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My man Jan Kicking from the 40 Yard Line

It’s Thursday again and time flies after a weekend in a hotel full youth hockey teams it was great to get back home. The kids had a blast but they got there buts kicked on the ice. They were excited about the Tournament so they had a league game Thusday Night. That they just laid an egg. It was funny they had been off for a week and a half the locker room was loud and they came out flying and then the wheels fell off that bus.

Friday early dismissal from school at noon time and than a 3 O’clock tournament gam about an hour away. The kids were pumped  and excited but they played a team a level up from them and got smoked. After the game myself and lil Lanz checked into the hotel the kids had a ball playing all kinds of games much to the shigren of  the non hockey guests. We as did a team from White Plans NY had parents strategically placed around the hotel so they couldn’t get into too much trouble. Kids probably stayed up too late to play well Saturday morning as they got the butts handed to them again.Lil lanz broke his stick which meant it was going to cost me some $$$$$. If you haven’t bought a kid a hockey stick lately they start at roughly $60 bucks and go well into the hundreds and I’m sure Jeff can attest to this as well baseball bats aren’ t cheap either especially as the lads get a we bit older and have to use BBCore bats we are talking anywhere from $100 to $400 bucks . Even a nice wood bat will cost you at least $60 but most likely closer toa $100.

Lil lanz and I went off found a local Dick’s Sporting goods Lil lanz wsan’t excited about the stick selection. I wasn’t excited about the prices. A local lacrosse league was signing up kids at Dicks so asked if there was a Hockey store around. The guy said 10 minutes down the street. Went there found a nice stick that was the right size and the right price on sell for &60 marked down from $80. Very similar to lil Lanz’s old stick.. he loved so did the kids on the team.


The boys played for the Bronze medal Saturday Night ended up playing the same team they did on Friday. This time the boys scored first. The other team tied it in the second period and then took the lead. The boys had a bunch of chances but couldn’t put another one through the pipes. If they did it would have been a shootout and they all would have gotten into that.

They had a nice ceremony after the game. The Mrs. Drove out for the 7pm game. They brought all the kids on both teams out to the blueline announced each kid by number and name. The kids got a runner up medal and a tournament T shirt and a pair of skate socks and a program oh yeah and some gatorades. It was a great weekend for the kids and maybe even a better one for the parents and maybe not so good for a few hotel guests.

A couple kids told me some lady asked them if this was a hotel or a day care. She told them she was a paying guest. The kids said we don’t know we are just here to play hockey. What would you expect from a bunch of 11 and 12 year old kids..

here are few pics from the tourney

Lil Lanz receiving his medal and T

LIL Lanz changing on the fly

LIL Lanz battling for postion on a faceoff

The Boys waiting for their medals on the Blue Line

NFL Update

The Rules committee has a few proposals on the table. That the rule on slurs and the Nword are already in the rules and will be handled at the discreation of the on field officials.  One proposal will have kicks from the 40.wasn’t there originally than to the 35, the 30 back to the 35 and now back to the 40 . That would most likely end a few return men careers because there won’t be any. Two proposals of moving extra points back to the 20 and the 25 or just let it be,  A lot of stuff about more cameras and more reviewable plays which means more advertising and longer games.


The Boston Bruins are the hottest team in Hockey right now riding a huge 10 game winning streak. They are just playing damn good hockey all the guys are pitching in . Hopefully they ride this train into the playoffs and maintain the pace.


Haven’t looked at the damn bracket give me Wichita State , Michigan State, Michigan and Harvard or Crieghton or the little sisters of the poor. All I know is it’s a great weekend for college hoops and may those underdogs win.


