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Should the NFL have handed donw a tougher penalty to Ray Rice?



Storminnorman's Sports Blog 7/25
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Are you ready for some football? Welcome Gabbers to another edition of Storminnorman's Sports Blog NFL Training Camp Edition. As you all know by now, most if not all NFL training camps are open preparing for the upcoming season. The problem I am having is this, unlike most previous years when the Lions opened camp I was excited for the upcoming season. But...This year for some reason, I could give a care less about the Lions, maybe it was the 14' draft which reminded me of a Matt Millen draft. Maybe it's because the Tigers are stealing most of the press away from the Lions with their trade for Soria last night, which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are in it to win it all.

Maybe because everyone but the Lions made smart draft choices and filled some of their needs, the Lions subtracted a little too much during the off season, and like always they forgot to fill the open positions with draft choices. I remember sitting there watching the draft, and they had made their choice as they were announcing Vikings draft pick. Come on man let's get it right for once, you hire a quality coach and then you screw him? Typical Lions, and then they wonder why they are the laughing stock of the NFL. I mean come on, even the Browns had a better draft then the Lions.......

Thursday night's markee matchup was Max Scherzer v. Garret Richards, both pitchers have 11 wins and are probably strong contenders for the AL Cy Young award at season's end. Nothing like a nice long weekend series in LA, kind of don't mind staying up late watching Trout and Cabrera, will make for some must see late night television.

This is a little thought of mine, I agree with Old Harry, his pick of the Pat's to win their division really is a no brainer, they are the best team in their division. But here are a few more for you:

AFC EAST - Pat's, Bills (Wildcard)

AFC North - Beezer's Brownies (It's about damn time)

AFC South - Indy

AFC West - Denver, Chargers (Wildcard)

I know that this was a little crazy, maybe it's the meds I am taking for my shoulder....

NFC EAST - Redskins (no wildcard again this year, unless its the Eagles)

NFC North - Packers (maybe the Lions and Bears get in as Wildcards)

NFC South - Saints

NFC West - Arizona, I know you Seahawks and Niner fans think I am nuts, but they just missed last year....

If you think this was weird, wait to you see who I pick for the Super Bowl next week.....

NASCAR (Q's sport) are in Indy this week racing at the Brickyard, my uncle raced motorcycles and at Daytona when I was growing up. Now they are racing at 200 mph on a track that is not nearly big enough for those boys....

Is it true they reduced Pre-season to just 2 games to reduce injuries?

Don't forget to head to the left and read Hal's blog, he always has an interesting take on the world of sports....


Sports Friday with Hal: The NFL is back!
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Football is back! Training camps are open! It’s a Fantastic Friday!!!


Had a busy football week as I’m getting into “all football all the time” and chomping at the bit for all the news coming out of the training camps. Hard Knocks on HBO features the Atlanta Falcons debuts on August 5th. The NFL Network is on all day long in the background to catch news on injuries, suspensions, etc.




Dall-ass strikes again:
Curious situation going on in Dallas with the release of backup quarterback Kyle Orton. It seems that there was some friction between him and the team leading to his release. Most (like I did as well) just assumed he was retiring. Now the Cowboys bombastic owner Jerry Jones has indicated that the team had fined Orton for not attending mini-camps and save about $3 million on the cap by releasing the former starter. Of course, that leaves Dallas with (gulp!) Brandon Weeden at quarterback. With that porous offensive line in Dallas, a strong backup to Tony Romo is a must. Not sure I would want Weeden warming up on the sidelines if it was my team.




Running to glory:

Jamaal Charles worked a nifty extension out of the Chiefs this week. He is basically getting two-years and $18 million on his old deal. Whether he was going to hold out or not is up in the air, but there is no doubt he is one of the few running backs in the league with the power to hold out. Kansas City is a running team and they NEED Charles healthy and happy. Charles is not breaking the bank as he is getting a $4 million raise this year and his total deal goes to four-years for $28 million which is not a bad deal for the best offensive player on the team.


Just who is “elite” these days?

The next question is what to do with Alex Smith at quarterback. He wants “elite QB” money ($20 million per season) and the team is unlikely to negotiate near those numbers. Is he elite? Is he worth it? Was Joe Flacco worth it? How about Tony Romo? It will be interesting to see how that situation plays out over the next year. (FYI, in my opinion he is decidedly not elite and the Chiefs need to look for a young quarterback to replace Smith if he wants crazy money)




Beast-less mode in Seattle?

