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More Hard Knocks For Jets?
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While you know who talks about why he doesn’t think he’ll ever be an NFL starting QB his new team, the New York Jets quite possibly are looking at a second straight season of HBO’s Hard Knocks. As Jets owner Woody Johnson put it, “we had a formal invitation that we can respond too, not an informal one”.

Now it’s wasn’t the spectacular coverage of a bunch of brainiacs that is getting them a second nod, we all know what’s going on here. We’ve all had our fair share of Rex Ryan and since he’s never seen a microphone or a camera he didn’t like we don’t need a 5 episode show to get his opinion on anything to do with football, snack food or feet for that matter. It’s about TEBOW and how he’ll overshadow Mark Sanchez at camp regardless of the role he’ll actually play on this team. I think we can all agree Mark Sanchez is about as mediocre a QB as you can have and adding Tebow to the mix gives the Jets another mediocre option, but what I really want to know is, WHY in the world would a team that is coming off the season they just did want this type of distraction at camp? For a team that just finished an awful year I’d think the most important thing on their minds would be righting the ship that clearly sank and fell apart while doing so, on and off the field.

But this is the Jets, and it’s New York and yes Rex Ryan will undoubtedly have a lot to say about whether this happens or not and for that reason alone I believe if he ok’s this again he will demonstrate just how piss poor he is when it comes to doing what’s best for the team he coaches. Anyone dealing with the woes the Jets did this past season would have to be out of their fucking mind to allow camera crews follow their every move while attempting to regain a playoff caliber team. When cameras are rolling there’s a lot of horse play, everyone mugs for their few minutes of face time and of course we get gems like this:


If the Jets aren’t interested in putting last season behind them and focusing on nothing but football then just remember where you read it when they don’t make the playoffs or choke because it’ll all come down to what their priorities were, show time rather than to show up for football season prepared. 

Deep Thoughts
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Well we are rolling through another week, but I will slow the clock momentarily for a few deep thoughts. I swear that it seems that the days just don't last as long as they used to. It seemed that we were just talking about high school football beginning and now we enter the winter of the NFL season. I try to grasp each day now as I feel very helpless in how quickly time goes. Before I had kids, time did not seem so obvious. Now, time is measured by graduations of some kind or another. Rather than brood over an uncontrollable force, I suppose we should celebrate each transition. It has been said that time waits for no man, and I guess that is true. So what the hell, you might as well have fun rollin...



Tina Turner certainly knows how to roll! A student in my father's high school band played sax with Ike and Tina Turner for several years. He said Tina Turner was a wonderful person and a true professional. I am not sure how old she is now, but she has amazing energy.








I know my Patriot friends are really bummed at the moment and angry at the outcome of last week's game. How can a oaf like Rex Ryan slide one by Coach Bill? In reality, I guess we all should have realized that the Pats overachieved a bit this year, with a very young defense and a cast of offensive smurfs. Ryan used the December loss to elevate the play of his entire team. This was the game that Randy Moss would have come in very handy...or Mike Wallace. Next week the Steelers will show the Jets how champions win. The good news for New England is that they that will be back and better next year...the bad news is that it will be much sooner than we expect. The other good news is that the Celtics are in full swing and the Red Sox will be headed out for spring training in a few weeks.



Here is a hilarious story that I had to comment on. This is an article from the New Orleans Times-Picayune:


"Either The New Orleans Times-Picayune was trying to translate some unprintable Rex Ryan trash-talk or someone forgot to change the dummy text in the headline on the inside jump from the front-page, Jets-Patriots game story:  

If you had told me the second line was about an Icelandic volcano,  I'd have believed it. This is what you get when you write a Jets-Patriots headline that isn't a pun involving Rex Ryan and feet.

Although I do think most Patriots fans would agree that the game was "barllskdjf fkdasd." 








With the negatives of the past week, I was pleased to read about Gil Meche. Here is a yahoo account of Meche's retirement from baseball:

"Royals pitcher Gil Meche retired on Tuesday at age 32, walking away from a $12 million salary rather than face shoulder surgery that could have ended his season before it ever started.

Meche signed a $55 million, five-year deal with Kansas City as a free agent before the 2007 season. But the right-hander had shoulder problems last year while going 0-5 with a 5.69 ERA.

There was a chance Meche could undergo surgery and come back in the bullpen. There was no guarantee, however, that he would be able to pitch at all in 2011. 

“I didn’t want to go try it again for another season and be the guy making $12 million doing absolutely nothing to help their team,” Meche said. “Yeah, a lot of people might think I’m crazy for not trying to play and making this amount of money. I don’t think I’m ever going to regret it.”

