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Who laid the Egg?
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Well Gabbers I hate to say it or at least admit to it, but I haven't been using the old noggin all too well lately. This should remind you of a few things that took place on the field, especially in Cleveland, I am not saying it was a bad move to insert Johnny Manziel into the game against the Bengals, but.....to me it's an act of desperation by the Browns coaching staff, because they know that their season was basically over, and what the hell it couldn't hurt right?

If you think about the move by the Browns it's not really a bad move, but if you take the other side and you live in Cleveland. your probably thinking why now? If the Browns had any notion they were going to pull the plug on Brian Hoyer at any point during the season, then why didn't they start Manziel from the beginning just like the Vikings have with Bridgewater (who doesn't look out of place) and Blake Bortles who will be all right once they find the right pieces for him in Jacksonville. 

I will tell you why, because Brian Hoyer was winning football games and the AFC caught up with the Browns, and they became the .500 team they were supposed to be all along. It's easy to say it's Hoyer's fault the Browns have a 3 game losing streak, because they haven't been able to score over the past couple of games. Hell they said the same thing about Matthew Stafford when the Lions couldn't score, not taking into consideration that they were playing Arizona and New England. 

The sad part of all of this is the media and sports talk radio in Cleveland have probably been taking Brian Hoyer apart, but being a team sport they probably should be taking apart the coaching staff at the same time. After all, someone is calling those plays that are working, so they should be held accountable also?

So in turn, another move by the Browns that blew up in their face, and finished their season as they will not make the playoffs once again. If the coaching staff thought their season was over, and that was the reason why they started Johnny Manziel, they should be embarrassed, not only did the Bengals defense feast on Johnny, but they embarrassed the Browns 30-0 in Cleveland

Starting Johnny Manziel today probably wasn't planned or thought out too well by the Brown's coaching staff, or they would have stuck with Brian Hoyer as their quarterback. Not knocking Johnny Football, but his start spelled the end for the Browns season...

Way To Go Brownies, so much for a Lions-Browns Super Bowl matchup this year........

Random Crap
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Know what’s ridiculously difficult?  Trying to figure out what cell phone to get and with what company.  AT&T has 2 iPhone 6+ certified preowned (now, how a phone is preowned after what 4 weeks of being on the market is beyond me) and like 10 GB of data for $150/mth.  BUT their coverage near me sucks butt.  Verizon is solid coverage wise, but I hate them - perhaps irrationally so, but I do.  Like the Raiders.  In fact, I equate Verizon to the Raiders.  


So, I’m comparing phones and plans.  AT&T has great service where they have service, Verizon has good service, all over the place.  I honestly have spent more time on this phone thing than I did the last time I bought a car. Maybe I should’ve spent more time when I was doing that, but this is ridiculous.  Really.


I mean, it’s not like Mrs and I are walking around with rotary phones in our back pockets.  We don’t have NEW phones but we’ve each got iPhone 4s’.  They’re no longer flashy, but they work.  They’re solid.  They do what they’re supposed to.  I’m 3 years older now than when I bought them, so looking at the screen is no longer as easy as it used to be; I kind of squint and move my arm back and forth to get focused.  And I will say, my company iPhone 6 is pretty freaking sweet for that.  I use my phone as a GPS a lot, and the 6 is completely fab for that too.  Now, is getting a 5 worth a 2 year contract if I get it free?  Um…  Gee, we’ll give you a 2008 Ford Focus if you agree to have it serviced with us for the next 6 years.  I’ll pass.  Seriously, why would I commit to another 2 years because you give me a phone that’s already a year and a half old?  That sucks ass and I’m not doing it.  


We did our Christmas cards this weekend.  Some folks consider it “late” to be mailing them on December 12-13, but I consider that the sweet spot.  I mean, if you thinks that’s late - then you’ve already mailed them out, in which case I didn’t get one so screw you you’re not getting one from me.  If, like me, you think it’s just about right - fab, you’ve given yourself extra time to get me on your list.  If you don’t mail them out til like December 20, you can’t really expect the make up card until next year...in which case my whole list is pretty much made up of the “make up cards” from last year and the “early card senders” from the current year.  