Marshawn Lynch is apparently holding out of training camp in Seattle. Two years ago he signed a four-year $30 million contract. Last I checked, the Seahawks front office did not have a gun placed to his head. Upset that Jamaal Charles gets more money now? Fire your agent, Marshawn. The Seahawks gave Lynch money up front and long-term security. I really hope they do not give in and let him rack up the fines for not showing up.




The Good Rice:

Former Seahawks and Vikings wide receiver Sidney Rice retired at age 27 this week. He was cut from the ‘Hawks to clear cap space and came back. He missed games due to knee and concussion issues. Rice had a few good years but had many injury issues. It was a surprise since he was expected to provide depth in Seattle this year. Expect that he will be talked back into the league in the next year due to the thinness of the position in large around the league.




The Bad Rice:

Seriously? Two games and one check? That’s the price of beating the shit out of a woman in today’s NFL? This was a brutal assault caught on hotel security tapes with Rice dragging his then fiance (now wife so she does not have to testify against him?) around unconscious...unconscious because he knocked her out. Two games. Will Smith took a banned diuretic in 2011 and got two games. Wow. Terrible call...Rice deserved a season to start with at minimum.


* * *

Big happy birthday to our Thursday blogging superstar, Old Harry. He wrote about sharing a birthday with Mick Jagger. Reminded me of a funny story with my kids a few years back. There was a popular song “Moves Like Jagger” and of course my kids (both pre-teens at that time) are asking “Who is Jagger?” as there was another song (I don’t remember) that some teeny-bopper referenced Mick as well (I just remember explaining to my 8-year old daughter what it meant to “rinse with Jack (Daniels)” or some ridiculous partying song lyric…). So the old man decides to show them just how cool Jagger was with “Dancing in the Streets” with David Bowie and then “Start me Up” with the 1981 video and all its “fantastic” fashion choices. Suffice to say the kids’ jaws were hanging open staring at the screen.


Now I love the Stones and can pull anything out of their catalog for a listen--even enjoy a lot of the newer albums but Mick had some scary fashion choices back in the day.  Of course, just a few weeks ago my wife and I were talking about a Poison concert we had gone to and I fired up Poison’s “Nothin but a good time” and got that wonderful look I am sure I gave my parents when I was forced to sit and listen to “good music” be it old Hank Williams Sr. singles with my Dad pulling out the 45s or show tunes and classical with my mother playing DJ in my youth.


* * *


OK, that’s all for now. Have a great weekend, all!

O H Thursday
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The thing on the side of the steering column…left side

Just push it!

Up right

Down left

That wide arcing corner you just took while looking at your phone was the thing that makes me realize that sometimes road rage is almost justifiable.

Easy stuff  $*&^%$@@#$%^&*() idiot…DON’T TEXT and drive

I hate traffic…or more accurately I hate people who can’t or shouldn’t be driving.

I  do text…I do not text … when I’m driving

I wonder what’s so important that it can’t wait until you pull over. The kids walking on the sidewalk that you JUST missed had no clue that YOU were trying to respond to your friend’s text about her mother.

If I didn’t blast my horn you would have taken out two or three of them and would probably end up doing time…

Your laughing at me…I’m telling you that in my book, You Are #1.

I’ve been driving for 45 years and I can tell you in all honesty, there are more bad drivers, distracted drivers than ever. I’m not perfect for sure, I’ve driven over 2 million miles.

Some of those miles professionally in a large truck, some of them on vacation and most going to and from work. The last thing I want to do is ruin someone else’s life by my stupidity.


This week marks the beginning of training camps for the NFL

For the better part of the next 7 months

The NFL will have my nearly

Undivided attention.

The Easts:


The home town team plays in the AFC East

The Dolphins think they can win this division

The Bills have revamped the defense and wide receivers to try beat the Patriots

Rex Ryan says the Jets are a playoff team

Every year for the past 14 seasons this has been the mantra

Twice, 2002 and 2008 the Dolphins won the AFC East

The rest belonged to New England

Will this year be different ?