Meche’s decision drew a predictable reaction from some of his friends.

I told a lot of people, the first comment when they heard this come from my mouth was, `$12 million,”’ he said. “My first reaction is I’m not a guy who’s going to sit here and play baseball for the money. I know you hear a lot of athletes say, `It’s not for the money, it’s not for the money. ’ Actually, it wasn’t.

And hopefully this does show a lot of guys do feel the same as I do. Yeah, I’ve made a lot of money in my career and I know I’m financially good. My kids are good. That’s comforting for me. I’m not a guy who’s going to go and blow money. The money wasn’t ever, ever a factor in my decision. ” 

It has been said that everyone has their price...not Meche. Here is a guy that has ethics. I cannot describe how refreshing it was to read this article today. Hooray for Gil Meche!!



So here is a question for you. Let's suppose that you have a kid that is drafted to play professional baseball, but also has scholarship offers to attend college and play baseball. The kid is a capable student but has dreamed of playing baseball. As a parent, do you steer him to college? Would it matter where he was drafted? College is different for everyone, but is an important part of growing.





Mike Singletary has agreed to join Leslie Frasier in Minnesota as the LB's coach and assistant head coach. I really like Singletary and hope that this gig goes well for him. Mike may have been moved to quickly to the head job at San Francisco. Perhaps with a bit more seasoning, Singletary will become a successful head man one day. I do know that he will be bring intensity to the Vikings.



That's all I have for this week. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a comment on your way out.


I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handy:


"I bet a funny thing about driving a car off a cliff is, while you're in midair, you still hit those brakes."

"When I die, I want to go peacefully like my Grandfather did, in his sleep -- not screaming, like the passengers in his car."





Massage Therapists Sue Favre,Jets Over Texts
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NEW YORK (AP) — Two massage therapists sued Brett Favre on Monday, saying they lost their part-time jobs with the New York Jets after complaining about sexually suggestive text messages from the veteran quarterback.

Claiming they were subjected to sexual harassment and job discrimination, Christina Scavo and Shannon O'Toole are seeking unspecified damages from Favre, the Jets and a Jets massage coordinator.

While the women don't say they received any messages directly from Favre, he referred to Scavo in a message proposing a meeting with her and a third, unidentified massage therapist, the lawsuit says.

``Kinda lonely tonight,'' he added in a subsequent message to the third masseuse, the lawsuit said. ``I guess I have bad intentions.''

The team declined to comment. Favre's agent didn't immediately return a telephone message.

The lawsuit comes five days after the NFL fined Favre $50,000 for not being forthright in an investigation into allegations that he sent lewd text messages and photos to former Jets game hostess Jenn Sterger when they both worked for the team in 2008.

The league's investigation went on for months as the three-time MVP staggered through his 20th NFL season, fighting injuries as he led Minnesota in a disappointing season. Favre's consecutive starts streak was eventually snapped at 297 in December and he sat out the Vikings' final game, a loss to Detroit on Sunday. Afterward he said he's retiring - for good, this time.

The NFL also reviewed media reports that Favre pursued two massage therapists who worked at the Jets' facility in 2008, but the league said that claim could not be substantiated because people with ``potentially relevant information'' wouldn't cooperate with investigators. O'Toole's and Scavo's lawyer, David Jaroslawicz, said he told investigators about the information his clients had.

The two women worked for years at the Jets training camp and for various players individually, sometimes giving massages at players' homes, according to the lawsuit. O'Toole brought Scavo into the Jets fold, Jaroslawicz said.

After Scavo and an unidentified colleague gave massages at the training camp in 2008, Favre sent the colleague a text message saying, ``Brett here you and crissy want to get together I'm all alone,'' the lawsuit said.

Jaroslawicz declined to identify the massage therapist who allegedly received the messages.

Scavo told her husband, Joseph, about the messages. He promptly told Favre to back off and apologize, according to the lawsuit.

The husband got a brush-off from Favre, and his wife and O'Toole got blackballed by the team, the lawsuit says.

The Jets stopped calling the women for work, initially offering such excuses as having moved the training camp, Jaroslawicz said.

After the allegations about Favre chasing Jets masseuses surfaced in media reports, the team's massage coordinator, Lisa Ripi, sent Scavo a series of e-mails referring to Favre as ``a pervert'' but ripping Scavo for not having keeping the matter quiet, the lawsuit says.

