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Thursday November 13

Bills (5-4) @ Dolphins (5-4)

SunLife Stadium, Miami Gardens, FL 8:25 (NFLN)

Favorite Dolphins by 4

Last Week Bills lost to Chiefs 17-13, Dolphins lost to Lions 20-16

Fast Fact The Bills allowed 405 rushing yards in their first six games but 460 in their last three.

Both teams are coming in the short week off of tough close losses, Ryan Tannehill should be a go for the  Fins who need their running game to play light years better than the puny 50 yard output against the Lions if they hope to keep the withering Bills pass rush totally honest.  Kyle Orton is playing respectably for the Bills and having a hale Sammy Watkins will help his numbers immensely. As tight as the AFC playoff picture is this may very well be a virtual elimination game. I’m going with the home team here but I’m not the most confident about it



Sunday November 16

Falcons (3-6) @ Panthers (3-6-1)

Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte 1:00 (FOX)

Favorite Falcons by 1

Last Week Falcons defeated Buccaneers 27-17; Panthers lost to Eagles 45-21

Fast Fact Panthers QB Cam Newton has taken 561 hits (tackles, sacks, pressures) since coming in the league in 2011. The next closest QB has barely half that total in the time frame

What most would say would be a throwaway game is actually a game to stay in the divisional race. Both teams are a mess, though the Falcons are coming off a decently played win over the hapless Bucs while the Panthers are bedeviled by a nonexistent pass rush and a porous offensive line.  This game is a tossup but for some reason I trust the Panthers less than I do the equally weak Falcons



Vikings (4-5) @ Bears (3-6)

Soldier Field, Chicago 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Bears by 3

Last Week Vikings were on their bye; Bears lost to Packers 55-14

Fast Fact The Bears are the first team since the 1923 Rochester Jeffersons (yes that was an NFL team) to give up 50 or more points in back to back games

The Bears are imploding badly, their nationally television destructions at the hands of the Pats and Packers are telling a grim story. The well-rested Vikes are no juggernaut but have been slowly improving and while not likely to have the service of Adrian Peterson will have a decent running attack at their disposal and a withering rush to bother an increasingly erratic Jay Cutler. The Vikes are dicey on the road and the Bears are winless at home. But I think the Bears are quitting on themselves and the Vikes are more than happy to help turn the out the lights further.



Texans (4-5) @ Browns (6-3)

FirstEnergy Stadium, Cleveland 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Browns by 3

Last Week Texans were on their bye; Browns defeated Bengals 24-3

Fast Fact Browns run defense has allowed an average of 91.7 yards rushing a game in their 3 game win streak

Fresh off a bye the Texans head to the frosty climes of Northern Ohio to face the Browns who are flying high after a Thursday beatdown of their despised downstate rivals. The Browns stout run defense will face a stern test against the redoubtable running of the Texans Arian Foster. While Brian Hoyer isn’t flashy, he pilots the Browns offense like a grizzled vet and his poised play has kept the Browns steady and win playing well. In a super tough AFC North, that could keep them in the hunt as stakes on these games get higher. This will be a grimy gritty game, I keep waiting for the Browns to take their expected pratfall but with Texans still unsettled at QB, it bodes well for the home team here



Seahawks (6-3) @ Chiefs (6-3)

Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Chiefs by 2½

Last Week Seahawks defeated Giants 38-17; Chiefs defeated Bills 17-13

Fast Fact This is matchup of teams that play in the loudest NFL stadiums as Arrowhead and CenturyLink in Seattle have traded the title at least six times over the last three years with Arrowhead holding the current record with an eardrum splitting 142.9 dB…yikes!

