Dad?”

 I took the over.

The Ditkahs rocked the lanes last week taking game one by 43 point and game 3 by 25 after dropping game 2 by 10. A solid overall win which brings us to 8-8 after two weeks. I had an ok night, started out with a 156 followed with a 192 and finished with a 177.  

Until next week Gabbers and don’t forget Lanz right over there >>>

Musings From The Hoodwood 9-16
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Kershaw is the odds on favorite to win the Cy Young....and the NL MVP???



Greetings from the Hoodwood, where your humble scribe is dodging the mailman trying to deliver AARP cards…but seriously folks.


Leading off: Roger Must Go

I’ve been a vociferous and vocal critic of Roger Goodell almost since he became commissioner. I thought him a poor follow up to the legacies left by Pete Rozelle and Paul Taglibue. I think so highly of Rozelle his name shares my fantasy league trophy. I liked Paul Taglibue. He was understated, yet quietly forceful. He took the lead after 9/11 in postponing the NFL’s game for the coming week and the other leagues that were playing followed his lead. I think Goodell is a camera hog, I think he likes to hear himself talk. I think he has an over aggrandized sense of self. Goodell thinks he is the Lawnmower man of pro football. Why can you just hear Der Kommisar bellowing “In pro football…I am God!” he’s a bully, he’s snarky and I don’t like him. My suspicions of Goodell were heightened after the near lockout in 2012, and further exacerbated by the bountygate scandal where he acted with scorn and contempt to the parties involved and a few of his rulings were eventually reduced. He wanted to be the sheriff and the NFL’s  “Big Daddy”, the face of the NFL. The owners who are his collective boss have determined that as long as he’s bringing in the loot, he worth keeping. The NFL makes money hand over fist and can shot call to the point of object arrogance. Think I’m joking, you have to check out the tome of demands that the NFL drops on a prospective city that wants to host a Super Bowl. I read some of this and started thinking “Who the fuck does the NFL think they are?” But then again they are the NFL, and they get what they want when they want and no one says a thing.  After the increasing messes that are the Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy and Ray McDonald violence scandals, many are questioning his leadership and if he needs to step down. I for one think his attitude and arrogance are highly detrimental to the game. I know it more and more about safety but the game has really gotten to be no fun and Goodell is the cause of it. He’s ruining the game that I love and he really needs to go.


B-Squad is A Team and wins FIBA World Cup

The critics knocked the US men’s national basketball that was headed to the World Cup, No Durant, No LeBron, no Kobe no KLove, Paul George falling victim to a horrific injury, et al. The Americans looked ripe for the upset as they head to Spain for the FIBA basketball world cup. But the Americans charged through the round robin and the knockout stage and despite getting tested here and there and falling behind 15-7 in the finale, roared back to whomp the Serbian team 132-96 to clinch their 4th straight international title. The USMNT hasn’t lost a game since they were humiliated by Greece in the 2006 Worlds which were the forerunner of this tournament. That was 86 international games ago. The Americans have won two Olympics tourneys and two worlds, The talk that the US had to send their super-duper stars to win and if they didn’t they ran the risk of getting beaten by the better international teams like Spain and Serbia, but the Spanish squad didn’t even make it to the semis getting ousted in the quarters. I think that hiring of Coach K to run the squad was probably the smartest move that Team USA made. They ran the national team like a pro team and made the players commit to playing on the team for a set period and the star power drove the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Teams, and the 2010  and 2014 World squads had some star power but played more a team oriented format. There were pros and good names to be sure but Kyrie Irving’s 32 points to lead the finale wasn’t LeBron or Kobe. But it was a winning formula.


RGIII: Hess down again

Does that really surprise you now? RGIII is fast turning into an NFL version of Derrick Rose, he can’t stay healthy and seems to have an entire city waiting on his performance to be more than just a game or two.  Washington got hammered by the Texans and RGIII played an ineffective game, be came out nicely in the 2nd game against the Jags, but the bad luck of RGIII came up when he badly dislocated his ankle on a rollout and could be out as many a 6-8 weeks. Washington is thanking its lucky stars that he didn’t suffer a season ending injury


Can Kershaw pull the daily double?