``There are ways to handle things in a professional manner and ways to be compensated not in public. ... All this nonsense is unnecessary,'' Ripi wrote, according to the lawsuit. ``For sure feel horrible that u had to go thru that w a pervert. ... He was wrong on all counts...and we cldve helped u a lot more at that time.''

Meanwhile, Ripi told O'Toole to ``keep your mouth shut'' and declared that neither O'Toole nor Scavo would ever work for the team again, the lawsuit says.

Jaroslawicz said his clients had held off on suing while awaiting the results of the NFL investigation, but they decided to go ahead after the probe ended in what they saw as a token fine.

Allegations about Favre's below-the-belt behavior initially surfaced on the website Deadspin, which posted a video Oct. 7 that included text messages and voicemails allegedly left by Favre for Sterger, including one in which he allegedly invites her to his hotel.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell determined that Favre was ``not candid in several respects during the investigation'' but ``could not conclude'' that Favre violated the league's personal conduct policy based on the evidence he had, the league said in a statement Wednesday announcing the fine. Forensic analysis failed to establish that Favre sent the objectionable photographs to Sterger, the league said.

``Clearly, (the massage therapists) were just as dissatisfied with the NFL's decision as we were. Or lack of a decision, for that matter,'' Sterger's lawyer, Joseph Conway, said Monday. He wouldn't say whether Sterger was also planning a lawsuit.

Favre has consistently refused to answer reporters' questions about the allegations.

While being buffeted by questions about his behavior, Favre also has been battered by injuries to his ankle, chin, ribs, back, head and throwing shoulder - the one that forced the famously hardy 41-year-old quarterback to miss a start, against the Giants on Dec. 13.

He sat out Minnesota's loss to the Lions on Sunday because of a concussion and said the game would be his last. Fans have heard that before, however - he also retired in 2008 with the Green Bay Packers and 2009 with the Jets, only to return both times.


Associated Press sports writers Dennis Waszak Jr. in New York and Jon Krawczynski in Minneapolis, and Associated Press researcher Barbara Sambriski, contributed to this report.

Deep Thoughts
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Hello again and welcome to another chance to discuss a few deep thoughts. Believe it or not, this year is quickly winding down. We are entering the time of year that a former college professor of mine called the "Holiday Daze". After spending a couple of hours driving tonight, I was again reminded how much I dislike holiday traffic. People seem to lose their bearings this time of year and it is truly an adventure each time we hit the streets. As trying as the holiday season can be, at least we are able to enjoy bowl games and the NFL playoffs.

I listened to a show earlier today discussing which 5 bowl games will be the most interesting to watch. Since the Longhorns did not qualify for a bowl game this year, I have been somewhat reticent in looking at the bowl match-ups this year. I figured what the hell, why not take a look and see what five games I really want to watch this year.

5. Armed Forces Bowl- SMU vs Army

I picked this bowl because I spent two years at SMU in the late 70's. I was reminded of the wild times in the SWC  this week in the ESPN special entitled Pony Excess. I was in the Mustang Band and was very much caught up in Mustang Mania. I have to admit that the two years I spent in Dallas were probably as much fun as I have ever had. I did not realize it at the time, but what I experienced was completely unique. After establishing a power house team, SMU was forced to vacate the sport completely. It is cool to see June Jones come in and get the Ponies back to a bowl game. If you have not seen this special on ESPN, I highly recommend it...


4. Outback Bowl- Florida vs Penn State

I find this bowl of interest as Florida just left Austin with WIll Muschamp as their new head coach. It is also interesting as Florida's DC is reportedly coming to Austin to replace Muschamp. I also heard a snippet of a radio interview with Joe Paterno. Coach Paterno is a living legend, but it is really bad radio to try to interview someone that does not hear very well. What a brutal bit of radio. It is amazing to me that Paterno is still able to successfully coach at his age.  Give em hell Joe!


3. Capital One Bowl- Alabama vs Michigan State

I have a buddy in Austin that is a big Spartan fan, so I will watch this game and pull Sparty to beat up on Roll Tide. Plus, with the health issues of State's coach this year, it is easy to pull for the Green and White.


2. Rose Bowl- Wisconsin vs TCU

I know that Wisconsin is a very good team, so this will be a true test for TCU. There is much riding on this match up as, many will be hoping for the Horned Frogs to fail. The BCS boys are all in. To have TCU win would be another piece of evidence that parity truly exists in college football. This will be a very interesting game. TCU has a bad ass defense and Wisconsin has proven to be a very powerful team. I have a hunch that TCU is for real...