This ultra-noisy matchup features two team trying to stay in contention in their respective conferences. The Seahawks are trying to hold on to their champs mantle as long as they can but Russell Wilson is looking quite mortal and while Marshawn Lynch continues to run rugged, the defense is a shadow of its once formidable self. The Chiefs are staying strong with a super tight running game, and Alex Smith playing mostly mistake free ball, The Seahawks are a tough team still but going in to KC is a nightmare even for a noise tested squad like the Hawks. I just think that the Chiefs are a team to reckon with and catching them at their crib is not good

Pick-Kansas City 


Bengals (5-3-1) @ Saints (4-5)

Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Saints by 7½

Last Week Bengals lost to Browns 24-3, Saints lost to 49ers 27-24 in OT

Fast Fact

Looking at the records you would think that the Bengals are the first place team and the Saints are the 3rd place team scuffling along, when it’s the exact reverse. The Bengals are scrambling after a humiliating home loss to their upstate rivals and the Saints while leading the woefully weak NFC South are scrambling themselves after a heartbreaking OT loss to the Niners. Both team are wildly inconsistent, but I’m just not real sold on the Bengals as of late especially on the road. Had the Saints won last week I would say the Bengals could use this as a real bounce back. But I’m not betting on the Saints to lose back to back at home. And given the Bengals Andy Dalton skittish play as of late, I just can’t call an upset here and despite the records a Bengals win here would be an upset, but it’s not happening here.

Pick-New Orleans


Broncos (7-2) @ Rams (3-6)

Edward Jones Dome, St. Louis 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Broncos by 9

Last Week Broncos defeated Raiders 41-17, Rams lost Cardinals 31-14

Fast Fact The Broncos have never won in St. Louis (tied the then St. Louis Cardinals in 1973 and are 0-2 against the Rams)

The Broncos bounced back strong to whip the Raiders while the Rams struggled in the desert. Peyton Manning regained his touch and that really bad news for the Rams who have been up and down as of late, their pattern has been win-loss and are due for a win, but the Broncos look to be in no mood to play niceties here. I think Manning will abuse the Rams suspect secondary while the Rams are turning back to Shaun Hill for the ineffective Austin Davis. It won’t matter much as the Broncos should roll to the win

Pick-Denver (Lock of the week)


49ers (5-4) @ New York Giants (3-6)

MetLife Stadium; East Rutherford, NJ 1:00 (FOX)

Favorite 49ers by 3½

Last Week 49ers defeated Saints 27-24 in OT; Giants lost to the Seahawks 38-17

Fast Fact the Niners haven’t won in NYC against the Giants since 2002 (lost last two visits)

The Niners stole a controversial win in the Big Easy and stay on the fringes of the NFC playoff picture while the G-Men are crumbling badly as evidence by the whomping that they got in Seattle last week. I’ve long maintained that west coast teams going east for a 1p kickoff are often in trouble and I would think that the Niners would be in some kind of trouble but I’m thinking that the G-Men’s butter booty soft defense is in no shape to slow down the Niners rugged running game and Colin Kaepernick’s dynamic passing. I think the Niners grind out a tight win

Pick-San Francisco


Buccaneers (1-8) @ Washington (3-6)

FedEx Field; Landover, MD 1:00 (FOX, CBS, NBC, ESPN)

Favorite Washington by 7½

Last Week Buccaneers lost to Falcons 27-17; Washington was on a bye

Fast Fact The Buccaneers are giving up 30.2 points a game only Lovie Smith’s former team in Chicago (30.8) gives up more.

The Bucs are wandering through this long season, while Washington is trying to wake up from this nightmare season after their bye. This is a real who cares game, the Bucs defense is pretty porous and while Washington welcomes back RG3 they lack a real direction and identity. I’m thinking that the Bucs won’t be able to garner anymore road wins this season.




Raiders (0-9) @ Chargers (5-4)

Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego 4:05 (CBS)

Favorite Chargers by 10½

Last Week Raiders lost to Broncos 41-17, Chargers were on their bye

Fast Fact The Chargers were shutout in week 9 for the first time since 1999

The Chargers were flying high when they went to the East Bay to face the scuffling Raiders but haven’t won since they pulled out a 31-28 win four weeks ago. The Raiders are trying their best but find a way to come apart at critical junctures. The Broncos toyed with them a while before tearing them up last week while the Chargers have had a week to brood over their 37-0 implosion against the Dolphins before their bye. I want the Raiders to pick up a win since they are seriously looking like a reverse table run. But I can’t find a win here. The Chargers need a bounce back in the worst way and they will get one here.

