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ScottJax asks the question no one in the media has asked, or said about Tim Tebow. Will his words cause controversy?? Old Players in the NBA?? WrestleMania hits Random Thoughts?? Brooklyn Nets?? All this and more in this weeks edition of….

Wow, I never thought I get Jacksonville’s own, Tim Tebow, “Tebowing” for me. Thanks Tim. By the way, my son goes to the same Church as Tim and has talked to him on many occasions. He is a nice fellow and when it comes to his “faith” he is the real deal.

The provocative question is later on in the blog



Okay Gabbers. ScottJax has posted his annual WrestleMania predications. They can viewed here:


Please feel free to give me who you think will win each match.


How would you like to be left out of a game because your old? Well it happen to Tim Duncan. The Spurs were playing their third game in three nights and they gave him the night off. So the official scorer listed Duncan as DND (Did Not Dress) - Old.


A column by Peter Veceey, who says its from multiple sources, is saying that the Nets are targeting Kevin Garnett (restricted free agent), Ryan Anderson (restricted free agent and a player the Nets drafted and then traded away) and Ersan Ilyasova (unrestricted free agent), while renouncing the rights to Kris Humphries. The Nets are saying they want a stronger rebounded to play alongside Brook Lopez.

While Kris Humphries (27 years old) has never been a scoring machine, nor rebounded, since he has been a Net he is averaging a double-double. How many NBA players can say that? He averages 11.9 points a game and 11 rebounds a game. Garnett is on the downside of his career, this year is averaging 15.3 points and 8.3 rebounds. He turns 36 in May. Anderson is 23 years old and is averaging 10.1 points per game and 5.1 rebounds per game and Ilyasova is 24 years old and is averaging 9.4 points per game and 5.8 rebounds per game.

Any of these players better rebounders than Kris Humphries???

Got to get rid of Billy King, he is going to kill the Nets.

Oh no the trading for Tim Tebow was not a publicity stunt. Then how come the team is had a press conference to introduce a back-up quarterback. There was no coach, owner or players at the conference. Yep they really, really want him.

Jet’s are just starved for attention.


Here is the question that no one, that I have heard or read has mentioned:

An honest question deserves an honest answer

If Tim Tebow was any religion other than a Christian, would he have still gotten this same coverage. NOT!!

Frank McCourt buys the Dodgers, the stadium and surrounding area for $430 million in 2004 and yesterday he sells it for $2.15 billion dollars to a group that includes Magic Johnson and Stan Kasten. Mark Walter, Guggenheim Capital (the main source behind the $$$$) chief executive, will be the controlling owner. Kasten will run the team, while magic will also be involved in some of the day-to-day activities and will be looking to woo free agents.

The Johnson group, largely funded by Guggenheim Capital chief executive officer Mark Walter, agreed to purchase the Dodgers, Dodger Stadium and a 50 percent stake in the parking lots surrounding the ballpark from McCourt for $2.15 billion.

After Frank pays off his ex-wife $131 million and some $579 million in debt, he will taken in over $1.5 billion dollars. On top of that he gets to buy the half the parking area of Dodger Stadium and surrounding area for $150 million dollars.

I got to buy me a team!!

Til Next Time


PS. Tebow didn't actually Tebow for me

Random Thoughts
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ScottJax says thanks?? Nets suck?? Manning’s original speech?? New Orleans Saints, Denver/Jets?? All this and more in this weeks edition of…..

Kiss our butts, we got Manning!!


Scott would like to thanks all the gabbers for giving me advise on my retirement and for the warm wishes for my health. Believe me, it made me feel great that I am associated with the best group of bloggers/friends in the world!!


Nets trade a first round pick and two players for Gerald Wallace. You waste a first rounder on a declining player. Why, why do I keep rooting for the Nets.

Come to think of it, why did the Nets make Billy King their GM, he ruined the 76ers.

I hope you all took the time to read Peyton Manning’s original parting of the way speech. If not, here is the link:



I hope you enjoy it.


Well it looks like Peyton signed with the Denver Broncos. The contract, which protects Denver, is as follow:

There is no signing bonus.

Manning will get $18 million guaranteed next season.

Starting in 2013 Peyton must pass a physical before each season to get paid.

For the 2013 and 2014 seasons he will get $20 million.

For the 2015 and 2016 seasons he will get $19 million.

There is an injury waiver in the contract, covering Manning’s neck. If he reinjures the neck during the 2013 season he will not get paid for the 2014 season.


This Pole Vault/Frisbee trick is making the rounds at ESPN. It is number 10 of plays of the day.


