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Final NFL question for awhile (I think): NFL: You are the new Commissioner of the NFL. Give me the first three things that you would address to fix the NFL and a potential solution to it.

Musings From The Hoodwood 2-3
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Greetings from the Hoodwood where the Groundhog is one of a select few that are not welcome in the city limits.

NFL: Super game, stupid end

Please don?t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed the 49th edition of The BIG game.? It was a full tilt hang on tight rollicking ride that was one for the books. Not since the 25th edition had a game come all the way down to a do or die last half minute score or else decision. After the Patriots had rallied from 10 down to take the lead, Russell Wilson led the defending champs on a legendary drive, racing the clock down field fueled by catches by Marshawn Lynch and Jermaine Kerse the latter on a diving twisting juggling catch that hearkened back to this personally painful memory

But I digress, the Pats were about to be done in for the third straight Super Bowl by an amazing catch first David Tyree, then Mario Manningham. Wilson and Kerse were going to prove that the Giants weren?t the only team that could steal a title with a breathtaking catch. Lynch bulled his way to the 1 and while Pats coach Bill Belichick was stewing on the sideline debating if they should let the Seahawks score to get a last crack at the ball. The clock kept ticking, the Seahawks raced to the line and Wilson went back to pass?he fired for a cutting Ricardo Lockette in the end zone. Unheralded rookie Malcolm Butler read the play and got to the spot Wilson wanted to hit Lockette and intercepted the pass. Game, set match Patriots. I saw the play and like so many football fanatics were instantly puzzled. Why, why, why did the Seahawks decide against using the battering ram that is Lynch who heretofore had been brilliant? Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell swore up and down that he was just trying get a quick pass in to stop the clock. Stop the clock? Are you fucking serious? If you so badly wanted or needed to stop the clock, why not spike it? Why not throw the ball into the fifth level of University of Phoenix Stadium, or to Scottsdale or across town to Princess Katie in Mesa? But throwing it at the 1? No sense at all, none.? Lynch for his part was his usual taciturn self after the game , his only quote ?This is a team game? He would have had every right to go ballistic on the call and a lot of football fans would have sympathized. In the end in was an ill coda to an otherwise exciting game. Brady now joins his childhood idol Joe Montana and the mush mouthed Terry Bradshaw as the only QB to win four Super Bowls. Brady?s? 328 yards on a Super Bowl record 37 completions won him the MVP award with his last score to Julian Edelman being the difference. I thought it cool that Edelman and Butler got to share the ?Im going to Disney World!? plug. Butler an undrafted and heretofore unremarkable free agent from Division-II West Alabama was such an afterthought he barely played until midway through the contest and was the victim of the Kearse catch just two plays before he made the most defining of plays. His pick overshadowed the four catch 109 yard receiving day of Chris Matthews who came damn close to being the name you found in Wikipedia and not the MSNBC pundit.? Matthews played brilliantly, leading me to opening opine, ?Who is this kid?? So now instead of a budding dynasty in Seattle the Pats are back on top for the first time in a decade. Brady has more or less put himself in the rare air of the QB?s that won in different era. Montana won his four in an nine year period, got hurt trying for a 3-peat and was gone from San Fran less than 3 years after his last Super Bowl win. Bradshaw won four Super Bowls in six years, then the Steel Curtain rusted and he was exposed for the so-so quarterback some thought he was. Brady won 3 in 4 years but then many said he wasn?t able to win the big one that he was saved by late field goals. Now a full decade removed from his last Super Bowl in 2005, he comes back to win the biggest of big games with an electric final game winning touchdown drive. Love him or hate him you got to give Brady his due as a champ.