This year Christmas comes on the worst possible day - not date, duh, it’s the same date every year.  It falls the day before payday.  REALLY?  So I’m expected to pull presents out of my butt 12 days after we got paid last?  I mean, people don’t really, like, plan and stuff for this do they?  I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t matter if I was making $7.25/hr or $725,000/yr, I seem to live paycheck-to-paycheck. I’m not really sure how or why that happens, it just does.  I’m pretty sure we could eat ramen noodles and drink water for two straight weeks and we’d still have no money the day before payday.  I could buy 2 cars, 3 business suits, and retain a housecleaning service and I’d have just as much money the day before payday as if I had eaten ramen.  It’s crazy.    


I’m pretty sure, though, that $725,000 yearly is a better place to be than $7.25/hr and if anyone challenges me on the paycheck to paycheck thing, it’d better be making the 700 large.


So, because it’s Christmas, all the retail stores are blitzing the airwaves with their pitch for your buck.  It’s now that I learn that K-Mart has a “membership?”  WTF is that?  Who the hell wants to be a member of K-Mart?  Blue light specials for members?  Oh christ, just go to Costco and be done with it.  Seriously.  


Obligatory Sports Talk.  Johnny Football might be back down to that $7.25 payrate if Sunday’s performance is any indication.  At one point he had thrown for 22 yards and 2 picks.  Cleveland, please remember, that just because Hoyer hasn’t played great the past few weeks, it doesn’t mean that it’s just Hoyer not playing well.  At least when he was playing the Browns didn’t get shut out.  Anyone read Radatz yesterday? You should. Sums it up nicely.



San Diego knocked Peyton Manning out of the game and still couldn’t get anything done.  Denver wins, and secures a playoff spot.  San Francisco gets knocked out of the playoffs.  New England kicked ass, and wins the AFC.  Buffalo beat the Packers - how’d that happen?


Weekly Grumble with IHM 12/12
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  Hello folks, and welcome to this week’s Grumble with IHM. Been a long week for yours truly… mostly because of the wait I’ve been dealing with since Monday, when I got a call with a potential job offer making a hell of a lot more money than I’ve ever made thus far in my “career”. As of the time I’m writing here, I still haven’t heard back… but I’ll keep the hope alive until I hear otherwise!

  Been a big week in baseball hot stove news, as the winter meetings are in full swing in San Diego. This week’s biggest players have been the A’s, Dodgers, and Cubs; all of whom made big splashes in one way or another. The A’s seem to be in the midst of yet another firesale… first trading Josh Donaldson last week, and this week trading away Jeff Samardzija to the White Sox for a gaggle of low level prospects (the Sox also added closer David Robertson) and All Star 1B/OF Brandon Moss to Cleveland for a prospect. With a shitty stadium, shitty ownership that refuses to spend a dime, and a GM who seems to enjoy rebuilding more than any fan can stand, how does this team maintain any form of a fan base? Good lord!

  The Dodgers were all over the place this week. On Tuesday they made a move to bring in Phillies SS Jimmy Rollins. Wednesday they made another series of moves… acquiring a handful of prospects from the Marlins for All-Star 2B Dee Gordon, SP Dan Haren (who is allegedly retiring, in which case the Marlins receive $10 million from the Dodgers), and SS Miguel Rojas. They then parlayed parts of the Marlins trade into All-Star 2B Howie Kendrick (formerly of the Angels, much to DVT’s chagrin), then made another deal moving former star Matt Kemp to San Diego in exchange for C Yasmani Grandal, cleaning up the mess that was their crowded outfield situation. The team is also allegedly near a deal with SP Brandon McCarthy… who will likely parlay a good 15 game run with the Yankees last year into a 4 year, 48 million dollar contract!

  The Cubs made their first move on Tuesday, trading a pair of pitching prospects to the Diamondbacks for All-Star C Miguel Montero. The next day they made their biggest splash, signing SP Jon Lester, considered by some to be this year’s biggest free-agent prize, to a six year, 155 million dollar deal. James Shields has also been mentioned as the Cubs next potential target. With the surplus of young position talent this team has in the minors and Majors, expect to hear a lot more from the Cubbies before the offseason ends.