Pick-San Diego


Lions (7-2) @ Cardinals (8-1)

University of Phoenix; Glendale, AZ 4:25 (FOX)

Favorite Cardinals by 1

Last Week Lions defeated Dolphins 20-13; Cardinals defeated Rams 31-14

Fast Fact The Lions haven’t won in Arizona since 1993

The late NFC games are top notch, the Lions are playing like a tough team but have a steep challenge facing the Cards in their desert stronghold. The Lions are looking to follow up their gritty comeback win while the Cards are hoping that Drew Stanton will be able to fill in capably for the injured Carson Palmer. I think that the Lions rugged defense will be too tall a task for the young Stanton

Pick-Detroit (Upset of the Week)


Eagles (7-2) @ Packers (6-3)

Lambeau Field, Green Bay 4:25 (FOX)

Favorite Packers by 5½

Last Week Eagles defeated Panthers 45-21, Packers defeated Bears 55--14

Fast Fact Packers have won its games at Lambeau by an average of 25.3 points this season

Both teams are coming off primetime beatdown wins, Mark Sanchez looked especially crisp in his return to starting duties, but the curve gets really steep facing the Packers in Lambeau who are coming off a thrashing of the Bears last Sunday night. Now while I like the Eagles high powered offense and think that Sanchez looks good running, better than he ever did with the Jets the Packers defense isn’t soft like the Panthers and you can believe the likes of Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers and AJ Hawk will put more pressure on him. While Aaron Rodgers won’t come close to the 6 TD first half performance he had last week he should be able to get a solid performance enough to get the win.

Pick-Green Bay


Patriots (0-0) @ Colts (0-0)

Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis 8:30 (NBC)

Favorite Colts by 3

Last Week Both teams were on their respective byes

Fast Fact The Pats have averaged 40.2 points during their 5 game win streak.

The Primetime matchup is a doozy both teams rested up for a high scoring shootout, The Pats have been scoring in obscene bunches during their 5 game win streak but aside from a quick run to Buffalo, they haven’t went far on the road during their win streak Tom Brady has been putting rumors of his slide to rest while Andrew Luck is representing the young guns very well with his sharp play. Both teams are strikingly similar but I’m real curious which defense will come out looking better. It’s a tossup to be sure. I’m going to bet on the home team and likely be wrong.






Monday November 16


Steelers (6-3) @ Titans (2-7)

LP Field, Nashville 8:30 (ESPN)

Favorite Steelers by 6½

Last Week Steelers lost to Jets 20-13, Titans lost to Ravens 21-7

Fast Fact Steelers have allowed 36 points on opponents’ first possession this season, league worst

The Steelers are coming in off an embarrassing loss to the lowly Jets and now have to face a Titans team that stood bravely against the Ravens before losing a tight game. The Steelers should be able to get their offense in gear against the Titans soft defensive front and Zach Mettenberger might have a more difficult time against the Steelers defensive rush. The Titans are not the best of teams but the Steelers for some puzzling reason struggle against weaker teams that they should drill. As tempted as I am to call another stunning upset of the Steelers here. I can’t do it.



Last Week: 9-4 (Lock Correct/Upset Incorrect)

Overall: 89-57-1

Locks: 8-2

Upsets: 2-8



Sports Friday with Hal: AFC East Theories
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The NFL was kind enough to schedule a Thursday Night Football game between two of the poor sisters of the AFC East, Buffalo and Miami. Both teams have struggled with consistency and both have 5-4 records and are tied for second in the division behind New England who is 7-2. Once again the fan bases in the AFC East are looking at quarterback Tom Brady having an MVP caliber season and head coach Bill Belichick putting together a strong defense as they once again look like a favorite to go deep in the playoffs.