That’s all folks

Deep Thoughts 3-19-2014
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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. I have to apologize again for my blog last week. It is very nice to be back at home and able to have technology be my friend again. It is March and I find myself being torn with regard to my attention and sports. For obvious reasons, I am all in with college baseball this year. But as spring training enters the “serious” phase, I am having a tough time absorbing the new players and exactly who is where. Of course, March is also the season for March Madness. This year really looks to be a wide open affair. I read an interesting piece on Tuesday about the book makers in Vegas being pissed about the job done this year by the NCAA tournament committee. Apparently, there are more than a few guys in the glitter city that believe that they could do a much better job than the NCAA in deciding the bracket seedings. I sort of laughed to myself when I thought about the NCAA allowing Vegas to do their job.  I have no doubt that the professional bookmakers could indeed do a better job, but how would this look? I can see the NCAA guys squirming in their seats at this suggestion. Oh hell no! These are amateurs and guys in Vegas are anything but.  I am sure that the NCAA won’t complain about the millions of dollars that they are preparing to rake in over the next few weeks. Honestly, I love the tournament. It really is something that has grown into a great event. People with no knowledge of college basketball will take a few moments to complete their bracket. And…more than a few will travel to Las Vegas to place a few bets on their favorite teams. So, yeah…if you are SMU, it sucks to be left off. I also agree that Louisville is better than a 4 seed. But, this is the system that we have and I don’t seeing it change anytime soon…and I am okay with that.






Maybe I was grabbing some food or just not paying attention, but apparently I missed a Super Bowl halftime salute by some rapper called MIA. In the past two years since this occurred, the NFL has been trying to gain some financial retribution for the raised middle digit.  Initially, the NFL tried to claim that MIA was in breach of contract and wanted 1.5 million dollars for “tarnishing” the NFL’s image. Now the NFL has changed courses and is requesting additional restitution of 15.5 million dollars for the “exposure” MIA gained by her action. Where did this number come from you might ask? Goodell’s bean counters calculated that the Super Bowl was viewed by 167 million people and by using the amount charged advertisers, MIA’s two minute performance was assessed at this rate. Huh? Are you kidding me? Say Goodell, have you ever listened to rap? Ever watched a rapper perform? If you don’t want someone raising a middle finger, you might want to consider bringing in a marching band like the old days. I have a better idea. Go back to the punt, pass and kick competition at halftime and forget trying to do a freaking concert that nobody cares about. Seriously, what do you do during the Super Bowl halftime? If you are watching the game to see someone perform at halftime, you are way different than I am.  The NFL is doing way more damage to their sacred “reputation” by bullying some rapper in court. I would dare say that more people were offended by Richard Sherman frothing at the mouth than by some rapper briefly flipping off the camera. Why not worry about getting rid of bullies like Cognito and Pouncey and let a halftime incident go. But, that is just me…





When is a playoff game not a playoff game? Although I did not catch the original comment by Kenny Lofton, he maintained that the Indians did not make the playoffs last year. The current group of Indians did not miss the comments and were pissed. Nick Swisher caught up with Lofton at an Indians fan fest and wanted to know what his problem was. In not so many words, Swisher told Lofton that they were trying to build something special in Cleveland and that if he did not want to get on board, to hit the road. This message was communicated nose to nose, according to witnesses. Lofton was not well received when he showed up at spring training and his visit was especially short this year. Lofton contends that since the Indians lost the playoff game that this does not count as being in the playoffs. Even if that were the truth (it obviously is not), why would an ex player like Lofton be so petty with regard to something that is entirely ridiculous? After reading a bit from those that covered Lofton, it seems that this is just his nature…or he is an asshole, if you will. I am not a huge Indians fan, but I can’t help but give Swisher props for telling Lofton how it is. He did not send a tweet or an email or a facebook message. Nick Swisher did it the old fashioned way…face to face. This is how you handle this kind of thing and how I wish other athletes would use this approach today. Much of the bs that goes on with twitter would stop if you were eyeball to eyeball. Yes, I am talking to you Richard Sherman and DeAngelo Hall arguing on twitter about who is the best defensive back…is just stupid and a waste of time. If it is worth saying…say it in person.




I have said many times that I am determined to outlast Jerry Jones. It is the only way that I can remain a Cowboys fan. When I read this week that the Cowboys had signed Brandon Weeden, I had to take a head in palm moment. Has anyone seen anything from Weeden that suggests that he could be a good , decent, mediocre NFL QB? I am steadfast in my determination to remain a fan…but it is becoming more and more difficult. The Cowboys are such a mess that I am beginning to think that it may be many years before the team with the star on the helmet will be relevant again. Jerry, that means winning a playoff game or two, not how much money you are putting in your pocket.