1. Fiesta Bowl- Connecticut vs Oklahoma

If this game is not over by the end of the first quarter I will be surprised. How the hell can the BCS have Connecticut in this game? I hope that this is a rout of epic proportion. I have nothing against Connecticut, but it is simply ridiculous that these teams are playing. 


So what about Auburn and Oregon? Really, I could care less. When is this game again? Is it on Ground Hog day? I will probably watch some of the game, but honestly I just don't care any more.  Let me know when there is a playoff.



Big Ten news flash>>> After months of work and thousands of dollars, here is what the "professionals" came up with to name the new divisions of the Big Ten: Leaders and Legends. Really?? It sounds more like a sports bar to me! For $25, I would have given them East and West...but I guess that would be too simple.






The Jets have had a very interesting year. Here is a bit of a Yahoo article that I read today:


"The Jets made a big deal about how they wanted to portray a different image when they hired coach Rex Ryan. The idea was to be more out front and vocal. That’s fine, but in less than a calendar year, the team has had to deal with Ryan making back-page headlines by flipping off a drunk fan, Ryan receiving criticism for his over-the-top swearing on HBO’s “Hard Knocks,” players bringing cheeseburgers to practice, the brewing controversy over players leering at a female reporter and questions regarding the Brett Farve- Sterger mess. Now strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi has been suspended for being an utter idiot by tripping a Dolphins player. In other words, the Jets could use a serious injection of common sense."

I read another article that featured an interesting quote from Zach Thomas. When I read this I initially thought that is was funny and just a bit too much to believe...but who knows? Here is the quote from Thomas:

Retired Miami Dolphins linebacker Zach Thomas has accused the New York Jets of intentionally forming a human wall on the sideline area to get in the way of Miami Dolphins cornerbackc Nolan Carroll, who was intentionally tripped by Jets strength coach Sal Alosi.

"They had to be ordered to stand there because they're foot to foot," Thomas wold WQAM radio in South Florida, per ESPN New York. "There's four of them, side to side—five of them, I mean—on the edge of the coach's zone. They're only out there to restrict the space of the gunner.

"But there's more to it because I'm telling you, the only thing [Alosi] did wrong was intentionally put that knee out there. If he just stood there, there would never have been a problem, even if the guy got tripped. But there's more to this. He was ordered to stand there. No one is foot to foot on the sideline in the coach's box."

Per the report, the Jets have made it a habit to use sideline people to get in the way of the gunners.

"Something is fishy," an NFL executive told ESPN New York.

 Alosi was suspended for the remainder of this year and fined $25,000.




The Jets are on the right path, but is Sanchez the right QB to lead them? Will Sanchez eventually become a seasoned leader? Was Pete Carroll right? Would another year of college have provided Sanchez the seasoning that he needed to be successful in the NFL? I do not know the answers to these questions, but watching Sanchez the past two weeks was difficult. I understand the loss to New England, but the Miami game was just brutal. I will say this for Sanchez, he is not afraid. But as I learned many years ago, just because you are not afraid, does not mean that you don't get an ass whooping. Sanchez may or may not be the answer, but I know that Ryan does not have many options. Everyone that thinks Mark Brunell should start this week, please raise their hand. Yeah, that's what I thought.  The Jets do not have much time for a young QB to learn how to win. The Jets have a Super Bowl focus, but will not reach their goal until they have someone behind center that can make plays. The clock is ticking for Rex Ryan...





Here is another Behind Enemy Lines featuring the two crazy guys:http://behindenemylines.yahoo.com/
 I got a real laugh out of this and hope you enjoy as well. Go the the second clip after you follow the link...Buck the Chiefs. It is hysterical.








I know what most of you think about Brett Favre, but I could not ignore the consecutive game streak coming to an end. It is my belief that Favre is done. Look at the picture of Favre's right hand, it is purple. There are many things that have been written about Favre, I thought that this author completely nailed how I feel:

"Favre may be melodramatic and self-absorbed and like to set things in motion so he can ride in on his white horse and save the day. But, all that aside, he's still one tough guy. 

After the game, Favre talked about whether he'll get back on the field this season. "I won't play again if I can't feel my hand,"he said "I think it would be foolish to even consider playing if you don't have total feeling in five fingers."

Finally. The first good decision Brett Favre's made in a long, long time."


Good, bad or indifferent...297 consecutive NFL games is freaking amazing.