Since 2001, the division has been in a stranglehold of the Belichick and Brady led New England Patriots. The Patriots have won the division every season save for 2002 and 2008. In both seasons the Patriots still tied for the division lead in victories but missed the playoffs on tie-breakers. Also, 2002 was Brady’s second season as a starter and 2008 was when he played just one quarter of football being sidelined the entire season with a knee injury.


In Buffalo, the Bills are still lamenting the end of the Marv Levy era in the late 1980s and early 1990s where the Bills went to (and lost) four consecutive Super Bowls and were an almost automatic double-digit winning team. Since Wade Phillips was run out of Western New York following the 2000 season that saw him run the Levy machine into the ground, the Bills have topped .500 just once when they won nine games in 2004.


The Bills have finished 7-9 or worse every season since that nine win season. They have run through head coaches looking for a winner starting with Philips (1998-2000), Gregg Williams (2001-2003), Mike Mularkey (2004-2005), Dick Jauron (2006-2009). Chan Gailey (2010-2012), and now Doug Marrone (2013-present). With five wins through nine weeks, this is the most successful team in Buffalo in a decade.


The Dolphins have been struggling as well since having Don Shula and Jimmy Johnson running the team from 1970 to 1999. Dave Wannstedt had four winning seasons and two trips to the playoffs carrying on the Jimmy Johnson plan after Hall-of-Fame quarterback Dan Marino retired. Replacing Marino has been Quixotic quest as Jay Fiedler, A.J. Feeley, Gus Frerotte, Joey Harrington, Cleo Lemon, Chad Pennington, Chad Henne, and Matt Moore (among others) failed to pick-up the Marino mantle. Miami is pinning their hopes on 2012 first round draft pick Ryan Tannehill to become their quarterback of the future.


Miami tried everything to turn around the franchise, even bringing in Bill Parcells to lead the football operations. They tried college coach Nick Saban in one of the biggest disasters in turning over a franchise to a coach who belongs in college (see Washington and the Steve Spurrier disaster in 2002). Parcells led them to the playoffs in 2008 where they lost in the Wild Card round (again, no Tom Brady that year) and since then they have won 7, 7, 6, 7, and 8 games. In head coach Joe Philbin and Tannehill’s third season together the Dolphins are hoping they begin making strides.


In New York, the Jets came the closest to knocking the Patriots off the top of the division. After Bill Parcells tried to leave the Jets to Belichick in 2000 and Belichick instead resigned as “HC of the NYJ” and bolted to the Patriots. After a year of Al Groh in 2000, Herm Edwards had some productive season making the playoffs three times before the team bottomed out with four wins in 2005. The Jets raided the Patriots and stole the “Man-Genius” Eric Mangini where they immediately won ten games before losing in the Wild Card round in 2006.


Two more less than stellar seasons led to importing the brash and arrogant Rex Ryan from the Baltimore Ravens. He brought an aggressive and blitzing style of play to a franchise in desperate need of someone who “wasn’t brought in here to kiss Bill Belichick’s Super Bowl rings”. The Jets reached the AFC Championship in the first two years of Ryan’s tenure (making the playoffs as a Wild Card both times), but since the 2011 season the Jets are 24-34 without making the playoffs. The 2011 season was the last time the Jets scored more points than they allowed and are 2-8 through ten weeks of 2014.


The three AFC East teams are all in various phases of building and re-building. All three have spent high draft picks on quarterbacks in the past three years as the Dolphins spent their top ten pick in 2012 on Tannehill, the Bills invested their 2013 first round pick on E.J. Manuel, and the Jets spent a 2013 second round draft pick on Geno Smith. Smith and Manuel are sitting on the bench a year and a half in after flaming out as starters and have been replaced by veteran re-treads Michael Vick and Kyle Orton.


What is most striking is the way all three teams have suffered by focusing on their own short-sighted views being stuck in the AFC East. All three franchises have invested heavily in the running game and the defensive line. Curious.