As most of you know, Julie and I have been doing a bit of traveling to watch UTPA play baseball. I have been in many different ballparks, and honestly I am not easily impressed. I see games each year at the Longhorn’s Disch-Falk Stadium. I have seen stadiums for LSU, Auburn and many other smaller colleges. But to be honest, the Aggies Olsen field literally blew me away. I vaguely remember something about Blue Bell being a sponsor for the facelift, but damn! What a beautiful venue to watch baseball. If there is a nicer college facility in the country, I don’t know where it is. I have to hand it to the Aggies, they really have done a great job with their entire athletic complex. Everything is on campus and close…and the parking was an easy walk. My only complaint is that they would not allow me to bring in our stadium seats. Leave it to the Aggies to mess it up with a rule that no chairs wider than 13 inches are allowed. I told the guy…hell my ass is wider than 13 inches. Makes no sense! In spite of this, it was a great time. Of course, a couple of days were all I could handle of seeing that much maroon. It is very much like a cult down there. They love their Aggie sports and even for a mid-week game were out in force. As much as it pains me to do…I gotta tip my hat to the Aggies.



















This is pretty cool...they post the starting lineups on the chalk board for each game. Of course, Mom had to get a picture...



I have to give a shout out to my cousin's daughter Blair Richmond. She is a freshman basketball player at New Mexico Jr. College. Her Thunderbird team won the conference season title and the conference tournament and was able to participate in the JUCO Championship tourney in Kansas. Although Blair's team was defeated in the first round, it was still a terrific year. Sadly, Blair injured her knee in the tournament and is waiting on an MRI to determine her future. Thoughts and prayers to Blair!






That is all I have for today, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey…


The most unfair thing about life is the way it ends. I mean, life is tough. It takes up a lot of your time. What do you get at the end of it? A death. What's that, a bonus? I think the life cycle is all backwards. You should die first, get it out of the way. Then you live in an old age home. You get kicked out when you're too young, you get a gold watch, you go to work. You work forty years until you're young enough to enjoy your retirement. You do drugs, alcohol, you party, you get ready for high school. You go to grade school, you become a kid, you play, you have no responsibilities, you become a little baby, you go back into the womb, you spend your last nine months warm, happy, and floating...you finish off as an orgasm.


To me, boxing is like a ballet, except there's no music, no choreography, and the dancers hit each other.



Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own.




Sports Friday with Hal: St. Paddy Signed by Oakland
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Happy Friday, Gabbers!  Been knee-deep in NFL football free agency through ESPN, NFL Network, Twitter, Facebook, sports talk radio, etc all week since free agency kicked off and it is simply exhausting.  Crazy rumors, failed physicals, releases, contract re-workings, fake Twitter signings, agents using “NFL Insiders” to drive up client values, visits, and more all in the first few days. It’s exhausting.


Of course, there is NBA basketball (the Celtics keep losing, Rajon Rondo seems to be trying to finagle a trade, and ping-pong balls keep piling up), NCAA tourneys (too many teams to follow them all but the March Madness is nearing invasion time), NHL hockey (The Bruins finally woke up and are challenging Pittsburgh), and Spring Training MLB baseball (Xander Bogaerts watch is in full effect in Boston).


Still, in New England the news is all about the New England Patriots making a splash in free agency and signing all-world cornerback Darrelle Revis. Revis now is playing for the coach he referred to as “a jerk” not too long ago. That should make for some fun in the locker room. That said, what a coup for the Patriots.  This is the type of signing that seemingly NEVER happens with the Patriots...its the trade for the “value” player coming off a down season, not the best player at his position at a premium price. Did losing the AFC Championship Game two years in a row wake up the Patriots front office? Stay tuned.


The NFL free agency was all about the cornerbacks as ridiculous money was thrown around. And the offensive linemen cashed in early in free agency as well.  It was the running backs and wide receivers who have been slow to come off the board. Like the NFL draft, the teams are prioritizing the trenches on both sides of the ball and pass coverage players. Like the shortage of running backs, quarterbacks, and wide receivers coming off the board early, the league is leaning that way with free agency as well.


Speaking or Revis and cornerbacks, what was with cornerback Alterraun Verner. With all the mad money tossed around, he signed with Tampa Bay for $14 million guaranteed and only 4 years for $25.5 million.  For the second best cornerback who is both young and without a lot of miles on his legs to take such a weak contract. The Bucs also loaded up with tackle Anthony Collins, defensive tackle Clinton McDonald, defensive end Michael Johnson, tight end Brandon Myers, and quarterback Josh McCown. New coach Lovie Smith is certainly getting every player he asks for in free agency.