Miami: last season record 8-8 Div record 2-4 Key Additions :

Bill Lazor’s  up tempo offense. Can Tannehill get it with just training camp to learn. It was reportedly a very sloppy offense in OTA’s with the learning curve longer than expected. The Dolphins open with back to back divisional games in the regular season, New England and Buffalo. They can’t afford to get off to a slow start.

Buffalo, last season record 6-10, division  3-3

Key Addition, Sammy Wadkins wr speedster taken 4th overall in the draft. Mike Williams wr signed from Tampa. Will a couple of upper echelon WR make the difference for Buffalo or is EJ Manuel not the real answer at QB…


Jets, last season 8-8. Divisional record 3-3. Key additions, Mike Vick, Chris Johnson.

Do either of these guys have enough in the tank to over take the Patriots. Ryan has had his defense working since he arrived in NJ but offense wins a lot of games in the East.

Patriots, last season 12-4, division 4-2. Key additions, Darrelle Revis, Brandon Browner and the return of Gronk, Wilfork and Mayo. Have the Patriots done enough to stay ahead of the division? I’d say so.


Shorty's Early pre season predictions

NE        12-4

Buffalo   8-8

Miami    7-9

Jets         7-9




Philadelphia  last season 10-6,  4-2 in the division. I am a believer in QB Nick Foles and Chip Kelly. DeSean Jackson is gone but this fast paced offense keeps the divisional foes off balance. Rookie WR Jordan Matthews had 112 catches his senior year. Sneeky fast 6’3” 210 lbs.

Dallas, 8-8 last year with a 5-1 record in the division but what’s new in Dallas…Sean Lee will be watching from the sidelines. Tony Romo will have to lead this team. Will Dez finally show signs of maturing? Will Murray stay healthy and carry the ball for the 1100+ yards and 9 TD’s of last year? If Romo gets hurt they are done, Brandon Weeden is the #2 and that’s just down right scary.

NJ Giants, 7-9 last year and 3-3 in the division. Key additions, Odell Beckham Jr. WR. Beckham has good top end speed  (4.38) and good hands but is a rookie WR the answer to Eli  18 TD- 27 Int- 3875 yds -67.6 passer rat. throwing TD’s to guys in the opposing helmuts. Tom C. is said to not be on the hot seat which usually means he is. This season is on Manning, who are the Giants and what is Eli will be determined in the 16 games coming your way from just a little West of the City.

Washington Redskins, 3-13 last season with an 0-6 in the division. No where to go but up. Key additions, DeSean Jackson. RG3 and Alfred Morris are the keys to offensive success and a fresh start with a 7th round pick of kicker Zach Hocker to compete with incumbent Kai Forbath…

Shorty's early pre season predictions for the other East


Philadelphia        11-5

Dallas                    9-7

Giants                    7-9

Redskins               5-11

Somewhat symmetrical don’t you think?


Every year at this time I send a Yougab and oldharry happy birthday to one of

My favorite rockers Mick Jagger with whom I share the birthday

Mick is 71 on July 26th

 Oldharry is 62


Mick is a sir and harry is a mister

Mick can dance better, we sing about the same

Mick has more money and just a little more fame

Mick loves the spotlight,

And Harry has stage fright


What can a poor boy do

But to sing in a rock and roll band

Cause in sleepy Boston town

There’s no place for a street fightin man


 thank you Mick for all the entertainment over all the years and keep it going old man you can still rock.

don't forget to check out Lanz and talking sports to your right

Bad Penny showed up again - 7/21/14
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Yep, bad penny time.  I’ve got a pile of stuff I need to get through and with my trip looming I want to clear my stack of irrelevant stuff I torture you all with on a weekly basis.  Sucks for you, so here are some off the wall thoughts:

Politics and Diplomacy.  Beeze put up a very thought-provoking blog on his blogspot site, and I encourage everybody to read it here.  But I just want to add this:  Arabs and Jews have been going at it for over two millennium and probably longer – the (bleep) isn’t going to stop no matter how much we wish it so.  Both sides are guilty of going too far, and we as Americans will NEVER get the whole story, so taking either side of the issue is relatively pointless.

Hell, I’m almost convinced that if you went up and did an unscientific survey with ten people (five jews, five arabs) and asked them what is this fighting all about or what is the root cause, the answer would be that neither side knows why their fighting, they just are.  Sad and pathetic. 