The Dolphins brought in running backs Mike Gillislee and Knowshon Moreno and spent draft picks on Daniel Thomas and Lamar Miller. The Jets brought in Mike Goodson, Chris Ivory and Chris Johnson from other franchises while drafting Joe McKnight and Bilal Powell. The Bills invested a first round draft pick on C.J. Spiller and found diamond in the rough Fred Jackson. They also traded for Bryce Brown from Philadelphia and Anthony “Boobie” DIxon from San Francisco.


The Dolphins have edge rushers Olivier Vernon, Dion Jordan (#3 overall pick in 2013), and Cameron Wake with big bodies Earl Mitchell, Jared Odrick, and Randy Starks inside. The Bills have edge rushers Jerry Hughes and Manny Lawson to go with big pocket pushers Marcell Dareus, Kyle Williams, and Mario Williams. The Jets invested first round picks in defensive tackles Muhammad Wilkerson and Sheldon Richardson to join big run stuffer Damon Harrison. They have edge rushers Jason Babin, Calvin Pace and first round draft pick Quinton Coples.


All three teams have invested heavily in the running game and in a defensive line capable of generating pressure without having to blitz. Hmmmm. Sounds the game plan the New York Giants used in two Super Bowls to upset the heavily favored Patriots. A sound plan to invest that way to beat New England, but not so great at winning enough games to make the playoffs. Or win a Super Bowl.


Are the Jets, Bills, and Dolphins trying to beat the Patriots twice a season or win the Super Bowl? To me, it looks like they are looking to beat New England and struggling without a balanced defense and strong passing attack.


Getting beat repeatedly by the same team for a decade and a half can be frustrating, but it does not need to be an obsession. This obsession is stagnating three teams that could be playoff contenders with a better plan instead of all falling into the same trap.


Belichick wins again.

Talking Sports
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The bye week is awful not as bad as Thursday Night Football. But awful, I realize it’s good for your team to heal up and get some well deserved rest. But I’m a fan damn it. It’s all about me not a bunch of millionaires. Sure there was Football on. There was a good game with the Bills and the Chiefs. The Chiefs knocking them off... Then it was the Giants and the Seahawks yawn The Seahawks winning 38-17 with leaves needing raking and early darkness dinner and a 5:40 Hockey game No Giants or Seahawks yawn. It’s time to settle in and watch the Bears and the Packers. I was there in my living room all nestled on my couch Ruby the wonder dog by my side Damn dog ten pounds of terror she must of scared those damn Bears away because they didn’t show up. To bad it was dark and cold the leaves needed to be raked again. Yeah , the bye weeks sucks, No Tom Brady, No Vince Wilfork, No Gronk damn. But Leaves got raked even though by days end it didn’t look like it. My damn neighbor has been away there are no leaves in his yard only mine. Damn leaves.


Kung Fu Panda coming to Fenway so the rumors have it. That lil Pork Chop of a First Baseman who is asking for way too much cash and will fill a need on Yawkey Way could be on his way. I’m not really liking the idea. I can see Buck Showalter bunting a lot down the Third Base line, Ditto for Joe Giradi. Sure the guy can hit and sure for a guy that size he is athletic and a champion for us fat guys everywhere. However, since this is the about me blog . I want a guy that can hit the Green Monster and get a double not a single. Let’s face it was outfielders today are pretty quick and most can play the wall. Sure occasionally a guy can mis read abounce or moves in to tight to the Wall and miss plays it. Most don’t.. Maybe the panda can rake my damn leaves and get in shape that way.

There also a lot of rumors that the Red Sox will oen the purse strings and break there so called  player value and are willing to pay John Lester to return. I would love it absolutely love it but, I’m of the opinion that it is rumor and only a rumor what else do writers have to do at those GM meetings or owners meetings  sit around and float rumors.

Give me a source other one unnamed source in the know.