Spec Sheet

Starting Friday and being posted here for the next six weeks will be an an annual staple of the Hoodwood. The Speculation Sheet or Spec Sheet for short. Im not a bracketologist, I just like to speculate what teams will fill the brackets. Get who I think will make the field of 68 right here in the Hoodwood


Phat Dap

To Malcolm Butler the rightly lionized hero of the Super Bowl. This is a kid who went to a small D-2 school in West Alabama after getting kicked off of his junior college time in Hinds Mississippi returned to make good and then transfer to West Alabama. Belichick must have seen something he liked, the young rookie nicknamed Scrap, was Johnny on the Spot in the most crucial of times and made the biggest of plays. And through all the hubbub of interviews still seems like a humble kid. I call him a kid, because he was born in March of 1990?yikes.

Head Slap

To Doug Baldwin who drew a 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty that at first I had no idea what for. That was until I saw the replay later on. You realize that Baldwin scored a touchdown, something that hall of famers Walter Payton, Dan Marino, Joe Namath didn?t and Earl Campbell Gale Sayers and Jim Brown never got a chance to do. What did he do in celebration not a spike or dance, he put the ball on the ground and squatted over it like he was taking a shit. That was totally classless. Add to boot that Irvin was ejected for fighting in the games closing seconds and you have a pair of asses not aces that were part of the reason why the Seahawks were not holding the Lomabardi trophy again.

Quick Hits

The Hawks streak stopped at 20 after a perfect January. Are they the team to beat?

Virginia gets thumped by Duke but bounces back strong to whip the Heels in Chapel Hill, they will be a tough out come March

The semi-pro basketball team in Lexington?errrr UK keeps on winning

The Wings are coming on strong in the East?better believe that

A-Rod wins the MVP?big big shock there.

Six weeks to Spring? Hell with that, pitchers and catchers report in a couple weeks.

Until Next Post Fellow Sports Fans

Tuesday's Tantrum - 2/3/15
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Hello boys and girls and welcome to February, a short month packed with a lot of sports, and the REAL start to 2015 in sports so let's get this post-Football party started:

NBA. Before the Super Bowl could even start, props to the NBA for showing Los Angeles Lakers at New York Knicks (sarcasm meter pegged) as the lead in to the Super Bowl. I get that the NBA whored itself out to the big markets long ago, but don't you think you could have come up with a better matchup to showcase your talent? I will have a tantrum on the NBA next week.

Super Bowl 49. What a great game that was. Beeze is right, there wasn't that overwhelmingly GREAT performance anywhere on the field with the exception of one intangible of NOT QUITTING, both sides did well to come back from being down, it was exciting and competitive, the refs stayed out of it, Chess move and counter move.

Now normally, I would be 100% down with a west coast team beating an east coast team at ANYTHING, but as the game went on and Seattle players starting acting more and more like idiots, douches, and jackasses, I found myself openly rooting for New England, to the point where I openly cheered when Gronk laid those shots in on Seattle players. I already have a low tolerance for Seattle fan, but the way this went down was awesome, not to mention seeing Dick Sherman's face on that INT.

Seattle is taking a lot for that bonehead play at the goal line, but weren't they up 10 well into in the 4th quarter? Didn't "the best defense in 40 years" give up 14 points in a short amount of time? I think maybe it is time to take a bit closer look because the reality is that they should never have been in that position in the first place.

I often tell Jerry not to talk shit because I truly believe in karma and it normally occurs. Case in point - Dick Sherman's "24" comment, Doug Baldwins pathetic little end zone celebration that made him look like a petty little man, and wasn't Jeremy Lane talking junk too before the game, and yet he wen't out with a bad injury? Green Bay gives them an absolute gift and they act like this? This is where Crash Davis comes in and puts some humility into them, that, or some ER doc is in epic need of pulling their heads out of their asses.

And now the speculation will commence about the future in Seattle, particularly Marshawn Lynch. Mere seconds after that play went down, Twitter lit up about Lynch coming back home to Oakland and just to be clear, Oakland has the money to go there, so don't be shocked if he actually leaves the land of knuckleheads, and comes back home.


