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Like a Kick in the Face, Football's Back
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Like a kick to the face, the football season finally got started.  With an hour to go before kickoff, we went food shopping…I’m pretty sure everyone else in the local area was doing the same thing – I’ve never seen the parking lot so full.  We blasted through - $175 worth of groceries – in 35 minutes…and waited in line.  We got home with 1 minute to spare…and Mrs. really appreciated the fact that I left everything on the counter and sat down in front of the TV.

The Patriots played an abomination of a game.  Nothing like pissing away a game – the first game of the season.  THE game everyone’s waiting for.  For a while they looked good, but then…not so much.  I’ll chalk it up to game time heat, but there was something definitely missing here.  Next week, they get to face Matt Cassel, the man who led the Pats to 11-5 in 2008 while Brady recovered from a season ending injury.  Interestingly enough, it was the Chiefs who knocked Brady out for the year, and it was the Chiefs who landed Cassel.  That would bedevil them for the next 4 years – don’t mess with Bill Belichick. 

Another former New England quarterback, Brian Hoyer, brought Cleveland back from a blowout to force Pittsburgh to win their game on a last second field goal.  It’s a shame the Cleveland defense returned to form and allowed that final drive.  Mean while, “Johnny Cleveland” was all “Johnny Bench” (wah wah wah).   Now, that said, Hoyer was showing some promise last year before he was injured – making the firing of Coach Chud very confusing to most people, until you get some flavor of what was going on behind the scenes in Cleveland. 

Josh Gordon, currently sitting at home on suspension, may get a chance to play this year if the NFL and NFLPA can agree on a new drug policy.  Apparently, the front office was concerned enough about him last year that they were looking to trade him – a move that was ixnayed by ownership, but a move that shows what a mess the front office was.  Is it possible that Haslan actually knew what he was doing?

I wonder just how long Dallas can stick with Tony Romo.   This is his 9th season starting.  He has exactly 1 playoff win.   He’s a good QB, I mean a career 95.8 rating is good.  But he’s 63-46, 57%.  Three straight 8-8 seasons.  He’s only good.  I don’t get it.  I’m just glad he’s not my quarterback.

Lots of racism, real and imagined, going on in the sports news this week.  We have Hanna Strong, a Syracuse senior, soccer mid-fielder, and Western MA native,  being suspended and now under investigation for her drunken rant on an undated video,  calling the videographer derogatory terms for both homosexual and African American.  “Don’t record me saying this…” Ooops.  It happened sister.  You don’t actually get to tell people they can’t record you making an ass of yourself.

Next we have Bruce Levenson saying he has too many black people coming to Atlanta Hawks games.  Well, kind of.  What he actually seems to be saying is that he doesn’t have enough affluent people coming to the game, his problem is the way he said it – something he both acknowledged and self-reported to the NBA.  What this really comes down to is that I’m pretty sure he just wanted out of owning the team…or that he was concerned that someone else would out him and he decided to pull the trigger.   A “Zero tolerance policy against racism” apparently includes self-reporting, a really interesting step – I mean who does that?

Rather than leave you on that note, I give you this as a reminder that sports is supposed to be about more than “me, me, me.”  Let’s leave it to this young Red Sox fan to reinforce that message.

O H Thursday
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And now for the oldest trick in the book:

 lookith over there…

Ha…….Madeth thou look!


So endith the trick.


I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned that I hate snow, but just in case you didn’t know

I do hate snow

The sequence of the past 6 days looking out my side door


Pick up a good book to read and expand your horizons without an electronic device…except maybe a light bulb.

Random acts of kindness are good but frequent acts of kindness are better.

Another word to the wise from one of the guys:

Try this featured Beer at Harry’s

…Tuckerman’s Altitude, a fine Sticke Alt. It’s advertised as a beer that has attitude.

This beer from a small brewery in Conway N H called Tuckerman, named after the Ravine of the same name, is perfect for sitting by the fire eating venison sausages smothered in onions and peppers.