The NHL are thinking Expansion(dumb asses). In los Vegas . This will be headed up by William Foley and the Maloof  of Family of Sacremento Kings owners and another city in the Western US.. according to the NY Post 

. This league is finally doing some good things and have a decent TV money  and a deplitated talent pool. Although the article said there is no time table on expansion., now or the near future isn’t the time to expand. If you want to move a couple of teams that makes more sense move the Coyotes or the Panthers or both. There are some very weak fan bases throughout the league and there are too many team as it is. We know they won’t contract the number of teams but they shouldn’t expand. The league is enjoying a bunch of success now is not the team to expand. I will predict a franchise in Vegas will flop as much as an NFL team in London. I don’t like and it is totally not necessary.

LIL Warriors Report

Boys had a few tough games over the weekend battling both Saturday and Sunday in close games than the wheels fell off both games. The boys were down 4-1 Saturday battled back to 4-3 with about 6 minutes left and the wheels came off losing 8-3. Just freaky goals bad bounces crappy rebounds and what not and an empty netter.

Sunday Lil lanz poked home his 3rd goal of the season. Boys were in a 4-4 tie and ended up losing 7-4 in a nasty chippy game. That almost brought the coaches to blows. I’m happy to say calmer heads prevailed. Our head coach argues and off sides call that resulted in a goal and he was ejected. He was right the kid was 4 feet over the Blue line when he scored. That took the wind out of the sails.

On Tuesday the boys got a nice win in a good hockey game back in fourth yes it was Veterans  Day game. Asked Lil Lanz check is bag , he said he did . he forgot his Hockey pants. The Mrs. Wasn’t too happy driving to the rink about 20 minutes away with a bunch of other stuff on her plate. She got them there in time. I was suppose to work too many things to do and too many leaves to rake. I took the day off.

Zebra Tails

As the season is coming to end. I had a rare Saturday Night Game this week as I worked Friday as well. Saturday I left for the game right after Lil Lanz’s Hockey game. It was a lousy game two 1-7 teams.

This Bear always showed up. he doen't have to rake the leaves.

One team couldn’t move the ball so they brought in their version of the Fridge. Kid had to be 6-3  and 3 Bills. His first run from scrimmage it took 8 kids to bring him down. I’m thinking there wasn’t a kid over 200 pounds on that defense. A few more runs a few first downs. They stopped him fourth and goal from the 2 all 11 kids stood him up at the goalline. It was like a barn raising. It was a bragging rights game as I was to find out both head coaches were roommates. They don’t normally play each other.

Monday , I had a JV game scheduled at 4pm  it gets dark at 5.(no lights at this field). It a nice turf practice field that they play their sub varsity games on. .Before the turf was installed a few years ago the tree line use to jet out at one end of th field made for some weird plays. According to the home team the coach is a pretty good guy. The AD changed the game to 3:30 of course he forgot to tell us and the visiting team as the bus pulled in at 3:45. Only two Officials in that game . (Damn you run a lot in those). We got both coaches to agree that it would be 9 minutes running time per quarter and two minutes regular time at th end of each half.

The last three plays I could  not see who had the ball we let those playskill themselves.Nobody got hurt and we got it in everybody worked together to get done Coaches , officials, and players. Chalk that one up to experience.. It’s time to rake the leaves again!

OH Thursday
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OH Thursday

I want to start off by thanking all the Veterans here at the Gab, Veterans Day should not be treated as just a day off for businesses but should be on the level of Independence Day. Our freedoms now and throughout the history of the USA are only possible through the sacrifice and efforts of our Military.

As for my retirement…I survived the first week without any hitches.

I kept busy getting my employer up to speed on the jobs I have been working on and reminding him that reduced hours mean I won’t be here as often. I will not be available for phone calls every 10 minutes.

My darling bride gave me her wish list to add to the honey do list to be added to my usual chores.

And my Mother said, “now that you have nothing to do…I have some things that need attention”

So anyone worried about me being bored and lonely…no worries

Plus I have my fellowship of gabbers right here to keep me out of trouble.

     Beeze had a great QOD on Monday, Name the best guitarist. Great choices from all gabbers, it shows that we are real people with varied interests not just in sports. The range from blues to rock to metal to folk to C&w, loved it.

Speaking of trouble there are some things that trouble me.

I’ll stick to the sports troubles and steer clear of the political troubles.