I will finish with just a few thoughts regarding baseball. I was not surprised that Cliff Lee did not sign with the Texas Rangers, but  does anyone else find it odd that Lee would sign with a team that traded him to Seattle. I remember the interview after Lee found out he had been traded and he seemed very hurt that the Phillies did not offer him a contract. So, he took less money for less time to play again for the Phillies? Strange

Cliff Lee was not the only left handed pitcher that was signed this week. My Astros went out and made a splash by signing Ryan Rowland-Smith. Wow, thanks Ed Wade! Here is what Smith did last year:

Rowland-Smith, 27, went 1-10 with a 6.75 ERA (83ER/109.1IP) in 27 games for Seattle in 2010, including a career-high 20 starts. He posted a 4.97 ERA (30ER/54.1IP) in 13 games, nine starts, at home last season and was 1-2 with a 4.41 ERA (8ER/16.1IP) in four games, three starts, against the National League. 

If Smith's ERA was 6.75 in Seattle, I shudder to think what it will be pitching at Minute Maid Park.





Now I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handy:

"I bet one legend that keeps recurring throughout history, in every culture, is the story of Popeye."

"When you go in for a job interview, I think a good thing to ask is if they ever press charges."



Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a comment or a few deep thoughts...

Monday Moaning Interrupted...STORK ALERT
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I'm filling in on an emergency basis for Beeze, he emailed me and told me the Mrs. might be ready to deliver any minute so he had to get his game face on...he'll keep me posted, so when I know you'll know!
On with the show...
What can only be described as a snow bowl in Chi-Town, with temperatures lingering in the low 20's and wind howling, the New England Patriots blew into Soldier Field to play a tough Bears team - well tough up until yesterday. By the time it got to halftime this contest was over, at least it was here in Atlanta when network television switched the broadcast to the Fish-Props game, that's when you know it's really over when network TV pulls the plug. I wasn't pleased, regardless of how much an ass-whoppin' the Pats put on I wanted to watch the entire game. Thanks CBS for ruining my afternoon of football, but thank God for RedZone. I'm digging RedZone, I can sit and watch an entire Sunday's worth of games and never touch the remote, follow my fantasy guys, see all the big plays as they happen...nice concept. Let's see how much they jack the price next year from the current $5 a month. Actually I thought I would lose it after the first few weeks of the season trial offer but when I called Comcast they told me it was part of my sports package...very nice.
Anyway, I was bit concerned going into this game, not because I didn't think New England could win, just that Soldier Field in a blizzard isn't usually favorable to the visitors, but then again the Pats don't play in a Dome, as Beeze said, Dome's are for pussies, but I sure thought the Bears would give them a challenge. Tom Brady as expected used his wide receivers getting everyone involved, the defense played solid all day, the running game was effective, the Pats were running on all 8 cylinders and never let off the gas and became the first team to qualify for post-season play. Brady's numbers in this blowout, 27 of 40 for 369 yds and 2 TD's. If this isn't doesn't help wrap up an MVP nod for Brady there's something seriously wrong. Next up the Packers in Foxboro.
Speaking of the Packers, GB had a chance to tie in the standings with Bears but ran into a buzz saw at Ford Field as the Lions knocked Aaron Rodgers out of the game when Rodgers took a hit running for a first down and not sliding instead was tackled and bounced his head off the field and saw butterflies. In came Matt Flynn and all I can say is in the offseason GB would be smart if it looked for a backup, this kid sucked, and bad. The Packers lose to Detroit in a snoozer, 7-3. We'll have to wait and see if Rodgers is able to get back for the big game against the Patriots, and for their sake he'd better.
As I mentioned above the Jets played the Dolphins at home looking to redeem themselves after being trounced by the Pats on MNF...let's just say this didn't work out too well for the Little Props that can't, in fact in three weeks NY has only scored one TD and 19 points total, not exactly Super Bowl caliber football. Rex Ryan had stated he was about to pull Mark Sanchez from the game. Okay, he was thinking about it, at what point do you actually do it? Here's the stats on Sanchez in these 3 games; 50/105, 1 TD, 5 INT's and sacked 9 times...it might be a good idea if Mark Brunell takes some snaps this week, with the schedule NY has coming up at Pittsburgh, at Chicago then close with the Bills things won't be getting easier for them.
It's not out the realm of possibilities that the Props get eliminated from the playoffs by the end of the regular season, even if they get in, at the rate they're going they'll get knocked out in the first round, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, I'll say they just don't make the playoffs. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Rex! Maybe it'll be what NY needs, to be humbled, maybe it teaches them like the Cowboys that you need to play the games not put some notion in your teams head that they're the team that will compete in the Super Bowl for the Lombardi trophy, save that for after you clinch the AFC title game, not during training camp while mugging for the cameras filming Hard Knocks.
Good Luck Beeze!
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