I know we have gotten a little political at times, here at the gab, but ponder this???

During the Bush years, it took a barrel of oil to reach $147 for gas here in the States to cost $4 a gallon. Now, today, as to not call out a specific President by name, it takes only $107 a barrel to get to $4 a gallon. Ummm…


Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz, principal Met owners, save themselves financial grief by reaching a deal with a trustee for Bernard Madoff’s fraud victims. The deal saves the owners almost $800 million dollars (they were seeking close to a billion dollars), and basically saves them from having to sell the team. No money has to be paid for at least three years.

Mark Sanchez will now have to look over his shoulders, and not to check his danruff. It will Tebowmania hovering over him. Every time Mark fumbles the ball or throws an interception the fans will be chanting Te-bow, Te-bow. It could get ugly.

NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, slammed the Saints yesterday. Sean Payton, New Orleans Saints head coach, is out for the season without pay, former defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams is indefinitely banned, General Manager Mickey Loomis banned for the first eight regular-season games and assistant coach Joe Vitt is banned for the first six games of the season. The Saints were fined $500,000 and lost their second-round draft pick in 2012 and 2013.

Now that’s sending a message!!

Til Next Time


Rants and Raves
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Melo not listening?? Buck Showalter lets it all hang out?? A-Rod does a good deed?? Do I have anything else to say?? Its here in this edition of Rants and Raves.

Sorry this is a short one. Gearing things up for my annual WrestleMania Party. 16 people will be attending and coordinating who’s bring what is a chore, considering they work during the day and I work at night. Makes for a long day. I hope you all get a chance to read my WrestleMania predictions which I posted Wednesday. Last year I went 7-2. I also would be interested to read who you think will win at this years event from Atlanta, Georgia.

The blog is located at:



Maybe it’s a good thing the Nets didn’t trade for Melo. In a losing effort to Milwaukee this past Saturday, it seemed that Anthony wanted nothing to do with the Knicks bench after a time-out. He stood away while the rest of the players were listening to the coach. Its not like this hasn’t happened to Carmelo before. He very rarely listened to Coach Boeheim while at Syracuse.


What does Buck Showalter have in common with Derek Jeter and the Boston Red Sox? Nothing, Zero, Zilch!! Wow wee, what’s even more surprising is Buck Showalter being aggressive with his mouth. In an article in Men’s Health, Showalter had the following to say about Jeter:

"The first time we went to Yankee Stadium, I screamed at Derek Jeter from the dugout," Showalter said. "Our guys are thinking, 'Wow, he's screaming at Derek Jeter.' Well, he's always jumping back from balls just off the plate. I know how many calls that team gets -- and yes, he [ticks] me off."

And then on the offensive against the Red Sox:

“I'd like to see how smart Theo Epstein is with the Tampa Bay payroll. You got Carl Crawford 'cause you paid more than anyone else, and that's what makes you smarter? That's why I like whipping their butt. It's great, knowing those guys with the $205 million payroll are saying, 'How the hell are they beating us?"

-- Orioles manager Buck Showalter, quoted in Men's Health


You think the Yankees and Red Sox aren’t waiting for the Orioles???


It’s not often that you read about Alex Rodriguez doing a good deed. Its usually because he’s got his foot in his mouth. But, he did the good deed last weekend when he invited Julianne Ramirez, and her family, of Tampa to a Yankee game. A-Rod spoke to the youngster for 25 minutes. Last year, Julianne notice a 3-year-old friend Bella Villa had stopped swimming and was sinking underwater at a pool party. Ramirez rescued Villa from the pool, and having learned CPR in the Girl Scouts, began chest compressions on the youngster. Rodriguez surprised Ramirez with a phone call about 25 minutes before the Yankees played the Pirates. He extended the invitation for a game against Minnesota in Fort Myers. "I have a little surprise for you," Rodriguez told Ramirez from an office phone near the clubhouse. "We would like to invite you to a game tomorrow as our special guest. Would you be interested in coming down and watching us?" Ramirez quickly said "yes" and added "thank you." "We're going to make sure that it's a very, very special day and a day you'll never forget," Rodriguez replied. "We're very proud of you. It's a remarkable story and it's one that I shared with my teammates. I'm inspired by it and can't wait to hear more about it, and really enjoy a great day with you tomorrow." The Yankees and Twins honored Ramirez in a pre-game ceremony at Minnesota's spring training home this past Sunday.


Joined my first fantasy baseball league last week. Had the draft this past Sunday. Got $400 to spend on 26 players. It was interesting trying to bid on players. Didn’t get everyone I wanted but I am happy with my team.