After the horrific injury to the Marlins Giancarlo Stanton that ended his season, the focus of the NL MVP now returns to the Dodgers Clayton Kershaw, despite being pushed by the Reds Johnny Cueto for the Cy Young, Kershaw should be a lock to win 3rd Cy Young in 4 years, He is fast closing in on 20 wins.  But there are some that think a pitcher should never win the MVP. Unless in rare rare exceptions (it’s happened 10 times since the Cy Young Award was created in 1956) like Bob Gibson and Denny McClain in 1968 when Gibson had a microscopic 1.12 ERA and McClain won 30 games for their respective pennant winning teams. Or be dominant like Roger Clemens was in 1986. I think Kershaw fits into this mold. The Dodgers have rarely lost when he takes the mound. Consider that since June 1 the Dodgers are playing at a .947 pace when Kershaw takes the mound. That’s Koufax numbers if not better.  Kershaw should take both awards home and deserves to.


Phat Dap

To the auspicious college debut of Gunner Kiel of my beloved Alma Mater Cincinnati. Kiel, who was the 2011 High School Mr. Football in Indiana was first committed to Indiana then LSU then signed with Notre Dame after a year of being buried on the depth chart of the National runner up, Kiel transferred to Cincinnati at the recommendation of his then coach Brian Kelly who had previously coached at Cincy after having to sit out a year under the archaic NCAA transfer rules, Kiel made his first collegiate start last Friday against Toledo having not have played competitively since January 2012 one would think he would be rusty. He only threw for 418 yards and a school record tying 6 scores. Kiel could rewrite the record books and he’s only a sophomore…


Head Slap

To yours truly, it’s not often that I give myself one but Sunday, I decided to listen to the spec on ESPN that said that Brandon Marshall was NOT going to play against the 49ers Sunday Night. I benched him and not only did Marshall start, he scored…3 FUCKING TIMES. Of course his points would have given me a fighting chance to win. The irony here is that the league this team is in 0-2, being victim of Matt Ryan having a monster week 1 meanwhile my other team is 2-0 despite being near the bottom of the league in scoring…


Until next post fellow sports fans!

Monday Moaning 9-15-14
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Welcome to another edition of Monday Moaning...Clearly the top two topics in sports have been the NFL's two star running backs who are both complete pieces of shit...Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson...We heard enough about Rice...Then we found out Peterson beat his 4 year old son with a "Switch"....Now I'll never be the guy to say, "you don't spank kids." If I fucked up big time, my dad gave a me a couple across the ass with a belt...My mom broke a wooden spoon on my brother's ass...But like I said, it had to be serious...Like the the time I called the operator and said there was a fire somewhere there wasn't...When you have uncles that are cops and fire fighters, that gets you and instant ass-whoopin'...The old man left work early for that one! I was also 10 or 11 and knew better...

Peterson cracked his kid (4 years old) at least 14 times...Bruises, welts, cuts...Injured the kids junk for God's sake...That's way too far...My son took a marker to the walls, lamp shades and one of my Guitars when he 4...He got a couple hands swats across the ass...He got the point...Well the point got across well when I saw my guitar, the last thing I noticed...And I punched a hole through a wall...When he found out I was that pissed, markers stayed on paper...

But seriously...The NFL was taking enough heat already this year...For fuck's sake 32 players were suspended for opening weekend...I don't think they really want this for a PR poster...


Had to do it!

Honestly...I'm not just talking shit...I'm done with the NFL...I will finish out my fantasy football seasons, because I have talked too much shit not to stick it out...But I just can't support this fucking asshole league full of criminals, and run by greedy fucking shit-dicks who will try to turn a blind eye to this shit, and try to keep it from the public...Fuck them all...Eat y ass!

And the NCAA isn't far behind, as they tried to slip THIS news past us last week...Two years of noo university cover-ups and no child rape apparently makes up for 20 years of Jerry Sandusky running wild, fucking kids on the Penn State campus!

I was happy to see that Not just me and IHM aren't willing to let go of this...The good fans at Rutgers let PSU fans know what's up...


Might not be classy...But it's classic!

But the topic that got me fired up late Saturday night...A fellow Clevelander on twitter decided to bash the Indians, and he tweeted his thoughts at the Indians and at second baseman, Jason Kipnis...He was upset the Indians lost to the Tigers...You know me, I'm all for bashing teams and players...What I'm not for is assholes crying about it when an athlete gives it right back to them...

Dude dogged the tribe for being 5 games behind the Tigers...The Indians, a team full of scrubs, just trying to grind it out...5 games behind the bought and not developed Tigers...Fuck off dude...Kipnis defended the heart, and play of his teammates...Here's a taste...

Tom Horsman @TomHorsman "And we wonder why only 9,000 people show up to Indians game in September. This team is pathetic. @Indians @TheJK_Kid"


Jason Kipnis @TheJK_Kid  

"@TomHorsman Pardon my language but you're a fucking idiot.. This team competed it's ass off tonight and played a great game."