    Be careful not to guzzle or this baby will take you down. I generally drink 12 oz. of water before I open my Tuckerman to be sure I’m well hydrated. The full flavor makes this a sipping beer and the 7.3 % alcohol content makes it sneak up on you. It pours out of the bottle about the same color of black coffee but with a frothy head and it goes down just as smooth as silk.

The Altitude is a limited release beer and not always easy to find.

    When you can find it, expect to spend between $13 and $17 a six pack.


Spring is right around the corner


Incognito and Martin

Hazing, bullying and being an ass.


I’m sure all of you have an opinion on the Incognito/Martin situation…believe it or not…I do too.


What bothers me the most about this situation isn’t the bullying and hazing that went on over a period of time but the fact that NOBODY intervened.

OK Maybe Martin and the other two hazed and bullied should have stood up for themselves…who knows why they didn’t. (Beeze has a theory)

But, this happened in plain sight of the rest of the team and coaches and no one intervened!

From my perspective…somebody should have intervened.

I’m can be an intervener…is that a word? It's just in my nature...

What I’m saying is that sometimes I can’t mind my own business and it has gotten me in trouble in the past. This slightly off center nose I sport on my face is the direct result of an intervention several years ago.

I was walking to my car after visiting a friend at a local hospital. I was startled by commotion to my left and then a woman screaming “get away from me, don’t touch me again you ass…get away Sam or I’ll call the police.

In turn the man called Sam grabbed her by the arm and slapped her across the face.

Without much in the way thinking I ran over and grabbed the guy and said leave her along you piece of shit.

He swung a meaty right hand and clubbed me in the face to which… this Irish winger dropped his proverbial gloves and promptly broke Sam’s arm and then returned the broken nose favor he had bestowed on me.

My Dad, who grew up in the tough Dorchester section of Boston during the 30’s and 40’s, always told me sometimes wining a fight means arms need to be broken”.

It’s relatively easy if you know what to do with the bone structure at the wrist where the radius, ulna and the eight carpal bones all come together to form that unique and flexible joint…it bends back and forth with amazing flexibility…but bend it to the side with as much force as you can muster…and then bend it some more…something will pop and the pain will stop most men in their tracks.

This guy went screaming towards the hospital and she looked at me and said,…not thank you sir… but

“who do you think you are…you had no business in this”

The police came, questions were asked, answers were given, witnesses gave statements,

 I was sued.

A couple of months later this guy Sam ended up getting arrested for domestic assault and my case was quickly settled. A few thousand dollars in legal fees and a distinguished nose job later… I know,

Given the same circumstances, I would do the same.

So why…why didn’t one, just one of the Miami Dolphins or coaches intervene.

No excuses should be accepted.

Were they afraid of Incognito? Were they afraid for their jobs or the respect of the room?

Is this the “old boy network”

No excuse will work for me.

Incognito and his accomplices are guilty of the assault…Martin was not up to defending himself

but everyone who saw and heard and did nothing is guilty of being a guilty bystander.

Don’t be a guilty bystander

You may end up in a ditch or getting body slammed by a lowland gorilla….

Thanks for humoring me by reading today and don’t forget to check out my fellow snowed in Bostonian, Lanz over there to the right

Mo's #Unapologetic Round up
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#unapologetic.  I get to go to some sexy places for work.   It’s all quite glamorous.  Some folks jet set to Abu Dhabi, sail off to do some off shore banking.  Me?  I go to Herkimer County, New York.   The good news is that it’s not likely to snow.  The high will be a balmy 21 with a low of 14.  I told you, it’s sexy as hell.

It’s almost as sexy as the new Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.  Now, come clean.  Who wouldn’t want a fine piece of Barbara Millicent Roberts rocking that 1959 vintage swim suit?  Which is just my point here – why would SI team up with Mattel to cross promote Barbie?  Just strikes me as wrong on so many levels.  You're used to seeing Beeze posting shots of swimsuit models - I almost feel like I'm working his side of the street here.