The Bengulls of Cincinnati trouble me.

Andy Dalton makes a load of money and cant seem to be able to win the big one.

The 24-3 loss to sure first ballot HOFer Bryan Hoyer of Cleveland is just the latest in the career of Dalton. The Bengals need a QB


Marvin Lewis makes a load of money and can’t seem to win the big one. The 24-3 loss to

Mike Pettine’s Cleveland Browns on Thursday night was a microcosm of Lewis failed HC career with the Bengals. He’s been the HC since 2003.

 A regular season record of 95-88-2 and a 0-5 playoff record.

The Browns HC has a lifetime NFL record of 6-3

The Browns were prepared for the game and my knock on Lewis is, his teams are NEVER prepared to play.

Why? Because he is not a good head coach, he is overmatched whenever the big stage presents itself.


The Bears…51, 55 points allowed in consecutive blowouts…New England and Green Bay are good but not that good.

Time for Trestman to go…time for the Bears to get a real QB.


Playoff picture as November weather sets in:


1. New England   7-2

2. Denver             7-2

3. Indianapolis     6-3

4.  Cleveland       6-3

5.  Kansas City    6-3

6.  Cincinnati       5-3-1



1. Arizona            8-1

2. Detroit              7-2

3. Philadelphia     7-2

4. New Orleans    4-5

5. Dallas               7-3

6. Seattle               6-3

There are some really good matchups this week, watch for these games...


Buffalo 5-4 at Miami 5-4

Sunday Night

New England 7-2 at Indy 6-3

Sunday at 1:00PM

Seattle 6-3 at Kansas City 6-3

Sunday at 4:00PM

Detroit 7-2 at Arizona 8-1

Philadelphia 7-2 at Green Bay 6-3


Another game of interest is the Brady Backup Bowl

Hoyer, Cassel, Mallet and Garapolo all seem to have that Tom Brady arm slot and release.

Brian Hoyer’s Cleveland Browns 6-3 and leading the AFC North

Travel to Houston to play the Ryan Mallet led Texans 4-5.

 Mallet will be getting his first NFL start

Hoyer spent 3 years as Brady’s backup after Matt Cassel, 3 years as Brady’s back up, departed to the Chiefs. Ryan Mallet spent the past 3 years backing up Brady and was replaced by Jimmy Garappolo this year.

Hoyer has been steady and reliable with Cleveland and should be rewarded with a new contract at the end of the season…he will be a free agent.

Mallet is reunited with HC Billy O’Brian who was his offensive Coordinator in his rookie year with the Patriots. The offenses are not a lot different and with Hopkins and Johnson at WR, Mallet will get to use that big arm.


Mallet’s strength coaches have had great success in their past projects

They are here to Pump you up!


The Ditkah’s stayed atop the standings with an 8-0 win last Thursday.

We didn’t bowl our best but the team we faced had their worst night of the season.

I’ll end with a couple of quotes from guys I admire

    Courage is not simply one of the virtues

But the form of every virtue at the testing point.

~CS Lewis


   Age is a case of mind over matter…

If you don’t mind, it don’t matter

~Satchel Page          


Have a great day and a great weekend.

Check out my Boston brahtha Lanz talking sports to the right


Deep Thoughts 11-12-14
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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. Back in September, I wrote about my son attending a showcase for JUCO baseball players that was being held in Austin. I have been to several of these showcases over the years and in general, I have not seen that they are all that fruitful for the participants. With this event, there was a difference…Blake was immediately contacted by the coach from Houston Baptist to let him know that he would be in touch with him. Over the past month, Coach Hernandez has been in contact with Blake and it was apparent that their interest was sincere. After receiving Blake’s transcripts, they actually sent him a scholarship offer that was pretty attractive. So…last Friday we headed to Houston for an official visit. It was a nice visit, which culminated with Blake deciding to accept their offer and become a Husky in 2015/2016. Houston Baptist plays in the Southland conference, which is very established baseball conference. I think we are all relieved to have the next step put in place, so we can enjoy the season ahead at Ranger. I have to say…college athletics can be stressful for the parents as well as the student.


