My take for what its worth is this:  Israel is no longer going to listen to Barack Obama tell them what to do, Israel believes that they are in the most dire situation imaginable, and that they are going to get minimal help from the United States, if any at all.  They believe they can't wait for two and a half years for a new administration to show them support and are gonna do what they need to ensure their survival.  Buckle up folks because I get the feeling that between now and January 20, 2017 we're gonna see more, not less of stuff like this.

SF 49ers – Aldon Smith.  Every time I say I can’t be surprised, I get surprised again.  Felony Weapons charges (possession of illegal assault rifles), DUI, and this clown gets his charges dropped to misdemeanors, 11 days with a work crew, 235 hours of community service, and a $4000 fine.  Oh, did I mention that the party that got out of hand where he was stabbed and which ALLEGEDLY involved “gangstas”?

Oh, but the county in question (Santa Clara) said that Smith didn’t receive special treatment.  Nah, the fact that the new stadium where the 49ers will be playing is in your county had nothing to do with it.  Yeah, right.  I guarantee you if it was anybody else who wasn’t a pro football player, their asses would have been in the hole long ago, probably at Pelican Bay, California’s version of “Supermax”.

Memo to Santa Clara County:  You should be ashamed of yourselves.  When this idiot does something ignorant again (and he will), any blood spilled will be on your hands.  Holy Shit Santa Clara County, Jack McCoy wouldn’t have allowed this type of crap on his watch.  Are you serious?  You have got to be effing kidding me!   This waste of humanity gets away with claiming he had a bomb during a run-in down in LAX, and now he gets away with weapons and DUI charges?  This dude is gonna think he’s bulletproof.  What's next Aldon?

Memo to the San Francisco 49ers, you are my team – BUT THIS IS A FUCKING DISGRACE!!!  I hope the Sheriff goes medieval on his ass and suspends him for a full year if not two.  Hell Sheriff, ban this walking crime wave from the freaking league for all I care.  Hell, I’ll give you a hero of the week certificate!!!   Playing in the NFL is a privilege, not a right and criminals like this (and that’s what he is) do not deserve to be in the league.

Oh yeah Ray Rice, that goes for you too.  Beating the crap out of your old lady…YOU COWARD!!!

Speaking of Law and Order:  Cops have got to be seething right about now.  Shit like what is going on in Chicago, and now “gangstas” ALLEGEDLY very publicly threatening the lives of cops in New Jersey?  Gang-bangers in Stockton using hostages as human shields during a bank-robbery-gone-bad running gun battle with "Johnny Law", one hostage dies, two others severly hurt and a Ford Expedition with 72 bullet holes?  You think shit isn’t about to get real?  Criminals have taken that one step too far and they’re about to get snapped back into reality because at some point, cops are gonna get nasty and people are gonna start handling shit on their own.

ASG Thoughts.  One of the things that I enjoyed seeing was the ASG in a different, off-the-beaten-path place.  Minnesota did well in my opinion.  Sold out, packed house, with great and knowledgeable sports fans.  Weather didn’t help on HR Derby day, but otherwise not a bad showing by those in “the Great White North.”             

San Francisco Giants.  If I were to sit here and say who could the Giants get?  David Price?  Dan Uggla?  Chase Utley? 

Holy Crap San Francisco, what happened?  A talking head here made the observation that Angel Pagan, he of the very bad back, has proven that for the last two years he is the team MVP.  That may be the case, but how can this team not function?

You know, earlier in the season the Giants were getting all kinds of press because they were getting so many hits and runs scored with two outs in an inning.  So really, why are we surprised that when that stat went away, they went to crap?

Los Angeles Angels.  Our friend Doug should be very happy, the Angels acquired closer Huston Street from the Padres.  To me that’s a big move for them.

Changing of the Guard?  I mentioned this a few months back, but it hasn’t gone unnoticed here in the bunker that the power in many if not all pro sports leagues has shifted to the West.  Seattle/SF/Denver in the NFL, LA in the NHL, San Antonio in the NBA, and even in MLB with Oakland, both LA teams, SF, and Seattle rising up.

In Golf, it would appear that Tiger and Phil are becoming a bit more of a relic than competitive, and while Roger Federer and Serena Williams are still strong presences, youth is starting to be served in Tennis.

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