Kipnis continued..."I get it..You can be frustrated. We got guys underachieving, not playing well, no ones hot and no real mashers, AND WERE STILL IN THIS THING"

"So don't ever question this teams heart or effort.. You should want over achievers! That means they have a pulse and give a damn each game!"

So of course the media had to chime in and give Kipnis crap for speaking his mind...And of course many fans were unhappy too...

Wait a minute...You, you, and you, and you, and me, we can whatever the fuck we want about these guys...And now, because of social media, we can basically say this shit to them....Then you're gonna cry foul when dude calls you a fucking idiot!?!  Sorry people but we are going to hang out hats on freedom of speech, then so can athletes and celbritards...You don't like, fuck off!  Why are you held to a higher standard?  If you'r going to talk shit, you need to be prepared to get it back...

Bunch of fucking children!

Goddamn Clevelanders...You know why only 9,000 people go to Indians games in September...Because baseball plays a fuck ton of games and that shit adds up...80 home games ain't cheap! And well, the economy in this town sucks my balls...Oh, then you need to remember this is Cleveland...Friday, Saturday, and Sunday means football...High school, college and the shitty Browns will win out against most anything...Yes, even the Browns...15 years of constant bad decisions and ticket price increases, and this dolt filled fanbase won't stop throwing their money at them....Fuck you, I know they won Sunday...They always pull out a few wins each year...Don't get too hard too soon, you'll blow your load too fast dummies! 




Have a week...I'm tired...


The Beeze.

Even Worst than Rice or Peterson
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If last week came in like a kick in the face, this week came in like a punch in the head.  In fact, this was quite possibly the worst week of Roger Goodell’s reign as Commish.   It was probably a worse week for the media.  I mean, this week really exposed the perfidy of the news media as it regards taking a position. That said, the organizations in the news this week have shown NO spine and have shown no willingness to do the right thing.  The picture above is only tangentially related to this post...but 

On Monday when the Ray Rice video came out, the talking heads christened this an opportunity for a mulligan – back in early August, Goodell had he blew the discipline on Rice.  The outrage then started, and the NFL had some repair work to do with the women they have to win over to grow.   

As if that wasn’t enough egg on Goodell’s face, the crap really hit the fan when TMZ cam out with the elevator video.  Yeah, TMZ – the $55mm company somehow, inexplicably, got their hands on a video the NFL couldn’t.   The annual revenue of the NFL is about $9.5Billion.  B-b-b-b-billion.    The Ravens are worth over a Billion.  But these two infinitely more powerful organizations couldn’t come up with the video that TMZ could.  Either a lack of will or extraordinary hubris.  Hubris that may wind up costing Goodell his $44MM/year job.  Let that one sink in for a minute.

And then for good measure, Adrian Peterson went from being the focus of the Vikings offensive attack to being the subject of a child abuse allegation.  Now, where there’s smoke there’s fire, so it’s pretty certain that something happened between AP and his boy, we just don’t know to what extent.  What is clear is that he wasn’t on the field Sunday. 

Now, what you can expect on the go forward is that the NFL will be hyper-sensitive to any extra-curriculars.  Such is the thinking of the Ravens – who released Rice only when the NFL made a few phone calls – the Vikings have ruled out releasing AP…unless uglier details emerge…then they’ll trade him.

At some point, someone is going to have to take a stand on principle.  Last year Aaron Hernandez was arrested on murder charges.  In a way, it was easy for the Patriots to do the right thing – it was very clear AH (funny, AH could be “ah ha,” but it could also be “a$$hole) wasn’t going to be available to play for anyone else.  He was likely going away for a very long time.  It’s where the circumstances are somewhere less well defined than murder that the NFL  falls down.  Wife beating?  Child beating? Well, it’s clear that we’re not really sure when to pull the trigger.

As an aside, I’m pretty sure Hernandez owes the Patriots a ring.  Jussayin.

 Think about this.  The homicide rate in the US is 4.4 per 100,000 and  aggravated assault is 242 per 100,000 (or about 0.02%).  The NFL crime statistics are no where close to those.  There’s something just shy of 1700 players so when only 1 guy gets himself into trouble, it makes the entire league look bad.  They have to be above the fray…

 The individual teams will have to grow a spine.  Who knows what the Patriots may have done if the circumstances were less clear, but they passed the test when it came to it.  The Ravens and the NFL failed. When it comes out that the NFL did in fact see the elevator video, there will be heads rolling – ESPN reports Rice came clean.  Its only a matter of time.  Tick tick tick.

Is it possible that the worst actor this week wasn’t AP or Ray Rice?


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