  As for the Tigers, they were in the category of “watchers” until just a few moments ago, when they traded RHP Rick Porcello to Boston for power hitting, power armed OF Yoenis Cespedes. The Red Sox also added Wade Miley in a trade with the Diamondbacks earlier in the week, and signed Justin Masterson. Doesn’t do a damn thing to shore up the bullpen (aside from a pair of minor league pitchers who might end up in the pen), but still, nice to get some added protection for Miggy and VMart in the lineup. Plus, the Tigers added Shane Greene in a three-way trade with the Yankees and Diamondbacks earlier in the week, which sent DiDi Gregorious to the Yankees to replace a retiring Derek Jeter, and some minor leaguers to the Diamondbacks.

  The Tigers just made another deal, this time acquiring 2014 All-Star Alfredo Simon from the Reds for IF Eugeno Suarez and minor league P Jordan Crawford. Simon was 15-10 with a 3.44 ERA for the Reds last year. The best part is his nickname… he loves it when you call him “Big Pasta”. The Reds then traded SP Mat Latos to the Miami Marlins for SP Anothony DiSclafani and C Chad Wallach.

  Two guys I was hoping the Tigers would make a move for to shore up that bullpen, Luke Gregerson and Pat Neshek, were signed by the Astros on Wednesday.

  As for Max Scherzer, the Tigers, Yankees, Dodgers, Red Sox, Giants and Nationals are among teams mentioned in speculations as to where he will land. I’m guessing the Tigers are out (kind of hoping, actually), since they already have a solid rotation with Price/Verlander/Sanchez/Greene/Simon… but I’ve been wrong before, and I know how much Scott Boras enjoys bending Dave Dombrowski over the negotiating table!

  Over in the NFL we have three big stories this week: Johnny Clipboard is now Johnny Starter, and Roger Goodell and the NFL’s owners have decided on a new conduct policy… without the input of the NFLPA, and Cam Newton was injured and likely shelved for the rest of the season after being involved in a car crash…

  As for Johnny Football/Cashsign/Scumbag/Douchebag/Clipboard/Starter… it is probably best for the Browns to go this way, especially after the horrendous play of Brian Hoyer the past four weeks. In those four weeks, he ranks at or near the bottom of the league in the majority of NFL Quarterbacking stats, including throwing only one TD pass and a league high eight interceptions. At this point, they’re still in the playoff hunt, but Hoyer simply isn’t making the plays needed to help that defense win games. Will Johnny make it any better? Well, he can’t really make it much worse at this point! Besides, with two first round picks in next year’s draft, the Browns need to know if this guy’s play making ability translates to the NFL or not… and whether or not they need to go after yet another name for the long, long list of starters for the team since 1999!

  As for Johnny’s first start… it comes against Marvin Lewis and the Bengals. When asked about Manziel, Lewis apparently called Manziel a “midget”… which sent the world of little people into an angered, adorable frenzy. Lewis apologized for the comments later… sad when midgets can force an apology out of a full sized man. Just goes to show you the PC hellhole we now call reality.

  The new NFL conduct policy is set… highlights include:

  • Embracing the use of independent investigations; the NFL will hire a special counsel for investigations and conduct who will oversee initial discipline.
  • The policy will implement an element of leave with pay during investigations of people charged with violent crimes.
  • The commissioner still has some role in the appeals process, but may appoint a panel of independent experts to decide an appeal.

  Doesn’t sound like all that bad of a deal, but I’m sure the NFLPA will find something to cry about in there… most likely about the fact that they weren’t able to collectively bargain for any part of the policy. Whaaa, whaaa, whaaa… fucking unions.

  Cam Newton was injured when he was cut off by another driver and rolled his truck a few times on Tuesday. Newton was in the hospital overnight, and suffered a pair of fractures in his lower back, similar to the injury Tony Romo suffered at the end of last season. Best wishes to Cam on a full recovery.

