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The circus over in Orlando, maybe not?? Bodemeister?? Umpire’s going wild?? All this and more in this weeks edition of…

Yesterday, Scottjax was coughing up a storm at work. I am usually a very, very talkative person at work, but I wasn’t talking too much yesterday and everyone new I was coming down with something. Well that something is Bronchitis.

Doctor was going to give me one day off, but since I had Saturday off (my weekends are Sunday and Monday) I asked for two additional days off. There is a United States versus Scotland friendly game at Everbank Field and I want to make sure I am good to go.

Here is my take on the college football playoff system. There should be 10 conferences with 12 schools in each conference. Each conference has 2 six team divisions. Then there can be a conference championship. The 10 conference champions play in a playoff and the winner is the national champs. What’s so difficult?

Wow, a MLB umpire suspended. Yep you read that right. Umpire Bob Davidson was suspended for one game for repeated violations of the standards for situation handling. What's that? Did MLB make that up?

Bodemeister might just be the most over-rated horse ever.

So Jonathan Vilma filed a defamation lawsuit against NFL commissioner Roger Goodell claiming he made false statements that tarnished Vilma’s reputation and hindered his ability to earn a living playing football. Really..Really. Opps starting to sound like The Miz.

Saturday Night Live did a skit on their evening news with a take-off on Stephen A. Smith


Is it dangerous to go to a Los Angeles Dodgers game? After Sunday’s game against the Cardinals, a fan was beaten up in a minor fender bender in the parking lot. 4 people were arrested as three of them held the man down while another kicked him in the face and head.

Orlando did what they had to do to make Dwight Howard happy, they fired Stan Van Gundy and parted ways with General Manager Otis Smith.

Now for a shocker. The new GM of the Orlando Magic is…..

Shaquille O'Neal

That is a rumor that just started. The first thing he would do is trade Howard for Andrew Bynum. Shaq is a big fan of Bynum and he feels that Andrew is better than Dwight.

Former West Virginia football coach Bill Stewart died of a heart attack at the age of 59.. He had a record of 28-12 in three seasons with the University. 

Is Lin-sanity over?? It might be for the Knicks. Lin’s agent say there is no guarantee Lin will stay with the Knicks. Jeremy is a restricted free agent this summer.

What’s with all this violence during celebrations? Is it a mandatory thing for someone to get hurt when their team wins? 8 people were hurt after the Thunder beat the Lakers 4 games to 1.

How can you be the NBA Defensive Player of the Year and yet be left off the first-team all-defensive squad?? Tyson Chandler the Defensive Player of the Year was beaten out by Dwight Howard. Tyson was named to the second team. Gee thanks. What a sham.

In case you missed it, Miami Marlins outfielder Giancarlo Stanton’s grand slam homerun broke the scoreboard in left field. In this fan’s you tube clip you can see a bank of lights out.



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Random Thoughts
Category: FEATURED
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ScottJax worried about getting fired?? Nice scenery at Florida‘s Orange and Blue Game?? Blake Griffin getting his way?? All this and more in this weeks edition of…

Random Thoughts

Did Stan have a bad case of Howard??

Okay Gabbers. Who really spilled the beans about Orlando’s coach Stan Van Gundy? Does anyone think that Dwight would go to management and ask for the coach to be fired? Oh yeah, I do. But then I think Howard is doing everything he can, on and off the court, to get the coach fire this season or Stan does not finish his contract which expires at the end of next season. Notice I have ON bigger and badder than the other words. Watch his actions on the court. Yes he has good games, but he can cause the team to lose too with lax play on the court.

This all could have been easily taken care of if the Magic would have traded Howard before the trading deadline. I don’t care who the coach is next year, Dwight will be gone. He will force Orlando to trade him before the trading deadline next year.

Let me just come out for the record and say if something is suppose to be confidential then it should remain that regardless whether a person popped positive on drugs/steroids or on a test score. The person who leaks this information should be suspended and fined.

Now that I got that off my chest…

Players get a free education. The least they can attempt and try to learn something. There is no excuse for any individual to not know how to do basic math and reading.

LSU should be ashamed and embarrassed that their star defensive back, Morris Claiborne, had a 4 on his Wonderlic test.


Is there are rivalry brewing between Kings forward DeMarcus Cousins and Clippers forward Blake Griffin? First the two shoved each other during a recent game, and it looked like Cousins was trying to elbow Griffin. According to Cousins Blake is an “actor.” DeMarcus believes Griffin was faking which caused Cousin a foul. "I guess the wind from my hand hit him in the eye and I guess he got fouled by the wind," Cousins said. "I'm not sure."

And the Academy Award for the best fake of a foul goes to…..drum rolls please…


I posted this before,

This past Saturday I went to the Florida Gator’s annual Orange and Blue game where the 2nd team (Blue) plays against the 1st team (Orange). There wasn’t anything spectacular on the field, all the action was in the stands. This is what I mean:

This is better than anything that could happen on the field, and is the only reason I go with my friends to the Orange and Blue game. I, as a dedicated Syracuse fan root for the Orange team (which, by-the-way, has lost for the past 5 years) while my friends are die-hard Gator fans and are just watching to see who will stand-out for next season.

Is this the price of fame?

Baylor University’s men and women’s basketball programs make receive NCAA sanctions from an investigation that revealed more than 1,200 phone calls and text messages during a 29-month period. Women’s coach Kim Mulkey and her assistants and Men’s coach Scott Drew and his assistants were involved with the calls and texts.

The men's and women's basketball programs at Baylor University are facing possible NCAA sanctions following an investigation that uncovered more than 1,200 impermissible phone calls and text messages during a 29-month span.

The University has already imposed a number of penalties on their own after the results of an NCAA enforcement staff’s probe which began in 2008 with the recruiting of Baylor mega-star Brittney Griner. They include, lost scholarships, and coaches visits to recruits.

It’s ironic that this all is coming out on the heels of Baylor University’s most successful season in college football and basketball, with their teams winning a combined 80 wins (football 10-3, men’s basketball 30 wins and women’s basketball 40-0), the most in NCAA history.

The NCAA has said Baylor's own penalties will be okay.

This pictures sums up they way Ozzie Guillen feels. Too bad it wasn’t in a Marlins uniform.

In the file this in the “Mouth is faster than the brain” category, Ozzie has the city in Miami in an uproar after his comments in which he expressed admiration for Fidel Castro.

He since has said he felt “guilty and embarrassed.”

“I don't want to make a statement, because I think when you make a statement it's a bunch of crap. I want people to look in my eyes, look in my face and see what's going on, tell them what the deal was.

-- Ozzie Guillen

"I want to make everything clear what's going on. Then people can see me and know what I think, I think it's the proper thing so people can see my eyes and ask every question they want to ask. I want to get the thing over with. I told the Marlins I want to fly (back) as soon as I can, and tomorrow's a day off," Guillen said. "I don't want to (talk about it) in Philadelphia. I want to be in Miami and clear everything up. I want the people there. Whoever feels about it, ask me any questions," he said. "I want you to ask what you ask, because I feel bad? Yes. I feel embarrassed? Yes."


The hardest part, Guillen said, has been apologizing to Cuban-American members of the Marlins' organization. "The saddest part of this was to apologize to (the Marlins' Spanish-language broadcasters) Felo Ramirez and Yiki (Quintana). That was hard. And I did it, face to face. I just talked to (pitcher Jose) Contreras a couple of minutes ago. And Jose was laughing, kinda like, 'Don't worry about it.' But every Cuban-born and Cuban-born family that I know -- they know who I am."

Marlins have suspended the manager for 5 games.

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