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Deep Thoughts 1-21-15
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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. I have to admit that I felt a small twinge of guilt as I wiped the sweat away following my Tuesday evening run. It is not like I had a grueling run, but when it is 78 degrees, sweat comes pretty easily. As I soaked up the late afternoon sun, I realized that for a January day…it just does not get much better. For all practical purposes, football season is over. As much as I enjoy playoff football, I detest the two week break before the Super Bowl. BOB’s blog on Tuesday brought up a very good point about limiting the number of media that have access to athletes. If there was ever a time when this idea would be appropriate, it is the time before the Super Bowl. Seriously, I don’t know where some of these guys and gals come from, but the questions that are dropped on the player’s, often border on asinine. While I think it is fair and necessary for professional athletes talk to the media, it is also fair that the media be professional as well. 






I know that technology is a good thing, but I am beginning to wonder if we are headed the right direction with regard to sports. It seems that we spend more time talking about how a rule was broken or a call was missed than the play on the field. Does anyone really care if the Patriot's footballs were slightly deflated? New England could have used bowling balls last Sunday and still blown Indy away. On the other hand…what is it with the Patriots and trying to bend the rules? As I have said, a slightly deflated football is no big deal, but if this was done intentionally, it is just another black eye for New England. To be honest, this reminds me of Richard Nixon ordering the bugging of the Watergate hotel in an election that he won by a landslide. Just as Dick Nixon did not need to cheat to beat George McGovern, the Patriots are too good to worry about illegal videos or deflating footballs. I read an excerpt from the book Coaching Confidential by Gary Myers book that recounts this discussion between Robert  Kraft and Bill Belichick…Kraft- "How much did this (videoing) help us on a scale of 1 to 100?" Belichick-“One.” Kraft reportedly then said, “Then you are a real schmuck.

 To be honest, I never paid much attention to what some call Videogate, just as I won’t pay much attention to footballs being deflated. The reality is that I have great respect for the job that Bill Belichick has done in New England. I watched Jimmy Johnson build a dynasty in Dallas, only to see the pieces quickly be pulled apart. As difficult as it is to build a championship team, it is even tougher to keep a team near the top. Some fans look for a reason to find fault with New England, but I only find respect. I marvel at how the Hoodie knows the right time to let a player leave. Welker and Mankin are two recent examples... he always seems to pull the right levers. We give props to the genius of Belichick’s game plans, but I wonder if that genius still leaves him feeling a bit insecure? The secret I think to the Patriots success is attention to detail. The benefits of this are obvious on the field, but could this be the reason that footballs have been deflated? I mean..who would think to deflate a football? I will again say, I think the entire issue with the footballs is overblown (pun intended)…but there is no question it is more fodder for the haters.I am in no way pointing the finger at Bill Belichick, only that it is not beyond his detailed mind to consider...and that is not a bad thing.

Many have criticized the NCAA for giving those vacated wins back to Joe Paterno’s Nittany Lions. While this criticism is fair, I have another question for the NCAA…what next? With this action, the NCAA has established a precedent that I think will follow them forever more. I just don't understand why they reacted with such fear to of legal proceedings? It is not like the NCAA has never been to court.  I think that we could be seeing the beginning of the end of the NCAA as we know it. Of course, I figure they will continue to hang around, but they have lost a big chunk of power in my opinion.


I have yet to see American Sniper, but I am looking forward to checking out this movie soon. By now, we have all heard the disparaging comments made by Michael Moore and Seth Rogen. It is fairly common for the left leaning crowd to offer negative comments and the media to promote those comments. But, something interesting has happened with Moore and Rogen’s comments. There has been a groundswell of criticism for Moore, Rogen and others critical comments. I mean…when was the last time that Whoopi Goldberg slammed the left? Rob Lowe? Jane Fonda tweeted that she loved the movie…although, with her history regarding our military, I am surprised she offered an opinion at all. In the aftermath of this public back and forth, there is one reality…Moore and Rogen are backtracking, saying that their comments were not intended as criticism of Eastwood’s movie. As Americans, there is a reality that we are blessed with…the ability to disagree. While we may grow tired of the battle between the right and the left, we should remember that it is a blessing that we have the ability offer a dissenting voice.





I always love irony in life. Like…the irony that Tiger Woods lost a front tooth because of an aggressive cameraman. It is well known that Tiger has had “issues” with cameras throughout his playing career. To lose a tooth watching his girlfriend Lindsey Vonn skiing, is ironic for me…




That is all I have today, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey…


Blow ye winds, like the trumpet blows; but without that noise.



 When the age of the Vikings came to a close, they must have sensed it. Probably, the gathered together one evening, slapped each other on the back and said, "Hey, good job."






Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own…




Musings From The Hoodwood 1-20
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Kearse's lone catch of the game sends the Seahawks back to the Super Bowl

Meanwhile Brady and Belechick gear up for their 6th Super Bowl together


Greetings from the Hoodwood where we continue to honor the memory and  enduring legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

NFL: Super Showdown Set

Now there are two and for only the 6th time since the current format was instituted in 1990 the NFL’s two top seeded teams have made it through to the Super Bowl. This doesn’t happen as often as you would think it does. In fact Before the seeding was introduced it happened 9 times in the 20 seasons from the merger to 1989. But the Patriots and Seahawks made it through the playoff minefield to the 49th edition of the ultimate pro football game. The Patriots thrashed the Colts in the Championship nightcap to many viewers surprise who expected the plucky Colts to give the Pats a tough game. The Pats big game experience showed in spades from the opening kickoff and initial drive. The Colts looked just really out of sorts from the word go. Beating a pernially playoff jinxed teams and a team with a gimpy quarterback made the Colts look a lot more tougher than they really were. The 45-7 rout was one sided as the score indicated but now there is swirling controversy. The Patriots may have deflated footballs that the Colts used in their offensive series. If these allegations are true the Pats could face the loss of multiple draft picks. This would be another suspicion of taint on Belichick and the Pats that dates all the way back to spygate in 2007. In the earlier game the Seahawks had their 12th man crowd revved up to the point that seismographic equipment was brought out to measure their impact. The crowd though was quite docile as the seemingly gimpy Aaron Rodgers helped the Pack grind to an ugly 19-7 lead. But the Seahawks overcame a horrid game by Russell Wilson to rally back to take a late lead, when the Packers tied the game with a field goal the game became a super high stakes showdown. The Seahawks won the toss and in the words of the late Hank Stram matriculated the ball down the field until Wilson led a streaking Jermaine Kearse for a dramatic catch and score to give the defending champs a 28-22 win. The Seahawks became the first team since the 2004 Pats to defend its conference title. Ill preview the game itself next week.



Phat Dap

Vince WIllfork was driving home late last night after the Pats win over the Colts and encountered a motorist that had been in an accident and was on its side. Wilfork stopped and stepped in to lend a helping hand, literally. He reached in the overturned vehicle and pulled the driver who was later cited for DUI out of the wrecked vehicle with one hand. Wilfork then left without looking for any pub, Hats off to Wilfork for being on point with a helping hand

Head Slap

To the Cowboys fans (and Skip Bayless) who continue to whine about the non catch by Dez Bryant in the Cowboys loss to the Packers in the divisional round. He didn’t catch the damn ball, and the Pokes lost. GET OVER IT!

Quick Hits


Max Scherzer gets paid Kershaw money is he worth it

Coach K on the precipice of 1000 wins, has he really been at Duke 35 years?

The Hawks just keep on winning in anonymity

Jokaim Noah out and the Bulls are coming apart

The Knicks finally win one in 2015, they had last won on December 12th. Are they really that horrid?

 Im adding more to this…


Weekly Grumble with IHM 1/19
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  We interrupt your regularly scheduled Monday Moaning for this weekly grumble... Beeze wanted to pull the switcheroo this week, so now you're stuck with me instead today. In order to not dissapoint the masses, I gave you what you came for here at the top, a little gratuitous semi-nudity!

  As you all already know, the Patriots and Seahawks will square off in this year's Super Bowl. Both teams took very different routes to victory yesterday, with the Patriots dominating from the opening whistle and the Seahawks waiting until the final three minutes of the damn game to show up, but no matter what way you look at it, both teams earned a trip to the Super Bowl. I'll be honest, the Seahawks game pretty much took my will to watch any more football away... I fucking hate that team with a passion... so I'm glad I didn't miss a whole hell of a lot in the AFC Championship game! I watched until it was a 14-0 game, then I changed the channel. Of course, I checked back here and there to watch the progression of that beatdown, but the only interesting thing to happen was Nate Soldier making his way into the end zone and the fat guy celebration that ensued!

  So now the ball is in your court, Patriots! Beat the Seahawks, shut that loud mouthed idiot Dick Sherman up, and put that smug cocksucker Pete Carroll in his place...PLEASE! Hell, if you pull it off, I might renounce my fucking Lions fanship and hop aboard with you all. Hell, I'm moving the hell out of Michigan pretty soon here anyhow, so I might as well take advantage and find a team worth rooting for! If the Pats can pull it off, I'll be a happy man. If I watch more hot garbage like I did Sunday afternoon on Super Bowl Sunday, I might just say fuck the NFL all together.