  This week’s games include: The Lions hosting the Vikings… a team that always gives them trouble. The Packers travel to Buffalo to face a tough Bills D. Hopefully we get a little help from Gym Shorts and the boys. The resurgent Falcons (despite the loss to the Packers on Monday night) host the Steelers. The 49ers and Seahawks face off in the afternoon and the Cowboys and Eagles battle for first place in the NFC East on Sunday night. On Monday night, the Saints travel to Chi-town to face the Bears.

  In college football, the debate continues over the playoff teams and the slotting of the rest of the bowl eligible teams… but this weekend we get a chance to see football in its purest form. The Army vs. Navy game on Saturday at 3. Only game on the schedule… as it should be. These young men deserve the spotlight, even if only for one week. Make sure you tune in if you get the chance.

  Over in the NBA, LeBron James caused a stir early in the week with his perpetuation of the “I Can’t Breathe” slogan on a t-shirt (he among other athletes around the country), then caused an international incident by daring to touch the duchess when he met the royal couple (don’t remember their names, don’t give a shit either). Apparently nobody is to touch the future queen… not even “King James”. Neither the duke or duchess seemed very offended by it, but apparently the tea suckers overseas were quite upset. LeBron scores major points in my book if he comes out and tells the uptight citizens brigade to sit on it! Fuckin limey Brits!

  The Warriors won their 14th straight over Houston Wednesday night, improving to an impressive 19-2 on the season in the process. Does this team finally have it together enough to make a serious run at the NBA title? I’d love to see it, personally.

  The NHL is apparently in the grips of a mumps outbreak… Travis Zajac and Adam Larsson have been diagnosed with the vaccine-preventable disease, as have players for the Minnesota Wild, New York Rangers, Anaheim Ducks, and St.Louis Blues this season. Looks like somebody missed their shots growing up.

  This week marked the ten year anniversary of the night Dimebag Darrell Abbott was shot and killed while playing in a Columbus, Ohio club. RIP to one of the finest guitar players this world has ever known:

  Well, that’s all I’ve got for today folks. Thanks as always for reading and for any comments you leave on the way out. Enjoy your weekend, Gabbers!  

NFL Week 15 Picks
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Thursday December 11

Cardinals (10-3) @ Rams (6-7)

Edward Jones Dome, St. Louis 8:25 (CBS/NFLN)

Favorite Rams by 5 ½

Last Week Cardinals defeated Chiefs 17-14, Rams defeated Washington 24-0

Playoff Implications Cardinals clinch a playoff berth with win (Clinches with either DAL or PHI loss)

Fast Facts StL: Posted back to back shutouts for the first time since 1945 (two moves ago when they were in Cleveland)

Arizona: First back to back 10 win season since 1974-75, when they were in St. Louis

The Cards continue to show resiliency grinding out a gutty, grimy win against a good Chiefs squad and are poised to take one of the NFC playoff berths off the table right now.  Meanwhile, The Rams are fattening up on weak teams and taking care of business. This is the best going nowhere team in the league right now and the Cards need to be especially wary of the Rams solid defense. That said, the Rams will not be facing a weak defense themselves and the Cards will cash in any mistakes. The Cards got left at the train station with 10 wins last year, I think the Cards will make sure that they are the first team on the playoff train this year



Week 15

Thursday December 11

Cardinals (10-3) @ Rams (6-7)

Edward Jones Dome, St. Louis 8:25 (CBS/NFLN)

Favorite Rams by 5 ½

Last Week Cardinals defeated Chiefs 17-14, Rams defeated Washington 24-0

Playoff Implications Cardinals clinch a playoff berth with win (Clinches with either DAL or PHI loss)

Fast Facts StL: Posted back to back shutouts for the first time since 1945 (two moves ago when they were in Cleveland)

Arizona: First back to back 10 win season since 1974-75, when they were in St. Louis

The Cards continue to show resiliency grinding out a gutty, grimy win against a good Chiefs squad and are poised to take one of the NFC playoff berths off the table right now.  Meanwhile, The Rams are fattening up on weak teams and taking care of business. This is the best going nowhere team in the league right now and the Cards need to be especially wary of the Rams solid defense. That said, the Rams will not be facing a weak defense themselves and the Cards will cash in any mistakes. The Cards got left at the train station with 10 wins last year, I think the Cards will make sure that they are the first team on the playoff train this year