NFL 2014 epitaph. Beeze is right, the NFL in Calendar Year 2014 and January 2015 was a mess, and a GREAT Super Bowl between the two marquee teams in the NFL (no disrespect to Denver, Dallas or Green Bay) was NOT going to save this floating turd of a season that has been circling the bowl:

  • Horrific play on the field.
  • A few dumb ass players running wild. Rice, Peterson, Suh, Gordon, Manziel, etc..
  • Spineless NFL office who seems paralyzed anytime something goes wrong.
  • An increasingly intrusive and overbearing media who has way too many press credentials.
  • Union looking foolish by defending bad guys and doing next to nothing to address injury issues.
  • Incompetent ownership of many franchises
  • Disappearing parity particularly in the AFC
  • Stupid rules which has led to confused officiating - A lot of teams got boned, particularly in the playoffs.
  • Playing games in freaking London at the expense of three cities getting a home game?
  • An out of control Madison Ave. and their too many damn commercials.
  • The constant threat of LA poaching an existing team.
  • The nonsense at the Super Bowl (Baldwin and the fight)

Here's the question: It seems that the NFL is too egotistical and arrogant counting their cash to see the problems building?

The NFL needs to get hot and work with the union, the media, and Madison Ave. and get this thing fixed. Start holding idiotic players and owners accountable, but at the same time reach out to them and help them with issues and work towards compromise because there is no way the Union should be fighting for a player that does significantly stupid shit.?

Raise the standards and expectations because playing in the league and owning a franchise should be a privilege not a right. The Front Office needs to find ways to see if there is some way they can help struggling franchises and at the same time make things more positive for fans who pay excessively high prices and deserve better than what they get, particularly in Oakland, Cleveland, Washington, Miami, Tennessee, Jacksonville and New York. There is no good excuse for franchises to be this consistently bad for this consistently long. Hold these d-bag owners accountable.

I get that I am older and a bit more set in my ways, but there has to be a better way in the NFL going forward. I get that the youth like the reality like culture of this off-the-field nonsense (DRAMA), but as with any business the TRUE REALITY is that substance over style is far more important long-term. Businesses cannot survive with continued stuff like what happened in the NFL in 2014. ?

And as if the NFL didn't need a wake-up call, there is this: Apparently, the Republicans (of all people) want the NFL to explain their non-profit tax status.

Johnny Trademark. I am honestly sorry if I sound a bit harsh or unsympathetic here, but I am VERY skeptical of this, particularly the timing. Dude knows he's on SERIOUSLY thin ice and I suspect this is more of a PR thing than the real McCoy to take care of a kid. I hope this is real and that he takes it seriously, but my sense is that he's a kid with a maturity problem first - and that is what needs to be addressed because you can't go into rehab unless you truly believe you've got a problem.?

Spring Training Countdown: 16 Days folks Woo Hoo!!!

Good Story of the Week - the no names?.?Forget that they got pub now, but during the last two weeks how is it that not one single person took the time to sit down with these longest of long shots and get their story? ?I wanted to take a minute here and congratulate three of the no-names, two of whom had a MAJOR impact on the Super Bowl.?

  • Chris Matthews, he of the working in Foot Locker fame and had over 100 yards receiving,
  • Malcolm Butler who was working at Popeye's after a stint at D2 West Alabama and wasn't even in Football last year, and
  • Zach Moore a reserve NE D-Lineman who played at D2 Concordia (St. Paul, MN) I remember Jerry's team played against that guy and he was huge! These three and probably more are the really, truly GOOD story of the Super Bowl.

They showed that D2 players and others can work their way up and that there is a chance if you're willing to work for it and not give up your dream. ?Props to these three.

Sporting D-bag of the Week - The Bruce Jenner "Story". There's a special place in hell for Kar-trash-ians who exploit and ruin lives about at the equivalent of a pimp. I doubt it's even true, but nobody is gonna convince me that this is not some sort of Kar-trash-ian stunt. God help Bruce Jenner if he was talked into it by that manipulator Mama Kar-trash-ian. But then again, maybe after dealing with her, maybe he thought this was the only way out? Again, IF it's true, it is Bruce Jenner's life, he can do what he wants, but out of respect for him, can't we keep it private rather than take advantage of it for notoriety?