  By the way, nice job Bostik... you know that fucking clown was cut before the team plane landed in Green Bay... probably as much for his own protection as for his inability to field a fucking onside kick! Enjoy your fifteen minutes of fame douchebag... you earned it. Kind of fits into those YOU HAD ONE JOB memes...

  Yeah... that's the stuff! But honestly, what are the odds this guy even sniffs another NFL job after that? I know there is a lot more blame to go around, especially to Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy for being such a pussy all game long on the play calls... but good fucking christ, talk about a boner of the year candidate this early in the year!

  So now we get two weeks of hype... two weeks of people trying to interview Marshawn Lynch for some fucking reason... and Lynch being a petulant child about it despite drawing attention to himself with stupid shit like he did Sunday... with yet another on field crotch grab. Real class act... but then again... what more do you expect out of a cat named Marshawn? And how much time do we need to spend talking about the fucking guy's cleats? He wanted to wear a pair, the league said no... end of story. In hindsight, I wish he would have worn em and been ejected! The guy is a damn good football player; but he's a few fries short of a Happy Meal!

  Elsewhere in sports, Max Scherzer has reportedly agreed to a seven year deal with the Washington Nationals, but no financial terms have been disclosed. It is believed that the Nationals will have to move Jordan Zimmerman and/or Ian Desmond before being able to take on the size of contract Scherzer is likely going to get. I know a lot of Tiger fans are mad he didn't re-sign last winter when he was offered five years and 140+ million dollars... but really they should be happy. It helped save the team from signing another stupid, bloated contract for a guy who is on the downside of his career (not getting any younger at 30) and who has a whopping total of two career complete games. He's a good pitcher, don't get me wrong... but he sure as hell isn't a guy I give a max deal to (no pun intended). The Tigers, as I have said a million times before, should have traded the guy immediately after he turned down the massive contract extension offered to him, when his value was highest and they still had control over him. But hey, what the fuck do I know... I'm just some piss ant fan!

  In all seriousness, good luck to him in Washington... no need to act like a jealous ex-girlfriend in all of this. That is one aspect of fan behavior I'll never get... the jealous rage we all seem to go into when a guy signs elsewhere. There is no such thing as loyalty in sports these days... get the fuck over it. If someone walked into your place of employment and offered you a three dollar an hour pay hike to come work for them, you'd be gone in a fucking second!

  The other big story this weekend was Joe Pa getting his wins back. Enjoy that hollow victory Pedo State... your legacy is still exactly what it was without them. A pathetic old man who cares more about the "status" of your program than the well being of children. Rot in pieces you apathetic old twat.

  Speaking of twats... how about Michael Moore. He was recently asked about the film "American Sniper" a biopic on the life of former serviceman Chris Kyle, directed by Clint Eastwood. Moore is quoted as saying that snipers are "cowards". Something tells me this fat puddle of shit would be singing a different tune if Kyle were alive to defend himself! Michael Moore, please jam another cheeseburger into that fat sasshole of yours before you enlighten us with any more of your bullshit... okay?

  The Pistons make their way to national TV today at 2:30 Eastern in a game against the East leading Atlanta Hawks on ESPN. First time in a couple of years I can remember that happening. Should be a good one... better than watching the Lakers/Knicks/Cavs like ESPN usually trots out there, anyhow!

  That's all I've got for today folks. Thanks as always for reading, and for any comments you leave on the way out. Have a week!



QOTD - 1/19/15 Tags: NFL Martin Luther King

Today is Martin Luther King day and it got me to thinking of the NFL Coaching Carousel.  A lot of the open jobs were filled, but I wonder, did any team who filled their position comply with the Rooney Rule?  I never heard, so I have to ask - is the "Rooney Rule" even followed anymore?

Championship Sunday
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The headlines have made it clear: the Super Bowl teams have been set - we’ll see you on February 1 in Glendale Arizona.  The  Colts, Patriots, Packers and Seahawks have all been there before.  No first timers this year, and no shortage of storylines.  But you know that.  You spent all day yesterday with everything being hammered into your head, you might have heard more about the Broncos and Peyton Manning than you did about anyone actually playing.  


The outcome of the Seattle Green Bay tilt was nothing short of jaw dropping.  I was texting Sully throughout the game and  after the second trip Green Bay made into the Seattle red zone to take it to 4th down, and to walk away with a field goal I knew they were in trouble.  Mike McCarthy played too conservative a game, contrasted with Russell Wilson’s game winning overtime Touchdown pass.  That’s all you need to know why and how Seattle won. McCarthy should be on his hands and knees groveling for his job.