The Philadelphia Eagles made the best trade, as they snagged running back Darren Sproles from the New Orleans Saints. What a fit for Chip Kelly’s offense! The Eagles got him for nothing...well, technically a fifth round draft pick. Not even their draft pick. The draft pick they got from New England for the useless defensive tackle Isaac Sopoaga. Now that is some shrewd maneuvering by the Eagles.


The Denver Broncos have bounced back from their Super Bowl loss with a binge of epic proportions in free agency. Ex-Cowboy DE Demarcus Ware, ex-Patriot CB Aqib Talib, and ex-Brown S TJ Ward all joined Denver on day one. However, they did lose WR Eric Decker (an underrated loss) and G Zane Beadles (another underrated loss).


Speaking of binging, this weekend is St. Patrick’s Day weekend, which in the Boston area translates as: “All College students in Boston drink more than usual”. Actually, it is a big holiday for me.  Despite marrying a fine lass whose last name was O’Shaughnnessey, my Scottish/Polish heritage did not have many Irish holidays being celebrated. Fortunately, my best friend since kindergarten is a fine Irish lad (Irish both sides as he proudly proclaims) so since high school I have been fortunate to celebrate the holiday with their family.


The St. Patricks Day holiday to me is the signal of spring, as baseball nears opening day and the weather finally turns from this horrendous winter to spring and all its trappings. Spring training is such a great time with so many teams optimistic about the coming season. From Arizona and Florida come so many reports of twisted ankles, elbow soreness, and--of course--the dreaded “best shape of his life” reports.


The great stories of spring are rolling in and one of my favorite is that reports and whispers are that shortstop Stephen Drew is indicating to teammates that he regrets turning down a $14 million qualifying offer from the Red Sox this off-season. Which makes sense since no one has made the type of offer his agent, Scott Boras, seemed to anticipate.


OK, on that happy note, I’m done for the week. Thanks as always for stopping by and have a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day weekend!

Storminnorman's Sports Blog 3-14
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Hello Gabbers, this is going to be a different type of blog for me this week as I was at the local quick mart grabbing a soda and some smokes for the wife when this caught my eye in the Detroit Free Press "Bad Weather; Golden Deal. NFL free agency started a few days back, and apparently it was good for the Lions that the weather turned crappy Wednesday, because they were able to land Golden Tate to replace Nate Burleson at Wide Receiver. As you know by now, free agency in any of the professional sports is all about the money......

It seemed kind of weird that the Cowboy's let their all-time sack leader in DeMarcus Ware go yesterday and within minutes it seemed he signed with Denver. The Denver defense should benefit greatly from his signing, even though their defense wasn't exactly the reason why Seattle stomped them into the ground during the Super Bowl.....

Tate received 5-years and $31 million, with $13.25 in guaranteed money, Not bad as long as he stays healthy, and helps take some of the heat of of Calvin Johnson.

Ware received 3-years $30 million from the Broncos, not bad for a guy who was hurt last year. I actually feel he is one person who actually deserves his money, after all he was the Cowboys all-time leading sack leader with 117 sacks.

Guess the Beezer's team is going to draft a quarterback with their first choice in the draft in April, as they released both Brandon Wheedon and Jason Campbell. Sorry Beeze another quarterback has bit the dust in the Browns organization.

The Bucs cut Darrelle Revis, god I hope the Lions don't try to sign him.

Tampa signed Josh McCown

​John Beason, Josh Brown and Stevie Brown all decided to stay with the Giants, while they waived LB Marcus Dowtin.

Chris Williams left St. Louis and signed a 4-year deal to play in Buffalo

The Cowboy's also cut WR Miles Austin

The Lions signed RB Joique Bell tp a 3-year deal for around $16 million.

And as always Ndamukong Suh is being selfish by not wanting to renegotiate his contract to free up cap space in order to sign free agents. But if his contract voids, they can still tag him as a franchise player and keep him in Detroit.,,,,, And now for some positive news.......

Brent Musburger and Jesse Palmer are done as ESPN's lead prime time NCAA pair being replaced by Rece Davis and Chris Fowler, why? I would rather listen to Brent, then Rece or Chris. Musburger and Palmer are heading towards their new SEC network........