Sporting D-bag of the Week - ? Honorable Mention. Yasiel Puig whose main concern appears to be who is his teams biggest rival (he believes St. Louis and not SF). I guess he's right considering it's St. Louis who continually knocks his team out of the playoffs. Meanwhile, SF continues to count rings.

Oh, and then there's this gem - yet another dumb ass rant from Colin Cowherd.

QOTD - 2/3/15 Tags: NFL

NFL: What is your take on the NFL Hall of Fame selections and what would YOU have done differently?

Monday Moaning 2-2-15
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I had some Seahawks cheerleaders all ready to post here, but I have to be fair...Let the victors have their day...The New England Patriots came from 10 points down, to win the "Super Bowl" 28-24 over the Seattle Seahawks...

And I have no problem with the Patriots...I have firmly said in the past that Tom Brady is the best QB of my lifetime...And in a normal year I would have been pulling for the Pats, but I signed with the Seahawks a few years back when I went free agent with my fandom...So I was all in...Molly and I rooting against my Boston born wife and her Pats...And I have to say, it was one of the best "Super Bowls" I've seen...It was a great game...But the ending hurt...

27 seconds on the clock...Seahawks on the 1, maybe 2 yard line...2nd down...And instead of feeding it to Marshawn Lynch, they decide to over think things and throw a quick slant on a pick play...And the Patriots corner jumped the route and snatched victory from the jaws of defeat...Pete Carroll took all the blame on himself...Good, he should have...It was THE DUMBEST PLAY CALL EVER!

Now, honestly my wife didn't care a whole lot...She's there like so many others, to see the commercials and possibly the halftime show...And I would like to thank the ad execs everywhere for the worst batch of "Super Bowl" commercials ever...There were two, maybe three that were funny...All the others were either really fucking depressing...Or just way too serious...There were at least 4 that tried to preach to us dads that we suck, and we should be better fathers...FUCK YOU! mother fucking judgmental fuck-stains...

I'm a fucking awesome dad...I walked away from the game to check on my oldest daughter who found out that after 3 dates with some little asshole, that he didn't like her...That's right, the big game is on, but my daughter is crying, so I'm trying to explain to her that there are gonna be a lot of stupid boys out there, and it will be okay, while telling Little Beeze to get the shovel because we're going to be burying a little fucking asshole tonight...(Lucky for him my wife didn't let us boys leave the house)...

Back to the commercials...While just about all of them sucked, the worst was a Nationwide Insurance commercial...A little boy telling us all the things he'll never do, because he died...Yep, some one is getting fired this Monday morning...Little Dead Kid has gone viral already...


Yeah, there's the dead kid...Depressing all the "Super Bowl" viewers...


Way to go Nationwide...Yeah, people are talking about your ad...People remember it...For all the wrong reasons...They were having fun, watching a great game, drinking, eating buffalo chicken dip, and you come in, pull down you pants, and take a big, steaming, depressing, dump all over the coffee table...FUCK YOU and your dead kid Nationwide!

This "Super Bowl" also had a quality injury...Although NBC was quite shy about showing it...Normally they replay a gross injury shot over and over...Nice INT Jeremy Lane...


Sorry about your arm bro!

As for the halftime show...I wanted no part of that crap...I took a dump, then I took the dog for a walk...Little bastard loves the snow...Got a fucking blizzard going on, and he wants to play in the snow...Little asshole must think he has some Husky in him...

All my Boston friends and family...Congrats...Fucking city of champions! It was a great game...The only game I watched more then 10 minutes of this year...It was nice having a Sunday off of work with the fam...Stuffing my face, and being totally annoyed by the mess that is the NFL and horrible commercials...Oh, and that fucking idiot play call Pete Carroll!

I hope you all had a good "Super Bowl" Sunday...Now I'm going to shovel the driveway again...

Have a week...

The Beeze.

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