A punter throwing a touchdown?  Not the craziest thing I’ve seen this postseason, but wow.  just wow. Almost as "wow" as the "best fans in football" leaving early. You don't leave this game early, and you deserve to watch from outside.


On the other hand, New England wasn’t going for the last minute, pull the victory out of the hat, crap.  45-7….and it really wasn’t even that close.  By the way, Brady is on his way to his 6th Superbowl - even if the Patriots lose, I don’t want to hear anyone talking smack.  Next time someone else wins 4/6 Superbowls, we can talk about how Brady spit the bit, but until someone else does what he’s done he’s the greatest of all time.  Period. That 45-7 tally was the most lopsided in AFC Championship game history.


Of course all week all the talking heads were talking about the Patriots’ “DECEPTION.”  Swapping out eligible receivers and what not.  Pagano made a big deal of how he was preparing the Colts so they didn’t get shown up like the Ravens.  How’d that workout?  Other than  O lineman Nate Solder rumbling in for a touchdown, I guess it worked okay.


It’s kind of interesting to see who isn’t getting a coaching shot: Doug Marrone walked away from the Bills, but hasn’t landed anything - and those slots are getting pretty thin.  The Raiders hired Jack Del Rio, probably the best possible hire in my opinion. Marrone’s old club, the Bills, hired Rex Ryan which suggests why he didn’t want to stay - they have no idea what they’re doing.  Marrone not only opted out of his Bills contract, but apparently also an interview with Denver - here’s a cat with no options and he says, “uh...nevermind.”  What’s up with that?  That said, he’s like 5 years older than I am and is getting $4-Million to walk away from his job….which is about $2-Million more than I’ve made over the course of 20 years so I’m no one to criticize.


Johns Fox and Elway agree to part ways - Fox easily lands the Bears gig, meanwhile Elway is getting rebuffed by the likes of Marrone.  Wow.  If that doesn’t just tell a tale right there.  Joe Philbin keeps his gig in Miami and Jason Garrett gets $4MM a year for the next 5 to coach Dallas, but Fox gets shown the door.  I don’t get it. Really.


Several years ago, I walked away from the Friday beat - returning to the line up after Sully asked me to do so, but the slot was Monday. I hemmed and hawed.  Monday?  The rationale was clear, said Sully.  Look, you’re busy during the week, and Monday gives you like 3 days to write something.  It’s perfect.  Except no one gave me $4mm to walk.  I’m scratching my head over that one.


It’s been a while since I’ve been back in the rotation, and you know what?  Sully was right.  Monday is the best day - not for the reason he sold me on though.  Monday is the day I get to recap the weekend. I get to Monday morning QB football, I got the Gab’s anniversary this year, I get some cool crap.  I get to write about the goddamned Super Bowl, mother effers.  Friday is cool - you get to write about all the crap that can happen over the weekend.  Monday kicks ass

because I get the first crack at the crap that DID happen over the weekend.  Sometimes this crap writes itself.  Sometimes you scuff, but this time of year?  It’s the best.


I could write about Trent Richardson - rescued from that barren football wasteland of Cleveland via trade to Indianapolis last season, only to wear out his welcome this one, to the point that he was inactive for the AFC Championship game.  This is a guy that’s 24 years old - he really has NO idea what he has and he’s apparently willing to waste it.  Don’t be surprised to see this guy pumping gas at your local Flying J station.


I could write about Xavier Nixon, but that would be more press than this guy has gotten all year.  Why was he out?  He missed the flight?  Seriously man?  You can’t miss the most important flight of your career. I could write about Josh McNary, who was charged with rape this past week.  But I won’t.  Greg Anthony got picked up for solicitation this week - but since he’s an NBA guy, I’m not spending any time at all on that action.


Of course there was the side show of Rob Gronkowski and Sergio Brown, after Gronk “booted him from the club” in Week 11.


From NFL.com we have the following:

Through their first 48 career regular-season starts, Andrew Luck and Tom Brady have an identical passer rating of 86.6. In those first 48 games, Brady has the edge in wins (36 to 33) and comp pct (62.1 to 58.6), while Luck has more pass YPG (269.9 to 223.6) and TDs (86 to 74). In that all-important stat, Brady had two Super Bowl rings through 48 regular-season starts.   


Other notes:  The Cubs say their construction project on Wrigley won’t be done until May sometime.  So, just about the time they’ve fallen out of contention, you can get a seat.  It’s perfect.


Golfer Robert Allenby was attacked in a Hawaiian cab.  I dunno, man.  Miss the cut, get drunk, get the crap kicked out of you.  I’m not sure why this comes as a surprise to anyone.


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