Bengals (8-4-1) @ Browns (7-6)

FirstEnergy Stadium, Cleveland 1:00 (FOX)

Favorite Browns by 1

Last Week Bengals lost to Steelers 42-21, Browns lost to Colts 25-24

Fast Fact Bengals WR AJ had career 224 yards on 11 catches last week, has been limited to 12 catches for 83 yards in his last 3 games against the Browns

Playoff hopes fading fast, the Browns turn to first round pick Johnny Manziel. Manziel comes into this rivalry just in time to be called a midget by Bengals coach Marvin Lewis. The Bengals suddenly look vulnerable after crumbling in the 4th against the Steelers, while the Browns blew a sizeable lead against the Colts and lost. I think while the Browns are grasping for straws in starting the polarizing Manziel, they have a rugged enough running game to give the Bengals suspect run defense fits. The road teams stunning fade into irrelavnce continues here



Packers (10-3) @ Bills (7-6)

Ralph Wilson Stadium; Orchard Park, NY 1:00 (FOX)


Last Week Packers defeated Falcons 43-37, Bills lost to Broncos 24-17

Fast Fact GB:  Win puts Mike McCarthy into second as all-time winningest coach passing Vince Lombardi but he has a ways to go before catching wins leader Curley Lambeau .

Buf: Has only allowed two TD’s passes over the last five games

The Packers are on a roll as of late and Aaron Rodgers stellar play has been the engine for this roll. The Packers have been scoring at a furious clip, since their defense has been a bit ragged at times. The Bills have played admirable as of late but the same familiar pattern is starting to set in. The latest loss to the Broncos shows that the Bills are simply not ready for playoff caliber teams. This game here will further prove this notion

Pick-Green Bay


Raiders (2-11) @ Chiefs (7-6)

Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Chiefs by 10½

Last Week Raiders defeated 49ers 24-13, Chiefs lost to Cardinals 17-14

Fast Fact Oak: Raiders are 2-20 away from home over the last three seasons KC: has not had a receiver score a touchdown since December 8 2013

The Raiders not the Chiefs are the team coming into this matchup winning, having stunned their hated cross bay neighbors. The Chiefs once riding high and tied for the division lead have lost three straight which started with a shocking upset loss to these same Raiders. I think the Chiefs have played good enough to win but have lacked a finishing kick. Trying desperately to stay in the playoff hunt the Chiefs will break their respective home and overall losing streaks with a healthy dose of Jamal Charles running and a defense stung by the memory of the humiliating loss to their long time rivals.

Pick-Kansas City


Texans (7-6) @ Colts (9-4)

Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Colts by 7

Last Week Texans defeated Jaguars 27-13, Colts defeated Browns 25-24

Playoff Implications Colts can clinch AFC South with win

Fast Fact HOU: Have never won in Indinapolis in team history (0-6, in RCA Dome, 0-7 in Lucas Oil IND: Andrew Luck needs 70 yards to better his season best passing yardage mark

The Texans have gamely fought their way back into the playoff picture but face long time division nemesis in a place that has been a house of horrors. The Jags easily knocked of the Jags while the Colts rallied smartly to beat Browns. JJ Watt will have to be dealt with possibly on both sides of the ball and Andrew Luck will have to deal with the reduced role of Reggie Wayne who is nursing torn triceps, yet has TY Hilton playing like a beast in an increased role. Though the Texans are coming on strong, they still cant beat the Colts in Indy…sorry wont happen





Steelers (8-5) @ Falcons (5-8)

Georgia Dome, Atlanta 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Steelers by

Last Week Steelers defeated Bengals 42-21, Falcons lost to Packers 43-37

Fast Facts PIT: Antonio Brown has logged at least 5 catches and 50 yard in 29 straight games the longest streak in NFL history

                   ATL: Julio Jones had a franchise record 11 catches for 229 yards last Monday against GB