Thanks goodness baseball is here. Today starts the MLB season and my team gets to lead it off on ESPN. Yankees against Tigers. Go Yanks!!

At least baseball will take away the thought of not having the NFL around come August and September. Right??


Pictures by : Derek Jeter - zillow.com, A-Rod - style.popcrunch.com, Buck Showalter - bohsandos.com, Carmelo Anthony (Knicks) - assets.gearlive.com, Boston Red Sox Logo - minot43.homestead.com 


Carmelo Anthony traded to Knicks
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According to ESPN, the Nuggets have traded Anthony to the Knicks along with Chauncey Billups, Shelden Williams, Anthony Carter and Renaldo Balkman. In exchange Denver gets Wilson Chandler, Raymond Felton, Danilo Gallinari, Timofey Mozgov, the Knicks 2014 first-round draft pick, the Warriors 2012 second-round pick, the Warriors 2013 second-round pick and $3 million in cash.

Thats good because as a Net fan, and a Carmelo fan, I didn't want the Nets to give up 4 number one picks and players for Anthony. The Nets can package 2011 picks for the over-all pick if they want and the same for 2012. They will be alright in the future. It will just take time.


Rants and Raves
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Hello everyone. Welcome to another crazy edition. What’s up with UFC?? How about the Nets? You mean the Nets are in this edition?? You stooped that low?? Nah its for a good cause, that’s all. You can read this, and more in this weeks edition of Rants and Raves.

The NBA now wants to cut between $700-$800 million in player costs during the next collective bargaining agreement. The Commissioner, David Stern, also thinks eliminating teams will be on the table as a way to solve the leagues financial woes. He did mention he would prefer to stabilize the smaller markets rather than eliminating teams. There is an expected loss of $300 million this year.

Wow here is something to ponder. Troy Vincent and Adolpho Smith, NFL executives in charge of labor policy and player development, spoke to college players from USC. They stated that over the past 20 years, 15,018 players played in the NFL, but only 631 (4%) played three or more years. The average career length is 3.7 seasons. The key thing is NFL players do not receive benefits unless they put in four years of service with the league.

For those that are interested, OJ Simpson’s conviction on charges of armed robbery and kidnapping stemming from that stupid 2007 heist of sports memorabilia in a Las Vegas hotel room has been upheld. OJ was sentence to 33 years in prison, but can be paroled in 9 years.

New Jersey Nets donated $75,000 to Rutgers player “Eric LeGrand Believe Fund.” Nets’ players, coaches, front office and ownership made the donation in an effort to raise awareness of the injured Rutgers players’ plight. LeGrand was injured in a game against army on October 16th.

Contributions to the fund are not tax deductible and can be made by sending a check payable to the “Eric LeGrand Believe Fund” to:

“Eric LeGrand Believe Fund”
PNC Wealth Management
Attn: Kimberly G. Kingsland, Senior Trust Advisor
One Palmer Square Suite 201
Princeton, NJ 08542

Oh, Oh…Is Brett Favre in trouble with his wife?? It is believed that Brett Favre admitted to the NFL that he did leave voicemails for Jenn Sterger.

Come to think of it, can anyone think of what Brett’s voicemail message to Jenn was??

Coach Jamie Dixon, Pittsburgh Panters was a hero, as he pulled over to help trapped passengers in a car that had turned over against a guard rail on I-279 North near McKnight Road exit. Apparently no one else stopped to help. Dixon helped removed one passenger in the car. Jamie sustained injuries to his hands.


Cain Velasquez beat the hell out of Brock Lesnar. It was over in round 1 at the 4 minute and 12 second mark. For the first 50 seconds both fighters went at it, then Lesnar took it to Cain for a little bit, knocking down Velasquez twice within the first two minutes. Then it was all “Raising Cain” as he punched him with a combination of punches and hammer fists. Lesnar got up but Velasquez would be all over Brock. A couple of combinations from Cain dropped the Lesnar down near the cage. Cain poured it on then, hitting him with everything he had. Referee Herb Dean step in, at 4:12, and saved a bloodied and battered Lesnar from taking on more punishment.

More on Lesnar. The Undertaker was at the match. Lesnar and the Taker had a staredown. Is that leading up to WrestleMania 27???

On a sad note….Paul the Octopus, the soccer predicting tipster, who correctly pick the results for all 7 of Germany’s games plus the finals of the 2010 World Cup died this week of old age.

Pictures courtesy of ESPN College Basketball (Dixon), Patrik Sollarz of Getty Images (Paul the Octopus), Slive.com (Eric LeGrand), and Momlogic.com (OJ Simpson) 


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