I thought before I closed I would recognize someone from a place you wouldn't think of in Michigan to breed "Miss Basketball." 

Lexi Gussert a Senior from Crystal Falls Forest Park, located in the UP. They are heading to East Lansing to play Athens Thursday night, for a shot at the Class D Girls State Championship on Saturday. Lexi averaged 29.4 points per game and has the state record for 3-point shots made in a season Tuesday at 101. She joins Krista Clement (2003) of St. Ignace as the only other U.P. player to be named Miss Basketball. Hat's off to Lexi, as she has signed a letter of intent to play at Michigan State next season......

March Madness is getting ready to start next week, and along with whatever else Sully wants to talk about next week, he will have a full plate to choose from. It's just kind of odd to see that none of the writers had the balls to pick Michigan or Michigan St to win the Big 10 Tournament. They either pick Indiana to upset Michigan Friday, but as I am typing this blog they are having trouble with Illinois, or Wisconsin to take down MSU and head off to win the Big 10 Tournament. No biggie for either Michigan or Michigan St., they should be seeded rather high in their brackets come Sunday night anyway.

As baseball season approaches, how are your teams doing? Mine finally woke up against the Cardinals and slapped 17 runs against them without Martinez, Kinsler, Hunter and a few others. Then they hit Kuroda and the Yanks for 7 yesterday. I really like the signing of Davis, and if he hits well out of the lead off spot Andy Dirks may be a forgone memory in Detroit. A shout out to Jeff, How is Blake doing.

Well that's all I have for you today, and good luck to all in our upcoming Gab draft. Thank you Sully for setting it up, look forward to competing with all who joined....





Talking Sports
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Crazy Crazy Sunday it was little league tryouts at the High School Gym and the towns basketball leagues Pizza Party. Several guys are on both boards and coach in both so there was a lot of running back and forth with set ups clean ups and evaluations. Lil Lanz had to try out at 8:30 so I whiched than went over to the civic center help se up for a pizza party for 800 kids in two sessions and back to the gym to evaluate players for my senior league Red Sox team which are 13,14,15,and 16 year olds. I noticed I was a little late for all of it. I forget to set my watch a head. I still made it. Just a crazy day.

We are in the deldroums of sports purgatory sure the NFL is going wild with free  agent signings I mean the Denver Broncos are going wild with signings. It looks like John Elway is going for gold now. I think he recognizes Peyton has a short life span and it’s time to win. The Broncos were hurting on defense but that just got a whole lot better with giving Aquim Talib 6 years and 57 million and then getting Demarcus Murray. On Offense the may loose both Decker and Moreno but there are plenty of guys to fill those roles. Denver is taking a win now approach and I like it.

The Patriots will need some major help in the secondary and a pass rusher. It didn;t take long for them to replaceTalib withDarelle Revis signed a 1 year deal for 12 million dollars . This will help greatly Revis needs to pass his physical but they sepped up from Talib and if they cut or restructure Vince Wilfork. I’m hoping Wilfork is willing to restructure his contract. Wilfork is still one of the better no se tackles in the league even at less than 100%. The Patriots also need some weapons around Brady a Tight end and a tall quick receiver. It looks like Danny Amendola is going to stick around and Julian Edelman is testing the market but may return or may not.


Francesco Rodriguez took the cactus league one step further after stepping on cactus barefoot. He will miss a couple of spring training starts. Lucky for Francesco there are only lil cactuses on peoples desks in Milwakuee.


Rich Paverily of Dallas Stars collapsed on the bench Monday. Paverly who has had some heart problems was ok but is out for the season and maybe for ever, Just hit a little to close to Reggie Lewis. Paverly will play it smart I hope

Some sad news from the OHL Saginaw Spirits minor league Hockey Team they cut 20 Year Old Terry Trafford om March3rd. He disappeared for 8 days before Michigan State Police found his body on  Tuesday. A very sad and tragic story condolences to his family.

Lil Warriors Report

Last weekend the boys were off this weekend starting tonight lil Lanz has a regular league game . They play in a non league tourney for the weekend at least 3 games. They have 2 regular season games left after tonight all in all they have played 50 games and have had over 100 practices since September

They are currently in 4th place but have the most wins and ties in the conference


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