THe Steelers used a relentless running game to bully past the Bengals while the Falcons took too long to get warmed up in Green Bay and their rally fell short. Between the stellar play of LeVeon Bell and the precise throwing of Ben Roethliseberger the Steelers have gotten off the mat and forced their way back into the AFC playoff picture. Meanwhile try as the Falcons might, they cant fall out of the NFC South divisional race. This would be the week you would expect the Steelers to go off into la-la land and have an underwhelming performance. The Falcons have just enough talent and proper motivation to spring what would be a home upset. But I wont do it, the Steelers are the better team and are breaking the habit of giving away games. Though I think the game will be close I think the Steelers take it



Washington (3-10) @ Giants (4-9)

MetLife Stadium; East Rutherford, NJ 1:00 (FOX)


Last Week Washington lost to Rams 24-0, Giants defeated Titans 36-7

Fast Fact WAS: One of two teams to have had three starting quarterbacks this season (TEN) NYG: Eli Manning will be making his 175th consecutive start

A pair of teams going nowhere fast, Washington looked lost and listless in getting shutout by the Rams while the G-Men awoke from their slumber to thrash the equally bad Titans. Washington is a hot mess offensively and while the G-Men might not repeat their primetime thrashing from October, they are comptent enough to get the win

Pick-New York Giants


Jaguars (2-11) @ Ravens (8-5)

M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Ravens by 14

Last Week Jaguars lost to Texans 27-13, Ravens defeated Dolphins 28-13

Fast Fact Jax: Have lost five straight visits in Baltimore BAL: In the last five games the Ravens have allowed a total of 3 points in the 3rd quarter

The Jags play hard but usually end up find a way to self destruct and the Ravens after waxing the Dolphins are in a position to roll to the playoffs. I think the Ravens are light years better and shouldn’t be troubled much by the punchless Jags



Buccaneers (2-11) @ Panthers (4-8-1)

Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte 1:00 (FOX)

Favorite Panthers by 3

Last Week Buccaneers lost to Lions 34-17, Panthers defeated Saints 41-10

Fast Fact Panthers have won the last three outscoring Bucs 78-33 TB:

Believe it or not this actually has some playoff implications since the 4-8-1 Panthers are still on the edge of the NFC South race after they thrashed the Saints in the Superdome. THe Bucs? They are the only team that is out of the NFC South race. Without Cam Newton the Panthers offense is less dynamic but the starting QB Derek Anderson has played and won against the Bucs. As crazy as it seems I thnk that the same thing will happen again, it wont be pretty. These games rarely are but the Panthers will stay on the fringe of the playoff race by winning here



Dolphins (7-6) @ Patriots (10-3)

Gillette Stadium; Foxboro, MA 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Patriots by 7½

Last Week Dolphins lost to Ravens 28-13, Patriots defeated Chargers 23-14

Playoff Implications Patriots can clinch AFC East with win

Fast Facts NE: Has notched it 12th consecutive 10 win season, second longest in NFL to the 49ers 16 from 1983-96 MIA: Have allowed 661 yards rushing in the last three games the most that they have ever given up in a three game stretch

The Dolphins playoff hopes went from decent to fragile after getting thrashed at home against the Ravens, combined with the Pats bounceback win in San Diego have put the Pats on the precipice of winning the AFC East, I think that the Dolphins suspect run defense will get a workout and that will open up things for Tom Brady. The Dolphins rarely play good in the cold and this will be no exception

Pick-New England


Jets (2-11) @ Titans (2-11)

LP Field, Nashville 4:05 (CBS)

Favorite Jets by 2½

Last Week Jets lost to Vikings 30-24 in OT, Titans lost to Giants 36-7

Fast Facts NYJ: Geno Smith has lost nine straight starts TEN: Has lost their last seven by an average of 15 points

Another useless game on the docket here, both teams are playing out the string. The Jets have the comfort of a strong running game and the Titans have not much going for it, even playing at home. I think Geno Smith finally gets a breakthrough as the Jets are still playing hard and the Titans have already developed their thousand yard stare into the offseason

Pick-New York Jets


Broncos (10-3) @ Chargers (8-5)

Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego 4:05 (CBS)

Favorite Broncos by 4

Last Week Broncos defeated Bills 24-17, Chargers lost to Patriots 23-14

Playoff Implicatons Denver can clinch AFC West with win

Fast Fact DEN: Last week marked only the 11th time in 253 regular and postseason starts the Peyton Manning attempted fewer than 20 passes.
SD: Philip Rivers needs 3 TD passes to be the 17th QB with 250

The Broncos have suddenly developed at credible running game and balance, and it showed in a gritty win against a solid Bills squad. The Chargers are hanging tough as of late but were worn down by the Pats. The Broncos are coming together at the right time. Im thinking that Peyton Manning is overdue for a big breakout game The Chargers have a capable offense to be sure but Im never very sure when their defense will come to play.