Jeter Retires, No A-Rod to Darken His Sendoff.  Derek Jeter announced this past week that he’s retiring at the end of the season.  $253-Million in career earnings will let a guy in his 30’s call it quits on his own terms.  There’s nothing for him to prove, and he will go out one of the all time great Yankees.  So, why announce so far in advance that 2014 is the end of his career.   He made $17-million to play in 17 games last year, he had a player option for just over $9-Million for this year.  You could argue that in announcing his retirement, he got himself a $12-Million deal for 2014.  He’s made a quarter Billion dollars - $3-Million more isn’t likely to be the answer.

Here’s my guess.  It was only a few weeks ago now that Alex Rodriguez dropped his law suit and agreed to accept the 162-game suspension.   It’s no secret that the two of them really don’t like each other, so perhaps it’s an acknowledgement that he either can’t or doesn’t want to play at the level he has played and since he doesn’t really have to, there’s no reason to play out the string.  With A-Rod out of the picture for this year, he can go out as the leader of this team, without A-Roid obscuring the sunshine.  Rodriguez has another 3 years or so on his deal, so even if Jeter could play he’d be second fiddle to Rodriguez for the rest of his career.  This gets that giant distraction out of the way, and Jeter can lead this team for the last time with everyone bending over backwards to make sure it happens.  That’s why he’s retiring, and that’s why we know about it.  Ryan Dempster, on the other hand, has some "stuff going on," to walk away from $13-Million this year, pitching for the World Champions with a good chance to repeat.  Why bring him up here?  He's probably one of Jeter's favorite Sox players.

Behaving Badly.  The “Wells Report” – the NFL’s investigation of the Miami Dolphins Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin affair – was released Friday.  144 pages, 100-odd interviews and the result is apparently quite clear: Mike Pouncy, John Jerry, and Richie Incognito are just pukes. Pouncy catches my attention for having posed with his brother wearing the “FREE HERNANDEZ” gear.   The players were busy harassing teammates, and the coaching staff were apparently willfully blind to it or in one case an active participant in it. According to the Boston Globe, former Patriot/Steeler/Seahawk Chad Brown said, “Every locker room at every level I’ve been in had hazing, tough jokes, etc., but I’ve never seen anything like the Dolphins stuff.  Reading that stuff is crazy. Not sure how those guys thought that was going to end well.”

Of course Martin played the victim role until he couldn’t any more.  His unwillingness or ability to say something empowered Incognito to continue.  Striking to me is the leaderships refusal to do anything about it.  In any other workplace, there would be all kinds of civil suits.  Consider this for a moment: courts generally apply a rule of thumb that punitive damages can’t exceed $150,000:$1 of actual damages.  Had Martin gone that way (he still could, that clock is still ticking), with a good lawyer he could get himself some big heap punitive damages against the Dolphins, the coaching staff individually, and the NFL.  The only party here that mitigated their exposure was the NFL – they acted quickly to investigate.  The Dolphins were too busy asking Martin to “Man Up.” 

Assuming Incognito will not be with the Dolphins next season, could you imagine a situation in which he’s on a roster with Michael Sam?

 Meanwhile, Sam’s announcement has even affected the CFL – even though he’s not planning to play in Canada.  The CFL has fined a couple of players for making comments about the first openly gay NFL prospect.  Beyond taking that step, the league says it’s entering into a partnership with a gay rights group.  Interesting to me that the CFL is taking such a proactive step. 

Have a great rest of the week!  

Thank you for an enjoyable year fellow Gabbers
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The Marines are coming to save us once again!


I look forward to Christmas with family gatherings mainly with my great in-laws… I love this time of year.

The sky from the Harry residence this past Monday just prior to snow


This is also the winding down of the NFL season, teams are scrambling for their playoff positions in some cases and their playoff lives in others. What seemed almost certain last week… has been turned upside down this week.


Seattle is settled in as the one in the NFC and will get a pair of playoff games at home

Other than that the rest is all up in the air.

New Orleans or Carolina will take the 2nd and fifth seeds but order is TBD.