                                                                       Garrett Broshuis  is taking on MLB...


I was watching an interesting interview about the pay structure of minor league baseball earlier this week. I knew that minor leaguers did not get paid too much, but I suppose I never really looked at the numbers very closely. There is a former minor league pitcher named Garrett Broshuis that decided that he wanted to something about the poor pay for players. At some point during his career, Broshuis realized that he was never going to move beyond the AAA level of baseball. So, he began to use his down time to study for the LSAT to gain admission to law school. After graduating from St. Louis University Law School, Broshuis did not forget about his minor league experience. He tried to tinker with idea of creating a union for minor league players, but this effort failed. So, he decided to explore attacking baseball on the basis of unfair wages under the Fair Wages Standard Act. The starting salary for minor league players ranges between $1150 and $2150. In the off season, players receive no compensation and are not paid for spring training. They may put in 50 to 70 hours each week, with no additional pay. Baseball says players voluntarily seek the job and that playing in the minor leagues is training for playing in the major leagues.  They are like “interns”…playing to earn experience. The problem with this is that when fans pay their $8 to see a minor league game, the players are no longer “apprentices” but the featured attraction.  It is rather odd that the guy working at the concession stand is making more than the players on the field.




I think that many fans see the huge salaries that major league players make today and don’t realize this generous pay scale does not trickle down to the minors. Perhaps a fan might argue that if minor league players are paid more that the ticket prices would increase. That would be a valid argument if the minor league teams paid the players. I was surprised to learn that the big league teams are responsible for paying most levels of minor league players.  The reality is that major league teams are owned by billionaires and the best players become millionaires. But, the majority of professional players are grossly underpaid. Baseball believes that they are exempt from paying overtime or minimum wage, but my hunch is that this trial will deliver a different answer.


Information gathered from WS Journal article by Ashby Jones and Mother Jones article by Ian Gordon.



Each week of the NFL season that passes presents us with a slightly better view of the playoff contenders. I laughed when some were proclaiming the Cowboys the best team in football a few weeks ago. Denver was looking good, until traveling to New England. Arizona took a big step forward until Carson Palmer went down with a torn ACL. Big Ben leads the Steelers to two big wins with 12 TD passes, and then they travel to New York and lose to the Jets.  This season reminds me of a horse race many with horses taking turns surging to the lead. There are two games looming this weekend that I think will be very pivotal. Philly at Green Bay and New England at Indy are huge games.  The Eagles have been winning ugly all year; I have to think that Aaron Rodgers ends this streak. All talk of Tom Brady sucking has ended. Isn’t it amazing what a healthy Gronk and some practice time for the OL has done to New England. After what I have seen this year…I have no idea who wins in Indy. Brady vs Luck…that should be fun.





I have stopped trying to figure out what goes on in the head of Jerry Jones. I am completely puzzled by the mess with Dez Bryant. A few years ago, I could understand giving up on the guy. But from all I have seen, this is a guy that has matured tremendously and is obviously one of the top receivers in the NFL. Jerry, pay the man…he has earned it. Is there more to this story than what we see? Can Jones be pissed because Bryant changed agents? Does Jones really think that Bryant is not able to handle a big contract? This has certainly never stopped him from writing a check before. I know that there are plenty of teams that will spend big for the talent of Dez Bryant.


That’s all I have today, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey…


"He was a cowboy mister, and he loved the land. He loved it so much he made a woman out of dirt and married her. But when he kissed her, she disintergrated. Later, at the funeral, when the preacher said, 'Dust to dust' some people laughed, and the cowboy shot them. At his hanging, he told the others, 'I'll be waiting for you in heaven...with a gun."


"Fear can sometimes be a useful emotion. For instance, let's say that you are an astronaut on the moon and you fear that your partner has been turned into Dracula. The next time he goes out for the moon pieces, wham, you just slam the door behind him and blast off. He might call you on the radio and say, he's not Dracula, but you just say...think again bat man."




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