Vikings (6-7) @ Lions (9-4)

Ford Field, Detroit 4:25 (FOX)

Favorite Lions by 7½

Last Week Vikings defeated Jets 30-24 in OT; Lions defeated Buccaneers 34-17

Fast Facts: MIN: 87 yarder TD pass in OT was the 2nd longest overtime touchdown pass in NFL history

DET: Lions are 2nd in NFL with 17 interceptions

The Vikes got a feel good win over the Jets in OT, while the Lions are playing their best ball battering the hapless Bucs. The Vikes need to get Teddy Bridgewater off to a solid start against the highly aggressive Lions defense. Matthew Stafford will likely go to his security blanket in Megatron Johnson early and often. I don’t know why but the Lions are way overdue for a flat performance here and Im calling the upset here…

Pick-Minnesota (Upset of the week)



49ers (7-6) @ Seahawks (9-4)

CenturyLink Field, Seattle 4:25 (FOX)

Favorite Seahawks by 10½

Last Week 49ers lost to Raiders 24-13, Seahawks defeated Eagles 24-14

Fast Fact SF: Have had only one play longer than 25 yards in the last ten quarters against the Seahawks. SEA: Have had 35 minutes or better in their last four games and have won three of them

These two teams despise one another but the Niners offense has picked the wrong time to go punchless as they suffered a humiliating loss to their despised cross bay brethren. The Seahawks went to Philly and ground out a tough hard earned win against the Eagles. I just don’t trust the Niners offense and it puts way too much pressure on their capable though beleaguered defense. The Seahawks are eager to deep six their hated rivals and doing so at home in front of their crazy fans would be extra sweet.



Cowboys (9-4) @ Eagles (9-4)

Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia  8:30 (NBC)

Favorite Eagles by 3½

Last Week Cowboys defeated Bears 41-28. Eagles lost to Seahawks 24-14

Fast Facts DAL: NFL leading rusher DeMarco Murray has yet to have a 100 yard rushing game against Eagles in four games

PHI: 139 yards vs SEA was teams lowest output since 2005

The Pokes thrashed the Bears while the Eagles got pounded by the Seahawks to set up this mammoth NFC East showdown. The Eagles win and get a crucial leg up on the tiebreakers, The Pokes win and get ahead of the Eagles in the division. I still have a hard time believing the Mark Sanchez will be able to get his way against the Pokes defense. I like the Pokes running game but I really don’t trust Tony Romo in big game situations. I think the Eagles running game at home bounces back strong and the Pokes have another one of those “huh” games





Monday December 15


Saints (5-8) @ Bears (5-8)

Soldier Field, Chicago 8:30 (ESPN)

Favorite Saints by 3

Fast Fact NO: Have allowed 27 points or more in their past five games. CHI: Jay Cutlers 21 turnovers are the most by a QB

Last Week Saints lost to Panthers 41-10, Bears lost to Cowboys 41-28

The Saints got handed another humiliating home defeat this time against division rival Carolina while the Bears just got run over by the Pokes and took another Thursday whipping. Drew Brees is way overdue for a breakout game and the Bears suspect defense is just the tonic. Jay Cutler is just lost, hes been playing like someone who is clueless and it’s a shame with as much offensive talent he has. The Bears have mailed it in long ago and the Saints are needing the win a lot more.

Pick-New Orleans


Last Week: 10-6 (Lock/Upset both correct-2nd straight week)

Overall: 130-77-1

Locks: 11-3

Upsets: 4-10



Talking Sports
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Hello Gabbers it’s been a crazy week in the Lanz household more on that later.