The Lions had a shot at taking control of the North but couldn’t put Baltimore

(6 FG’s) away. Baltimore couldn’t finish a drive vs Detroit.

 The loss lets Jake (Josh or Jerry) Mc Clown and his Bears back into the picture.

Dallas could have taken control of the East but couldn’t put Matt Flynn’s Packers away and now the Eagles are in the drivers seat.


The 49ers should be able to hold on to a wildcard slot unless Arizona wins out and squeezes in.


The AFC had three of four division leaders losing and opened the door of opportunity to teams we thought dead a few weeks back. The Bronco’s loss opening the door for the Patriots to take control of the 1 seed.

 The Pats responded with a loss to Miami when Tom Brady’s magic without Gronk took the week off. Miami at 8-6 has only the Jets and Bills left and can get to 10-6 and a shot at a playoff spot.


Cincinnati had the North in their hip pocket but got surprised by the Steelers and missed a chance to hop over New England into the two seed. Now they have to try to outlast Baltimore who they must face on the last regular season game. Baltimore 8-6 faces the 10-4 Patriots in Baltimore Sunday at 4:25PM.

Tom Brady has always had his troubles with Baltimore, He is 4-3 since 2007 against the Ravens with a QB rating in the 70’s.

But this is not the same Ravens team that hoisted the Lombardi last February no matter what praises Belichick heaps on them this week.


Kansas City looked strong again when not playing a team named the Broncos and should at least end up with the 5 seed.

As it stands now with the remaining games:


1.  Seattle                         Arizona           Rams

2. New Orleans                Carolina          Bucs

3. Chicago                        Eagles             Packers

4. Eagles                           Bears              Cowboys

5. San Fran                       Falcons           Arizona

6. Carolina                        Saints              Falcons

On the outside looking in

Cardinals                       Seattle                   San Fran

Packers                          Steelers                 Bears

Lions                             Giants                    Vikings

Cowboys                       Redskins                Eagles



1. Denver                       Texans                  Raiders

2. Patriots                       Ravens                  Bills

3. Bengals                       Vikings                 Ravens

4. Colts                           Chiefs                    Jags

5. Chiefs                         Colts                      Chargers

6. Ravens                        Patriots                  Bengals

On the outside looking in

Miami                             Bills                       Jets

Chargers                         Raiders                   Chiefs  


These are the Heisman top three for this year and they probably will go 1-2-3 in the draft. The big question is

which sure fired star does Houston take? 


my money's on Moe Howard, take charge leader with loads of upside!


In the Family fantasy league I was defeated in the finals by 16 points by #3 son Chris

Congrats son…wait till next year!


In the you gab league I’ll be facing Q and her Steel City Dawgs as we battle for that coveted 5th place trophy…good luck Q.

that I heard looks like this:

That’s all for this week, I’ll be on hiatus for the next two weeks with very busy family schedules but I’ll check in from time to time to read the fine facts and opinions put up by my fellow gabbers. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.                

I'm just saying....
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I know it has been a while. Overtime at work, and no let-up in site...


I'm Just Saying.....

There is no way I am paying Robinson Cano $305 million for 10 years. I hope the Yankees learned their lesson with the contracts of A-Rod, Texiera and Sabathia.

I feel that Richie Incognito should be suspended for 8 games without pay, fined $100,000, do 400 hours of community service and sent to anger management school.

Come to think of it, how come no one in the Dolphin locker room came to the aide of Jonathan Martin? There is a major difference between hazing and bullying.

If you have an I-phone and have Siri, ask her who her favorite NFL football team is. Can you tell me what she says????

You have a college quarterback who has won two national championships in his first two years as a starter and he is not ranked as the number one NFL quarterback prospect. Mmmm.

Of all the players Syracuse has sent to the NBA I would never have thought that Michael Carter-Williams would have started off with impressive stuff. 20 points a game. 7.9 assist a game and 5 rebounds a game.

Are the Heat beatable this year? There are some good teams out there.

Will Athletes be effected by Obamacare???

Til Next Time




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