Let’s go right to bat the Boston Red Sox made the deal of the century not signing Jon Lester. I know you all are thinking I’m nuts to say that. Here is may reasoning no team should over a 6 year deal an expect the guy to be good for all 6 years. Sure the Red Sox have some muscle now on the team and will be far more productive offensively than they were in 2014. However how productive will Lester be 4 years out. Good Luck to Theo and Joe Maddon and Jon Lester.

Lester is a guy I like solid work effort wants the ball and can pitch. However, there were no home town discounts as the local media led us to believe. Lester did what anybody else did he took the money and I think all of us we had that talent would take the money especially if somebody is willing to pay. I really don’t care what kind of money anybody signs for, it’s a short career make it while you can.

On the other hand I can’t believe what kind of deals teams are offering. I guess it’s just a sign that baseball is making money. There is one thing from a fans point of view that drives me crazy it least  with people who call sports talk radio. When a guy struggles for whatever reason people automatically turn to his salary. We have that and he makes this. While he makes that because somebody offered him that money and Mr. Fanboy you would take it as well. People forget that Profesional Sports is a business first and they are paying for a specific talent.

Nobody is upset when some self absorbed act or singer gets millions for crappy movie that had a good advertising budget or some singer that can’t put two sentenaces together we are all alright with it. .Perhaps we identify athletes as more normal guys. I don’t know we do know they work hard their crafts but they aren’t exactly Iron Workerss.

My take on the whole Lester thing is the Red Sox had their chance for him at the point when they low balled him on extension that’s where they lost him 4 years 70 million.I also think they were hoping for a home town discount but knew he would get more than 6 years and 135 million, I think they knew they could recover from what the market would bring.

The Red Sox did acquire Wade Miley (stats) from the D-Backs as a consulation prize in Adam Wiley. He will eat some innings that normally Lackey and Lester would eat. Wiley has averaged about 200 Innings a year and with the often injured Clay Bucholtz  in the rotation they need somebody to eat innings.


Has a new conduct policy which includes money for victims . Go head go do something stupid and see if your company pays for the victims. No they would simply fire you . Instead of having independent investigations and 6 game suspensions. I think from an image standpoint this maybe a good policy from a practical standpoint. You violate the good conduct policy . You fire the guy plan simple and he is not let back in the league. Incorporate it in every contract so that a Federal Magistrate doesn’t get involved.

I think the policy is a step forward but I would like a no nonsense approach.

Lakesiders Report.

Lil Lanz wore the hat in a 9-5 los. He netted the first two and then picked up at third in the final period , The first goal was the best goal he ever scored. He broke down the left side and let a wrister go from the circle beat the goalie to the short side puck was about 2 feet of the ice when he let it go. Funny thing he knew the opposing teams goalie from a hockey camp they attended over the summer.


Some other really cool stuff happening at the Lanz house. For the first time in like 4 years we all got into decorating the Christmas Tree complete with Hot Chocolate , Sugar Cookies and Christmas Tunes and they we sat and watched a cheesy Christmas movie to boot. It was fun.

The Laser played in his first orchestra concert last night as our High School presented their winter concert. Laser plays the Bass or as I like to call it the big Fidel. He joined because a few of his friends who have been playing instruments for years did. Of course when he joined he couldn’t play anything except soccer and baseball. A few Bass lessons some hard work and some tutoring from kids in the music program he did ok.

Than my daughter got an early acceptance with a really nice merit scholarship to a nice small private college here in MAssachusetts. not sure if it’s her first choice but she has sometime to decide. She was extremely exciting for a kid that  really doesn’t get to animated about anything she was extremely happy.

Finally, I was able to have a great lunch Friday it was way to short with Sully and Mo and as Mo said Monday he and I don’t live that far from each other but with busy lives we don’t get together enough. If you have never met either guy they are both top notch. Iw as able to share some good news with both of them where I’m leaving my job which I have been in for 12 years . I’m leaving my boss who we have worked together for nearly 20 at a few different companies and he has become my best friend over the years. I got an offer I couldn’t refuse with a significant bump up in pay  and responsibilities that are more inline with my professional training and state license.. So it has been quite the week in the lanz world.

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